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Verb To Be (Ser o Estar) El verbo “to be” es uno de los verbos más importantes en el inglés, ya que se utiliza en numerosas situaciones cotidianas y frases hechas. También es un verbo que se caracteriza por su irregularidad. A continuación vamos a considerar su estructura teniendo en cuenta los distintos sujetos/personas que nos podemos encontrar y sus tres formas, afirmativa, negativa e interrogativa: Afirmative Form

Negative Form

Interrogative Form

Short Answer

I am/ ‘m

I am not/ ‘m not

Am I tall?

Yes, I am/No, I’m not

You are/ ‘re

You are not/ ‘re not

Are you tall?

Yes, you are/No, you are not

He is/ ‘s

He is not/ ‘s not

Is he tall?

Yes, he is/No, he is not

She is/ ‘s

She is not/ ‘s not

Is she tall?

Yes, she is/No, she is not

It is/ ‘s

It is not/ ‘s not

Is it tall?

Yes, it is/No, it is not

We are/ ‘re

We are not/ ‘re not

Are we tall?

Yes, we are/No, we are not

You are/ ‘re

You are not/ ‘re not

Are you tall?

Yes, you are/No, you are not

They are/ ‘re

They are not/ ‘re not

Are they tall?

Yes, they are/No, they are not

*Nota: En la forma interrogativa se puede cambiar “Tall” por cualquier otro verbo.

-Ejercicios *Example: My teacher (be) is nice. *Example: The cat (be, not) is not hungry.

1) Thomas (be)_______my little brother. He (be)______nine years old. 2) Wait! We (be, not)___________ready to go. 3) Dixie (be)_________my favorite aunt. She always cooks me chicken and dumplings. She (be)_______coming to visit soon. 4) I (be)_______sleepy. I think I will go to bed soon. 5) The school (be)_______closed. It (be, not)_______open. 6) The bus (be)_______broken down. It needs to be repaired. 7) I (be)_______lonely. Marcos (be)_______lonely too. I think we should become friends! 8) Billy (be)_______good at basketball. He (be)_______tall, quick, and athletic. 9) The weather (be)________cold today. I hope it gets warmer soon. 10) Jose and I (be)________in the same English class. It (be)_______fun!

Verb to be  
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