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dulcimer players news Vol. '3, No. It


$1.50 Quarterly



I'U8LIBHED BY till BWI: AIDGI DULCDCIR S}I)P. PIIO!ft' ROYAL. VDOInA Pleale a44rea, aU corH'poDd.enoe to: 'I'RI IM.CDCIII PlAtIRS IIVS P.O. 1101" 157 FRO1ft' ROYAL, VIRGDrlA 22630 f}l)g

(703) 635-38U

Madel1ne MacJleU Malon. A..1Itant Editor --------_______ Ph1lllp MUOD. Editor

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1. Ilmber 6 - Sept.-OC:t. 1975 I, ~r 1 IIoY.-Dec . 1975 2. JU.ber 1





3. III.Ime.r 1

hll. Winter 8pr1..Dg


a.ber JbItIer


VGluae 3. lfuaber 2 Volu. 3. Jtu.ber 3


1976 1976

A..LI. D.P••• BACK: lSSUIS AlII $1.50 EACH


'm 'm

- ~r 'm ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

1B.,t}.1i. . ~llbtrti~inll l\att~ PULL 1/2 1/4 1/8

PAGI f40.00 IWZ $20. 00 PAGI $10.00 ~ $5.00 (bulinell card lite)

All ratea are bUed. on black" white c:a..ra ready <:0"". (An utra ebarae. OlD a ODe t1ae bub, 11 ,.ade for aU vh1ch include pbotoa). CoPJ'\:"Y be poepared tull-lhe

on the -bada or OW' t'1nilhed. pace lize (takJ.ns -.rgin. to account) or _,. be prepLre4 on 8 1/2 by U tJP1nc pLper lite lbeetl in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or t\ll.l-dse ~. <:01'1 ror reductiOD by OW' printer to OW' u.ual. 5 1/2" by 8 " fin1lhed pip aize. PU:ASB





.............••.....................•. ,..•...•...•.....•.......•..................•... SI1BSCRIPTIOII BlAIQI: 01' lAST PAClI


Each !tllue or the Dulc1lDer Playerl !'levI 11 Ulual..l3 _1led out dur1..Dg the !1:rlt week or the IDOnth ro r llbich that blue', tera begin. . 'n1e lI&nullcript. <:01'1. aDd advertilling dell4l1De ror ellch i'lue raul on the 10th or tbe .oath prior to itl publication. The four qusrt.er17 iI,uel tor ellch year are let up III foll.oll': WIIn'ER ISSUJ: January. I'ebruar:r &. March 8PROO ISSU!: AprU, May .. June SlMmR ISSUI Jul.,y. Auc.a:t .. Sept.-,er


ir A ' K E~ M J5IC " 1· -· M Io

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Vell. hert! _ lin! t'; up t._ t.h1.rd tu.U year or bJ'~ )IOU DDlet.e:r Playel'a !leva. Tbe rull erecUt to.. t.tlh .-.d.I'16 longerlt.:r and. 1IOl1da.r1t:r (tOl' a toll publlcat.1oft) ahould. be pftn to .,.ch and eTU7 .--del' vbo tw.a l"ree..lJ' abared t.heir "'-J.edse ot 6u.lea&ftu with IU. t.~ elld~ u.. a.ll. A.l..o . to re&de:r'a and ~ n- tr1enda e~r)'Yhe re vbo a upported thh abat'1ne; ert'ort t.hrou@:h t.helr direc:t. helP. 'lIbaerlpt.lona , and encouraa1na let.ten and ~nt.., TtWfKS: For t.he edlto ... . ttlh endeavor ""a been , and continue. to be, a ~t. warains ezpedenc:e . Ve're l.ooUng rorward to anot.her ezelt.1na reu :! So. keep rollin' in )'OUr art.lela., .torie •• lett.era . photo" ~nt • • lugaeat.1on • • 1OD81 . t.une., rev1~ • • • te •• ve 'U u •• t~ all. event.II&ll.,y .


One point ve'd 1U. to 1*" &1.01'16 to ~ C&na41a.n and Oft ....... reederl i . about. •• ndina _ , . t OI' booka. reeord., 01' .ub.c:rlpUona. There 11 no increaa. in etreet. on OW' booII., record. or .ub. ratea tor)'OU to.l.U (po.tap; .ither, unle•• air _ti) but. in order to t._ aDd ,.t.t.UI« JUW' t o relp bank ebec.k.l ret.urned , )'0\1. alat. do one ot two thiDa': 1. SeDd u. *5. 00 enra. Our bank ebat'ge' u. *5. 00 each to calh tOl'elp eheeu 10 c:an tt.t. a $6.00 INb.edpt..1.on eheek net.. U8 0nl7 'J..OO in the eDd.~. ReII1t. b,. U. S. Po.t.&l. Uonal.~,. Order which we are not. pe...u.zed fo l' < '!'beM.hou.l.d be • ...uable b,. J'OW' t.nker or ftMLal




BerYl ... .

A eouple ot .or. polnt.. to pa•• on to re-derl vhe.N! applicable are tt-.t. we woul4 advise , t.t-.t. the U. S . Poll. Of1'ic:e will not. forward )'OUr D. P. /f . to )'OU if )'OU have ehan&ed )'OW' addH .. and not. not.itied u. ot the ehanp . In orde r to haft )rd Cla. . . n. torwarded you .It. lpec:1t1c:a.l.l,y note so on t.he c:ard )'OU till out. at. the local Po.t. Oft1ea vhen you let the. II.nov vbere to torward J'OUI' ordinary )rd Clau it the rat.e under vhlch the D. P. /f . 11 .!led. It it _ . back to UI ve • .,. to 1*1 ~ &pin, and wor M luck/ we dca ' t " ' - Vbere to .end JOUr D. P. '. Abo, _'d l.1ke to r..Ind thole vbo m.eed the notice 1n the lu-t 1.._ t . t D. P. ' . INb.c:r1pt.1on rate inc:JTeed to $6.OO.)'ell'q (IQ' trlenda at. t.he ftMt orfiee and print.1ne; plant. call 1t.· 1.nflat.I.on" t)



Inc:.l.dent.q, t.boae ot J'OU vbo keep a.kins are ad'rieed t.t.t. the ectJ.torlal pollc:,. ot t.he DIlle_r ~J" /fewa r_inl al no pelle,- at. all - we rlnd thll t.he .alt. revardin8 point. or view. The D. P./f. re-alnl open to .n;:r \'Olea o r point ot viev • • . atter all. it ' l your -.p:r;w:!: D. P. /f. von't be out &p1n Wltil Janua.r;r



1" D. P. ' Mltora

m:be ({ober


fbi!: eha.ra1n& cater dravina: in t.hll lillie wa. dona b1 one ot our Ca.nad1a.n trh nd. and r eader., Kichel Legare. s.y. Michel abeNt the coyer 1llu.t raUon , "Th.1.1 drllwinc Ulu.trat.el Itretched It.r1nc . tr.... a co-xa preble. t or dule1ae.r pla,.er.: will the atring brHk or YOn ' t It! that 11 the que.Uon." You vill r1nd more ot Miehel ' . draW1ng1 .cettered throughout thl. 111ue •• veIl . Mlchelv111 be rllitll18 In f'ranc:e tor the next. elaM .anth. or 110 tra'tel..l.1n& and It~ t.he CIOIIlIlruetion of t.he hu.tdy gurdy. ep1net.t.e. aDd. (IIbrett.e (baGdpe). MItIl' to Miebel tor t.heM MIlt. 11t.u. dnvlnaa Yhleb . vU.l. be u'1a&: .:Ire of in 1 . . . . to a.e. Ma)'be 1t v1ll lAIp1re ot.her r-Hder. to and in _ dnvinsa. M1ebel can be COGt.aet.ecl at: 927 DuBoll, RobeneJ., Prorlnce Ql:Mlbee. Canada c8R l!l'7. I ' . nre he 'd e.peclall.,y l..1.II.e to be&r rn- _ of ~ other dulc.1aoer/tolll. 1ut~lIt enthud..... in ~bee Prorlnee. AI we hel"!!: at D. P. ' . can tell rn- OW' oon.tantl.1 growill(l U.t. of CI.na41a.n .ub.criberl , bot.h the -.unt.ain " ~r dule_n ar. nl')' alch ali" and rlourllh1n& In canada . In an upco.J.f'IfI; 1.IIue we vU.l. be pI.linc on lo.e rrell _~ tolk 1Oni' .u~t.t.ecI by N1ehel.

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FEEDBACK ..... lbil,

It. bal been _ t.~ .!nee I wrote :rou and tile D. P •• • • bDlte-ftr, • rew t.b.1.IIr&a Ia~ been "bugg1.nfj;" _ on t.he " , _ " . I DOW M'IlI over twentJ duleiJlen 1.n IQ' collect ion, rro. all J8,r h o r the lhIlt.ed State. . Fev of the'l!: ~ I rate ".,.eat." II an -edJ.core .t belt; BUf. the J.pane •• and I'ore&n 1n.t~t.. t..'ft! -.ny featurn all •• p1r1nf; player could vell ,do without: I've enelo.ed I broctJure (ve did not find. i t enclo.ed: o.we - Ed.) on the Ko r ean unit for JOUr In!on.t1on aM our CClllpany ba. dropped the teardrop due to "green" wood. I ' ore leen .t.1onal ad., (not in D. P••• ), for the iaported !n.trumenU .01 novben 11 it. _ntloaed theM are aported. Plea.e don't. t.hink I'. apin.t. lap::tl't" but I think reader •• hollld eoapu-e trerore put'ch.,lns. II per t.he old 1a)'1n6, "you Ie\. vMt you i8Y for."


Richnd Hut. or toile rolk and Baroque Shop 1n San 1'n.nelloo told ... how to _ke • ca~ tor 'I'U.e an' 'PlOl or thTead (wood t..)'l'Ie) .nd saw in ha1t. U.e I 2 3/.... - 3" bul.1. tbe d-"e of .pool wins ....1. to fit•. Place • • bort piece of tubing 10 between the _be' of the .pool and your at.po 11 ~. Place IN!rt to !'nt., pre.. and t1&ht.ell t.he vin6 nut .

down '-=.11.


JUIt. a IDinor point. or erlt1c1I. but )'Our review on page 12 or la.t 1IIue


ail - lead1ns . AI I nail. it the end bloelr.l, nut, Md41e and nec:kjhHdpleoe were soUd wood: The aoWld. eI-.ber or bod)' val laai.nat.e. s.;.ehow thh reed. a. a plJltOOd du1c~r resardlel. or tone, (~bJective) , or 100.. , (I've leen ~ beaut.iea:). Ma)' I M)' "thanx" ror the lilt two and a halt :yean i ..ue' and I look torvard. to -I\}' .ore year. a. a lubac:ribe.r.

Dear PhU &. Maddie, Ju.t a note to sa,. th&nlt you tor the t.naeodoul ~-.nt. ot point line:. your Spr1ns i ..UII. Both the .ue &. el.&rit, are a _It ~nt. that .hoW.d bdll8 quite a tew lo.t readen that I know ot baell. to D. P . " . 'l'be content 11 UWIlJ'l IUper . 1'., oont.l.nuall¥ _ e d at. aU you've ae_plllhecl , vit.h t.he help or • lot. or volunteer_, in such a .hort. tt.. . Keep up the aood vorll..

Dear Phll. The te.tival. WIll a &real. IUC«": The veather va. great. Around 600 people attended. Tbil year _ Mel lever&]. '--red du1ci1ller player. and _kerl in addition to the clulciRr -.llerl and pla)'erl rro. Ala _ _ • Tenne"ee . Georgia. Ml.. l .. lppi and Vest Virg1llia . MalIerl inclJIded Bill 0. .11 ot Cat.l.1nbura. TI; Do.raey vu.u.a.. or JeN'er_ Cit,., ft; J . B. Ieith of cUnton. IU.I.; Bell&' Je&n1e W&cle of MIId.boll. TIt; Jia lII.rhell or, ft; AotholQ" Ritter or 1Doxrll.le . TIl; flaul ~

or s..J.ea, W. VA; 8111 Lee or Btr.ingtBa, ALi Charlell Elli. of Helena , AL; Joe Parll. or Signal Hountal.n. TIl; Robert. Diebold ot 'fal..laclega , ALi Joel H. Bowen or la G.r:~, GA. R. M. Azutrona or 8it'a1ngt._, AL; 8il.lJ Bogerl or Plelliant GTO"f'e, AL; plu. aJU .:)re playerl tl'o. ~ plaee •• We art! gl.acl to have you all a ~ and with that )'Oil bad. been able to _te it to the relti_1. We wllh )'Oil be here tor our aeet1n&l. 110011. rorvarcl to .ore edition' ot "Dulc~r a.yer, Iletfa" ! Ha"e a Bood . _r! Pe&17 Donaldloa, Pre_ideal. Southern Appalachian Dula-r Alsoc. Rt . 15. &ox 1012 8it'ah'ChM, Alabaaa, 35224

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IV good fri",nd l at. t.he 'olk 1.11'e Center or tbe s.olt1el, in Colby, Te.nnellee, got t.osether vith so.: folls ( _ new friendl) h'o. the Culld o f "-e.riClln w.t.hier l fond. the p.lbUlhers or Du.l~r PlAyers Mev l , and OO-Iponsored whllt I boPe wa l t.he t1.r l t. o f -.n::t duc!.er c:onYerrt.1~ 'nIe bHut.1t'ul wooded Poll Lite Centu l.&nd in eolby wal site f o r a _ken:! (June 10 - 12) 1'ull of ... sic and oUler d eUgh tl. Playerl, builderl, fond. lovers of both tbe plucked .ount.ain dulc!.er and the ~ed. dulcboer ca.: rro. neU' and h.r ('lorida , !lev York, Mi ch1pn, Ohio, Colorado, etc.) to cele brate t he dulc.1.11f!r. i'erfonIIU Bonnie CIu-ol WOII t.he uoderst.and1n& Uught.1t" o r t.he a\lll.1enee ate s.turd.t.y e vening, .,it.h a s.GrII (COIIpoled by friends or hers) t hat poked gentle run at people " ho Itill IIIllrIfI&e to hold on to t.he view of the dulciMr a. _ rely an unCOllpl1caLed traditional inlt~nt capable or only Lhe su.plelt It,le or playing. HII4 any of the se peopl", be",n rith us thll .,,_k end , 1'111 l ure t.his -:Jt.h vov1.d have been exploded . Wor k.ahopc Frid..,. afternoon and all day saturday covered an e nt icing varietJ or topic.: ~red - TUning and Playing wi t.h Str1ne; BluJdI (Terry Hi.ll), Beginner' . Tu.nin& fond. Playing Method s (PIIUllp Mason), Int.enoediat.e 'f'Ilnins and Playing MeLbod. (PII1111p Ma.on) , a..-red OulcUoer Hi.tory " Lore (Ph1lllp Ma IOll ), Building Lhe "'-er Du1~ (Joe Vadnorth) , " Du.lcl.llf!r Sbop-'I'IIll. Se.. 1oD _ - - and ror NouDtaUa Ou.l~ _ Slngin8 with the DIllciller (Medd.le Mac""'11 Muoa "lUck He.l..l-.n), Rend_uanee Music ror the DIllct.e r (Vl c lt1 Runnion) , Ionian Chording" Modal Mu lie (Zi J.een Ralra) , Pinge r- Picil.1n& Style. o r Paying (Oaron 00uglI.. ). Tunine: " Cho rding ro r the SlngleMelody I. _St ring Dule1.- r (Jean Sc hillln.:>, Fiddle T\m@1 on Dulei.-er (Hanll Arbaugh), Contnapora r J Sty1."" of Playing (BoMb Carol), Southwe.t.ern VirSinia Playing Style (Rllptl Lee SllIith), Musical Theory and t he Duleillier (BaMie Carol) . Playing the Chro_t.ically frett.ed Dulc1.- r (Jlick fl&l1M.n) Playing .,ith StJla: Hoot to Get Out or the Rut (Maddie Ma cNeU Ma.OQ " P11lll1p Mason), Beginner ' . Dulc1.-r (Alberta Brewer), and • Mountain Sho p-~lk Se .. i on . 11Ier e we re al.o vor k.ahop' on: Instrlllllent F1nilbe. (Kia Walker), Fr e t P1ae~nt. ; CoIIIpar 1l10n bet,,"n Typel or Scale. (Keith Yoone &. Vocxt)' ~tt). Pro. aDd Co_ or Moveable" rued Bridgel (Andy and Sue KardOI), Dulc1.-r • (Keith Young, \lQnn1e Carol). Ew..ryone round. vorbhop IUited to personal need. and Intere.t. , and a. they waved fro. one vorkaho p to anothe r, people were f!1I&f!r Iy dbcu .. hov pract.ieal. and 1n.sp1rine: the l •• t one had been. pertoJ'WUIee. in the _phit' were for the beoerit. of an audlenee hushed. and . till ~ to hellr the WIUopll1'1ed _lic o f t.he qu1ete. t d ul e1..... by .. • uperb perfOMlf!r' with a t"all8e ot styles that. l urpr ised even long-ti.-e dulc_r loYe .... We hetlrd eve r rro. the cont.e.porary Ityle. ot COIIpose......uch al Riehilrd Farllla, to COIIplex Irish J!&., to Elhabethan dance su.1t.e., t.o Renal","ce lute IlIUdc, al nll a. the well known .nd loved traditional folk '0rll', in .0IIe not. - eo - traditional, orl.sinal Ityles , and IllUch IIOr e that could be ritted. into thtl bro.d 'pectrUIII, all on one or tva ". iapl..e, UlIC011p11eat.ed, Halt.ed" l . &- of the neat.est thingl at an,)' rest.ival U'e tbe UlIlcheduled .pontaneou, happen lng l , alId. thi. "ee kend held ttl fair .hare o f thetll. Pe vith othe r lnet rWlll!ntl weloc.e, and the Raal and MU ltard Strlng Band (who play tor t.he tolk dll1lce' at. the Jubl1ee Center 1.0 ~) Md.e IIIC*e Uvely dance IlIUdc tor o n seve ral occa.1ona. The lnv130rating cool _ t her in l pired caaptil'e', " hlch in turn inspired C&IIprlre- J _ "" .. l on. t hat la l ted 1006 into the _rnin«, ve ry nearl.)' through •'ul, !a.t Te.nne,,_, oyer- the - .aunt.ain. lun.r lie . Golpel _li e , and _ l l new-tr1endl- Jll.a71n6- togethe r grouP' brought the corffention to a ci.o.e Sunday aft.ernoon . It. lee-ed that evuy tarewell I heanI lneluded _ ver lion ot "I ' . so excit.ed/enthuled/in'Pired: I can ' t. wait to get ~ and practice:" I'd "J it. vould be r1&ht to deseribe thll fil'1t. Ould_r Convention in Colby .1 an UlIf!.qutvocable I\lcee .. ! Viekt RuMion Newport, 'reM.


Ed. Hote:


Our graciOUl bolt.1 tor the Dulc1mer Convention , Lee a nd Jean ScMWns .

lnfor. us t.hat indeed we will bold t his e vent. ~1n next Jear d.urine; the . . . June wee.kend (June 9 , 10, 11 , 1978). More on thll will be upoo.1l18 1n the next ff!'ll D. P. " . i .. uel. Hope to lee you all there tor this wonCIertul evenL or dulcJ..-..r l In the Saoky MoWltaina .

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"PIC'nJRIS , POO4S AIm DUtCDCER PIECES- by Roth. Th1. new book h jll.t what the Utle 'U8Be.tI am contain. the -.tde and tablature to 13 tUfte. aM 8Ong. , MlIY of vh1eb. "-ve been reconted by !terin on one or another ot hh tour )l'olkva)'. alb\al.l". (lerl..n Roth Sins' " n..,. Du.le!.er, PI. 2)67; ac-boo.b·OiYe Me Direction . PT8 3l.O5O; '!'he other Side ot the Mouatain. ns 310.5; and. tbe Mountain DuJ.clae.r ~ PS 3570) . lerl.n cont.inlle' to be a rar ree.elt1ne: 1n1"luenee in .preadinl and. their . .ie and. endeu'Ori t.o .how toll. t.hllt. _th1n8 a litt.le ditrerent. or pe ...o_~ cae be doae vit.h the in.t.n.ent. . He u.o like. to be in_ .t.nmentally e ree.t.he a • •hovn th.roue:1'I _II¥ ot 1'111 COllI c:o.poait.1on. t or dllle.t.e.r. The t.ab. in t.1'I1. book are for interw.diate o r advanced pla)'erl on 3. 11, " 5 .tring dule1.erl . Into on t.he book can be had dil'1! rro. !tertn (Marlboro Spriftg Rd., unionville , PJ\ ~9375) or .M. the D. P. " . Bookll.t in t.1'Iia luue. Kevin. book .bo contain. a COIIplet.e Dileography I.nd. 1Ofl& U.t.ill& of all hi. recont •• Thh 11 anot.her book ve haye heard about recent.IT booka a" Ollt. at. a rapid nt.e t.he.e daya) . The book 11 by Bud Pord of CriPJlle Creek Ilulet..rI in Manit.ou Sflr.i.ns-. Colo. (740 Mo.n1t.ou Ave. and iI .aid to be an eatl' to lmIIeratand inatrucUon -..DlUll and 8011& book ror aDJ"OIle rro. bq:l.nner to advanced at.udent.a. The D. P. " . alI'rent..~ tr)'ins to rind eNt.. how to atoell t.hia book but. )'QU cae set. .ore lnt'o by vrit.ln& t.o the Pord.. Ioddent.lJr . . .k tor their nice lltUe ~tal.ogue ot du1e1-.rI Vld 'lIppl1e • • NEW RECORDS

"STRAWBERRY FAIR" by Mldeline MleHeU Mllon . Thil a.lbwa iI Maddie ' . roW'th, bllt. fi... t. lI.iftg t.he dule!.e .... an liP front. 1n.t... ~nt. t.o aeeo.pany he .. g .. eat.. vo1ce. The a~bllll iI hein& prodllced b)' Troubadour Record. (Troubadour Mlldc, 1)46 Conneet.icult. Ave . , N.W., 'iIa.hI.ngt.on, D. C. 20(36). The a~b. . feature' Maddie and he .. dUlet.e r on .l1eh fine cut. a. "Strawberry Fair", .!be Plower Caro~", "The Furry DI)' Caro~". "DoI:\a. Wob1l Pac-", - The Seed. or Love·, ·Be.nJaain ~r". "Blov An.)' the Morllin& Dew" and other fine 1008' to 80 &.lone v1th MIddle. tine dulei_r playiIlg. five of t.he can be found in Maddiea ..ecent book "S1na1n6 vit.h the p.ibll.bed b)' Prell . See D. P. " . Book ... Record either Maddie. new book or reeord.

",,1fE HA)Io!F.RED DUlCIMER STRlJa:S AGAIN" by Bill Spence vUh Geo"ge Wu..on,

Tob)' Fink, We bave not heard t.hi. a~bWa )'et. bllt. expect. itl releue about the tiMe thi. i •• ue reache. you 80 it. i. probably .ate to order it at Iny tLme . It. 1a not. hard r.o re~nd thia a.lbu. vLthollt fir.t hearin& i t to any t.n ot the kilId of .... de. lUll and hi. fr1.endl _ke teat.uring t.he ~r dll~e!.er. Should be another STeat. one a. Yell a. a ..... t one. t or all .uieN' R. D. fan •. Can be orde red dmet. trc. front. Hall Record., RD~, Road, Voorhee.vU.l.e, M.Y. l2lB6. Or, aee D. P •• • 800k .. Reeord 1htingl. litld Tt:. McCree.b.


I ree1eved . , new cataJ.o«ue ~at.erdq rn. the Sboppe (lpn Me Spaclde.n) and. al.t. sa)' it. 11 the .c.t well clone (co.lor picture. too) dllle!.e .. cat.a.logue I ever eeen - beauUtul.. 5<¥ rn. The Ilule.i.aIer Shoppe, Drawer !. Highvay 9 110 •• Mountain View, kka.naa. 72")60. We don't uaual.l,)' set ~re1aJ. in DPK but tbia catalogue entit~ed. "Mountain Du~et.u. in the Oze.rk." reall.,y 11 nice .



:J:J..."I :J:J..1m....

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Ddr PbU,

Mln7 tht.nks tor ttMi bt.ek nuIIbe.u ot DUI£INER PLAYERS DIS and nr1ou. a.rt.lel.e •• I val 1nterlllted to read RoIer \l1eho1l0n ' . arUde ' The DIIle1lller ,. S1tar - A Coaparllon ' , a. I bad Wepe.nd.entlJ' .ade .1a1l&r co.parllon. I lone: vhll.e 1.&0. I c:ontrlbuted -A Letter rn. ~- to tbe ~r 1960 1 ..ue ot Mount.a1n Lite .Worll. (Cowlc11 Or Southern Mountain., Inc.), in vhleh I COIIparecl d.llle_r DoIdc and Hi.nd.u e!a.dea1 _dc, aDI1 tbere 11 u...o I pa."ln8 retuenee 1.Q . , SIll) a.rt.lcle or Oetober 1962. All or wbl eh soel to .bow tt.t vtw..teYe.r 11 true 11 .oooer o r later appuent 1ndependeDtlJ' to loti of peopl.e 1.Q dUterent UN •• Aet~ IV interelt.. In both and Ind.1&n cla. . 1Q11 ... lc hi.,. ruD dde b)' lide .iDee tbe 1940-, when I _ Icro.. the recorcU.lII' of JaM Jlcob tile., on wt.. I b4ve wrltteD ..... riou. I rUcle l. In 1958 I lpent I Jear In Indll, U"'ina l.n 1.11. old teIIple OG tbe b&DU of tbe G&np. iD tooth.Ul.l of tt-. tU...lI,.I, &net t.d &11 opportwlit)' to act .. Heretary . to Sv.a1 1'aTvat11t&r. one of Indll'. leld1n& rel1&J.ou • . .deian.. In 1959 I bro\l6ht . , own dtu ","ell. to lngllnd, al.though I regret to lIy tblt I baft .till DOt bid tt.e eDOUCb to .tud)' 1t properlJ'. I t-.ft had thrM Jethro Allburge)'', one of whi ch I pve to I friend 1n the U. S . who had Dever heI.rd. of the tnltruMnt: In raet, I de.anstrlted tbe du1claer 01:1 1.11. "-r1C1n te1eY1l1on p-ogr_ to "-.r1can. who Yere IUllvar\!l ot the1.r own _Ileal. tradition: I correlponded with J.J. IIlle. O'lV' • n~ ot Jearl &Ild .pent a lot ot t.t..e t.rT1n& to ilIt.ere.t OOQeert ~t.e..t I ill 8rltd.D 1.D 1)ItKlaOrin«' t.c:Nr. At. t.blt. t.t..e. onl7 .... roek--.nd - roll and )'OUt.h _lie generalJ.J'. &Ild DObod)' wal v1ll..1n& to 'p;xI.8Or I.D unconventional. elderlJ' folk 'inae ... and pla)'e.r. 1 t.d DO het.teT bell: rit.h t.elerll1on ~le.. Howe..-er, I bid tbe _,.,. IP'Nt. ~ure and prl...-1l.edce ot _Ung Mr • • Mr •• IIUel on one of., rlllt.. to t.he U. S . VbeD I wu llrln,g iD EDsland I co-pared note. on t.he du1.d_r w1th Ronald Robert. ot Lake'. Coll.ep, (Iuthor of tine book Musica1 In .t.~nt.l Dr)wl Pre .. , Lelce.ter, 1968) . He aub.CtqUoe1l.t.l)' produced. &11 .beet. tor c:on.truetin« an Appala chian DIIle_r, whl eh h. . been vid.elJ' uud in Britllb .chool.. He .... kind e.nough to _Ile _ an ep1net-te bod),. [ also hlYe an e.pinette ent.1que ot ~ avn. . AI a re.lIlt. ot ~ ut.1cle in SJlI:i 1 a lluabe.r of peopl.e Md ~ own rouah IIOte' and plan. tor _lI.ina an AIIb\u"gey type. and .ent _ photograph. of their co.pleted l.nltn.ent.. . Since thole day., there hive heeD .aJQ' . . t.eur _&ers in Br1tain, but. tev playerll •• _"elow a. Roser "lcbollon. '!'be pluclr.ed dulct..e.r h rlrtUll.lJ UI1knoom in IrdaDil, a.l.t.bough eftr)Qlllt! 1" ba" .bovn 1t to e:ltpre ..... great interel"t.. La.t.:rear' rldt.in8 A.e.riee.n announced a Or!. t.he 4ulct.e.r. but. 414 .DOt up ror It. . I an hoplns t.hIlt I . ) ' be atole to iDtroduc. tba 1nIt.~nt to .eboolebUdre.n, •• Ronald. Robert. Iw.. done 1D Srl t.a1.n. I . . ,.,. _m enjo)' DULCDO:A PLAtERS IQ)fS, and wllb )'OU eftr), .ueeell.


S1.Deerel,y •


t.e.Ue Shepard 1 t..kela.Dd. Clo.e 9t111or . .o, Blaekroell., Co. Dublin, Irllh Re~bl1e

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titled. -OIQ TIME FlIIDm- !R5003. It include' so.: o rl.inal lonal llong with _ old t1Ae tunel. 'nit! co.t. 1. $5.50 poltpa.14. Alb. . &lid _ _ red. du1c1aerl avaU.tole t.hru: DOIW.D ROO!ID • B8 RICORD8 6470 - 8th AVE.



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book with guitar chord. and 'l'QCa1 IU'r&lIC_nta for

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to Ralpb • State, %£rry. Jllldi. Beek)- • Betb Pratt, Robbie. Sarab au".ell and tbe otbu. vho dr1n.eCI lnto tbe Ellue Wee Duld_r Sbop to help u. fold ,

cou.te, .tAptl, Idtlrell, and ltup tbe 77 1I.u.e.

What. b1a Mlp:

.... PbU. A. a totalJ de-.oted pla:rer. I -.a.t ra.1.e a t.ople "hlc:h I r.. l JOU aodI JOU.t' reader. CUI help .boll.h . I ' ~ found tbat -.n.J 110ft dul~r ~ _dclazta dOft ' t t.ak.e dlllet.e.r' Mrtoulq . A eoupl.e ~ da,. aac> [ t.old an old tr1end that I w. de'fOtl..n& _ t of .., eae.rv t.o plaT1nc: and t.e.rn1n& to bIllld dlll.clau.. Hit '--d1.ate r..ct.ioa .... ODe of 'W'p'1ae. "cra.a JOU rMJ..l.,J _ke _dc with one of thole: tb1..ngl'" I ' Y1l found tba~ _IQ'• • bare tbll st\lt\.:le. In ~ .ltu.t1oru. st" girl .... tl)N. talk about .ode. alld .bovln6 • Uttle playlna. the,. let tbe feel.lIIa that ttlll th1qa 11 an lMtnDll!Dt. Sc:.e of thell ha.,. e"eD bousht duldlMlr. and have oc.e t.o _ tor lulOM. It .eeu that the gentle .ound o t tbe dulet.e r .ht•• -.n)' people _noy fr-oplayina it. In _ world t'UU of noise ' 0 . dulcet IllUtie 11 _ Mcellity. AlIo, tbe .. hole concept ot .od_l _de 11 .tran&e to -.n)' lll,ltidan•• and thoey don't find it ntr . .tU. eQOU&h to _1J.e • • le. t played pianO ""art before I hHrd of the and I .... l'II!'ler .ble to PPl"ell lQ'.elt a. tu.ll1 till I .tarted ell:piorinc .ode.. Folk -.a.le. ute anyt.hine: elle. Ifill ba.,e il. cl.1q\te., but to _Ir.e an outca.t of Ol'll! o f the _ I . bMutit'ul. traditional in.tnment. or tbe la.t two hundred yean 11 • c:r~ . I know.ll thie 1OWJd. a llttle bea'IY. but llYin6 in Me.. York City I of"Lan ha'le to lQ)Jr. tar and vicle for other pl.II,yera of t.r.dittc..l _tie. ane rM_ people who t."' newer betord a duld_r l.oIe re.peet. ror U - 11 tJIeCOIlI!.ant of it ' . t1.pl1e1ty. nu. 11 ot"t.en oyerplayed. Dulcau p.layins 11 . . eo.pll~t..ed •• the pLa,.er wi.he. it to be. I ' ft ~ a coaple of t.rlck. ,,!at I thinlr. vould int.eret!. _IQ' pl.a)'er. "heD theJ' pla)' ..itb o ther 1ll.trw.ent. that .\.:IdeD.l,y produc:e a eborcl JOU can't pit OD. dulc"-r. The theory o f . .lic: teu. u_ that an)' IJ"OIlp of tWl;) or .o~ notAl. 11 a C:horcl. Chance. are you c:an pt. at lellt one note rroll the chord the othe r rofu ue PlaJ'1n& • .a pla)' it. MI..nJ' ti.e. 1n Mh o4'tJlan ani Ionian tun1ftl. )'00.1 can Ju.t let the .t.r1ll&t droDt for a couple or . .a.ure.; t.h.1. v Ul add • nlc:a effect. t.o t.he _tic vbe.ther you 're totally in key or not. I lOt t.hl. idea fro. 11.t.enlnc w h1lh piper.. Learn1nc _tic theory can open De" door. t.o t.he when plaJiAa v1tb o1.ber In.tnlllentl. I vou.l.d'nt worry _bo\It t.hb cautiD8 "he duleiRr to lead it.eU aVllJ' rro. roll allie, )'Ou are J u.t. J'OUnelf .ore polllbWt.1e•. U aq dulciaer pla;ren would like to ell:change ideo... or happeD to " 1.0 the a.rH and feel lUe playinc. lId like t.o he&r rn:- t.~. I s.teo tel.c:h tr.dlt.ional and • ooat._JIONr)' .t,.lea it anyone 11 i.nt.ere_ted. I tbink tbit ..... tne h great. I wi.h )'00.1 _c:h ."c:ee.. and happ1ne1l vUb it. Tt.nir. )'00.1, Douc Berch l685 Elllt ,.trt.h St . BrooUyn, If. Y. l.l23O





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o • o • I



,, ~

•J •, v• I S S c. 5



•I 0 •I

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PICtures, Poems and

Clul1c:al L1JI8 MlIIP in "be t'in&er-plcklJle:; .~nL.

""le, -loos

To orde:r: pleue . .ad c:hedI. or ....,. order to:

wit.b t.ablaLW'c &lid p1uo

J:eri.a Rotb Product.lon.

... 31'

Unionrtlle, fIt..


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a. spe.c.inl coluMn fOr be9inning pla.yers 05 the tl'lou'ltrun dulcime,·



by Madeline)t . .M.a.son

Man.:t bepMins; pl.ate.ra ha", d1tti, '1..U)' dee.ldJJl& exae1.17 bow \.0 .tn. • tlllle. 8~ cml7 i.Q ODe direction .cwIIl, borillt; atte r all11lle. UntU JOUr ear. up..' r ieQQ8 NId pn.cUce ~ tc 1OIU" we ' ll tZ"J'


stYe :rou .c.a

id. • • .

P1.nt ot all, tha pick Wit t ••l cc:.tortab1e to)"O\l. If tbe pick 11 too ahort. Of' heaYJ'. it 11 otten dU'f1cuJ.t to .lrua witb h~ or .aveant . CUt. pick rro. • plaatlc bot.t.le or ....reb aale or toll .tore. uatU )IOU rind the r1&ht one. I Ide a ~ Il7lon clulet.e.r pick obtained t'roa Here, IDe. &lid. tobat. _ru well tor _.

Pre.ctloe at~ aero •• the atr!n&' • fev U... . Ooo't e~ )'OUr &I'W and wrial rot' • "dainty" .trua. Be tree with .:)_nl _ ,,":h '1 an arU,t bru_he, .trlach ot color aero.. I eatJ..... in bold Itrokel.


V,'U be&1n with. t _ ,1a1.l&r to tbo,. fbQnd in




dulc.1ar tWIll aad ilwtruetion



I,! J J l J J 1J J OJ 113 IJ;J J 1 nnt we _!.at eua1ne the rb,ytt.. It tblot up..t. )'0\1, 1'. aor...,.. But. little; w1l.l. bal.p later on . Tbe t~ l1gn&tlU'e 11 ..p.. The: top IUIbu - . . there are " beat, 1a Modi _UN . (A "'1\1.1'1 11 tbe apace betW~D two wUtlcal 1.1ne •• )

11le botu. Dlilber (It) ind1cat.e. tbat • quarter DOW ( ) } reed". ODe beAt. . A note doe.II't a1'IIaT. rltelti.. one t.e.t - althouah it u.u&ll,y doea.- M tbe t.i.e a1&n&tllre ia 1IIp:Irtant tor the intllr.&tien 1t gbe. . Other ti.e 11&n&tu.rea: 6/8 (an e1ghtta not. receivel ODe but) "/2 (a nal.t note receiYel one but) , etc.

'ol.l.owUg are n .. -tue. of otMr !IO\.e. i.t the q,uarter note ptl one beat.

IIbole IIolr _ ... '" Bi&bth !lot..



( J


~ j. )

(J )


. . . . tl 1/2 Beat

1/4 ...,

There lhoul4 be " beaU ill HdI "lure. Count t~ out . (Becauae of tbe e!&btb notel worth 1/2 beat.. OOWIt 1 and 2 and 3 and " and to .au ~ tor t.bea. Look at the tllrlol ap.1n.

IIow to It~ tM. tWie .

Firat, I.wIt _lIt1on that IQ' . d e Itr.. ia toward It)'OW' bal1e ItI'1a 11 a'IIaT rrc. lOU ( .,. ) . I1l1plJ reverie aU of tbe tortbooa.lDi arrowl. Oa the beat (1. 2, 3 . "J .trua toward J'O\I ( ", ). ott tbe (&1:17 o f tbe -aad..I-) JOU -7 Itn. aVll¥. It tbere ' . a note umler tbe ( ... the lUt 00\4 1D tbe tin1. DO o1.berrin J'OII ha.,. • choice . Hu. 11 the tune above with __ Itna .ut1ng.. 'lb1ak ot -1!uIIp D1M7.. JOU play. It rMlly hdp. !


( J, ) .

.""..way -


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J.t J..j.







dad jil) JlIT;iii;

When do you UI. t.hoae optI onal .t.rwu on the "and. " whe r e e r e no noLes' Hot. all the t1ae. eert.&inly. tr you playJ.t.l.:t~t aU t.he t,1ae i t 8~U bor1ne; -.nd the r hyt, t. 'ee-I too get. Iloppy . Try t.o k~p t.he rhytt. c rhp .

Ibv to a Lune vUh â&#x20AC;˘ NI.IIe - "Are ,(OU Sleeping' ''. whi c h freh t.o play , vhi ch va)' to St.MUII.

All of t.he IIIIlrk1nga Ar e Lhere.

All of the following ..elodlel, by the vay, use the t.ypical lon1an tun11'l6 (Do Sol Sol). tr :rou are un. ure hov to t.une uP. Lune your ban string (rart-heres to _va,. rro. you) to a c:cato pitch (s tring not. loci l,a)se or too t,1ghL). Put.)'OW' tinter at. t he 11th fret. bu. string, pluck t. he aL r1ne:; and t.une your . t.ring' to t.hat. piLch.

The fief. nu.bert are ," it.t.en in for you . YOUR SAME iVli'IJI:: WILL BE P[ta: FOR AU. OF THE M!LOOIES even thoush you'll notice that t.hey a r e .,rit.l.f!fl, in 5evt"rill keys . I wrot.e t.hrII t. hh way because : 1. A, near as I ean dcterwine they at. \l IIUOll,y played in the .. keys by othe r In l tru.eo u and 2 . The noW'1 ac:t.ual.l,y fit. bC' on t.he . t.&1'r vrlt.L4!1I In 'ftU'lous kep rat.her t.han all. in t.he key of C.

Whole Note

~..j. l' -J, .j, t

SU~ D;d-d:l &.r.p [);cl-d~

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The ....t- t-\IM 1a t-he beaut-lt\1.l "A..h Qroye- rrc. Valea. All ve'" 41aeuaaeot prerl,oualy worn here. ~t.lee t.he t.i.e a1&nat.ure , hcNe¥er. 10 probl_. There vUl,y be 3 beat-a t.o . . . . .ur. In.t.eed or' ~ •





. .. 5 b 7 8 ~






-3 _ 4 5 b







t .5..






5 4 3










.... 1







. .,





'-' S


1 !






.. .1.



Ob, U)(I.e oon1\lJlu.c clot.. thet t'ollDv note..


It JOU bne to th1n.ll.

• • •

ot whicb fret.

you're p~ and bow 1O'I're u., pick, vhJ' you aao be • _t.~t.1cal seniu.f A clot r_1 ... 5~ ot the Y&l.\Wl of the not.e 1t. tollOlt. ud WI 1a a44ed

onto the note. ~ltn .1owl¥, dotl Util't too bad . Tol.lowizIc are ~ not.e. plUJI cloU and tbe.1r Y&l.ue.. ('l'b1l •• au.el t....t • quarter no14 1a re<:.1v1nc one bee.t) .

A halt DOte

( J ) recdv. .

2 beet. • •

A dottecl Ml.t DOte ( d.) reee1"1 3

tlMt. (2 beat.. plua 1 beat)

A whole DOte ( 0 ) recd..... beAt... beat.. (a. beat. plu. 2 beata)

A clotted. whole not. ( ".) recehe.


Tbo.. aren ' t. too ba.d., but. look at the r'01l.ov1n&:


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A quarter note ( )

r eceives 1 beat.

A dotted quarter note ( ) .) r eceives

1 1/2 beats (1 beat plus 1/2 beat) An e1&htb DOte ( .1' ) receives 1/2 beat.. 3/~ beat. (1/2 beat. plus beat)

A dot.ted e13bth note ( )'. ) receives


tTy st~ ~ clott.e<1 rhyttaa. Stn . all or these witb your lett hand ( at the 3n1 t'ret - o r Bn¥ t'ret of your CbQollill41:.

"24 .j.

-I- t

.3,,,,1,, l' -I-.j. t



l!i J.J,J



A. you can see , we're still alway• • trumming on the beat orf the beat (the "a.nd. " )

(I, 2, 3. 4) and sometimes

This nelct. tune - "Margaret ' s Walt r." - uses dotted. rhytt... This title dgna tur e 11 also 3/\. The quarter note still r eceives 1 beat but there are 3 beats ~ • .easure instead. 01 4.

Here ' s a hint to help wit.h tricky rhyttas - espec1all,y clott.ed rh¥tt.s . r..ced vUh this -..ure in a tune you ' d like to leaTn.



1$ J. )

1] )! ~


Double t.he value 01 everything in the measure .uing t.vo lleasure' instead 01 one.

13 A. JIJ) ,J J·}I low it slXluldn 't. be so cU..tNcult . tbB _lody and you 're



Speed it. "Up




Nt. in with t he rout C..""T1N\J~ __

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n ... bad(' aLt'UU are Ibpl)' Lr.~ - Nile. :r.provlle vit t. IL~lne, but. be lure lot. Itronc rl ....,t. . 11 IItil~ If. t.UM .soundl vhh)t-valh¥ to you, ('heck tbe Itn.- . Are )'OU Flne unl)' 1n one d1.reetlon' eonltanUy co1nc Mek &nil fort.h1 8)' t.he V!l1, all or Lho: not.e rearl1ne; 11 filk'. Ilrt. If )'OU -1nl7 play by ear , t.hat.'1 fll'l(' too. f.J l t.fon ror lon& or .;!I.ort. not.el and alter )'Our accorcUngl)'. Re_.tI<r


"&"p DIJJ)'''.

The laAt. t.UJ'I('t for t.h.1I artlde 11 "OlJ MQll3 Hare" • • reel c:allH in :iC'otlan..1. Try to vork up ,..., IprN vith thh one . It ' l In ... ~ dot.t.ed notel.



Yair), DanCf:" tt..e a.nct Ulel

!lefor. t I..-vc )'OU vitI'; "014 Moll¥ Hare". I'd like to r,uge,," that )IOU t.ry "Barrel or ~r" in thh I ult or DPW. Alll couch stna .rUncl ~4't ,Iven. you I~d taW' no Pf'Obl_ playins It. U)"OU h. . • ide. . to 1U6P1t. for t.hh resular col~ . pl.eaR let. _ know. In .otItb.i t.o co.c '11 prC:Jt'nt 1d.ce.1 for I1nc1n8 vblle )'OU play , chordl t.o t.ry, wing oUM'r IL r ingll ror ~h<' _lod.1, and -ore. "Apt'Y STRlMUNC! Maddie




;-~ 3 2 ""'-I .,.

5 I


.j, "',.

E> •



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11115 'Ibe IDOIIlhly publtootion do:mIO"d to Ir.Ullona.! _kl and danrinc • rolkart foUr.eraft. rolktair roIlOOn:

1_.s.OO pB )'Nr We bri,.. )'OlII/_iml.1WI a'>III«t1 u.!Of"tfUI,iOfl • rw:onJ ...d bovk rede.. ,,,4,1i,,.,- ., dt~ FOLK UF£ u. """I A,



HIRE AT lAST +1111111




BEAUTDULLJ ILWSTRATED BY JUDE GOODWIll'. ~ or -:>re 4it_1. oa wbole.. le order. ORDICR r1OI: GOURD ~IC - At.t.n. B. JlUber 17 V. 6ot.b St.. 18t.h 'loor

New York, W.Y. 10023

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Dulcimers &



seeatyour Deal!Xaler orwrite RUGG &lACKRmusi: co pobox 389fdlonn'}';0 18



JEAN'S DULCIMER SHOP P.O. Box 8, Hwy. 32 Cosby, Tenn. 37722 Finished dulcimers and Idts by several

makers in stock. Other instruments. too. The widest setection of books, record albums, and accessories on mountain and hammered duk;:imers avail~e anywhere. We distribute to other dealers,

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Til BILel


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J'SookS' &: l\tcorbS' PUASI ADD rosTAGIl 1'0 'fOU!I BOOk ORDERS (35t fot" one book -

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The toLlovins ~. repreaen~ a lJlt.1ng ot Just about OYer, book vblch h currentl,y a_llable. The recoNt Ihtq_ teature thole r ecord. available to UI vtllc:h belt. rerlect. and teat.ure .".Uy .,dc. We cont,lnu.a1..4' add to our record lilUnga so pleaat! .. k UI about. any record you alaht. be t.rying to locale . If ve don ' t. have it. lie ai&ht. be able to tell )'011 where to set. it . theM: .ter1all ..... .ade avallaba to OW' readers 1n • eont.1nul~ errort. to ~

of service and Icl .1 • reaource lor pllyerl. Proceed. Al. . IMIlp to lupporL the errorU or the Playen NeVI. ALL MATERIAIB LlS1'!D Off TfO!SI PAGES MAT HI ORDERID



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"80000 VITII THB APPALACKlAH DULCDCBR" by Madel.1ne MIIeleU MUGn .... second t;ener-

at.ion book rn:. ec-mleat,1on Prease_ ""-rlcan MIJ.,lc Serles". Cont.alna I r1ne varlet)' of aol'lflil ~ the BrlUlh r.le. am "-erlC*n t.raditionl arranaed in bot.h • chord1n& tablature fo,.. and relUlU .,de nout1on. Ext.efldve notel on 11ne;1na and phying the I0Il«1 are lnc:lwled. al are tor _ny ot the IOngl. Very tinO!' book !! $~ eac:h .

by Mark &. Carol Blair. Anot.her book Ill'I apt. delcript,ion ot t.hb book vhic:h c:ontainl -.ny tine l1Y-11 in both chord1n& tablat.ure and regular _sical notat.ion tora in an ealy t.o retld and tollow to~t.. NoLel on playlr1fl: t.he ~. and ot.her l'Ielpt'u1 intorwtt.1on i.a 1ncluded. $~ eae:h. 1a

"THE DULC~R BOOK" by Jean R1Le:hIe. The e:la'IIe: book on Lhe .ount.ain dule:~r by ot u. • .alt. taport.anL pleyerl. Containll aLIlJ' tine t.une • • $~ each .


by IN.n RU.e:hle. Should be J*rL Many reterencel. playing


ot every le riou. dule:1.-:r pla~rI hIILorical noLe., t.unes, and

dule:1aer buIlding intorat.1on . ~ eae:h . by Dr. Rle:bar<1 WllUe. Creat. book tor MlpirIfl: t.he ~IInn1ng get. Into t.M .are advanced and interelt.I"I ot chord;'~~~:~~i~~ co.bln.Uonl. Clear det.alled, innrue:t.1on1 . Ne:h .

or 1"1 and _lody





-TlIB RICHARD I"ARrliA DULCIMER BOOK" by JlJeaI & Sa.l.lJ Kdl-.n. WOrdl and pl.ay1nc tablat.ure tor tor 24 tn.t.ru8I!nt.al1 and tMIJ.ladl by RIc:hard and K1a1 rar1Aa. eo.plet.e vit.h a dilcullton ot t.he .adel Uled 1n t.he book and evea _ autolw.rp arra"le_ntl. CrNt. work Ind tine wde:! ~ eae:h. by Jqnn M("S~en &. Doro~hy hene:h. Cont.atnl wc:h helpful play1nl Worat.lon and inlt.rue:t.ion plu. 24 &l'Mt. tradit.Ional t.unel and bal.l..adl tor dulclaer in bot.h tablature and -.alieal notat.lon. ~ eae:h. -1QIJR Aft[) 'NE/fl'Y-

'l'',!''""by Mc:Spaclden .. French. ContaInl 30 traditional and. tablat.ure and aude not.llt.1on . 'tII.nina' and c:hord c:lw.rt.1 ~ each.

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on two


($3 .50) by Jk)ger oontai.n tune. balleCl


alb~ dooI! 1D bi. great r1..nserpic:k1nra: .tyle. Sona- aDd. orJ.&1n&l. to tra41t1ooal &lid BlJ.ubetb1an. Very vorttwhile boob!!

9odger. r ecord

tune. nnge


"MOOlrrADI [J(J1ClX!R PLAYDIl T!CHJ!lClJIS: A S'lUDEJrr WORDOOIt" by Eileen Rd.l1II . A bow &Dd vtIy workboolr. Which t...Ir.e. taa1.liar tWM! ' to teach the bade. &lid .bow bow to &clapt the dulc1ae r to 0IIr .c:xlern ror. or -.Idc . rro. the badc. it .,ve. alon& to bow and v I\)' chord. are ror-ed , variQu • .:)de. are tWled, II.Dd bow to 1.dentity .. lIOCle in .ode.rn Balc. Much .ore h al.o ccmer ed in thi. tine vorkbook . $~ each .

aDd. .0

by A1bert OIuue. N1 ce book to get .t&rted wit.b. It ea.), in. truction. on .t~, chord ~1n8. p1ck1.n6 1"or tb. The KlIl& collection in .aple tablature h vorth the price alone . $~.


~~~~:.bY Mary catherine McSpadden. Tery 8Or\8' with . 1..n.tructlon. tor ~ eacb.


b)' lfovie Klt cheU . '!'his book on buildinfl: J'O'lI' own in. tru.ent t.o "',.,..... ,~ pl.ay1ng .t)"le ot fbwie ' . v hich he lpe to extend the dulc1Mr . $~ each. Wit. h a cco.pal'Q"inB r ecord ~.

" SDI4ONS PANny SCJIGBOOr' by ~ &. Jean S1aIo1\I. Contain. 33 nne t ollr. Il0l\8' II.Dd tunel nth tablature -.Del naull r .deal notation .y.te... PIJI! BOOk!: ~ each. "Ill SZAReH OF THE IfIll) [J(J1ClM£R" by Bob Fo r ce &. A1bert d' Ollcbl. WeU Ulu.trated book cove ring _eh intere.tinB inro~t1on 011 the .ore oontellporary .tyle • . .u.o covert lII.u::h ground about lIOCle. ancl .a4al plI.;r1lIa. Loaded. nth tl~. $~ each. ~"!,,,,

__ :,~..Plalll

PJle. A great handboolr. all plI.y1ns good pointer. to get. J'OI1 .tarted. . Miabt1'

helptul. tlpa -.Del tu.oe. are intertper.ed. throughout..



b)' A.W . Jettre1'" A tine 11ttle boolr. · chord. , counter- _l.od¥ plI.ftng. tun!n&' . and buw;my plI.)'ins . . . vell .. into on noting and. . t~. $3 . 00 each. "MXIDs OF TH! DULClMElI" b)' Virgil&, lforsan Illghe.. 55 101:18' aod. tune. , tWliDI' , .any playing . tyle. &. .thod. de,cribed. , plu• •ectlon on apedal attectl. Ma.rQt excellent photo. ot Mountain t olb and. ,cenea , and. ~ tine dlllclar tUDe' are included in tbi. very nice booIl . ~ eaCh .

'"'A .1AJICIPUL HI8'rORT OJ' THE DULCIMER" by V. I:. Hughe •• A collection tbe clulcilller. Indeed. tatac1.tul in ~ ea.e.. IIltereatin8!: On.l.)'

ot r olJr: tale. about $1.00 each.

"TlII APPALACHIAI' OOLClMKR BOOK" by Michael MurJlb¥. Contain. -.n)" intere. tins photo. o r old dulc1aeI'l, etc. p.abll.bed ror the r1r1t U_. Good pla:rine; 1..nro & inltruction t or beginner to .ore ad.allced . Loh ot .aurce and relOW'08 .ter1a.l. ~ each. -";l~~,::,JObD .,. Puton. An expanded. and tapro't'ed It



ot the Southern Mountain.". Ulu.trated

and play the dlll.ciller . Se-. lIell knOIIl1 tolk tune. in ...r iou. • .ode. and t.echn1que. . $.!..:jQ ea cb.

b1' Margaret Wintel'l. Hiltery, care. and. pla)'i.Jla: lt1'le. 10,,&1 with acco-panillent . $2 . 00 each.

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·OOIlS'rRUCTDfl nil )lJlJftAm DUlCIMER- b7 De&Q n.b&ll. 1'hU bantbound book ooat.a1u the 1nto~tlOD tM aTer1l.88 voo4vor' w1ll need to create ud t1n1ab a ~ta1n in ILIl1 ot aenral. I.pel a.a4 l1t.u. hi.. IOQCl U,. on ~ ao. of :JOUI' own tooI. tor the lOb. II YerT fp30d book 011 .,.,IMlne. ~



"'1'0 BIJlID II rou::DID" by Jau.l. Pyle . A be.t -1J.1nc llttl.e booklet wh1eh 11 • - U 1n abe but. ~ with intere.t.1.ns bui..1.d.1.n8 1nto "~. $4.00 eacb.

book GO


~.!:~~":~1lAII7' or andTtlla lhoWd

conri.ruct1oa be on4ulct.r eTer)' builder. book

*~ eacb.

·COISTRUCTIOif ar II IDJIrrAIII WLCIKER" b,. W1l.l.U.a M. Sctaltt . 10 page pl..aIuI .heat with detailed iDitruct10u &I)d c1n.v1naI to help )'OU eal1..l.7 bulld. :JOUI' own du.l.daer • .u..o lneJ.wi,1 helpfUl. .eet.ion on tra.nlp;.a1r!& -.adc rro the rn;. r1!!plar

.beet ..dc.





"101 '1'0 WIlD A .twf(ERIll' DULClXER" by 8Ull.1p Malon. !bil 26 Ne booklet &'I:ftl det.a1led pl&.o. &lid wtruction' which w1ll allow )'OU. to ...tlT _atruet I b4b q~llt1. ruge1l ~ duld... r w1t.b • •ln1 _ _ of r.nCJ' toola, etc . Include. aoureel tor wod, .trillA, hardotar., etc .• etc. 0n.l7 book avaUable which tallea )'OU ltep-byatep through tile co.plete conltruction proce. . ot • ~ . • ~ each. '7""~

by Ph1ll1p "'lion. Coven web into.--Uon intern.l type 1rutn.ent. bl.1 over 20 tWlflI ~~;.;~~:., MI,. tOni II ... 11 .1 in regular notation. K1Itory. and cU'ooc.rapby ot the ~r dulc1ller are el.Io tetlture. ot thh book. pase') $~ ... ch.



·THI IIA/4oIE:RID ClJ1ClMZR: IDI TO MAKE • PlAT rr· by Rovie MitcheU. liDt a li0ii-1'0-00It .anual 1n the .trlct .en•• . Relete. aDJ' ot Hov1e. upe.rlence. and eltpert.ent. in buUdins .everl! dOl.en Include. Ic.e helpful lntOr.t1011 to help )"OU set .t.a.ted plaJ1n&. and Ic.e helpf'ul _t.er1al tor tho'e who are pl.al1l'l1n& to bu1l4 their ow ... • . $.l!l2 each. Acoc:.~ reeord./book .et ~ .

OTHER BOOKS OF INTEREST ~~~: br Pete Seeser.


Fine oollectioo ot 100&' atld. bIlllad. $~ each.

. tolk -.allc perlOn. .

ar ".

COUIKRlAlmS" bJ' Jean Ritchie. Another book b), evel')'tw:lletl but not directed e.pec1llll1' toward. the dlll.cber. "datu the tint-baud acoount ot ot a tradlt10alll '1n&1n8: t'atl1l:f and the 1OI!4t' they dnc . Q\rer 40 aoop inc:.lwled. Mcb.

·SlXlmJ PANny




by Jean Ritchie. Itot a dulciar book per word.., _lody l..1ne, chord. , atld. bbtorical.

'1n&ina ~r.;;-;~.

Ritchie J'aa1l¥.



b), Albert Gaah. 8)' the .... author . . "Be.t DIllct.l!r areat inltMlMDt to pley al.or!i; vlth dulciller ••~ each.

by (leQrp HH.~-!lellon • Barbara ~hlu. Thi. 11 the and 11 loaded with great tune. and -.ach tiDe iDltructioa _t.u1al tor beg1nn1n& or .ore ad.-,anced player" rnu: BOOK!: ~ each.

a"''',.... _


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~~~~'t,~~' b)' &ric MIlller Ao


{Qaded with .,od

Barbara Koehler.

t.~ • •

Bert. boolr. l ' ft


4.!!.:.21 each.

"ct.AWHAMCER MIUO· by Mile. Xr"-en. Yet. another ex<!ell.nt. book on old-U_ banJo iOided Wit.h sood t. ... ne • •nd in.t.rue:t.lon. eo... r • • tllf't on tretle.. banJo



~ Mcb.

b,. cUne. An ezce.l..lent aM ~ _.It.y iJ\.t~nu or


t.une. llu::lvded. $1:.21 _eb. b)' John ' (1nal·1 Ih) .~ .cb.

~~~~~~~~~t,"":; work tor ~ Alexander

th.h In.t.Nllent. . $1.:..25. Bhe.l.J. DCELLEHT-=-TJ.:2l Nch.

Book I - C-80JW'&nO or C-Tenor *~ BooIr. II_ '-Alto, r-sopruo.'-B...-......


-AITII)LOGT ~ ANDIeAI' POLl: MJSIC· MoM,, Jo.h Oun_ • Ethel. RIlla


a:l~!(!l!El~!:' A _eebook or lut.bien


Li.t.. _ _ , addr-e ••••• and othitr detaU.

_ ._ _ I

.~ deb.


•• -n:t or their .uppU.,.. _kere, .. ,.1n_,. et.c . $5;.00 e-ch.



"'tACIUBADIlIR- Doroe.b7 "'1')' un1.qut rtT ....

vbo . . . .

l:I:oellen." MV DELIGHmJL



OInK IWtCIlUlD DUl.ClMD" Bill Spence nt.h 'en:tl1c"

by •


popuar _dew

.~ lada.

AU-Star Str1n& Band. Man.7 rolb we til. -.tI:1 jp'Mt.

to call thh t.be1.r hyorite ~r du.l~r dttu. or IIll t.t.. t.lln... aAd eo-e a1&bt.)' t1ne ~. ~ each.


-SAtuRDo\l l IGHT nr TIll!: PROVIM;ZS- 8111 Spence wit.h ?'eMi,'s A~-Bt&r Bt.rin8 8ancl. 'l'bh second Spence al.b,. h equ.ll1 .a FOd .. the tirat . A MUST:: ~ each.


Itluett.a, Pet.. V1.eDur, Paul. Reialer, Paul. leaton. A or 1"ow' (plaa otbe.r inatn-nt.a) 1.n the ha.Jlda ot tiDe pl..aJtoera oo.b1ne to prodllce a unique aouDd. tt-t. vUl. ha". )I'OQ taPlliAl; )'OW' toea rl.cbt. ave.)'. ~ each.


IilllJ.coa Da1&l1.ah • Ore)' A aupertt ..a.. or '--.r 10 eTe.r)'OnII'a col.Uct1oa. lDta or Irhh t-.a &lid abaol.uteq the .oat co,"-r I' .. ever aMD CD &Q;f record a.l.bwI. ~ eac:h.

"a«lftI ~TH REJf!'- Dou& leUr, JO)'c:. De-...1a, Rick. lDrra1ne Lee • Bob NeQIlUl.en. Mot.her new &fill-. tu.turll\& ~r dulc:aer II)' Dou.: &Cur, a p:lpular Boaton, Ma.. . atreet. ~a1c1an. Duets, aoJ,oa, anct .n __!e work Ill' tiDe ~ each . -GRJZlI ROCKY ROo\D- Ou:)' car.WUI • rrlenc1a. ~ ra.1.1.1&r with Ou.:Ja ~ dul.c.iMr ~ vUl. vant to bne thia OM. Man7 the ,unea • aoaca . GREAT :: ~ each.

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Round "l'r1e,ndl. A very pclp,llar record by . . . ry in'l'Olved vith the dllleaer. ~ each. "OOUlCllJS STOCKADE BUllS" J~ Round &. The W1lliau h.a111. JaJ'. lec:ond. dbua te.turel .any rine t.unel alone vith l..e eJloellent -.alidu. and J.,, ' I ulual tine plAy1nc. ~ eaeh. Jay vUl 1000 b . .~ a tbird albUII out. - VTlt.e UI .bout. ita ..... U1bllit.Y· ". ~ 01' roLl: IoIJSIC" Mitde Collinl. 'lhll rine albu. teaturel both u - r and .:Nntain dulelier 011. .oat cutl. It. 00-;1 with a rine booklet. with -.alie and "Ordl to all the IOngl and tunel pl"l -ueh ot.her t.nt'o,...t!.on. GREAT AU!OI:: ~ eaeb.

"Wnm THAT SHADS THE BML&Y" John MeCutebeon. A rine albua b" a gre.t r...-r duldMr player that bel.cncl in .,.eryone\: cou.etion. ~ Nch. PfZlSE ADO

sot poltage and. _cUna COlt. ror one record - 75t tor tvo or IIOre.

I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t I I I I I I I I I I I I tt t t t


I .


-OOU:DIER, OlD 'f'lMB All) TP.ADITIOML JlJSIC· Ralph Lee Saltb "Mary wuhe Hal..lowell. bcellent record which ine1udel an 1nt'o,...tive booklet about the tunel .nd hoot t.o ph)' tbn , plUi loti ot other sood 1nfo,...Uoo. WORk:: ~ each. "DULCDIER . MORE DID tIMI AJCD 'l'RAlllTIOl&AL IfJSIC" Ralph LH Salth. A tollov-up to t.tIe above record which abo conuin. a very !lice little booklet. wit.h t.he albWl. Thele t.wo albuu are ...t wo,.t.hvhUe to,. pla"erl 0" ,1ult plain lineGeri. ~ Neh.

Jean SdI1l11ng. A tine alb. . reat.uring t.raditional Sout.bern played. on duleaer in JellD'l unique&. lOYel1 I t"le $~ "PORC1I£S 01'" THI POOR" Jean" Lee Sch1l.l.lng. Izeellint allt\a bl t.hele rolla vbo 11ve in Great s.oUel. "eatll.n' ...". ot Jean'. own C:OIIpoa1tionl. $~ eaeh.


"Tfm RUSSt:LL 'AND.'" Roac:oe, Roy&. Bonn.1e. Old t1ae -.alie t"t.urin8 played in the Galax Ity1e . r.o..ded with sood old. t1ddl.e tunel and toe t.apperl. ~ "ch.

"APPALACHIAIl ECKlES" Georp &. Nul' Wllliaaaon. Old-ti_ -ude vith .:>Untain dlllelMr reaturin8 '0101 and duetl. !fIe. tune lelection. ~ each. "S'roftE OOUNTY DULCIMER" 'tbe SiDmnl F. .Uy. Cont.ain. 18 014 - 1.1ae tunel and ballad. ph.1 notel on tWlIl\&I, el.c . Pine _Iidan. tro. the er.ark • • $ti.50 eaeh.

"WAIQlE:AIXi 1"H!IOUCH THE RACJC!lCSACX"The S~. haUl. Mo,.. ~htl fine "Ork by tM • ... t. Dllieal raa1l.y. Lot. or neat. tun. . 00 thil 0rM!! . ~ "eh. -""'lE NlTCHKLL" Molt people are taaU1ar with the exeel.le.nt playina: ot t.hi. -.n who bal done 10 _eh to tIlrther the caule ot dlllc1.erl. GREAT:: ~ each. -THE OU) $ORCS" Mar.....\. MacArthur. I'1ne alb,. tHoturine great. dille.,. and harp plalin& bl thll voodertul lad¥. MaD)' tine tunel and IOnsl. ~ "Olf THE MOUlI'TADS HIGH" Margaret MacArthur & Fa.tly, ot Mar.lbl)ro VeI"1llOnt. A " Q reeord teatW"Li& aa. ot Margaret'. tbe dllldlll!r play1na on ~ eutl. ~.


"LIVlXi Ilf THI TRDS" fliek &. Lorraine Lee. Lorr&1ne play. duleaer on ... t. eut. and 10und thel. telk. produce -.all. be heard to be bellend. GREAT :: ~ eaeb


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~1OTE3 Off DULCJ)4ER IlfIUlOO b)' Rodaer Hllrrh. An eJlcellent /Ww l1tLle book 01'1 the bu1l4ln& ot _t.ain dllle1.-r l vtUeh eoYer l around lett 0IIt. bYthe r elt. o r t.he bookl on dulc~r b111.l.d1nc. ~e d r l!tU'l)' lIIto dllle_ r build1nc wLU eapeelallJ want to M

_ore thh book to r 1tt weal t h o r DeWV" ide. . and I!'xeelle"t llaUJ'I&II or r e-.-eel. A IIJST BOOK rat SUDDERS':'':' ' 5 . 00 eub . MAlf I LI7ABETHA. SOIC8QOl" b)' Lor .... 1.Qe Lee. 'l'hh new book ,hou.ld be nallalJ.l.e bJ' the tu.e t.hla l ...ue h _lied out -.nd it. v1.ll be a good 0f'Ie tor lure. LorraiJ1e h ~ ' Te aU been vait.!.n& tor. Cont.a1n1 1 _ FtAt and lnnruC:1.1on tor Appalac:hian dlllc:_r b,. a nry aceo.pUlhed art1lt.

t1nal..l)r vrl1.1na t.he duld.-r book .r~ntl

*l:.2Lel c:h. "PICT\IRES, I'OOC3 AID OULCDIER PIECES M b,. ltevin Roth. .\not.Mr vell Ilnovn dulcwr artin hII. re«.nt.1)' Ihen II I anot.her book ve ' ft been ..alti", ror. 'J'he title h 1.1\ apt. duerlpUon ot tl'M! cont.ent. • .m it. cont.aina _IU' Lablat.urea ro r t.he int.el'1lediate 1.0 adv.need playe r · ao.e or which a r e on Ite"in, albuaa. *~ Mich . "PACI1 I C RIM PROJBCT M TABI~'NRI! ROOK AVAIlABtz .


He.l.l-..a. Bonnie Carol, M1chac:-l Ru&J. Robe r t. flIbbert . people .. 1ll .ur el,y r ecocnh.e areat IQ)/ Mount.aln Oulcwr albWII 0IIt. b)' albu. 'l9 aonal and t.UM" or a .. ide dlorerait.), . There 11 alao a t.ablat.\lrt book nanable "'perat.el), which dllld.-r players '1111 want. t.o have 1n orde r to learn and rollov t.he t.une. on t.he altn.. RECORI) $).2): TABlATURE BOOK *3 . 95

"STRA\ffiERRY 'AD!" Nade1ille MacNeil Mason. Maddie hal Una1lJ _ e a dulcaer neord and an,yone taa1.l..Ur .. it.h her p.l.a)'in& and aine:1n& (bot.h are up tront. on tUI alt.u.) ..1ll lurel¥ want to add 1.hh to their eoll~1.1on. Seycral o r t he IOft4tI on 1.hh Ilbllll can be found In her re«-nt du.lc1.-.r book "SOOlMl WITH TIlE APPA1ACKVJf DULCIXIJI" (aee in t~b balle) *l.:,2l each. ALL 8OOJC:9 AID



rllCl4 :



1'HAIOOi~ ~

rROIft' ROYAL, VA. 22630 IOtZ


a~bu. ~~~!~~:~~~~:~~:.

Vehi ch nov oc:mt..iM ca r ry t.he double r eeord .. all but one or the 1.1IDI!. rARI. DULCIMER lOOK recently p.lbl1.hed by !leal • Ball)' wrote t.h1l book ..Uh 1.h1l neord in -.1nd a. a _paniOll piece. 2 reeord altru. *~ . (See booU1It tor "perate lnfo on the oo..panton book o r 1.\II'II!1 and inl1. Mlction). nIEMl- Ja)' Round. Jay ' . new record (hb third) 11 nov ..... ilabl. am it. 11 areal.. '"lurel loti .:Ire ot Jay ' l flne: na-r dlllu-r p..layine:. ~ each.


V. wiU lOOn hint 1.1'M! nev 'ront. ta1.1 releue ill bard. 'nib a.ltN. teaturel Bill SpeDce McCr euh. ~eac:h (wLU Ihlp Ju.t al lOOn aa VR I'rI 7'OR OUR CXICPInI CA'l'ALOWI OF roLl: IIJS I C (All) DULCDCIR) RItCORDS All) BOOKS. J'UA3I INCWbIt A lJf STAKI' WInI 100R CAVoLOOUl DqUtRY. t1IMf;S"


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Ttle Gui ld of 400erlC4ll u.Lhl, .. ro 1.......,_ protH Gro:an1,....Uon wt\!eh acta • • • n int _ _ lion ebartnl{ .:r.t.... Th. Old Id ' . ~ .. o _in aetirith,. are Hs nJ i t •

... t ......


JIIII'"'r pwnc: hed t or"'-liafl: • rl..lll( binde r. TIle GAL o-t-terll d.",",," ntinll' 011 _10mtar)' ...'-1.n._ bJ' the -.bere. TIM -.u.tOf'll.l """Hi... 1a u..t there 18 no "ri&ht -r:' 0Rl.J" openo.ble _u.od.e. 10 thi • ..,. _ hope to e ... tiA ..... to ..... of opiaiOll for luthier. ot . u pen~a:1_ and deS ...... ot e~ri"'~ • . Olb~

G4L .etl.it1 .. ar. beine

plored ead. ... are opeo to new ld....


To joln the Guild ot .weri ...... LutMen tor the cal...der :rear or I" ". ....... no, (eh.ock OT _.:r order) with :JO'U ..... . ""dre.... phon. , .ole. ~rah.lp d ........tittH,..,.. to.ll ..., .... printed thi. :r_r, .l<hibltlon rlpta.t the eony""tlO11 , halt price adYert~ta end r....., d . . .trled ..ts u th .. QUiIl rterb . ,.... . . . . . . . rahl.p " ( .... U . .... l • • fter J_r:r 19171 .

GAL 82ll South Park Avenue Tacoma.WA





310 WaterStreet.Vancouver.Canada V6B 186 (604) 688-5335

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Shape Notes and the Dulcimer by Dorot.hy May 7)24 canterbury Prairie V1llqe, ItS 66200

*1lJ' old (and _ _ new) hywt boob have the .... le DOted in di ffe r ent .t-pe. u well a. podUon on tho .tart . '!'be .hape. corre'pond to the foUowins dll.let.r fret. and .cale .,.luble. thu.:












•• &


•• ,.














etc .


• • ••

• • •, • • , • • •"













You can eut out .hape. fro- ~"lU"e-.elUlhl~ paper and .Uek thea! on dlllc_r r1n&er~rd t.o \.two len. of tha corre 'pondine: fret, that la, wN!:re J'OU. would )"OUr finser. pu., tN!: shape a • • hovn by the _dc, am J'OU're in budne.. ~ You .t.ill ha~ to hold 0I0t. not.e. tvo ClOIlnU and llhether )'Ou .hould be pLaylna a h1&b or low ~.ol" or ..m.tever, but. there la no need t.o \lOrry about. key d~t.ure. . If t.he -elody end. Oft • t.r1&nc1e, 1t.'. _Jor. If it end. on • 'qllllTe, It.'. a1nor. (Tha ot.her .hapu ~ corre.pond to ot.her .ooea, but. t.he.e a r e quit.e rare . ) For a .unor you vUl have to t.une :tOUr in.trument to the a1..nor .ooe, but ot.lMrwhe the .hape. will 1IOrk, I1nce the alnor .eale (Aeolian) on "u" in either t.he o ld or nell .bape .,.I te-. The older type, round in .uch book. (lltill in print. . today rro- Brellen, Geora1a) 11 a little at have two "ra' I " in your dlatonlc .cale. Allo r t.he -elody or lead Hoe la rOl,Uld OIl t.he t.enor llne ~ If t.he so,.. 11 -Jor, whichever line or 'pace t.he _locty end. on h the "ra" Which oorreipond. to WI" lIOdern "do", or third fret. . '!'be ba~e. 1ft the.e old ''''~W'. an beauUf'u.1. You ~r o pen IOIIndI and .unor chord. when




and __ or t.he ODWIt.erwe.lod.le. rOllnd. in Iqnn Jelln RJt.chie ' l Ublat.ure or (Ould_r Shoppe, Jilt.. V1ew, Ark.) are enct. in I can ' t. .peak ror Sout.hern H!r!ony, I han not. leen one , . . . I be 11a11ar. The n~r .hape note. can be round in That. Old T1IIe ReUB10n (liuper &. Row) and _ny go.pel coUect.ion.. '[n t.bue t.he _lod.y 11ne 11 on the top , or soprano , 11M. Arter)'Oll. learn to play -elod.leB, t.ry '0IIIe t.wo, three, and even tour part. _.-.onJe. IIit h ,)'Ou r friend.. The ba. . sound. elpee1ally good It )'OU Ulle a church dulct..e r, o r t.une)'OW' far drone .t.rins down so 1t. ' . an oct... below)'OlU" _lody .-trine (u in Jilao.l)odlan) am het. t.hat one. I ~ t.b1n.t t.hat. "'--red dule1ller pla.,.erl coWd adapt. thb 1nfor.t.lon a. " ell.

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G1~nn Bran~

Rt . I, Brandon Reed Box 270-1.. ManchelLer . TN 37355 On --.c of the older dul.cUocrs I ' ve

leen ~

t.he neck fret.tine; val patte r ned l uch

net. soundine: t.he open -elody Itrine; prodUcel the ·do" , or tint tone, a nd co.plete:ll U'le lcale at. t.he levrnt.h mot.. A. t.uning chart. for t.hel~ 1nstr~!lt.1 a1&ht. be of int.e r est lince t.her e I r e sUll a fC!"" of t.he. around. . It. could be t.hat. a car r yove r of t.hia 1dea broucht lbou't. t.he addit.ion of t.he 6 1/2 fret on IIo-e of .t.he dulct..e r s that. are nov . One adV1l.nLag," of "do" fret.t.ina is t.hat .u.y of the old riddle tunes can 0. played a 11 t.tle IIIOre e.l1~ because _n,y of tbe!ll are ('all. and rancr. By re f e r enc11141

a firth upcca1e the scalel


Jlh¥a1eallJ' lhorter .

On dulcillers vit.h t.he 6 1/2 fret thia tun1Jl& .ettlOd will adapt. vith t.he advantage (If a broade r key rana;e .


<Jl±1ffilll~11831Il.~< .... lh&.Y'PIA.N



• • Sol SG/Ioll -h_" 1- - S"~U!: II rt Ilfn


,,11. 'Ii~

<JHImilI~I1E§1Ii -0--

Alo/",,J M.le. - '"!A'"

>~~- ~.'f -,. E' - SCAI. ': S -a



I~ 't1 IUT




..II I •I "II





"'"11. ..







f(EJ1(!J) l)ut.C.IoO'Itlt


n ''lIS



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Dulcimers and More! We have lots of great merchandise besides dulcimers in OUI catalog; mandolins, guitaIs, banjos. autohaxps and accessories plus thousands of hatd-to-find books and albums featuring b:aditionai and contemporary folk music. 30% to 50% off list price on most items. There's also lots of useful information on insb:uments buying and upkeep in out free catalog. Send to<lay fot your: copy! Out free list of used instruments is also av,oiJa.ble upon request.

541 East Grand Rivet East Lansing, Mich. 48823 (517) 332-4331

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IJ n


p.. .,r SouJ


or I


~~ - ;"'3





,c -







. tree )








WI- ioU)- He,.



I 1



h4l'ld on


• r;

Wi\ -

lew! Si'!J




-, -,

W:I· 10IlJ,wiH"~, Wjl- 1oI&l, ~- 10"

m~ ~-




L.......J '-




I· ~


be. Si"'l I




~' •




W",l- low,








V '--

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• r




.s i n~

:T l.J)



'i'- ,...,









Thill verdo n o f "The Will.ow SoIl8~ (~o Willow. WillOW'") va l Ul ed by Wll..l1am Shakes peare aa De~eIIOna'. lOng in O'I'HEIJ.O. Another version • .nth a 111M a s the cent r al character is found in a -.r!ulcrlpt in the British MuaeUID. The sons __ parodied in PLAYfORD ' S PLf!ASAlI'l' MU SICAL C(l(PAlfION (l686) a s "A

poor soul a.t s ighing by • 81n8erbread at.aU" . The willow, by the way, is o rte n symbolic of unhappy l ove. """'" UP T\iiie""theba .. string to D - or a pitc h to luit )'OW' voi ce o r ins t r ument . atrin& is tWled to A or to t.he sound or the ban strina; at t.he 4th fr et. str ing 1, tuned to C or to the sound. or the ban str ing at t he 6t h fret. typical. aeolian tuning.

The aiddle

The melody This is

PIA YIlI:l 'l'HB SOli:} Try UI1.ngthe finpra ot yaur right hand to pluck the atrings rather than using. plcll.. The tablature represent. the 3 _tTing_ of • dulci_r. (The top 11ne is the bu. Itring). The nUllber s r epre.ent which fret to pb,y. (0 _an a the o pen o r I,lIIrretted IItrins is plucked). It there is no nWllber tor a particular 3t.ring, t hat s tring 111 DDt to be played then . The rhytbm or the tablature ro llOll'II the rhythm o r the mull1cal notation.

-./' Ta.bla. tU(C ~ Te"t b<j Mo.d"line A ~n

ran ... tun .a..cralld Flit lulra ...11 .,fIIt ..l.. IIIIllm I....H. 11I,1.,n




HandIIlade Dulcbll!lr~ 6: BanJ o 's. All Solid Wood . Liretime Guar ante

~ •



'nltnin ,t..

II hltllilld, hft.htJ luI. 1117'


Lakef'ront ttu .s1 c 7 012 U. Ga l e na ~ d . Pe o ria, Ill . 6 16


f U _ u r S£LE<:TEl>


MAc"oHiHIi31 iN cnl. s~.



FIfETW;¥/ nt.,




I=M. '.ICE

O/t cAlL:

llEIRL()(JI WOODCRAFT 4121i IN 59th Sf _ OKIAfO(A CITY. 01( 73122

POOH! (405 ) 721-0821

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BA.... EBEB BUI.eIIIIB PAGES MIJGIAMPS INS'l'RUMEN'l' HERAlD (12704 Barbara RoI.d, SHver Spring. Mal'ylartd 2()1)O6) hu r ecently publllhed a collect.ion of all the art.lcles on the huoered dulc1l11el' t.hat bave appeared 1n Mugwuaps -1ona with 110. updated material and Interestlnt1; photo· f"rII.phs. The booklet 11 cal..l.ed " THE IfAIoICERED DULCIMER CCMPEND~" and 11 avaUable fro. Ntke Hollla at HU8"\UIps tor $ 2. 00. .t..on& other thill6' it ns the SuI Rb.:cetta bullcilns plan. and playing t1~ art.1clea and the Paul C1troN hlltory and lore articles. Good Stutr~! ,\nJ'one looUng for a source of the Darld Kettlewell book on ~r d ulci-er . ..~ THI nnu:::s THAT £VER THERK VERl n mght try an inquiry to Andy' , Front Hall, RD I, Wone.r Ad •• Voorheeav1.l1e. !fY. I underaland _he !light have it 1n stock . JAY ROUND has a new alb. . out featurlll8 .ore or his tine _ _ 1' dulcimer play1ne: c.lled "ONE TIME YRIElQ)". and lovingly dedicated to lake Michlp.n . Some tine millie and great c ut s on thb albWII include 1n s ua: The LoJliI!.t Road is Qoing Batk, St. Anne ' s Reel , Red"'~ng. Oui e , I ' m an Old CQwhand ( from the Rio Grande), Jamutovn HoIIest.ead, One Time Friend, De vil' s Dream, Bot.tom Dollar, Tribute t.o Chet Parker (Irish medley) and When the Roll is Called up Yonder. The Round family also builds fine humer dul cu.e rl at a very reaaonable coat. They can be contacted at; 6410 8th Ave., Grandville, Michigan ~9418 .

ha a juat released a nne new albllDl of' ~r dulc!.e r music: by i l fantastic in .hoving how many usea the 4ulc1ee r can be put. with undenunding and effectiveness . Containa ever )'thinl; frw! ' Jes us , Joy of Nan ' . De.iring (J . S . BaCh) to sc:.e nice toe tappen llke Cricket on the liea r th , aDd. Kitchen Girl, a. well a. a fiDe rendition ot Greenllleeves. The album is titled "THE wnm THAT SHA!C!S TIDl BARIZY" Write: to J\Ule ApJlllI Recordinl;l (Box 7~3 , 'llhitesbura. !tentucky 4iB58) tor a list1n.g o r all their tine dulcimer dbuas. Dear Phil, Thanks t o r the quick r es ponse t.o lIlY reque s t for the catalogue. The Janos Hoss zu album in t.he Discography section ot )'OIU instruction book sounds s imilar to the "CymbaIOlll !.eke" albUIII (by saBle payer) on t.he requell t Record s label. (THE SOIJHD OF THE CYMBALCJ4, A CYMBALCJ4 IELKE, JANOS II)SSZIJ & EHSDlBLE. Reque s t Records, Inc . • 3800 S . Ocean Dr . (2nd tloor). lbllyvood, 111.. 33019. The audio qualit.y o f t.he alhUIII ia "c" to "D". Sc;.e or t.he phrasing is akYard. But, the paying technique ' s (especially speed '" rast. flourhhe s ) are int.ere,Ung to lie aa a studen t of ~r playing. (':)IUy Hungar ian folk _sic in albUIII) • ••. Her e ' .


ezercise that will help


dulcimer players to be.eo-e aware of

how luCCellrully they are alte rMting bet.ween right and left. hands while playing:

Needed: 1. a tune (like Devils Dre. . , Irish, et.c . , et.c . 2 . one plain wooden haaner 3. one hamaler heavily padded with thick felt. JUIIt. play normally wood ri'ilht., felt. len., t.hen switch hanllen - - (tape r ecord both verllions if' poss i ble). If all th i s seemll silly just. uae one sott and one hard haOlDe r tor 1I0und va riati ons on your I'IalI:IIIered dulcimer. Thanks tor writing t.he two recen t. books, they are very helprul. Cordially, PhUMuehl Dear Madeline, Phillip and fl"iends, Thank.s t or Dorot.hy ' s piece "Aust.rian Melody" in the last. issue - very e.njoyable . I hope we. v1l1 see .ore cont r ibutions fro. her i.a t.he Mure . Kee.p up the sood work . Si.acer ely. Heat.he r Miller Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact


In pruenUnc thb tune ror _ _ .. dlllciaer ~n to tackle I han! ~ letter _ or each note (top or tbot tUuture). ~ a!lJ" ~r dulcs.-r ~r al.ready ~ the ..ole _ . or hU 01' ber .trine: cou.r~. (:rou to 1n order to be able to eftn tune the t.h1na to .tart with) • .ore ~l.ex nWlberill6 'Yltell . _ • bit. to _ell enra to .bout. Mowltaln dul.d_r p~n .lIo pl..t.y thh tune by tollorins the bot~ llne or tabl.turt 011 the _lody ItrLna. 'BIol'r.l or Supr ' it an old ...... 1..:an cent rad.nee tune Ilhich undoubtab,b be. ita cr1,ln. in the 8rl1.hh Ide.. U. 11 one of the -.n.:t countr)' d.&tle.. vb1ch _re verI popular durLna and JI,IIt. s..-dt.t.ely tol.low1nc: the "-riean ~lutlOQ. _____ PhU Mason ftOt.ed the



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- -





Arranged by :

12 Cour •• Treble Bridge

11 Cour .. Ba .. Bridge - 8.... 5 - Jll ,ht Trebl e. aD - Left Treble .

lIarvey Prinz


1 .5'

5" !i 6

6 7

8 6

8 • • •




.".tea uaecl tor



duleielr t.1IIIo8 -JAMIZ.u.u:r ebon! •• __ •

to ..." )'OUr 11 t.uned ••• bovn in the d1acraa below. Underlined nu.beu re.ter to the MI. COIlr'el, circled n....t.e.n len. I1l1e or the treble br ide_, and plain tbe rlcbt .ide or Utble "r!de_. U J'OW' dlllcJ.u 11 tuned. • bit d.irte.nntq JOU w1l.1 ....... to ~ Lbe \&blat""e to tit J'OW' twWtc



C 8


• •• :»

(i. ~

c I'


,• • •..• • • 11







!t ,. ....... ·c

. _... . " CO



•~" •..•



1 1

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H. E. MATHENY 1l5S1 Hill A.... N. •• U,d....... OItla 44415 April



I enjoyed 0..,", Taylor " article 1n D. P. " . (vol. 3. flo. 2, Spring 1m) about.-.y fat.her , J . B, Mat.beny . I hope he vrlt.e l ao.etb1n& IQ' tp"e-t..grandtaLber, Reub1n Sr . • wbo watI • dul~r .tF;er and plA7er. He YIU born 1D AU4lut.ll Count.,.. V1r£in1.a. 1D l809. Alao about. hi. son , Reuben, Jr . I t.._ • plct\U"e or Reuben, Sr. and alao pict.ure. or tbe duJ.~r sbops (tour) or Reuben, Jr" a. well a. pictures or M...


When 1 last. y:uited -.r tat-her, he neu i na hb 9J.rd b1.rthd,)'. He lived in t.he hUla o r West. Virginia. Be<:alae or the ..xl I cou.ld only «et. t,<) vilh1D • half aile or t.he place he eall.ed tw:.e. I parked. the car and walled through t.he tields and approached OD the ddt or the bouse t.hat had no v1ncIOWI, so be c:ouJ.d not. aee _ C<*in6. At the corner o r the houle I .t.opped to c.tch II;)' breath and heal"d .... sic c:oaUn& frc- witohin. Dad had jult. lo.t Il101" of hh Iw!arlng and could not. tune hh dlllcll1&r properly and it. took lie a..e time to make out what he ..... playing. I tinally rec:ognbed the tune. He ..... playing h1. IIOther ' . raVQrlte hymn, ~Who at ..., Door h St.andina.· I ...... _d beau.e t had tallen a!)li va. covered vith .ud and wondering why he continued to Hn there, alone . I thought abou~ that poor old _n Uvin& alone. old and eould .earcel)- hear. I have had a Job all IQ' Ute tt.t re quired a t.-rd - boUed attitude but at ttw.t _ n t I broke down and c r ied like a



When I entered , he told lie tt.-t the the only connection he had with hi, youth as all hi. r elatin. and rt-iend. ot thol4!! b,.e-sP"fI clay. were dMd . He it .... a lad t1.e in hi. u.te . He again .entloDed. the ract that he had onl.)' _de one in htl 11te, vhen be va. tit't.een.


Arter he von the Penn.boro conte.t vi th hh hammer dulc!.er, a coudn dad to I116ke hill an in.trument. That C:OUlin bad no child ren and died .hort ly Arter tMt. He had al..... y. wondered vMot happened to htl dulct.ler. Soon Arter dad " death a dtltant reh.tive CNIe by 1Q' ~ hunting geneaJ.oe;iCl.l .t.erlal. . When be o v 1Q' father " _ he- said he had receatly vilited • lady vho bad a ' - - r dll1ct.e r and .he .tated it ..... a l.on& tt.e aec by Ed Mathi!rQ' tor her lP'andratbe.r ' , brother, vho.e _ ...... Brake. That w. the dlllc!.er we had hunted 10 lona . t later sot the in,tru.ent . (t ltill bad hi. o r1f;1.nal tuning p1na and string" Ttlere were three dzea or pin,: z ithe r, mllllber one and. Du.ber two . I have no ide- wbere he got thell. The inltn.ent va. eMMie . HI! bad . .wed. -.1d..1.n8 rro. a picture rn.e to p,lt around the top . It had been ltallled with poke be rry juice and clear varnilhed OV1!r the top or that.

I knev that in that condition it vould not be preserved. I replaced the pins and .trings and _de IIOIIe othe r repairs bllt lert it In itl original conditlon a. III1lch al pollible. Aa I vaa varU", on it, I wondered what dad t/Olild have thought, at t he "310 ot l~. i t had told hi-. that hh IOn WOIIld repe1r it when the &on vaa 6~.


The dlllc1_r alsht be t/Orth *l~ but it tI one ot 1Q' prize tnltru.entl and I abou~ 25 ~r dulc1aer. and a 11ke ..aunt o t Appala chian 3- .tr ingert.

Be.t whhe. , H.I. Matheny.

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BuU.den haYe •• ked _ _ n,y tiM' why I advoCA t e t IM u.e of oak a . a lIIll t.e r lal tor pin block. 10 lieu or t.he . .rd _pll. Man1 ral'" .... the al.t.aken belief u..t. au. corrode. t.un1ac piM 111 • tf!'ll 1'"r' t.s..e rende r 1Jlc t-' uele... I aboo botU...-ed l.Q t.h1a IlIILU I belJlloQ enCOWlt.erq ~ 1M1.~nt. Oft:r a hwldred J'!flr' old v1t.b 0.11. p1n b.l.ocu vbich we", 1n bot.h perfect. t.l,IlIll11 .nd ~ mndlUoa . I .... &1-0 seen -.n)' _w.POr&T,J lDat.~otl jWlt • r_ ye&r. old with oak pin bloelul wb1m _how DO l i p or probleM and tw)ld 10 L~ 'fery ll. So, I think that. ~ f'lrat. hand experience ple' to Illploch that. ~h prItt.,. vwU. Bed4el. -.11 11 • _ e h .cJre ree411¥ • ., .t.erlal 1a • locIl l\llber p..rd than 11 &OOd It. bal t.o be pad om1t.e ~k or Cn&lbh brovn c».k lbouCh: '!bat. .plitt,. old red _It won'", do "1"7 vell I don ' t, t.hink. Alvhow, I ' .,. No. .r ...0 a.k corroct• • pit! ")'Ond uae1'\l.UJae ••• Another que.t.lon ta: "Do )IOU rHl1¥ t.h1na it. _eh dltterenoe to ute .:Ire 1."n one .1.r1o& ~e t.hroughout. t.he counet... It. _aa Lo _ Lhere 11 • profound dirrerence both in t.he rIM.! .. on t.he r rUle " b,..ce . . . well •• LbI final. toone or 1. . . wt.~nt.. You refI..llJ can' to oM.•ln an leut.. enough dde brUp aaale to .c«*ldtlt.e both ~ pap or ILrlJ11, aOO .. r1nal lengt.h lone ~0IIlIUSb to proYide tor _dl Lt.bre. ... ebeet viLh any lone "Jle:r1~n~ bu1l.cler ot _ _ I' vU.l ahow Lhat. UteJ u _ _ _ U.I .1 auu' . . Ib d1tterent. Ibel ot at.rinp. tor FOCI reuon: Hew about. _ _ ot JOU H.lI . bll1ldetl vr1t.1nc. 1n nt.h 1de.1 oa t.be_ and ot.ber qlle,t.iona .bout. oonlt.ruct.1oa. et.c. U I bad to &in an;)'Ofte • t.ip on how to build. Fad 1tIlt.n..nt.. t.he n....r one .:IoIt. iaport&nt. t.hi. I WQUl4 Itrell 11 to bu1ld • 8~ AJII VZu. BRACJ!D f'naework to becUI wit.h. ",.,.. h • lot. ot Itrell on a t1nbMd no _Lt•• r how )IOU t\me It. Anot.her t.h.1l\i I han tound IIMt'Ill 11 to II" rel(\ tnt. vir. to cap t.he br1c1p1 with. Thll t.ype v1re 11 apeel.allJ dad.,. t.o .top Itr1nca with 1n t.he nut. place, and the r e 11 .1.o1t no Itlckins ot t.1wI at.rllls on t.he brldpi tapa bet.veer! bot.h dde' ot t.1wI t.reble b r iqe " hen t.\WIi",. lquaUuUon b _ch .1IIpler.




1111 1 1111


111111 1 1 111


HERE, INC. 2i SoutNHc Mtin Str. . M~is,

MiN"eOti 5641 4

PhU Jllit. a thouctrt ot aDOt.her U .. t.t.t. I lOt. rro. a c:bap vho pit. one ot our Ut.a t.oceLher. He vant.ed to know about. • COftr and tlnell7 decided to l . .ve eDOUgJi ,Uckl", out to put. • cove r down ont.o it. - ,ee


Cord1a1.l.J ,




1/.]). krrs

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TSlue l\ibge

jJBulcimer ~bop

Hammer Dulcimers Mountain Dukimers Books & Records Accessories

wft iTE FoR oult




PHIL " MADD IE KASOfC P . O. BOX 157 J'ROIf!'. ROYAL , VA . 226)0

Notcs O n D ulcimcr Ma l~ iJ1g I,y

Rodger Harris AIt.motiYIH in cOMl rumon

one! deti9n 01 1M

eeI} ~. ~. $tring


Wi"" ,hapten


wood, tooh. Ii",~ .

ocrion, ''-Y. and fi ... oftIen. no. 0nducIH, KO!. cokulotion. wng m. (GPO with M:QIIoped f,...tboorch, wggeslionl for •• ' perimMten. olld mort. 76 iIv,lrotion1.. Not Me.uon· Iy Iw 1M beginning buildet. ~

$5.50 "al'paid from

Bo~ 0 ' Arc, 9607 Siralf.,..d Oklo. Chy. mla. 73120

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I!UIWDIG '!'HI fWl4KRS ~,. are about. .1 varied in destcn Ilnd.!t.1on al are players. The,. are a h1&hlY perlonalized it.e. ¥bich .alt. player. event.ually build and upert.ent. around vit.h for I ~. . elvel in a lear(!h for that palr v,tth JUlt the right "fed". A good pair or t.a-r. CIIn be bu.llt It..ply by ul1ns thin Itrips or 1/"'" wide wood for the ltanl and • wooden bead el'Oed to the endl (lee Figure I. ) The _\.erial 'fhlc:h the u.-r headl are hced vith de\.erainel the IOUQ4 you w1.ll get fie. )'OUr Itrine:1 when Itru(!lL. Molt players v1.l.l ar17 leveral kind l or ~rI 1n their kit. A wooden head v1.l.l brine: forth. lharp. c:.rllP. perculllve lOund wh1.le packlJ.1l6 t.he haaaer racel with leather or IOrt felt padl w111 br1roK out a _llover Ilnd. .are bell-lU.e aou.nd.. &:.e players prefer lonfI: and rlu1ble ~I whUe other prefer lhorter and Itirter pairl. Experillent around tor yourlelf untU you a.e up vlth JUlt the right. pair for you . The illult.rat.ioDI below ..,ill perhaPi live you so.e 1dMI about haaller buildine: poll1b111t.1ea •

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Home Sweet Home

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DULCIMER PLAYERS NEWS 1M Blue R1d.ce Dulc:1.-r Shop 11 the p,iblhher of "Ttl: DULC IMER PLATERS ~ S ~ • qu",,·t.erly p.lbllc:nlon or 40 page. tOWK1~ by u' In J anua,.,. o r 1m t o r Ltc: purpon: ot .prea41nc a flow or intorwat1on and reawree _Lert_} tor dulct.r players, duld_r .kcra, and ot.hers vho .bue a . pet1al Ion fo r thelle 1n-

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We hAn been growing .t.etu11ly ever s1nee and nov

ree-eh about 2 ,000 dulc:!.er people throughout. t.he Wlrld.



Phillip Muon M&4eUne MaeJfeU Kalon

P,O. BOX 157

no:n' ROYAL. VA . 22630

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P.O. BOX 151 rROJrI' ROYAL, VA . 22630






~ C. Gat. . "27 Y. . .ble b • . Al .... nd r1a. Ya . 223C)Il


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1977-04, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 3 No. 4  
1977-04, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 3 No. 4  

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