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What are basic swimming equipments? Dolabuy suggest the beginner to abandon some equipments Swimming equipments from

Swimming & Equipment Basic swimming equipment 1, Suitable swimming clothes; 2, Suitable swimming cap; 3, Swimming glasses, aimed to protect your eyes; 4, Earplug, it is in order to prevent water inflow into ears; 5, Floating object, it is convenient for green hand, such as, lifebelt etc; 6, Bath towel and slippers, provided for the swimming intermittent using; 7, Nasal splint, it is to prevent water inflow to nose and avoiding inhaled water.

Swimming & Equipment Buy the way dolabuy reveals tips for choosing swimming glasses:

1, Common requirements: Water can not





modeling; 2, Overall appearance: The line of exterior should be smooth and very strong resisting hydraulic pressure design.

Swimming & Equipment Dolabuy suggest the beginner to abandon some equipments 1, Swim ring This is the first thing you must abandon, if you want to learn swimming. One of the aim of we learning swimming is to learn how to do self-help, if you replay on those survival items, you will never master swimming. 2, Nasal splint Master how to choke with resentment also is the precondition for learning swimming. 3, Earplug Earplug is without any necessary. The reason why you feel water inflow in your ears is maybe you just nervous, or maybe you still not adjust to water. If you really learned balance movement, there will be few water inflow in your ears. 4, Floating object In fact, if there any floating object, it good for you to practice hands and feet. If you really need, you can buy one, but it is recommend you to abandon.

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What are basic swimming equipments  

Dolabuy summarized equipment for swimming and suggested what equipment should we abandon, dolabuy also display some sexy swimming clothes fo...