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MY POEM A White Wolf who lived alone, disconsolate, with no one to talk, went to find a partner in some place far away. Lots of days he wandered without founding someone and at the near defeat of his trip a black wolf he was to find. The white wolf approached him, and he discover that his black fur was not like inside. It was pure and careful, sensitive and funny, black and kind, smiling and powerful. The wolfs walk without resting, until they found a stream. They drink water, also rest, they began to run by everywhere. They don´t stop playing until the night arrive. They had to say goodbye, goodbye, my soulmate

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“DON´T CRY FOR ME” CRISTY ANN MARTINE Don´t cry for me, I´m not gone. My soul is at rest, my heart lives on. Light a candle for me to see and hold on to my memory, but save your tears for I´m still here, by your side through the years. TOLERANCE PROMOTE TOLERANCE Well we have firstly to define what is tolerance before start talking about that, if you search in the Oxford Dictionary it would tell you that is “The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behavior that one dislikes or disagrees with. “In this text I am going to try to convince you to promote the tolerance so we can live on a better society and each people can have a higher self-esteem. Here I´m going to show you four examples of how does the intolerance affect the people and an opinion to solve them. The first one talk about the problems that the cultures have between them because of the believes, in this case I suggest to talk about their differences and start accepting that everyone is different but that doesn´t mean that they are better than others. The second one talk about some girls that are of different countries, the problem here is that the Jewish people kill the father of a girl so she like the girls but she know that does people killed her father, in this case there is a lot of tolerance in the girls but I would like to suggest them to live the past in the past, the ones that were fighting where they ancestors but not them, the fights of ancient people shouldn´t affect the recent people. Then, in the third one talk about some people that burn the flag of their country because they think it represents respect to the flag, here they gave this definition of their flag “The American flag is a cherished symbol, of our national aspirations. It is the closet object to a national icon, rivaled only by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence”. In this case my opinion is that is okay that you want to expressed your selves but you have to know correctly how to do it. On the fourth one is an story fiction that talk about a lottery that a town do every year, the bad think of this lottery is that if you win you were condemned to be annihilated by throwing stones, so no one want to win the lottery; in this case I suggest to really don´t do that, because even in the history said that, it is so ridiculous to kill someone that has done anything to be killed on so cold way. 3 of 9

HISTORY ELIZA´S HISTORY I remember that one day she was kidnaped by me and Jack. I remember her screaming and crying, but it that moment I didn´t care of it. Today all I could remember is that moment when I saw her for the first time; Hello I´m Jeff and this is the story of a girl call Eliza. It was November of 1990, it was Friday, me and Jack were following Eliza to her house; I was just a 25 years old guy, and I needed money. We corner Eliza to an alley, I hit her and she fell down, Jack ties her hands with a rope, also her feet. She was very scared and continuously scream to let her go, we don´t put attention on that. We arrived to our secret place, I take her to the torture room, she was still crying, I sit her on the chair and punched her, and I shout to her “Shut up! Shut up!” After some minutes Jack arrived, he was prepare for starting the revenge. Eliza got nervous when Jack takes a razor and she start trying to move. -What do you want of me?-she asks-I want revenge! - Jack shoutHe passed the razor gently by the neck of Eliza; she start crying -Now tell me…do you know how am I? -No! I don´t know!-shout crying-Well I´m Mondego´s son -Who is Mondego? -Is the man that your father KILLS! -But…what do I have to do with? -I want Azael to suffer how I do… -So you are just going to kill me? -No…I´m going to do this…….Jeff bring me the blowtorch, NOW! I had to admit that I was a little bit scared, he hadn´t done that with any other person... -So now you are going to see how your father begs pity... In that moment I turn on a camera and a computer, there just past like5 minutes when a man appears on the computer -Eliza?! Where are you?! -Dad…please help me- she said-Hello are you? -Jack! Let my daughter free, she don´t have to do with this! -Oouu, that so bad because of your fault she is going to suffered In that moment Jack burned the razor with the blowtorch and nail her on the right leg, Elena screamed so painfully that my hearth got broken. I was starting to feel pity of her...this wasn´t right, she doesn´t have the fault of that. -ELIZA!!-her father scream-NOOOOOO!!!! -Did you enjoy it Azael?...and I´m just starting He takes an ax and cut down the left hand of Eliza; I barf of sawing that. I don´t think about it anymore... I take a gun and shot him. Accidentally a shot the camera so we lost the signal. -Come on!-I shout her- please wake up! 4 of 9

But she was very wick and she was also losing a lot of blood. I carried her to the first aid kit. -Please stay with me- I supply her- don´t go please As fast as I can a stitch her and bind up. Jack was standing up so I have to carried her far from him. After walking 2 hrs. we get to a save place, I bought medicine and all that to cure her. -Why are you doing this?-she ask me almost unconscious-Because is not right to do that She faint in mi arms…it was a little bit uncomfortable, but she looks so beautiful even with all the bruises. After a long time she woke up, she was afraid of everything, when she saw me enter to the room she tried to escape. -Calm down, I´m not going to hurt you -Where are we? -On a hotel, we can be here for two days while you recover -o…okay -Now you have to eat if don´t want to die...mmh...I bought you a hamburger -Uhmm...thank you We eat very was uncomfortable... -Why do you work with Jack? - She ask suddenly -Because I need money to survive -And you couldn´t found something better? -…no one wants an orphan boy with no studies -…I´m sorry...I don´t want to... -Don´t worry-I interrupted her- it´s okay….can I ask you something? -Yes, what do you want to know? -Why does Jack want revenge? -Because my father killed his father when he was 8 years old, and his mother died when he was just a baby -But why? -Because Mondego was a criminal…he killed a lot of people. And my father was sent to kill him. -…..ooouu….I see -And now because his fault I had lost a hand! -Hey calm down please, you have to rest okay? -…okay… -I will take care of you -Good night…mhh…what´s your name sorry? -Jeff -Good night Jeff -Good night Eliza She was so beautiful when she sleep…But I can´t fall in love with her, she don´t even want to talk with me. I couldn´t sleep all night, I was worried about Jack At the next morning I don´t know how but I woke up hugging her waist -What are you doing?!- She ask hysterical-I…I don´t know -Let me go! 5 of 9

-I´m sorry I...I don´t know what happened -Go out of here! I don´t want to see you! -But you are in danger...I have to... -I´m in danger with you! -Please believe me, you have to be with me, please calm down. I don´t know how I ended there...please Eliza -….okay…. -Come on we have to move on, Jack must be close -We have to inform to the police...and to my father -Okay, were is your father? -In the other side of the city too far, but well let´s start We were walking very slow...I can´t avoid watching her beauty. We were walking like for 4 hrs., I was really tired and also her. So I propose her to sleep on a hotel. We rent a room and go to the room before someone sees us -Go to sleep please- I told her-But what about you? You are not going to rest? -Don´t worry...I´m okay -Do you want to sleep here with me?-she ask me -mmhh…is okay for you? -Yes of course I layed down in the bed -Bur first I´m going to take a bath -okay, I will wait here Meanwhile she was taking a bath I was thinking about her, how beautiful she must look undress. No I couldn’t have been falling in love with her, why? I know she is beautiful, kind, funny; she was all that I was looking for…but should I tell her? That was my real question. -I have to tell her-I said to my self millions of time- yes I have to After some minutes she go out of the bathroom -Hey...uhmm…I have to tell you something -Yes what is it? -I….I… -Yes? -I...think I so Jack walking here, we have to move on -So what are we waiting for, come one While we were walking I was asking me why I couldn´t tell her. Finally after walking a lot we got to his father house. We knock the door a lot of times, finally someone open -Dad! -Eliza! Are you okay?! -Yes, I’m okay -Who is your friend? -His name is Jeff, he save my life -Really? Thank you so much, a really appreciate it -Yes sure, it was a pleasure -Dad, we have to inform this to the police or something like that 6 of 9

-yes of course, hurry -….Eliza…- I said-Yes Jeff? -I have to confess something -What is it? -I….I like you, I really like you -…what ? -y…yes, I like you -uhm….sorry I don´t know what to say I hug her and she start crying -Are you okay? -Yes is just that….I have never been in love -Me neither.. -Guys-said her dad-we have to hurry -Okay let´s go Suddenly Jack appear -Where do you think you are going?! -Jack please leave them alone, this fight is between you and me-said Azael-please sweet heart, go, save you -No dad please -Jeff, take her away please -Please dad no! I take here far away from there, to a save place where no one could find us -Are you okay? -I´m worried -Hey, your father is a soldier, he is going to be okay; come here I hug her trying to console her We wait a lot of time, we start hearing some steps -Dad?- she ask-it is you? But no it was Jack; he had killed Azael -NO! DAAAD!-she screamed She take a rock in try to hit him…when she trough the rocket sounds a “baaam”, I just saw how her body fell down on the floor -See, good people never win-he told pointing me with the gun- and you are a good person I was so nervous, I take out a gun that I steal from Jack and shot him in the chest. I kill him, but he kill my feelings. Now I days I haven´t found a woman like her, I don´t think I will found one; and I´m not sad about that because I know she will always be with me. ACRONYM

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