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The best matching colours for your skin tone!

What is your body shape?



Basically a Stylist is deciding what a person or a model wears and HOW. Fashion stylists selects clothes and accessories for editorial features, commercials and celebrity public appearance.

Fashion stylists normally borrow clothes and accessories from fashion boutiques or fashion designers and return them when they are done. But also they buy them if they have enough funds.

Roles of a stylist

Editorial Styling Involve arranging and conceptualizing photoshoots for magazines. Magazines like vogue has many editorial editors who plan photo-shoot concepts.

Commercial styling This involves styling models/actors for videos, film clips and commercials. This is basically pulling out clothes from wardrobe and styling them according to the theme and concept. They also plan and select the models, makeup artists, photographers and the location. Celebrity stylists This involves styling a celebrity for their day to day or special occasions and events. When they style a celebrity they have to consider the brand and the current trend.

Tasks and responsibilities

• Handpick clothes for TV personalities and celebrities.

• Select and plan fashion items, props, makeup artists, locations, photographers and hair stylists for photo-shoots and films. • Write or speak on new fashion trends and fashion events. • Deliver advice to fashion buyers, merchandisers and designers.

• Organize fashion parades and compare on them

Kate young

Successful stylists

Kate was named as one of the Hollywood’s most powerful in 2012. Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz are some of the clients among her high profile client list. Young started her carrier at vogue magazine assisting Anna Wintour and Tonne Goodman and there she got promoted to sitting editor of “people are talking about….” section. After that she was also given the opportunity to style the first teen vogue cover.

Leslie Fremar

Leslie started her fashion career at Vogue and become the in-house Director of Celebrity Relations at Prada. There she met Salma Hayek and asked to help to pull together the wardrobe for the cannas festival. She has formed some iconic red carpet moments through her understanding of celebrity dressing and higher sense of styling. Some of her celebrity clients are Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Connelly, Reese Witherspoon and Nicola Peltz.

Who doesn’t like to have a nice shaped body for there selves? No one. Everyone wants to have a nice body in order to look good and wear nice beautiful clothes. There are many types body shapes such as pear, apple, hourglass, strawberry, rectangle and inverted triangle. Every woman has her own body shape and will fall into one of these 5 shapes.

Want to know what you fall into? Continue reading and find out your body shape in order to make your self beautiful with right type of clothing according to your shape.

All bodies are good bodies

pear Pear body shape is basically heavy botto m than your bust and waist. If you look at a pear its narrow from the upper part an d wider from the lower part of the pear. Likewise the pear body shaped women ha s also got a wider area in hips and thighs and narrow waist and bust. To balance your upper body and lower body key aim is to enhance and add volume to the upper body to drag the attention to the upper body.

Tips for pear! • Wear tops and jackets with nipped or fitted waists and boat neck tops or U necks. By wearing embellished tops around the bust and shoulder area you can attract the eye and balance your body. • It is good to wear A-lined skirts and slightly gathered skirts to make it seem less volume to your hips and waists. Wear pants that fall straight from your hips and avoid detailed or embellished pockets and hems. • Always accessorise to grab the attention to your shoulder area with details. And avoid bags that finishes next to your hips, bums and thighs to stop adding more volume to your bottom area.

Apple Apple body shape is opposite of the pear shape body. While pear is “bottom heavy”, Apple body shape is “top heavy”. You have board shoulders, and full bust, less-defined waist and narrow hips. You who owns a apple body shape your main goal is to balance your upper body with your lower body. Therefore you should make your upper body look longer and your shoulders, waist looks slimmer.

Tips for apple! • V and wide necklines with empire cut tops and dresses. • Boot cut and straight leg jeans and pants. • Statement necklace and dangly earrings with a pair of wedges.

Strawberry If you have a strawberry shaped body you have board, straight shoulders, an average to full bust, narrow hips and a smaller bot -tom. Your goal is to add volume around y -our hips to balance your broader top half.

Tips for Strawberry! • V necklines that draws the attention down. • Tulip skirts and harem pants will add volume to your bottom half • Accessories with a long necklace to focus the attention on the centre of the body. • Throw some show stopping shoes.

Hourglass Hourglass is considered as the perfect fem -inine shape. Therefore there is not much t -o be done to accurate the hourglass figure. If you are a woman with a hourglass body You have a full bust, well defined narrow Waist, proportionately balanced shoulder and hips. You also should have a rounded bottom, curvy body with the ratio of Bust:waist:hips is 4:2:4.

Tips for Hourglass! • You can wear scoop, sweetheart, halter and V necklines. • Invest in wrap tops and dresses. • Waist defined tops and jackets with puff sleeves. • Peplum tops, dresses and skirts. • Boot cut and straight leg jeans and pants.

Match your skin colour… Knowing your skin tone is really help you to choose your makeup, hair colour and colours you should wear. Check if this is your tone.

Pale skin- Pale is the lightest skin colour. If you’ve got pale skin colour you are likely to burn easily and do not tan. For you it is better to wear at least SPF 30 everyday. Hues that clearly contrast with your skin tone will bring some colour to your skin tone. Colours like grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue are some contrasting colours to wear with your skin tone. Pale is the perfect skin for any hair colour. As your skin has no pink in it you can choose any colour as your hair colour. Olive skin – It is the light brown skin ton which sometimes burn and tend to tan gradually. If this is your skin colour it is good to wear at least SPF 30 everyday. Olive skin with dark hair is one of the most perfect blend. You could even add a few rich lowlights in any of the red shades from burgundy to chestnut. Your skin looks healthier off-white or beige shirts and gold jewellery looks best on you. Also coral, terracotta red, and chocolate brown lipsticks colours are more cheering on your skin than pinks or blue-based reds. Dark skin- Your skin does not burn and tans very quickly. Therefore you should wear at least SPF 15 when outside. You can pull of both silver and gold jewellery with your skin tone. You are good to wear brightly hued clothing like jade green, cobalt blue or royal purple. Darker skins can throw intense colours on your lips like plums, reds and deep burgundies.

Basic Face Shapes There are 7 basic face shapes that we all consider into. It is good consider your face shape when choosing a cut or style because your face shape can significantly change how certain hairstyles look on you. The 7 basic face shapes are oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear and oblong. Which one do you have?

Oval shape If you have an oval shape face you have a longer face and not much wider. You also have a narrow jaw than cheekbones. Congratulations! Your face is so proportional so that you can pull off any hair style. It is also easy to work on and photographs really well.

Round shape

You with a round shape face has a wide hairline and fullness under the cheekbones. You surely look great in long hair with long layers because that lengthens the oval face. As you need some slimming contouring the sides will help.

Square shape Square shape face has wide hairlines and jawlines. As this shape needs narrowness from the sides and height from the top, deep side parts and soft bangs could help to balance.

Diamond Shape You with a diamond shaped face has a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. A bob cut is a good haircut for these types of faces. You could also add straight bangs to shorten the face.

Heart shape If you are a heart shaped face person you should probably have a wider forehead and a narrower chin. To minimise the width of the forehead add side swept bangs and to add weight on the narrower chin keep the style fuller around the jaw.

Pear shape This is also know as the triangular face. I think this is the opposite of the heart shape face. Your face is categorized by a small forehead and a wider jaw line. Longer hair styles are ideal for you to minimise the standing of the jawline

Oblong shape Oblong face has a very long and narrow bone structure. short hair styles are ideal for your face shape.

Occasion Wear

Jlo is literally body goals! We have all seen how she rocks her body on red carpets. Jennifer Lopez has an amazing hourglass body so I wanted a dress that shows her curves well. Therefore I chose this sparkly bodycon dress with a pair of silver bangle earrings. Since she has an olive tone skin looks good in red lips with the silver outfit. To complete the look I pulled off some silver high heels which I think look really classy.

Casual Wear For a casual wear I have chosen a skinny jean and a pencil cut skirt which is great to show off the curves she has. For tops I have chosen a bodysuit and a long sleeve tee which even shows her curves well. For lips I went for a brown colour lipstick that is more cheering to her olive skin tone. With these outfits I pull off some Loop Caged Faux Nubuck Heels to give a classy look.

Consumer Groups Very small part of the total market

Take risks (Venturesome) Innovate trends


Referred as Constantly hunts for fashion forward new fashion Willing to pay high or avant- gard. prices to have new products. Do not take risks Last people adopt a new trend


Laggards Adopt new products unenthusiastically

Adopts when they are forced to

seniors, and people with low socioeconomic status

Innovator She is fashion hunter that looks for new trends around the world. she likes travelling and exploring. likewise her style is very adventurous and unique. Favourite colour is black, but still loves bold colours and prints. Works as a lawyer and shops in luxury brands like Farfetch, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kores. Her family lives in New York and she is the only child. Moved to London for her studies 4 years ago. Likes to go out with friends to relief stress after her job.

I have chose this clothes for a occasional wear. One is for a occasion wear all the lawyers join and for a birthday party. For the occasion where all her lawyer mates meet I chose a flared leg pants and a deep V neck coat to keep it classy and professional. And for the birthday party look I chose a Red Floral Print Cut Out Side Bralet and a Mongolian Faux Fur Coat with the same pants. I also threw some embroidered floral ankle boots with a pair of Tassel earrings and a ring to complete the looks.

Working Mom She is a mom of 2 who works hard at work and to keep her family going. Works as an accountant 9-5 and then as mom and a wife. Trying to keep up with the new trends. Comfy is key. Keeps the makeup simple.

This is for a office wear and kept it really simple because comfortableness is necessary. I chose a wide leg trouser and a Sleeveless Longline Top with big bag. Because a bag is necessary and the bigger the better. To make simple but classy threw a pair of Alfani Women's Step 'N Flex Babbsy Pointed-Toe Slingback Pumps and a sunglass to complete the overall office wear look.

On a budget She is a fashion student and does a part time job. Wears on a budget but still keeps it fashionable. Addicted to high heels and chokers. Shops in cheap stores like Primark and New look.

Since she is on a budget when shopping I chose every piece under £50. This is for a Friday night out so did not go for a big prices. I chose a One Wrap Satin Dress which is £38 and a Metallic TwoPiece Dress Sandals which are £25. I also chose a Bele Wrap Choker which she loves. Can have a smoky peachy eye with a rose gold coloured lipstick to complete the look.

Identifying the consumer group through the magazine covers.

Students aged 16-20

Teenage females

20-30 Men

Fashion Students

Men aged 30-35

Women aged 30-40

Consumer Groups : Target Adverts

This is targeted to plus size females because there is a plus size model in it and says “curve�.

Targeted to students because there are two girls that I think 18-21 years old.

It is clear that this is targeted to mature females. Because it has a female in the age around 55+.

Cool Hunt Autumn/Winter 2016 VELVET Just throw a velvet tee with a pair of skinny jean and a pair of Adidas shoes to style your outfit this fall

This is Polienne wearing a Bershka velvet tee, WE blazer with Cheap Monday skinny jean. She is also wearing a pair of Mango booties a Coach bag to complete the overall look

Oversized Jackets Style your street style outfit with a oversized jacket this Autumn/Winter. Super comfy supper and keep you warm. Style it with some ankle boots to complete the outfit

This is a oversized jackets on highstreet that I took from www.pint m that is thrown with a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of mules.

Its all about the bold colours and romance flows from tropical-inspired environments which provide perfectly for cocktail hours. Delpozo, Tibi, Valentino and Mary Katrantzou are some of the fashion designers which inspires Riviera Sunset. Prints appear in bold patterns.

Riviera Sunset

Key trends S/S 2017

Materials like organza, Georgette, silk de chine are used in layers and summer dresses are appliqued in 3D blooms. Quirk accessories in bright hues are ideal and makes a powerful statement.

Bold intense bright colours like orange, red, pink and yellow that link to summer heat provides the maximum power.

Purity Through the use of white and pale colours in light material a fresh set of principles with a sensual mood is created.

Clean line structured belts, softened leathers in oversized bags and futuristic earrings and shoes are created for maximum effort. Minimalist dots, shadow checks and fine oxford stripes offers a modern aesthetic.

Chalky whites are key for purity. A calming colour pallet with some undertones of iced blue, French vanilla and sheer pink

Various looks are made for this global traveller with handcrafted bags decorated with shells and natural pearls linking to the beach Shades of tan and pale through blue, yellow, and soft pink emphasize the importance of a moderated style for S/S 17. A mixture of berber stripes, indigo dyed checks and


A relax mode of dressing. Soften, fluid layers via natural fibres of linen, silk and cotton











1.00 PM










EVALUATION - PHOTOSHOOT For my photo-shoot I chose RIVIERA SUNSET from Spring/Summer 2017 as my future trend. As it is basically a summer theme I chose a very summery look for my model who is Hannah Bullen, my class mate. As a team we chose a blouse with a denim. I wanted the makeup to be very simple with bold lips to give a strong and powerful statement. So I kept her eyes very simple just with mascara and eyeliner while the lips in red. Hair was only a bun to keep it really simple because I wanted to focus on the garment and the make up which has the link to my trend. We chose the studio in City of Liverpool College as the location because it was the easiest place and I did not want the background to be fun or colourful. Also hence it is the winter it is hard to do a summery photo-shoot in winter. My target group is students so went for more like commercial look. For student consumer group I did not use high end priced clothes. Everything I used in this photo-shoot were at least under ÂŁ40. For my magazine cover I chose the Elle magazine because my target customers are 6-20 year old girls. We know that Elle is targeted to younger people so I think Elle is the best magazine that suitable for my consumer group. Prior to the photo-shoot I did plan everything from the garment to the look. Firstly, I made a mood board that represent my trend which is Riviera sunset. On it I included textures, colours and etc. then I researched garments that is suitable for my future trend and decided the garment we are going for and what type of pants and shoes will match for it. Also I planned on poses that I like and that I could use in my photo-shoot by researching on Pinterest. I finally researched on the makeup on Pinterest to get a idea of how I want my look to be. I decided to have a very simple makeup with some a bold lipstick. I think the photo-shoot went really well as I planned. We started at 1.00 pm and finished it within 10 minutes. And my team was really helping me in this and to make it success with the less amount of time. But I would say a trial photo-shoot would have been helping me to make this more success. If I was to this again I would plan this more and use props that links to my chosen trend like flowers and colourful objects.


Edited photos

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