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♥I love cakes ♥ Permítenos endulzar tu vida…

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Caramel Bomb 

Chocolate cake, stuffing with caramel

10-12 Portions Q.145.00

Mandorla 

Vanilla cake, stuffing with delicacy and almond mousse 12-14 Portions Q.140.00 8-10 Portions Q.107.00

Crema Silvestre 

Innovative strawberry cake with cream, dipped in strawberry syrup. 08-10 Portions Q.107.00 16-18 Portions Q.175.00

Don Flancho ď ś

ď ś

Vanilla and chocolate cake with a layer of delicious caramel flan. 8-10 Portions Q.140.00

Mr. Bin 

Creampie with 4 layers of choco vanilla. 16-18 Portions Q.175.00

Moustang ď ą

ď ą

chocolate cake with mousse of two chocolates and marshmallows hidden. 8-10 Portions Q.150.00

Nutela 

Cake with 2 layers of nutella covered with cream and cocoa. 08-10 Portions Q.107.00 16-18 Portions Q.175.00

Tartarinda 

It's a mix of cream cheese, and it has an incredible gelatin. 8-10 Portions Q.135.00

Trimilky Mora 

This is a cake with 3 milks, stuffing with cream and blackberries jam. 12-14 Portions Q.155.00

Beto Ven ďƒź

Harmonized cake with vanilla essence, caramel mousse and cinnamon, with orange gelatin. Q.145.00

Elviz ď ś

3 layers of chocolate cake with Jack Daniels (liquor), chocolate chunks and almonds. Q.145.00

Marli ď ą

ď ą

Layers and textures harmonized with vanilla syrup, lemon and chocolate mousse. You will enjoy its flavor. Q.135.00

 

6 Pack Cupcakes

6 marbled cupcakes decorated with fondant and buttercream. You'll love the taste! The 6-pack cupcakes to: Q.70.00

Minicupcakes 

 

20 mini vanilla cupcakes decorated with fondant and a nice card. They are really delicious The box to: Q.100.00

Cupcake Ramo 

 

cupcake decorated with fondant in individual packaging Everyone will enjoy it! 4 cupcakes to: Q.30.00

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