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October 20, 2016

post: annaliese collins

Known for her outspoken and dynamic personality, sophomore Annaliese Collins sat down with Editor-in-Chief Julie Chotivatanapong and staff writer Maria Eberhart to discuss Hamilton, human trafficking and battling the haters. She is a peer educator at Planned Parenthood and the treasurer of Girl Up club. READING: I’ve been reading the series Wicked by Gregory Maguire. It’s really good. I think it’s because it combines the fairy tale that everyone’s been exposed to since I feel like everyone’s seen the Wizard of Oz at least once. It kind of shows you the real story of the wicked witch and what’s really happening with her. WATCHING: My friend just showed me this documentary about a famous kidnapping case, called the Johnny Gosch case. I think real life events like these are much more interesting to watch, more than reading the history of something. I also recently watched this documentary on Netflix called Girl Rising, and it talks about how different girls are put into human trafficking to try and obtain an education.

greenhouse gas emissions. And I know people will say you’re such a hypocrite for staying with fish, but I found that I do need that protein and it’s a lot easier to get that living in a house of all meat eaters. It’s easy to have some balance. ENJOYING: I’m a peer educator at Planned Parenthood, which is so much fun. Basically, our job is to help educate all our peers on different things like sexual health and relationships. I found that it really opened my eyes. I’m a huge advocate for women’s health and women’s rights, so I do work a lot towards that, and this helps me have the different information that I can give to other people and have for myself. I also really love to sing, and I sing in GT choir at school. It’s just one of my favorite things because it makes me happy that I can share a message with people and express how I feel about something in a really beautiful art form.

LISTENING: I’m a sucker for musicals. I know it’s kind of basic, but I recently just listened to the entire soundtrack of Hamilton. I find it kind of hard to listen to history and read it in that order, but with Hamilton, they combine the music and storytelling to give it a better aspect so people can listen and understand more information. FOLLOWING: I use my Facebook Messenger a lot to connect with different clubs in school. I’m treasurer of Girl Up so we definitely do a lot of communication on messenger to plan out different meetings. Instagram is kind of the place where I try to show what I stand for a little bit more than on Facebook. I’ll post things about a lot of movements like the A21 campaign which is on human trafficking or different days like National Women’s Day. EATING: I turned pescatarian because I don’t agree with the mistreatment of animals in factory farming. I think that kind of cruelty is absolutely disgusting and also because factory farming and agriculture are contributing so much to global warming as a whole. In South America, there’s so much deforestation because they’re trying to make room for all these different crops and cows, and cows are actually really gassy animals so they’re contributing a lot to the

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ADVOCATING: Intersectional feminism if the belief that classism, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia are all problems that are linked together, and the only way to really bring equality is to work on those problems and not see them as individual issues. Since middle school, I’ve always seen it as an injustice that people are discriminated against because of these differences, when really, we should be working together to solve this problem. I just try to support this cause because don’t like to see people mistreated or struggling. RESPONDING: A lot of times I find that hate isn’t really face to face, it’s more on the Internet where people can hide. On my Instagram page, I like to say it’s a place of positivity and where people can feel safe. If someone is going to be rude, I’m going to at least try to teach them something to show them that this is what I’m standing for. But in real life, I think that it’s just best to respect the other person’s opinion and remain calm. Like recently, I wore one of my Planned Parenthood tee shirts to school, and I did get some nasty looks, but I decided you know what? This is what I stand for and this is what I believe in so I’m going to wear this.

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