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Thunderbrook Farms Brian Trueman, RR #4 Amherst, Nova Scotia

Kaisee 7Z is bred to our herdsire Thunderbrook Tnner 6T (a Beyond son). She has been pregnancy checked safe in calf and due on January 5. Bill Elmhurst said that you will love the United females when they calve out. We are eager to see how the two heifers we have retained turn out in the spring. Here is your chance to have one, too.

Registration #: C02967619 Tattoo: TBC 7Z Birth Date: 28/01/2012

Remitall Lagrd Pounder ET 204P Sire: CC CX United 52S ET SB 122L Dottie 109N ET


Dam: WLB 72M Sara 83R

Haroldson WLB Mutumbo ET 72M WLB 035J Flora 85M

Top of The Hill Farm The Siddall Family, Southampton, Nova Scotia

Triara Mary Ann 719Y is a two-year-old and is in the prime of her life. She has tons of milk and has a great disposition. The entire family loves working around her. We are selling her because she is off our breeding program and we can’t keep them all. She was bred AI to RT DCC 20X Keymaster 125L on May 28 and then she was exposed to our Angus bull, HMF Blackman 17Y from June 1 to sale day. She will be pregnancy checked before the sale.

Registration #: C02957198 Tattoo: TRIA719Y Birth Date: 24/02/2011

TE Taumata Premier Sire: TE Taumata Superstar TE Taumata Belle 123


KJ 520E Investor 532M ET Dam: Joy Cliff Mary Jane 34R Joycliff Sally 34J

Lyoming Snowbird 2S- This cow is as good today as she was as a 2 year old. She is sound footed, great milker with a sound udder. She was pasture exposed to our heard bull Vagabond (Wonder son). She just weaned a 700 lb. late Feburary steer calf. Lots of good left here. She will be pregnancy checked at time of sale.

Angel 3A - Here is a heifer calf out of a two-year-old that we bought from Bird’s Hill. She is out of the well-known About Time bull. This heifer is as correct and feminine as they come. Don’t miss your opportunity to get an About Time calf, as there is a limited amount of semen left on this bull. She is halter broke.

Registration #: C02980421 Tattoo: DAS 3A Birth Date: 06/01/2013

THM Durango 4037 Sire: CRR About Time 743 CRR D03 Casie 206


Remitall Super Duty 42S Dam: Bird’s Hill Miss Super ET 216Y Barrons 42H Miss 12L

Registration #: C02878277 Tattoo: ANBA 2S Birth Date: 02/01/2006 Camera Shy

LOT 23

Remitall Governor 236G Sire: Lyoming 236G Noel 4N Lyoming Stacey 3H Lyoming Boomer 3L Dam: Lyoming Noreen Angie 10N Lyoming Joleen Anjie 13J

Triara Talk About Me - This good young cow will have a calf at foot on sale day. She was in our show string as a yearling.

Registration #: C02944868 Tattoo: Tria 361X Birth Date: 08/01/2010 Camera Shy

LOT 24 Oulton’s Farm Victor Oulton, Windsor, Nova Scotia

Rose 23A - This Anchor daughter is out of our top cow family. The Rose 5D cow can be traced to herds in almost every province in Canada. rose 23A is moderate, lots of rib and has plenty of natural muscling. EPDs: BW 4.7; WW 49.8; YW 86.4;Milk 20.7; TM 45.7

Registration #: C02982644 Tattoo: WGO 23A Birth Date: 09/02/2013


Remitall Governor 236G Sire: Haroldson’s WLL Anchor 4T Haroldson’s 37H Mira ET 62K CS Boomer 29F Dam: OLTN 29F Rose ET 12S OLTN P183 Rose 5D

TE Taumata Premier Sire: TE Taumata Superstar TE Taumata Belle 123 Dam: Joycliff Fergie 2P

Double-U Komplete 98K Joycliff Princess 271K

Mid Way Farms Andy Carter, West Leicester, Nova Scotia

Carter’s 7W Allie 116A - WOW a Harvie’s Taylor made heifer calf. This might be the first Taylor made heifer calf offered for sale in the maritimes. She is dark, deep bodied and moderate framed with lots of style. She has been in our show string this year and has done very well. She will make a great 4-H heifer for 2014 show year.

Belle 11A - The Belle cow family was one of Remitall’s best and most productive. A maternal sister won her class at Bonanza 2013 in Brandon, shown by Emily Latimer. A maternal brother was Supreme Beef Male at the Maritime Fall Fair i 2012. This dark cherry red calf is a sure bet cow prospect. EDPs: BW 5.1; WW 53.5; YW 92.1; Milk 20.7; TM 44.7

Registration #: C02982636 Tattoo: WGO 11A Birth Date: 15/01/2013

Registration #: Tattoo: AWCH 116A Birth Date: 01/16/2013

Sire: Harvie’s Taylor Made ET 7W

LOT 20

Dam: Trira Bonnie 862U


Carter’s 57T Abby 101A - Abby has a pedigree that is highly maternal with milk. ( Maddix mom) . This heifer has been on pasture all summer and has no feed she will make a real good cow.

LOT 21

FCC 60G Maddux 4L Dam: Carter’s 4L Ritz 101R Carter’s 51H Kylie 204K


LOT 22

Remitall Keynot 20X Sire: RT DCC 20X Key Master 125L CS Artina 75A 632B Remitall Online 122L Dam: Carter’s 122L Royal 102R Willow-Pond 11F Hilda 16H

Remitall Belle ET 19M

CS Boomer 29F Sire: OLTN 29F Wanted 11W Blair-Athol 25C Amiga 20K KJ 520E Investor 532M ET Dam: OLTN 532M Belle 21X Remitall BElle 160R

Zenda 48Z - A very sound, moderate heifer. Her dam has a great udder. This cow family traces back to the O’Brien (Elmhurst) herd from the Martock area. Exposed to Triara Foxworthy 736Y from April 15 to July 18. EPDs: BW 6.5; WW 45.4; YW 79.7; Milk 19.9; TM 42.6

Carter’s 125L Zoie 110Z - A powerful yearling heifer here, she is from our online cow. She is square hipped, big middle and has the makings of a great brood cow. She was shown as a calf and did well, she should of been in the show string this year. A lot of heifer here please look her over. AI breed to Victor 719T for a Jan 22nd calving . She will be pregnancy checked at time of sale.

Registration #: C02978101 Tattoo: AWCH 110Z Birth Date: 10/01/2012

Remitall Olympian ET 262L

Registration #: C02969647 Tattoo: WGO 31Z Birth Date: 04/02/2012

GHC Canuck 12R Haroldson’s Justice 20X 40J

Dam: Remitall Belle 160R

Belle 31Z - This yearling is also out of the great cow family made famous by Remitall. This sharp fronted, correct heifer should continue the line. The Wanted bull is highly maternal with 29F, Online and Bliar-Athol Majors dam - Amiga 20K. Exposed to Triara Foxworthy 736Y from April 15 to July 18. EPDs: BW 3.4; YW 47.3; WW 75.5; Milk 20.7; TM 44.4

Registration #: C02986655 Tattoo: AWCH 101A Birth Date: 01/012013

Sire: GHC Cardinal 57T

Harvie Traveler 69T Sire: NBG 69T Ther Wonderer 36R ET 3W Blair-Athol 20 Gretchen ET 36R

Registration #: C02977128 Tattoo: WGO 48Z Birth Date: 10/03/2012 Camera Shy


Lagrand Reload 80P ET Sire: OLTN 80P Warrior 17W McCoy 58G Susie 88M OLTN 236G Nick 10L Dam: OLTN 10L Wendy 26W OLTN 39J Norma 42N

4 non-exportable frozen embryos - Here is your chance to get in on some About Time matings. The About Time females sold very strong at recent sales in Ontario and About Time semen is very limited. The Pamela cow has been a great female for us. She has lots of size and volume with tonnes of milk. A daughter was Grand Champion Female at the Maritime Fall Fair in 2010 for Leonard and Winston Allen, NS. A daughter was our high selling lot at the Bird’s Hill sale in 2011 selling to Loon Point, NB and another daughter was our high selling lot at last years Bonus Sale selling to Grant and Donnie McCaffery, PEI. (PE)EPDs: BW 5.7; WW 50.0; YW 77.1; Milk 24.1; TM 49.1

Projected Pedigree


THM Durango 4037 Sire: CRR About Time 743 CRR D03 Cassie 206 TA - Bar WLB Formula 035J Dam: OLTN 035J Pamela 10P Tee-Jay 10E Jubilee 43J

2012 Atlantic Bonus Sale Buyers Charlie Joyce, 381 Pleasant Valley Rd., Brookfield, NS B0N 1C0 Garfield Morrow, P O Box 4472, Sussex, NB E4E 5L6 Tideview Farm, Winston Hamilton, RR #1 Noel, NS B0N 2C0 Scott Young, 710 Route 670, Ripples, NB E4B 1E9 Derek Gladney, RR#3 Westville, NS Chris Carter, 4955 Route 115 McKees Mills, NB E4V 2T3 Winston Allan, Oxford, NS Kevin Smith, 115 Highway 302, RR#2 Southampton, NS B0M 1W0 Jeff Matheson, Box 834 Montague, PEI C0A 1R0 Dustin McCabe, RR #3 Westville, Loch Broom, NS B0K 2A0 Grant & Donnie McCaffrey, 1474 Bungay Rd., RR3#, Hunter River, PEI C0A 1N0

Lyoming Farms Milton Lynds, Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia

Lyoming Angie 21A - A very correct younger baby. Could make exciting 4-H project next year. EPDs: CE -5.0; BW 5.8; WW 47.0; YW 77.8; Milk 17.6; TM 39.7; REA 0.21

Registration #: C02980408 Tattoo: ANBA 21A Birth Date: 22/03/2013


CCR 57G Stamina ET 199S Sire: Earlybird 199S 18J Windsor 11W Earlybird 12G31E Jeannette 18J Lyoing 236G Noel 4N Dam: Lyoming Angela 21U Lyoming Angel 11G

Matthew Kent, 3510 Hwy. 236, Lower Truro, NS B6L 1J6 Mike Goodine, 3268 Route 105 Bear Island, NB E6L 1H7 Scott Young, 710 Route 670, Ripples, NB E4B 1E9 Holly Cabill, RR #2 Tignish, PEI C0B 2B0 Lawrence Hughes, 2284 Monaghon Rd., Route 213, Auburn, PEI C1A 7J8 Ken Cameron, 647 River John Road, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0 Alan Hicks, 571 Sheridan Rd., McKees Mills, NB E4V 2W3 Julien Collette, 115 CH Saint-Lazare Farm Rd., Sainte-Marie-di-Kent, NB E4S 2K6

Loon Point Herefords Jim, Sandra & Luke McFarland, Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick

Willow-Pond 21W Patricia 20Z - This heifer is a great daughter of our Spring-Cove Hectorina. Two heifers in our show string this year were out of this family. 8 of our best cows are Hectorina’s daughters/granddaughters. They are all top quality. Bobby Joe Hickey showed Willow-Pond 4L Patricia 3Pat the Royal Winter Fair. Confirmed bred to Haroldson’s Surge T100 2Z. EPDs: BW 7.1; WW 55.7; YW 93.8; Milk 14; TM 41.9

Zam 5Z - We purchased Zam at last year’s Sale of the East and we are very happy with the cow she is becoming. We only part with 5Z because we have decided to decrease our calving numbers. Zam has a lot of thickness and eye appeal with strong breeding lines. She is bred to 2013 Expo Kent Grand Champion Bull, Loon-Point Y So Serious 1Y for a late February or early March calf. Make sure you take a good look at this one! Halter broken. EPDs: BW 5.6; WW 42.9; YW 68.7; Milk 16.3; TM 37.8

Registration #: C02966629 Tattoo: ALUM 20Z Birth Date: 16/01/2012

LOT 18

Harvie Raftsman 16R Sire: Harvie Whirl Wind ET 21W Harvie MS Medonte 1S FCC 60G Maddux 4L Dam: Willow-Pond 4L Patricia 3P Spring-Cove 12H

Registration #: C02965285 Tattoo: PST 5Z Birth Date: 19/01/2012

LOT 10

Registration #: C029800067 Tattoo: ALUM 14A Birth Date: 18/01/2013

LOT 19

Blair-Athol Blackjack ET 21M Dam: Willow-Pond 21M Petula 6P Willow-Pond 21M Petula 6P

Bet-An 832W Hollywood 5H Dam: Spring-Cove Pamela 15P AXA 7E Justa Beauty 102J

Loon Point Annie 3A - Annie comes from a cow that has been producing top calves at Loon Point for years. She has lots of thickness and being a Keno daughter, we are confident she will grow to be the great cow her momma is. Don’t miss out on this one! Halter broken. EDPs: BW 4.5; WW 45.4; YW 83; Milk8.5; TM 31.2

Willow-Pond 21W Pet 14A - Kelsey Morehouse is showing this heifer in 4-H. She should be a good addition to your herd. She should make a good 4-H heifer next year. EPDs: BW 5.7; WW 50.2; YW 80.4; Milk 15.6; TM 40.7

Harvie Raftsman 16R Sire: Harvie Whirl Wind ET 21W Harvie MS Medonte 1S

RU 20X Boulder 57G Sire: Ta-Bar WLB Formula 035J Ta-Bar 12E Laura 135G

Registration #: C02983311 Tattoo: LPHH 3A Birth Date: 20/01/2013 Sire: NS Keno 005

LOT 11

JSF 37 271 Devo 23C GK Apollonia 834Z

LRY Bearcat 118H Dam: Thunderbrook May 18M Goodine 104C Reba 307F

Loon-Point April 9A - April is a showy calf that was used as a 4-H calf this past year. We have been pleased with all of our New Release calves and 9A is no exception. Take her home and watch her live up to her potential! Halter broken. EPDs: BW 6.8; YW 52.5; WW 91.5; Milk 19.2; TM 45.4

Registration #: C02983315 Tattoo: LPHH 9A Birth Date: 01/04/2013

Haroldson’s Surge T100 2Z - Surge was the top selling bull in the Blair Athol and friends Sale, 2012, which we own jointly with Haroldsons.

LOT 12

CS Boomer 29F Sire: OGF 29F New Release 1025R BNC CS OL Grace ET 927N Thunderbrook Tanner 6T Dam: Thunderbrook Wind It Up 15W Thunderbrook 125L Roxy 8R

Allen’s Cattle Winston & Leonard Allen, Oxford, Nova Scotia

Willow Pond Farm Larry & Pat Ward, Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia

Allen’s 8W Annabelle 122A - This heifer is dark red, short marked with lots of hair. She has been to town and is halter broken. If you look back through her pedigree there are some pretty good cows in her family. We think she would make a pretty good 4 H project for someone next year. If she turns out as well as her grand dams on either side she should male a pretty productive female for you down the road. Be sure to look her over sale day

Willow-Pond 106T Wanda 2Z - Wanda’s dam is a full sister to Willow Pond Farm 10N Unity 10U who sold to Loon Point and has done so well for them. Andy Carter is showing a daughter of Unity in his show string. Confirmed bred to Haroldson’s Surge T100 2Z. EPDs: BW 3.5; YW 47.2; WW 72.2; Milk 18.9; TM 42.5

Registration #: C02966648 Tattoo: ALUM 2Z Birth Date: 01/01/2012

Registration #: Tattoo: LAWA 122A Birth Date: 22/01/2013

Lagrand Reload 80P ET

LOT 13

Sire: TBC Nine Inch Nails 8W Thunderbrook Lacey 3L Dam: Hiltz Lady 3W

RT DCC 20X Keymaster 125L OLTN 035J Pamela 10P

Camera Shy

LOT 15

Registration #: C02966647 Tattoo: ALUM 11Z Birth Date: 02/01/2012

Registration #: C02868686 Tattoo: BN 224R Birth Date: 24/02/2005

LOT 14

RU Duster 60D Dam: HF 43K Dusty Lady 74M HF 92C Miss Fortune 43K

Remitall Nightman Dam: Willow-Pond 10N Wanda 10W Willow-Pond 11F Kay 7K

Willow-Pond 106T Merlot 11Z - Willow Pond 106T Merlot 2Z is a Tundra heifer out of a female we purchased at the Royal Winter Fair in 2008. Confirmed bred to Haroldson’s Surge T100 2Z. EPDs: BW 1.7; WW 41.4; YW 66.5; Milk 18.9; TM 39.6

BNC 36N Atmosphere 224R - This is a cow we purchased a few years ago in the Medonte Sale. If you like big cows then you may want to look her over, lots of body and size on this one and she usually puts it back in her calves. She been a good milker and sound uttered. She is bred A.I. April 19th to the Victor Bull and pasture exposed to the herdsire TBC Nine Inch Nails from June 10 on. Will be preg. checked to confirm the breeding prior to the sale.

FCC 60G Maddux 4L Sire: HF 4L Beyond 36N Miss 87D Fortune 707B 67J

Remitall Patriot ET 13P Sire: MHPH 13P Tunda 106T Remitall Ginger 23G

LOT 16

Remitall Patriot ET 13P Sire: MHPH 13P Tunda 106T Remitall Genger 23G Dam: DVG Merlot 1U

BNMHPH 13P Heat 101S EJM Miss Simone 201N 13S

Willow-Pond 106T Petula 18Z - Whirl Wind has really improved our herd and this daughter should be a good one. Confirmed bred to Haroldson’s Surge T100 2Z. EDPs: BW 5.3; WW 45.8; YW 72.8; Milk 15.6; TM 38.5

Registration #: C02966630 Tattoo: ALUM 18Z Birth Date: 14/01/2012

LOT 17

Harvie Raftsman 16R Sire: Harvie Whirl Wind ET 21W Harvie MS Medonte 1S Blair-Athol Blackjack ET 21M Dam: Willow-Pond 21M Petula 6P Wilow-Pond 21M Petula 6P

Atlantic Bonus Sale October 26, 2013

Nappan, NS Sale Time: 12:30 p.m.

Welcome! Welcome to the 2013 edition of the Atlantic Bonus Sale. We can now be optimistic, again, about the beef business, the prices are stronger and the outlook is good. There is a good demand for the pure breeds. This year’s offering has a good selection of show calves, bred heifers, cows in their prime and future herd sires. This is an opportunity to purchase some of the Maritimes’ top Hereford genetics. Many past consignments have gone on to be winners in the show ring and pastures. We welcome the Angus and the Shorthorn breeds to the sale again this year. Please join us for the sale on October 26. Thank you for your continued support.

Andy Carter N.S. Hereford Club President C.H.A. Maritime Director

Consignors Oulton’s Farm

Mike, Victor & Wayne Oulton RR #1 Windsor, NS B0N 2T0


Loon Point Herefords

Jim, Sandra & Luke McFarland 2749 Lower Cambridge Rd., Cambridge-Narrows, NB E4C 1R1


Leonard & Winston Allen Oxford, NS


Sale day Phone Numbers: 1-902-661-2855; 902-664-8873, Andy; 902-792-8151, Victor.

Thunderbrook Farms

The Atlantic Bonus Sale 2013 Terms:

Terms of the sale are cash or cheque made payable to the NS Hereford Club, immediately following the sale. Receivable accounts will only be accepted on order bids. Announcements from the auctioneer’s stand on sale day will supersede any information in the catalogue. Every animal sells to the highest bidder. In case of disputes, the auctioneer’s decision will be final. Ownership will not be transferred until full settlement has been made. Please leave specific instructions on transfer and delivery of cattle.


by the CHA.

All cattle are guaranteed in accordance with the rules and regulations as set out


All of the cattle selling are registered with the CHA and any certificate of registration will be transferred to the buyer after the sale at the seller’s expense.


Health requirements will be met according to the rules of the Canadian Health of Animals. Nova Scotia is a Brucellosis free area. Female calves can be vaccinated for Brucellosis for any buyer who requests it.

Liability: All persons who attend the sale or any of its events and activities do so at their own

risk. The owners, auctioneer, management, facility owners and staff accept no liability for any accidents that may occur.

Delivery: The Atlantic Bonus Sale will assist whenever possible in the delivery of cattle.

animal becomes the risk of the purchaser as soon as sold.

Auctioneer: Andy Carter


Brian & Joan Trueman & Family P O Box 252, RR #4 Amherst, NS B4H 3Y2


Mid-Way Farm

Andy Carter 3510 West Leicester, Amherst, NS B4H 3Y1


Lyoming Farms

Milton Lynds 214 Harrison Road, Upper Stewiacke, NS B0N 2P0


Top Of The Hill Farm The Siddall Family 144 Hwy. 302, Southampton, NS


Sale Order Lot No.

Lot No.

Atlantic Bonus Hereford Sale  

The Atlantic Bonus Hereford Sale is on October 26th in Nappan, Nova Scotia.