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Chicken coops are something you will have definitely thought about building if you have ever wanted to keep chickens. However it is sometimes hard to decide which type of chicken coops you require and the planning for the right coop is important to save otherwise wasted time and expense. Building Chicken Coops Although there are a wide range of different chicken arks you can build you need to understand which sort is going to best fit your requirements in order to achieve the optimal results for you and your chickens. In order to ensure that you build the right kind of coop you need to follow some important guidelines to ensure that you are on the right path for choosing wisely and you will be satisfied once it is built. Choosing which size chicken arks to build is a very important consideration and will depend on the number of chickens you intend to keep. There are small, medium and large chicken plans to suit your build. A mistake that many first timers make is they build a coop which is too small for the number of chickens that they have. If you cram too many chickens into a small chicken ark your birds will not be comfortable and therefore will be less likely to lay the number of eggs that they would provide if only they had sufficient space. It is better to err on the side of caution and use plans for a larger coop than you think you will initially need and then you have the option for the future of adding more birds at a later date. Portable Or Static Chicken Coops Once you have decided on the size coop that you are going to build you should then decide whether you want a portable chicken coop or if you would prefer a static ark. Portable chicken coops gives you the flexibility of being able to move it around to wherever you want to locate it. This can be good for people keeping chickens behind a fence to protect from predators. The fenced in perimeter area around the chicken coop will get worn to bare earth quite quickly as hens will eat much of the vegetation in the fenced area. Therefore being able to move your chicken coops around would be an advantage here. Also a portable coop can be easier to clean depending on the flexibility of the water source you will be using for its cleaning.

A portable chicken house by its very nature has to be movable and therefore is less likely to be as robust as a fixed coop. However if you have a good set of construction plans for your coop will ensure that if you choose a portable coop it will be as strong as possible. Protecting Your Hens From Predators Earlier we mentioned predator fencing around your coop and getting a good strong fence in place around the perimeter of the coop is vital to protect your investment in the birds as well as to ensure the well-being of the hens. Naturally at the planning stage for building a coop you also should be considering material requirements and costs for a protecting fence as the size of the hen house will have a direct impact on the size of the fence required. Appearance Of Chicken Coops Building chicken coops is an investment in time and money so you want to make sure that you end up building a coop that is fit for purpose but also has an appearance that you can be proud of. Depending on your budget there are coop plans for many different structural styles which will directly impact the overall appearance of your coop. So when you plan your coop size you also want to think about what sort of appearance your budget allows you to build to. Again looking through some plans of chicken coops will help you choose what you will ultimately build. Throughout this article we have been mentioning that getting the planning part stage of a coop build right is crucial. Making wrong decisions now will cost you time and money but getting those decisions right up front could save you hundreds of dollars. We hope you found this useful and if you want to learn more why not sign up to our free newsletter series in which you will get loads of great information and handy tips on planning and building your chicken coops.

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Learn how to build your own Chicken Coops the right way the first time..check outthe best selling chicken coop plan book online..this is all you need to to get the job done ! ==== ====

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