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Redrock Micro microFollowFocus Video Camera Bundle

Overview: The Redrock Micro microFollowFocus Video Camera Bundle features as its core components a complete and very well-built follow focus system and a beautiful and rock-solid baseplate that's adjustable in all the right places and that will let you mount the follow focus, a camera and a matte box all for use at the same time. The follow focus's gear ring has 0.8 teeth and is thus readily compatible with any cine lenses, since cine lenses natively have matching 0.8 teeth; (and separately-sold Redrock microLensGears can be employed to accommodate still lenses). Two 9" 15mm rods come included for use with the baseplate and can at anytime be replaced by longer or shorter ones you may have, each type creating different opportunities for your rig. The remaining components of the bundle are a white marking disk, which cleans easily at the wipe of a cloth, and a grease pencil for marking focus stops on the disk. (A focus indicator cutout on the focusing wheel at all times very clearly shows where you are focused.

Product information: microFollowFocus Tech. Description

Drive Gear

Standard 0.8 mod 32 film pitch drive gear

Mount Types

Compatible with standard 15 mm rods with 60 mm spacing / optionally compatible with 19 mm rods


Precision-machined aircraft grade aluminum, hardened composite driv metal insert, rubberized handgrip


0.85 lbs (0.39 kg)

microSupport Baseplate Mount Types

Features a rod clamp for two 15 mm rods, and a camera plate with 1/4 screws for compatibility with most any camera

Two 9" (23 cm) rods are included with the bundle for use with the mic Baseplate

Redrock Micro microFollowFocus Video Camera Bundle

What's in the box

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microFollowFocus microSupport Baseplate (15mm Low Riser) 2 x 9" 15mm Rods for the Baseplate Grease Pencil for Marking Focus Stops on Marking Disk

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Redrock micro microfollowfocus video camera bundle