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Dumbarton Concerts




The Music of Dumbarton PostClassical Ensemble & OCEAN Orchestra Program

April 21, 2018

First Half 1. Opening narration by Dr. Stephen Winick 2. Dumbarton Oaks Concerto.......................................Igor Stravinsky PostClassical Ensemble, Angel Gil-Ordonez, Music Director and Conductor 3. Dumbarton’s Drums (Traditional) Stephen Winick, narrator PostClassical Ensemble and Ocean Orchestra Dumbarton’s drums, they sound sae bonnie, When they remind me o’ my Johnnie, Such fond delight can steal upon me, When Johnnie kneels and sings to me.

4. Dumbarton’s Drums Beat Bonnie O (Traditional) Stephen Winick, narrator Ocean Orchestra The taking of photographs or use of recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited. Patrons are requested to silence electronic devices. Special thanks to the congregants of Dumbarton United Methodist Church for sharing their wonderful sanctuary.



5. O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing

7. Wheel of Fortune (Traditional, adapted and arranged by Jennifer Cutting, Stephen Winick, Andrew Dodds, and Lisa Moscatiello)

Carl G. Glaser; arr. by Lowell Mason, 1839; words by Charles Wesley, 1739 O for a thousand tongues to sing my great Redeemer’s praise, The glories of my God and King, the triumphs of his grace. My gracious Master and my God, assist me to proclaim, To spread through all the earth abroad the honors of thy name. In Christ, your head, you then shall know, shall feel your sins forgiv’n, Anticipate your heav’n below, and own that love is heav’n.

6. Rocking the Baby / The Curlew (Scottish Traditional, arr. by Donald MacPherson and Ocean Orchestra) Ocean Orchestra Stephen Winick, narrator INTERMISSION

Second Half All pieces performed by OCEAN ORCHESTRA, under the musical direction of Jennifer Cutting Processional: 1. Dumbarton Air / Lagan Love / Kesh Jig / Jig of Slurs (Tim Carey / Traditional / Traditional / Pipe Major G. S. MacLennan)

19, 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, and 5, 3, 1 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, none. Round and round goes the Wheel of Fortune, round and round ‘til it wearies me, The life of a man is so uncertain, sad experience teaches me.

8. The Water is Wide (Traditional) 9. Donald, Where’s Your Troosers / I’ll Buy Boots for Maggie (Traditional, Andy Stewart) Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low, Through the streets in my kilt I’ll go, All the lassies shout “Hello!” “Donald, where’s your troosers?”

10. Song for the Night Sea Journey (Gustav Holst, arrangement and additional text by Jennifer Cutting) 11. Skye Boat Song (Sing Me a Song of a Lass that is Gone) (Melody Traditional, Words by Robert Louis Stevenson) Recessional: 1. Atholl Highlanders (Traditional)

2. One April Morning (Traditional, arr. Jennifer Cutting) 3. Out on the Ocean / Rolling Waves (Traditional, arr. Jennifer Cutting) 4. Mannin Veg Veen / Fairy Reel (Traditional) 5. Summer Will Come Round Again (Gary Wicknam/Jennifer Cutting) Spin all your dreams on the wheel of the year, Summer will come round again; Open your eyes and it’s already here, Freeing the fire that runs in our veins.

6. Neptune Reel / Woman of the House (Traditional, arr. Jennifer Cutting)


This concert was supported by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.




The bouncy bit of brilliance that opens tonight’s program is also the most recent music for Dumbarton, Igor Stravinsky’s 1938 Dumbarton Oaks Concerto. What follows is rich, as Steve Winick will narrate from the stage, a transatlantic tale going back in time and boasting sounds from the Rock of Dumbarton near Glasgow to Dumbarton Oaks up the street. It begins with Ninian Beall, a 17th Century Scottish immigrant who began life in the Americas as an indentured servant and would become the founder of Georgetown.

neoclassical period, a time when Stravinsky absorbed lessons from not just Bach but almost everyone else as he created a sound all his own. The three short movements in alternating fast-slow-fast speeds are what one might expect in virtually any concerto by Bach, Handel or Vivaldi. But what Stravinsky does with that musical structure is something else: jazzy syncopations, unstable meters, spiky and colorful surprises abound.

But first, tonight’s music—to begin at the beginning, which was not so long ago. Igor Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Concerto is considered a minor work by the master, but that is much like referring to a minor painting by Picasso. Genius has a way of coming through, even in the short fifteen minutes or so it takes to play this chamber score. It was commissioned by Robert Woods Bliss and his wife Mildred Bliss while Stravinsky visited Washington in 1937. The music was to celebrate the music-loving couple’s 30th wedding anniversary the following year. The premiere was a private affair in the music room of their home, Dumbarton Oaks, on May 8, 1938. The legendary Nadia Boulanger conducted, filling in for the composer who was too ill to travel at the time. Eventually recovered, Stravinsky led the public premiere in Paris on June 4, 1938. The concerto is scored for flute, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, 3 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos, and 2 double-basses. The composer later called it “a little concerto in the style of the Brandenburg Concertos,” though it would of course be impossible to mistake this for the work of Johann Sebastian Bach. Still, Stravinsky confessed he “was greatly attracted to the Brandenburg Concertos.” “Whether or not the first theme of my first movement is a conscious borrowing from the third of the Brandenburg set, however, I do not know,” Stravinsky recalled later. “What I can say is that Bach would most certainly have been delighted to loan it to me; to borrow in this way was exactly the sort of thing he liked to do.”

The three movements are played without pause, with teasing whispered chords connecting the sections and the strings supporting the winds from the start. Insistent woodwinds and finally a bassoon act as escorts to the melody, with the cello returning near the end as if to make sure we never hear Baroque music the same way again. The ending is abrupt, sunny as a sudden smile. n Written by Octavio Roca

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Any borrowing aside, the piece is pure Stravinsky, a reimagining of the Baroque for a new century. Today it is easy to hear the Dumbarton Oaks Concerto as belonging to the composer’s rich 4




JENNIFER CUTTING happily blends careers as a bandleader, composer, instrumentalist, ethnomusicologist, and record producer. Blending the formal training of her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music with a passion for both traditional and electronic music, she is one of few women bandleaders working in her genre. With her previous band The New St. George and now with the Ocean Orchestra, Cutting has pushed the boundaries of “Celtic,” “Folk” and “Folk-Rock,” creating arrangements with sweeping orchestral sounds, shimmering ethereal electronics, authentic traditional instruments and a hard-hitting rhythm section.

ANGEL GIL-ORDÓÑEZ is Music Director of PostClassical Ensemble, Principal Guest Conductor of New York’s Perspectives Ensemble, and Music Director of the Georgetown University Orchestra. He also serves as lead advisor for Trinitate Philharmonia, a program in León, Mexico modeled on Venezuela’s El Sistema. He has appeared as guest conductor with the American Composers Orchestra, Opera Colorado, Pacific Symphony, Hartfowrd Symphony, Brooklyn Philharmonic, and the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. An unwavering advocate for Spanish repertoire, Gil-Ordóñez received the Royal Order of Queen Isabella, the country’s highest civilian decoration, for his devotion to sharing Spanish culture with the world. He has recorded seven albums for Naxos, including PostClassical Ensemble’s Virgil Thomson and Copland CD/DVDs, and the spring 2017 release for Naxos celebrating the centenary of American composer Lou Harrison.

Cutting’s two grandfathers, one from England and the other from Ireland , were the inspiration for her natural synthesis of British and Irish musical traditions. Her English grandfather, Ernest Cutting, was a conductor and talent scout for NBC in the 1930s, directing orchestras for Kate Smith, Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante, Fred Astaire, Rudy Vallee, and others. Following in his footsteps, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in orchestral and choral conducting. Her passion for folk music was developed through her association with British folk revival leader A.L. Lloyd. In the early 1980s she became Lloyd’s last and youngest protégée, soaking up the same blend of scholarship and joy in performance that he had also imparted to members of Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span. After returning to the U.S., Cutting spent more than ten years as director, composer, arranger and performer with The New St. George, one of the most significant British folk-rock groups on this side of the Atlantic. Following the retirement of that band, Cutting spent years composing, arranging, playing and producing the award-winning CD OCEAN: Songs for the Night Sea Journey. Cutting’s has written, arranged, and produced two subsequent albums with the OCEAN Orchestra, including Song of Solstice: Celtic Music for Midwinter and Waves. She has won two Maryland Governor’s Citations for composition, and prestigious national-level songwriting awards, such as First Prize in songwriting at the Merle Watson Festival, and American Songwriter Magazine’s “Song of the Year.”


The OCEAN ORCHESTRA makes Celtic Music for Ancient Moderns, with soaring vocals and fiery bagpipe and fiddle tunes in their own American take on Celtic folk-rock. Fairport Convention’s Simon Nicol says they “get right inside the spirit of the folk music of the British Isles,” and Steeleye Span’s Maddy Prior calls their songwriting “stunning.” OCEAN has long followed their own American-Celtic vision, strutting like Motown and jangling like the Byrds, blending folk and pop with global beats and bagpipes. With their fresh takes on traditional songs and award-winning originals by Jennifer Cutting, OCEAN has won over 25 Washington Area Music Awards, a #3 spot on the national Folk DJ Charts, and a triumphant appearance on NPR’s Mountain Stage. OCEAN Orchestra’s lineup features bandleader Jennifer Cutting on electric keyboard and accordions; Lisa Moscatiello on vocals, whistle, and acoustic guitar; Andrew Dodds on fiddle; Tim Carey on Highland bagpipes; Steve Winick on vocals; Rico Petruccelli on electric bass; and Robbie Magruder on drums. When Cutting auditioned Moscatiello for her first band, The New St. George, a musical partnership that would last a lifetime was born. Moscatiello proved to be the perfect voice for Cutting’s vision. A native of the Washington, D.C., area, and a veteran of its




thriving Celtic music scene, Moscatiello has a voice that Billboard magazine has called “one of the most gorgeous instruments in all of folk-tinged pop.”

bands in the genre...but they can also dazzle audiences with

OCEAN has a live show The Washington Post calls “nothing short of spellbinding,” and a history of electrifying audiences at exalted D.C. area venues such as The Birchmere, The Kennedy Center, and Strathmore Music Center. Powered by the breathtaking vocals of Lisa Moscatiello and the creative genius of composerarranger Jennifer Cutting, OCEAN is where fans of all generations and musical tastes can enjoy the same concert. Known for their electrifying stage presence, innovative arrangements, and the ability to move from ethereal to high-energy in a heartbeat, OCEAN is an All-Star band featuring some of the East Coast’s most revered Celtic and pop musicians. They have graced North America’s major festival stages, won over 25 Washington Area Music Awards including “Musician of the Year” and “Album of the Year,” been featured in Billboard magazine, and made three critically acclaimed, internationally distributed CDs, the first of which received four stars in Britain’s notoriously tough MOJO magazine. OCEAN stands out among the Celtic throng for its combination of compelling originals and innovative arrangements of traditional songs and tunes. Firmly grounded in the Celtic musical tradition, OCEAN can play Celtic tunes with the best

as The Philadelphia Folk Festival, The Winnipeg Folk Festival, The

If you love Saturday nights, you should see us on Sunday morning.

sizzling pop energy. Together and as members of other bands, they have played on the main stages of such prestigious festivals Mariposa Folk Festival, Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival, and the Old Songs Festival. They have electrified audiences at exalted venues such as The Birchmere, Strathmore Music Center, and The Kennedy Center. POSTCLASSICAL ENSEMBLE was founded in 2003 by Angel Gil-Ordonez and Joseph Horowitz as an experimental orchestral laboratory. In Fall 2017, PCE became Ensemble-in-Residence at the Washington National Cathedral. Upcoming PostClassical events include MUSIC UNBOUND, a gala evening at the National Cathedral featuring a world premiere concerto for pipa and chamber orchestra with soloist Min Xiao-fen on April 28. PCE’s final Washington National Cathedral concert his season, on May 23, is timely and unique: Secret Music Skirmishes of the Cold War: The Shostakovich Case with pianist Benjamin Pasternack, former Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle, former CIA Staff Historian Nicholas Dujmovic, former Soviet refusenik Vladimir Feltsman and actor Ashley Smith as JFK. Tickets and information: www.

The Lantern: A Bryn Mawr Bookshop An excellent source of used and rare books since 1977

Dumbarton United Methodist Church Sunday Worship at 11:00 am Shuttle Service Provided from DuPont Circle Metro


Visit us at 3241 P Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007 Wed-Fri: 11-4 | Sat: 12-5 | Sun: 11-4 | 202-333-3222



PostClassical Ensemble: Flute, Guilherme Andreas Clarinet, David Jones Bassoon, Dean Woods Horn, Chandra Cervantes & Patrick Furlo Violin, Colin Sorgi, Eva

Cappelletti-Chao, Sonya Chung Viola, Chiara Dieguez, Philippe Chao, Nana Vaughn Cello, Susanna Mendlow Bass, Ali Cook & Morgan Daly

STEPHEN D. WINICK is a folklorist, writer, teacher, and performer. He has a PhD in Folklore from the University of Pennsylvania, works as the editor at the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress, and is a member of the Ocean Orchestra. His academic publications include articles on ballads, proverbs, and modern legends, as well as on Chaucer, Sir Gawain, and Robin Hood. He is the creator of the Library of Congress’s blog Folklife Today. He is also a veteran music writer, especially for Dirty Linen, the Magazine of Folk and World Music, for whom he was a columnist and contributing editor for twenty years. He writes about folklore in popular publications that have included Philadelphia Weekly, National Geographic World, and Realms of Fantasy. Steve has taught at Ivy League universities, and has lectured or moderated panels at wide-ranging venues around the world. He has conducted interviews onstage and on camera with such musicians as the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Beausoleil, Billy Bragg, and Richard Thompson. He has provided narration for films, radio, and concerts, and has been interviewed as a folklore expert by CBS Sunday Morning, the BBC, and the New York Times. He has served as master of ceremonies for concert series and festivals, including writing and performing ceremonies, stories, and songs as Bard and Master of Ceremonies at the Spoutwood Farm May Day Faerie Festival (the oldest and largest faerie festival in the United States) since 2011. As a singer, actor, and narrator, he has performed widely in Pennsylvania, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, at venues that include Silver Spring Swings, Washington Revels, The Music Center at Strathmore, Hampton Blackbeard Festival, Maryland Faerie Festival, the Globe Theater, the Potomac Celtic Festival, and Mount Vernon. n



DUMBARTON CONCERT GALLERY HOSTS WASHINGTON PRINTMAKERS GALLERY SPRING SHOWCASE April 21–27, 2018 The Dumbarton Concert Gallery presents an exhibit featuring work from Georgetown’s Washington Printmakers Gallery. Founded by local artists in 1985, the Gallery has long been the metro area’s primary source for contemporary fine art prints. It has a membership of exceptional local and national printmakers and photographers. The exhibit in the Concert Gallery will include hand-pulled prints and photographs showcasing a variety of techniques from digital photography to intaglio and linoleum block prints. The artists’ inspiration ranges from nature and landscapes to the built environment and details of urban life. The featured artists include Lila Asher, Cynthia Back, Robert Burgess, Sally Canzoneri, Clara Choi, Amy Guadagnoli, Jane Mann, Ron Meicks, Nina Muys, and Danny Schweers.









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UPCOMING DUMBARTON CONCERTS May 5, 2018 at 8pm Judy Kuhn: A Broadway Cabaret


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The Music of Dumbarton- April 21 at 8:00 pm  

Journey through local music history with Dumbarton Concerts as we explore the traditional music brought to Georgetown by Scottish immigrants...

The Music of Dumbarton- April 21 at 8:00 pm  

Journey through local music history with Dumbarton Concerts as we explore the traditional music brought to Georgetown by Scottish immigrants...