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Spring 1985


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Billy BenningtOn

DULCIMER PLA YERS NEWS Vol. 11. No. 2 Spring. 1985


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The DULC IMER PLA YEllS N~. WS i, pubhshed rour tIInes c:;a<h year bwcs arC' m;ulrd (\'j;, 3rd clns) 10 subKnben 111 January. Aim!. July and DelObc:r. SubKrlptions in IhC' UnltC'd St.llIC'S arC' $ 10 prJ )'C'ar. $18 for '\0'0 )'C'ars, C.lInad.ll: $ 12 pc:J )'car OII1C'r (OllnlTlC'S (surrxC' m;lIl): $ 12. (.lilT mad); S 16. Recent IxoK:k is,ulC'S arC' umallyanilablC'. Cosl pcor I»cllssuC' is$3.21 1I11he l 'SA. Ad\enlslIIg mronn:.!. lion 15 al-';libbl.c upon rcqucsc


VA l2601

70)-668-61 S2

T.ble o r ContenlS

""" BanJO


the l"oIlow orr Jttln Mic~1 CCKl"f'OfI



Intervle ......... lIh Mark NcI5OlllR"'n,. C/ll7\Uhon


19&5 Events Calendar

" RevlCWJ .

Musical Patly Gamet Ptlw/


1ntc:rvICW ... nh 8,IIy 8c:nnmglQft MII:it CoIllIlS .

. 21

Ans .... er Column $tIm Ri:u"fl

Sound Each Dulcimer


"16 I'




. 211

" •. JO ............ 12

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This issue is filled with infOfl1llltion carefully and painSlll' kinglycollccled from you. Thank yoo loevcryone .... horetumed dukmler organizations cards and scnt festival informalloo on time. You made our job much cuict-, '"!be dulcimer clubs are nowenle..w on the compuler, so change,~ are easier 10 handle. When changes occur within you r group, lei us know and ",,'C' II updatcthe file. Each issue .... ill contain informal1onon new dubs and the winter or spring DulrilOt~ PIQ)'tr$ N,...·s will ha\'c a cumnt dit«tory. Thanks 10 Cathie [)ramo: from Indonesia and Ebcrlwd Fink from Germany. "''C ha\'C some beautiful S1amp!l to shan: ... ith DPN n:adcl'5 , Ifyoucolloctslampsand ....ou ld like loshare In the colle("lion. jU)t!;end us a sclf·addresscd stamped cnvelope:md ....1.'· 11 be glad toshare :;Ollll':with you. As aside OOlc, COlhicscnt us 50mC 5tamps from Nepal which picture 3)CWS bru-p (one left ) and a SlmlJIgi · ofthe violin f3ml ly (Sllleft). If you ba\'Cstamps 10 share with other n:aders. yoo're wdCQrl'lC to send them.

DradUoes SUmlm'T (Ju ly) l i>1iut>

Ads ..................... May ISth Pleal'C Ill:Ike all ads camenHcady:md oor· reedy siud. Ad sp«ilic3t~s:md priI:~ ate available upon request , It helps us if you n:I'Cl"le an ad space as soon as you

know you'JJ be: plKing ono:. t'~li val

InfOf'll\allon ...... May Hth

The July issue will be: mailed 3rd elMS from Michigan in mid ,July. EVI:r>ts men· lioned on lhe sumrTlC'r DPN shootd be

occunng after August

151 .

DPN: I n:allyenjoy playmg the lu.mmerduld· mer. The music is haunting and beautiful. 8u1. .. my neck and ~hooldel'5 ache afler even a relatively ~ ~s~ion. The S11l!1d doesn't seem particularly ill· fiuinS. bUI playin, is .ocreuinsly un· comfonable. I know IIle O,,/<.mf'T Playu$ Nf' ...·$ isn ' l a mcdi<:al JOUrnal. bul I ' m IDter· ested 10 know if OIIler n:ackl'5 ha\'c en· cou ntered Ihis problem. If anyone has a n:la:cation technique, I'd beglad 10 hear it. \1c1anie Allen Philadelphia, PA I)c:ar

I'd like 10 !>han: a recenl experience. I al ... ays ehoose the 111051 .nteresllng events to gO OOIIClJ1TCndy wllh DPN JlfCpanllIOO for tile prinler, A$ llypesc:1 this leller ()11 February 24th. I'm going O\'er .... ords to a WI1g .... hICh I'm !eCOI'ding on February 26th , This will be the fifth Il!1d laSI recording Sl'$sion for a new album. On February 28th the tape will be lIli~ed and edi ted and. on our way 10lhe studio near Washingtoo. OC. I'll drop the DPN off at I"'" 1""'1 offoce In be Flpress Mailed 10 the mnlcr in Michigan' All of thiS could be accompli51w:d ooly .... ith the help of caring people ....ooang on both proJCCIS. On the DPN side ...·ere Joan Naucr. Amy Wamer and my sister Ruth Anne. On the album side wcn: 8 ill McElroy at Bias Siudio, F1awn Williams, F~ Averill and Selh Austen. '"!bey worked odd hours with me. cvcr eocourag mg lhal all would gCI done • and gel done wcll! If you're reading this maga:ci~ without ill"Cing reversed Pilges (as happened In the Ann Grirlle$ article in the winler issue· $OIT)'), ""'C made il. P!:':rhaps I'll iII"C you !It a festival Ihis YCaT, I hope so,

Dear DPN: Altending a dulcimer ("'il; va] ;l a Ir:od,· tion in many parts of the counlry. As southeastern Ari1.ona locks any scheduled cvenl of this sort, Anna Duff sponsored and COOfdinated the lim annual SOUth .... ~1 DulcLltll':r Days in June of 1984. Anna. an uperiellccd player of the mountain dulcimer, teacher, and memlll'r of the String TrollCR Trio. organized lhe cvent with the help and support of her rural community. Thc selling for the fcstival was the Duff family five· acre hotnestead in Cascabel. an ArilOrut g/'lost town ~ nnles northeasl of TUI;SOIl. '"!be tne!iljuitc forest and desen c liffs provided a uniqoc selling for the Ihree days of outdoor wottshops and SalOrday IIlgbt concen, Folk. Music Uru/rr Iht S/iI, S, Fca. tu..w pcrfonnel'5 "''Cre Doug Berch, Hon· nic Carol . Russel Cook. Jay Leibovitz. Madc"~ MacNeil . !lolly Tannen , and Randy And l'am Wilkinson. It was a lreat to hearstntms and b;m; and chorU!lcs from Ihe .... orkshops held grouped under the trccs; the San Pedro RiYcr ValLey had never SQUoded so good! The eVCntng concen wa~ c~pcc: iall y ....1.'11 attended, tlulnb 10 c~cellcnt local televi· sion, !lIdio, und newspaper covcr~~. Mony ingredientS combined 10 m:U.:c lhe first SOUth....est Dulcimer Days I ~UC«liS;


:n(g ....... <,~ Madel ine MIICNeil. Editor DULCIMER PLAYERS NEWS

the hosp,tallty shown hy tbc communIty . lhe perfomICn; w,tling~ 10 freely ~h~ .... their knowkdge and music, and the splnt of the folks ... 110 attended. undaunted by the country sclting , Now groond ...·ort IS being latd for lhe 1985 festival. Anna plans 10 b!wden the format. the name to SOIl,h".,sl TraDlI/lHIll/ MU$it' FtSliI'a/. It "'111 fcatun: 001 only linc mounlllln and hammer dukt · merperforml'l'5. but also mamiQlon, rlddlc. old linll': banjo, accordian, guitar, and chil· dren 's workshops. The two days ...·111 be filled .... ith workshops and cOIItinuousda) · time COflI;(/U . The ~ond annual Foil:. MU$ic' Urultr tht 5/i1T"S .... 111 ~I undc-r ...·ay carly in the cvcntng, to be follo ...·ed by a good old·f:lSh,oncd cou ntry daocc! This year's festi~al w,11 be held 10 the e3rly fall . Caseallcl's ncighbors and friends anticip"tc this cnc:on: evcnl, know· ing lhat • guOO thmg can only get beuer. L.ook for the ad in your sum rocT is!ioc of DU/cln'f'~ Pla\'~r N, ...·$ . For mon: mformation , contact Anna Duff" H,CR. Bo~ 412. lknson. Arizona 85602: Phone 602I6U·6646. mobile unit OW6. B:lfbr.l Clark Cascabel, Ari1.onll

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Banjo in the Hollow arr. Jean Michel Corgeron Sous Bois. France

Ionian Tuning







• -t


P.'-' "















.'i 3


- • :;t




':j:. • 230 1

-#- ' . .~




-:}------:} (j









• ,--.,









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An Interview With . ..

Mark Nelson by Danny Carnahan San Rafael, CA WhHI fi rsl b rou ~hl )'OU 10 Iht' slran~f a nd r ,\ ol k bllSillnS of pia) in ~ du k in>er in publ ic? A ftcr \lime lun... pI3~,ng ruck and mU ... k ... In ... ba~" 1 heard ~ dulclmcr and 11 "a~ lhe d,r",cl 1I111",:al anlllhe~" or lhe clcrlrK' b;,~~. II "~, a \lIlu 1n~IrlIll",nl, ,m311. hl1hl · ",cil!-hl. 'lllltl. am] ,I d ,dn'l 1)lul!- III I 'Iancd pla~ l ng II on t>;,rnt breal- and be· I"~...,n pr.<eIKt" IInlillhe hilrnt brvL.c up. I ~p.:nl a )'car Northern Cat.(umI3 II),ng 10 gel an",h cr band IOl!Clher, l1l~llll!! ,,"'ncy "a~h<I1!! dl'hcs, Thai Illeanl Ihal .. hen I "cm ,n rlX~' 3OO,hOO' m) ham" dldn 'I "orl: 00) nlOR: So I p'·c tip lhe: b;", and hc!!an pi a) Ill!,! dulclnlCr " 100: and Illorc. 1 pta) cd \lI1" "n a Ik)ol "'ghl In 1972 al lhe Inn lhe 8 eglll111ng In C<M311 My



tiN Il ig "11~{JU1 3 band and II "OI~ l!-rcal' Then In 191,1 1 n""'l-d III Ulah UI,.II '~

Was Ihls II IIlllska l tlt't·i, i..,,'!

II wasn'l n 'c n a ra\ltlnal



tlf\tC I .. ~, Ihere I had a " 'onderfillume. 1' "'<IS a fin.: Old-Tunc rnu,1C

...-tone and ptoplc Ill ... lhe I>.: ..... rel Slnnl!Band pla)'lIlg



111U"';. 1<)0

I' d

p'clcd up ,,"1\0; Old·T,me uud AppalachIan 11111"" and ",me I:.nglbh and Sc",· li,h hilUal.I> So the dulcIIIlCr til nghl ,n al .... udre dan.:c:s :md filii ....,~"""' And I "II) Ilk: ""I)' dul",",cr pta)er then: II) Ih~ l ime f OU ~UI arl>und 10 r« OI"din l( "kkin~ Muir R«. OI"ds l "U ,n~ famrjn~ IlK' C ell k IlInt'S o'-r r Ihr Al11r rican , Why d id yuu lean In III .. , d'1'«I." n','

your 1"'0 al lluIlIs (In


.11m,., rm/..,,;lI.\I$ m "'~J ,h.. ... '"",n' ~,,,,,,. M<I,k Nr/"", lI} ""~ "i 1/". mml /'rIJ"'",,'n/ ("'/'1< J"/;~/) "" ,h.. ill'

)tn"",,m. Thmr I",'" """}",~h W """./, m, .. lI( "Kr"J or IrJ/ll'fI1 "1'Il('tI''''l('r.'

',1) ... 'IN,..


l,mfruwIKII .. /'" r,"ibm Ill' ,/h",m" /""1' flIT II ,,·,,/1' m"~ .. <If mIl'"~ ,,/ ~I\/~). II~ "6,, I,,>.fl .. nr, <I '11'1' ""'I.. rs/{lIId,,,~ .>/,h.. h,w,,",'l of1,,/1; mIl·


fI,1 "

0"",,, Cu",,,lkm )/",J,,, "11/' Mu,' III 198.1 ,II ,/,.. $",,,/.,.rrr Or.·/("" /'''''''' II.. JII"r.. \ "'11/' /11,\ "if,' Amll .. tllNl


/)« .. mll('r.

<lH"T/",1 fltrn' a ..""..... '_ Murl, 1,,1d )11'" fill/,/r",1 "",,,,,,1,1,,1.-,,,,,, .. I'r"jl'('/s ",.-lUll· "'~ I", ,..,"'/"""..,,,,,'.. l)uk ,n..,r Worl. . ,Ilop "'f'" .... n.·s. II :wn nlHell~ ..lImlll ,"l/,·rl ll unl ... r Du",n. ml(/" J11i".~ "'",, tr""t"I"',~ ,h ..(}/,~h r;}l1I1 ",1/,,),


I ",'nll<l Iret.IA" I "Os f,-,:u\lnl!- nn Am.. r· ,<:an mil"'" u"ul aboul 1915. "hen I loured III l:.urop.: w Ih Ilk: Gre31 Salt llIl.., """'" Troop.: , That "'3) 16 clo"'n~, JUj!glcn;. dam:c", and 'U1.'C1 mll"cian'_ I d,d ;.d. nlln,,'r~1 "I' ""or\., ml',"J,! 111011<.') . ll'CPIfll!1111'/11 <1m "f IruUble. puhhclIY, l!-r~m" etc

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DULCIM:RS _.ttl<>'

I ntroducing


'-)'rNlli<\,.( tone G. vc rility

in a. s u pe r pocmb le s iu. (&Olid ,vood., 3O~xlO: «l .3 Ib.!1' 9trcb{e, 8 ~),,*r 2 O(taw;', ~

kli'l'S. 0""


A larS" l ine


chroma tic

""r_ri l~

dukulIcrIJ find 'd . ch romatic) ~ """" ,,-">i1..I>l.... \\lr iu..for i'90'

In blrtlpc I worked up a duo act .... lIh one of [he Juggle" because I wJmcd 10 play rnu" .. 3gam I'd book the T roupe "-lITlt·

pl;l('c and gu bool.. m~sclf \O'OCpl3CC thoe Ihc "une night The Tn>upc Ii.,.,>\( a break and Ihe JOllll1cr and Ilru~clci.l rhmugh Enlllatld mxlln:lanll. Wc "cn: 'Ul'pO~-..l1U gel rOj!crhcr ror rhe Edmhurgh An< r...,U"al hull...uill, ·Uo~h, if I "cnllO Edinburl:!h, rd IIms alilhe Imh mU~1I: fe~lival~.·· So I 'lUI! ar>d ... cnl l<> lhe I ri~h mu~i<.' fesll\al", Icamms lunes fmm aRia/_illS nlll"Clall, And ... as IIn) OIlI' else pla) illR uuld nrl'r in Iht sess ions un'r Ihert'? Nobody Ihal I krrc" 1I"lIy T 3"ncn "3~ pla}IIIS dulcirnn In England ~Ll i halillne , Boc~ In Ih<' Slale" lhe ooly Lll her dukllLler pla),cr I'll heard" ho tockled C(lIIlpk'l lri'h IUIIC!> "3' Kcot Sicallm3n In Fn:<no The Irish !LIIIt'S do prest'nl rnl'lodk I'ornpluilies hi Ihl' dulcimH ph')H , Some art !'HI knu cklt-bUSlt rs. Did yon upt'riml'nl .. illl Innings In hUl1dle Ihl'1II I'asicr?

P .O. B<:tx 5 10

1",>lood ,\\h1.



GJI1ITU;o Inc . Hammered Dulcimers and Kits Many Cholcesl 1. U·do-more (lower ('.OS!) We·do·more (easier to build) 2. More Strings (more power) Less strings (easier to lune)

3. Two Basic Models both with

PIli no grade spruce sound· bOillrd, 1I11·mllple I ~minaled ptnblocks, hardwood trim (buttern ut, cherry, walnut), plated tuners, canying iulnd1e, Instruction book, wnlng wren<:h. " II.

100 I/Ii

I I Ibs. Side tuning Optional COlleT

18 Ibs.

Top tuning Optional cover f'~ b .... h .. · '

Red Wing, MN 55066

I "a, plaYing Ihe hununcl ,n Europc rulher Ihan a standard Amcncan dukimer II', gO! 10 ~I"n£, w,lh 6 dl'<)ne~ . I gOl "rrom Bnan Mum ford In Ca hfornla aboUI 1971 . !lnan had secn a PICIUn: of one In JC~Ln RIIChlc', book and lhought II "QUid be II fun IhlnJ! 10 bUIIIl. BUI nobody lne ... much aboul Ihe humlllCl an.,und lhere. Rnan tuned his in "hal" as ~'alletl l l)man lumng. bul I c~pennrenled around. e"enlually selIhng ()f\ lumng alilhe dronc~ 10 Ill. and A~ and [he me lody ~[nng, 10 DADO. though 11()'" I IUIlC lhe .. hole Ihlng up a half-'Icp. 10 E·nalS and II·nars, II seems 10 sound beller lhen:, The PICIUre m Jean R,lch ,e', book had 0110 M:tHnbe'll playmg whal loc,led hke a ehorllul ~t yk wllh some lind ofp:rrJlIdlhlrlls. I basell my stylc of playIIlg on Ihal ooc p/'H>Io, Iigunng Ihat Ihi~ IU1llhi be .. hUI II') ~Upfl'O'>etliO "-l1.lIld Irle. When I was in In: land I'd often lie a haod· len:h lcfaround lhe dmne 'Inngs 10 gCl rid of lho!m becallloC man) medleys ehangc key) 111 lhe middk. I dldn'l kno ... yOIl we"""1 supt>CI><!'d 1(> ~ uble t(> chungt k~y. on 1M dulcimcr. 100 I' ll jllM go aho!;rd and changc keys. I JU~I pla)'e(j backup al lin;!. GrJlluall), learning Ihe ch\)rIl~ 10 lhe IUnes. I pll,<:ed Ihe whole Iunes IOllelher. Ar~

Ihere any parlKulllr t« hniwl dif· ferences bel,,'H n apprOll(:hlng Anwrlu n and Irish dulcimer lunes '

The mcloll) I~ much more lIuponanl m Irr,h lunes [han m App:rlochlan or 0111. Tin .... IU~ . App:rlachlan IUIlC\ ""'em hi be nKM...• rh}lhmlc Ihan n.... lodle . The regional 00" mg )I.) I~s male them ",1.1 and nCII Lng 10 play _App;:rlachl3n dulmncr pla)e!'> haw II) II'} 10 gel Ihal rhythmic lifl Wllh JrI~h lLlIlC". lhe Ilfl ",,","'s rmn. lhe ",elody and h"... )UU ornament'" Conung up ,,"h Iri,h ornar»::nt~ on lhc dulcimer I" a hille lricl ~,

I' d die




)·tlUl r)


reprnd"ct lid .


I fir>.1 Incll 10 rcpnxJucc bagpIpe ()ITI3men" , W,lh lhe bagpipe yo,,·,e got acon· IInuUIJ, 'In:~m of air and so In cnlphao.lI_c IWO a.Jjacenl nore. Ihm are tho! Joan .... ~ou ha'e 10 pia) one note. a couple noce, 1oOnlC .. lK-re do;c. and Ihen [he noIC agam Yuu h;,,·c lhe same pmblcm of di:finllKIIl mUlllllllllg Ihe dulcuner. I ,,'[)Uld do H 11l0,j lliell 'crJnmng·. orplpc ornamenting. I (oond lhal rapid hammcr-on~ anli pullofr, coolll , i"e thai JC .... y I'lagplf'C df.ocl,

So how ..-oold YOll nntple ' cnnning' in dulci mer tabllllUrt ' W"h ereal dlffi,·ully. 1'10. scri"u,ly. ,,'s nearly I mpo)~lblc 10 learn Ihac ,tulT (WIH ...·rillen llIu~ic, You can'l gel the qUlrl:~ lillie m)lhms and )"oolcnd 10 playa lillie MlliL-d and ~lilT, In real hf... tncy go by >0 fasl )011 can·1 n:a lly wrile lhem all oo"n and nlJke -.cnloC of lhem So I lell 111) SlutlenlSIouse lhe .... nucn I1OIJIlOn as ~sort Qf rood m~ of "har"~ gOll1g 00 llten, ... IK-n lhe) have lhe blIslc IUIlC do",n. [0 hSlen 10 n:~1 Iri~h wi" mu,ician~ pla)ing on Ir.Kllllooal mstrumen's '0 gel lhe lrue fccl ar>d Itl!. In uddJlloo 10 your ,\ppa lachia n dule;mt'r I4 nd hU'llntd , , nu puform 011 II Ilull ga rliol n t"illera Ipmnoun('ed Zt: t:Irll l. It has II Io'·cl)". fu ll sound for such Y s mall inSlrum e nl . Whlll '~ diffue nl a bout Ihe cillerullnd huwdid )OU figure o ul how 10 gel slIch r ompln melodies and C1.llllllrr-ml'lodies on il? The rc's a ,'Uera renah~allCe ~oll1g on OOW .... hICb I'd h~e 10 Ihll1l r'e hall a small p:rrt in. The clucra h;rs L6 ~Innss am'lnged wilh 3 selS of doubled melody strings, IUned in unison." Mn ngs tuned 111 Slhs Ihal M:rve as bliss Sln ng5. ~nd ;\ eourM'S of doubled Slnnp tuncd 10 a majOr or minor rnad, dcflCr>di ng on ",hal YOU're

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact 1(, (l)tnpich:ly ehron.,oIK T"" Cottl')(" of melody 'tnnp an o\er a IIi· :dOllle fingerboard anll the thard ~'ottN: .) o,,'r a fingerboard" h...:h JII!tl b~ lhe nll'~· lAg >hOUf'" aoo n~I' I 11r.1 );I" ono.: "hen I ,,;as "nh the M lAIC Troup.:. and )'COIl' latcr I bout:ht one: m Kan~ e'ly. 8.111'11 1IC ...·r heard one play"d. I al"~)', fiJ"rcd II ""It.' lingerplcled. "nee II luLl aJllhlN: e'lI'li .... nnt:', I ""orled ottl a -.1)'11.: b;t~ ()II NiI~\llk gllll .... -.I}k. OOIIII~ II n .. lpKl :md lI,m" fingc~ too, It "l-\ Kk;tl f(W Frcoch IIlU,1C and If .h Inrp "1\0;") MIlC'C U >ounded "I:ry harp·llle _ ~n I r,on mlo a lIungan"n mel lIlu~lCian ,,110 ~ .. II CA· "ued "hcn I hlln 111) "Iller.. l ie hadn'l hcard UI'K' Moce he "a. h ltd. I staned pla) lng PI",!.,/\ 1,,, III. the rn:111C,1 thmg Ilne"" un 'I, aoo he JIIMaboullhrcw JTIC ottl He ,:1111 it "a, lemble ' I found ottl laler from a field rttufihng lh.;Jll lunganan pla)cn. u..: a lIotcrhelll Ilclwl'O:n the lllUlUh aoo nlll.kl1c linger. "hile lhelr mdc, lin Jl."n, reach o\er 10 getthc chromalic notes. Funhconort'. they >Irum "lib an hallan· maodoohn·I) pc fa.I lrI:molo~)" hen ...:> cr· al play logclher lhey lotIllnd hLe h ."arm of ~ SlAlllnlllhc lIul/rluJl,h OIono ' W,hJ 1n1lS1C!

1\Io,;nl: on Iu your SllIjlc ~ holl . ) OU lI~ mblc II prclly cd « tie bun" h ur matcrlal . 1000jlh }ou ' \ c r«erded IJIO!;t · I) C cllic and American instrumental music up 10 0011 , II lnc ) ou aI""'II}'S Io\ed tnc musk orlhcold WCSl IM' is Ihb a ne ... direction )'ou ' rc upkM-inl/::'


When I ":ill> a hule l,d onc: of Illy bc-SI f1icnds ..... ~ a ,,()\\boy named AI Ikhr:u'ld ... 110 had ~ dlllk r..11(1I m ... hal ,~ no"'" 11 Southern C.hforma hou)lrg de>clop. mo:nl Ilc llsed 10 smg I lot of cu ... boy WIIg) for me, Whal .wngs do ,00 IIU f\H" most? I espcrl3l1y lil.: loOng' lhal lell reall y )Iupld W)I'1C' CUllb(,y 'iOIl~" hl.: many In(1I wng>. have: ~ gn:~t .....,n....: of plJCC T hey'n:: aboul '!<.II1"C""here • I've Ix:.:" I.. 'iOIl1e o r lhol.c place> I sing ghoul. \0 ,I feci, gond 10 play .he '"nE'. C,,,,,boy puclry u"..,~ lhi:: langullge ,n IntercMl n!! ""lIY,' . L lle: MSomcIlmn my ~ ... wld talc 1I fall :md I'd ~hoot on IIle a ~~nnonbaJl '" llhe j!JQUnd gOl .n In) "ay " I) II. Won! . )1I'orth ... ould be proud' 'r hat's grea, Amo:oclll1 (tuff' 110'" do ) 00 go llbout pullill, all lheor


and Innl"i frolll diffHt'nl "(11111· Iriel. 10000t'thcr inlll a sin git' , hu",, ?

Moch of III) pcrfomllng " Ihrou£b an, ~'lUnc", Wllh an, C"OUIlC,I, 1 lkHi·t JII'I pia) for a foil no""d or a gn.lUp of dukl · lIlt:r enlhu'I3'" I pllI~ rot C\CT)onc: (Tllm Lillie SI' 10 Gr.. ndrna and III Ilx:m t tIC· "OIllC a colurful replica of l\nlCn~·a· .. largel) fiCIlIIIIU~ pa>1 The .. ht,w I'\C Ir:l\ckd "nil nllN n:cc:ntly I cali MM,NC of lhe Old World" lhe Old We, t .. The half" mll'lly Eurllpt'an IIIU"~; 1·n:rOj:h. 8nll.. h I,k". s..-,ondma\ .an TIx: ......:000 half" largel) ....·C)ICm mU'1e from U.ah. lhe Greal 8a~m lI1"Ca. "llh 'o<Jfni: Al'p.dach,an lind ,\II"""''' IIIOC" Ihmlln III 1t·, ... H1 uf a Ihcaln: plC\."C "" nh h"lor. · cal IIII~re ..1


Tht' hisllM'} aJld tht' mu~ic . hould hc lnlHcs linjt til , our alldienCl"i . sinn 1II"l.'h nr Ihe O ld Wlosl ""-liS .wllll'd by t : Urtlj)l.'III1S. Therc's «rl a;l1 ly It ronnec, 100.,11 . RIghi t or l11,taocc. lhen.") Ulle wng I .:mll by Roma,"c Llludemutl ~atlcd f.u ·) f ·rrn, Which I reo:onk:d Ih" ,Ullll1lCr IWI fll",A~r I)',.." Just for fun I o>cn.\ub/)cd a pcnn),· .. h",1e p;u1 ~nd ",gl""d I.... ' lhi:: lune ... a, I,,~h Somc... here alung lhe line . Ih,~eollboy from Aril. ....... eanlC up II Ilh an In'h a.r fo.-. 'I()II! about Ilro"'ln! old m GTlInd Can)IWI coonlT) Thai', the kInd of roonccuoo 1 hle 10 brtngou. tn 111) shu", , 'ou· \ r la u jlht a nd pia,-ed flM'lIudimrcs I S cullurall) di, ersr lIS south" CSlnll ('OlIbo)! lind '\llISkan Esk imos . " 0'" did Ihc t::skilJlO!; ruello , our music:' I lIIugbt dulcuner f(W a coople of ""tt"~ 10 Yuptk E.<J.11TtO'o In Alasla_ The lKis ...·ert' U I1"Cmc:I} Inle1"CSted In IIhal I "as limn,. 110... I lI'as dolng It. lI'h}' 1 wasdolnllil The leenallen.· P"lnl of reference was, of course. rock and roll, so Ihal 's how 1 HppmacllCd lhem We Inok rod and roll »ons~ and I~amcd 10 "ns Ihe \an(lU~ p;tn~ Once lhey fou nd Ihcy cou lilleam lhe IIlU~'C as WCllli~ bu)' 11. "e procccdcd In lhe tunc>; I h~c lopl 3y on thcdulctnlCr. The l .lI~ 1'J\cd ii' 'rney >Iartt:li show ing up at the school at6 alii logel on lhe dllkuner No"". In AI;as~a the schools ha>e 10l~ of I1M.111C'Y, They "ould ha"c b..'Cn gentng on a cunlptJter leontnal. but lhey "hol.c the dul· "tn"Cr Instead. I IIled lhat

Folk Harps

From Folkcraft


The IIIghland ilUlnlllltnt .-lIb ~body.-'1Ib

~-~. "'SIrln8l, Ion IUWII'-'I!b U Induda dUpiay $WId and

,,,oJ,,, . -renth

5370 I*"'" - " " .....


Hammered Duldmers, Too


8lIlIIant .:JUnd II. NJ/matt f)/ this IiUInImmt. !Ibde from iIondulM 1IIIlqony. walnut and mapIt Ird:IIe (1)01," IUned lor ~ of D, G. C. II1II f IJ baJ ~ tuned for U,'I f)/ G. C. f . and lib


S450 (Slwoll ............. _ L . l l ~

ClIn")I .... bIc now ..~ - I ·S ~

1Ir Il:1o III:IIIt AppalachWI DIIidmrn (6 111Odds), Irish and Cdlk Harps. b ·N and I'IucU4 haltniel. Olbtr ItuuIIrftd DIIIc*n, 11'Jtrv.rftt Kl!J and .uch !DOff


Irish' ScomIh ~. TkI.-hIIdts. IodhTUlJ. fblU, Conn'rtlnu. GI""UIII" and Campbrll Pno:tkf Olllllm, Small""," and MUitary Pipa, I'Iu • aIIIIpIrw coIl«'lioIt 01 lu.rp and duldmer boot, and rrcordJ


!end I I (rtfullllahirifor OIIr ~ auJo&.

, 0 IIoJ 80· 0 . • ;It1SIfd. CooIIKIk'u' 06098


(1OJ) J""98~7 ~ ud \1Ja ~1111



Il"Cft*CI 011 ,.......


Nr 1ftIiI_ Itt ~ C-. ..........., '"yoft.

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Mod. and roll rrminds me ur Ihe husi. of musk . \'ou al'proIKh folk musit as a husi llH,~. lilt'; your bltCk!;:ffiul1d in nun ·rolk arlS mana!;:rnK'nl and promo(· ion proHn hnnd} in you r mLl~l"! n~

Ye~ r"e "orh-d for S) ml'hony OI1:l~m/~· IlUn>. produced fe>lI,pll. and IHlllen ~r~nls. as I d,d fur the Milne Troupe . I ,Ianed OUI m)' dukuntr ean.'er "nil Ihe 'Oc~ Ihal u ful l ewnl CWl o.nd ~Id be pfllmulcd u~,"g the ... me ll'l:hnlqtlCI used I" I'rulIlole II S) mphon)' ur baltel I" ~ :, 101 uf "t)fl and l)fJ;an'l.lIllOn. bllllh..·rc·~ rcalI) no mplery lu ,I

We ~II a!;:rff Ihwl folk musk is nOI liS IIIcnlh" Ihesr days as rock ur some III Iter I) IX'S of l'nterlnil1menl. l' her~ 's a lot IIr tremendous lalenl oul IlK'rl'. so "hal i!ll he pt'uhlem in I~ 11~liltion of folk n('nl~? One I'",bkm ,~ Ihal II""'*- I'nllllCllcr. IIS~ume al IIx ,hal fulk C:I·e,..., an'n', l"'~>nOI1"catly I'!;ID!c. Th,~ " eOlll'Ollndcd b) Ille fOCI Ihal 1!'1ml uf lhcm hal e no deJr ,dea "h)' pcvpk ~u 10 fulk cml,.'"rb. rIc found Ihal aud,cIICe) COOle OUI to f,.ll

c\"Cub 10 be emc rlamcd . It> "rIg aloog. IU gel nUl" 'Ih Ih,.',r Imed n....,.. ~ fllr the c"enmg. lu learn alxlllllbc:world. In ...."t" hI ,nE k!1end~ Ill ... Jean MIt"h,e or I>tx- Wal."Wl - lui, uf rea!oum a'!oOClall-d noI .... "h lhe 'fulk' bul .... Ilh lhe '",Icnl' PWl1k"er. "hi, "(111" i!m,p Ih" and unl) pr!""Ule ,hi} .... , ,,, 1"""",1" .... /w'''' ,.... )' ~"', ..· .o ho.. ("Ilie, ure bound IU be 'IICrca"ngly dlll'PPulIl!cd Mocl and roll IIIU,'CI uLKIicrlCC' II) ,Ik."t"r \ult::r.~c. I'ol~ mINe. prc-cmct.l I'I'lh na,r and .... '). can he l'tjuall) 11>01 mg. It prt>· ,,,Ie, a d,reCI Ime of cummll lllcallun from perfnrmcr 10 aU(ltcllCc. wnlClInlC' ,0 d, · rec! that IllI:re', n" d"uIICHon Thai l,nd IIf 1I11lll<."thac), )"1., elm' l gel fto,n MTV

.. ill Ihl' Sl'rlel; CiI"er lind .. hut' n n 1)('1" Ille Find it? I hope III oulhne ""1"" 1« hmqoc'lo 311<1 (1111' l'Cph Ihal "'In let both full pf\lmOlcr. lind "'''''Clall' ........ 001'1 III ope",I,· I,~e ~lKcel)' ful pur mUI"" or ') mphoJl)' tlr~amI.Ullon, . AI"I. I hope II> help peupl ... a,old pufall, I' ll' fullcn ,nto ill lhe pa~1 So fat. lhe: M.'ne~ ,~ hel"g ruI'I in the ell/if"r",,, "I',,,,li . MII_ " ' · S""'N'· J"..,,,wl '" Lo,. An·



I' ll

ma~ ...

" u'Jllablc

hcal,un, ,f lhe)' ",,,nIOCI


uthcr pub-


Whal ,.-uuld }Ull likl' tu set' ehlllljtl..:1 or impru'W First in Ih" rolk IIi,,? Wc fi!'>1 ha,c ,<) reahLC thai the aLKI,c .......... thJI h"h'ril'ally hu, 'uJlll<lfIed fol~ club. lind ctlllel: hou'C-' ,~eha"i!'"t! and f!Ctlln~ "Iocr Therl.':tn: fe .. er of lhem lhan there "ere In the S(r, ~rn.l60', The,r lid, arcn'l rlllTllllt! OUI I" ICC full ,ho.. s hle Ihctr fl"rem> did. The Firsl challenl."t" f!ICing lhe rull btll'nc!>.) " IU tlll)l(' lid, "00 ha, c ~T<I" n ur m lhe Gulden Age IIf AJ'cI1 1'IIIt! and 0\I a." Marleu"g. Ful~ IInl'lc ha, Iu -.ell II-clf JU,I a5 pop IIlU,,,, due' !'( lil tnU,1C j,n'l JU'! lOllS'. II' ~ .de-a.,

So ) 'Oll ' ll' fOllnd Ihl' dukhnu is your best 11I1>(k or 1I1o,-injt ~n alldil'nn? The dulcllller happen' IU be the ,",lrunlCn!

I pia) I lo'e lhe mu~1C and ",II pia) "on bodh",n. mandulln. "halel·c r. 1~ dulclluer " ""1) Wcll·w,led to lhe mu~1C and "fun. cCrlallll). DUI lhe mUlle I~ lhe IIlIlSI 'Illpurtam IhlllE ~u' lar.

You 'r\' ..-rilin!;: II Sl."r;es of articles on (ulk promllt ion lind prescolllli(OO. What

Jean's Dulcimer Shop P . O . !Ox II. HI GHWAY 3Z

COSBV. TENNESSEE ]7122 Phon,, : (/ttS) U 1-SH3








lh.... _ Idts and finished I n,tru.ent . by several ..1•• 1,

du l cl_n 1M ever7thln, for

buil<lers' ouppllu . ' .... :<orlu •• nd nurly ev..y .on, and playlft, _l nu"",.lon bool and record aiM In prln t featurlnl ei t her kind of dul ~ t""r. Ou r uun dwe p l ayln,_",,~bod. and .on, book_II" ,n.lodn a full lin. of thin for other .. I.... and s uinled foil Inltru.ent •• and ou r selection of recor<llnl' o f ol~_tl_ ano! h_<lI.lo ... l f"a . .sic 11 one of the IUlut t o ~ found ")'lIller.. A ,oodiy nrtetr of folk -toyt .nd hand enrU for Ilf. Or ho.e use il .n i~rt."t part of our """'''''",lise. 11'1.11 lilted ill OUr • 'Ulo, •• luu lend 11.00 (""ic" we'll refund with)"tIUT flut or<ln) to cover Ihe of prlMlnl Ind posule .


H.-.-lIUI DUlClfoVI bY J".'''''' s.c.III I•• (........,', 110"1""1. (.o<op, ..... , .... llft. Do ,.,".II, . .. ltd, p."ft'" to ..... , 1,..:lftl' H.,d " ' P" ,I. bled.. <",.. , .. Ih. 1. ",1"".. II,,~ 'OP '0' ...........







II . ...... ' . . .AII,



.. I, ..

DJn II .. I .. . , .. (12) ".b'. "'., ... ' I" .. III >ulftl' ..,II , .......11 (II ) . ... .... " . . .1 , ... (2) '11101' ."'~. T.. lri.,.. ... "", ...b" ,,,. ,k.' Iy , .Idl' Ii.... , of • dl'f....' ...... ""

U....O. -C ...

. . . . ,., .. .,.......


,...••1"\0,'.0'., __" '" ... ' 0' "..,.1"1' P,k" IlIS.!XI ,p.


1'$N..T(JtY .


.d' "IorI.I , .. ,._ 1,. lI.tod ,n .... I...

IIO,.,II.''V "'"II<.. I1'~ .... """ 11"1.,,... ".. .

.... pl. pi" blod, <~01<41 0/1 top: ".'""~ .p, ....... du. p.G ...... .. ...,1 •• (.. .. 11.'" .. I......"d _ .. It .... :J1 ." ,.,. , •• p... IoI ..... 1' ... .... , ... h~ , ,,_ .." .. Ir.... F Do ...... I,. .. -c ,.


._. A

. ao....".I.-C.

.u ,.... ...


.. _

ubi,.... <l 1.p l. , .... d ;

DI ..... I •••• 1. .,....

Ift<'. d..

'wo'", .. ,.o,~;

... _

.~ .. ,

• • ". will. " ''' •••• 1_:

'u., .......... I. ,lol _ . P,ico: 1140.!XI pp •

' ' ' ', .. h~

..... ..". 1' Do .. : .. _on.

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"Sc mdcpcndcnt. Mal.:c )Ollf o"'n mu,oc; 1,,'(, )001 0"'" hk be ."'are of ",hat', goong on :.roullll )00" hll~ promorro hal'c to pre<iC:nt tbe\.t idc.'on b) ilIon! the same M:KI."", AlenllC' 11)0.11, 111;01 pop promoter.. IISC 10 >ell then product

",odclorhuw foil.: bu.,I1C:" can "'orl; an)· ",here ,n [he count!)

8,,160 rol"'lH h .... I.. Mlloul ln .... d .... lo

Thl'rt arC' fol" cluhs \lnd dulciml'r Wl"iII'lk!i In oler that ""oold rather not bt SolI nnllncutll} pr«"..IrKlus . 1)0 ) OU ",1111) Ihln'" IhII'ft's moui!h of lin \ludi , ..n" .. III ' lipperl lOU ..nd oIh..( prQ-

RC"t •

fl"Sl>ioMl dukimcr pllO}C'" ?




Icchn'que) arc Ju,t lechnlque). A ~nl. ({"",>lent. tlUfCted. t;lsteful cnon 10 11ICTC;a,.e an lu..helln: c;m be >lICcc.>ful "'Ithou, fn.l"Ionll tl' 11\0: :.chen",ng h)pc "'c can', 111, l1li l !cl\", a ~oOO eURlplc The' L,ben), ,11c Arb CenIt'r on I II1IIOh doe:l. ~ Rlalclllc" JOb ~I ~­

IoCntlng II-c lf. not JUII 10 ~ full.: auJoc1l«', but 10.." cnhl(' <;uburb:m C1'IlCa~o ("Ommunil)' ,,', a runcuollln~ ro" cluh. but 11M: COmRlUnllY ICC) II a, a center fOfcounllc"1 RlU'OC. d~ncc allli :In :ICII' lile, [)ulIlI MI" I~f Man ed ;1 f,.I~ Cllnce o1 M'l"Ie, there. ~11C'~'ng 1\(11 11\0: flJl~ clcnw>nt. but the ('("g ular ~"OInmunlty clenl Ik puhl"he' an onfonnaU\e communI!) ne""lctler. :IlherII<C~ regularl} and '" 11oC1} .1La~ cagcf media '1I(1P011, arlll (\(:ll\cl"'I 11\0: ,000, all do",n the hne L,ben),"lc roukl he u'oCd a, a

IIlm'tr ()o, .. " tca\loClle onl)1 I'U)/Illft Willi GII'lId OIlIlIH""· Kltmtma.,

Sampler: LP ca",,"uc ) Tilt /J,.k,."tr ",.,.LIIt'f} ('1\ 1· ..... lUf cal 'Clle). InllfUll!UIl buoL lablalure & binder ) RecO ld,n" and mformallon can M OOta,nct.l 1'1 "'" \btl f\;cl"l"' . 7l-1K Ad~n" Ro;id . Talent .



I llc )CW. a~... , Ronnoc C:oruI ~'OI 'ot:elhcr ""th 2 or .} fdlU\o. m.J.~C"" :and i"lI:t",ccn them the) lICcounled for 2j.(lX) l\and nlOltk dukmlC" 001 there In the tn.led

Stain alone' h ful~ ",USIC OCa<P Of COUI'C SonIC bI~ CII} ((){fcc housc--. ~n: 10 \k.-cIIlIC. bo.",,·au!>C thi: burned'OUI promotCfl :m:,,'t bemg replaced b) )'lUnger p..-upk ",110 an: .... llIm~ 10 dn ~n 11M: Iollle ('\!III Ihml!' that "l:I~'" the bu .. ,nc".. "'urI; !lut "'hlle Ir:I\ellfljl. arotJnd tlK coo"'!)' I" \C found loOnlC club-Ihalll'" ""lAg. lhe hllie C\lm Ihmp . 1llc aud lcncc "Ihen: Thc cncrgy I" 11\0:1\'. It JU<;I ha) In he f'K"u~d !lUll

M ar~ Nell(ln'~

Rectln!!ng" Include

fm- R,~lou of Mu" Ill' ca'!odlcl A.fl'" 1m- ,\1''''''''"1: (LP Ca\)oCIlC I




CtArolAI15 :<lIup M.. 5Ic "f T.. ,I"'"91i Or",cf .. " " " tli,.. tt • ....,.,....~ ""lnrrvr

acoustic instruments by

Dale E. Foye Cyntia Smith We make fine fretted dulcimers and classic and 5tccl,slrirt¥ed guitars for those who can sec, hear and feci a great instrument .

w.o... my W/lsOH

Also availablt: AEOLUS GOLD DULCIMER STRINGS and o ther

oI." Con_I, An"... "''',..'01..0. Rul,,,,;

\ .. I.. ,~ C#hK" I~""" pt.)" he"~ duk, ...... on _ _ I e'm .....·elll

With 1M C••

/1",,..,. ","00.

fine accessories.

~tl ~tnCH'" C",,~, ~IM,.ond

1'I..I,,,'y ''''h. C.. ,01..,,', C~IO. u 01"-', be ..."I,,1 ~Ica..,.,..

~ '"'.


M,~mon M,I~ . • .oM; SyI.1..o Wood!.,


0ipIM. ......"hw , _.......' Album Of ,ul·"onte... ~"~ 1195 (Add ' 1 00 pou'le. CA ,....dtnn.odd U2 ...1e-< 1•• 1

AEOWS MUJicaI lrulrumentl "III Linooln Blvd. 1211 M.ari rv lkl Rry. CA 90292

Mol~ ehf:ch p.oy.bIe 10 0;a'1 ...... Mu-wc S17 S. G.,fflth '.,k D,,~ ' .. ,lunk. CA 91506

s.......,...".Ioo ....

Ioemy', I..... Ibum. 0...,-....... A Du.lr_ .ooI..obI. '"c:on ... ont ... lot CMOU .... Cup. pie..... -",1I • .album Of c_~

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9th Annual CranMn-y GalM-rinl


Ju ly 26, 27. 281985

"-.. c..-. ,.....

J_ ......

Fralu ring

Nu Srml.(l A.1.IIdW &nb Tnor" fJ SoJt S~ B«~,


Unu"'llI n Un' ",...... I" , Chut( h

IS} R,vm1<k Dr, v" Bmgham 'on. NY

Inf" , Mill' CIIII,", 191 Ml" ItlW' 5 ,. R,,(heM~ •• NY 14619 716'H8· SBS6

Roscoe Village's 11th Annual

DULCIMER DAYS / May 18-19, 1985 "Ohio's Largest Dulcimer Festival !"

contests/workshops/ exhibits/ jam sessions Ac tivities· will take place in the Lake Park Recreati onal Area Pavilion, a short walk fr OO! the shops, exhibits and res taurants of Ohi o 's restored canal town -- ROS COE VILLAGE! Camping and mo tels l ocated cl ose by. l ocated on Ohio State Route 16/ 83 near the juncti on of U.S. 36 in ea s t-central Ohio. INFO:


ri ght categories of competition for trophies. La s t year's Grand Champion: Filed /.I1!.q1Ul 06 Cle.aA CAe.e.k., Iltd .

Roscoe Villag e. 381 H111 St. , Coshocton , Ohio 43812 (614)622 - 9310

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

1985 EVENTS CALENDAR Or,"""Lln, .he Eoen!, ,.. Lun, ~I""", h~~ m;,:'''n~ >«<l " ~. of "'"... on the ,rovnd V.C .-,>u~I"c ,he

'.'.Ioa;IIo:... ho:n .here

t~tnL>. " •.tIm!: ....., {UUkl ~Ik'nd Ihem .. 11 If)ou II", cla"o.> to "" c,..,nl. roII.lIk. ~"tunl<."'nn~ you. help. C'I'C'I~lIy If Ih"" the hf'>l or ""'1InIl

YUI fur lhe IXlcbr,II00n

Wc 've .".:11MlaJ 0111". le,m .. l, ,n .",. cak'l\du Ah"""gh IIIC) .1'1:11" >pec.rK'ally duk""o:. nelll •• )OU pruh:obl) find .. ur~'hop> .,... P<'rfo""",,", W )'001 h~'nM II )UII llk,,. UI ",...... ,..,." ~h ,n )"'" I"i" '" ~ rounn) (or In you. """1111)'1 "I\"h .'" ~""r.. U) Ico .. ~ ""'.' n. pk......,




APRIL Apri1 26.27


Chapel Hill. NC

FLAT LANDS SPRIN G DULCIM ER DAYS fealUR'S I Friday eveni ng conccn and Saturda y work shops. Info: Anne Landin. Rt . I . Box 10 15, MoncuR'. NC 27559. 919J966.)3SI. April 26-28

May 5

II rkna , AL

The 12TH SOUTHF.RN APPALACHI AN DULC IMER ""ESTIVAL win be I galher· ing of dulcimermakCfS and players featur. ing jamming. uIcs booths and. cooccn. Info: W.B. Banon. 2549 Altadena Forest Circle. Birmmgham . AL 35243.

Lima. OH

7th GREAT BLACK SWAMP DULC I· MER f'ESTtVAL will be held indoof1 at

May 10-12

CIft> R_ . TX

jamming. Info: SU!WI Porter. Ohio Slate Un ., 4240 Campus Dr., Lima. O U 4S~. 4 19n2S-264 I. cxt . 254.

41h LONE STAR STATE DULCIM ER C HAMPIONSH IPS fe-aMes con~ for mountain and hammer dukmxr playcrs. ans and crafts fair. wortshops and concerts. l nfo: Duna Ham ilton. 9().:ll louston. Arlington, TX 76012. 817/27S-3812 .

AprlI 27-28

May 18-19 Coshocton. OJ.!

Ohio Stale Un .. Uma Campus. Concerts. workshops of all kinds. opm Mage and

MI . Vkw. AR

The (karl: Folk Center's SPR ING DULC IMER CONVENTION will rC3t~ fR't !Cd and hammer duldmn COIIteslS. workshops and conccru. This )'CIf the contC:S15 will be held during the evening 1Joun. Info: Dulcimer Convention. O.tarlo: Folk Ccnter, MI . Vicw. AR 7~. 5011269JiS I . AprlI 27·2.11

11th Annual DULCIMER DAYS FESTI· VAL w,1I be held near Hi~oric R0500C Village . TIle festIval rUIliTeS mUSical rompcllliOli for blMh mounlain :and ham·

mer dulcimer players. open SI.l1e per. fOflllltl'lCd and exhibitors. Info: RO$OOC Village foundation, 38 1 Hill 51.. CoshocIon . O H 43812. 6141622 -93 15. May 19

BQsltHI , MA

The 41h ANNUAL BOSTON AREA DULCIMER (and AUTOHAR P) FESTI· VAL will teatuR' y,'or\I:~ and an evemng conttn . Info: 617/429-IS21.

Louls,·ilk. KY

4th S PRI NG FESTtv AL . spoosorcd by the Louisville Dulcimer Society. will fea· tUR' am and CTafts. duleufler (frelled and hammer) wonsOOps. an c~ning cooccn and oId·tune dance . Info: LouIsville Oul cllner Society. P,O . BoJli 4134. Louisville , KY 40204

May 21-23

Northern Virgin ia

The 2nd ANNUAL S PRI NG DULCIM ER CA MP ·OUT, lillie Bennen Regional Park. Info: Keith Young , 38 1S Kendalc Rd .. Annandale. VA 2200), 703194 11071.


(h'crtand Part. KS

The Pnurie DulcimcrClubv.-llIlwokIns9th ANNUAL DULCIM ER DAYS FESTI· VAL al Indian Creck Park. Workshops . jamming. folt.: dancing . hymn 5lngmg. openconcen. No camplng : motels nearby , Inro; i)Qrolhy May, P.O . Bolt 8172. Prairie Village. KS 66208. JUM 2

0.)'100. 0 11

2nd ANNUAL DULC IM ER DAYal Carriagc Hill s Farm. Info; Dayton Dukimcr Club, 643 E. Euclid. Spnngfleld. OH

4S!m . JUM 11-9


Park, CO

3rd COLORAlX) STATE DULCIMER FESTIVAL AND CONTEST reature!> an ans aAd crafts fesl lval in M1dition to concerts, contcst~ and wnn:shops . Info: Flal Moontall1 Dukll1lCrCo.. P.O . Bo. 3988. Estes Park. CO 80517, JOlI586-6727. June 14-16

Cosby. TN

9th ANNUAL COSBY DULCIMER &: HARP CONVENT ION . Dally work · Wtops, anc-moon mini-conccrts. evemng concerts. IQfo: Folk Life Center or the Smokles. P.O . Bolt #8. Cosby. TN 37722. 6151487-5543

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JUIlt' 1"'16

JUlN' l l-lJ

Marshall , MI

T h. 1985 SOUTH ER N MI C HI GAN DULCI MER FESTIVA L. sponsored by Uncle Carl', DulelfllCl'" Club. will fulUt~ wonshop!;. dancing, open 5!age. ooncens; Campsile:51v" labie . Info: Barbara Borton. 1660 W . Ki mme: l Rd .. hchon . MI 49201. :5 17n84-62 10.

Saturday & Sunday 22 & 23 June 1985 Beverlv Hllll, CA

HONORING JEAN RITCHIE & 'AUl VA. ARSOAU A FESTIVAL STAFF OF OVER 100 INCLUDING Janlla Bah. R.ndy Mlrch,,"y BIlly Birrell BIll M_ Rulh Barrell p"" McKHver Calhy Barlon BuOdy MKM.,'lr BKky BIKlcley MoIoneV Evo Bluesleln DenIS Murphy P"" Bouldlng Mirk Nelwn Ph,lip Bouldlng LII.Ornlleln L.rk,n Bryanl 0"" P,r, L,z C,rrOIi ..Ie,n R'lch.e J.rrelle C,rler Ptmel. Robe." OorOlhv Chase K,m RobtnlOf1 M,w, CoII,nt J.y Roufld P.uuell Cook Mlche Rugg L,nd. RUSHII Alberl O'Ouche Percy DanlOf1h Deborah S.ndler Penn F,. Tom Sauber Roberl Foree Cyn", Smllh Holly T,nnen Alasd, .. FfiHr Lance Frodsh,m C.rhy T"uI Calv'fl Gravat! Paul V~n A ,sdlle Larrv Hall RoQe"Wey Nul Hellm.n Rlndy W,l k,nson Sam H,n IOfl KII.n 1V,1I,.ms Jay L ~lhnv'" ..!oemy WIIIon Dav. MM;h.M; BIf~r. MM;Don.ld M~




The: 5T H ANNUAL SU MM ER SOLSTICE DULCIM ER & TRADITIONAL MUS IC & DANCE FESTIVAL. held tn Greystone PIark . fe.lII~ ov.r 120 wortshops (mstNmenlli. ~inglng and dancing). ~, uti enOs Info: Clarlr. &: E1atne: Wei~man, 4401 TI1IIiC1S PI .• Tan/If\a. CA 9 13.56. 81&1"342·7664.

Charlollt', NC

JUIN' 15


Ik'·crly lillis, CA

The: 4TH ANNUA L C H A R LOTTE (N C.) FOLK MUS IC FESTIVAL. held al U.lIl1 Plantal ion Pan:. "'III hold ",00; . shops and cono:ens wilh hammer duki· """r. mountai n du lei"""r .nd ot:her in· 5!J\ImenIS; . Iso gospel sing mg and coonl!)' dl nclng. No camp ing . Info: Mari lyn Price:, :5301 Alc.u Rd ., /l.lPnhews. NC 28 10:5. 7041846- 1899. June 15- 16

C rOtOn, NY

Clearwatc:r's GR EAT HUDSON RIVER REV IVIAL. will b(- held al Croton Poinl Park, on the banks of the Hudson River access ible: by boal: campi ng avaIlable: . M LI5IC, d~. mmle. lheatre & SlOI)'Ic:lItng. pl us enOs & c:xhibilS. Info; tHldli Wetdo. 112 M ark~ SI . Pntlgh ket'pslt'. NY 12(,(11 . 9141454-7951. JUIN' 21-lJ

Blue MI . Llrke. NV

The: NORTI IEAST DULCIMER SY MPOS IUM, he ld al the Adirondack Ce:nler for !he ArtS, WIll deal with the: lheme of rftylhm; di$CIIssions, ooncen s. dance . Info: Barb Tf1ICx. 24 S. SI. ' 2, Iklhel. 06801. 2031744-7 166.


8t'«a. Kl'


KENTUC K Y SU MM E R D ANCE SCIlOOL.I! lkrel College. Berell, KY . Info: T Auxrc:r. 1445 8 louiSVIlle Rd .. Fmnl..fon. KY 4()60 1. SO"J22.J-I709. Junc 18-JO

Alilimonl , NY

O U ) SONGS FESTI VAL OF T RA DI· TIONAL MUS IC AN D DANCE fea!u~ co ncerlS, ICS~lItnJ, Jearn-how, mi ni· ooocens. children·J nrca and parhci p:lIory dance: arca . Info: O ld Songs, I ~ ., P.O . Bm 197. GU Ilderland. N Y 12QS4, :5181 76:5-28 15 JUrII 29-JuJy I

No. C A Mt5.

I£L IU VER CA MP·OUT WO RK S HOPS fe:alun ng Instf\IClIon in ltnltng. gUItar. molIntam .nd hammer dukimc:n. foddle. banjO and _ Info: KlCkmg Mule Records. P O . Bo.l 158, Alderpoint. CA 9541 1.


, ~&\ffi:~

tw~'~ .~ c;;:;:.--1,.~' f.


,,~,-,< ot1t.$r..;..~;J_":¥.u.,. o t.,ff;n~:i-.;r

I ~


r . ... T U.' .. a BOB G ISS O N - ANNE HILL S - ANDREW CA LH O UN THE HARII ESTER S r",,_, f _ ......" .... 1o'• ., • ...cIOII'....




• • 00 00

lu ... ~

.....111"",. .....

.OTH nAya .'00 C1t.,WI ••• ~ . . . . ,~ ~"

11 _



.. _L..... _ ...... •-• ---_..._....-,_



flU WI5l t . . . lUI ImI[f • In!:'lUG .

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JUST FRIEl\1>S OICK '" A ' 'NE ALBI.\' Worlnhops . Donclnv. Jamming Open.,oge, erofh, Concerti CAMPSITES AVAIlASa

..011. M O H~: INFOR"I" TIO~' PLEASE CO~'T At." Carol Fowler· \/ke P•• , Borboro 8o.lon - Pr•• ldenl 230S Gille/f Ioke Itood 1660W. Kimmel Rood Jock,on . Mk hlgon 49201 (517) 7s".6110

Jockoon, Mkhigon 49201 (511) 16-(. 1842



JUNE 2 1. 22 , 23

ca.CDIT:> • _ORISKa,s ' DlSCUSSIOlIS • Tt11'OItUU • • .. OAliCE



.ru",_ •









with Solom.n·. S •• , 'nI1i ' " '' t"e lO CllCiHOPS! Ol5C1lSSlOliS .. Ill be e Kplor l n.o; aU ..... I et l •• or mItt.... &l'1li tllelr u... . "'. .. D>sl_ . edtl .. , hi_an, ..-.I eo" d."ee rh7tt",. , J.n ............. . (_Ul ... an! n .. t- ... _r_UI ... rt.J'tha •• n.1TORlAL ."bJ.~U ..... ~ho..n b7 the . BEGIJIliIR to A£lVAlit'1tD pb,en .. ale . . . .

ro t ... re '.n..·..1 In( .. ~.t1on &nil l"rO"'uon on loddn.o; _

e_pll... .... n. 0 .. c.ll,


' . h the ... I'&J'.bl. to .



ST. ; 2

120)) 7.... - 7166

................'.w ..'.' •.,., ...'.~."............ ,.r""\,........ .."~.~"~~O~"~O~'....................i


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JULY J ul)' 1-5

Boone. NC

Elmrm ANNUAL DULCIMER PLA YING WORKSHOP .... 111 fcalUIC beginning lfl.,1v~ cw.~. lO'mlnan , pnv.'e In· stl'llChon and open scaae· EnroUtnC'nl 11mlied 10 fiD! 125. Info; Dr Wilham G. Spc:noa. MusIC Depc .. Appaladtlan Stale Un .. Boone. NC 28608, 704I262·JOXI. July 12· 14

Dar lI ar bor . ME

2071288-5653. ~:lIdn!.

and oyeougllt t'&IIlpmg Info: H,awatha MIIS>C Fw.n-al. P 0 So_ 414. Marqumc , Ml 49855 or call 9061228-6969.

July 2"'A ule uSI 15

July 20-2 1 Rio Gnmde. 0 11


I J lh AUGUSTA HERITAGE A RT S WORKSHOP is • five ""eel; program in mlmc.cbnce. folkke and cnflS of A~­ Ixtllil. Courses ....dable 10 _nllm and Iwnm.mer dukllna. TlIt Aug~ Fest, ...1

Soulh Kenl . CT

The NATIONAL GU ITAR SU MMER WORKSHO P offCfll I. 2 and 3 ....«k 5Hwons In weh lu ,1aJ" pbymg 51)1eI; as I'IJICk. jazz. cll.S.'licaJ. lingerpicl:mg and bluegrass. MlIS!a workshops ~ feilUrcd during each Je5;SIOII . Info: NGSW . So1 222. La.l:.csllk. 06758 , 201I567-M29 .


J uly 18-2 1

Sih ANNUA L DQWNEAST DULCI· MER FESTIVAL fealures workshops. Jong shanng, instnlmtnc· malel'J booIh5. cona:n, contra cbnce Info: Son& 0( the Sea. 47 WCM St .. Bar HariJor. ME 04609.

J llly '''' AligIISI 18

iliAul. 16- 18 Info: AugU5U Wort.sbops . Davis cl E1kms College. Elkms. WV 2624 1 J04t636- I903.

E" a rt . o\Il

The non ·elec lri fied M US ICA L FUN FEST ~ by the Ongma! Dukllnet Playen Club features worbhops, concau. and ~ I/l:e pickin' , Info: lend SASE 10 Leora Goodall. 315 Maple SI . Comstock Park. MI 49321 . July 19_2 1 M ar qlleUe. MI No .... in il5 Jev~nlh year, the HIA WAnlA TRADITIONAL M US IC FESTIVAL orren ImUlonal music. cnfts .....ork· shops, achVlllCS for'n. ''''',mounl.

The D ULC IMER FESTIVAL . 1 Bob Evans Farm featul'C$ COIIICMS . ....orkshops. oooccns. and open SlIp. Info: Dukllnet Fesllval . So" 330. Rio Grande. OH 45674 61oU2AS·5lO5 July 26-21

Blnghamlon. ]'rI,'V

Th e 9lh CRAN IJ ERRY D ULC IMER GATHERING ....iII r~.ture ....orkshops. concen5 ani! COlltlll-dance. Info: M,w Collom. 197McIRMSt. • Roche$ter . NY . 146 19 716f)2lI-S856 July 27-21

Rockford . IL

Th e ROC K FORD TRADITIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL .... ill feature cl'llflS. ex· hibilS. ope n stlge and .... ortshopll. Info: Rockford Park D, slnel, 140 1 N 2nd Strttl. Rockford . IL 61107. 815/987· 8800.

~~~ FARM




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July l8-AIiKlIsl 4

PI)"mOlilh. MA

PINEWOODS CAM P feature$ !iCven resIdential partlCLPI'IOr)' ....eeb In ~_ mIIJIC and folklore FoIl MLUIC Week 1$ July 28 10 "ugu~ 4 Info. COUIIII'}' Dance and Song Soclrly of Amenn. SO, ELghth A~, N.. ", Yon. NY 10018 July 29-Au\l:1I$1 4

Louls,·illt. Kl'

The 10Ih ANNUAL KENTUCKY MU SIC WEEKEND will feature I ....-eek of Instr\ICtlOfl In fretled and lw:lmer duklmcr$. IUloharp. bUl ldinl pocket InSll'\IInaIl$. and dance UIII year In IddLIIOfI 10 the fesuval . The f<'SllViI l!>elf is Alii . 2-4 -.nd will 1m-Jude ronmu ..... orkshops and dances. Info: Nancy Darbr. Bo~ 6,.. Bardstown. KY 4(0);1 . S02fJ48-.:52J7

WVA. lnfo: David Sunky. P.O. Bo~ C. Pipestem, WV 25979. 3041466-0626 August 2-11

MeBdocino. CA

Lark Ln the MommA MUSIC CELEBRAnON features musIC and dance .... ort.. shops on I vlllCly of lnill1.LnlCnts Info: UrI;: m thc Mormng. Bo..: 1176. Mcndocino. CA 9S46O. 707~.:5.569 .

AUluSI 3 1. Stopl . I Park. MD

Cedan'iIIe S ..t ...

Sponsored by the Dukuller o.sorgamzatlOfl 0( ~tcr Wastunglon. thc TIllltD ANNUAL FAL L M USICAL WEEKEND. wLIl be held II CedarvIlle State I'arlr; . MD. Info: KeLlh Young. 38 15 Kendale Rd • Annandale. VA 22003, 70JI 94 1· 107 1.

contests InclLKhng mountlLn , "", hammer duknllcr. 1m and crafts fair, woRshops. and ronceru Info: Bob Redford. P.O. BoK 24.:5, WmrlCld. KS 671.:56 ) 161221 -

"'0 Sfpl t mbn-17·zj


Sfplcmbtr 1\l-22

l>iprslfm , WV

For an old lime moullliln mll~1C fCSliViJ. PIPESTEM offers roncenJ Ind wOl"l~ at the Folkhf.. Cenkr In Plpeslem,


II Pme Mountain Slale Rcson I'arlr;. Mmlconcerts will be htld as .... ell as ....'OO'sbops on both the f"'L1ed and hammer t!ukulXf'$. Info, Barry H(lward. Pille Mt Stale RC5O"I Parl, PLMvllle. KY 40977 . SOll))7-

J066. ~plcmbtr


Wlnstlfd . CT

The AlITUMN III LLS DULC IM ER FES· TIVAL Wi ll be Mid al Camp Sc(jl.lassen. Winsted,




Winfield . KS

14th ANNUAL WALN UT VA LLEY FESTIVA L will be held II the Winrleld, Kan51S FatlJfOOrds. 1lIc festival features

10th Anniversary 1985 - 7 Day Celebration' Louisville , Kentucky July 29 - August 2 Week lotlg illstmctiotl ill: • Dulcimer • Hammered Dulcimer • Tin Wh istle & much more • Dancing . Singing • Story Telling . C ra fts • Instrument Bu ilding

August 2-4 Weekend Concerts Workshops Dances Craft s O n site ca mping

Natiollally k1lmo1l illstmetors For scheduJes. pricing and further mformaliorl pleil5el'Ofltact Nancy Barker · P.O. Box 651 • Bardstown. KY 40004 • (502) 348-5237



.nd dances. P O. Boll 807, W in~led. 06098. 2OJl319-9857

• f







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What's New?

C ARDBOARD DU LC IMERS ulluly. i"Uptlll;~~ i ... Hno _ _ u.. ida! for bfsjftn., pI.i.,.., ... Khoolo and O""';n,: U'PI- 011. ki.. aft ~ for .-ic~ builders. All ~ru aft pte-ali. A......wy aka rwo hot.In, t"fq";"" no tharp or unUNO! ux.... w~ .ak~



fOIid wood 'f'H~


"'rom. _....thout 01 d~l. 200 Ib. IoInnsth (OI'nIpttd ardhoatd. No ply. wood.. b in ten.......In......... play.

inc _nul incluoltd. Pnf«1 pouml 10. younltlen or _lIlkai f.iend •. p.leu: $24·$44. l ' ouP



Helin", if, btl~ .... to we offe. OI'N rN<kn. 1m' trial. W..'l1 nm ..,. ,lor mu. n lIhiptlll'll if l'OU ....n" ..,idiN. Write '00" flftuuq: OI'N Fr« T ril l Offer, INc l. ,....! MUlle. P.O. Be.. 9Oi7. N..... H• .,tn, CT 065)2 or n il lOll46'}.S7S6 fl"Oln 7 LII'I, • 11 po ....

David Crosl

llilb and lIo1lftsiJlm Miller, JU/IC Appal Roronhngs . P.O. BoK 228, lIampron. TN 37658. Th'51llbum realureshammefdulci· ~ and gu ..". duf:ts In " wncty of Indi. honal .nd tMd lime moonlaln UIIIl'S

Walldfring WomanlElalllC SII"n. Slh'rr SlJ'eam MIISIC , 20 Wills M'e .. Sl4lnhoJle. NJ 07874 nilS atollShC foil. .Ibum (abo aVllII:ab1e as • c:I5Set1e !:Ipe) sho\l..cases vocal' ... nll (reued dukimer. S-$!nng banJO, guitar, fiddle, mandolin. Dobro and NutlOllal Stecol gUitar.

.' ull COLI IV MeaVTom MacKen:.ue. SOl, 41 . Adamllnt. vr OS&W. This CIIS!iCUC tape felltures classical . rngllme. Frencll ClInadlan and orglnal tuncs played on Illlmmer dulCimer With fiddle and plano

Wlnt tr Sol5 tl ctl1olln McCut c lleon . Rounder Retords. I C~mp SI ,. Clmbodge, MA 02140. Thill album featurti hammer dulcimer music for Chnsunas. Chanul.ah and the New Yc:ar's Season wnh Tr3pCzOKI and mcmbcn of the Wa.o;hInlton Ibeh Conson Ca n' and "'c:tdiRJffhc Chmchillas. 7616 Newmark AYe. Rosemead. CA 91770 Thl~ cusene tape fealures hammer and rretted dukunrr. vocals. IU'w, ~nn)·­ .. h,st le and other Illstrumc nu 011 such selectlQllS 15 Spot,f'fI PMI' and aJ



A Dul cl m tr l'o lpourr V8ruce Knarr . 3082 WarTIrllton Rd. , Shaler UCl ghu . OH 44120. ThlS CI5S1:III: tape COIItlillS vocals IUld {JIZZ. blurs. balllids. daMIC.I. Iris.l1. Israeli. elc.) ... ,,11 frelled dulcllner , bass. 5ynl~'lCf. nUlt. rcrordcr and dul shar

": ddtn lI101mm o ns Coll tc li on/ F.ddcn H ammon~. Wcst Virginia Unl~crSlly I're~s. Colson 111111. Morgantown. WV 26506 This documentary album cootams 1I'$!ooc fltld rtCOfdmgs of old time fKklIe mllSlC m:otded in 1947 by folklon$! LouiS Watson Chapp:lI . An 18 page booL.kt accompanies the album.

Appalac hi an Du lcimers l'-l. rmJ '" ~h" Y,_ "'~ K-Wrll....!, """~. v_ ""_ l:rlt ""

;; \

T_ o .'or The KOitdI lRnny Carnahan and Robin Petne. 80l 2615. San Rafael. CA <).1912

o o

J l F,nt """,,·s


C ... flJ .........III/>




lIere IS a marvelous C3$!iCue tape. West Coa5t re sidents Danny Carnallan and Robm Petnc have prothICed :II bountiFul bundle of pnillanly Insh t13Ci1l1lMl1l1 musIC done wnh fcding . spi« and «'51 fob . Petrie's hammered dulcimer playing handles the most difficult passages with com· funable COf1trolllnd horr smooth U'ltn~lhons from lead to backup make h.\.lcning I plcasure. lRnny Carnahan adds fiddle. man001., guim and. wonderful "01~ Ihat nlS Imh mUSH;: like a thick whnc beard fits Santa Claus, J igs. reels. hornplpc5 , .\.1111111· ~ys and songs follow one another In thiS IWO penon tour de feMU. Pel"SOll31 (,"0ntes include 0 CDI'f)/i;J,,'s Ora",I" done: at a ~ lhat hlghhglus lhe beauly of lhe melody and a five tUM medley at the end of


Side A played With toe tapptna qII.lIIl. This cassette i~ wrll ~, I*1LIICed. and JU.\.l a .. hole bunch of fun 10 heM and en.lOY. Wnh ~tlClp;ltlOO I look fo""ardlo ruture rcrordngs by Ihll 4110 Dave OrrPasqua Playin, tht II l1 mmert'd Dulr imer In The Irl)h Tndltion/Karrll Ashbl1)o/c , Fooiscup Publications, P O . Bo~ 8310. SilYer Spnllg. MD 20907

Do you long 10 .. hlp ufflnsh tu~ ""th all the OI'TIIImtlllS and embel"~hmenlS of I 5UWlled cclbdh mllSlClan'! Are you 111tlmidated .. hen you'rr at a)3m JcSS/Oft and c"erybody d!oCl lIIows oouns or ~ure and wonderful Insn dance tunes, and)OU can only hal!1mcr out I very onIllW)" ""-Indinl S"wlJ_UJ,n Do you ,"sn you could BCl_body UI slow down enough 10 show you IIow they gel all lhose dam

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inlo a few be.IS? In short. If you IIIXd privI\C lessons In pI.yin, Indl musIC: on Ihe h.mmered dulcimer . Knen Ashbrook 's new bookIcasSl:t~ tutor IS Just the: thing for )'00 . nus IS - u)(r fnc:ndlyinWUCtion, With K~n '. Ion, eapc:nc:ncc: aI. jam XS5IOOS; - Bc:wan: or donleJ belnl pH.~ <W<!r )'011' InStrument don't barJ:e in ...obsc:rve the: dyTlllmlCS or Ihc: pc:opIc: In the: $eU1OO . -. he:r own winding p.1th to bc:cvminS a dulcmltr player spttlahzlng in Irish muslC ..... 1 ended up gotnS around the: ...urid fWlCC. "'lIh my musIC filW"lClnl my IInels-. making both the: lipe and the book '"Cry KttSsiblc. 1bere ~ forty,slx tunc:s 111 the book, printed both in standard nGUtlOll and a tablature ... hlch IS eapl'lnc:cI '" the: In· troductlon . 1be musIC 15 ~eryeasy to read and lhe enhre: book IS enhvened With de· lightfully rey draWings by Paulettc Di· ckerson. Bet....een lhe: book .nd tht cn· settc a vcry clcar cxplanatiOfl is given of the basic ornaments, tn plets, Mgrn", grw;e noles, I"Qlls and crans. thai are: fQUnd '" Insh musIC Elevcn or ille 1UneJ; an: demon traled on lhe: tape: . KlltCn begins lhe lape by In· troducing he:r dulcimer. a [)Jsty Stnnp [).15 . pllyin, 11\ arp<:U'o or t .... o and ,n ~lIlng the: IIstcl"ICr 10 play lion@: .... Ith htr. I found my~lf wlntin, more than the: elc"cn tlll'lCS that an: pe:tfonned. first upIO-kmpo. and then sJo.."ed down 50 that cvcry O()\c and embellishment cl n be clearly understood. M:my of the: tunes ....en:: completely new 10 me. I found the polkas. Oh. 1M Bnt("ht'$ FuU of SflC"M$. and Tht' 41 Pound Chtd dch"uful and CliJJs of Muhtr and Cr/HI;,,'s lIurnp''pt' very utilln,. I .... ould hive IoYtd to 1u.'"C other unfamihar tunc:$ such as Tht Poor Old WfHMII. Tht H _ '$ ojUs(l/It:/1 and Maplt ....... u/pn:senttd lIS ....ell on the: !llpe. I heanily feCQmmend Ihls bookicas!;l:lIe sel to all intermediatc and advuoced play· CIS ....1\0 are lookin, for I way to inrn:aSoc their repenoln: and the ir Skill level. And .... atch out. Im h sc:»ions! 1be hamnlCrW dulc ullcrplaycn are:ooming.and ""·hen .... e ge! !here: . ...·c·re going 10 be fl'ady for uny· Ihing. Mlu.1C Collins noteS



If you teach 01' build instruments Ind would lake \0 ha,'c Du/rlmt'r Playtfs Nt ..·s subKripCion blank! and ~k issues for your students or CUStonltrs. contact us Wc'lI be &I" 10 send you tonIC.





..... ,....

Ten Ca r olan Tunes Nineteen Other Airs S01D(! With Ilarmony Parts Standard Notation And Tnblature

53.00 & 50C

p08 ta~e

Sara L. Johnson

449 Hidden Valley Lane Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 513/761 - 7585

I want each :wb!icnbc:r 10 blO .... aoout our special rales for readers who are: ex· pc:nenc,"! financial difficulties. When you re:ne ..... know thaI you can send ...·hal you can IITon:!. S7 IS our artlltrary fcc: for those .... 1\0 n«d il. If you can aITon:! noIh· ing, send us nothin! and ....e·[] stIli be pleased 10 ~ a ycar of DULCI MER PLA YERS NEWS ....1Ih you.

1:lOOKS r.... MO UNTA IN OULC IM t:II; hy 1'0,\1 RAB IN • NEW TUN .:s.tOI.O FRIENOS ..S-I.9S 19 Sonrs and l)anft!l. lndudl n~ 0 /4 J H Cl<vt . SohIiuf' J oy. It"ild ..-ood Flo..·" . • A n,.:ASAl\T AOOI CTION .. SS.9S 211>ance and Songs.lncilldln&I/IilW IIJ ,It.. Wrdil/¢. ~r ,It .. ........,,011. ,\'...' C.....'7. • SI'F.CIAI_ . ROTII ROOKS ...$IO.OO ppcI. rrom Il oc nOOI.E PR.:SS ... _

St ..

SI_ _ .



C~~~.~:?e~~., 1

FREE Mati Order F~~k MUSIC

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Personal. dependable. lasl service Telephone Orders ($20 Min.) (SI8) 765--4193 VISA/Me


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MUSICAL IJARTY GAMES ror J .S. Bach's 300th Birthday by Pau l Furn1lS 1... 10 A Uo, CA

The ground bass tlult Bach used for hiS founeen CDnons is gi ven in lhe. fio;l en ml'ie hel"'" One re~<nll Rach liked Ihi. panicular ground bass is that it worts as a crub unnOIl . Tl1e rule for I. cnw canon is that one person must play the melod)' backwards while aoothcrperson plays it in the normal wa)' . Find another duleimer pllyer (even a complete beginner will do) and try playing thi s ground bass as a crab canon - o~ of you playing the wblalure from right 10 left while the Othcrone plays it from left 10 right. It isn' t it specUICularduct. but it isan musical curio. Thc upsidc..oown version of the ground bass (the second example below) won.s I S another crab canon. This ground bas~ 1I1M! fUl1<."t ion, it; a mirror flloon . The rule fOl' a mirror fanon IS that OI\C playa play, the onglnal melody I'.hlle 1I110111<:r po;rson pl ay~ the 1n\'Cned (or upslde·do.... n) vcr· 'Ion or,he melody . f·OI' this muroreaoon ho....ever. boIh player< cannot sian ~nnu ltancously la. the~ do .. hen pia),"!! the c~nons). While one player forgo ahead I'. uh lhe onglnul ground ba.\s. lhe o~her player musl wait until the on gmaJ is half-way through before beglnnmg 10 plllY the mVl'rtrn gruund bass. If )"00 have trouble getting Slan~..:I ",.,hlh;s mirror canon. Just lool al 00 .. Ihc.'>C IWQ \'cl'l>ions of thoc gl't)llnd bass are " 'nllen out on the ncJ.l page After IJcmonstrating some of tM g)'mna,l1c slUnt< thai the ground bass can p<'rfurm ~tt by '1.><:1f. Bach finally lreal> II ,n a more cooI'enuonalmanner by "riung ornme ··lInprovlsallons·· to play along" IIh it. The ·· unpru~ ,sauon··l'rt'>Cmrn here /third e~amplc below) creates ~ mirror c~non" Ilh ,ts own ,nvel"Sl<)n. Ju~t as lhe groond ba~ docs . In fOCI. lhe Imprt)\ i.o;ah()l1al n1lroT caoon and the ground bons m,rror canon wen: 1Jc~,gncd 10 be pl~yed together as a doublt' miror canon (set' ~1I page). Wilh a linle pr..cllce. this double mirror moon becomes surprls inSly easy and extreme ly 'i:ll.$f),ing to play.

llere arc some mUSical g an~~ for mounlam dukl1llcr< to help edd>r.ut Johann s.:ba~uan ij""h', JOOth bin""b.y 1M""," 21. I'lllSI. These gan-.n also arc an cnJO)'able miluduCiI()Ilto two interesting t)pI!S of mu~ical f()l11l: <'anon and ground 00». A cwoon is a type of melody " 'hleh can ge!1ernlC its own counter-melody - if the players kllOw the "rule" or Irick for manipulating tlult paftkular m<'lody . The nam<' ("fI"(III Itsel f literally m<'ans r"/f' . Rounds at"(' the moM common type of canon. The rule for a round is that lhe melody merely has to be echoetJ 10 create a counter-melody; the only lock is knowing precisely "'hen tnc echo should begin echoing. Rules f()fother types of canons can be I. linle tnckier. but that jllSt adds to the fun. The mU$icll games on these two pages were unknown unlil a few years 19o ""hen they ""ere diSW"ered in a group of founcen miniature pieces in Bach's own handwriting. They were written lau~: in the composer's life 15 a sampler of different types of callOns. Whe n writing groups of piece:s. Bach orten used wme special Slructurnl device to give the group a sense of unity. In Ihis case, the device is I si ngle ground bass melody that is inoorpornted into every one or Ihe founecn caoons. A I:round ba» is D .~i mpk:: bas~ melody that is u....,d a~ a struclul11l flllnlC"'on. or harmoniC foondah()l1. Sl1nilar to Ihe manncr In '" hieh JaM I11u.,c .ao. u><, .landllrJ chQrJ progN",,,n. such as the lwelve-bar blue). Generally it ground oo~, i, pla}'cd over - and - over. while mon: ornate mdodlCs are Impro"I"Cd above 11. (Pachdbel" s Clllllm In IJ I~ an e~Hmple of a ground bass PIece: in I'.hich the ground bass IS pl~ycd 201 urnes. The word CU/I(JII in tiM: ti tle refers 10 1110: fact thatthc "IfIlproviscd" melodies playing above the grourK! oos.~ atl,' lICtually a catl,'fully l"OnSlructed rourK! for th!l'e in,trurTll'nIS.

Original Ground 8 a.S$-worb


a cn.b eaoon.










In~erltd Ground Ba.S$-woos as a cn.b ClInon with itself and won.s as a mirror caoon with the originl ground






" Impro\'lsallon'"'-Io pia)' " ith the original ground bass or wilh the g.round bass mirror canon.

- 1,~ 10- 1'-2J-~ I, r, ;II:;;, w w w w w w


to "

1'.'.$w I", - Ii'!UUit :11 ,Jat



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, ',j


I"nian Tuning

Thi s un Ll5u~lJy line piece of music for IOOUllIain dulcimers permi ts tx:ginnen and more upcriellCed players to have a mutually $ sfying e~pcricl1tt playing together. Pl ayt:n al cilher level will be modcrntelyehaJlenged without being overwhelmed. and both I(,vels will nuke a signirlCaJll contribuTion 10 the 0"" .... ]] effect of the piece . Play tllis fi rst sec1iun ~ 10 gel the piece staned . The two dulcimers thaI come in 31 the middle o f this seclion an: playing the Hmirror- Of "upside·dov,·n" versions of the music Ihal the O(her IWO dulcimers began wilh.






















•,, o











•, "

Ul U I


As)'oo finish playing the first section go right on inlo the sccond section, which you can play uvcr-and-ovcr as many ti mes as yoo wish . NOIicc Ihal most of what you play in the second scction is idcnlicallO what yoo played in the first !ieClion. The t:\ symbols sllow you ,,'hkh not es the fast du lcimers should Slop on when you ..'anI 10 end Inc piece .



• •











f •










• •

UU •






Ul U


S'! 3 ~_\UO 'I UlUUUUUULlULlUU ~





C ]985 Paul Fumas


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·• U • •

Kicking Mul e Ho m e Dulcimer -I utor -----------Mark Netson-----------

THE DULCIMER WORKSHOP FIDDLE TUNE S AND TECHNIQU ES la l / a - Hour Les sons on 6 Cassette Tapes Unlike an y e. l sli~g sys lem lOr leac hing the d ulc imer. The Dulcimer Workshop is designed 10 help illIIrmedlate players realile their mUSical potentia l. Beglnlling wllh the first le sso n . you will lea.n lunes. I~hnique$ and Ihe ~ c k g rouM necessary 10 help yo u become a beUer mus lc:lall. The nine teen lune s are sel~ted 10 illu strale impartant techniques SUCh 11$ cross tunlngs . hlrmony. si mple end c ompl e_ ornamenta l ion . and more . eac h t une IS g iven on tape and al)&ln In IIbllture; linger positions are given l or several 01 the lunes. Th e locu s on The OulelmerWorkahop Is to help you develop I per sonll st yle 01 playing The Inlormatlon o n luning. harmony. c hord bulld lng. transpos ing and arranging may be applied 10 Iny slyle 01 mUllc. while the see tloflS on strumm ing and ornamentallon will help g ive your playing the g.ace and drive 01 a Iradltlonal hddle play erl Wnetner you naya Only .ec enlly Itarted plaYing th e dulcimer and can play through iI le w l o ngs o r you nave been p llylng lor yelrl. you wlllUnd The Dulcimer Workshop a val uable l eaching tool The taped le sson s. Ihe boo k . Ine tablature . and many ehan s and c u mple l for an encyclopedia 0 1 d Ulc ,mer l echnlques Ihll you will relurn to again and ege ln The Ouic;imer Workshop Illhe ne.1 bestlhing 10 ha",ng a live-In prlvlle tutor! COmplete Sel 01 lITape.ln Binder with eo Plge Book . ..•. . .. .. ... . . . . . ... . . . . . .. ... , •. • . . . • .. . • • • W .OO lit ordered sepalately .. S80.9S)

----------Peter Tommerup----------

TEACH YOURSELFTO PLAY THE DULCIMER 12 l / a-Hour Leseons on 6 Ca88ette Tapes N ote- for -Note In.tructionl!l for Over 30 Popular Folk Tune. Whether you are In Ibsolule beg inner who hes Just seen your IIrsl duleim er, or an e.perlenced player lOOking lor some lIew Idees aM techniques. you will enjoy Ihl s seri es of l eaehlng tapes . They begin with Ihe basles: how 10 hold Ille Illstrumenl. an ex c eltol'lt sec tion 0 1'1 tun ing . and Ihe bulc strum • . Ind Ihay 90 on from Ihera. Slap by step. Pel er laads you lhrough mo ra than 30 lunes. with note by nota Inltruellcns. You will laero to plly by strumming. IIl'Igerplcklng, lIetpic;kll'lg . pley,oo ana string at a time , and making chords. 810ng with meny olner techniques end ideas l hlll popular performarl u le 10 vlry the melodies to make them more Intarestlng. and a very solid repertoire 01 Ihe folk tunes mosl widely known . And Petel will teach you thesa tunel In kays Ihat ale most Often u sed lo r Ihem by fiddla pleyef$ eM IIIrlng bands SO that you will be able to pley with olhar mUSicians il1lmedllllely wllhoUI having to relearn Iha lunas In new keys eyery time you wal'l l io make mUSic. evary luna Is damonslrete<! note lor note. and the/e al e over 1'0 pages 01 pnnted l ell and \lib wllh Ihe malodles also In conYen tionat nOlallOn . You will get Chord c harls and IInge.lng d lagrem. es wetlas helplul hints, and aven some blenk tab paper to usa IOf notes and wrillng down new tUnel (you Ire welcome to photocopy the blank peper and haye a lilellme supply). Jusl about everylhlng yo u need to telrn to make end enjoy music with your dulcimer Is Included. To learn to play Ihe dulc imer. all you need ale the se tapes. a c assette pla yer . and a dulclmar. Compleilit Sal of IlTlpel In Binder with 1.0 plQlIt book ..•.. .•.•. , •.•..•.•••••••• •. • •••• .... ... • .••• W .OO (if separa l ely .. $80.95) re'UYI'OV-OnoliPeol yo..,choiCe-iiiiheiegular pllee 01 5 t2 . $;fAI-inil;me;~tilr ee montns OTYOufp'lir:'1 ,chlse you mly eemplete the series. For 1.52.50 you w,1I receive the lemainlng S tapes with binde r end all : prinled mllarlal • . Your fatal purchase plOC8 w,1I slltl be W. OR buy the whole se l our to d • .,. monay L~~!_g_~a_r.!'.?!!,!-~u -:?_~y ra~,!~,!,!~!,o-,_!,!'!.!.!!~~ a I,!l.! ra ' !!!,d,__ ______________ ___




BOX 1 5 8



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An Interview With ...

Billy Bennington by Mitzie Collins Rochester. NY

Billy Bennington. of Sarford. (~ar NOfWich in East Anglia). has been playing the dulcimer since he was ubout eleven yean old. Now an energetic 84, Benning1011 plays polkas. ITIIIfChes. hymns. church anthems. music-hall chol\lses. carol s. and D wide variety of Iwentielh~entllry populartunts . With the guidancenffolk.lonsls John and Kale HowSOfl of Stowmaltct. Suffolk. I was able to meet aDd visit wilh Billy Benningtoo 00 a sunny August after0000 in 1983. Ik nnington is small and sligtllly stooped. His white hair frames a face Ihal is happily animated ",hell he is \.alking, but veT)' impassive when he is playing. His eyes have II tw inkk. and his voice has a '10ft Nonolk accent. Our con· versation about hi s life as a dulcimer play· er was spiced with laughter. and liberally

seasoned with stories and dulcimer tUII<!S.

As I listen lomy tapcsofthat meeting. I am wrapped again in the warmth of my congenial host and his wife, [ri~. I hear the sounds of tea cups and Offfl'S. and my ~ady acccplance, of "ooc .non: cake"; I hear BenninglOn's delight rn playing the dulcilTlCT for DviSitor frorn faraway. I hear in his stories, which span nearly threequartcn; of a ccmury of playir.g, tilt dulcimer as the center of recurring theme$ of frkndship, recogniuon wilhin hiSCOIIlmu· nily and creative satiSrltCllOn Benmngton's father played lhe penny ..... histle, and his moIher was an ItCcordian player, but Dilly ~members mal hi s father "always had a mInd (Of" a dukinrcr. because in his days the dukinrcr ..... as all around. Norwich ..... as full oftlrem. rn lOOse day~ it wa ~." Billy look lessons. at si~pr:nce apiece, from Billy Cooper's falher. the organiSI of Hing ham Church and bandmaster of Hinham and Wanon' s Band . He n:nrcmbrn; Old Cooper havrng him

play alllh~ Kalu .. , pia)' rlt~m all prOfluly up und do ..'''' And ... Ir~n I roulrl pia)'

Ih~ SCCII~s h~

said. 'Th~n I'lilfach YQU lunu mw nor umi/.· IV~II. 1 play~d lhou bltJfHII;ng srol~s lind play~d and run"N Ih~m all do ...n mill rhat wlisfaclory ... no ... h~ say. ·No... )'011 go homl! and start Il'arn;ng Ih~m all 0\'1'1' agllill.. ...·h~n you com~ n~Xllim~ /' IIll'a,n ),ou a III"~: Wd/. Ih~". h~ Itllf/JI m~ On 100 Gm:n. u polka. Tllal on~ h~ us~d 10 play i" Ih~ oo"d. EI'~'>'on~ IIs~d 10 pia), il. aimoSI ~'·~,>,..III!'1! )'011 ...tIIl - la han'I!SI SUPM's or danus . som~

After Bennington had learned to play Th~ Grun and Tht Dulci~ Bef/e, a ..... altt composed by Billy Cooper. he reo counts


... Iht old rna" (Coop~ r, . h~ said. a Ir~nlfor you. WNntsday nighl /'I~ gOl a gard~" pany". h~ sn)" " Waod ...ard R~clQf}'. I "'(1111 you 10 comt play." I don't k"o .... 1 so)'. "1($111/ right," h~say. ~l'mgormapla)' ...irll }'OII." Son"y rllf~ . f pla}'ing On The Green and M "'(IS Ihtr~ 1111</1"'(11 pll'ri"g INsll CQulrl.1 pf~lIs~d ...i,1I m}'s~/f. a"d 'hI' old boy Sfop~d. f ...u.s still (lllIy;"g . I INglln a SOfIg. f rwlic~ Ilrt old man slmck JlP ngllin. W~II tll~". Ih~)' "'nm aIJOIII~ron~. COUrSt ...~ piaYN th~ Sllm~ Onl' again. This liml' I playing. All //I onct I su th~ old IIIIm going fHl$1 ...illl sonr~boJy; dam-i"g ...ilh som~OIJ~ ... "'~ p/lI)'in' aloll~! I hadn', miss~d him. lind f play~d il righl Ihrough ... lllt" ,111' old man JXlUstd, hI' said. "No..... my boy.from 110 ... /III. YOU'rt on )'our /I"'''''' Thlll'S Ira ... hI' brQl<gh, m~ OUI . .. ~No ..·, /" .~ gOl

Billy bought the: instru ment tie now plays for £2 in [922 from an 85 year-old man, who wid him that his falher had the instrunrcnt before him. A spec ially·made, canvascanyi ng caseenllbled Billy tocany it strapped on his back as he motorcycled across the coun trys ide:. The: wing-li ke: shape of the: dukinrcr gave him the nick-


name ofTht BarfordAIIgd and he rt:members thedifficulty of cycling IntOthe Wind. 8 uI with the wind behind him. II ....·ILS like having ~D sa il to 11ft you up-

One of Billy Bcnni ngton's favorite Stories is about the talent contest. "Opportunity Knocks", that he entered in 1950. After winning the local and regional contests, he went to Cambridge to compete in the grand area fi nals. lie was "the ooly man in [,500 contcstants to play the dulcimer" and was , EaSt Anglia and the Ea,t MIdlands. Each contestant had only five minutes to pIDY , Billy viyidly described tire moment "hen the wool of his hamnrcrcaught on one of the pins of his dulcinrcrand the hammer flipped right IntO the judge's papers. As Bill y reminisced. he chuck led, " ... by the time: I gOi my stick back. one thing and al\Olher. I wllS gone . I finished up the same as I began. I ..... as like the old song. 'We came in th.s world wilh IIO!hing, and ...·e take IIO!hing out.' That's what I had ." While employed as a gardener at var· ious C1;tatCS in the Norwi<:h area. Bcnorng· !OIl kept up a full schedule of playing at pubs. ChriStmas day Socials. whist d",·cs. churc h festiva ls. festivals. Yillage -hall concerts. dallCe5 and even med his hammers at busking I number of times lIS a very young man . In n:cent years. he has appeared fai rly frequently on local radio and T.V. programs. such as " Bygones". and has enjoyed taking part III reYlval folk activities such as tire 1983 Sidrnoulh Festi· val and Thc [983 Farnham Folk Day. lie Stillieams r.e ..... tunes and say~ "sometlnrcs I get up In Il'Ic middle oflhc: nighl 10 woO: on a turrc I'm thinking of." Billy Bcnlllng' ton cstilTUllfs thaI he has practiced about thi rt y minutes most days since he first le;lflled to play the dulcimer. The large repe rtoire ""hi<:h he plays will). rh)'lhmlc vi talily and accuracy «:Silfies

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BY ANNA BARRY INCLUOES ........ lCoIn PopI,IIa •• Old Englilll, ,,0<1 Early Amath;.n Tun.. ; Ch.l.rmlS Inc! EaSIer CarolJ; T.adirionJ,l Til .... In Non-T'ad,11ORal Tum"9l. Song. to< Singing, Ens&rnbles to. Ouit'm.... RKQ.dert. f lute GUill'


_ .... ----_..

·.......,., __ ..,.1""-... ... ..... , _ _ , e.."".,... ..... -... •.. , - ,... ,,. ........ _~

.11'...,.".... "..".,. '~ _ _ _olh _ _ _ 01 ~

-. "'"'""-_ -


- . , -.. .", • <My <II



ORDER FROM SOUNDINGS p d. eo. '9U , Boone, NC 28601 Prk:<I $12.00 Poalpaod In U S

Wl'IoI.-.,-, (M,nlm",m, e B~sl n,SoO ppd

-r,.. _




far better thun any l~aclM:r 's n:minders 10 the benefits of n:gu lar pr.K'lIcmg. Even ITIOI'e importBnllhan the technical ease and

muskal gracefulness with which Billy lknningtOfl play! is Ihcobviousjoy that he feels in hi$ music and sh:m:s with h,s listeners,

For additional read ing and IIslening

SSTO Bowed Psaltery Fully Assembledneeds only to be: sanded, finished and strung up. FREE BROCHURE lither Shop 525 E. Ohio Denve.r, Colorado 80209

Coula, J,m , " An Introduction to the Chromalie Dulcimer ;as Played in East An , glia", Ould mn PID)"t!'! N~ ...!, Vol 10, No I , ( A discussion of East Anglitan dulci mers and tuning patterns) Howsoo, John . " An Interview wilh Billy Bennington. (Barfon! Norfolk 2212J82)" F."gli! 1r ODne~ aNi So"g Vol4J, No I , 1984. (An in-depth interview , with refercnces to playing in pub!; and busking) KClllewell . David , Alltlr~ Tu,,~! thaI E,·~,. book and CllSSClle: Front UaU Enterpriscs, Inc. 1982 . ( I nlrodu~s the dulcimer and gives many examples from English playcrs. Benn ington on tape playing " Amazing Gra«:") TM'~ W~U


Kcttlewell. David . '!hat's What I CaUs a Striking SOIJlld ' The Dulcuner in East Angha" Part One. t:.' ''glislr Oanu ulld Sons Vol 36. No 2 . 1974 (A brief background on the dulcimer players.) Kettlewell, David. lbat' s What] Calls a Striking Soulld, TIle Dulcimer in East Anglia" Pan tw()- E"S'iJh Dolt« and Sons Vol 36. No J, 1974 . (Iranscripllon of '"Tum Your Facr Toward the Sun ... " by Bennington. plus other infonnat;on on English dulcimer players)

F.ngliJh COU"try M14ic from t:aSt ""slia Topic 12\ 5229 (featuring a number of East AngliclII1 musicians. Including Billy Bennington playing "On the Green:' " Dulcie Bene"") F.nglish Cou",,, Music TopI C 12\ 296 (featuring the playing of Billy Cooper. son of Bcnn ingtoo's leacher. and a COIllemporary of Bennmgloo)

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The Answer Column Sam Rizzetta Inwood, WV Th;, q ..nti"" mid Olln<'''' col""", d..ab "'i,1I buUdi"fJ. pJClyi",. and clIri"S/Ot' d ..lei,",""

(bolh kinds) . QunriOlU au inrifro. PlelUe addulI ,II"", /0 ,/tis roI","11 in (Xlr,. of DULCIMER PUYI::RS NEWS. No/" IholUmitafioll$ of spact aN tim,. may mau ;/ ;mpossihl.. to rrspond 10 t!I'try iMlwiry . I ..m nOf lw obi.. /0 mak,. "sponus Ofhu rhall <Ill , jIM allo ...s in lhis co/umn, Qu,.lIiol/S of raJ ;",,., to ,h.. r"adtrship will gel

g,." ..

prioriry. I have. 121 11 hammHH dulci mer ~' hkh sta"" Oft G tw,kl .. middle C In 1M

bass and G#/C# on th .. Inblt brld~. I would Ilk .. 10 ("OfI~· ..rt to chroma tk lun· Inl. Can )'00 It'U 1M ir I ..-ill need any small bridges i~rted under the stri ngs and Ir 50 "'hen lI~y ~ll nst.lled. I' m ~ .. at thb , bul wming along rairly ...·..11 ronsIdfring I ' m going a ,11 on my ol'''n.

There are weh a variety of chrotnalic tuninv that I IwtIly kno .... ""Mre lo stan in an~wc:ri ng . Each has ils advantages deptnding on the music yoo most wish 10 play. H()W(lver. an American fifth interval dulcimer docs not ronverl wdl 10 Il1O$l such tunings which. in most in>tances. require ~trings. String lengths. bridge placements and bmcc placements to Ix designed appropriately . Music-aUy . the mo6t &atis· factO\')' choice is to obtain an Instr\m.... nt built for the tuning you wi1h to use . Among the more common cooiccs are C)'mOO/om 11111;"8. highly ,·crsalile but dif(lCull 10 masler, /u,ctbrm "lIIiIl8. easier but limited in 1lI~: and my own present tunmg system whICh uses the American fifth interval layout but adds in missing chromat,C'S on eJlI11l bridgcs. It would be best to use your dukimer in the manner for which it was designed . You can increase the rontinoous mnge of ayail able sharps and n ats wi th twO n:tuned notes. The highCSt note 011 the bass bridge is usually C aboY1: middle C. If the v,bl1lting length of this string is less than 14 '.1:,(.\t!/lC- II up 10 Of . Next. tune the DIG at the high end of !hoe Inble bndge to glVe a 01 to the right of the bridge , You ean IIOYo' play a ~on­ IInoous chromatic Selle for an octaye and a half by jumpmg around to the appropnatc note Iocationl. I r«t1Il ly KqulHd one of)"our Augustll Crande C hromlltk h.mmcrrd duklmct'S. lt 's lnlly. wonderful instrument!

H ow oncn s hould hammer dulcimer be replaad ? Any recommended brand ? What abou t th e top 2 bnw co ur ses o r y our Aug u s la Gri nd e C hrom . tic a nd olher m odels which you 've pitchrd subst.ntlally higher? Do I need special ~rings lhe~?


DulcimttSirings lasl indefinitely asona piano if you prevent corosion. Placeadrop or 2 of light machine oil . like "J.i n.Qnc Oi l", on a cloth . PUlCh eloth over Siring and wipe akJng the vibrating length of each string. DO NOT allow oi l on or near the pin blocks! This operation should be done once or tWICe a year under normal ronditions . In humid . sal t air si tuations this may be required almost wcckly . As far as bronds, will: composition, and gauges. your best bet ,s to n:ly on your dulcimer's maker or another builder r~lher Ihan music stores. Merely send • piece of the string you wish to replace to the maker. The string can be nw:asured for correct gauge and wire composition. If you must replace all strings for some reason. get a string gauge chart for yOW" instrument from il!i maker or bring il to I maker for gauging with a micrometer. Most builders ordulcimer su ppl y companies (sec ads in OPN will sell whateve r wire you TK:cd for n:stringing . When buUding a


duklmer . ,"'h.t

Is the Mst IMtI\od to w;c to obtai n low

Dr•• ~ .., 1 _., .. " •• wi••• 1Id ,..


.ooc. /...... njoy'" " ......... ..." c..u'" lMltin ', DIIlcimn BooIt. WI)'

fin. "od"",n '-. Cbrio,· , Hn<., • • .....,'" ,..;";,,, ..... ........, 1 __ .,..." I ..." ... ce... iot /Hrw"" I. ploy ;1. ".., ",,011., :/.... ho • • " " ,.,. HI Ho. • ~• • H I" /. ir uri".. '" • WI)' • . " •• M...... IO." "'.,...,., n4.N ."......, "... irtlnHl_c••• HI'Iy -.II ... 1 10' .."


_od" .o' ......

WI)' .........."

'--';.:0 ir • it»'.




I ......... r__ n.u" IN _ .""""

•• -..J"...'" '"'. _ i.UNo ..." .. /Hrw"" ' 0 p..y. n... yoo for _ • ...;.."..,..,

.......' .......

$t/f, ..../y,



Ft. />VUe. MD


• 103 pagts, spiral bound • 23 tn d it ional songs • 7 d u ets • St e p by st e p ins lruc tions

• 48 exa mples and Charts • ()ver 40 illus trat ions • 74 minute Co mpa nion Cassette with III songs a nd exe rcises. Ordn fTo", ,OIlT dtaln


f . o ..

IVORY PALAC ES MUSIC J H I Spomwood A~nue Memph is. TN 18 111 (901) J21-lS09

Siring Klion? Low slri", octlon. and thefl'fore low playing action. requi ru a very straight frctboanl .nd In:ts that an: leyel without any of them stICk ing up higher than others. Generally. guitar makcrs an: more familiar wi th the need for accurate aL"lion, and, therefore. more familiar wuh the methods of achieving il. Lacking a ftic:ndly. infonnative local guitar maker ,



T. . . - reoIdHI .. _ '"" .. t.....

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Supplies For Dulcimer Makers From Folkcraft folkmh Is !"O\Ir ICIIIr~ for In~ln""tnl maLi"3l11pplif1 AII ..·ood Is nrffuU," drift! MtiOfIOfd T.".. .ltocb. JUft, and finp ......... atf nndH 10 n ..... and




allcMcI \w'U iIho nne! qud,. ~ and and quKt Iklh"trr Hr_ within lilt WIlt nltJOrY may !If «Nllbl1If'd lor quanm,' dbmunu blmplt" .'llllul b:d.s .nd l dltfT} bads, IIW IIw .11 pm for taCh Ordc'1l for SO Of lI'IOrt pl«n 11 1M UIIW DIqOr)' uuf>"('. 10' Iddlooml discou nt fromlbt 11.nd ur. p~

-- _-." -.. ...-------'-. _r·............ .•·....·..... ,..



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•• •• ,. ,. •• •• •• ,. ,. I~ ,. e..o._1Ioc ,. 1", _ _ "" ... "'..,lII< ,. "" ,.,. IU_'.. ,·....»··'4· _.·.... .... ,........ ". ....... ... -"

:: •• ,•• , ,.

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'. .---""'__ I... ,. "...,... --- -----1"_100__


I" 11'1 116

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1010-,.. _00.._ _ .. !If


_r..._... . ·. . .. ~II







_ _ IW:


_.._ .. t6oI ~ r-IW:


... om

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_11_ W.. 111_

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_ _ _ _ 11_ W.'I"" 111. f l • • ,0.



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RIll_ .... _ _ ... _ r l _










.I!i IH.

CAlli DINOMI .... : _ ,_.ant' . ,..... o' •• ... ' 1<. Jill." "_,, ... •• _ WOI· ..·_ ,-_",'. __ ''0_ ~



•• -,•• ,. _'.:0_ ,...... .I!o... ....', •. •• _.·.1· · •• •• _" ...·.•..·.n.· ,. _





." ri l ~ for our complt lt ",,1,' list.

lraa TIl m _

,. •• ,. ,. ". •• ,.


_ _ _ _ I500 ....

_ ' .. _ AI. I·" U1 It ._ g . ___


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'_T_ ~

•••• Ilt'/lIoV!I ,.·cOOO'· __ a. ....,n ''',,"I1IJ1_IR I'ISI 1:1'••• • .......IIIU .. tu _1I2IS100-.51_, •• __ ••

,. •• •• '' •• •• J. J. '11

•• ," '" '"

_ ,_ 11.. "11C11OII1'I8'

~m..~.:l~:".u:=:n-=I'7· IIII'\.UTlC MIT MIl _ II . . . .


'. ,.,.,.'. ,.''". ,.''.. ,. •• .. •• •• ,. ,. ,. .11 ••


•• •• Ut •• •• ••




. .

Ouldmfr. Hl mmn'ri Ollldlllh' Bowed Psai lh'y! _ ................. [I'S ~-.

_ _ ,-

I: ,, '"ft!"""" ........ Oo*n .,00 UOO •• •• ... •• J: ..."", ....... ""'.... •• ,, to........nlil--....r ... of ......, .... ~:

" "

1100 111-.. ........,....... Iot .......... ~ OnIon .. "OI .....' ~"" ~'of' I<IW . . . . .', _II boU ,"" ~""

il Qlk~raU tll~'rumell'~ .~


Box 807,

.tln~ud .

cr, 06098 (203) 379·985 7



you mighl checl some of lhe many books on gU'11f COItStruChon .nd n:p.lU I() IUd ",hal lhey have 10 say on IhlS mllller . SII'OCe !he fnl:lboard mlOn n:m8m flaI. II tS crillC&il() tae: graI ~ In . nach"tl the fUlboard of I dulclIllCr 10 the body. Clamping the: fmboartl 10 the compkted body .. h,1e 11Jlnlli In placeoftenltads 10 I frdboMd .. tllch II bo"'ed downward In the ttnlc:r. urtkss excepllonal pRlCIUUOns are 1" SlICh a bow e:llmmalCS any chance of Iowor cuy KllOIllltrougb mIlCh of the: pla}IIlI ra/lJI: ~~Ily . I IlKfh' 10 glue lhe frc:\~rd 10 the body before the: bacl ,s atlolChrd 11111.110 ..... 5 me tocWnp lhe soundbl»rd from the In~ lIk 10 an accurately fbi fr~lboard 1l!c: back IS attached lasl "l nally, lhe fuTS an: filed ahsoIutcly level wllh one: another using a long. nal mdl file . They lhen must be rounded With ~ frel file and Rndrd and polished smuolh The final plaYIng al:lion is eSlobhshcd by adJuSling Ihe: Siring groove: heights III both nut and saddle. I IlKfer 10 ITllIle lhe groovCli In the nut aboul !he "me: hel,ht lIS the: frets and then use iJldd1c: helghl lO CSIIblish the Sliffness of playmg actlOll. In III flltllClili , the fretted dulcHll('f IS rather for pll)'mg in tndlloonal Slrumrlllni SI)1c: In .. hic:h I rclallvely hllh IeIIOll 15 KCCptablc:. But for finger p,d'rIi and delicate hammc:r-ons and pull..offs a low IOCUI"Ile acllOll is a


1I0w don bridll design I ffK1 ha m· mrl"fll dukhntr loot? 8ndgt design has less cffecl than other fac:euoldesi", . A ItIrdercapmalenal will be bnJluer \101m _ WSWII and can Ill· CI"U!iC harmliCSll If II 15 pn:stnl. "Thcsoe chantctc:nSIICS. allhough pnud in other InslrumenU. can be deinmenlllli in the: 001CHll('f. As f(:l" sl lIllc: bridges or multiple linle brldgele15 ] behe:~ the dlffc:n:ncc:s an: so minor as 10 be irrelevant. llItrc an: much more: effecli ve rI1C'lSUn:J for CQIl. IroUing lone.

Ilow dots the lypt or wood Ifftc11onr? We: deal! \IOllh this I bu in lhe: last IS_. Differelll woods wou ld be Ircated diffcn:ntly IU deJlgn cletnl:nl$ depending on 10flC qualilia sought and lhey would rc· quirc d,fftrtnl approach« to braeonl. _hnl, Ind dmlmSlOOlIlgl() advantage of the,r good ch.ncleflsllcs and milllnlll.C thcl1 dc:$;lrablc tniU. Ikavoc:r.

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harder wood, general ly emplwiu: a 5weeter lone w,lh less \'oIume bul good prop;:. lion. Softer, lighter weighl wood.!; em~· sitt a higher ovel1Onle SlruclU,," ",;hich can introduce briglunesa and harlhnesa, and \bey also tend 10 sustain looser · an un· ck:sirable trail fOf ~ llule ul'Ier play,,,,. But other facfl! of ck:slgn can Ibo ""lulMe sud! InnIS PenonaIly, I rMheT hl.e the 50WId c( ~h med,um dmslIy ...·oocb as mahopny and bullmlut. 11m. of course. wkong aboul soundboards. Wood Iypes '11'111 also make "m.lar bul lcss PfOI1OIlI'C«I dlffettnces (Of lhe O(l\('r partS of a dule,fI'Itt

frame .

I hl,'f Mottl playinK hl mmtrtd duldfor 1"'0 ytln bUI I ' m noc ha ppy ,,'ilh my pIa,·!nl. I ooly play IlM'lody and annat fill In ""ilh (hOrdJ or f mbtllish· mtr

meno. th Ull, my playlnl MUnd~ n i l , UII'" do )·ou i uggrsl I !mprol'r myselr. We deal wilh lhese queslillns in grcal det:til dunng lhe inlermediale level dulei· mer classes. Learnull fIC("OO1p.1niulenl i5 I great asstl in !lQuirinl IiII In Ideas. I wU-

est working w.lh IUllar Of dulc Imer lune boob Ih lt Indude l dIonb . Learn the ROles of lloose chords


and how 10 play them as 2 note chords on the OO..-n Of olTheat. Also play them IS ~"IOIi . U§c them 10 play Icoomplmmen! 10 reoordmp Of !.apes oflhe melodlC$ . Tape youl')Clf pllying melody and then do xcompanimenl durin, the play back. As you beoome II"IOK farn.lw ","h the chord procroiliion and accompaniment palterns fOf I lival IUnc you " -III lind yourself ,ble 10 uoroopooate some' oflhc accompanimenl ...·hlle pI'Ylng the melody Go slowly. Dun'1 ICy 10 sqllCCU: In IT"IOI'e than WIll comfonably fil . Of tOIIrlC.lhcre are numerous other fill -in JII!M.b.lulO beSides chord!. 1llesc are melodiC embel· hshmenls ... hlCh an: ...·ell rovered on llWIy boo.... A Ixlter bet is to listen to good riddle playing In ...·hatever musical Khom you prefer. Irish, okllime. blucgBSII. Cit. Rhythm fiJI -on is an obvious devICe on dulclnlCr. A study of percussion I«h niq ue! woll givc an inr. nnc vanety of idC'lIS. Spe nd SOiTiC lime studyi ng d r\llll I« hmques; mllny books and teachers are

IttOmpannnC'nt ii 50 ... ell sepamed for the car. I also U\.Ien • 101 10 accompanying llISlrumenlS for s'",.nl .n alltyJlC'$ of muSiC. After upcnmenung .... h,Ie.1 heromeli poss.ble Il) .ncorponte iIOflle of the melody InIO !llC ICrompanlmenl and Via' ~

nilS really only IOUChes lhe swfacc of fill-in ideas. But .f you wort Iowan:! a farmlia",y of ehord usc and mylhm IC'chniqucs you ... dllllOnleaslly be.bIe: 10 hear. understand, and emulate the fuller solo ammgements you hear from elJlC'"lll'nc«I mUSICians and on reoord .


Most helpful 10 me is accompaniment \0 O(her musicians In iICli' SIOns o r jams. Es pecially hel pful is accompanyl'" slng«s lIS the metody and

Jean & Pam!

· .. for choosing and using MeS,)Adden dulcimers through the )'ears to: • perform Ozark Folk MUlIie all over the country. • record seven albumlltOKe ther: 11'11"11",,,, Tllro"ult till' nllrin u(lrk SlIllff' C"""'/I".!rr O:Ilrk J/"""/",,, !Jltlri",rr s,.,yliOOrll "'/I", il/l tUb"", J\,rlnlll

uf I·if,.

1//1 IJc,brlio


• give to countless pol1!ntial musicians the joy of learning to play mount.1in dulcimer. • help m:tk eour nume llyno nymous with (Iuality workmanshi p Rnd friendly se rv il.'e,

- Frff hrorllHrr-

Cn /fllf"""" $1.1:'

McSpaMen Musica[ Instruments s,"".

~Io..n lai n


1'. O. l)r...·H~;. D1'N Vw ... . A H 7tt.60 1"ho<Mo 100 11 269-13 13

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" .£~mauu. .£u d . .JVati~, .A fo1

tOl.uui in tht£.£. pattJ

d11~ f/olliuu 9unulf} (i)





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Win -












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So .....





c.ot: l - Come: .




















I T - . ...~ SI8Q


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Dulcimer Organizations Directory The fol lowlR~ Ii>l of ..tulcmll:r0ll'allulluon~ '"'a, UpWK'U In Fcbru;t/). 1985. Some orj;anll:nllln~ did noI return tho:: mform:all(Nl "C rtquc~lcd by February 100h '11l1l1king lhl) 11lIghl ~Imply be o'<ers'gbt rothe r III,," Ihc dl~solull0n of a club. WI' decided 10 IIsl the mformallon "C h,al" on hand Club.; " hleh provided currem Infnrmal10n h~,'c 21 101115

folLo.... mg thl: I"'lmg . PIca.'IC In form us orallY IllCOrTl!C1 or Incomplete mfOOllll[uJfland of any(}r~arlll;jllOl1 ... hleh ,",':" 11I"..l-'e",,"l1y om ned

IhllunerW Duk:llncr Con'lOl'tIUIII 231) 5t h Stn!Ct '3 Sanla Munlca. CA 9Q.I05

Otht r Countries The [)uicullcr ~tety 11 M orrnl Avenue Ltcd, LS 15 7£1' Yori.~h ln:.

Ruyal Duicilller Society of We,1 1._ ;\ . J409 Siewan A'cnllC


W . '-'" An~eLe~. CA 90066 A 1Hha m a ~ lounlBm


A':IO(' I~IIOn

I' 0 Bo~ 1072 il untsvllle. AI. 351107 2051536-1735 21101115

Pl:mn,ula lI anH1l(r Duicnller Socicl) 765-42 San AnlonlO Road P:l lu Altu. CA ~303

21 101115

Indian .. CcntrJ I Irnll ana Foi l



Gerry GnlY 2340 St. I'e ter Stn!Ct I ndianapu h~. IN 46203 3 17n86·64 19

21 101115 Ful~ Mu,"c SucICI) l>i:bur.lh Balli'! 619 Greenla .. n A,·cnllC


Fon Wa~nc. IN 46808

So. Appalachian DukllTlCr A'SOC lllllOn ClIarlc\ El h~ Kooll.' 1. Bo:>. 473

l)urJngu l)u knncr Soclcty Ann Charnbcno IISIOI Nonh U .S Hlgh"ay 666

l!elena. AL 35080

Conel. CO 8132 1 30318824+13 21101115

Tu.;calOOSII \)uknner Club H,II Al",,,OO,,, .1920 I:..:m 100h AI'cnll"

AL 35405 2051345-71103

1'.0. Ikn 3'1811



P~ rk.

CO W517

Cul,'>r.lJ,o Siale l)ut.-Hller Society O lllnl<' Norlh 3JII South Logan o.:., CO 80209


Anzona 1)UICllncr SocICI) J TlIom·Grunachan 1917 \Yr,' HoU) Phoxm~. AZ 8S009 602I2B-9172

PrJ Ir\C ~lar\'l.·)

1)uleinM:r Club L . Pnn/_

9540 WalnM:r Overland I'ur~ . KS 66Z1 2

Rocl y Muu ntaln Dut.-IIner SuclCty Rick II lcl~



3031744-Q..W4 21 10 ·85

913/3111 -3767 YI0I85 Flint Hill) Dulcimer PI:,),:!") L. nda Inl<l\\ TecfICT 1900 Judwn Manhallan. KS 66502

913 5)7-0508 Y I(lrK5 Grc: al Pbln' I)uleinM:r Pam Babon


115 Soulh Gn.-cn WichltJ. KS 672 11


21 101115


Cli lirurnill

l)uklnlCr 1';:110" ,hip

Ken luc ky

Tr.>dltlonal M u~1C SocICI) 440 1 TrJncas Place

Bill LIII(bcy 1110 WagOllCr Dn"e \lhhmn!;!lOn. DE 19!!O5

Louisville Dul cimer Society P.O. Box 4134 Louisville. KY 40204

Tarl3n<1. CA 9 1356


21 10lIl5

IU8/14Z-7664 2/101115


Ibm mer Duk lllli:r O rgam/alklll Ken K mdnck 1815 O~fonl A'cnllC Clan:monl. CA 91711

Peninsula Mountain DukilTk'r Club

P.O. BOX Menlo


!':In.. CA

4151JZI -742 1 2/10185


IIJ5 LInden A'·cnllC

L..cll inglon Fo lk S inging Grou p Allen John son 340 Wh il(fleld Ori"r L..c~lngton. K Y 40503

Wihnellc. II. 60091 2/10185

M ic hiRl1l1

l)ulcllncr Soclely of Nonhern Illmuis

Champ.ngn-Urbana l)Uk" lICr SoI.·.ct) JanK"C HalTlngl,," 101 South RIK'C Stn.""C1, II. b l ll()!


I'alnl Cn!C~ FoiL SucOCI) Ju-h Mormn~'l ar . Editor 3715 LUK"Oln,h.rc: "ontl:lC • .\1 1 480543136111 1b811 21 10 ·115

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L:&~e ~hch'~lIn Folk wa\t'> I\.hclq Mclocl'le l}.l Grern Cm:L Road N Mu'"l:~on . M14~ 5


NJIJ~ha Robln~

To Choose From



We Maden.cmAlfortbhle



HUNTER... ~ . nT. I, IlOX 53 I1I100KEII, FL 3262l


Rococ'ler. MJ 4lS063

'J.J6.I tld' UIJ l)o,, ·~ SI 1.00". MO~I .-W

.1 14/419/73&5

S,her Slnnll) l:>Uicnllcr Soc,ely L)nn BUlO.l'r 61K Erl1mo'"!) 81_d

2/ 111115


Mi~~ issil)pi

MI 48192

.1 1, 2114-9lI8 I

Ala ·SIPI'" Dulcimer A,so,1C1311oo

2110 liS Blue Water Dukimef Club

FR ..: ..: BROClIl'RE


,',1111 ,.,.""

D6(, Maple [),wc

\ Iooels


IU;,d.. ,n;ol.." 11,11) IJu lcmlCf 1'1:0)",," 1'0 Bo\ 2701 SI J.~ph . .\10 ~506

Ladle' l>Ukullocr & Terroml SocICI)

Slartiog at 890. ~'o"r

M is.wuri

Cullccn B..)d 90.1 !'IIIC II

110111\ I.on~ 8<1\ 76 Golden. MS



Pun Humn. MI -18060 Unck ellr!"' OulclrIlt'f Club Burba.,. Ilurton . I'n:wkm 1660 We,. K1II1I1I1'1 Road Jad.....Ifl. MI 49201

51mll46210 21 101115

Norlh (;"roI ina WC., tern NC Duk"ncr Collect,,·c l..alb)c Cu~nl11~harn

1150 IIIj!hwJ)' 25· 70 M:w.hall. NC 11175)


OukmlCT Pla)cn Club. Inc . bd.I..(:",,, PO IJol1.15

Adnan. MI 49221 517116)-3651

:!I IO 'IIS Ild",,!d, Ih£h lalMkrs Dukuner Club Hob and Sandy Iioider Rot"e 159117 I~I lJ Mile 11000

70J 6019·21 017 21 10 85 I-latlall(h Du k mlCr Gub ROhli Lcadbener 70) Ca;, ....ell Road

Chard 11111. NC 27514 9 19'919·5112 21 1085 Ncbruska

bart . M I 4% .1 1

Wild ... ,1O(! Dule iJllCf Club

6161134·5125 21IOr!S5



bJ09 Boyd Streel


Saltllla\Oo GUild Lap DukmlCf'I 8arb Steele 6141 Canton [),we ~Ina ... . MI 41\60) 517rn2"~-I92

Omaha. NEbSlOJ

Nc ..· J cnc~ Greater I'melands I)ulemlCT SocICI) I),;me




'Thomapplc V:lllc)' DuIC' rllCf Club Swnle)' Pierce

Mt. 11011),. NJ 0IlO6O 6091267·5246 21101115

4905 North BrQad .... a)' 1I;o~tlng~. MI 490511 61~S-4066

U IOitl5

Mlnnfe'lOla S ... ttt SUllO!:) l)ulcllnn Club kIT)' Brown 423 South M:un SUttl


New JCI"§e), Duldmo:r Co-op Lucille ReiD ), "0. 80 ... 712 M~o ...·• . NJ 0lI057 609'234· 5892 21 101"85

SIIIIWllter. MN 5S082


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Ohiu Cio"nnall DuicmlCf Sue-iel) Ann Slartl 612 Clmilln Spnnj!~ Ci ncinn~ll. 0 11 45229

21 I01115 Greal Bl ",,~ Sv.amp [ )Uk'"lCr Club Anna Sclfndge. Editor 2975 I-on Amand3 Rood Lima. OH 45805

4 19/99 1- 1656 2110185 Greater 1)a)lun DU[c"'lCr Soc,," y Jud} & Ed Ircloo 6865 Soulh Scarff Rood New Carll,le. 0 11 45J<W !f10/1I5

Appa la(lli:1Il Ful~ MU~Ic Club Gr..ce Ru",rey 1'.0 . Ik>~ 169 Hoo~'h)"'n. I'a 15OSO 41 2157].9396


Oli 44(}..14 216192(>,3857

!i 101115 Man,fleld Du icuncr l'l a)c" Eva L Clemcn!' Jt\2 Jade Avenue Man,fleld. Oil +1907 4 191522-02 11 !f10l1l5 Cuyahoga Valley MI. Dulcuncr Club Belsy Snyder 29B W. Balh Rood Akron . OH 443 13 216,1666-5241



H OIII~ MILI "' . • /Ii,


walnut , rherr!l


1 (68

Bay, Moon taln Dulcimer SocielY

TUIIS Lone Slar Slale Dukuncr SocICI) Dana Hamih\in 904 HtXl>ton ArlmSlon, TX 7601 2



• !

j ~~~

/ f.o. KE:ON~H::CALMCCBl"':I:N:;


p. O. Box 894 SaJem.Vc1. 24153

Virginia r l)i ~-Orgbn ' Za"t)n "I' Grcaler Wa, h, Ke ,th Young 38 15 K e nd~1c Rllad Annandale. VA 22003

703194 1-1071 2J1O 85 ,"urnnnl


Indian Temllll')' Dulcimer Cclcbr..IIIoo 4819 South 85th East Avenue Tulsa. O K 74145 9181627-2 196 21 1M15 OUahoma Cily Trad . Music AS$(lC. Jean Roberts 3723 Newpon Ok lahoma City, OK 73 11 2 405/946-5233

21 10185

Dukmll'r Club lleid. Glowr

lk>lI. 229 S. Londnndcrr). VT 05155 Washington

Nonh,,'c,t [)ukuncr Soc,ely 10224 Fi'ICher Place. NE Sca ll l... \VA 91:1 125 2061523-2296 2110,85 HAMMERED D U L C IMERS

W u l Vi.."inia

II_' ......

Mari -Burg Duicllocr Club Dale Hi ll

I'CIlIl.'i) h:U1;a Appalochmn T rJiI Dulcuner Soc.c.y Susan jennin gs 141 Cenlre Strtct SlaI111j!lon. PA ll!O1!O

603 Vlcloria A"'."'II"" W,II,nm slo"'n. \v v 2611:17

3041375·7819 21 1085


.... , - -.. ..........

P .O. Box 228 Hampton . T N 37658 (615) 725·3 19 1



~ ~'D=:U:::l=CI=M:=E:::RS:::-:;t;? ~

I' O. lk>lI. 3033 KmS'port. TN 31664 21 10185

Nonh Iiam s Count) Duki m.:r Group ArlellC S. Leach 1010 Rhine La ne HOt" lllIl . TX 77090 7111444-12X I



!t i::~~ 11.8



Fi rclarllh Du lci mer Club Gal) Rennd. 1040 GittO" ,eh


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PlanxtlJ GeorfJe 8rabazon TUrfDU9"

O'Carotan Wilmette} lL

~ .... Jo

~, ,

~ ~


, ,

.0 ~ I

W r



_II •

~ ...

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... _ _ t.3 ~


'CIoI _ _ _ _ _ M



"T_ _ _ ~

_T_ _

--_... _-- t -----..-~

1IioIIot _ _ ... . , . _


• -









-I i -----..... J I ----""... 0


·0 • 0

f ~w~~~:rt4 ~~~~; t '-'-









• ou...~ •



• ........- . ..... fIQCIIitI •



hammered & fretted dulcimers. harps. banjos. mandolins. kits & instruments. records. books ~ FREE l])f1l1"iJI]o IIGIa.


~6 1 2-9234709 R.R. 4, Red Wing, MN 55066 ~M,,* - . ..... IIw """"'" QuoIry ond Sena SInce 19\58


- -T>uhnmD" ' 5""36"5 C LA SS ICA L


Books &




Write lor our bn:IcIIuN

MEADOWLARK PRESS BOil 8172 Prairie Village, KS 66208

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*" :t~




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W r









Notes , bou t Iht Ill blature The basic key totach oftllese am.ngcmcnls is IMllhoe melody;s ...Tintn wi.lIslerM down. and the a.crompammcnt and/or bass lint is wrinen wilh Siems up. If lwoorthree notes arejoinW together with II downwanl SEem, the lowest sound,ng OQ(e is the melody noee. Thb keeps the writing from gcning too complicated. The reason 10 $Cpal'llte the melody from the accompaniment i~ simple. Then:

an: ITIIIny 'inlC!i (as you can sec in these pieces) thal the bass notes willlllSl for. SII)'. II halfootc value while the melody isclUT)'lRg on with eighth note values. There art' many otho=r rhythm tombillllliOllS possible. Sometimes OOICS will serve 111'0 fuoctioos iIU>IJ !la,'c "ems both up and do ...'" (lw meuun: in nr;r A Buta).








II, ,

I' iI

I I• ". .....

111 1<." . .... . .... ,-

".Y.,., 16

'h.... (716j 1 t2 · toI2 & H . ... In • • • 1I O.. ld......

,·.11.,1 ..

,I r i




mS 1C

......... .""",_It." .......••

........ t.





. ...



,.<lfi.o" .... -O"'". _" _""I ... ,.•...,•.

110 •• , . _


GI ,

s..... ,,_

GO 10< 10..... . . ,oIOS' TlII$KD.IOII PQU ... SIC 1911 E. e... , s...ko, Ct. .......kA 1111•••• CI. '1M2 (to))

.,1·.. 11

1___.. _··_.. _ ....;.


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Fhir A 8hata Traditional 1984 arr. BamJ Smiler 8erlceleIJ, CA CI









!:; v~
















1'+0 - 'Ro

., -


-j. 4

W' r17 (Oo"'IE TO




















''''HT J ~ VE, ~ LT CDME




~ ftO~

• ~



1'10< - <OW -_ - L£








(OM f

~ VZr,§~







referen c e book an extensive inven-

tory of scales ,

c hords,

lIodes ,

c hord pr og r essions and musi c theory foe hamme r e d dulcimers i n their various for~8 .

• •


Crys t al Wind 808 Ol d S t affo r d Rd .

wel c olQe

•• Hammered

• & h am~e r 8






• Tollan d, CT 06084 •* Dealer inquiries •








SCffi.£.5 ..'" CJ-IOROS • $8 plus $ 1 shi pp ing residents a d d • CT Sol" $ . 60 state sales t., • }!AlllIllERfD DULCimER' ..,rJU.'l O!:l Eo) O.lLl








dulcimers available

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BOX 566A


~r th03t it'lt'l"Istt6 ill. DLilcimtr.s, (,Jiir

Hc.'l" , M.....I,.,, M-\ol.. ,,Ba.9p'p<s,

Bait..;" ••6 .thor JlCOIIslit ~r",""..t> , lilt offor,.. >rts, f>ooks, R".,...!'''9S,

1\.:ce.ssoriu . R... r(ll~ Oll\u Nia.:» .



Cmom I"lG.~

0[ ..


Please visit our s hop i",

Mont9omuy County . Md. or write or call for our new catalogue . .3'1 14 l J t Aw . PO )3"" 638 Oln.~ ,M6. W83 l..


&Wit, . RUQ rd, . 1(."

~~Gri~1) Ci"5,c,

p, rt/i Ii' A u r :U<.Irtr,l:

~~:·-,z!,"::2:".s.t I ~~t ~ ~ nr}1rljdrrJljJ iJj jj1l 11JJlJJ ~ I J;a,lJJ'1 ••

• ••

ITf1J:111. .j .i1JJ1 J i,PIJ;. ... rer """" •. . l)J... FIFTY POPULAR REELS, JIGS AND HORNPIPES ANNOTATED FOR THE HAMMERED DULCIMER -PLUSE~rythlftg you nHd to pia,. like .he pro.: 0/ How to aimpllfy your pllying .... ilh .... llrok. comblnallona lor dane. tun. rhythma 0/ How to ellmlnal. h.m m. r c /<*Ilngs by undersllndlng your dulclm.fa lunlng sel-up 0/ How 10 reduce your tune-learning lime 0/ Tips on for Ihe leU handed perlOn. Iranapoll ing melodies. lun ing and malnlenance, and much morel '70 pege. 'ull 0': • PrecUce ElI.rel.e•• Ollgrlml • lIIualretlonl. Pholos FUll y I NOfX~O IN A CONVENIENT SPIRAL BOUND VOLU ME


" '.oa - BOOK


_ u ... _ _ ..-..

.... PO

... ...

bm.~~~~ I.cp\,

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bIoc:u -

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"Tom TBE PAs!" u..

Hamme red Dulcime r Bowed Psa hery Ka nlele

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......s." .....

wiUL 1Il10 diary • aIe AIM • valu.lIe WKII"a lid 101'

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ESTUER KREEK on d\L1c1lner _ _ _ by lM ST. J OSEP II



pa___"_l AuBooIMo DB fWOI'd ... u_", tlPI .1.60 pILI. 11.&0 I... .......wq ~. .


..... lIiIt'. Nit 1114.

'1I. 11)·.T.· lln Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

-D"lci~r PlayftrsNt ....s Is now

beln, • par1

0( our

In Its 11th yurofpubllcatlon. TluInk you for pasl - and or our fulun.

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Winehester. VA 2260 I



Roots and Branches Music Many BUlluflie5

Appalachian fiddle


for .1nguSlyk Cuitar

l\Ia<\eUnt !\IafNl'ii Roots and Brancha 1 101

Seth Austen Kicking Muk Recwd.5 # I74

nilS ~IIC tape if a JOyrul cddlflluon of Stnling with madriliis and carols plus inslnunen~ls with rretted and Iwnmer dulctmcn and gu'lar. With Doug Bcn:h. Joe 1-101 ben. RUlh Anne M.::Nell, QUICk Warnick ,tid Philomtla.

This album (abo available as • Itai-time cllSSClle) is filled willi wcll-anangtd. vigorously plJyod ringe:rpicki ngl\ltl.lf vcrtions of American riddle tUIIC5 . A companion book IS avatlable .

TrtIa. MIllrY 8t1lltrftW' , SJw MII.'f!dTltrtllqA rJw rol,. 0-.. ill y"" F«rll. u/ly u.iUly, TIISJton.... 1'7"'....·, SadMu. MIIYDtrtGar/oIod, To CtllWT'lw AlII GIOI .... rll Fly " ........ C"",brk $lIin. $,,., W~ aNI CNu/I I,. P(.QI1.rIY T7v Ni,Iui"",lr. Today. My SItrp/w'rtJ W,1/ SWy My HuJ.



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These v~ IIU'IeI would ~y lIOUIId oId·hat if il .... ~n · I for Au~' .lICl'ObIlicfi~. H .. picl,"I i, fasl~and ~a\h. blly intncalC:

Roots and Br-anches Music P.O. Box 2164 Winchester, VA 22601

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, DULCIMER PLAYERS NEWS P.O. Box 2164 Winchester, VA 22601

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No. 81


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SUBSCRIHERS: Iryour mailing [atld lsdaled "'85 • •hal m~ans your subscription "nds wUh this Issut'. Tlmt 10 ~new! To krt'p )'our DPNsrom[ng " 'lIhoul Intt rruplion , litnd UI you r ~ ....I btrort JUM IS,


HAPPY JOOth BIRTHDAY George Frideric Handel (February 23. 1685 • April 14, 1759) Johann Srba.stian Bach (Pl.tarch 21, 1685· July 28, 1750) Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

1985-02, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 11 No. 2  

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