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equipments? It is is general outdoor travel, below equipments is sufficient. Sleeping bag No matter when, sleeping bag will always is one of the most basic equipments, its function can not be replaced. But when you choose it, you should take climate condition, the user's corporeity ant others into consideration, according to reality and choosing different sleeping bags. Moisture-proof mat Whether the insulating barrier under sleeping bag is good or not directly determine whether you have a good sleep in the wild. Tent Tent is also a must have equipment. You should take your needs into consideration and pay attention on fireproofing.

Climbing boots You need wear comfortable boots. The fabric of the climbing boots should be warm. Illuminating equipment It is also one of needed equipments. Basic medicine Lighter Water Sets And other small items. Mountaineering backpack We need a big mountaineering backpack to collect everything. It is also the must have.

Dolabuy warn you outdoor sports notes Outdoor sports is a collective project group which hold in nature. It is include: mountaineering, rock climbing, cliff downhill, camping, picnic, directional movement, streams, adventure and other projects. The majority of outdoor sports are of expedition, belongs to the limit and sub-extreme sports, they are of very challenging and stimulating. Then what shall we pay attention on those, let's introduce for you: Steps/ Methods Keep the awareness of danger in mind all the way. The new who just enter in outdoor sports must treat seriously, start learn from "fear", respect life. To reserve personal fitness. Once face harsh environment in outdoor, the body potential disease may inspire, the consequence can not think. To choose safe and professional outdoor equipments and suitable place.

Dolabuy introduce what's needed outdoor equipments and warn some notes  
Dolabuy introduce what's needed outdoor equipments and warn some notes  

Dolabuy introduce the needed equipment for outdoor sports and warn the notes we need attention.