Page 1 Dolabuy teach you how to choose and buy yoga equipment 1, The time and kind of purchasing yoga equipment. The kind of yoga equipment: yoga clothing, yoga mats, yoga block, yoga strips, yoga balls and others. You can look through dolabuy to learn more about yoga equipment. According to the use time, yoga clothing, yoga mats and VCD are needed at the beginning, they are the basic practice tools. 2, How to choose yoga clothing The yoga movement range is big, so we require yoga clothing is of good flexibility and the we sweat more when do the exercise, so the fabric of yoga clothing can absorb sweat and of good permeability. 3, How to choose yoga mats.

Traditional yoga mat have: cloth, grass woven and rubber yoga mat, but those fabric all can not reach the requirement of slip-proof, fixable and suspension. Dolabuy recommend a kind of yoga mat which made of PVC mixed with textile fiber. 4, How to choose VCD. VCD is like to book, it is better to choose profession and famous yoga teacher VCD course.

Tips for practicing yoga 1, The yoga clothing should be




practicing yoga. Accessories you carried should be as few as possible, such as watch and




yourself items must taken off. 2, Don't pass your body limit and to learn your body hint. You should relax if your body feels not good. 3, It is better start from the most primary, don't hurry to imitate difficult movement and it should finished under coach's direction. 4, You should take a warm up exercise before you begin practice. 5, Practicing yoga should abide by the principle of "corresponding relax". That is to say, if you have done a left movement and you need to do a right movement. And you should take a rest between each movement, the time is 5-10s.

Below display some yoga equipment from dolabuy:

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Dolabuy teach you how to choose and buy yoga equipment  

This report is from dolabuy about dolabuy teach us how to choose yoga equipment and write some tips for practicing yoga.

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