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Winter 1995 • 1

Dear Readers

emember the excitement accompanying our first issue of our twentieth year? Here we are, celebrating the beginning of our twenty-first year. Frequently I perform a favorite song: "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" Sometimes I'm not sure why it goes so fast, but I do know where it goes. Events in my life, happy ones and sad ones, are often chronicled through music. The songs might not sound different to the listener, but the poignancies intensify for me. Fortunately, there is no pinnacle with music, only growth. As long as I play, there is somewhere to go. That is time's gift. Dulcimer Players News. We will be here a long time, I hope, adding to your experiences and bringing people into your lives. You, in turn, inspire and guide us. Time might slide by way too quickly, but the camaraderie we dulcimer people share branches through our lives, bringing new tunes; new ideas; new insights; confidence, sometimes, to share music with audiences; and shear enjoyment. Thus we, at Dulcimer Players News, celebrate twenty-one years of being part of your musical life. On the subject of sharing, I and Dulcimer Players News are now part of America On Line. I hesitate to give you our name (rather silly), but, since I want to hear from you, here it is: Maddie955. All right, I know I could have done better, but the installation program (while ticking away minutes on long distance) didn't like anything I chose. In desperation, I picked Maddie955. Sounds like a television show. If you want to reach us, the address is Immediately, I met America On Line folks such as Maynard Johnson and Judy Morningstar. They put out the word, so I heard from Randy Marchany and Thll Glazener on the Internet. Computers, fax machines (our new number is 703/6781151), On-Line, and pick-ups in dulcimers. Where to next?

We've decided not to share any part of our Dulcimer Players News subscriber list with anyone. That's been the unofficial policy for years, but at one time we asked if we could release individual names and addresses on a strictly limited basis. Since our club list has grown, we now pass that along to people wanting to contact other players. You are also welcome to use the DPN Music Exchange for that purpose. The day is exquisite as I write this (the Sunday we return to Standard Time). I want to stop working on the computer, to go outside and garden, and to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Since it might be icy and cold when you receive this, I'll end with one last tale of summer. It was August, and I had brought most of the fall Dulcimer Players News to Tabby Finch for editing. It was a lovely, sunny day and I sat on the deck reading Organic Gardening while she worked. I was wearing a red blouse and had my hair in two pony tails, bound with bright red elastics. All of a sudden, I heard zzzzzzzz a couple of feet from my left ear. I turned, face to face with a hummingbird. The hummingbird probably thought it had died and gone to heaven, faced with the largest red flower in existence. As we stared at each other it realized discretion was the better part of valor and it zzzzzzzzed off to look for the real thing. Time goes so quickly. Before you know it, we'll all be meeting on the road to 1995's festivals, gatherings and workshops. I hope to meet you somewhere along the way. In harmony,

P.S. Starting in May, 1995, the Dulcimer Players News will be 48 pages long.

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Winter 1995 • 3

Letters to Us



The article on bending the sides of fretted dulcimers [Nov 1994-Jan 1995 DPN Technical Dulcimer] by Sam Rizzetta is great. I always get good information from his articles. Someone suggested that his articles would make a good book. I agree.

Martha Jean Crain Dolomite, Alabama

Dear DPN: Ralph Lee Smith's historical articles are a wonderful addition to the D PN and I am delighted that his column has become a regular feature. In his article on the Hicks family in the Nov.'94 issue he shows a picture of a Nathan Hicks dulcimer with an unusual fret pattern, and invites comment. Ralph asks if it is "just guessing and error in the fret placement." Of course, guessing and error are a possible explanation. But I have come to believe that instrument makers and musicians of the past have mostly known what they were doing. We need to consider the reasons for various fret placements carefully before judging something an error. In a time when more people played music than listened to TV and radio, it is certain that many people would have had ,an excellent ear for music, scales, and intervals. It seems to me that instruments that sounded out of tune because of errors in fret placement would not have been long tolerated, played, or duplicated. Frets were often placed "by ear." And if it sounds acceptable, this is all that is required. I find that some fretted dulcimers that have frets placed differently from the modem formulas derived from chromatically fretted instruments (like guitars) sound scale intervals that are more pure and attractive-sounding for the diatonic music suited to the dulcimer. I've discussed this and given some fret patterns in the Technical Dulcimer Column in the past. As Ralph Lee Smith points out, in

Ionian tuning the Nathan Hicks dulcimer provides a ti-flat instead of ti at the second fret, and a fa-sharp (or solflat) instead of fa at the thirteenth fret. I think this may be intentional, and here is why. Both of the "missing fret" notes, ti (the seventh) and fa (the fourthth), are available in other octaves. They may be played in those octaves when required. The second fret ti-flat provided the flatted seventh of the Mixolydian mode, allowing the the accompaniment of Mixolydian songs without retuning. The thirteenth fret fa-sharp provides the sharped fourth, or flatted fifth, which occurs in a lot of popular songs and hymns of the 19th century and early twentieth centuries. Again, this would be very handy for accompanying singing without retuning. Now let us consider scales available from the open string. The flatted second fret gives us the Dorian mode instead of the Mixolydian. But that's OK because Mixolydian was available in Ionian tuning. The Dorian certainly lets us play accompaniment in lots of minor songs. But here is the clincher. If we start a second octave scale at the seventh fret, an octave higher than the open string, the unusual thirteenth fret gives us a major scale in the higher octave! With an open string tuning, we can now accompany songs in both major and minor, or that go back and forth between major and minors. With a minimum of retuning, this dulcimer will conveniently accompany an incredible variety of songs, and I suspect that is its purpose. From a family of singers this shouldn't be unexpected. Dulcimers like this are food for thought and a wonderful challenge to our fixed notions of dulcimer traditions and music. My guess is that Nathan Hicks made no error, and that we are the ones left guessing!

Sam RizzeNa Inwood, West Virginia

DearDPN: Anyone who plays a mountain dulcimer, from beginner to advanced, knows of the constant juggling and struggle to keep the strange-shaped instrument in place across the player's knees.

While attending a mountain dulcimer class for beginners at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina, I experienced this slipping problem. A classmate, Henry Wedel, from Bryan, Texas, had the perfect solution. He brought me some material called "Skid Guard." Henry is a recreational vehicle owner and had experienced slipping dishes. He found this material beneficial in his RV cabinets. The material, thin, foam-like open weave, is light-weight, inexpensive, and can be purchased by the yard or by the roll from RV dealers across the United States. The slipping problem was solved. The whole class, including the instructor, Betty Smith, welcomed the new lap sheet. We were then better able to concentrate on improving our playing skills. One caution! The pad should not be stored under the dulcimer in its case as the constant contact could cause wear to the finish.

Lenore McKelvey Puhek I-:Ielena, Montana

Dear DPH: I play dulcimer with the Central Mississippi Dulcimer Association (Strings of Pearl, Pearl, MS). We like the Ionian mode best. Hope you can give us some music. I'm 74 years old and just started playing a couple of years ago. I love it, and encourage Seniors to come on.

Wi/rna Lucas Flowood, Mississippi

Dear DP.: I am a new subscriber and I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your magazine. I am very grateful to Ruth Harnden, whom I met this past spring in Cambridge, Mass. at the dulcimer festival there. She asked if I knew about DPN (I didn't), took my name and address, and sent me a subscription form a few days later. Unfortunately, I've misplaced her address. But, thank you, Ruth, wherever you are. Perhaps we'll meet again next spring in Cambridge.

Sandy Lafleur Amherst, New Hampshire

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Your Folk Instrument Source! We carefully craft ... 12 Appalachian Dulcimer Models 7 Folkroots Dulcimer Models including our Performance Model

Dear DPN: What a pleasure to read through Bill Stine's arrangement of "Silent Night" [November-January 1994-95 DPN]. It's the balance of relative dissonance and consonance that makes music come

alive. The harmonic tensions and resolutions that Bill uses in this arrangement help to make the playing and listening experience inte resting, satisfying, and

4 Hammered Dulcimer Models including our 16ABC Model

memorable. This one really caught my eye (and my ear). Franz Gruber would have loved it! Steve Schneider Congers, New York

Dear DPN: It felt like a new era repeated from when other technological wonders took place. On November 6th, at 8 p.m. central time, the first official live "chat" took place for dulcimer players [on America On Line] . Five people attended, though there was room for more.

4 Folk Harp Models

' VA Z2604

E·MaiI: Madd1e955@aol com Conversation is not like talking on the phone. Subjects changed quickly, and at times I found myself reading every other line to get responses. At my house it was even more exciting. I invited Esther Kreek over for the experie nce, and a contra dance commit-

tee was meeting upstairs. People gathered aro und, tossing out comments and, as my fingers flew, my spelling left something to the imagination. When it was over I thought, was this like radio or television when one family had one and all their friends came over to listen or watch? If so, how long before computer chats are as common as radio or television [communication]? I am confident we will do this again. loin us next time. Theresa Gebauer Kansas City, Missouri

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Winter 1995 • 5

Musical Reviews edited by Carrie Crompton

We all go t hooked on dulcimers because of the sound........_ , right? And then we discovered th ere was no music for either instru-

ment! We spend the rest of our lives seeking repertoire, adapting othe r

instruments' music to our own or writing own music. The result is a tremendous amoun t of personal and collective creativity, which is currently expressing itself in a bumper crop of first- rate du lcimer albums. Karen Ashbrook is one artist who has OUf


found an endless vein of inspiration in the music of Ireland. Her earlier releases had a refined ethereal quality partly because that is her sound, but also because she chose to work with very light accompaniment. Her new recording, Hills of Erin, has a richer, deeper quality thanks to the piano accompa niment of her former dulcimer student, David Scheim. Karen and David wo rk beautifully together to create a new Celtic-hammered-dulcimer duo sound that is big and emotionally expressive without ever losing the shimmering lilt that is Karen's trademark. The sound is rounded out with soprano sax, bass viol, clarinet, percussion and synthesizer. The variety of tone colors and impeccable musicianship make this a great listening album. Jerry Rockwell's The Blackbird and the Beggarman is also Celtic in flavor, but as a mountain dulcimer player, Je rry is perhaps more deeply influenced by the sound of highland pipes than that of Celtic harp music. Je rry's very conscious of the expressive potential of the drone strings on the dulcimer, and he uses them to create a pulsing bed of sound on pieces like "Balinderry" and "The

Mist-Covered Mountains." On "Balquidder Lasses," he lets R.P. Hale's virginal provide the fundamental, while he finger-picks his way through a lovely, intricate melody. The drones work in rhythmic counterpoint with Ken Lovelett's drum on " Kimaid", another Scottish tune. Throughout this well-

conceived album, I fee l grounded in the sense of home that drones and solid rhythms provide, while enjoying the craggy melodic landscape that is home to "Ned of the Hill," "The Fair and Charming Eileen O'Carroll," and "The Little Beggarman." Jerry's masterful technique is complemented by Pete Sutherland's fiddl ing, Niles Hokkanen's mandolining, Ron Ewing's dulcimering, R.P. Hale's keyboa rd playing and Ken Lovclett's percussion .. The expanded Celtic culture includes Brittany, as we all know, as well as the Pacific Northwest. Lance Frodsham and Sylvia Hackat horn of Portland, Oregon, celebrate the tradition in Whistleshops and Dulcimers, which features Lance on mountain dulcimer, cittera (16-string Hunga rian dulcimer), keyboards, guitar, and vocals; and Sylvia on pennywhistles, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, and vocals. They achieve a distinctly Breton flavor on their opening Breton medley using the cittera and bouzouki. (I know this isn't a traditional Breton combination; just mean that it sounds right.) On most of the other cuts, which are Irish, Scottish, Breton and original, there's a dis-

tinctly American bounce, as opposed to a Celtic lilt. But this is fine - the musicians have made the repertoire their own, and they've given us some very

enjoyable and energetic music. I could listen over and over to their versions of "Corn Rigs," " La Ronde Des Milloraines," and "Woman of Ireland." I love the sound of Lance's cittera playing, and hope for more on the next album. Jessica Burri is an American singer living in Germany who started playing the dulcimer in order to have a portable accompaniment to her voice. She's recently released her first recording, Sopran & Dulcimer, a compendium of songs from the Middle Ages to Stephen Foster. There are no instruments on this album but a 12/ 11 hammered dulcimer and Jessica's voice, and no musicians other than Jessica. The format of the CD is like that of a Carnegie H all recital: a section of seven songs in German followed by a section of five Elizabethan lute-songs, followed by a group of American spirituals, some German folksongs set by Brahms, and finally, a

set of Stephen Foster songs. Jessica has developed a broad repertoire of techniques for playing the dulcime r as an accompanying instrument - for instance, playing entire triads in one stro ke by finding the place where three strings "intersect" in the middle of the stringboard; simultaneous pluckinglhammering techniques; and arpeggiation. I find myself drawn most to the Mozart songs (which I have tried to play myself) and to the two instrumental pieces Jessica performs, "The Earl of Salisbury's Pavan" and a Quantz minuet. I find the vocal interpretation of the American songs too operatic to be really pleasing, but in every case I am awed by Jessica's creativity in devising app ropriate dulcimer acco mpaniments. The playing, singing and engineering of this CD are all excellent. I hope it will become more easily ava ilable in the U.S. Finally, I want to mention a new direction in dulcimer playing that has been coming for some time, with recordings like Rob Brereton's Someone 10 Watch Over Me and Maddie MacNeil's Soon It 's Going To Rain: the interpretation of popular standards on mountain dulcimer. We know it's possible, and now Niels Andersen and Susan Howell explain how to do it in their new book, Dulcimer Accompaniments for Swing. T his 148-page spiral-bound book is chock full of arrangemen ts for accompanying tunes like "Georgia on My Mind," "Pennies from Heaven," "Try to Remember," and ''Ain't Misbehavin'," as well as contemporary material like Lennon and McCartney's "Here, There and Everywhere." It includes an excellent section on swing chords and chord progressions; advice on left-hand damping techniques to capture the swing rhythm; examples of how to play the same accompaniment in different tunings (mostly DAD and DAC, with some arrangements requiring a 1-1 /2 fret); all the lyrics to the tunes; guitar chords, tab and standard notation. Although I usually play through every book I review, I must confess that this one's a little over my head, technically, because I can't sight-sing these tunes and play at the same time! They're tricky, but if they're your cup of tea, this is you r book! It's Continued on next page

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lMl@ l\!l!lil ~ @fi!lil lDll\!lll(f; filiilil ~Ii' lMll\!l~fi(f; IF@~~

mRs Of "'""-

Reviews continued from page 5 very well presented, the chords sound right (I was able to tell that by hacking through a few tunes 1 almost knew how to sing), and the authors give you everything you need to know to begin writing

March 10 & 11, 1995 IVlcKownvilie Urdtcd Methodis t Church Albany, New York

Featured Performers:

Sue Carpenter Lucy Sollogub Workshops· Concerts Friuny Open SUlge • Jam Sessions Vendors · Rentals Dvnilable

your own arrangements.

This is an exciting time to be a dulcimer player, because there are so many refreshing approaches to the instruments being developed right now. What I like most about the works reviewed here is they arc all very personal discoveries about what the dulcimers can do. We can all use a little of this inspiration to express more of ourselves as we play OUf music.

Sponsored by

~ .



Dukim" Association

of Albany

Send books, albums and tapes for review, to Carrie Crompton, 11 Center Street, Andover, CT 06232.


...... Karen Ashb Maggie's M . rOok, Ann . USIC, PO BOJ( 4144 ' apohs, MD 21403 Tel. 410-268-3394 (C . D, cassette)

The 81ackblnl anI! lIIe


Jerry Rockwell WPO BOJ( 477 W'. lZmak Productions ,mgdale NY 1 ' (CD, cassette) , 2594.

Whistlestops ani! Dol Frodsham and S I .Clmers. Lance Wizmak Produc!;oVla Hackathorn, Wingdale, NY 125;;' PO BOJ( 477,

Sopran & Dulcimer. J . Bear Family Reeo esslca Burri, D-27727 H rds, Po BOJ( 1154 , ambergen G ' Tel. 04794-93000 (C ' ermany. D, cassette)


Du/clmer ACllOqJan' Oilier /IO/lIIIar tunes JJrO!Iressions • N',eI

for SWing ani! snazzy chorrl

Susan Howell B s Anderson and M ' OJ( 1424 endocino, CA 95460 (bOOk)

Lori Kt<l ~ dl 119 Co. U"')'. 101 John .LO>on, NY 12095 (S I8) 742·7~L6

The Third Annual



DULCIMER CAMP near Kansas City. Missouri

July 23 - 28. 1995 Hammered and Mountain Dulcimer Beginning & Intermediate/Advanced Level Classes Instructors:

Karen Ashbrook • Tull Glazener Esther Kreek Maddie MacNeil • Susan Trump For more irifonnation contact: Esther Kreek. Director

1156 103rd 64114206 W.

St. Dept.

Kansas City. MO

. 1~1===(8=16=)=94=2-=62=33===~11.

]1 o '"a b


Jo in Rosamond Campbell, David Moore, and many others for dulcimer/ folk music workshops, concerts, and jamming. McDowell Center, Columbus, Ohio Saturday & Sunday, April 1-2, 1995 Contact Jerry Rockwell or Mary Lautzenheiser: 614-846-1096 63688 Ambleside Drive. Columbus. OH43229 Presented by Columbus Recreation & Parks Department. Columbus Dulcimer Club. Columbus Folk Music Society

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News &Notes


rom Lark In The Morning, in Mendocino, California, there is a new service (free!) for music lovers. Anyone with a phone can hear the sounds of instruments from around the world any time, day or night. Call just to listen or to shop by sound for any instrument. Hear the sounds of Middle Eastern stringed instruments, pennywhistles, Irish flutes, dumbeks, rattles, African thumb pianos, and others. Also available for listening are sampIes of cassettes and compact discs of music from cultures worldwide. If you have a fax machine, receive free information about taking care of various musical instrument, interviews with musicians, instrument tunings, music humor and more. LarkInfo 707/964-3762. Music to cook and fish by: Bob Kamen, an accomplished hammered dulcimerist on retreat with the Ozark Wilderness Dulcimer Club, was practicing on the porch of his cabin. An elderly guest in the next cabin came and watched briefly. Finally she asked, '1\re you cooking on that or playing music?" Bob replied, "I'm playing music, m'am." "Oh, good!" she exclaimed. "That will make the fish bite better." The Lynchburg, Virginia, Fine Arts Center recently presented a fascinating version of Godspel/, set in the Appalachian mountains. On Opening Night, a DPN subscriber, The Rev. William E. Olewiler, straw hat firmly in place, played dulcimer in the lobby, sharing his enjoyment of our special Appalachian instrument with playgoers. The October 1994 issue of Mac World contains a review of MusicTlme 2.0 for the Macintosh. Passport Designs, 415/726-0280. Prices range from $149 to $249. Christy Cook of Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada, recently played hammered dulcimer for an episode of the Lonesome Dove television show which filmed northwest of Bragg Creek. The episode, "Ballad of a Gunfighter," starred country singer

Michael Martin Murphy. Christy recorded five songs for the show with Murphy and his band and was shown playing the hammered dulcimer at a country dance held in an unfinished church. New from Victory Music is The

Northwest Folk Directory and Resource Guide, listing over 1200 venues, activities, organizations, presenters, media, performers, services and resources in the Pacific Northwest. Victory Music, PO Box 7515, Bonney Lake, WA 98390. Phone 206/863-6617. The ninth edition of the Folk Arts Network's Folk Directory is now available. The guide is a comprehensive directory to multicultural and folk music in the greater Boston and New England area. Single copy price is $15 plus $3 postage. Folk Arts Network, Inc., PO Box 380867, Cambridge, MA 02238. Jeremy Butler, host of All Things Acoustic from WUAUWOPR-FM in Tuscaloosa has compiled a list of hundreds of folk and acoustic radio programs broadcast in the United States and Canada. The list is available only through E-Mail. For details, contact WUAUWOPR, Box 870370, Suite 297 Phifer Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487. Phone 205/348-6648. The 1994 Mountain Dulcimer and

Hammered Dulcimer national winners from the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, were: On mountain dulcimer, #1, Alfonse Ponticelli, Mt. Prospect, IL; #2, Andy Anderson, Fulton, MO; #3, Robert Pearcy, Nashville, TN. On hammered dulcimer, #1, Renee Lippincott, Plevna, KS, #2, Greg Latta, Frostburg, MD; #3, John Lionarons, Ardmore, PA. Congratulations to all. The October Picks and Hammers newsletter of the Lima Dulcimer Society, Lima, Ohio, contained a letter, from their president, to the membership stating in December 1994 the society would disband. Friends of the Society are saddened by the news and look forward to seeing individual members at other club meetings and at festivals. Ed Presnell, a North Carolina treasure to the mountain dulcimer world, died in late summer 1994. We will have information on him in the next Dulcimer

Players News.



1995 ~ ~ BUCKEYE ~ ~ DULCIMER ~ ~ FESTIVAL ~ March 10, 11 & 12 at

~ Recreation Unlimited ~ Challenge ~ National Center for People ~ with Disabilities ~ ~ Performers and ~ Workshop Leaders ~ Sweetwater • Sara Johnson ~ Tull Glazener • Doug Felt ~ and others ~ ~ Schedule ~ ~ March 10th ~ 5:00Friday,pm-Registration ~ pm-Open Stage ~ 8:00 Saturday, March 11 th ~ 9:15 am-4:00 pm ~ Workshops • Jamming ~ 7:00 pm - Concert ~ Sunday, March 12th am- Fireside ~ 9:00Gospel Sing ~ Location ~ 2 1/2 miles southeast of Ashley, Ohio and ~ 25 miles north of Columbus, Ohio ~ Weekend package of lodging, meals, workshops ~ and concert is $65/person. also ~ Day&packages camping. call or write ~ For information Louise Ziegler 232 W. High Street ~ Ashley, ~ Ohio 43003 614-747-2326 or ~ ~ 614-747-2289 ~ ~~~~.~~~~

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Events Saturday and an evening concert. Sunday gospel sing. Jamming. Info : Louise Ziegler, 232 W. High St., Ashley, OH 43003.614/747-2326

February 10-11 • Dallas, TX Winter Festival of Acoustic Music featuring hamme red and fre tted dulcimers, autoharp and other instruments. Workshops and concerts. Info: Winter Festi-' val, 111 4 Vine St., Denton, TX 76201. 8 17/387-4001. February 1&-19' Portland, OR Folk Alliance Conference. Features artist showcases, workshops and other activities for people involved in all aspects of the folk music and dance community. Membership and conference info: Folk Alliance, PO Box 5010, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.919/962·3397. February 18 • Florence, AL 5th Annual Mini Festival at the KennedyDouglass Cente r for the Arts. Classes for the mountain dulcimer and other instruments. Open stage at 7 p.m. Info: John McDonald, Rt. 6, Box 330, Florence, AL. 35633. 205/766-5030.

February 24-26 • Greenville, III Dulcimer Ooln's, sponsored by the Dayton Dulcimer Society. Jamming, open stage, fun & fellowship, works hops. Info: Marty Lane, PO Box 509, Pleasant Hill, OH 45359. 513/676-2688. March 3-5 • Mandeville, LA Mardi Gras Dulcimer Festival. Concerts and workshops for mountain and hammered dulcimers. Camping available. Cajun cuisine! Info: Paul Andry 504/845·3494. See ad page 24. March 10-12 • East Troy, WI Strlngalong Weekend. Dulcimer concerts, dulcimer workshops, singing and dancing at YMCA Camp Edwards. Bring or rent an instrument. Info: UWM Folk Center, Ann Schmid, PO Box 413, Milaukee, WI 53201. 800/636-FOLK (3655) or 414/229-4622. March 10-12 • Ashley, III Buckeye Dulcimer Weekend, featuring a Friday open stage, workshops all day

March 10 • 11 • Albany, NY 7th Annual Mountain Dulcimer Music Fest. Features a Friday Open Stage, workshops, jam sessions, sales booths, and Saturday afternoon and evening concerts. Rental instruments available. Info: Lori Keddell, 11 9 Co. Hwy 107, Johnstown, NY 12095.5 181762-7516.

March 11 • Houston, TX Traditional Irish Music Workshop for mountain dulcimers, hammered dulcimers, autoharp, fiddle, guitar, man-

dolin, folk harp and record er. Info: Houston Area Acoustic Music Society, 21626 Gentry Rd. , Houston, TX 77040. 713/955-6052

Mar 2&-Apri11 • Brasstown, I«: Mountain Dulcimer Class for beginning players. Info: John C. C1mpbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. 800/365-5724. April 1-2 • Columbus, III Central Ohio Dulcimer Festival, founded with an emphasis on mountain dulcimer, offers workshops which include hammered udlcimer, guitar, auto harp, vocal harmony, theory, computer notation demos, concerts, and more. Info: Jerry Rockwell or Mary Lautzenheiser, 6368B Ambleside Dr., Columbus, OH 43229. Phone or Fax 614/846-1096. See ad page 6. April 7-9 • Brasstown, NC Workshop: Learn to Play Mountain Dulcimer by Ear. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. Telephone 800/365-5724. April 7-9 • Mitchel~ IN OhIo Valley Dulcimer Gathering sponsored by the Louisville Dulcimer Society. Workshops, concert on Saturday evening. Info: Maureen Sellers, 4716 State Rd. 64, New Albany, IN 47150. 812/945-9094. April ~15' Brasstown, I«: Mountain Dulcimer Class for Beginners. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. 800/365-5724.

FebruarY-AprIllssue' Events from " early February to early May Deadline· November 1st

May-July Issue: Events from early May to early September ThiS IS ourlargest yearly calendar Deadlme • February 1st

August-()ctober Issue: Events from early August to early November Deadline· May 1st

November--'anuary issue: Events from early November to early February Deadline · August 1st April1&-22 • Brasstown, NC HiIl.,iered Dulcimer Workshop for beginners. Info: John C. Campbe ll Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. 800/365-5724. April 21- 22 • Tishomingo, MS DulCimer Day. Two days of performances and jam sessions, as well as sales booths, sponsored by the Ala-sippi Dulcimer Association . Held at the Tishomingo State Park. Info: Hollis E. Long, Box 76, Golden, MS 38847. April 21-23 • Mt. View, AR The Ozark Folk Center's 17th Annual Dulcimer Jamboree features mounta in and hammered dulcimer contests, workshops and concerts. Info : Dulcimer Jamboree, Ozark Folk Center, Mtn. View, AR 72560. 501/269-3851. April 21 - 23 • Charlotte, NC loch Norman Highland Games. Scottish activities, including folk music and games. Info: 704/372-3922. April 22 • Mannington, WV WV Mountaineer Dulcimer Club Spring Meeting featuring jamming, pot luck lunch and open stage at the Ma nnington Middle School. The public is invited at no charge. Info: Patty Looman, 228 Maple Ave. , Mannington, WV 26582. 304/986-2411. April 22 • Chattanooga, TN Spring Dulcimer Festival at Audubon Acres. A celebration of the hammered and lap dulcimers. Bring family, friends, picnic lunch, and favorite acoustic instrument.

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Winter 1995 • 9 Info: Stacy Tilley, Chattanooga Audubon 615/892- 1499. April 23-28 • Elkins, WV Spring Dulcimer Week presented by the Augusta Heritage Center. In-depth classes fo r hammered and mountain dulcimer players and lu thiers. Evening jam sessio ns, old maste r guest artists,

and more. Info: John Lilly, Augusta Heritage Center, Davis & Elkins College, Elkins, WV 2624 1. 304/636-1903

jamming. Info: Cambridge Center fo r Adult Education, 42 Bratlle St., Cambridge, MA 02138. 617/547-6789. May 5-7 • Marion, OH Spring Fling Campout at Hickory Grove Lake Campground with members of the Mansfield Dulcimer Players. Workshops, jamming, "sui cide stew" supper. In fo: Bernice Campbell , 288 Adario W.

May 7 • McCalla, AL Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Festival held at Tannehill State Park between

shops, (includi ng a computer workshop for TAB), dance, gospel sing, concerts, and vendors. RV space available. Info: Jackie Brenchley, 708/251 -6618 or Margie Hafer, MYCC, 10900 S. 88th Ave., Palos Hills, IL 60465. See ad page 16.

performances and sales booth. Camping avai lable. Info: Rebecca A. Hughes, 117 Church Ave., Hueytown, AL 35203, 205/497-1078.

cime rs, concerts fo r kids and adul ts, and

May 13 • Corydon, III Old Capitol Traditional Music Festival sponsored by the Corydon Dulcimer Society. Workshops, concerts, jamming. Send SASE for info to: Maureen Sellers, 4716 Sta te Road 64, New Albany, IN. 47150. 812/945-9094 AOL-MaureenSel. ~

Rd., Shiloh, OH 44878. 419/896-2808.

Apr 28-30 • Chicago, a. area Great Plains Folk Festival, featuring work-

May &-7 • Cambridge, MA Blacksmith House Dulcimer Festival Workshops for mountain and hammered dul-

Dana Hamilton, 904 Houston, Arlington, TX 76012.


~~IIDlIIDl~1!lI @iWJ(!k~ru~~~

Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Jamming,

~(@~~ How I Build T h e T hings b lJ

Ch a rlie Aim May 12-14 • Glen Rose, TX Texas Dulcimer Festival, held at Oakdale Park, fea tu res contests for mount ain and

hammer dulcimer players, arts and crafts fa ir, workshops and concerts. Info:

Book dellcribell s tep -b u -:It.cp how to bUI ld II hllmmcr dulcimer. H !lng tips Dnd illustrations. II clpfu l tD nD\l i c~ lind prDf~~sian61. S19.95

Woo dworks P .O. 218 Brookston, IN 47923

CK" MO VIsa/Me

317-563-3504 1-5pm. M-F

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

C L U B S O · IRE In early fall 1994, we mailed cards to all of the dulcimer clubs for which we had information. Out of 145 cards sent, eventually about 135 were returned. Perhaps we don't have all of the information, but we're close! If you're not on the list, you either did not return the card or we don't know you exist. Please let us know so we can tell the world about you-and send you a card next time. Thanks for your help in compiling this Directory. Maddie MacNeil with Clare Ellis (DPN office) and Judy Ireton (Clubs Editor)



Shoals Dulcimer & Folk Music Assoc. John McDonald Rt. 6, Box 330, Florence, AL 35633 205/766-5030 4th Saturdays Southern App. Dulcimer Assoc. Rebecca A. Hughes 117 Church Ave. Hueytown, AL 35023 205/497-1078 1st Saturdays Mountain Dulcimer Association Ann Maulsby 416 Green Acres Dr., NW Huntsville, AL 35805 205/837-4984 4th Sat. 2:30 p.m./Public Library Deep South Dulcimer Assoc. Nell Hoyt 8730 Dutchman Woods Dr. Mobile, AL 36695 205/633-7739 Central Alabama Dulcimer Players Association Royce Slate 3406 Somerville Drive Montgomery, AL 36111 205/263-3576 2nd Saturdays Ala-Sippi Dulcimer Association Archie Lee Rt. 3, Box 494 Red Bay, AL35582 205/356-2274 2 Fests. each year (April/Oct)

Arizona Arizona Dulcimer Society Louise Pelissier POBox 13082 Phoenix, AZ 85080 602/996· 7754 Meets occasionally

Arkansas Bella Vista Dulcimer Society Phyllis Farnell 10 Connemara Bella Vista, AR 72714 501/855·1566 1st and 3rd Tuesdays Ozark OUlc. Society/Fayettevme Mary Schaller 1340 Cardinal Dr. Fayetteville, AR 72703 501/521·0866 Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays Iluachlta Mt. Dulcimer Club Dan Bogler 101 Grandridge Hot Springs, AR 71901 501/262·1643 Meets 3rd Saturdays Northeast Arkansas Dulcimer Players Sally Papich 713 Locust Drive Jonesboro, AR 72401 501/935-5974 1st Mondays

Australia Queensland Dulcimer Players John Dillon 2 Macquarie Street Capalaba, Queensland 4157, Australia, 07-2455998

California San DIego Hanmer Jammers Jim Hayes 4259 Dellwood St. San Diego, CA 92111 619/268-4633 oak Glen Dulcimer Players Doug Thomson 8755 La Vine St. Yucaipa, CA 92399 714/797-4260 3rd Sun., MD San DIego Fretted Dulcimer Club Jim Hayes 4259 Dellwood Street San Diego, CA 92111 619/268-4633

C T O· R Y

Bay Area Hanunered Dulcimer Society Gale Leach PO Box 280632 San Francisco, CA 94128 4151994-1622

2nd Wednesdays California ll'ad. Music Society Clark & Elaine Weissman 4401 Trancas Place Tarzana, CA 91356 8181342-7664


Canada Moose Mt. Dulcimer Club Keith Walker 2012 Bowness Rd., NW Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 3K8 403/283·0195 Hammered Dulcimer

Colorado Durango Dulcimer Society Ann Chambers 18101 North U.S. Hwy 666 Cortez, CO 81321 303/882-4443 Call for meeting information

Connecticut Dulcimer Folk Association Wil Schaefer PO Box 906 . Winsted, CT 06098 413/229-7973 lst Saturdays/3rd Fridays

Naples, FL 33942 813/643-6522 2nd Saturday Orlando Dulcimer Gathering Deborah Wilson 1410 Boreas Drive Orlando, FL 32822 407/282-8218 2nd Saturdays at 2 p.m. Dogwood Dulcimer Association Tom Asbjornsen 303 S. Ehrmann St. Pensacola, FL 32507 904/453-6678 Meets Thursdays Treasure Coast Dulcimer Society Eleanor Schmidt 2574 Caladium Ave. Port St. Lucie, FL 34952 4071335-2285

Meets every Tuesday Central R Hammered Dulc. Club Linda Lauer 2599 McMichael Rd. St. Cloud, FL 34771 4071892-5134

1st Sun., Mary-Gael Shop, Mt. Dora Mountain Dulclteers Addie Smith 304 Thornhill Place Sun City Center, FL 33573 Take Your Pick Dulcimer Players Paul Jones 439 Arrowood St. w. Melbourne, FL 32904 4071727-2316



Brandywine Dulcimer Fellowship Jean or Earl Roth 2112 Peachtree Dr. Wilmington, DE 19805 302/998-7767 1st Fridays. Autoharps welcome

The Allatooners


Northern Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Assoc. Susan Posey 2041 Starfire Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30345-3961 404/967-2176 4th Thurs. Mainly MD.

Dulcimer Club John D. Ringle 2100 South Ocean Drive #16-J Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 305/767-6205 Jacksonville Dulclmers & Friends Lynn Wadley 6519 Lenczyk Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32211 9041743-1876 Meets 2nd Sundays

Peggy Martin 4862 Allen Circle Acworth, GA 30101 404/974-1980 1st Sundays

The Nacoochee Strummers Jane Bell Rt. 3, Box 3186 Clarkesville, GA 30523 7061754-7583 Every Wednesday

Dulcimer Club of SW Florida Joe Crehan 1197 Industrial Blvd.

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact



Wayne County Mountain Dulcimer Players Ray Chittum 288 Winkler Dr. Rittman, OH 44270 216/925-3977 1st & 3rd Mondays Dulcl-Mare Folk & 1hId. Musicians Bill Schilling 984 Homewood Ave. Salem, OH 44460 216/332-4420 lst Thes. & 3rd Wed. Mansfield Dulcimer Club Bernice Campbell 288 Adario West Rd. Mansfield, OH 44907 419/896-2808 3rd Thursdays

Pennsylvania Greene Academy Dulcimer Players William H. Cole RD2Box342 Carmichaels, PA 15320 412/966-2731 3rd Mondays Clarion Dulcimer Club Sally Ringland R.D. 2, Box 176 Clarion, PA 16214 814/226-5674 2nd or 3rd Saturdays



The Dulcl-Mores Fran Cargill 2100 Blossom St., #601 Columbia, SC 29205 803/799-1365 1st Sundays



Buckeye Hanuner Dulcimer Sec. Bernice Campbell 288 Adario W. Rd., Rt. 2 Shiloh, OH 44878 419/896-2808 1st Thursdays

Frosty Valley Dulcimer Friends Helen Miller 713 Bloom Road Danville, PA 17821 717/275-2642 1st Mondays

Dulcimer & Accompaniment Assoc. Joe Ridolfo P.O. Box 1131 Chattanooga, TN 37401 615/899-0102 2nd Sundays

Misery Bay Dulcimer Club Barb Nagle 3629 W. 14th St., Erie, PA 16505 814/833-6194 Every Tuesday

Knoxville Area Dulcimer Club Toni Ferguson 604 Woodland Dr. Louisville, TN 37777 2nd Sundays

Teays Valley Dulcimer Society Joyce Fouts 121 Meenach Lane Springfield, OH 45505 513/325-6084 Alternate Sundays

Chestnut RIdge Dulcbner Players Don & Betty Brinker 902 Hillview Ave. Latrobe, PA 15650 412/539-7983 Meets Tuesday Eves.

1be Strlngalongs Dorothy Weser 2301 Thylor Blair Rd. NE W. Jefferson, OR 43162 879-8698 Thursdays at 10 a.m.

Off 1be Wall Dulcimer Society Rebecca Askey 134 E. Winding Hill Rd. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 7171766-2982 1st Sundays

Oklahoma Oklahoma CRy 1'rad. Music Assoc. Jean Roberts 3723 Newport Oklahoma City, OK 73112 405/946-5233 1st Saturdays Indian Territory Bulc. CelebratIon Dennis Moran P.O. Box 471532 Thlsa, OK 74147-1532 9181744-8928

Oregon Camp Crescendo Dulcimer Club Sylvia Chapman 3360 Riverbanks Rd. Grants Pass, OR 97527 503/474-2598 2nd Mondays

Sunday Dulcimer Gathering Candy D'Addario 2760 Earlysville Rd. Earlysville, VA 22936 804/973-4983 Charlottesville area. Sun. meeting.


The Raven Dulcimer Society Judy Springer Rt. 1 Box 300 Huntsville, TX 77340

Low Country Dulcimer Society Millie Chaplin PO Box 4 Harleyville, SC 29448 803/462-2137

Duclmer Dis-Organization/ Greater Washington Keith Young 3815 Kendale Road Annandale, VA 22003 703/941-1071 No reg. meeting.

Paul PJle Dulcimer Association Bill Rust 105 Point Circle Dr. Tullahoma, TN 37388 615/455-6800 2nd Sat. at Trinity Lutheran

Welsh Mountain Dulcimer Club Nick Platco P.O. Box 85 Saint Peters, PA 19470 610/469-2287 1st Mondays

Susan Bafford 1027 Brookhaven Dr. Aiken, SC 29803 803/649-6916


Bays Mountain Dulcimer Soc. P.O. Box 3033 Kingsport, TN 37664 2nd Thurs, Sept-May.

Lone Star State Dulcfmer Soc. Linda Thompson 1517 Laurelwood Denton, TX 76201

Over Tbe RIver Dulcimer Club

Red WIng Mtountaln Dulcimer Assoc. Lynn Anner-Bolieu RR 1, Box 132 Newport, VT 05855 802/334-2534

Picking at the Crossroads Candy D'Addario 2760 Earlysville Rd. Earlysville, VA 22936 804/973-4983 Charlottesville area. Wed. meeting

Allegheny Dulcimer Club Dorothy S. Buchanan 7616 Waverly St. Pittsburgh, PA 15221 412/371-7828 3rd Sundays

South Carolina


Smoky Mountain Dulcimer Club Bill McDaniel P.O. Box 121 Gatlinburg, TN 37738 615/436-8898 4th Sundays

Upstate Dulcimer Players Wood, Strings & Dulcimers 115 Pelham Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 803/235-6291 South Carolina


0 'R


2nd Saturdays

North Harris County Dulcimer Soc. Steve Heiser 14223 Clear Forest Sugarland, TX 77378 3rd Saturdays

Brazos Valley Dulcimer Friends Gigi Norwood 500 Greentree Weatherford, TX 76086 817/596-5201 2nd Thursdays 7:30 p.m.

West Virginia TrI-State Mt. Dulcimer Society J. R. Thompson 605 South Terrace Huntington, WV 25705 304/525-9228 3rd Thursdays Mountaineer Dulcimer Club Patty Looman 228 Maple Ave. Mannington, WV 26582 304/986-2411 Meets twice a year (April 22, 1995) Almost Heaven HD Society Sally Hawley 425 Ninth Ave. St. Albans, WV 25177 304/727-9833 Call for meeting dates.

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Dl:1h~I~~K Il~GT0it~

The Right Mountain or Hammered Dulcimer for you

• We're open year 'round •All major credi t cards accepted ·The Appalachian Dulcimer is the easiest of all stringed instruments to play ·10 Dulcimer styles to choose from ·Lifetime guarantee on our instruments .All instruments hand built in historic Fredericksburg •Full line of tapes and music accessories

The Dulcimer Factor)" Inc •

Visit the Hill Country's largest acoustic instrument store at 155 E. Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624





Dealer Inquiries Welcome Send $1.00 for our full line catalog



715 S. Washing.on S •• FTedericksburg, TX 78624

John & Shirley Naylor 210-997-6704 Fax 210-997-8752

Shake The Mid-January Blues with


FRI DAY - Arrival & Check In

4:00 . 7:30 PM

Class' )

8:00 - 9:30 PM

Jam af the I-hmpton

9:30 -


C lass 12 C lass 13

INT BEG INT BEG _ tnvid _Abn --.Jim _Alice


9:00 - 10:30 Al"1 10:30 - 12:00 PM 12:00 - 1:30 PM 1:30 - 3:00 PM _ David _Nancy ...Jim _Alice 3:00 - 4:30 PM _ Alan _David _ Jim -Alice 4:30 . 7:00 PM 7:00 - 8:30 PM _ David _ Alan _ Jim _ Alice 9:00 - 10:00 PM InslructOf5


Cla.'Il '4 Class IS Supper C lass 16 Concen

SUNDAY Clus,7 Clan 18 Closing Jam

12:30 - 2:00 PM 2:30 - 4:00 PM 4:00 - 5:00 PM

_ David _Alan _Jim _Alice _ David _Alan _Jim _ Ali«

You may choose one class per time period. That's a total of 8 Classes' REGISTRATION FEE IS $50.00 FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND! LODG ING -



HAMPTON INN (2 Double Beds Pef Room) S45 .00 Plus Tax Per Room Pcr Night (Single, Double. Triple o r ~u1) Price Includes Dclux Contine ntal Breakfast !








U "8

In-Town, Down-Home Mountain Dulcimer Club Lisa Perry 1407 Winters Park Dr. Atlanta, GA 30345 404/446-2318 2nd Sundays

Champaign-Urbana DulcImer SocIety Diane Hillard Box 816 Urbana, IL 61801 217/367-1359 3rd Tuesdays

Plunker's UnIon Local 101 Richard Hathaway 137 Dewey Ave. Augusta, GA 30904 706/869-0597 3rd Sundays

warrenville Folk MusIc Dona Benkert PO Box 248 Warrenville, IL 60555 708nI7-8495 2nd & 4th Tuesdays

Blue Ridge Dulcimers and FrIends Margaret McCaulley PO Box 286 Morganton, GA 30560 706/374-2519 Varies as to time & location

Dulcimer SocIety of No. Illinois JoMcBride 835 Linden Avenue Wilmette, IL 60091 708/256-0121 2nd or 3rd Sundays




Suburbhands George Robertson 24181 N. Grandview Drive Barrington, IL 60010 708/381-4176 2nd & 4th Tuesdays

SURe Strings Dulcimer club Noreen Ward 1302 Kilbourn Goshen, IN 46526 219/522-2903 Meets 4th Sunday of each month


Ceo. IN Folk Music & MountaIn

Donna Tufano PO Box 59 Elmwood Park, IL 60635 708/456-6292 Contact for dulcimer activities in NE IL

Dulcimer Society PO Box 1503 Indianapolis, IN 46206 2nd Sundays at 2 p.m.

Joliet DulcImer Club Marty Mudroch 819 Winter Park Dr. New Lenox, IL 60451 815/485-8819 2nd Thursdays



Southern Hollow Dulcimer & Folk Group Jean Ham 25 W. Main St. Newburgh, IN 47630 8121853-3577 Every Tuesday/Library Olde 1Jme Music Shoppe Mountain Dulcimer Club Vance W. Young, Jr. 606 Water Street Union Mills, IN 46382 219n67-2877 2nd Sundays

DulcImer Frfends Barb Ernst 214 Seibert Rd. O'Fallon, IL 62269 618/624-8100 4th Mondays

South SUburban DulcImer & Folk Music SocIety Neal Peck PO Box 455 Park Forest, IL 60466 708n56-3857 Mt. & Ham. Dulc. Last Thursdays Rock River FrIends of Folk Music Tom & Claire Lindem 6280 Vicksburg Rd. Rockford, IL 61107 815/399-7334 2nd Mondays

Dulcimer GatherIng Carolyn Moses 333 Meridian St. W. Lafayette, IN 47906 743-5707 1st Wednesdays

Iowa Cedar Valley Dulcimer SocIety Lyle Olson 713 19th St., SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 319/363-4463 2nd Saturdays




Echo Yalley DulCimer Club Shari Hornback 8242 Villa Drive Des Moines, IA 50320 5151285-7462 2nd Saturdays Deep Creek Folk Music Connection Pat Walke 3627 105th St. Preston, IA 52069 319/689-6691 No Meetings/Monthly Newsletter





Maryland Hanmers & Noters Dul. Soc. Fred Bird 419 Park Road Rockville, MD 20850 3011279-7928

Michigan 45th Parallel Dulcimer Players Alice Rubin 120 E. Dunbar, Alpena, MI 49707 517/354-2656

Prairie DulCimer Club Lilah Gillette 8709 Goddard Overland Park,KS 62214 913/888-0787

Tbe Mixolydians Marie Naster 6171 Willow Creek Canton, MI 48187 313/981-3772 Thursday Meetings

Gr Plains Dul. Alliance Wichita Jana Rambo 1736 Fabrique Wichita, KS 67218 316/686-4215 (eve.) 2nd Saturdays

MI Friends of Traditional Music Gail L. Schwandt 427 N. Line St. Chesaning, MI 48616 517/845-6420 Flint & Chesaning, rotating basis

Kentucky Frankfort Dulcimer Club Ruby Layson 616 Polsgrove St. Frankfort, KY 40601 5021223-5175 Meets Monthly Hills of Kentucky Dulcimers Judy Munninghoff 2430 Stonewell Trails Independence, KY 41051 Independence, Fort Wright, & Edgewood Louisville Dulcimer Society ArIon Scott PO Box 206376 Lousiville, KY 40250 502/451-6953 4th Sundays Yellowbanks Dulcimer Society Gilda & John Shortt 3506 Montross Ct. Owensboro, KY 42303 502/926-9877 1st & 3rd Mon., Sept-May

Lousiana Bayou Dulcimer Club Paul Andry 350 Ridgewood Dr. Mandeville, LA 70448 504/845-3494 Every Tuesday

Glass Notes Dulcimer Club Julie Anne Clark 2475 Miramichi Lake Dr. Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 616n34-5623 3rd Mondays Hartwick Highlanders Bob & Sandy Holder 7093 14 Mile Rd., Evart, MI 49631 616n34-5125 2nd Tuesdays Wooden Shoe Strings Dulc. Club Karen Spelde 15118154th Grand Haven, MI 49417 616/842-2562 2nd Mondays Grand Haven Dulcimer Society Phil Hollar 14715 Mercury Dr. Grand Haven, MI 49417 616/842-2823 3rd Saturdays Original DulcImer Players Club Donna Beckwith 817 Innes, NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616/459-6716 ODPC Fun Festl3rd weekend in July Thornapple Valley DulcImer Society Stanley Pierce 4905 N. Broadway Hastings, MI 49058 616/945-4066 Last Saturdays of the month

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact






Just For Fun Dulcbner Club Jerry Bovee 701 Union St. Ithaca, MI 48847 517/875-4861 2nd Mondays

Central Mississippi Dulc. Assoc. Robert & Ralphine Box PO Box 275 Flora, MS 39071 601/879-8374 2nd Saturdays

Uncle Carl's Dulclmar Club Pat Hesselgrave 6369 West Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI 49201 517n50-3472 2nd Saturdays HD/MD


Jolly Hanuners & Strings Dulc. Club Bill Kuhlman 2769 S. Homer Rd. Midland, MI 48640 517/835-5085 4th Saturdays

Paint Creek Folklore Society Phil Doolittle 344 Sussex Fair Rochester Hills, MI 48309 810/375-2513 1st Saturdays except July & Aug. Saginaw Subterranean Strings John & Sharon Skaryd 11239 Lake Circle Dr., North Saginaw, MI 48609 517n81-0849 3rd Friday Silver Strings Dulclmar Society Sue Tanner 4317 Westover Ct. w. Bloomfield, MI 48323 810/626-3799 1st & 3rd Thursdays Ladles Dulc. & Anti-Terrorist Soc. Remiclud 5150 Eagle Rd. White Lake, MI 48383 810/887-9067 6th Thurs before 4th Mon (or whenever)

Minnesota Woodland Strings Dulcimer Club Len Sharon 410 SE 8th St. Little Falls, MN 56345 6121632-8608 Meets once a month NorUtland Mt. Dulcimers Nancy Kampmeier 1622 8th Ave. SE Rochester, MN 59904 507/289-0850 2nd & 4th Mondays


Show-Me Dulcimer Club Terry Smith Rt. 3, Box 366-B Mexico, MO 65265 314/581-5978 The Very Ham. Dulcimer Society Renee Poirier 6320 Sprig Oak Court St. Louis, MO 63128 314/849-8184 3rd Sundays


Wifdwood DuJclmer Club Margot Fetrow 5119 California St. Omaha, NE 68132 402/558-5424 3rd Sundays

New Jersey Greater Plnelamts Dulcimer Soc. Art Cucinotta 6 Big Chief Trail Medford, NJ 08055 609/654-9323 1st Tues. HD and MD

Sea Shore People Becky Newman 2106 Park Drive Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 908/295-2572 Every other Wednesday, Sept-May

New York Hudson RIver Hammered Dul. Circle Steve Schneider P.O. Box 34 Congers, NY 10920 914/268-8809 1st Sundays 1 P.M. Flower City Dulcimer Club Adriana Nowacki 8 Riesling Court


C. T O R

Fairport, NY 14450 716/425-7233 4th Tuesdays Southern Tier Dulcimer Players Bernd J. Krause 596 Fredericks Rd. Johnson City, NY 13790 607n48-2941 1st & 3rd Tuesdays Dulcimer Assooiatlon of Albany Lori Keddell 119 Co. Hwy 107 Johnstown, NY 12095 518n62-7516 2nd Tuesdays in Albany

Not So Dulcimer Society Sue Hess 7099 Frisco Dr. Barnhart, MO 63012 314/942-4748 4th Sun. Beg. welcome



The Mulberry MusIc Makers E. Dennehy Box 22, Hickory Grove Matamoras, PA 18336 717/491-5852 Meets each Mon. in Middletown, NY Niagara Frontier Dulcimer Club David White 3050 Maple Rd. Newfane, NY 14108 716n51-9754 4th Tuesdays

NYC Mtn. Dulcimer Club Valerie Battey 339 Walton St. W. Hempstead,NY 11552 516/489-1189 Meet in Manhattan and/or Queens Buffalo Mt. Dulcimer Club Linda M. Hall 219 Crestwood Lane Williamsville, NY 14221 716/698-6370 Sunday afternoons

North Carolina


Raleigh Hammered Dulcimer Club Dan Gilvary 605 Riverview Dr. Raleigh, NC 27610 9191231-9723 1st Tuesdays

Ohio Dulcimer Preservation Society Mary Ann Holland 8764 SR 309 Algier, OH 45812 419/673-0965 Every other Sun. afternoon Flrelands Dulcimer Society Linda Phillips 28 E. Main St. Elyria, OH 44035 419/588-2497 2nd Wednesday Cincinnati DulCimer Society Marilynn Kraft 1279 Alwil Drive Cincinnati, OH 45215 2nd Sundays North Shore Dulcimer Players Sarah Richards 3822 Parkdale Rd. Cleveland Hts., OH 44121 2161291-1553 2nd Tues./Euclid Public Library Mt. Dulcimer Society of Dayton Vera Fisher 408 Schuyler, Dayton, OH 45429 5131293-2287 1st Saturdays Central OhIo Hammered DulcImer Society Lisa Koenig 3309 Chetwood Pike Columbus, OH 43229 614n93-9185 1st Tuesdays

Southern Highlands Dulcimer Club John A Peterson 278 Poplar Summit Boone, NC 28607 704/262-1329 1st Thursdays

The Banks of Ute Ohio Dulcimer Club Linda Sigismondi 474 Kathy Street Gallipolis, OH 45631 614/446-9244

Western NC Dulcimer Collective Steve Smith 607 East Blue Ridge Rd. E. Flat Rock, NC 28726 704/697-6388 2nd Sundays, 2:30 p.m.

Standill1l Stone StrIngs & things Michael Oliver 152 East Fair Ave. Lancaster, OH 43130 614/653-0917 4th Mondays

Crystal StrIngs Dulcimer Club Donell Meadows 2103 Shady Lane Morehead City, NC 28557 919n26-7699

Cincinnati lIammind Dulcimer Club Michelle Wolf 6352 Hickorybark Dr. Loveland, OH 45140 513/575-0058 3rd Wednesdays

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Winter 1995 • 17

Fretted Dulcimer ble with melodies in the key of D. by Lorraine Lee Hammond Capoed at the fourth fret they are now Do and So of an A scale and sound compatible with melodies played in the key of A. n my last column we took a break Now play the scale from 0 to 7 above from using the capo and explored the capo (true fret numbers 4 to 11). If the "bagpipe" tuning, with all you hav~ an extra fret do not p lay it. T he strings tuned to D. It is a ve ry scale you hear is a mino r scale called the effective tuning for music that emphadorian mode. Because it is sounded sizes a drone. from a to a' it is the A dorian minor Now let's resume capoing. To review scale. You can play the dorian pattern the basics of using a capo please refer to from d to d' on the piano using only the my spring 1993 column. Capos shorte n white keys -the D dorian minor scale. the strings and therefore raise the string The dorian mode is some times called pitches. Tune your dulcimer to d - a - d' the re mode. (d') and place the capo at the fourth Ma ny songs and ballads fro m British fret. Your capoed strings sound higher tradition are sung in the do rian mode. than they did before capoing. The The late Richard Farina made supe rb capoed pitches are: a - e' - a' (a'). The use of its haunting beauty in his song uncapoed strings were tuned to Do and ''Another Country." Sol of the D scale and sounded compatiFor this column I have chosen an

English country dance tune, "Barrick Hill. " About the tab: In the tab a dash indicates that a note should be held for an additional beat. The frets are numbered from the capo. The number 4 indicates the note four fre ts above the capo (true fre t #8). If your dulcimer has an "extra" fret you can capo at the first fret to play "Barrick Hill" in the key of Em do rian. It is necessary to substitute yo ur extra fret (now 5 + because of the capo at the first fret) for 5 to maintain the dorian pattern of whole and half steps. T he tune is in 6/8 time, a genteel jig! I play it quite slowly, and, I hope, ra ther elegantly, the the tradition of English country dance tunes. If you are an expe-

rienced player you may wish to speed it up with hammers and pulls. ~

Barrack Hill Traditional English Country Dance Tune

Lorraine Lee Hammond Tab Arr. ©1994

Capo 4th Fret








0 0 11" 4 - 0 0







0 0 4

0 0 3 1



I 0 3 I 4

4 3 6 -



r 1 1 1 1 3 -1 3


1 1 0 1

1 2

0 0 4

I 3









0 0 3 4 5 6

I 0 I 7


0 0 0 0








I 0 I 0 0 I 0 1 I 4 - 3 1 - 3 \ 4 - 0 0-1 1






II_ 0



0-- 0 - 3 0

I 3 I 0



- -III- 0 -III- 4



r 1

1 0 1 I 0 4 1 3 - 1 3 -6 1 4

I 1

y 0 0 34 5 6


I 0 I 7

0 0 8 6



I 1 4 1 3

1 6

0 0 8 6



y 0- - 0 - ·11 4 1 3 -3 .-II I 0 -0

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Hammered Dulcimer by Linda Lowe Thompson

Choosing Chords for a Tune have befo re me a little tune - no name, no chords "Tune." The little book in which I found it says it's an Irish tun e. Dunno. AliI really know is that the music says it has 3 beats to to a measure, a quarter note gets one beat, it has 16 measures (there's a part of a measure at the beginning that's completed by the final measure, beatwise), and it has all the F's sharped unless otherwise indicated. That's that pound-sign looking thing between the treble clef (fancy S-Iooking thing) and the time signature (3/4).

Tune 6





2' l'



~ rr It F '0 I f' U I I 'I ~; ~ . n 11 . ~ I, I•



r ,'










1 " r 6'


) ' I" T


tr r I n I






1 ' 1'



" 1






[ play through the tune a few times and decide I want to put it on the performance repertoire list. So, before I go any farther, [ start figuring out what chords I'm going to want with it because th at's what will decide what harmonies/embellishments [ use. Usually, I try out chords if they're suggested with the tunes. Then, [ keep them if I like them or change them, if I don 't like them. With this, the re are no chord suggestions. Since I'll be playing this solo, [ start determining what chords [ want and write them in pencil on the piece of music. The reason the next determination was whether or not it will be solo: chords have to be a group decision if a group is involved and/or you've not been elected chord decider for the whole group. The reason [ write them in pencil: experience tells me [ often change my mind, at some point. Experience and some long-ago harmony classes tells me that that one-sharp key signature will probably be presenting me with one of five possibilities:


G Major. Most often-used chords in it are G, C, 0, and Em. ll. E Minor (natural). Most often-used chords: Em, Am, Bm. III. E Minor (harmonic). Most often-used chords: Em, Am, B. IV. A Dorian. Most often-used chords: Am, G. V. 0 Mixolydian. Most often-used chords: 0, C.

I could just pick one and take it from there. To me, this tune looks like an E minor one. It starts on E and ends on E. The 0# would suggest the harmonic version of the E minor scale. But, [ like to stay open to all possibilities, so here's how I choose chords when I'm entirely on my own: The notes I'm dealing with: GAB C 0 E F# GAB C 0 E F# G . [n dulcimer music, when you hear people talking about choqls, they usually mean triads. These are formed by using three notes that are two apart from one another. I don't think I said that very well. Let me demonstrate. Start with G. Look at that line of notes with which I'm dealing - specifically, at the G in the middle. The G could be in a triad consisting of G, B, & D. Or one using E, G, and B. Or one made up of C, E, & G. Now, look at A: the triad of possibilities arc A, C, E or F#, A, CorD, F#, A. Do you see the pattern? Here are the chord possibilities for the notes I'm considering: G: GB 0; Am:ACE; Bm: BD F#; C: CEG; D : 0 F# A; Em: E G B; F#dim: F# A C. And, the first stretch I would make if going on into other possibilities would be B: B D#F#. I decide which chord I want by trying out different triad possibilities with the first notes of each measure. Then, I make preliminary chord decisions and write them down. "Try Out Chord Possibilities" shows just how I do this. I play the first measure using a G chord, then using an E minor chord, then using a C chord. Then, [ make a decision, write it down in pencil, and go on to the next measure where I, again, try out G, Em, and C. Etc. When I've made decisions for the entire tune, [ play it through with the arpeggios I've chosen, to see if I still agree with myself. Only then do I start thinking seriously about an arrangement that will utilize a va riety of embellishment. "Trying Out Chord Possibilities" shows three possibilities for each measure. The measures arc numbered, as they are in the "Tune" section . "1" shows three measures of possibilities for measure 1; "2", three measures of possibilities for measure 2, etc. I show these triad experiments in the form of an arpeggio (broken chord) because it's the easiest way for me to hear what the chord will sound like. The arpeggio is played from bOllom to top and the first two notes are played like grace notes, with the last note being played on the beat. It has been my experience that students can start using chords in this way with no specific music theory knowledge about chords. And, they seem to learn the theory much better after they've done this a while - if they ever feel a need to know the whys involved. Why is there no other word for thesaurus? Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? Why isn't the word phonetic spelled the way it sounds? I may not have all the answers to all the questions in your life, but feel free to write me with either questions or answers. Linda Thompson 1114 Vine Street, Denton TX 76201. I now have fax #: 817/565-1862. m!

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Winter 1995 • 19

Scales with 1-Sharp Key Signatures






Trying Out Chord Possibilities

~ ~. I lP; 1

! ~



t,) ~ I

it)J Ii,: J)J IiF: J)J I( ,: J~ Ii,: J~ I

~ ~ J B~



llJ ~ ~

-il ~f -iliW



~ -l -j B~ -l -j ~ -l -j

ir=~~1 iF:~~I~r=~~11



~ ~ • 2 1~) J IET~:J J I (~:J JIfO F#T~) ~ Ii~:J ~ Ilj=J ~II ! •






Jf) ~ I/r J If~) ~II -j


-j 12




~~) DIiF) nI trJ nil

~~~~~~~~~ D



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20 â&#x20AC;˘ Dulcimer Players News


Ie a By Alice Lukells When Edward Damm graduated from college in 1974 with a degree in public health education, he planned to enter the Peace Corps. Then he encountered a small book by Franz Farga called Violin Makers and Violinisrs. "That was the end of everything," he says. He never e ntered the Peace Corps, nor, for that malter, the field of health education. He read books on violin making until they all started to sound the same, and then he bought himself some wood and began to make a violin. Halfway through the neck of that first (and last) violin, he encountered mountain dulcimers at a folk gathering in Mountain View, Arkansas. Before long, he was hard at work building mountain dulcimers. Two years later, he built his first hammered dulcimer., Ten years and 900 dulcimers later, Damm is still going strong. He owns a thriving shop in Bar Harbor, Song of the Sea, where thousands come every year to buy instruments and instrumental paraphernalia. Anne Damm, like Edward, has a degree in health education, and like him, she gave it all up to become a luthier, a merchant, and a music-maker. However, it wasn't Franz Farga who changed her direction in life. It was Edward Damm himself. She met him at a Re naissance Fair in Detroit, Michigan. He was dressed as a troubadour, selling instruments. Not long afterward they married, began to build instruments together, moved to Bar Harbor, and started Song of the Sea. The store offers instruments of every shape and size: mountain dulcimers, hammer dulcimers, psalteries, mountain psalteries, folk guitars, electric guitars, harps, kinder harps, recorders, tin whistles, panpipes, ocarinas, finger cymbals, castanets, concertinas, violins, bagpipes, harmonicas, mandolins, didjeridoos, drums of all shapes and sizes. Want a demonstration? Just ask. Edward and Anne have mastered almost every instrument in the store; she plays everything but the guitar, ukulele, and banjo, and he everything but the banjo. They play on request and often just for fun. At any given time the sound of live harp or dulcimer music filters through the shop, mixing with the sound of customers beating on drums or playing with rain sticks.

Handmade dulcimers, sleek and polished, line the shelves and walls. Most sport hand-carved sound holes shaped like hearts or maple leaves. Some have other designs carved into the wood: loons, sailboats, mountains. "I like to think of myself as a shoe salesman for musical instruments," says Damm. "I aim to get the right fit for a person. I tell them the history of the instrument, the scales, how the instrument works, how difficult it is to play. " With Damm's help, even non-musical folk become musicians. The Aboriginal didjeridoo requires only a healthy set of lungs to produce a deep mellow tone like a foghorn, and anybody can playa mouth bow. Then, of course, there are the drums: doumbeks and conga drums, kalimbas and talking drums, tunable bodhrans and tone drums, limber toys and bongos. In the past three years, Damm says he has noticed a marked increase in drum sales. "People are starting to feel more emboldened to pick up a drum and give it a good thwap," he says. The Damm's love of music rubs off not only on their customers, but on their three children and even their cat Buddy. Six year-old Jessie plays the violin. Six year-old Eddie plays the drums. Baby Susie claps her hands to music and pulls strings on the harp. Buddy favors the concertina. Additionally, the Damms have been sponsoring the Downeast Dulcimer and Folk Harp fes tival in Bar Harbor every year since 1980. "We really wanted to live in a place that's beautiful," says Anne Damm. "We wanted to make music and have children, so it's worked pretty well for us. We hope we can pass some of our love of music to our kids. We play harp and sing to the kids at night before they go to bed". Enchanted life, enchanted family, enchanted store. And it all began with a book, Violin Makers and Violinists. "If you see that book, beware," warns Edward Damm. Since his own chance encounter with Farga, it's safe to say his life hasn't been the same. ~ Anne and Edward Damm Song of the Sea 47 West Street Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 Reprinted with permission of the Ellsworth American

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Boone )9Sf

((It}s the Harvard of mountain dulcimer lVorkshops» ... }94 student

18th Annual

Appalachian State University DUlcimer Playing Worl(shop Boone, North Carolina

June 25 thru June 30, 1995

TEACHERS & PERFORMERS Neil Gaston. Janita Baker· Rob Brereton· Betty Smith· Scott Odena • Ralph Lee Smith Sue Carpenter· Mike Anderson· Madeline MacNeil· Wayne Seymour· Lois Hornbostel Bill Taylor. Carolyn White. Flora MacDonald Gammon. Kenneth Bloom· Robert Mize Frank Proffitt, Jr.• Jane Comfort Brown and more ...

1995 Workshop Highlights • Expanded 16-Hour Comprehensive Mountain Dulcimer and theory, du lcimer heritage, music styles (this yea r will in cl ude Playing Courses, that seq uentially build yo ur playing skills and Scottish music o n the dulcime r), and many other exciti ng mounrepertoire with a master teache r. Advanced level teachers: Rob tain dulcimer-related topics. Brereton and a new addition. dulcimer champion Neil Gaston • Wednesday Afternoon " Enrichment and Rest". Students will from Oklahoma. Intermediate level teachers: Sue Carpenter and have the option of taking our field trip, goi ng o n an organized Wayne Sey mo ur. Novice level teachers: Madeline MacNeil , mountain nature wa lk, to use university exercise facil ities, o r to Scott Odena, Bill Taylor. Beginner players will fi nd a th orough have time "off" from the Wo rkshop for refreshing sleep, sightand supportive introd uctio n to the mountain dulcimer with see ing, shoppin' o r jammin'. Carolyn White. • Get-Acquainted Dinner/ Square Dance with live ba nd and • Expanded 16-Hour Specialized ca ller. Mountain Dulcimer Courses: • Two Evening Concerts, featuring o ur r.'lcu lty-w ho rank For Intermediate and Advanced playe rs, Jal1ita Baker will offer a among the best mou ntain dulcimer playe rs and stylists in th e '95 edition of her " Fou r Equidistant String Fingc rpicking" world. course with some new material. Novice levd and up players can experience a multi·fuceted • Open Stage, featuring our Workshop students, who always immersion in Betty Smith (traditional playing and music), Ralph delig ht and amaze. Lee Smith (dulcimer history), Robert Mize (demonstrating how • Dulcimer Marketplace, featuring dulcimers and related items a dulcimer is built ), and Frank Proffitt, Jr. (North Caro lina for sale. mountain music). • Afternoon 1- and 2 -Hour Electives: about 60 to choose from, • Inexpensive S 120 tuition for all of this, and economical ho using covering subjects in various playing skills, gene ral music knowledge avai lable in Appalachian's beautiful, mode rn college do rms. Fo r broc hure and application contact O ffice of Confere nces and Institutes, U niversity Hall, Appa lachian State U niversity, Boone, NC 28608 (phone 704/262 -3045). Brochu res arc mailed in April, and prompt registration is ad vised because the Workshop fills up quickly. For other inform atio n and correspond ence contact Lois Horn bostel, Piney Grove Apt. F. , C herokee, NC 28719.

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Early in the summer of 1980 I found a small, home-made dulcimer hanging on the living room wall of my fellow performer, Pat Rimke. I was immediately drawn to the instrument. Pat was building dulcimers in his basement, and I asked if I could borrow the one on the wall. With two years of classical guitar lessons behind me my hands were strong, so I played melodies both across the strings as well as up and down from the start. The dulcimer has helped shape my life ever since.

The next year I was again visited by serendipity. For years I had loved the flute. When I moved into a new house that October, I lea rn ed that my roommate owned a flute he wasn't using, and once more an instrument landed, unplanned, in my hands. I have happily spent the past fourteen years learning to communicate with these two instruments. Many people helped along the way. Leo Kretzncr's encouragement and generosity helped me further develop both playing and teaching skills. Hcaring Lorraine Lee perform convinced me to playa Sunhearth du lcimer. Grey Larsen was also an early inspiration for switching from silve r to wooden flute. Captivated by the music I was learning, I decided in 1983 to leave my job as a social wo rke r and move to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to pursue a graduate degree in folklore. I had to find out more abo ut the music I was playing and the communities from which it came. In 1986 I received an apprenticeship gra nt from the National Endowment for the Arts to learn Irish flute style from Jack Coen, a resident of the Bronx. Mr. Coen's stories of the legendary musicians, house dances, and mummers' sprees of his native county Galway led me to Ireland to search further for the flute tradition there. Now I was able to combine musical and academic inte rests by conducting fieldwork in the rural west of Ireland. In the East Galway region I encountered a distinct milsical style and a musical community far richer and deeper than I had imagined. Pieces of that community live now only in the minds of older people, but I was able to learn from

dozens of musicians who were still active. During this time I was still thinking intensely about the dulcimer and struggling to translate more gracefully the music I was learning. Influenced by an Irish Week class with Mick Moloney at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia (I was

the lone dulcimer player in the class), I began adapting techniques from other fretted instruments as well as flute and fiddle to the dulcimer. Adding a lower bass string (tuned to an "p(' below the normal "D") enabled me to play all of the notes in the dance tunes and harp pieces I was hearing, especially in the key of G (capo 3). The resulting sound forms the core of my first recording, The Hourglass, released on the Celtic Trader label. On the recording I try to blend the dulcimer with other instruments typically used in Celtic music while creating a style and sound that reflects this tradition. The recording is the culmination of a long-standing dream, and my chance to give back some of the wonderful music I have learned. I! still feels like an amazing and mysterious journey. I recently left a full-time position as archivist for the Southern Folklife Collection at the University of North Carolina to gain time to perform and tour. I am wo rking hard at the dulcimer again, inspired by an instrument with five equally-spaced strings that Blue Lion has built for me. Although my recording focuses on Irish music I always perform and teach pieces from other areas, especially the American South. And I spend as much time as I can playing music, touring with David DiGiuseppe (accordion, mandolin, vocals), teaching both at home and aro und the country, and generally finding more ways to give what is inside of me while learning from what others offer. This engaged, mutual communication, often coming from very deep places inside of us, is what excites me most about performing, teaching, and living. ~

Notes about tire tunes Here is a piece from 171e Hourglass that uses four equally distant strings (tuned to A-D-A-D) with a capo on the third fret. I! is difficult to notate ornamentation (grace notes, rolls, flicks, etc.) on dulcimer tablature so I have written a basic setting here. Note that the ending to both sections of the tune is usually as I have written the end of the 'W' section here. The end of the "B" section in this version is a variation. Like most Irish hornpipes this piece should be played with a lilt, rather than the even rhythm in which it is notated.

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Winter 1995 â&#x20AC;˘ 23

Paul Halfpenny

Capo 3




5 3 6+4



Arrangement by Mike Casey

3 4 56+ 3








3 4



LUJ I U LilJ U W LilJ LilJ

- - ----

" ~ ,. - \I






' " ' .I




3 4 5



__ r-_

"11 111110 u ,'"' ,.. I{




- -






3 4 5


1 I

- -

__ r-_ r~




5 3 454









__ rr-








5 343

__ r-

r- _




1 1 I I



4 434



r~ I











4 3


-- - ---:-


4 4

...... _ I




3 5



4 3 4


.......... 1 --..

4 3 1 I


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34 5


" I " I I

4 4



1 I








4 6 t;+



4 4



4 3 I







4 3





3 5



4 3



3 45






6+4 3

4 56+ 3 4 5 3

5 3 4 5 4

r- _





- - -- -- - - _- -..


__ .r__ rr-









Inttoducing th(!



~.A.M. ~(!~t (S:ummlltfust of Acoustic Music) in I-iouston, TIlxas

AugU!:t 4- and 5, 1995 Wotkshops ConCl!tts Comp!!titions VllndotS Available on Cassette, $10.98 ppd or CD $16.98 ppd

MIKE CASEY 108 Hanna Street, Carrboro, NC 27510 919-942-3725 '!4 masterful collection of 1001Cly mullyric(I/ Celtic IllIIes . . . crearitl(' (lnd

compellillg. " TI,e Raleigl. Ne ws and Obstrver "TIlc sweefll css if tile sigllitlg accordioll (//1(1 tile Jigh, of the dllidmer are tmllsportil ~(! .. . this a/bUill is jo yfill (//1(/ jricJI(fiy." Th e Dulcimer Player Ne ws "Mike Case yj dulcimer pfayi",'! is crisp, melodic (lIld IIcarrftlt ... " Mafl,u tI Brem,all , Dirty Linen atull1lf Sau Fra"dsco Gale

I-iammllt Dulcimllt, Mountain Dulcimllt, Autohatp, f:olk I-iatp, Mandolin, Guitat, f:iddlll, ~nglish Country Dancing, Clogging, and mOtt!o For a Festival F(ver, please write or call: The Houston A rea Acoustic Music Society (HAAMS) 21626 Gentry Rd. Houston, TX 77040 713-955-6052 Vendor Inquiries Welcome


br' TI l E BAYOU DULCIMER CLUB WHERE: MandullIe. La. (JO mi. north ofN~" Orleans, La..)


Lar kin Bryant, David Sdma ufer, TuU Glazener, Ben Wade, Robin Mohun, Lone Star String Band, Len Handed Dulcimer Band, Peggy Carter, BelS)' McGovern and others to be a nnounced. MOUNTAIN AND HAMMERED DULC[ME R WORKSHO PS. CAJUN ctnSlN£ OFFERED!!!!!



pw dulcimer p.o. Box 7393 · Olympia WA 98507 · (206) 357·6523 · FAX (206) 352-0140 Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Winter 1995 â&#x20AC;˘ 2S


I play international acoustic music, mostly traditional, mostly solo, on a va riety of instruments including hammered dulcimer, guitar, violin, and recorder. I also sing in English, Russian, Ukranian, Greek, Macedonian, and Gaelic, with varyi ng degrees of accuracy, but always with a great deal of enjoyment. While growing up I heard a wide range of mus ic including the Clancy Brothers, the 60's folk singers, classical, Broadway, and Tom Leher. An early musical influe nce was an A1askabased group called Banish Misfortune, which played a blend of Celtic, Renaissance and Jazz. I became inte rested in some of the ir influ ences, including Steeleye Span and John Renbourne and traditional materi al. I keep meeting new influ-

ences all the time. When I hear something that I like, no matte r how dissimilar it is from what I'm do ing, I always try to find elements that I can draw into my own music. I was the only member of my family to be born in the State of Alas ka; it was still a territory when my three older siblings were born. I grew up in Anchorage surrounded by mountains, glaciers, ocean, and lots of wilderness. We did plenty of rugged outdoorsy Alaskan things like hiking, camping, sailing, and skiing. But we also had many indoor activities to keep us sane during the long, cold, dark winters: reading, drawing, studying, and making music. I started piano lessons when I was six or seven and took that fo r just a couple of years. When I was nine, I started on cello, then swi tched to violin, and also

took up guitar. I'm still playing the same violin my parents bought for me then. It's a lovely instrument, hand crafted by an Eskimo fellow up in G le nallen named Frank Hobson, now deceased. In the same space of time, I've moved along to my seventh guitar, a Larrivee, which I'm very pleased with. While studying aeronautical engineering at Rensselae r in Troy, NY, I was involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism, which he ightened my inte rest in medieval music and instruments, and introduced me to blues and madrigals. The first time I saw a hammered dulcimer was at a medieval fair in Albany, NY, in 1980 or 81. A friend and I, both engineering students, loved unusual instruments - she went for the dulcimer, but I was so caught up in trying to coax notes from a krummhorn that I bare ly noticed it. I learned to play the dulcimer later, in Seattle. I saw my first real live street musician on the Staten Island Ferry. I had seen one on TV when I was a kid, and had often dreamed of running away to be a modern-d ay troubadour, playing on street corners all over the wo rld. I discovered that playing on street corners in Anchorage didn 't work. Folks enjoyed it, but they didn't seem to understand about tipping. T hree yea rs in Fairbanks, Alaska, studying physics and Russian gave me the opportunity to play in a recorder ensemble and another madrigal group. I went to Russia for the first time with a student group, and got to experience first-hand some of the music and culture I had been studying. One of my fellow students in Fairbanks was E lizabeth (Annie) Scarborough, a long- time folk fanatic with whom I shared an apa rtme nt near campus. Annie was just starting to earn her livi ng writing novels, and was sure that I could make mine in folk music. With all her knowledge of the fie ld, I figured she knew what she was talking about, and the past ten years have proved her right. When I moved to the Seattle area, I linked up with a very good dulcimer player named D ale Blindheim. I started experimenting with the instrument and had almost figured out how to playa couple of tunes on it when Dale got a job offer in New York. H e left one of his old dulcimers with me and informed me that one gig he was going to miss, a wedding, was specifically for the dulcimer. He was sure that if I learned to playa dozen tunes in the intervening month, it would go just fin e. I learned 18, and it went just fine. Continued on next page

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26 • Dulcimer Players News

Profile continued from page 25 In the late 80's, when Seattle was a leading force in citizen diplomacy, speaking Russian and playing music became a very popular combination. I was invited to accompany teams of workers to Tashkent, Uzbekistan for the final stages of building the SeattleTashkent Peace Park in 1988. The dulcime r was a perfect instrum ent for thi s

mission, as it very closely resembles the Uzbek chang, and could be used for both American and Uzbek music. I received quite a bit of media coverage while there. I taped a live show and interview in the vast sound studio of Radio Tas hkent and presented a whirlwind tou r of school performances all over the city. Lately my international wanderings are taking me to Scotland, Ireland, and England. I went to Scotland in spring of 1993 with a fiddle, my two smallest recorders, a backpack, a sleeping bag, and a few phone numbers. I knew one person in Scotland and two people in Ireland. I spent a whole month wandering abo ut from folk club to festival to session, doing impromptu performances, making friends, and making contacts for my first performance tour in the spring of J994. My non-musical interests have mostly been put aside for now. I used to do things like drawing, poetry, calligraphy, short stories, and inkle weaving. Every once in a while, I still let myself get involved in a simple sewing project usually costumes for performances. I do read, and spend time with my cats

(insufficient, according to them). Most summers I manage to get a small garden started and do some lake swimming, while in the winter I turn to Alpine skiing. But usualiy my main activities-performing, traveling, and recording - leave little room for other interests. f2l Tania Opland PO Box 322 Suquamish, WA 98392


BUMPS'N DIDDlES ON THE MOUNTAIN DUL CIM ER : Vide o. Six beginner icssons ... S24 .95 THE TUNING TAPE: Cassette. Learn to tune into five tunin gs easily and train your ear at the same limeS? .95

***** THE CAPO BOOK #1: Using the capo ... S8.95, CAPO: 58.95, SET: 5 16.95




A Gift Ca[alogue of Musical Discovery P.O. Box 4407, Kingston, NY 12401

tel. 800-435·8863 fax. 800·331-4470 Your source for crcalive and musical gifts from around the world , including dulcimers and other folk instruments, music boxes, windchimes and more!

Call to request OUf FREE catalogue and CD sampler "The BeSI or AIIVOlle Can Whistle"


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p.m. iet#4 P.O. Box 259 Melbourne, KY 41059 (606) 781·9334

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION: Unique caro ls. All levcls ... S9.95 PACHELB EL'S CANON IN D Tab for both mountain and hammered dulcimers . .. S4 .95 SHIPPING: 52.00 first item, S .50 each additio nal. COMMON TREASURY PUBLISHING PO Box 906 Winsted . CT 06098-0906

. Cardboard Dulcimers Group and School Discounts Sturdy, inexpensive full-sized dulcimers for schools and beginners. $49. Solid wood fretboard, geared tuners, painted corrugated soundbox. Extra strings, rainbag, playing manual included. Hearing is believing, so we offer a 30day money-back guarnntee. Precut dulcimer kits for novice builders, frets installed, two-hour assembly with no sharp or unusual tools. Age 10 to adult. $39. 20,000 sold since 1979. Books for beginners and their teachers: Meet the Friendly Dulcimer, the basics ~ as 123 50 tunes, ages 8-adult The Mt. Dulcimer, for music teachers

NEW! by Lois Hornbostel: The Classroom Dulcimer W-adult Backyard Music, PO Box 9047 New Haven, CT 03652·0047 or call 203-281-4515 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m .

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Bob Thomason ••••• Unplngged ! Wanna ht'ar a dulcimer instead of a string band? Then "heck out these recordings b)' Bob Thomason. Mountain dulcimer as it was meant to be . Purl' and clean "ith tastduJ use of accompaniment so the dulcimer Is the star.


Music Folk Recordings


announces the release of

'11lt.-re Is A Season" is a solo dulcimertapc including: Momin g has Broken , Jesu , Joy orMan's Desiring . Greenslec"e5 and 8 other ttmes all in DAD . Not an imbuctiOOll1tape but a great intra to the Mixolydian mode . •Also available: 'Wayfaring s~ - (earures tiUe . Haste to Ihe Wedding . Danny Boy and 12 othen; • • 111 Fly Away" - Tl3ditiona1 hymns. Amazing Grace, Swed Hour ofPraYeJ and others. ' Uearthside Christmu · · Traditional hymns and carols, Silver Belh . Silent Night and others. 'Riders in the sly"· tille cut . Tmne:uee Waltz, .uhokin FarC\\.'cU and others. AD tapt'. ar, S 10.Of ppel me:. vln, Dbcovtl" ateqlted I)nkor klqulrk. "'dcomt. Boll TbomarDII POB 570 Ga . JOS4S crtctit card orlkn I.IOO-.,..·JI.' Iufonuttoa 7a.17I-JI"'.




301 Cliff Drive

Branson, Missouri 65616 - (417) 334-53B8

All Instrumental featuring hammered dulcimer. with guitar b a ckup and banjo. S ide One: {iu k!..,l Shppo: rs. I [Oint: ~ ",l'Cl 111)(110::. Cirde Ill! ( j llhfll~;t:n 'Old Ja: Clnrk.TIM: .\ I et,:lill l! I [nll~. S\lldicr'~ Joy. Ode To l!!\', S ide '1'\\"0 : lI. l lSlIlJtui. IIlnt'l:~IT)' BJ<JI1..'.nm. JJu p-E.:lI'cd :'Julc. ('IIUllll')' Dance/ llc l;l.: \' aJ ~ . Ubcnr ScneClI Squ~rc I:klncc.

order selld $ 10.00 pl u s $ 1.50 Shipping To: Music Fol k I nc •. BO I S Big Bend Blvd .. S t. Lou i s. MO 63 11 9

or call 3 14-9G I -2838 Rick is avallabIe for concerts and

n f f.'.....

;n.UW", ope

Douque t I Sue carpenter Presents


The Spirited


)nstrumenta) Mountain Dulcimer Musie . . . )neludes: Living in the Country· Under the Boardwalk· Ashokan Farewell· Dixie· Southwind • When You Wish Upon a Star· Ruby Throat· Joplin's Helitotrope Bouquet

SpIrItuals For The DulcImer

• notch. The sound is full , resonant, larger than life..... Carrie CromrAon Dulcimer Players News

•...her sure-fingered playing ... lJrings oul the expressive vocabulary 01 (her) dulcimer.. .. Her unique style and sense 01 humor really shine .... • Metmland

Patterns ana 'Ya.tctlw.OTK - Easy, step-by-step lessons in lingerpicking •...the most complete instrudional manual on right hand lechnlque... a standard lutor lor (mounlain) rulcimer players...a boon lor us teachers." Carrie O'omrAon Dulcimer players News Book $20 + $2.75 S&H

aOl_••IillB:D Mountain Dulcimer Straps • Adjus1able • Frts all laps & dulcimers • • Quick release buckle· • black, red, rainbow, green, blue, purple· • $12.00 (Ppd.) •

Make check payable to: Sue Carpenter P.O. Box 570-0 Nassau, NY 12123


NY residenta add sales lax on tolal including shipping Canada and overseas add $3

EXPERI ENCE A SEQUENT I AL APPROACH TO PLAY ING SPIRTIUALS A book and compa n ion cassette of 28 spi r ituals arranq~d i n DAA, DAD. a nd CAC tuni nqs. Instruct i ons for the beqinninq pla yer i nc luded. Son vs i n cl ude: Let He Fly; Steal Away; Deep Rf ver; Jacob's Ladder; Ho t her less Child; S wi n g Low, p lus more fa vorites

To order : Send che ck $8 fo r $10 f or cas set t e , or $16 for (al l ppd ) payable t o Lorinda P .O. Box 123, Riney ville . KY

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book . both Jones . 40162




•••••••••••••• April 28, 29 and 30, 1995*

Moraine Valley Community College••• Palos Hills, Illinois

$30 for 3 days! $5 Early Bird Discount Before March I! The Schedule ... subject to change due to circumstances beyond Festival control Friday: 6 Master Classes: 2-5:30 pm (Extra Fee/Size LimitedlPre-Registration Only) Randy Marchaney--Hammer Dulcimer Liz Cifani--Harp Maddie MacNeil-- Voice & Dulcimers Sweetwater--Ensemble Playing Larkin Kelly Bryant--Mountain Dulcimer Karen Mueller--Autoharp Bamdance and Jamming Saturday: 60 Workshops (12 per hour) •••Hourly Demo Stage•.• 40 Vendors •.. Food MAIN STAGE CONCERT: 7:00 pm featuring Sweetwater... Neal Hellman. ..Small Potatoes... No Strings Attached Jamming Sunday: 36 Workshops••• Hourly Demo Stage..• 40 Vendors.•• Food GOSPEL SING: 8:00 am MAIN STAGE CONCERT: 2:30 pm featuring Karen Mueller...Maddie MacNeil...Bill Robinson & Friends... The Ploughboys Jamming The Workshops ... Various Levels... Various Styles Autoharp ... Banjo ... Bodhran ... Clogging, Contra & Step Dancing... Ensemble Playing Fiddle... Folk Harp ... Guitar ... Hammer Dulcimer... Harmonica ... Mountain Dulcimer Recorder... Spoons... Storytelling Tin Whistle ... VocaL ..

The Performers Mike AndersonlJanita BakerlDan & Dona BenkertlLarkin Kelly Bryant Rosamond CampbelllLiz Carroll/Jane ChevalierlLiz CifanilCooper & Nelson Jim Craig/Steve Endsley/Ron EwingIDoug FeltITull GlazenerlHazardous Waste String Band Neal HellmanlKim HotTman/Jim HudsonlDavid Jamestrhe Jones Family/Esther Kreek/Wally Koch Paul Kolodney/Maddie MacNeillKaren MuellerlBill NelsonlNo Strings AttachedlNeal Peck The PloughboyslBill Robinson & Friends/Jerry RockwelllMaureen Sellers/Cindy Shelhart Small PotatoeslDon Stiernberg/Sweetwater/Julie StevenslDiane TatelRick ThumlDonna Tufano

Call 708-251-6618 Today *This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer


Dallas Cline on a trip to Scotland for

Book and tape by

Appalachian & Hammered , Dulcimer players and lovers of i Traditional Music

Madeline MacNeil Mel Bay Publications A comprehensive learning experience for beginning to intermediate fretted dulcimer players. Book· 95 pages Cassette . ca . 90 minutes Book or tape separately Book and tape set for the set Shipping book or tape alone

$10.00 $18.00 $1.75 $1.50

Virginia residents please Include 4.5% sales lax

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Roots & Branches Music Post Office Box 2 164 Winchester, Virginia 22604

, Edinburgh, castles, bagpipes, museums, stories, Loch Lomond Cruise, ceilidhs, a special traditional music festival!

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO FAHEY ASSOCIATES, INC. and mail to 199 Main St. Torrington. CT 06790 with this application. Phon. (2031 489-4185 or (600) 489-4189, Fax (203) 482·1231

NAME (AS ON PASSPOR1]: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ADDRESS: _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ PHONE: HOME: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ BUSINESS: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ $500 DEPOStT PER PERSON ENCLOSED:

Bear Meadow Appalachian Dulcimers By Dwain WLider

Fourteen Appalachian Melodies Arranged for Delcimore • Fine hand craftsmanship, sweet voice, smooth action, superb projection • Premier instnunents (or Performers, Art· ists, and ardent Students • Custom design and tOnl!wood voicing 10 complement your voice, musical style, and

, . . includes Blackberry Blossom, Wild Rose o/ the Mountain, 101m Henry. Libercy. Riekelt's Hornpipe and more.


Each tune is presented in clear tablature and music notation with

the accompanying chords. The companion tape plays through each tune slowly then up to speed so you can play along.

Book ..... $14 Instructional Tape ....$6 Please include $2.00 for postage and handling of firs t item, and $.50 for each additional item.

Dwain,. Ilue)"OW' dvldmer wht!reYf:f I go. 11'1 flpldly beoomIngl flvorite with ill who MU IL

I pla.y Dwain'sdWcimenUl f~ding..

perfurming.. and fet'

the ahecr pleuweof iL

- 1· .. RiJdrK

- l..Drr.w lM 1~

Far II /wodnIr£, nI.5tmn dtsif", arvl orlkmg mfanMJion, IVriU or all 8ea:Madow 3 Arlington Street Rochester, New York 14607 (716) 442-0127

Also Aoeilllbl£ from

qjelcinw~ , -:,,~~sic Square 5., Suite 135 Nashville, TN 37203

t.I...- LN

1kIaICII1 ~


M"*I!.."..n ..... (l..ooQnP>n)

North Carolina. !lull Sloop

c,p., I\IIIr._yo




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IUinoU IIoIbuo I! .... O'F.alk:on

28 â&#x20AC;˘ Dulcimer Players News

What originally made you want to be a muS/clan? Now, that goes back quite a few years. For about as long as I can remember, I've been a stutterer. This might come as a surprise to many people who have heard me in concert, as I've learned a skill to control the disability that sometimes makes it undetectable. As a little boy, the only time I could communicate wit hout the exhaustion and embarrassment of the stuttering was when I sang, and this was a pretty good incentive to learn a lot of music. There are some theories out there tha t try to explain why stutterers can sing without any problem, but nothing really conclusive has come along. I spent a large chunk of my early years learning lots of instrume nts and singing lots of songs, and in some ways, music was a more natural fo rm of communication for me than speaking. Your dulcimer playing Incorporates some unusual styles. What

mus/cal Influences have lead you Into this ''new territory?" Whe n I was a young boy, there were all kinds of music around me. There we re old-timers who played the old Irish tunes fo r local dances and othe rs that played minstrel tu nes and Vaudeville songs. My grandfather, Charlie McClure, was a fiddler and a Vaudeville perfor mer. There was hym n singing at the local church. My oldest brother had a 60's rock and roll band that practiced every Tuesday until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m .. And finally, there was the musical trai ni ng I received in school and college. I studied oboe at the Eastman School of Music in junior high and tenor saxophone at their summer jazz program. Certainly one of the biggest influences has been my studies with ethnomusicologist, Jim Kimball at the State U nive rsity at Geneseo, New York. H e not only opened up a whole new world of music to me, but also reintroduced me to my own roots in traditional Irish-American music.

As a trained, professional musician, do you have a different approach to the Instrument? I came to the du lcimer after having studied many other musics, most notably jazz! Jazz is a musical language of great passion, emotion and expression, and its rhythmic drive and harmo nic possibilities have always pulled and tugged on me. For many of the same reason, I really enjoyed studying classical European music. I especially like the music of Debussy, as he used many of the same harmonies that jazz musicians use. Beyond this sort of thing, one of the best things about my formal training is that I learned to practice and push myself on technique. Though I don't spe nd the same 5-6 hours a day practicing that I did as a young Eastman student, I still practice fo r long sessions and work on "hammer busting" exercises with the four hamme r technique. Learn ing that kind of discipline as a young musician has made th ings like the fo ur hammer tech nique possible.

You're perhaps best known for pioneering the four hammer technique on the dulcimer (see IIPN, January-March 1992, Vol. 18, No.1). Are there some other new techniques or styles you're working on with the instrument? The 1990's hammer dulcimer is a new chapter of music his40ry waiting to happen! In terms of the musical possibilities of rhythm, harmony, expression, and innovation, I think the dulcime r is still in its infa ncy. I'm really excited about pushing the limits of this instrument as far as I can, and I've been exploring Caribbean, Latin American, and African musical styles both as a soloist and in some new non-traditional ensembles. I'm also writing a grant-funded Mass based on the writings of SI. Francis of Assisi that includes a fo ur-part choir, percussionists, bass and hammer dulcimer. The most exciting thing happening now is the ongoing development of a new hammer dulcimer design that will allow a player to play all chromatics in any range. I'm working with dulcimer craftsman James Jones of Bedford, Virginia, and hope to have the bugs worked out within a yea r or so. What's next for you and McClure Productions? We ll, let me begin with the company. We are now producing records for other musicians including some singer-songwriters and some traditional Italian musicians. We recently re leased a wonderful collection of sing-alongs called Good Continued on page 30

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Winter 1995 • 29

Stars For Liesbeth

Left Hand =Stems Up Right Hand = Stems Down

Arranged for four-hammer dulcimer

Glenn McClure


" '" 1.1


" "'"


n n




- - - -- - - -j); - - -- - - c..- r:-- r:-- CJ

"n Tl

- r-


~ ~


'"n "




~ L.'• •

• • • 110 lL T




-,~ ~

'" LL ..






.. I., • •

••• u



.' TI


~ '" ,. '-' '" ~





-z,•• LL .1

-- • • .II .~


11 T


- -





- -- -• .-









CJ ~ ,. -















~-~-~ r.J"'"




-... •

• ...




























J ~ -• -

.. ........






















- -•


r: J . -








. r-

- - - - -- ~ C-- ~

















- r-












·· ~










... '






~ ~

J ~












· - · r-

- - --

r- r-


I I11III'"




I ..,














L }-









-.;jI ~ ~




I -I.




• • .II LL


.. --,.•... •- - - •




L.'• • -

~ ...

. ....

... . , .. - • ----- -- - -', •




- l--- l---



r- ,




Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact











1_· f"'"



30 • Dulcimer Players News

Jane Chevalier

Profile continued from page 28

lnstrwnentals Featuring Hanunered Dulcimer Jane Chevalier combines a variety of playing styles - from si ngle note reels to waltzes with arpeggio embellishments. Each song refl ects Jane's own arrangements and style.

News by song leader Bill Henderson. We are also working full-steam on a Christmas recording (fall 1994.) This recording features familiar melodies set to new styles, like a calypso version of "Little Drummer Boy," a salsa version of "Joy to the World," and lots of jazz arrangements of tunes like "Silent Night" and "Greensleeves." The recording features the beautiful cello and steel drum playing of my dear friends and fellow performers, Karen and Ted Canning.

Alter placing second In the 1993 Hanmer Dulcimer Chanpionship at Winfield, Kansas last year, are you planning on competing again? I'll be staying close to home this winter because I'm proud to announce that there will be a little McClure arriving around that time. This will be the first baby for Paula and me, and I must admit that it's hard to concentrate on the music when we think of this little one coming! [Ed.'s Note: Matthew Francis McClure was born on September 15, 1994.J I'll go back to Winfield another year; maybe with some lullabies and a new little dulcimer player in tow! E! For information abou t recordings and bookings, contact: McClure Productions P.O. Box 293, Geneseo, NY 14454

Old But Timely A collection of traditional folk music from Westphalia Waltz and Red Wing to Jane's

unique waltz·tempo arrangement of St. Anne 's Reel. AlHlilable on cosselte - $10,00, plus $2.00 s/ h.

Dulcimer Noel ~-----:i All your holiday favorites, accompanied by guitar, cello, violin, autoharp and more. Includes: 0 Come All Ye FaitMu/, a beautiful rendition of Away III A Manger, Carol or The Bells, Deck The Halls and many more! Available on cassette - SIO.00, or CD - $ IS.DO, plus $2.00 s/ h per item.

Workshops and lessons available. Wholesale accounts welcome. To order, please send check or money order to:



., • Precise Construction

MCSpadden: the Most • •


• •

PJayable Mountain Dulcimer

Pleasing Design

9vfCSpaaaen 9vfusica{ Instruments ' ~O .

Box 1230 IDept. DPNI

Mountain View, AR 72560

Highway 9 North

Senrf $1.50 Jor our JuCC coCor cataCog.

150 11269-4313

.~.~---------------------------------------------------------------------~~ • .+ Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Supplies for Dulcimer Makers From Folkcraft Folkcraft is your SOUTce for instrument making supplies. All wood is carefull y dried and seasoned, Tops, backs, sides, and fingerboards are sanded to exact tolerances and matched . You' ll also find quality accessories and strings, and quick delivery. Items w ithin the same ca tegory may be co mbined for quantity discounts. Example: 4 walnu t backs 2 cherry backs, use the 6-11 price for each. O rders for 50 o r m O,re pieces in the same category receive a 10% addi tional discount fro m the 12 and up pnce. DULCIMER BACKS DimensionS r I 32" I 1/8" for 1 pc Hem. SO, S02 503 50< 505 506 510 511 512

.. """ ~ ft--

80• •'E CAli 01.


S" I 32" I 1/B' 101' 2 pc (two 4' pcs) , -5 ' .SO ' .SO 6.95

Cherry 1 pc .. Cherry 2 pc .. Walnut 1 pc .. Walnut 2 pc .. Hood. Mahogany I pc Hood. Mahogany 2 pc .. Curly Maple 2 pc .. E. lndian Rosewood 2 pc .. Padauk 2 pc ..


S.05 6.05 ' .SO



' .80 ' .80

' .35 ' .35 tl .9O 24.65 10.35

12.50 25.95 10.90

12&up 7.25 7.25 7.65 7.65 7.50 7.SO 10.70 22.20 9.'"

CD $16.50 postpaid Cassette $1 I .50 postpaid Catalo~ of other releases indudin~ : Fin~rdances for Dulcimer Lau~hin~ Willow Dust off that Dulcimer and Dance: A Mountain Dudimer Instruction Book Hammered and Appalachian dulcimers built by Bonnie gwtlt,_(H~

1S-U 5I.lMJI-I. ~...J N~,~g046()

mJ3J 2Sg-'TJ(.l

GROVER ' PERMA·TENSION" - pegs with peartold bullons (Sel 01 4) 3030 (1 Sel) 529.SO (2·5) S21.SO (6& up) $IS.oo 3040 Rosewood button add $3.00 ea. FRICTION PEGS :KJSO Ebony .......... $3.00 ea

3060 Rosewood ... S4.20 ea.

STEWART ·MACDONALD FlVE·STAR DULCIMER PEGS Peartold button (Set of 4) 3065 (1 Set) $75.00 (2) 555.95

SOUNDBOARDS Dimensions 6' I 32' I 1/B'lor 2 pc (two 4' pes) Sitka. Spruce and W.A. Cedar are vel"!ical grain No. 1 Spruce 2 pc .. 13.00 551 11 .35 554 W.A. Cedar 2 pc .. 11 .20 555 Butternut 2 pc ...



11 .10 9.70 9.55

Dimensions 2' I 32' I li tO' (2 pes) Che", ...................................... 6" 602 Walnut .. ....................._... 603 HCInd. Mahogany . 605 Curly Maple E. lndian Rosewood .. 606 607 Padauk ..

Plain Sizes .OO9 · .013 3.65 3.90 3." 6.25 11 .60 4.65

3.SO 3.70 3.65 5.95 11 .20 4.60

3.15 3.35 325 5.35 10.10 4.15

' .60 9.10 8.95 7.65

6.15 6.65 ' .50 725 t1.55 22.00 10.55

7.35 7.75 7.65 6SO


Q"" ..... ..


23.15 11 .10


19.80 9.SO




To litabove

$2.00 perh.



Wound Sizes .02O ·.026 Plain Situ Wound Sizes I· I 2 Striogs ...... .50 ea. 1.25 ea. 1.15ea. 13-46Shings ................................. .35 ea. 49-144 Strings .:KJ ea. .90 ea. .70 ea. 145-268 Slrings .. . .25 ea. 289 & Up Strings .. .16 ea. .SO ea. - SPECIFY BALL OR LOOP END-

FRET WIRE 18% Nickel-silver, Pllt-Straightened, 2' lengths

o.mensions 314" I 32" x 11 /2' Cherry .. Walnul .. 6" Hond. Mahogany 652 653 OearMapie .. 655 E. Indian Rosewood 657 Padauk .. 650


(copper plal&d) (use with ban end strings) 408S Sel 014 .. .. .40 4087 Pkg. of 2SO .. 9.40 4086 Pkg. 01SO .. 2.50 4086 Pkg. 01 SOO ........ 15,00

STRINGS Bulk Padled (Combine Sizes fOf Best Discount)


Music of the Americas, bl e ndin~ the cultures of the north and south. Son~s in Spanish and En~l ish, nearly aerobic Tex-Mex border music, Irish and traditional American son~s and dances, Caribbean and African rhythms, all fittin~ to~eth er in that exuberant whole we now call World Music.

MACHINE HEADS - indMduals with screws, lor hOrizontal mounting. wMe plastic button 3024 $eto!4 .......... 57.75 302ti 49-144 ...... $1 .50 ea. 3025 5-4S ............... $I .65ea 3027 145&up ..... $1.30 ea.

.so ea.

AbaJone Dots (6 MM) tJOIher 01 Peall Dots (6 MM)

.40 ea.

DULCIMER PEG HEADS Dimensions I 1/2" x 3· I 8·!Of I pc Circle: I pc Of 2 pc 11/2·I3"XS· (two3l4'pcs) 750 Cherry ..................................... 4.90 4.65 4.20 751 Walnut .. . 5.00 4.SO 5.25 752 Hond. Mahogany .. 5.15 4,90 4.40 754 Curly Maple .. 7.25 6.55 7.65 755 E. Indian Rosewood .. 14.60 13.15 12.SO 756 Padauk .. S.70 S.4O 5.75 758 Alrican Mahogany .. 4.85 4.65 4.20


Dimensions 2' I I Ill' I:r 650 Cherry . 851 Wa~ ....................... _... 652 Hood. Mahogany .. 653 Clear Maple .. 655 Curty Maple .. 856 E. Indian Rosewood ... 857 Padauk ...................... _.. .

2.25 2.30 2.30 2.05 2.75 4.55 2.65

2.10 2.20 2.15 1.95 2.60 4.35 2.55

1.90 1.95 1.95

1.75 2.35 3.90 2.30

per foot .. 1/4 \b. (about 19') ... SOlO lib.. .

4090 5000


9.50 26.7S

DULCIMER CASES CHIPBOARD (lozenge Shape) filS bottI hOurglaSs 8Ild teardrop styles 39' ~ 4· . 6' tapering to 5' width S017 (1)$33.95 (2)$27.15ea. (3-5) 523.75 ea. (H up) S1 S.saea HARDSHELL 39' x B' x 4' 5020 90.00 ea. CARRYING BAG 42' x 6· Coraura labrie. padded. lined. Has shoulder strap. handle, bookIacceSSOf'y pocket S051 (1) $49.95 (2) $39.95 ea. (3 & up) $34.95 ea.

DULCIMER PICKS Large triangle: Thin Of Medium S070 Pkg. of5 1.00 5080 Pkg. O'1" .... 14.80 5075 Pkg. of n 10.80 5071 Herdim!l '3 Wl I' picks (3 gauges WlI pick) (\-2) .75ea (3-5).60 ea. (S-111.53ea. (12&up) .4Sea. ZITHER TUNING PEGS Nickel plated 11002 eactI .. 11 000 Pkg. of SO .. 1101 0 Pkg. 01250 ...

.30 I 1.SO 47.SO

11020 Pkg. 01500 ....... 80.00 11030 Pkg.ol 1000 ......... 135.00

HITCH PINS Nidlel plated .135X 11I4·1oog 13080 Pkg. 01 50 .. 9.00 13082 Pkg. 01500 ...... 55.00 13081 Pkg. 01 250 ........ 35.00 13083 Pkg. oI 1000 .. .. 80.00

Write for our complete supply list. Dulcimer, Hammered Dulcimer and Bowed Psaltery! SHI PPI NG - Mos t orders snipped via UPS. Please include you r strCt!t address witn orde r. Orders up to $100: Minimum snip. ping cna rge (or woods and accessoriI'S - $5.00. Orders of $101 and up: Add 5% of Ine lolal order. We will bm (or lI dditioral snipping when orders conlain large quan lilil'S of hea\'y items.

Prices subject to change without notice. Please call for current prices.

plolkaraU tn~trumen~~ ."

~ Box 807, Winsted, CT 06098 (203) 379-9857 VISA AND MASTERCARD ACCEPTED Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Mountain Dulcimer Tales &Traditions by Ralph Lee Smith

A Pre-Folk-Revival Dulcimer Fan Joe Hickerson, head of the Library of Congress' folk song archive, called me recently to give me an interesting piece of information. He said that the archive had been contacted by Dr. Richard Matteson, a retired University of Maryland music professor. Dr. Matteson is the son of Maurice Matteson, also a music professor, who had collected folk songs in western North Carolina in the 1930s. Richard Matteson contacted Joe to find out if the archive might be interested in having his father's papers, including field notes of his collecting. He also told Joe that he owns a dulcimer that Maurice had bought from Nathan Hicks of Beech Mountain, North Carolina in the 1930s. Joe responded that the archive would be interested in having the papers, and he called me about the dulcimer. I comacted Richard, and visited him and his wife Ann at their home in Silver Spring, Maryland. Richard and I sat at the kitchen table and talked, while Ann



, ",ed.

I ..



wilh plon.. 1<>; .. "'I.. ";.... nu




MATTESON w_ ""'-"'. .. ..... c...-


G. Schinner, Inc.

New York

The cover of Beech Mountain Folk-Songs and Ballads, published by G. Schirmer in 1936.

gave a piano lesson to a charming youngster in the next room. On the table sat four file boxes of old papers and publications - the materials that will go to the Library of Congress. In the corner stood the beautiful Nathan Hicks dulcimer. Pictures of this instrument appeared in my last column . Richard showed me a copy of a small book entitled Beech MOllntain Folk-

Songs alld Ballads, Collected, arranged, and provided with piano accompaniments by Mallrice Matteson. This book, published in 1936 by G. Schirmer, a New York music publisher, contains the words and music to 29 songs and ballads collected by Matteson in the Beech Mountain area of western North Carolina in 1933. They include eight songs transcribed from the singing andlor dulcimer playing of Nathan Hicks. The tunes are among the earliest specimens of field collecting of dulcimer playing that we possess. Early Folk Song Collectors Maurice Matteson was one of an interesting group of persons who, prior to the post-World-War-II folk revival, encountered folk music, became fascinated with it, and did field collecting, usually as a sideline or hobby. None of these persons was a "folklorist" as we now understand the term - folklore had barely been conceptualized as a specialty or discipline at that time. Some were enthusiasts who could not read music, and brought back from their field trips texts without tunes -which was a lot better than nothing at all. A smaller group, including Matteson, were trained musicians who took down both tunes and text from their informants. Some of these early collectors published "singing books" containing selections from their field material. Typically, such books would contain bass-and-treble-c1ef arrangements for piano, but no guitar chords such as one usually finds in folk song books today. Some of the authors of these books modified their material or published it in inadequately documented form. Persons curious about this interesting chapter in the history of folk music collecting should read the section on "Singing Books" in D. K.

Wilgus' study, AnglO-American Folksong Scholarship Since 1898 (Rutgers University Press, 1959), pp. 212-215. Wilgus names Matteson as one of those whose published versions are trustworthy.

Maurice Matteson's Career Maurice Matteson was born in 1893 in Galva, Illinois. He attended the Sherwood School of Music in Chicago, and later earned an M.A. in Music Education from Columbia University. Matteson had an exceptionally fine voice, and began his musical life as an opera singer. However, the quality of his voice declined, beginning in his twenties, and his career was principally devoted to teaching. Shortly after World War I he began to teach music at the University of South Carolina. In 1924 he married Augusta Lofton, a fine pianist, who accompanied him in his many concerts. In 1936, he moved to Frostburg State Teachers College in Maryland, later Frostburg University, where he taught until his retirement in 1952. When he retired, he moved back to South Carolina and settled in Beaufort. He and Augusta opened a music studio, where he taught voice and she taught piano. He died in 1964.


In a


R«I,al " " .

Ballad B.agj!inl: AUGlIS'TA tOF'TON MATTESON.... ""

... , ._ •.."._. n.·..


~LI .. ...

II r ... T. " .... ' -""' .. .... ..,.t. ..

Front panel of flyer promoting Maurice Mattesons concerts, showing him with his Nathan Hicks dulcimer. Probably 1940s.

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New from Neal Hellman! Discovering Folk Music and the Dulcimer In 1932, Matteso n attended a summ er music camp at Lees-McRae College in the Beech Mou ntain area of weste rn North Caro lina. There he met a New Jersey high school music teacher named Mellinger He nry, who was a folk music enthusiast and who had already collected the texts to many folk songs in the Beech Mountain area a nd elsewhere . Henry could not transcribe musical score. Henry told Matteso n th at the Beech Mount ain area was a gold mine of o ld songs. Intrigued, Matteson d id a little scouting around and discovered that Henry was ri ght. The result was the book published by Schirmer in 1936. The int roduction to the book includes the picture of Nathan Hicks that appeared in my last column. The caption reads, "Mr. Nath an Hicks of Suga r Grove, Beech Mountain, N.C., with his 'dulcimoor,' with which he accompanies th e ballads he sang fo r this collection."

Nathan Hicks' Songs

ging. The cover of the flyer promoting his recitals, showing him with his Hicks dulcime r, is illustrated here. The Southern Appalachian Collection at the Appalachian State University Museum has Beech MOl/lllain Folk-Songs and Ballads. Look it over when you attend the A.S.u. Dulcimer Workshop. ~

AUTUMN IN THE VALLEY A companion album to Oktober County: folk and c1assicall reasures (both early and new) - an irresistable collection of Appalac hian, Celtic and classical arrangements plus a new crop of Hellman originals, fea luring lots of Neal's friends: Joe Weed, Barry Phillips, Robin Petrie, and many more .. Nathan Hicks with one 01his dulcimers. The guitar player is Nathan~ son-in-law, the weI/-known traditional singer Frank ProliN, whose version 01 "Tom Dooley" was made into a hit by the Kingston Trio in 1958. Photo taken in the 1930s. Courtesy Ray and Rosa Hicks.

The songs collected from Hicks and published in the book are as follows: r-=-~--------------~ 1. "G eorge Colon. " (A version of "G eorge Collins," Child Ballad No. 85. Fo r those unfamiliar with the r Laminated â&#x20AC;˘ term "Child Ballad," an explanatio n will appear in a ncar-future column.) Text and tune fro m Nath an Hicks, Good Carry-along size July 31, 1933. 4In .. x 6 til .. 2. ''Florilla'' Text from Nathan Hicks, (About twice the size or this ad) tune fro m Mrs. J. E. Schell, Over 120 Mixolydian and Ionian Chords July 15, 1933. Chord cha rt: S3.00ca. or 21$5.00 ppd. 3. "Little Mohee." Text from Nath an *** ** Hicks, tune from Edward Tufts, July 25, 1933. 4. "The Rosewood Caske t." Text from A collection of old-time songs with Nath an Hicks, tun e from Edward notation, words, tablature and chords_ Tufts, July 25, 1933. Large, easy-Io-read tablature 5 "G roundhog." Text and tune from D-A-D Nath an Hicks, August 2, 1933. 24 songs including: 6 ')\ Wedding Song." Text and tune Billy Boy, Chiny Doll, Bury Me Not, from Nath an Hicks, August 5, 1933. Riddle Song, Go Down Moses, Spotted Pony, Kum-Ba-Yah, 7 "The Blue-Eyed Boy." Text and tune Down In The Valley, from Na th an Hicks, August 5, 1933. Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?, 8 "Broken E ngagement." Text and tune and 15 more. from Nath an Hicks, August 5, 1933. Book: $9.00 ppd. Matteson collected folk songs in Maureen SeUers ~ other areas, including South Carolina 4716 St_ Rd. 64, and Maryland, and made public presenNew Albany, UN. 471S0 (812)945-9094 tations, calling his recital Ballad Bag-



Compacl Disc: 514.98 Casselle: $9.98


Clf Chord Chart -


IT'S A DULCIMER LIFE 56 arrange ments selecled from all of Neal's albums and repe rtoi re, each written in standard musical notation as well as eas}'-IO-read dulci mer tabla ture, plus li ps on lUning and technique, sp iral

bound wi th optional 60-minule cassene on which Neal plays every song. 512.95 or 52 1.95 wi lh casselte


To order, or to request a free catalog other Gourd recordings, please write:

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%ylor c5Wade 'Dulcimers

The Magic Of

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The Hills of Erin

Ddnce "pan The Shore

Karen Ashbrook

Maggie Sansone

A sweeping sonic trAvelogue of lu:l"nd performed on h"m mered dulcimer. Irtsh flute, pennywhlstie &. with lush dasslcal piAno Accompaniment,

A (001 Cetdc vOY"ge to Irel,,"d. Scotland &.. feAturing hammered dulcimer with Celtic harp, flute, fiddle. SAX, guitar &. bohdran, The 10ng-"w"lted sequel to MAggie's populu bestseller: MIST &. STONE

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A REPERTOIRE BOOK for the Fretted Dulcimer Revised. Second Edition

Ove r 80 Arrangements by An na Barry 15 New Arrangements Most with Melody and Harmo ny Ports


American Populat Old Engllsn and EOlty American Tunes; Christmas and Easter Corols; Traditional Tunes In Non· Traditional Tunlngs; Songs for Singing; Marches for Mountain Dulcimer; Ensembles for Dulcimers. Recorde rs. Flute. Guitar Chords. -The S·ound Is the Gold In the Ore.-

Robert Frosf Order From: SOUNDINGS

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What~New edited by Carrie Crompton

Wamight • Joe Shannon and the Appalachian Acoustic Ensemble, PO Box 22, Todd, NC 28684 (cassette) • Twelve well-known songs and airs arranged for hammered and fretted dulcimer, oboe, flute, fidde, guitar, cello and hand bells. Includes Greensleeves, 0 Danny Boy, Simple Gifts, Amazing Grace.

Shady Grove • Scott Klamm, Klammshell Productions, 3812 Mercier, Kansas City, MO 64111 (cassette) • Scott plays mountain dulcimer, "diddley bow" and autoharp in this collection of traditional and orignal tunes. Harmonica, spoons, guitar and musical saw round out the arrangements. Scott won the 1993 Kansas State Dulcimer championship with his arrangement of 900 Miles. Also: Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine, Walkin' Cane, Hallelujah! I'm a Bum.

nme •

Ba1:k in Part-Time Pleasure String Band, 10161 Cedar Road, Chesterland, OH 44026 (cassette) • Bilie Westenfelder plays hammered dulcimer in this old-timey band with John MacMillan on guitar, Dan Levenson on fiddle and clawhammer banjo and Jim Hudson on bass and autoharp. Very full, traditionalsounding arrangements of Midnight on the Water, Westphalia Waltz, In the Garden, and others. I particularly liked the whistled melody on Airship; you don't hear much good whistling on recordings these days.

New Pioneer • Kentucky Standard Band, PO Box 86, Bardstown, KY 40004 (cassette) • Nancy Johnson has composed an album of new music with a traditional sound for the Appalachian dulcimer. The melodies are shared, for the most part, by dulcimer and mandolin, a very pleasing combination. This is a very listenable cassette. The Way I Feel About You, Nance's Blues, Neptune's Daughter.

aIlcbner Noel • Jane Chevalier, 6635 Ford Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (cassette) • All-instrumental arrangements of the

best-loved Christmas carols, with Jane's hammered dulcimer and accompaniment on guitar, cello, violin, autoharp, bass, keyboard, cymbals, tambourine and bells. Angels We Have Heard On High, Deck the Halls, We Three Kings, The First Noel, and twelve others.

Snow on the Mountain • Donna Missigman, PO Box 6, Laporte, PA 18626 (CD, cassette) • This is a hammered dulcimer Christmas CD, with no other instruments but John Yzkanin's guitar. Twenty-one old favorites including Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head, Ding Dong Merrily On High, Once in David's Royal City, Good Christian Men, Rejoice.

Dulclfled • Tull Glazener, 6936 W. 71st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1609 (book/tape) • Twenty arrangements for the fretted dulcimer in DAD tuning. All have clear tablature, standard notation and guitar chords. I(you have Tull's first book, Waltzing with the Mountain Dulcimer, you know how well his arrangements lie under the hand. This volume is even easier to read, as there are no firstending/second-ending sight-reading problems. Thanks, Tull! Abide With Me, Hard Times, Joys of Quebec, Stars and Stripes Forever.

wanderings • Donna Missigman, PO Box 6, Laporte, PA 18626 (CD, cassette) • Donna has collected twenty-two tunes "played or sung by people as they wandered through the intricacies of life." Here are love songs, political songs and traditional dances interpreted on the hammered dulcimer with guitar accompaniment. Across the Tisza (Hungarian), Morgane (French), The Ash Grove (Welsh), Over the Waterfall (American).

Rick Around the Rock • Rick Scott, Jester Records, PO Box 290, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C9 (cassette) • If you've heard mountain dulcimer player Scott's first recording, Electric Snowshoe, you know how playful, silly, clever and infectious his songs are. This album has all the same qualities. It's directed to a young audience-"Yo! Mo! Come on, Amadeus/ Whatcha gonna play us?"but can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Wren's Dilemma. Merriweather, PO Box 12135, Gainesville, FL 32604 (cassette) • Merriweather is Peter Martin, hammered dulcimer and flutes, and Bill Paine, guitar and mandolin. The Wren's Dilemma, familiar to all professional musicians, is whether to sing or to eat. I started to write that the tunes on this tape were mostly traditional, because they sound that way, but realized upon closer inspection that they're mostly Peter's compositions. The duet sound is very clean and naturally cheerful. The Story of Nester, Rowena's Hornpipe, The Song of the Books.

Christmas with the Dulcimer • Larry Conger, Congergational Music, PO Box 131, Paris, TN 38242 (book) • Fingerpicking arrangements of well-known Christmas carols in DAD and DAA, some with capo. Carols are presented in standard notation with guitar chords and easy-toread tab, with verses to all the songs. The Friendly Beasts, The Holly and the Ivy, Lo How A Rose, and seventeen more. Music Theory and Chord Reference for the Mountain Dulcimer • Jerry Rockwell, J. C. Rockwell Music, 6368B Ambleside Drive, Columbus, OH 43229 (book) • Dulcimer players can't get far without encountering challenges to their understanding of scalar, modal and harmonic theory. J. C. Rockwell answers all your questions about keys, relative minors, seventh chords and the rest of it. The first half of the book is basic music theory, the second half deals with its application to the mountain dulcimer.

Out of My MInd: Solos for hammered dulcbner • Janna Frankin , 4500 Wise Road, Jonesville, MI 49250-9442 (book) • Twenty original melodies in standard notation with guitar chords. There's nothing exclusively dulcimer-ish about the tunes; they'd sound nice on any melody instrument. And they are very nice tunes!

Hills of Erin • Karen Ashbrook, Maggie's Music, PO Box 4144, Annapolis, MD 21403 (CD, cassette)

See review this issue.

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The Blackbird and the Beggannan • Jerry Rockwell, Wizmak Productions, PO Box 477, Wingdale, NY 12594 (CD, cassette) See review 'his issue. Whistlestops an d Dulcimers· Lance Frodsham and Sylvia Hackathorn, Wizmak Productions, PO Box 477, Wingdale, NY 12594 See review this issue. Sopran and Dulcimer· Jessica Burri, Bear Family Records, PO Box 1154, 0-27727, Hambergen, Germany (CD, cassette) See review this issue. Dulcimer Accompaniments for Swing and other popular tunes with snazzy chord progressions • Niels Anderson and Susan Howell, Box 1424, Mendocino, CA 95460 (book) See review Ihis issue. E!

JERRY ROCKWELL " THE BLACKBIRD & THE BEGGARMAN " Celtic Instrumentals leaturing Mountain Dulcimer with Pete Sutherland, Niles Hokkanen , RP Hale, Ron Ewing , and Ken Lovelett. THE PLAID FAMILY " THE FLYING BOOK" The Plaid Family is Kelly Werts on Guitar, Whistle & Fiddle, Diana Werts on Accordion & Princess Harris on Hammered Dulcimer with Pete Sutherland A unique blend 01 Instrumental Music lrom England, Wales and the American Mid-West. "A PEACEFUL STORM" THOMASINA An eclectic collection 01 songs and instrumentals leaturing the Mountain Dulcimer with Rob Brereton, Tom White, Ken Lovelett, Sirius Coyote and others.

ROB BRERETON "SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME" Classical, Irish, Shaker and Big Band melodies are wondel1ully pel10rrred by Fretted Dulcimer master Rob Brereton with oboe, strings, percussion, hammered dulcimer and more.

LANCE FRODSHAM & SYLVIA HACKATHORN "W HISTLESTOPS & DULCIMERS " Music Irom Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, France and the Pacilic Northwest lea turing Lance Frodsham on Mountain Dulcimer and Sylvia Hackathom on the Tin Whistle with special guest Kevin Burke on liddle. RICH BALA " HOME FOR THE HARVEST" Twelve traditional and modern lolksongs celebrating rurallile on the lamily larrr. Historic balladeer, Rich Bala accompanies his voice with guitar and Mountain Dulcimer with special guests Linda Russell, Ken Periman, Rob Brereton & more.

Mountain Dulcimers

~~§p.~,~~~.~ .f=oLk CROl=t

Blue Lion Hammered Dulcimers

tt.L . Taclc Bowed Psalteries


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Dulcimer Music by Tull GlaZetler


Du1cimer-Friendl y Worship, Vol. I the season of ADVENT The Coming of the Lord H ymntunes Arranged for Fretted Dulcimer

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IDealc:r Inquiries inyilro I "The lise of Ih e du lcimer in worship services rakes liS back to a simpler, un"urried lilll c. Tlt e sweet sOllg of 'he dulcimer fells liS 10 relax, wke a deep brell1h am/listell for that !i'till, small voice. "

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Dulciried Volume 2 . . . WIIltam Tell Overlllre, Abide willi Me, Vmcent, Wh en YOIl Wish Upon a Star, Slars and Stripes, 11 more . Order #C003 . .$10

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Mountain dulcimer arrangements in DAD tuning, so me with capo . Includes melody line in standard musical notation and back-up chords with suggested fmgerings. Waltzing With the Mountain Dulcimer .. 18 tunes [rom the same titled recording .. . Order#BOOl . .. $10

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Leather MI. ~Icimer Straps, regllong. No metal to scratch your dulcimer. $12.951$14.95 ppd. Home Studio, 713 Locust Dr., Jonesboro, AR 72401. Cimbaloms: Chromatic hammered dulcimer with damper pedal. Alex Udvary, 2115 W. Warner, Chicago, Illinois 60618. McI1in Guitars, Dobras, Flatiron Mandolins: Find out why we're the world' largest fretted instruments store. Free discount catalog. Elderly Instruments, 1100 N. Washington, POB 1421O-DM27, Lansing, MI 48901. 517/372-7890. CfmbaIom hammers. European made. $25 pro Call 203/333-8148. Reverse charge.

Tablature In BraiOe. A guide to writing and reading tablature in Braille for all fretted instruments. Easy to learn. Fun to do. Complete instructions and tools provided. $25.00, Postpaid. Mary M. Mason, 215 Glen Meadow Ct., Atlanta, GA 30328. 404/394-8361.

AutOOcrp IPI'terIr. the only magazine bringing you everything about the autoharp world. 44 pages of articles, lessons, events, music, and more. Subscnbers enjoy 10% discount on merchandise offered in the AQ Market Place. Four issueslfirst-class mail, $18 in U.S.; Canada $20(US). Send check to Autoharp Quarterly, PO Box A, Newport, PA 17074. Instructional Books, VIdeos, Cassettes, and much more. Free discount catalogs. Elderly Instruments, 1100 N. Washington, POB 14210-DM27, Lansing, MI 48901. 517/372-7890.

Instrmnent Bulblers: Our respected quarterly journal American Lutherie is entirely devoted to building and repairing dulcimers, guitars, mandolins, lutes, violins, and other string instruments. We also have instrument plans including a hammer dulcimer. Write for complete info, or send $36 for membership. GAL, 8222 S. Park, Tacoma, WA 98408. For Safe: Ron Ewing 6-string, cherry with spruce top. $450. Will Sears 16-string Hungarian citera. Birdseye and curly maple with rosewood and spruce top. $450. Blue Lion custom Braz. rosewood dulcimer with gold keys, Baggs pickup, koa binding, and rose inlay. Like new. $950. Call 7121246-5734 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., CST.

Help wanted: Musician wanted for retail salesperson for folk music store on Maine coast, near Acadia National Park. Summer, Fall. Song of the Sea, 47 West Street. Bar Harbor, Maine 04609. 207/288-5653.

Noter & QuIlL Instructions for playing 37 traditional dulcimer tunes in Southwestern Virginia (Galax) style. Noter and quill provided. $12.00, Postpaid. Mary Mason, 215 Glen Meadow Ct., Atlanta, GA 30328. 404/394-8361.

Autoharp Players: Need information on workshops, recordings, publications, or have an autoharp-related question? Call the '~utoharpoholic® Hotline": 800n82-4277 (M-F, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Pacific Time).

The Bowed Psaltery Instruction And Song Book, by Jean Schilling. Beginners' playing instructions, care of the psaltery and bow, tuning, string replacement, and seventy-six songs, with chordsAmerican, English,Scottish, and Irish favorites, hymns, carols, and O'Carolan tunes. $11.95 postpaid from Crying Creek Publishers, P.O. Box 8, Cosby, 1N 37722.

Pre-loved Fiddles, MandoUns, BanlOs, Guitars. Mostly pre-1940, some 1900. Carefully restored for good playing. Inexpensive. Also buying. Maiden Creek Dulcimers, Box 666, Wooster, OH 44691.216/345-7825. 1WD New Courses: Easy course to learn About Building Chords for any musician. Teaches what notes

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Classifieds continued from page 43 are in any chord. S21.50 postpaid. The Dulcimer Note Book teaches playing by music and transposing on Mountain Dulcimer. S11.50 postpaid. Norma Davis, 205 Enge l Rd., Loudon, TN 37774.

oCome Sing (Songs lor the Seasons 01 LiIe~ Casse tte album by Clare Wettemann fea turing psaltery (Robert Beers type). Includes Dumbarton's Drums, Copper Kettle, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and ten other contemporary and traditional songs. Three arc origi nal. RR I, Box 83, Jordanvill e, NY 1336 1-9611. SIO.95 includes postage. For Sale: Dusty Strings Du1cctla, case, tuning wrench, hammers, S185. Bowed psaltery, bow, needs some strings, SIOO. 908/806-3618. For Sale: 46 DPN's. VallO, No. I- Vol 19, No. t + 9 earlier issues. Make offer. Kathy Ferguson, 9033 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 2203 1-1301.

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S7.50iyear (SI5.oo overseas). Current issue (ree on request. Elderly Instruments, 1100 N. Washington, POB 1421O-DQ27, Lansing, MI 4890 1. 517/372-7890. How About An Irish Accomlon or 30 key Anglo

concertin a to go along with your Dulcimer Playing. New or rebuilt. Reaso nable prices. Send 75 cents & stamped envelope for photo & details to Stinson Behlen Co., 1010 So. 14th St., Slaton, Texas 79364. Two Antique Harmter ~Iclmers. 1.4 ft. base, 20 inches deep, 30 inches across top. solid walnut. including so und board. grained rosewood. circa 1840. Eleven. 3 string treble courses. eleven 2 string bass courses. Sounds like Russell Fluharty's dulcimer. Sou lh ~wcs t e rn Pennsylvania origin. S1000.00 dollars. 2. Dulcimer on legs with drawer. 44 inches high. 16 inches deep, 29 inches high, with hinged lid. circa 1860. Eight courses of 3 brass strings. A 6 inch deep drawer pulls ou t below dulcimer. Came oul of a church in West Virgi nia. Soft, mellow sound. S1200.00 dol lars. Pictu res Sl.00 each. Ra lph Wilso n. Willow Inn, R.D. 4. Oak Forest Rd., Wayn es ~ burg, PA 15370,4 12/627-9151.

Riuetta Standard Prototype! Built by Sam fo r Sam. Sam Rizzelta hand~built this dulci mer which seIVed as the prototype for the Rizzella Standard. Personally voiced by Sam, he used this dulcimer in many of his early recordings after Trapezoid. Chromatic, wa l~ nut rails, cherry bridges, butternultop stained mat black for stage use, ha n d~carved maple leaf rosettes. Excellent condition with one minor sealed crack in fro nt rail and a few

very minor di ngs. MaIVelous, balanced to ne that is crystal clear and loud enough to fill the hall. Own a piece of hammer du lcimer hist o ~ ry! Serious offers only. 513/527-4878.

For Sale: Sam Rizzelta stand ard hammered dulcimer with dampers and C~Du cer pickup. Buill in 1985. Has three leg mounts for t e 1 e~ scopic legs (legs included). Comes with case, hammers and tuning wrench. Price: S2,800. Maddie MacNe il, PO Box 2164, Winchester, VA 22604. Phone 703/678-1305. E·Mail:


''T~.,-. ~?>­ ~~~:/O~~"

COMPUTER LYRICS AND TUNES 8885 Trinity AVl!:nul!: 8aron Rougl!:, Loulslono 70 806·7935 TEL (50 4) 916-858 1 " FAX (504) 756- 4631

Call or write Wood N' Strings / Master Works for your FREE information. 1801 PeycoDr. S. • Arlington, TX 76017· 817-472-6991· 817-4~7,;;2-~7~70~4;.:.E~'I1~X__~===:.I


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Mountain Dulcimers by: .Blue Lion .McSpadden

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Banjos by: Deering & Gibson Autoharps by: Oscar Schmidt

Folk Harps by: Du.lly String'. Fo/kcrajr. Mid-East MIg.

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BOWED & PLUCKED PSALTERIES Specializing in handcrafted folk instruments and everything for them -FINISHED INSTRUMENTS, KITS, BUILDERS' SUPPLIES, CASES, ACCESSORIES, BOOKS, RECORDINGS, INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS, FOLK TOYS AND A VARIETY OF HAND CRAFTS. Our catalog offers a uniquely di verse selection for your musical needs.

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1995-01, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 21 No. 1  

Please subscribe to Dulcimer Players News at It is only through the continued support of current subscribers and advertisers...

1995-01, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 21 No. 1  

Please subscribe to Dulcimer Players News at It is only through the continued support of current subscribers and advertisers...