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Scene Dulce Lamarca, 2019 - onwards Catalog presented to School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts New York, NY Copyright © Dulce Lamarca, 2020 www.dulcelamarca.com



To my sister

A life-changing moment for me was after attending a lecture from an Argentinian philosopher. The concept of un entre stuck with me: a ‘between.’ The image that came up was a hallway: a space of transition that no one inhabits– that is not meant to be inhabited. It is there to take you somewhere else, from one room to another. I was deeply drawn by this metaphor and I have been investigating this concept ever since. In the beginning, in-betweenness was for me an inert place of struggle and pure potential but where nothing was yet. I started inhabiting transitional spaces by tuning my cello in constant preparation for a performance that never took place. Later manifesting impossibilities in the form of short looped videos, which are both futile and comical, attempting to slow time or pay attention to a particular gesture: the gesture of trying, of yearning. I wanted to dig in, to acknowledge in-betweenness, to inhabit that entre. Eventually, I found myself trapped in that loop. It turned into a painful maze of possibilities, which seemed nowhere to be found. I felt lost and helpless. It was through research, deep personal work, enriching relationships, interactions and life experiences that helped me digest and settle everything in while the fog cleared out. The before u n b e a r a b l e d i s t a n c e o f i n b e t w e e n n e s s shortened,

it now acts as a link.

As a Rube Goldberg machine, where one thing leads to another and everything is unexpected, seems ridiculous and meaningless, my artistic practice and personal life started to unfold. It was in uncertainty where I found an outline for meaning. In times where the illusion of control has finally vanished, I find myself weirdly prepared. As after all, we have always been coexisting in this in-between together. We are tuning. Dulce Lamarca

May 11th, 2020


Scene is an ongoing series of performances in collaboration with improvisational comedians. I invite you to navigate this catalog to find out more.

Every morning I forget how it is. I watch the smoke mount In great strides above the city. I belong to no one. Then, I remember my shoes, How I have to put them on, How bending over to tie them up I will look into the earth.

Poem by Charles Simic

Gratitude to: Alicia Dellepiane Nicolás de Achaval Jerónimo Quesada Teodoro Quesada Fernando Lamarca Ana Lía Álvarez Azucena Lamarca Paula Lamarca Beatriz Kalbin Tomás de Achaval Susan Marples Jason Elizondo Daniel Almeida Andrea Crapanzano Maximilian Juliá Keno Tung Carra Seals Media Farzin-Rad Eva and Franco Mattes Julianne Swartz James O. Clark Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt Miguel Luciano William Powhida Omar Lopez-Chahoud Matthew Deleget Alix Pearlstein Jean Shin Genevieve Hyacinthe Sheetal Prajapati Gary Stephan James Siena Johan Grimonprez

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Scene by Dulce Lamarca  

Thesis catalog presented to the MFA Fine Arts program at the School of Visual Arts. In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degr...

Scene by Dulce Lamarca  

Thesis catalog presented to the MFA Fine Arts program at the School of Visual Arts. In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degr...