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Forum Marketing Better Than What The Critics Say Forum Marketing is one of the tactic to get web traffic to your website and blog that is extremely effective. Actually, Forum Marketing is one of the best kept secrets on the World wide Web. . Many marketers to this day say forum marketing is just not what it use to be, but that is not true. Forum Marketing is actually a technique that is more about sharing information, learning from others, good old fashion interaction with like minded people, and while you are busy interacting your signature with your name and product link is spread all over the forum. O'kay let's back up here just a little. If you are a new person to Internet Marketing a forum is a membership site. A forum is a group of people together on a website laughing, chatting, playing games, sharing business ideas, and making money together while doing it. When you join a forum, you create your member profile and in that profile is something called a signature. In this signature, you are allowed to post a short piece of text, banner, graphic, or advertisement and this advertisement is connected at the bottom of every single post you make on the forum. Now, I want you to be aware that some forums have a set number of required threads or comments, or post you must have before your signature will appear in you activities. You may even have a number 0f threads, comments or post you have to write before you can PM or private message people. Why do some forums have these set number of posts, threads or comments before you can have PM, or signatures in your posts? Many forum want to make sure you are actively participating in the forum before you can use the real goodies. Best practice is to just dig into the forum and have fun and learn. I need you to understand forums do not like people to just make comments, or create posts about the product or service they are selling, this is called SPAM. SPAM will get you warned, or even banned from the forum. Participating in the forum community, and sharing information, joining a conversation, and voicing your opinion is the way to go. Forum members will be clicking your links in the long run if they are interested. One cautious piece of information you really must know about. What ever you

do, do not be rude, disrespectful, or use offensive language to people in the forum. Don't even argue with people. This type of behavior is called Flaming, and is not tolerated. You can be warned, and in some forums you can be banned from the forum. Forum marketing is a great way to get targeted web traffic to your website or blog, and even make some sales. You must follow the rules, and not flame or spam the forum, if so you risk getting banned from the forum. So now you have discovered a fantastic technique, take full advantage of it, and be prosperous. My favorite forum is the Warrior Forum. Join today, and you will benefit far beyond what you think.

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