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I’m So Excited Trance The Stone Roses: Made of Stone

April - May 2013


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Welcome to The Dukes April and May Cinema Guide.

Special Events Transition Films New Releases

MOVIE MORNINGS 11am screenings with free tea or coffee and a pastry included with your ticket. Screenings in this brochure are Spirit of ‘45 (Tuesday 9 April), Robot & Frank (Tuesday 16 April), In The House (Wednesday 1 May) and Love Is All You Need (Tuesday 21 May).

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Love Is All You Need

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Thursday 4 April, 6.30pm

Saturday 6 April, 8.30pm


ARGO (15)

Dir: Ben Wheatley

Dir: Ben Affleck

2012 UK 90mins With: Alice Lowe, Steve Oram

2012 USA 120mins With: Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin

A uniquely British and gleefully gory black comedy from the director of Kill List. Tina is whisked away on a romantic caravanning holiday by her new boyfriend Chris. Together they have carefully planned a tour of Yorkshire and Cumbrian beauty spots. But when Chris casually murders a litterbug at the Crich Tramway Village, his intolerance for mild anti-social behaviour becomes dangerously apparent.

Named Best Picture at the Oscars and the BAFTAs, Argo is a riveting, suspense-filled thriller based on an outlandish true story. In the wake of the 1979 Iranian revolution, CIA agent Tony Mendez is charged with extracting six Americans out of Tehran following the invasion of the US Embassy. With traditional avenues closed off, he concocts a plan to use a fake Hollywood film as cover to enter Iran.

Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 April, 2pm

QUARTET (12A) Dir: Dustin Hoffman

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (15) Dir: David O. Russell

2012 UK 95mins With: Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly, Michael Gambon

2012 USA 122mins With: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper

Dustin Hoffman makes his directorial debut with this tale of in-fighting and camaraderie amongst the residents of a retirement home for classical musicians. Long term residents Reggie, Wilfred and Cissy are regular participants in an annual concert but their preparations are thrown into disarray when Reggie’s ex-wife moves in.

A dark comedy based on the acclaimed novel by Matthew Quick. Teacher Pat is struggling to get his life back on track after a stint in a psychiatric hospital. He moves back in with his long-suffering parents, and desperately tries to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife. But when he meets a mysterious widow with problems of her own, the chance of a brighter future suddenly seems possible.

Tickets: £5 / £4 (Conc)


Thursday 11 April, 8.30pm


Sunday 14 April, 7.30pm

Sunday 21 April, 7.30pm

Monday 15 April 1pm onwards

Monday 15 April, 2pm





Dir: Michael Haneke

Dir: Steven Spielberg

2012 Austria France 128mins Subtitles With: Emmanuelle Riva, Isabelle Huppert

2013 USA 150mins

In association with Age UK Lancashire and Joseph A. Jones & Co Solicitors

Michael Haneke’s masterful and heartbreaking film which won Best Foreign Film at this year’s Oscars. Elderly couple George and Anne, both retired music teachers, live a contented life enjoying each other’s company in Paris. However, when Anne suffers a stroke, George must learn to cope with caring for a wife almost transformed by illness.

With: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field Spielberg returns with this drama chronicling the final months of Abraham Lincoln’s life. As the American Civil War continues to rage, Lincoln struggles with the continuing carnage on the battlefield and fights with many inside his own cabinet on the decision to abolish slavery. Daniel Day Lewis is in award-winning form as Lincoln and is ably supported by a superb cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Are you or is someone you care for living with dementia? The Dukes is partnering with Age UK Lancashire for this event for people with memory problems and their family, though everyone is welcome. For April we are screening the Doris Day musical Calamity Jane, Join us from 1pm for a cup of tea, a pastry and a friendly chat with the Age UK Lancashire. There will be an interval featuring a sing-a-long.

Dir: David Butler 1953 101mins USA With: Doris Day A screening specially programmed as part of our Journey Cafe events for people with dementia and their families. Doris Day stars as frontier tomboy Calamity Jane who is sent to Chicago to bring classy Chicago stage star Adelaide Adams back entertain to entertain her home town of Deadwood. Through a case of mistaken identity, Jane brings Adelaide’s maid Katie back instead, and she promises to make Jane more lady-like.

Tickets: £4 (Inc. tea/coffee and a pastry)


Special Events

Friday 5 April, 8.00pm

Saturday 25 May, 6.15pm

Thursday 30 May, 7.30pm



Dir: Quentin Tarantino

Dir: James Whale


1994 USA 154mins With: Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson

1931 USA 68mins With: Colin Clive, Mae Clarke


Time to pull out your sharpest suit for a one of screening of Tarantino’s classic. The lives of two mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster’s wife, a pair of diner bandits and a watch with an unusual history intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.

Screening as part of this year’s Lancaster Unlocked which will be themed around the Georgian era. This iconic screen classic, based on one of the period’s most celebrated novels by Mary Shelley, follows Dr Frankenstein as he assembles and re-animates a creature from dead tissue. Upon success Frankenstein rejects his creation, who becomes an angry outcast hunted by the community. Look out for Lancaster Unlocked events at

Dir: Shane Meadows

1994 Ticket Prices: £3.70 / £2.30 (Conc)


2013 UK 180mins in total In 2012, out of the blue, The Stone Roses reformed and brought This Is England filmmaker Shane Meadows along for the ride. Meadows brings his unique directorial style and humour to the film, capturing the band at work and in their everyday lives as they rehearse for their much-anticipated return in front of 220,000 adoring fans.

Sunday 21 April & Sunday 19 May, 8pm

FILM QUIZ In the Dukes Bar Know your Truffaut from your Tarantino? If you’re mad about film, come and test your knowledge against our questions, ranging from the plainly obvious to the devilishly difficult. Entry is £1 per person with a maximum team size of 6 people.

Les Misérables

Special Events The Dukes has partnered with Transition City Lancaster to present a day of films that explore some of contemporary society’s most pressing environmental issues. All films are priced as usual and a combined ticket for all three is available for £12 & £9 (Concessions)

Saturday 13 April, 2pm

Saturday 13 April, 6.20pm

Saturday 13 April. 8.30pm




Dir: Jeff Orlowski

Dir: Candida Brady

Dir: Icíar Bollaín

2012 USA 80mins With: James Balog

2013 USA 100mins With: Jeremy Irons

2012 Spain Bolivia 105mins With: Gael Garcia Bernal

A powerful and visually stunning documentary exploring the changing landscapes in the Arctic. National Geographic photographer and former global warming sceptic James Balog spent years filming time lapse photography capturing the melting and collapse of glaciers in the Arctic. Director Jeff Orlowski combines these images with footage of Balog at work and TV news clips on the consequences of climate change, alongside scientific and political arguments from both sides of the debate.

Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent that waste impacts on the environment as well as the human cost it can have. Trashed follows Irons as he travels across the globe to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution, from Lebanon, where sandy beaches are now ‘Trash Mountains’, to Vietnam, where waste problems cause birth defects. The documentary examines statistics and images that reveal the dangerous consequences of our global consumption.

An ambitious drama that parallels the Spanish conquest of the Americas with the 20th century spread of western capitalism. As a director and his crew shoot a controversial film about Christopher Columbus in Bolivia, the locals they are using as extras become embroiled in protests to privatise their water supply.


New Releases

Thursday 4 April, 8.30pm

Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 April

Saturday 6 & Tuesday 9 April

Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 April





Dir: Terrence Malick

Dir: Ken Loach

2013 USA 112mins With: Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem

2013 UK 98mins

Dir: Tom Tyker, Andy & Lana Wachowski

(PG) (Kiseki) Dir: Hirokazu Koreeda 2013 Japan 128mins Subtitles With: Koki Maeda A touching portrait of family life in contemporary Japan from the director of After Life and Still Walking. Two brothers find themselves divided when their parents separate and take a child each. Attending different schools and living in different parts of the country, the two hatch an almost mystical plan to reunite themselves and their parents.


Terrence Malick follows up The Tree of Life with this dreamlike story of love and loss. Ben Affleck plays Neil, an American who meets and falls in love with a woman in Paris. She returns with him to Oklahoma to be his wife but the relationship eventually falters. As his marriage crumbles, Neil finds himself drifting towards a childhood love.

An impassioned documentary from Ken Loach, about how the spirit of unity following World War II buoyed Britain to create a vision of a fairer society. Loach uses archive footage from Britain’s regional and national archives alongside contemporary interviews to explore a pivotal year in British history and the post-war programme of re-building the country.

2013 USA 172mins With: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry An ambitious adaption of David Mitchell’s acclaimed novel, Cloud Atlas weaves together inter-connected stories that cover Cambridge in the 1930s, interplanetary settlers far in the future, a fascist Neo-Seoul, the slave trade, a present day UK nursing home, and America’s 1970’s nuclear programme. Each segment retells the essence of the story contained in the previous one, suggesting that humanity almost wilfully repeats itself through past, present and future...

New Releases

Monday 8 to Thursday 11 April


(18) Dir: Chain-Wook Park 2013 USA 98mins With: Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman The first English-language film from the director of Oldboy, Stoker is a brooding gothic drama. After India’s father dies, her Uncle Charlie, who she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her unstable mother. She comes to suspect this mysterious, charming man has ulterior motives and becomes increasingly infatuated with him.

Friday 12 & Tuesday 16 to Thursday 18 April

Friday 12, Monday 15, Tuesday 16 & Thursday 18 April



Dir: Steven Soderbergh

Dir: Rufus Norris

2013 USA 106mins With: Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum

2013 UK 91mins With: Tim Roth, Cillian Murphy

A smart, suspenseful thriller from Traffic director Steven Soderbergh, and the film he claims will be his last. Rooney Mara (the US The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) delivers a magnetic performance as Emily, a troubled young woman whose reliance on prescription drugs has devastating consequences.

An absorbing drama following a long summer of change and upheaval seen through the eyes of 11 year old girl Skunk. Shortly after witnessing a brutal beating, Skunk’s home, neighbourhood, and school become treacherous environments where the happy certainties of childhood give way to the dangers and doubts of the adult world. Beautifully shot in a trance like glow, Broken is one of the best debut British films since Submarine and boasts excellent performances from its’ cast.

Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 April

ROBOT & FRANK (12A) Dir: Jake Schreier 2013 USA 89mins With: Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon Frank Langella stars as a retired jewel thief with a failing memory in the not-too-distant future. His two children are tempted to place him in a nursing home but Frank’s son chooses a different option and buys his father a robot butler. Initially suspect of the machine, Frank soon turns conspiratorial when he realises that the robot’s skills can be useful for more than just the housework.


New Releases

Friday 19 & Saturday 20 April

Friday 19 & Thursday 25 April

Saturday 20 April, 8.30pm

Thursday 25 April, 8.15pm


SHELL (15)


Dir: Lee Daniels

Dir: Scott Graham

Dir: Matteo Garrone

BEYOND THE HILLS (12A) (Dupa dealuri)

2013 USA 107mins With: Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey

2013 UK 90mins With: Chloe Pirrie, Kate Dickie

2013 Italy 116mins Subtitles With: Aniello Arena

Shell is a 17-year-old woman living at a remote petrol station in the Scottish Highlands. Apart from the infrequent passing trade and a few regulars to acknowledge and catch up with, her only companion is her father Pete. Shell’s mother deserted them years before, leaving Pete to bring up the girl on his own. Shell’s affection for her dad and the lonely environs inspire confused emotions that both have difficulty confronting.

Matteo Garrone’s long-awaited follow up to crime epic Gomorrah takes the director to lighter territory which will appeal to fans of Fellini and Mid-August Lunch. Neopolitan fishmonger Luciano dreams of fame, so when an Italian reality television show comes to town he auditions and waits for his break. When no news arrives, he becomes convinced that the cameras are already following him and slowly alters his daily life to entertain his imaginary viewers.

In 60’s America reporter Ward Jansen returns to his Flordia hometown to argue that Hilary Van Wetter, a convicted murderer, should be spared the electric chair. Ward’s quest for the truth though isn’t helped by the prisoner himself or Van Wetter’s unstable and insatiable fiancé. Combining John Waters’ style kitsch and lurid southern gothic.


Dir: Christian Mungiu 2013 Romania 150mins Subtitles With: Cosmina Stratan Cristian Mungiu’s first full-length feature since 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days  is inspired by a real-life case of a tragic exorcism attempt in rural Romania. Alina returns to Romania from a life in Germany to persuade her life-long friend to leave her life as a novice nun, only for Alina’s own physical and emotional health to deteriorate alarmingly.

New Releases

Friday 26 to Sunday 28 April & Wednesday 1 May

Friday 26, Saturday 27 April & Wednesday 1 May

Part One: Monday 29 April Part Two: Thursday 2 May



Dir: Lisa Barros D’Sa & Glenn Leyburn

(Dans La Maison) Dir: François Ozon


2013 Ireland UK 103mins With: Richard Dormer, Jodie Whittaker Can pop music change the world? Terri Hooley believes it can. In 70’s Belfast, whilst all his friends pick sides and take up arms, Terri opens a record shop in Europe’s most bombed half mile. There he is introduced to Ireland’s burgeoning punk scene and discovers new talent like The Undertones.

2013 France 105mins Subtitles With: Kristin Scott Thomas, Fabrice Luchini François Ozon follows the camp of Potiche with this thriller about the power of storytelling. Weary literature teacher Germain finds himself enlivened by talented student Claude, who infiltrates the middle-class family of classmate Ralph for a writing assignment. Germain and his art curator wife are soon transfixed; critically examining the merits of what might be a genius work of naturalism, a class satire, or something else entirely...

Dir: Anurag Kashyap 2013 India 180mins each part With: Manoj Bjpayee An exhilarating Indian epic, told in two parts, which charts 50 years of three warring crime families. Over its two parts, the film charts the rise, fall and rise again of a criminal empire in a cycle of violence, death and betrayal that’s as riveting as it is believable. This is cinema at its’ most thrilling. Give it a chance and you’ll never look at Bollywood the same way again.

Friday 3 & Sunday 5 May

TRANCE (15) Dir: Danny Boyle 2013 UK 101mins With: James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson Fresh from his success at the Olympics, Danny Boyle returns to filmmaking with this twisty heist thriller. James McAvoy stars as an art auctioneer who double crosses a group of criminals during an art heist. When he suffers amnesia following a head injury he is forced to consult a hypnotherapist, dragging her into a game of multiple betrayals and buried memories.

Combined ticket also available £10 / £8 (Conc)


New Releases

Sunday 12 & Tuesday 14 May

Tuesday 14 May, 8.30pm



Dir: Yaron Zilberman 2013 USA 105mins With: Catherine Keener, Phillip Seymour Hoffman After 25 years of success, a tight-knit classical string quartet slowly begins to unravel. Peter, the cellist and oldest member, decides to retire after learning that he has Parkinson’s disease. For the others, the announcement proves a catalyst for letting their hidden resentments come to the surface. All this threatens to tear the group apart, even as they prepare for one last performance of the piece they are famous for.


Dir: Dror Moreh 2013 Israel 95mins Subtitles An Oscar nominated documentary featuring interviews with all the surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets. Riveting and uncompromising, The Gatekeepers offers an insight into the political decisions and moral complexities involved in one of the longest running conflicts of our times.

Monday 20, Tuesday 21 & Thursday 23 May

THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES (15) Dir: Derek Cianfrance 2013 USA 140mins With: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper Ryan Gosling re-teams with his Blue Valentine director for this atmospheric, multi-generational crime drama. Echoing his performance in Drive, Gosling stars as stunt rider and habitual loner Luke. Upon reuniting with an old girlfriend he discovers that he has a child. Determined to support his new family but unable to, Luke turns to robbing banks, putting him in the sights of a dogged small time cop who dreams of glory.

Sunday 19 to Thursday 23 May

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED (15) (Den skaldede frisør) Dir: Susanne Bier 2013 Denmark 116mins With: Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm A light-hearted romantic comedy about love the second time around, that blends English, Danish and a touch of the Italian Riviera. Pierce Brosnan stars as a testy fruit and veg mogul preparing for his son’s marriage in Italy. En route to the wedding, he literally bumps in to recovering cancer sufferer Ida who turns out to be the mother of the bride. Can they overcome their troubled introduction and find love?

New Releases

Tuesday 21 & Wednesday 22 May

SPRING BREAKERS (18) Dir: Harmony Korine 2013 USA 92mins With: Selena Gomez, James Franco Revelling in his controversial reputation, Harmony Korine’s latest provocative film is sure to divide opinion and inspire devotion and outrage in equal measure. Four college girls land themselves in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. However, they are not there for long when a drug and arms dealer bails them out in the hope that they will work for him.

Friday 24, Saturday 25, Tuesday 28 & Wednesday 29 May

Friday 24, Sunday 26, Tuesday 28 & Wednesday 29 May

Friday 31 May to Thursday 6 June



Dir: Gus Van Sant

Dir: Michael Winterbottom

(Los amantes pasajeros) Dir: Pedro Almodovar

2013 USA 106mins With: Matt Damon, Frances McDormand

2013 UK 101mins With: Steve Coogan, Imogen Poots

2013 Spain TBCmins Subtitles With: Javier Camara, Antonio Banderas

A salesman for a gas company experiences life-changing events when a small town stands up to his corporation. Steve Butler appears on track for a brilliant career. At least until his bosses send him to persuade a small town sell the rights to the natural gas from underneath their land, using a method called fracking. While they succeed, Steven is forced to face up to the impact on the locals and their hometown.

Michael Winterbottom re-teams with his 24 Hour Party People star Steve Coogan to tell the story of controversial entrepreneur and ‘King of Soho’ Paul Raymond. Starting a few adult burlesque houses, Raymond eventually rises to become one of Britain’s wealthiest men. As his money and lifestyle begin to cloud his judgement, a rift splits his family causing Raymond to spiral out of control.

Almodovar returns with this breezy comedy reminiscent of his early comedies such as Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. A group of colourful characters on a flight to Mexico City must face the inevitable when it is announced the plane is suffering a severe technical fault. In the face of danger the flight attendants devote themselves body and soul to the task of making the flight as enjoyable as possible.



Live by Satellite National Theatre Live



Thursday 16 May, 7pm (Live) Sunday 26 May (Recorded Encore)

Thursday 13 June, 7pm

Sunday 12 May 4pm

From Tuesday 4 June





Dir: Stephen Daldry

Choreography by Yuri Grigorovich. 

180mins With: Helen Mirren


Dir: Jeremy Herrin 180mins With: Gunnar Cauthy


The internationally renowned Bolshoi Ballet company presents Sergei Prokofiev’s iconic adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, broadcast live from Moscow. This performance is a revival of Yuri Grigorovich’s acclaimed 1978 production, featuring outstanding choreography, sumptuous costumes and some of the composer’s most lyrical music. 

It’s 1974, and the corridors of Westminster ring with the sound of infighting and backbiting as Britain’s political parties battle to change the future of the nation, whatever it takes. James Graham’s biting, energetic and critically acclaimed new play strips politics down to the practical realities of those behind the scenes who roll up their sleeves and, on occasion, bend the rules.

Helen Mirren reprises her Academy Award-winning role as Queen Elizabeth II in this highly-anticipated West End production, broadcast as part of National Theatre Live. Based on a script by Peter Morgan (The Queen) and directed by Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliott), The Audience follows Queen Elizabeth II in a series of imagined meetings with Prime Ministers through her reign, from Churchill to Cameron.




£13 / £12 (Conc)

£13 / £12 (Conc)

£12 / £11 (Conc)

SUMMER SEASON 2013 We are pleased to announce that Glyndebourne’s summer season of Opera will be returning to our screen this year. The first production will be Aridane Auf Naxos by Richard Strauss on Tuesday 4 June. Other highlights include recorded screenings of Falstaff and Billy Budd. Full listings can be found on our website and will be in our next cinema guide.

Getting Here PUBLIC TRANSPORT The Dukes is just a few minutes walk from both Lancaster Train Station and Bus Station.

PARKING Ample pay and display parking is available within two minutes walk of The Dukes – a flat evening rate applies after 6pm. Bike racks are located on Moor Lane, close to The Dukes. CAR PARKING SPACES for blue badge holders can usually be reserved in advance.

ACCESS Wheelchair spaces are available and access to the auditorium, Box Office and bar is via the alley to the left of the main entrance. Please note that the surface of the alley is cobbled. There is a doorbell by the ramp if the door is not open.

FACILITIES FOR DEAF OR HARD OF HEARING PATRONS FROM THE SOUTH Leave the M6 motorway at junction 33 and take the A6 to Lancaster. Follow directions to the city centre and on joining the one way system, keep in the right hand lane. You will see brown information signs for ‘Dukes Playhouse’.

FROM THE NORTH Leave the M6 motorway at junction 34 and follows signs to Lancaster. On joining the one way system, keep in the left-hand lane and you will see brown information signs for ‘Dukes Playhouse’.

Infra red sound systems are available to amplify sound via a personal headset. Headsets can be booked in advance from Box Office. Selected film screenings in our programme are subtitled for hard of hearing patrons. Guide dogs and Hearing Dogs are welcome.

THIS PUBLICATION IS AVAILABLE IN LARGE PRINT BY REQUEST The Dukes Is Supported By: creative england Registered Charity: 501935


(Unless otherwise stated)

Ticket Prices £6.00 Full Price £5.00 Concessions

Sightseers (15) I Wish (PG) Pulp Fiction (18) Cloud Atlas (15) Spirit of ‘45 (U) Argo (15) Cloud Atlas (15) Quartet (12A) To The Wonder (12A) Stoker (18) Spirit of ‘45 (U) Quartet (12A) Stoker (18) To The Wonder (12A) Quartet (12A) To The Wonder (12A) Stoker (18) Stoker (18) Silver Linings Playbook (15) Side Effects (15) Broken (15) Chasing Ice (12A) Trashed (TBC) Even the Rain (15) Amour (12A) Calamity Jane (U) Robot & Frank (12A) Broken (15) Robot & Frank (12A) Broken (15) Side Effects (15) Side Effects (15) Robot & Frank (12A) Broken (15) Side Effects (15) Shell (15) The Paperboy (15) The Paperboy (15) Reality (15) Lincoln (12A) Film Quiz (in the bar) Shell (15) Beyond The Hills (12A) Good Vibrations (15) In The House (15) In The House (15) Good Vibrations (15) Good Vibrations (15) Gangs of Wasseypur Pt 1 (15)

4 8 6 8 8 4 8 4 8 9 8 4 9 8 4 8 9 9 4 9 9 7 7 7 5 5 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 5 6 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 11



Cert. Pg.

In The House (15) 11 In The House (15) 11 Good Vibrations (15) 11 Gangs of Wasseypur Pt 2 (18) 11 Trance (15) 11 Trance (15) 11 Trance (15) 11 Bolshoi: Romeo & Juliet 14 A Late Quartet (15) 12 A Late Quartet (15) 12 The Gatekeepers (12A) 12 NT LIVE: This House 14 Love Is All You Need (15) 12 Film Quiz (in the bar) 6 Place Beyond the Pines (15) 12 Love Is All You Need (15) 12 Love Is All You Need (15) 12 Spring Breakers (18) 13 Place Beyond the Pines (15) 12 Love Is All You Need (15) 12 Spring Breakers (18) 13 Love Is All You Need (15) 12 Place Beyond The Pines (15) 12 Promised Land (12A) 13 The Look of Love (18) 12 Frankenstein (PG) 6 Promised Land (12A) 13 The Look of Love (18) 13 NT Encore: This House 14 The Look of Love (18) 13 Promised Land (12A) 13 Promised Land (12A) 13 The Look of Love (18) 13 Stone Roses: Made of Stone (TBC) 6 I’m So Excited (TBC) 13 I’m So Excited (TBC) 13


01524 598500 The Dukes, Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1QE

11am screenings with free tea or coffee and a pastry included with your ticket. Screenings in this brochure are Spirit of ‘45 (Tuesday 9 April), Robot & Frank (Tuesday 16 April), In The House (Wednesday 1 May) and Love Is All You Need (Tuesday 21 May).

1 We start our films at the listed time – no ads! 2 You can take your drinks from the bar into the screening. 3 We post out our cinema guides for free to anyone who joins our mailing list.


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The Dukes Cinema Guide April-May 2013  

Cinema listings for The Dukes in Lancaster

The Dukes Cinema Guide April-May 2013  

Cinema listings for The Dukes in Lancaster