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Monday, April 12, 2010 • Volume 12, Issue 15

Learning in a Virtual World

3DiTeams is the first step in Taekman’s larger vision for a Dukewide Immersive Learning Environment called ILE@D. Funded by the Nanaline Duke Trust, with Ed Buckley, M.D., vice dean of medical education, as P.I., ILE@D is a 5-year grant to work on an interactive virtual world for the School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Education, and the School of Nursing. “There is a pressing need for new and innovative methods of health care education that can reduce yet enhance faculty-student interactions, increase flexibility with respect to the time and location where the educational activity occurs, and keep students engaged and excited about learning,” wrote Taekman in the proposal.

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Hyperbaric Grand Rounds MEDICINE AND WORK PERFORMANCE AT HIGH TERRESTRIAL ALTITUDES This scene from the 3DiTeams video game features some of the realistic medical environment users experience as they practice working together to care for their virtual patients. PHOTO COURTESY JEFF TAEKMAN

First person video games have been all the rage for years, with better and more sophisticated graphics making on-screen movements increasingly life-like. This winter’s blockbuster film “Avatar” was a science-fiction tale of characters who controlled representations of themselves to maneuver on another planet. Jeff Taekman, M.D., assistant dean of education technology, envisions another, more useful application for video game simulation: training clinicians. Students use their avatars, the user’s computerized alter ego, to work with other clinicians to take care of virtual patients.He’s currently investigating this prospect with a prototype game called 3DiTeams. Users are assigned an avatar in a virtual hospital setting and tasked with different patient care responsibilities. “The purpose of this program is to practice working together. The beauty of it is that trainees can work remotely from anywhere, as long as they have a computer with internet access,” said Taekman during a recent demonstration. He’s noticed that most students take to the game rather quickly. “I can tell almost immediately who plays video games for fun,” said Taekman, as those folks usually start exploring their virtual world off the bat. During the game, team members must establish who’s in charge and learn to communicate with each other to accomplish a medical procedure. The U.S. Army, which has used such virtual environments for over a decade to help train soldiers, helped fund 3Di Teams. The game is still being studied to measure students’ knowledge, skills, and attitude gains versus the use of other simulation technology and iron out bugs before it can be used en masse, commented Taekman.

5 PM, Monday, April 19 Joseph & Kathleen Bryan Research Bldg, Room 103 311 Research Drive

Stephen R. Muza, Ph.D. U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine Natick, MA USA

Department of Anesthesiology Research Conference Monday, April 12, 2010 5-6 pm in 5685-HAFS

“Catching, not Fishing - Smart Candidate Selection for Genetic Association Studies” Andrew Shaw, BSc, MBBS, FRCA, FCCM Associate Professor Anesthesiology-Cardiac Division

Upcoming: Monday, June 14th 1



Eighteenth Annual Academic Evening Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 5:45 pm Millennium Hotel Durham, NC

5:45 pm – Poster Presentations 7pm – Dinner, Guest Speaker, Awards Guest Speaker: Dr. Nancy Andrews

Residents, Fellows, Medical Students, CRNAs, and Junior Faculty are invited to submit abstracts of work they have performed for presentation at Academic Evening. Abstracts may represent original clinical, laboratory scientific or case reports. Submission to other scientific organizations (e.g. ASA, Gulf Atlantic Residents’ Conference) does not preclude acceptance for Academic Evening. In fact, we encourage submission of abstract that have been submitted to national meetings such as the ASA. Abstracts must be no more than one page (8.5” x 11”) including diagrams and tables. All abstracts submitted will be accepted for presentation. The Abstract Selection Committee will choose a set of abstracts to be judged for prizes. Complete, specific abstract submission instructions are on the Abstract Cover Sheet. Questions? Contact June Santa -, 684-6252 or Cathleen Peterson-Layne, PhD,MD -, 970-6408 (pager)


This Month in the Department of Anesthesiology April 2010 MONDAY










7:15-8:00 a.m., RM203-Pain Clinic MRC Pain Conference

5-6 p.m., 5685-HAFS CT Conference

7:15-8:00 a.m., RM203-Pain Clinic MRC Pain Journal Club

2:30-3:30 p.m., VAMC VA Echocardiography Conference

5-6 p.m. 6686-HAFS GVTCCM Conference: “Domestic Volunteerism” - John Scarborough, MD

6:15-7:15 a.m., 5685-HAFS CT Anesthesia Fellow/Faculty Preceptor Seminar

5-6 p.m., 5685-HAFS Department Research Conference: “Catching, not Fishing - Smart Candidate Selection for Genetic Association Studies” Andrew Shaw, MD

IRB Deadline: Submit 1 original and 3 copies to Dr. Gan’s office by 5 p.m.

5:30-6:30 p.m., 5680A Perioperative Leadership Group Meeting

6:30 a.m., 2001DN Resident Conference Lecture: “Basic Pharmacology & Coagulation Effects of Plasma Volume Expanders” - Tony Roche, MD 7:15 a.m., 2001DN Grand Rounds: “Statewide Research Infrastructures in South Carolina – The Journey, Status Report & Implications for Meaningful Use” - Iain Sanderson, MSc, FRCA

12:00-12:45 p.m., 2003DN Critical Care Conference: CANCELLED 4-5 p.m., 5680A-HAFS Pediatric Conference: CANCELLED 5-6 p.m., Location TBA Education Executive Committee Meeting

5 p.m., 5685-HAFS The Regional Division presents... “Infection Control Practices in the OR” - Luke Chen, Infectious Diseases All Faculty Invited to Attend 19




7:15-8:00 a.m., RM203-Pain Clinic MRC Pain Conference

5-6 p.m., 5685-HAFS CT Conference

7:15-8:00 a.m., RM203-Pain Clinic MRC Pain Journal Club

2:30-3:30 p.m., VAMC VA Echocardiography Conference

5-6 p.m. 6686-HAFS GVTCCM Conference: “History of ICU and Transplantation” - Jeff Baker, MD

6:15-7:15 a.m., 5685-HAFS CT Anesthesia Fellow/Faculty Preceptor Seminar 6:30 a.m., 2001DN Resident Conference Lecture: “DNR Orders: Legal & Ethical Issues” - Holly Muir, MD 7:15 a.m., 2001DN Grand Rounds: “Perioperative Blood Transfusion” - David Martin, MD

12:00-12:45 p.m., 2003DN Critical Care Grand Rounds: “Endocrine in the ICU” - Dr. Shiva Sarraf-Yazdi 4-5 p.m., 5680A-HAFS Pediatric Conference


5-6 p.m., 7683A-HAFS Resident Education Session: “Thoracic Epidural Anesthesia/ Analgesia - Clinical Pearls” - Mark Stafford Smith, MD





7:15-8:00 a.m., RM203-Pain Clinic MRC Pain Conference

5-6 p.m., 5685-HAFS CT Conference

7:15-8:00 a.m., RM203-Pain Clinic MRC Pain Journal Club

2:30-3:30 p.m., VAMC VA Echocardiography Conference

5-6 p.m. 6686-HAFS GVTCCM Conference: “TBA” Minou Pham, MD

6:15-7:15 a.m., 5685-HAFS CT Anesthesia Fellow/Faculty Preceptor Seminar

IRB Deadline: Submit 1 original and 3 copies to Dr. Gan’s office by 5 p.m.

6:30 a.m., 2001DN Resident Conference Lecture: “Vascular Keywords Review” Kerri Wahl, MD



12:00-12:45 p.m., 2003DN Critical Care Conference 4-5 p.m., 5680A-HAFS Pediatric Conference

7:15 a.m., 2001DN Grand Rounds: “Clinical Case Conference: Obstructive Sleep Apnea” - Drs. Ronald Olson, Richard Moon & Andrew Krystal 5 p.m., Chen Conference Room Neuroradiology Conference

Upcoming: 2010 Academic Evening: Tuesday, May 18, 2010. | Millennium Hotel | Durham, NC 2010 Resident Graduation Banquet: Saturday, June 12, 2010 | Hope Valley Country Club | Durham, NC 2010 ASA Annual Meeting: October 16-20, 2010 | San Diego, CA 2010 Annual Alumni Reception: Sunday, October 17, 2010 | San Diego, CA | More information TBA! 2010 Annual Departmental Holiday Party: Saturday, December 11, 2010 | 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. More details to come.


ANESTHESIOLOGY NEWS “Virtual World” continued from page 1. “Virtual reality environments can serve to facilitate learning in a very dynamic and interactive way. The current generation of students is comfortable with games, Facebook, and the like. Using these concepts to facilitate learning makes prefect sense and may be superior to our current practice. We hope to be able to create a platform like Powerpoint, but for virtual learning. Individuals interested in using virtual learning environments can utilize a set of tools to develop a robust educational experience. Dr. Taekman has extensive experience in this arena and we are excited about the possibilities going forward,” said Buckley. While video games will never take the place of hands-on procedural training, they can add to skills developed through face-to-face instruction and help unite students here in Durham, at Duke’s Singapore campus or elsewhere in a virtual 3-dimensional medical school. Virtual environments are already in use in the School of Nursing and School of Medicine. The School of Nursing built a virtual school using Second Life, a free online 3-D virtual world as a platform. Students working remotely in the 3-D world reported feeling less isolated and feeling more engaged with the instruction. The School of Medicine offers similar online experiences for students in Durham and in Singapore with shared digital lectures and video. “Our hope is to engage people throughout the university to look for commonalities toward a virtual approach to learning,” said Taekman. “Right now we’re working on specifications with the help of students, faculty, and industry. We plan to develop specifications and an RFP from these sessions.”

New Departmental Research Publications Swaminathan M, Mahmood F. Combined valvular disease: when echocardiography provides the questions and the answers. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. Apr 2010;24(2):366.

Congratulations to our Anesthesia Techs! Gayle Moyer, CRNA, MS

Hope everyone had a chance to thank the anesthesia technicians on their national anesthesia technician day, March 31st. We CRNA’s had an opportunity to celebrate their contributions with them with a potluck breakfast, some ice cream sundaes and awarded each a gift card from the CRNA’s. Something you may not realize about the techs is that we have 6 nationally certified technicians right here at Duke. They are Helen Trotter, Jessie Swain III, Dwayne Thompson, J. Todd Rogers, Les Manning, and Taya Brown. This represents professional effort above and beyond any Duke requirements. We congratulate these fine professionals and all the excellent technicians here at Duke who do so much for all of our patients and all of us. Thank you!!!!

Academic Evening - Calling All Artists Academic Evening will also celebrate artistic talents of members of the department - EVERYONE is eligible to participate. You are welcome to display any art you have created --- framed photos, paintings, beadwork, weaving, crochet, knitting...whatever you wish to share.

Please send to Bridget White ( 1) photographs (electronically) 2) description of your article of artwork you wish to display. Include with all submissions: Your name: Name of artwork: Any points you want to make about the piece: Size: (e.g. framed size, need for easel - floor or table, amount of table space required to display) Artwork will be displayed at Academic Evening on Tuesday, May 18th, 5:45pm. There are NO exclusions. You are allowed to display the same artwork as previous years. *If you have a photograph you would like to be considered for the AE program cover, please submit early. To keep deadlines consistent, please send information by Monday, April 19th.

Save the Date: Duke Surgery Global Health Symposium, April 24, 2010 The Duke Department of Surgery and the Duke Global Health Institute invite you to attend a symposium on global health issues in surgery on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at Duke University. Thought leaders will address important issues related to providing surgical care to underserved populations including public policy, funding, governance, and disparities in access to care. For more information and to register, please visit:

Deadline for Registering: April 10, 2010.

Comings and Goings in the Department Please welcome David Kramer to the department. David is a new Student working in the Basic Science division effective March 29, 2010. Beilei Lei, Research Scientist has changed labs within the Basic Science division effective April 1, 2010. Mat Henderson, Lab Assistant transferred from our department effective today, April 12, 2010. Robin Hicks-Dickerson, Staff Assistant transferred from our department effective March 26,2010. We wish a fond fare well and good luck to Cindy Cho, Staff Assistant who terminated her employment with the department on January 4, 2010.

April 12 - 18 Birthday Wishes Dr. Miwa Izutsu

Ricky Sellars

Dr. Robert Lobato

Steven Ziegler

Dr. Scott Runyon Note: If you do not want your name listed here, please send a removal notice to


THE BACK PAGE Upcoming CME Activities Carolina Cadaver Course

May 22-23, 2010 | The Duke School of Nursing, Durham, NC For more information, contact Kate Shaw:

New Stork Delivery! Chris Merritt, MD

Ariel and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our baby boy, Jude Karlsson Merritt, 6lbs, 5oz on April 7, 2010. Both mom and baby are doing great!

This activity is designed to educate or refresh the knowledge of practicing anesthesiologists, critical care specialists, and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) in the anatomical requirements, techniques, and side effects of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and peripheral nerve blockade.

3rd Annual Emerging Technologies in the OR

June 6-9, 2010 | Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL For more information, contact Katherine Siler:

13th Annual Duke Cardiothoracic Update and TEE Review Course

August 5-8, 2010 | Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island, SC For more information, contact Jaime Cooke: Mark your calendars for another year of cutting-edge research and updated information designed for medical personnel of all skill levels. NEW FOR THIS YEAR! Critical Care Track!

Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Preceptorship Course


2010 Dates Available | Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC For more information, contact Katherine Siler: Participants in the Duke Preceptorship will spend three days in the regional block area, operating rooms and on the floor with post surgery patients observing ultrasound guided single shot nerve blocks and catheter techniques in a wide variety of clinical scenarios. They will learn how to set up the block area for maximum efficiency in the OR environment, improve their decision making ability and make choices in the performance of regional anesthesia. A oneon-one discussion with the Duke Faculty member reviewing cases, scanning techniques and the image library as well as covering handout materials will augment the preceptorship experience.

2010 Office Professional Day Celebration Wednesday, April 21, 2010 5685-HAFS Building

Visiting Preceptorship in Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography

2010 Dates Available | Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC For more information, contact Jaime C. Cooke: Participants in the Duke Intraoperative TEE Preceptorship spend one threeday session in the cardiac operating suites, observing techniques of intraoperative TEE and interpretation of images. Preceptors will participate in active discussions with cardiothoracic anesthesia faculty and fellows, and learn the basic TEE exam. They will also learn how to troubleshoot difficult cases and enhance their decision-making skills in the operating room. Cases will be reviewed with fellows and faculty and images from pathology libraries will be used to augment the preceptorship experience.

Classifieds Rentals Department-member owned 3 floor luxury townhouse in Kure Beach NC available for rent. Six bedroom, four bath townhouse with private elevator, granite kitchen, stainless appliances, fully-stocked chef’s kitchen (All-Clad pots and Kitchen Aid appliances). Master has private balcony, King bed, walk-in closet with ocean views, spa -like bathroom with jetted tub, glassed-in shower, other bedrooms have two twins, one queen, one queen, one queen and two twin sleeper chairs. flat panel HD TVs and wireless internet. 2 blocks to the Kure beach pier and restaurants, beach access diagonally across the street. Ocean views from living room and master bedroom. May 1 to October 31 $2300/week November 1 to April 30 $1800/week. Visit for more info.

Wanted Loan of exercise bike for impending ACL surgery. If you have a bike that is collecting dust or an unfulfilled New Year’s resolution, please contact David MacLeod (812-3201 /