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Maritime Aberdeen Angus Association: Information for Junior Heifer Show Exhibitors 1. Exhibitors must be at least 9 (nine) and not more than 21 (twenty-one) years of age on January 1, 2012. 2. Exhibitors must be a junior, annual or life member of the Canadian Angus Association at the time their entry is submitted (May 15, 2012 or earlier). *** Please see note below # 9. 3. Exhibitors may show only one animal in each class. Substitutes will not be accepted. Cross bred animals cannot show in the championship class. 4. Deadline for entries, as specified on the entry form, is May 15, 2012. Please comply! 5. Each purebred entry must include the NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, REGISTRATION NUMBER and TATTOO of the animal. Tattoos will be checked on show day. 6. Entries will be listed in the catalogue in order of animal’s age, and will be led into the ring in order of catalogue entry number. Classes may be split, depending on the number of entries. 7. Official CAA show vests must be worn by exhibitors. (These may be rented on show day.) 8. Each exhibitor must submit a copy of their animal liability insurance with their entry form. 9. The Crapaud Exhibition Agriplex requires the use of shavings for bedding. Shavings may be purchased on site for $7 per bag, or brought with you. *** With respect to # 2, above: A CAA membership application form is available at

or a form can be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to you. (Contact Betty Lou Scott or Hilda Colodey.) Your completed membership application should be forwarded directly to the CAA office. ************************************************* ►The Maritime Angus Association will provide ribbons for juniors competing in the show. ►CAA Junior Show grant money will be divided equally between all CJAA members who exhibit a registered heifer. ►The Dick Turner Award will be presented to the exhibitor of the first place purebred yearling female. ►The Maritime Angus Association will present a prize to the exhibitor of the second place purebred yearling female. ************************************************* The Canadian Angus Association provides a Junior Show grant based on the following criteria: -A minimum of 6 head must be exhibited to be eligible for the grant. -Each Junior Show participant showing cattle must be a member of the CJAA -Each animal must be registered to count for the grant. . Grant payments are made according to the following grid: - Basic grant of $200 (1-6 animals exhibited) -An additional $25.00 per head is paid on the next 7 - 12 animals exhibited. - An additional $15.00 per head is paid out on each animal exhibited over 12 head. MAA members are encouraged to supplement the prize money received by the junior exhibitors by donating an item to be auctioned.

Information for Maritime Angus Field Day Exhibitors