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Cinema Fri 2 Nov -Thu 13 Dec 2018

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Suspiria Peterloo Widows

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11am screenings with free tea or coffee and a pastry included with your ticket. Screenings: First Man (Friday 2 & Thursday 8 November), Peterloo (Friday 16 & Tuesday 20 November), The Wife (Thursday 22 November), Bohemian Rhapsody (Friday 23 November), Wildlife (Tuesday 27 November) and Widows (Monday 3 December).


Are you looking for a trip out at the cinema with your baby? With the lights slightly up and the sound slightly down, these screenings are a great way to enjoy a film on the big screen with your baby in a comfortable environment. Screenings: Bohemian Rhapsody (Tuesday 27 November).

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Friday 16 - Thursday 22 November

Dir: Mike Leigh / 2018 UK 154mins /With: Rory Kinnear, Maxine Peake, Neil Bell, Pearce Quigle

When Mike Leigh’s Mr Turner was released in 2014, the film became an unexpected hit breaking box office records at The Dukes. Now Leigh returns with his latest film, Peterloo, an epic portrayal of the events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre at St Peter’s Field in Manchester. The massacre happened in response to a peaceful pro-democracy rally, turning it into one of the bloodiest and most notorious episodes in British history. Government forces charged into a crowd of over 60,000 that had gathered to demand political reform and protest against rising levels of poverty. Many protestors were killed and hundreds more injured, sparking not only a nationwide outcry but also further government suppression. The massacre was a defining moment in British democracy. In a huge ensemble cast, Rory Kinnear shines as orator Henry Hunt, while Maxine Peake plays a matriarch struggling to hold her family together in the face of severe deprivation. “With this richly intelligent, passionate movie Mike Leigh has fought a brilliant rearguard action on history’s political battlefield..” AAAAA- The Guardian “Leigh’s achievement is to have made a period film with the same immediacy and sense of anger that runs through contemporary dramas like Hillsborough or Bloody Sunday.” AAAA-The Independent

This Autumn The Dukes presents a programme of comedy favourites as part of the British Film Institutes three month long nationwide season. Alongside screenings at The Dukes of favourites we are excited to present a screening of Mel Brooks’ gothic spoof Young Frankenstein in the Lancaster Castle Dungeons. Keep a look out in our next brochure for more films screening as part of the season.



In the Lancaster Castle Dungeons Dir. Mel Brooks 1974 USA 120mins With: Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Peter Boyle Thursday 15 November 6pm & 8.30pm

This special screening of Mel Brooks’ iconic comedy classic will be held in the spooky Lancaster Castle’s dungeons – and features a few surprises as well. In Mel Brooks’ brilliant spoof, young American neurosurgeon Dr. Frederick Frankenstein inherits the castle of his grandfather, the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein, and travels to Transylvania, where he learns how to reanimate the dead. Please note: there is no wheelchair access within the castle. The space inside is enclosed and will be a little chilly, so jumpers are advisable! Entry is located at the Shire Hall side of Lancaster Castle (the rear entrance opposite the Priory). Also screening as part of our Frankenstein at 200 season curated in partnership with Lancaster University’s English & Creative Writing Department. There will be a 10-minute introduction to the 6pm screening of by Professor Kamilla Elliott.



Dir: Fred C. Newmeyer 1923 USA 70mins With: Harold Lloyd

Saturday 8 December, 11am Jam-packed with great gags and thrilling stunts, Safety Last is the perfect introduction to one of the comedy greats of the silent era Harold Lloyd. Keen to impress his girl, a country boy feigns success at a big city department store. However, when she pays him an unexpected visit, he finds himself having to undertake a high-rise stunt in place of his pal, Limpy Bill, who is being pursued by the police after a harmless jape backfires.. Enjoy the thrilling slapstick classic with a live piano score by Robert Lee of Slightly Fat Features. All tickets: £4.50

DUCK SOUP Dir: Leo McCarey 1933 USA 69mins With: The Marx Brothers

HIS GIRL FRIDAY (U) 9 to 5 (15) Dir. Howard Hawks Dir. Colin Higgins


Saturday 10 November, 1.30pm Duck Soup is justly considered one of the top film comedies of all time, filled to bursting with gags from one of the greatest comedic teams in history: the Marx Brothers. Rufus T. Firefly is named president/dictator of bankrupt Freedonia and declares war on neighboring Sylvania over the love of wealthy Mrs. Teasdale.






1940 USA 92mins With: Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell

1980 USA 109mins With: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton

Saturday 1 December, 3pm This classic screwball comedy sees New York newspaper editor Walter Burns desperately trying to win back his ex-wife, ace investigative reporter Hildy Johnson. Learning that the newly-engaged Hildy is preparing for a domestic life with insurance agent Bruce, Walter tries to lure her away with one more story: the case of murderer Earl Williams. Hildy resists – but then she discovers that Earl might be innocent after all…

Tuesday 4 & Tuesday 11 December This iconic comedy is back on the big screen fully restored. Violet, Judy and Doralee all work for Franklin Hart, the most “sexist, egotistical, lying hypocritical bigot” boss on the planet. Fed up with him stealing credit for their ideas, his condescension and humiliating advances, the three women plan to enact revenge on Hart and turn the office into a respectful and respectable workplace.

Saturday 1 December, 2pm. Free but please book a ticket. Emerging in the 1930s, screwball comedies were a wild new strain of fast-talking farces involving battles of the sexes and a world forever on the brink of chaos. Firmly establishing the likes of Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, the genre produced many cherished Hollywood comedies such as His Girl Friday and Bringing Up Baby. This talk will provide an introduction to stars, sexual politics and ‘screwy’ dialogue that have defined the screwball genre. The talk will be delivered by Dr Sarah Ilott. Dr Ilott researches comedy and the politics of representation as a senior lecturer in Literature and Film at Manchester Metropolitan University.


two course ‘school dinner’ & cinema ticket for just £15 Book via The Dukes in person, visit or call 01524 598500

Terms and conditions apply

FAMILY FILMS All tickets: £2.50


Dir: Philippa Lowthorpe 2016 UK 127mins With: Kelly Macdonald, Andrew Scott

Saturday 3 November, 1.30pm A beautifully realised adaptation of Arthur Ransome’s classic novel, set against the stunning backdrop of the Lake District. While on holiday the four Walker children dream of sailing to a remote island in the middle of a lake, but when they get there they discover they may not be alone.


Dir: Leo McCarey 1933 USA 69mins With: The Marx Brothers

Saturday 10 November, 1.30pm Screening as part of our Comedy genius season, Duck Soup is justly considered one of the top film comedies of all time, filled to bursting with gags from one of the greatest comedic teams in history: the Marx Brothers.



Saturday 24 November, 11am Fresh and inventive, this collection of new short films from around the world offers something for everyone from the age of eight and up. Highlights include the paper-based genesis of a new canine superhero and visiting a chic Parisian restaurant with a truly unique menu for its most discerning clientele.

Saturday 1 December, 11am A young Peruvian bear with a passion for all things British travels to London in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he begins to realize that city life is not all he had imagined. That is until he meets the kind Brown family who offer to take him in.

Dir: Various 2018 Various 60mins

Dir: Paul King 2014 UK 95mins With: Ben Whishaw, Sally Hawkins

SHORTS FOR WEE ONES (U) Dir: Various 2018 Various 45mins

Saturday 17 November, 1.30pm A collection of short films from around the world that will enchant the whole family but especially younger audiences. The films cover different themes such as friendship, adventure, team work, family and determination. There are also some very funky dinosaurs These magical tales will delight children age 3.

SAFETY LAST! (U) WITH LIVE MUSIC Dir: Fred C. Newmeyer 1923 USA 70mins With: Harold Lloyd

Saturday 8 December, 11am Enjoy the thrilling slapstick classic with a live piano score by Robert Lee of Slightly Fat Features. A store clerk organizes a publicity stunt in which a friend climbs the outside of a tall building. All tickets: £4.50



Friday 2 - Thursday 8 (except Tuesday 6), Saturday 24, Tuesday 27 November Following the success of Whiplash and La La Land, acclaimed director Damien Chazelle returns with a look at the life of Neil Armstrong and his historic voyage to the moon.

Friday 2 (subtitled) & Saturday 3 November (dubbed) An enchanting animation following a four-year old forced to accept the arrival of a new sibling. Yung Kun has a new baby sister and the loving attention showered on him by his parents for all his years appears to evaporate overnight. While Mum rushes between her job and looking after baby Mirai, Dad is at home trying to keep things afloat. A series of fantastical events ensues, including the revelation that the family dog Yukko was once the Prince of the House.

Dir: Damien Chazelle 2018 USA 138mins With: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Ciarán Hinds

“Ryan Gosling shines... This is a human story, remarkably well told.” AAAAA-- The Independent

Dir: Mamoru Hasoda 2018 Japan 98mins Friday 2 Subtitled, Saturday 3 Dubbed With: Haru Kuroki




Monday 5 & Wednesday 7 November Emma Thompson excels in this powerful drama, adapted from Ian McEwan’s acclaimed novel. Even as her marriage to Jack flounders, widely admired judge Fiona Maye has a life-changing decision to make at work, namely: should she force Adam, a 17-year-old with leukaemia, to have the blood transfusion that will save his life against his parents’ and perhaps his own beliefs?

Thursday 8 November, 6.10pm Hammer’s first colour film, The Curse of Frankenstein proved a visceral retelling of Mary Shelley’s story. Peter Cushing is mad scientist Baron von Frankenstein, who believes he can imitate God by bringing a dead body back to life; Christopher Lee, unmistakeable despite heavy makeup, is his tormented creation. There will be a 10-minute introduction to Frankenstein by Professor Sharon Ruston.



Dir: Ali Soozandeh 2017 Ger/Austria 96mins With: Farhad Abadinejad, Jasmina Ali

Dir: Spike Lee 2018 USA 134mins With: John David Washington, Adam Driver

Saturday 10 November 6.25pm The lives of several strong-willed women and a young male musician intersect in the bustling metropolis of Tehran, Iran, as their stories reveal the hypocrisies of a society where sex, drugs and corruption coexist with strict religious law. Sexism and class come under scrutiny in the broken taboos of this gorgeously rotoscoped animation.

Saturday 10 November 8.30pm Newly minted Ron Stallworth is Colorado Springs’ first African-American police detective. Itching to start working on a big case, he phones the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and to his surprise gets a call back from the Grand Wizard. Using his white colleague as his avatar, Stallworth grows more influential within the organisation, while working to bring it down.

Dir: Richard Eyre 2018 USA 105mins With: Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci

Dir: Terence Fisher 957 UK 95mins With: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing


MANDY (18)


Dir: Panos Cosmatos 2018 USA 121mins With: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough

Saturday 3 November 8.40pm An instant cult hit, Mandy is a phantasmagoric story of vengeance and violence set in the primitive Californian wilderness in 1983’ Outsiders Red and Mandy lead a quiet, loving life, only to see it devastatingly shattered by a run-in with a religious cult, resulting in a savage quest for revenge. “A film that is all at once comical, brutal, heartbreaking, sweet, and also nightmare” AAAAA-- The Mirror



Conductor: Antonio Pappano Recorded 2018 UK 350mins Subtitles With: Sarah Connolly

Sunday 4 November 2pm Antonio Pappano conducts an international cast in the second opera of Richard Wagner’s epic Der Ring Des Nieblungen. Die Walküre features several of the Ring’s musical highlights – the sparkling Magic Fire Music and the electrifying Ride of the Valkyries.


Dir: Carlos López Estrada 2018 USA 95mins With. Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal

Dir. Bradley Cooper 2018 USA 135mins With: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

Friday 9 & Thursday 15 November With just three days left of his probation, Collin (Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs) is trying to get his life back on track by working as a mover in his rapidly-gentrifying Oakland neighbourhood, alongside troublemaking childhood best friend, Miles. Then a life-altering event threatens Collin’s record, exposing the fractures in their friendship and differences in society. A timely story of race and class, told with unique style and humour.

Friday 9 & Saturday 10 November In his directorial debut, Bradley Cooper stars as a country musician who helps Ally, a young singer and actress, find fame, whilst his age and hard-drinking cause his own career to spiral out of control. A 21st Century version of the story made famous by Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, Judy Garland and James Mason, and Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.





Choreography: Johan Kobborg after August Bournonville Live Russia 120mins

Dir: Nicholas Hytner Recorded 2018 UK 160mins With: Sacha Dhawan, Deborah Findlay

LA SYLPHIDE Sunday 11 November 3pm On the day of his wedding, the young Scotsman James is awoken with a kiss from an ethereal winged creature, a Sylph. Entranced by her beauty, James risks everything to pursue an unattainable love. La Sylphide is one of the world’s oldest surviving ballets, and a treasure in the Danish Bournonville style.


Sunday 11 November & Sunday 9 December The latest celebrated play from Alan Bennett. The Beth, an old fashioned cradle-to-grave hospital serving a town on the edge of the Pennines, is threatened with closure as part of an efficiency drive. A documentary crew, eager to capture its fight for survival, follows the daily struggle to find beds on the Dusty Springfield Geriatric Ward, and the triumphs of the old people’s choir.


DEGAS: PASSION FOR PERFECTION (12A) Dir: David Bickerstaff 2018 UK 90mins

Monday 12 November 6.25pm Exhibition on Screen journeys from the streets of Paris to the heart of a superb exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, whose extensive collection of Degas’ works is the most representative in Britain. With exclusive access to view rare and diverse works, this film tells a fascinating story of Degas’ pursuit for perfection. Tickets: £8 (£7 Concessions, £5 Friends)

FAHRENHEIT 11/9 (15) Dir: Michael Moore 2018 USA 120mins With: Michael Moore

Monday 12 & Thursday 15 November 14 years after his hit documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 focused on the George W. Bush administration’s response to the attacks on the World Trade Centre, Michael Moore’s latest film examines the current state of American politics. Moving from the Donald Trump presidency and gun violence to analysis of the powerful grassroot democratic movements, it’s another searing take on contemporary American society.



Friday 16 & Saturday 17 November Celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special reissue, Beetlejuice tells the story of a recently deceased couple who become ghosts trapped in their own home and are forced to hire a devious poltergeist to chase away the obnoxious family who have moved in. Their plan comes undone when they take an instant dislike to Beetlejuice and bond with Lydia, the teenage daughter of the new homeowners.

Saturday 17 November, 8.35pm After returning to his childhood home, a disgraced children’s puppeteer is forced to confront his wicked stepfather and the secrets that have tortured his entire life. Mathew Holness (best known as cult comedy icon Garth Marenghi) makes his directorial debut with this chilling horror. Holness will be here in person to answer questions after the screening. Tickets: £8 (£7 Concessions, £5 Friends)

Dir: Tim Burton 1988 USA 92mins With: Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder

Dir: Mathew Holness 2018 UK 83mins With: Sean Harris, Alun Armstrong



THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE III Dir: Adam Penford Live TBCmins With: Mark Gatiss

Tuesday 20 November 7pm Multi-award-winning drama The Madness of George III will be broadcast live to cinemas, in National Theatre Live’s first ever broadcast from Nottingham Playhouse. It’s 1786 and King George III is the most powerful man in the world. But his behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic.


Dir. Björn Runge 2017 Swe/UK/USA 100mins With: Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce

Thursday 22 & Tuesday 27 November Glenn Close delivers a stunning performance as Joan Castleman, a woman who begins to question her life choices and sacrifices as she travels with her husband to Stockholm, where he is set to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. “Glenn Close is unreadably brilliant” AAAAA- The Guardian



TROILUS AND CRESSIDA Dir: Gregory Doran Live 2018 UK TBCmins With: Charlotte Arrowsmith, Gavin Fowler

Wednesday 14 November 7pm Troilus and Cressida swear they will always be true to one another. But in the seventh year of the siege of Troy their innocence is tested, and exposed to the savage corrupting influence of war, with tragic consequences. Virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie collaborates with RSC Artistic Director Gregory Doran to create a satirical futuristic vision of a world resounding with the rhythm of battle.


Dir: Mike Leigh 2018 UK 154mins With: Rory Kinnear, Maxine Peake, Neil Bell, Pearce Quigley,

Friday 16 - Thursday 22 November Mike Leigh’s latest film tells the story of the infamous 1819 massacre at a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St. Peter’s Field in Manchester. “With this richly intelligent, passionate movie Mike Leigh has fought a brilliant rearguard action on history’s political battlefield..” AAAAA-- The Guardian




Choreography: Natalia Makarova Recorded 2018 UK 185mins

Dir:Matteo Garrone 2018 Italy 102mins With. Marcello Fonte, Edoardo Pesce

Sunday 18 November 2pm Natalia Makarova’s production of the 19th Century classic ballet brings an exotic world of temple dancers and noble warriors to life. Marius Petipa’s fantasy, set in legendary India, tells the tale of a temple dancer and the prince who loves her but marries another. Throughout, the melody and moods of Ludwif Minkus’s music perfectly match the fluidity and precision of the classical choreography and the drama of the storytelling.

Monday 19 & Wednesday 21 November Dog-groomer Marcello is an unassuming man: he works hard, loves his daughter and is friendly with his neighbours. But he is forced to trade cocaine in order to earn more money, an act that brings him into contact with Simoncino, a former boxer who terrorises the community with acts of violence and robbery. When one act goes too far, Marcello is forced to reclaim his dignity, sending him seeking vengeance.



Dir: ? With: ?

Dir. Bryan Singer & Dexter Fletcher 2018 UK/USA TBCmins With: Rami Malek, Joseph Mazzello


Thursday 22 November & Thursday 13 December 8.35pm We’re bringing the unknown to The Dukes with our Mystery Film screening – a night where nobody knows what we’re showing. It could be anything from 35mm prints of old classics to cult hits and rare big screen outings for forgotten favourites. This is the chance to experience something new – and be pleasantly surprised in the process! Tickets: £4

Friday 23 - Thursday 29 November (except Monday 26) The music of British rock band Queen is celebrated in this biographical account of their meteoric rise, their influential sound and their iconic frontman, Freddie Mercury, who defied stereotypes to become one of the most revered entertainers of all time. Focusing on their musical journey and Mercury’s turbulent lifestyle, the film chronicles the build-up to the band’s awe-inspiring Live Aid performance at Wembley Stadium in 1985.




Dir. Paul Dano 2018 USA 104mins With: Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal

Dir. Kevin Kerslake 2018 USA 95mins

Friday 23 - Wednesday 28 November In 1960s Montana, golf-pro Jerry loses his job and volunteers to fight a forest fire close to the Canadian border, leaving his wife Jeanette and son Joe to fend for themselves. Joe soon becomes aware of his mother’s unhappiness, helplessly watching on as she starts to fall for another man. Paul Dano’s poignant directorial debut is marked by a number of extraordinary performances, including arguably Carey Mulligan’s finest.

Monday 26 & Thursday 29 November Bad Reputation chronicles the life of Joan Jett, from her early teenage years as founding member of The Runaways to her enduring presence over four decades later as a Rock ‘n’ Roll icon. Skilfully assembled by veteran video director Kevin Kerslake, Bad Reputation chronicles a life committed to noisy art and activism, often in the face of sexism and stupidity.



Dir: Gus Van Sant 2018 USA 113mins With: Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill

Choreography Alexei Fadeyechev Recorded 2016 Russia 175mins With: Ekaterina Krysanova

Friday 30 November & Saturday 1 December After a life-changing accident pushes him on the path to sobriety, slacker John Callahan discovers a gift for drawing irreverent, often controversial cartoons, which develop a national following and grant him a new lease on life. Adapted from Callahan’s poignant memoir, this insightful story about the healing power of art features an all-star cast, also including Rooney Mara.

Sunday 2 December 3pm Inspired by heroic stories of brave knights, Don Quixote of La Mancha and his faithful servant Sancho Panza set out on an adventure to meet his ideal woman, Dulcinea. Cervantes’ hero comes to life in the Bolshoi’s critically acclaimed staging of this exalting performance. With panache and sparkling technique, principal dancers Ekaterina Krysanova and Semyon Chudin lead the spectacular cast.




THE NUTCRACKER Choreography: Peter Wright Recorded 2018 UK 10mins

Sunday 9 December 2pm The Nutcracker has long been one of the most delightful ways to discover the enchantment of ballet – and makes for a delicious seasonal treat for all the family. Tchaikovsky’s much-loved music is matched to a magical adventure on Christmas Eve for Clara and her Nutcracker doll. Their journey to the Land of Sweets brings with it some of the most familiar of all ballet moments, such as the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Waltz of the Flowers..


MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET (U) Dir: George Seaton 1947 USA 196mins With: Maureen O’Hara, Edmund Gwen

Monday 10 December 2pm When a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus is institutionalised as insane, a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court that he is the real thing. Screening as part of our strand of events which aims to improve the lives of people living with dementia and memory loss and their friends and families – though everyone is welcome.



Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski 2018 Poland 90mins Subtitles With: Tomasz Kot, Joanna Kulig

Dir. Steve McQueen 2018 USA/UK 128mins With: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Liam Neeson

Monday 26 November 8.30pm In the ruins of post-war Poland, Wiktor and Zula, performing musicians forced to play into the Soviet propaganda machine, fall deeply, obsessively and destructively in love. Pawel Pawlikowski follows his Oscar-winning Ida with the stunning Cold War, an epic romance set against the backdrop of Europe after World War II. Sumptuously shot in luminous black and white.

Friday 30 November - Wednesday 5 December The lives of four women intersect when their husbands are killed in a heist gone wrong. With nothing in common except the piling debt and aftermath of their dead spouses’ criminal activities, the widows unite to finish the job their husbands started. Directed by Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) and written by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, Widows is a blistering thriller set against the backdrop of crime, passion and corruption.

WARU (15)


Dir: Renae Maihi,Paula Jones,Katie Wolfe,Chelsea Cohen,Casey Kaa,Briar Grace-Smith,Awanui Simich-Pene,Ainsley Gardiner 2018 New Zealand 86mins With: Awahina Rose Ashby, Jonny Brugh

Monday 3 & Wednesday 5 December A groundbreaking film made by eight female Maori filmmakers, Waru (which means eight in Maori) is the story of a small New Zealand town coming to terms with a bitter tragedy – the death of a small boy at the hands of his caregiver. The film consists of eight ten-minute long shorts, shot in a single take and set at exactly the same time with a female lead and a different director.

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA Dir: Simon Godwin Live 2018 UK TBCmins With: Ralph Fiennes, Sophie Okonedo

Thursday 6 December 7pm Caesar and his assassins are dead. General Mark Antony now rules alongside his fellow defenders of Rome. But at the fringes of a war-torn empire the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Mark Antony have fallen fiercely in love. In a tragic fight between devotion and duty, obsession becomes a catalyst for war.



Monday 10 & Wednesday 12 December, 6.10pm Felipe Bustos Sierra’s feature charts the incredible true story of the Scots who, managed to ground half of Chile’s Air Force. In 1974, factory workers in Scotland refused to repair jet engines from the Chilean Air Force in protest against Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship. Four years later, the engines mysteriously disappeared, ending the longest single action of international solidarity in the UK. The workers never found out the scale of their impact - until now.

Monday 10 - Wednesday 12 December A darkness swirls at the centre of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the troupe’s artistic director, an ambitious young dancer and a grieving psychotherapist. Some will succumb to the nightmare. Others will finally wake up. A radical rei-magining of the iconic Dario Argento film, from the director of Call Me By Your Name.

Dir: Felipe Bustos Sierra 2018 UK 95mins

Dir: Luca Guadagnino 2018 USA 113mins With: Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Lutz Ebersdorf

“Astonishing” AAAAA-- The Daily Telegraph



Dir: Chris Columbus 1990 USA 103mins With: Macaulay Culkin

Dir: Henry Selick 1993 USA 76mins With: Chris Sarandon, Catherine O’Hara

Thursday 13 December, 6.20pm When 8-year-old troublemaker Kevin is accidentally left home alone by his family for Christmas, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot: pizza all to himself, inappropriate movies, sledging down the stairs… But when two burglars try to rob his house, Kevin has to put a plan in action to stop them and protect his home. A Christmas family classic.

Saturday 15 December, 11am A cult classic for children and adults alike. Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, is bored with the same old routine of scaring people. When he stumbles into Christmas Town, Jack becomes enchanted by the bright lights and colours and decides to take control of Christmas. But becoming Santa Claus isn’t as easy as Jack first thought…


IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (PG) Dir: Frank Capra 1946 USA 130mins With: James Stewart, Donna Reed

Monday 24 December 6.30pm When George Bailey contemplates suicide one Christmas, it’s up to apprentice angel Clarence to show him what life would have been like for his loved ones had he never lived. Can Clarence convince George that his life is worth living – and can George help Clarence get his angel wings? Iconic and heartwarming, Frank Capra’s film is a festive favourite at the Dukes.




Dir: Joe Hill-Gibbins Recorded 180mins With: Kelli O’Hara, Ken Watanabe

Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 December, 6.30pm The multi-award winning and critically acclaimed Lincoln Center Theater’ production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King And I comes to cinemas in this unmissable event recorded live from London’s iconic Palladium. Reprising her Tony Award-winning role Kelli O’Hara (Anna) takes to the stage alongside Tony and Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe.




Dir: Stefan Herheim Recorded 210mins Subtitles With: Aleksandrs Antonenko

Dir: David Hare Live 150mins With: Siân Brooke

Sunday 27 January 2pm In Tchaikovsky’s intense opera of obsession and the supernatural, Gherman is caught between the woman he loves and a destructive fixation. The Queen of Spades is based on a short story by Pushkin, and comes to the Royal Opera House in a new production that has already garnered five star reviews in Amsterdam.

Thursday 31 January, 7pm I’m Not Running is an explosive new play by David Hare, premiering at the National Theatre and broadcast live to cinemas. Pauline Gibson has spent her life as a doctor, the inspiring leader of a local health campaign. When she crosses paths with her old boyfriend, a stalwart loyalist in Labour Party politics, she’s faced with an agonising decision.




THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL (U) Dir: Brian Henson 1992 USA 85mins With: Michael Caine, Frank Oz

Saturday 22 December, 11am Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang are joined by Sir Michael Caine in this fun adaptation of Charles Dickens’ festive tale. Miserly grouch Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Past, Present and Future on Christmas Eve in order to convince him to change his selfish ways – but is it too late?



THE TRAGEDY OF KING RICHARD THE SECOND Dir: Joe Hill-Gibbins Live TBCmins With: Simon Russell Beale

Tuesday 15 January 7pm King. The male ruler of an independent state; one who inherits the position by right of birth. King of the castle. A children’s game in which each child attempts to stand alone on a mound, or sandcastle, by pushing other children off it. Simon Russell Beale plays King Richard II in a visceral new production about the limits of power.



THE NUTCRACKER Choreography: Yuri Grigorovich Live Russia 140mins

Sunday 23 December 3pm On Christmas Eve, Marie’s Nutcracker doll magically transforms into a prince and their wonderful adventure begins. The holiday classic returns to the majestic Bolshoi stage for a live broadcast of a timeless story, The Nutcracker, taking audiences of all ages on a magical journey through a world of enchantment complete with dancing snowflakes and dolls that have come to life, accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s beloved score.



LA BAYADERE Choreography: Marius Petipa Live 210mins

Sunday 20 January 3pm La Bayadere is one of the greatest works in classical ballet history - a story of love, death and vengeful judgement set in India. The temple dancer Nikiya and the warrior Solor fall deeply in love, giving way to heated passions, and murderous intrigues when the Rajah and his daughter Gamzatti discover their forbidden love.




Dir: Rob Marshall 2018 USA TBCmins With: Emily Blunt, Colin Firth, Ben Whishaw, Meryl Streep

Dir: Jon S. Baird 2019 UK 97mins With: Steve Coogan, John C. Reilly, Shirley Henderson

Coming soon in January In Depression-era London, a now-grown Jane and Michael Banks, along with Michael’s three children, are visited by the enigmatic Mary Poppins following a personal loss. Through her unique magical skills, and with the aid of her friend Jack, she helps the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives.

Coming soon in January Steve Coogan and John C Reilly give delightfully spoton performances as comedy’s most famous double act as they enter their twilight years. In 1953, several years after their last film and with their immense celebrity on the wane, Stan ‘Laurel’ and Ollie ‘Hardy’ embark on a gig tour of British seaside towns and music halls.

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First Man Mirai (subtitled) First Man Swallows and Amazons Mirai (dubbed) First Man Mandy ROH Die Walkure First Man The Children Act First Man First Man The Children Act First Man Curse of Frankenstein First Man Blindspotting A Star is Born Duck Soup A Star is Born Tehran Taboo BlacKkKlansman Bolshoi: La Sylphide NT Allelujah! Exhibition on Screen: Degas Fahrenheit 11/9 RSC: Troilus & Cressida Young Frankenstein At Lancaster Castle Fahrenheit 11/9 Young Frankenstein At Lancaster Castle Blindspotting Peterloo Beetlejuice Peterloo Shorts for Wee Ones Beetlejuice Peterloo Possum + Q&A ROH: La Bayadere Peterloo Peterloo Dogman Peterloo Peterloo Peterloo NT: Madness of George III Peterloo Dogman Peterloo The Wife Peterloo Mystery Film

(12A) (PG) (12A) (PG) (PG) (12A) (18) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (15) (15) (U) (15) (15) (15) (15) (12A) (15) (12A) (15) (12A) (15) (12A) (12A) (12A) (PG) (12A) (12A) (15) (12A) (12A) (15) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (15) (12A) (15) (12A) (18)

Ticket Prices (Unless otherwise stated) Film Stage on Screen £6.50 Full Price £13.50 Full Price £5.50 Concessions £12.50 Concessions £4.50 Under 18’s £10 Champions

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Bohemian Rhapsody Wildlife Bohemian Rhapsody Shorts for Middle Ones First Man Bohemian Rhapsody Wildlife Wildlife Bohemian Rhapsody Wildlife Bad Reputation Cold War Wildlife Parent & Baby: Bohemian Rhaposdy The Wife First Man Wildlife Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody Bad Reputation Widows Don't Worry He Won't Get Far Widows

(12A) (12A) (12A) (PG) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (12A) (15) (15) (12A) (12A) (15) (15) (12A) (12A) (12A) (15) (15)

Paddington His Girl Friday Widows Don't Worry He Won't Get Far Bolshoi: Don Quixote Widows Widows Waru Widows Widows Widows 9 to 5 Waru Widows NT Live: Antony & Cleopatra Safety Last + Live Score ROH The Nutcracker NT: Allelujah! ALMO: Miracle on 34th Street Nae Parasan Suspiria 9 to 5 Suspiria Nae Parasan Suspiria Home Alone Mystery Film A Nightmare Before Christmas The Muppet Christmas Carol Bolshoi: the Nutcracker It's A Wonderful Life The King and I The King and I

(PG) (U) (15)

Box Office 01524 598500 @thedukescinema The Dukes, Lancaster




(15) (15) (15) (15) (15) (15) (15) (15) (15) (U) (15) (U) (12A) (18) (15) (18) (12A) (18) (PG) (18) (PG) (U) (U) (12A) (12A)

Dukes Friday 2 November - Thursday 13 December Cinema Guide  

Cinema listings for The Dukes in Lancaster

Dukes Friday 2 November - Thursday 13 December Cinema Guide  

Cinema listings for The Dukes in Lancaster