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behind us, we are so excited to bring you a whole host of amazing productions to keep you busy for the end of Winter and throughout Spring. This bumper schedule brings you regular events, both old and new - whether you're looking to relax with our weekly games night Gamie Lee Curtis Presents... on Tuesdays, begin your own journey into theatre with our resident Iron Clad Improv every Sunday, or perhaps you just want to sit back and enjoy the laughter with GOAT Island Comedy once a month. We also welcome back three fantastic festivals to Sweet Dukebox - Brighton Science Festival, Sweet's own International Women's Week Festival, and our co-founded (Brighton &) Hove Grown - Hove's brightest new writing festival, returning for its second year! All these festivals bring theatre, comedy, music, workshops, and events for all tastes and ages, and we are truly delighted to play host to these wonderful curated seasons. Of course that's never all! Outside our action-packed festival schedule we've got a wonderful range of new work, shows arriving in Brighton from extensive national touring, as well as productions from renowned local companies. So, come on over and share 2017 with us - a year full of brilliant shows and fantastic performers! JD Henshaw Artistic Director ...packing up the baubles and warming up the theatre lights...

FEBRUARY GOAT ISLAND COMEDY GOAT Island 10 Feb | 20:00 (2hr) | £5

A monthly showcase of alternative standup comedy - cherry picked inventive, creative acts and a dose of character comedy thrown in for good measure. There's also the opportunity to win the coveted GOAT Trophy in the monthly audience challenge - featuring ridiculous games where winning is improbable at best.

BRIGHTON AFTER DARK: THE INDOOR MURDER TOUR - LOVE GONE WRONG Guided Tours in Brighton and Sussex 11 Feb | 19:30 (2hr) | £6.50

Valentine's is upon us - a time for wine, roses, good food... and hideous murder. Join us on a virtual tour around the city and hear chilling tales of relationships that ended in a brutal way - poisonings, stabbings, decapitation - love gone badly wrong!

Brighton Sci-Fest


Rust & Stardust 12 - 13 Feb | 14:00 (1hr) | £8 (£6) This light-hearted look at Isaac Newton's life and work features a dazzling Recommended for ages 6-12. Part of Brighton Science Festival.

Brighton Sci-Fest


Rust & Stardust 12 - 13 Feb | 15:30 (1hr) | £4

Following the performance of Under The Apple Tree, there will be an illuminating and entertaining workshop looking at Newton's Prism; we will explore shadows and rainbows using our special shadow screen and lights. Recommended for ages 6-12. (1 accompanying adult per child may join the workshop unticketed) Part of Brighton Science Festival.

FEBRUARY Brighton Sci-Fest


Atomic Force Productions 15 - 17 Feb | 14:00, 15:30, 17:00, 19:30, 21:00 (1hr) | £10 (or £50 for a full group of 6 people at one timeslot) Victor Frankenstein has disappeared from the castle laboratory on the night of the big storm. You have one hour before the lightning strikes to bring the Creature to life - solve the riddles to help Igor with his mission! But is everything as it seems…? Back by popular demand with brand new puzzles! Sold out 2016! Afternoon slots suitable for ages 12+. Evenings strictly 18+. Part of Brighton Science Festival.

Brighton Sci-Fest

WHEN MAGIC AND SCIENCE COLLIDE 2.0 Oliver Meech 18 Feb | 14:00 (1hr) | £5 (£4 under 16s)

The sell-out smash returns. Amazing tricks inspired by astounding science. Oliver meddles with forces we barely understand in a comedy magic show for the QI generation. It's the natural selection! Part of Brighton Science Festival.

Brighton Sci-Fest

SCIENCE SECRETS BEHIND MAGIC - WORKSHOP Oliver Meech 18 Feb | 15:30 (1hr) | £5 (under 16s only)

Discover the HOW behind the WOW as science magician Oliver Meech shows you the surprising science behind magic tricks. the world (or at least your friends!). Recommended for ages 7+. (1 accompanying adult per child may join the workshop unticketed) Part of Brighton Science Festival.

Brighton Sci-Fest

GRIM HISTORIES: THE VICTORIAN SCIENCE OF MURDER Brighton After Dark 19 Feb | 15:00 (1.5hr) | £6.50 (£4 under 16s)

Join us on a virtual tour around the country, discovering the people and inventions that helped solve some of the most infamous murders in history much more. Not suitable for those of a weak constitution and recommended for ages 12 and above. You have been warned! Part of Brighton Science Festival.

FEBRUARY - MARCH CAST IRON SHORTS Cast Iron 24 Feb | 20:00 (1hr) | £5 stories. Stories to make you bitter, to make you cowardly, to make you full of


Mike Reinstein and Roger Stevens 25 Feb | 20:00 (2.5hr) | £5

Performing songs from their recent albums and introducing some special guests.

SHERLOCK IN SUSSEX: HIS LAST BOW Guided Tours in Brighton and Sussex 3 Mar | 19:30 (2hr) | £6.50

Join us on a slideshow tour through the life of Arthur Conan Doyle and the career of his most famous character, Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle lived in Sussex for many years and some of his most famous stories take place along A fascinating journey into the world of the Great Detective and his creator.

Women’s Week


Sweet Dukebox 8 Mar | 18:30 (1hr) | Free (donations encouraged) Come join us for a drink and some nibbles for International Women's Day , to celebrate some of the wonderful women of Brighton & Hove. With musical entertainment from local choirs and a chance to get to know some of your local performers better. We hope to see you there.

MARCH Women’s Week


Orange Girl Productions Ltd 8 Mar | 20:00 (1hr) | £7 (or £12 combo with The Masks of Aphra Behn) Fledgling mistress of King Charles II, and a celebrated comic actress, Nell must navigate the precipice between riches and destruction. If she can show her legs too, so much the better. Written by Laura Ingram and performed by Lucy Formby.

Women’s Week


A Monkey With Cymbals Theatre Company 8 Mar | 21:00 (1hr) | £7 (or £12 combo with Nell Gwyn: An Epilogue) It's 1677 and an audience getting ready to watch Aphra Behn's The Rover are in for a surprise. For the show has been cancelled and in its place Aphra recounts the extraordinary tale of her time as a spy for King Charles II in the “Faultless… thoroughly entertaining” Remote Goat

Women’s Week

NOT JUST THE COMPANION Cast Iron / Pop Heart Productions 9 Mar | 20:00 (1hr) | £6

Girlfriend, wife, mother, best friend. Boring! Returning to Sweet Dukebox for its second year, and with guest curator from Pop Heart Productions, Chelsea Newton Mountney. Cast Iron’s evening looks at scenes of stage and screen meant for men, only performed by women.

Women’s Week

GOAT ISLAND COMEDY - THE TAKE-OVER GOAT Island 10 Mar | 20:00 (2hr) | £6

A monthly showcase of alternative standup comedy - this month featuring the best female comics and creative acts in celebration of International Women’s Day! There's also the opportunity to win the coveted GOAT Trophy in the monthly audience challenge - featuring ridiculous games where winning is improbable at best.

MARCH Women’s Week


Fannytasticals 11 Mar | 20:00 (1hr) | £6 Fannytasticals comprises of six, sensational, sassy women keen to entertain you with their distinctly female take on life, love, and the universe. Expect songs, sketches, ridiculous rhymes and duologues designed to make you giggle and provoke a thought about life from a woman's point of view. They will be lewd, crude, and somewhat rude. We are not raging lesbians, hairy feminists or man haters, well, some of us are...but none of us actually hate men, in fact some of us even live with them!

Women’s Week


Mathilda Gregory 11 Mar | 22:00 (1hr) | £6 Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way is the star of My Immortal, the world’s Celebrate the 10 years of this literary masterpiece with Mathilda Gregory (Werewolf Erotica, She Wrote).

ALL’S FAIR? TALES OF WOMEN, MEN, AND RELATIONSHIPS Jon Mason 15 Mar | 20:00 (2hr) | £5

Gender and equality. Partner and foe. Lover and beloved, loneliness and compassion, power and control. Storyteller Jon Mason relates ancient tales from the British Isles and further loss, misunderstanding and – perhaps – hope, we consider how expectations wrong?

Hove Grown


Unmasked Theatre 24 - 25 Mar | 19:00 (1hr) | £5 11:27am: Four car-bombs are detonated around London. Detective Taylor thinks he understands tragedy. Detective Taylor doesn’t really get it. An exploration of swift judgements not saving lives. By Pip O’Neill

WHAT’S ON LISTINGS February Fri 10th - GOAT Island Comedy - 20:00 Sat 11th - The Indoor Murder Tour: Love Gone Wrong - 19:30

BRIGHTON SCIENCE FESTIVAL Sun 12th-Mon 13th - Under the Apple Tree - 14:00 Sun 12th-Mon 13th - Under the Apple Tree Puppetry Workshop - 15:30 Wed 15th-Fri 17th - Mystery at Frankenstein Castle - 14:00, 15:30, 17:00, 19:30, 21:00 Sat 18th - Oliver Meech: When Magic and Science Collide 2.0 - 14:00 Sat 18th - Oliver Meech: Science Secrets Behind Magic - 15:30 Sun 19th - Grim Histories: The Victorian Science of Murder - 15:00 Fri 24th - Cast Iron Shorts - 20:00 Sat 25th - Mike Reinstein and Roger Stevens In Concert - 20:00 March Fri 3rd - Sherlock in Sussex: His Last Bow - 19:30

WOMEN’S WEEK Wed 8th - International Women’s Day Charity Gala - 18:30 Wed 8th - Nell Gwyn: An Epilogue - 20:00 Wed 8th - The Masks of Aphra Behn - 21:30 Thu 9th - Not Just The Companion - 20:00 Fri 10th - GOAT Island Comedy: The Take-Over - 20:00 Sat 11th - Fannytasticals - 20:00 Sat 11th - My My Immortal - 22:00 Wed 15th - All’s Fair? Tales of Women, Men, and Relationships - 20:00


HOVE GROWN Fri 24th-Sat 25th - Cream - 19:00 Fri 24th-Sat 25th - Cast Iron IX - 20:30 Sat 25th-Sun 26th - Fit 4 Work - 17:30 Sun 26th - Speak Up! Act Out! - 14:45 Sun 26th - Poetic Angles - 19:30 Tue 28th-Fri 31st - The Guide to Good Orgasm Management - 19:30 Wed 29th-Fri 31st - Men Without Friends - 21:00 April Sat 1st-Sun 2nd - The Meebles Get The Show On The Road - 12:00 Sat 1st - 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes In Her Twenties - 17:00 Sat 1st-Sun 2nd - Brodi Snook: Showgress - 18:45 Sat 1st-Sun 2nd - Waiting for Curry - 20:00 Sat 1st - Mr D’s Tales of Myths and Legends - 21:15 Sun 2nd - Create Your Own Solo Show - 14:15 Sun 2nd - Blanket Fort - 21:15 Fri 14th - GOAT Island Comedy - 20:00 Fri 21st - Kingdom of The Sea - 19:30 Sat 22nd - London, Paris, Roam! - 20:00

MARCH Hove Grown


Cast Iron 24 - 25 Mar | 20:30 (2hr) | £5 freshest new writing! A regular sell-out show, Cast Iron present an evening of six short plays, plus some 'rapid responses' to this week's news.

Hove Grown


Immediate Productions 25 - 26 Mar | 17:30 (1hr) | £7 (£5) A job interview for a mentally ill ex-claimant turns into a nightmare: Where does sanity lie?

Hove Grown


Speak Up! Act Out! 26 Mar | 14:45 (2hr) | £7 (£5) Brighton based company who devise and produce immersive theatre, exploring socio-political issues using techniques from Theatre of the Oppressed. Their goal is to instigate conversations and questions about the matters we don't talk enough about! This latest evening explores men and their rights; exploring how men are viewed and treated in modern society. Each performance is unique and created by the dynamics of the audience; join us for an evening of conversation, storytelling and empowerment.

Hove Grown


Boca 2 Mouth 26 Mar | 19:30 (2hr) | £5 (£4) Poetry-spoken word evening featuring Brighton based artists and writers text and movement as well as poetry in translation from French and Kurdish. Ferda Akansu, Dora Carpenter-Latiri, Rikki Tarascas, Xelís de Toro and Caroline Waters.

MARCH - APRIL Hove Grown

THE GUIDE TO GOOD ORGASM MANAGEMENT TBC Audio 28 - 31 Mar | 19:30 (1hr) | £8 (£5)

Professor Bliss Macvitie, Scotland’s answer to Dr Ruth, tries to Feng Shui her audiences, whilst explaining why celebrity handbags are often the answer, and which star sign you need to change your light bulbs, in her latest take on life!

Hove Grown


Monkeydog 29 - 31 Mar | 21:00 (80mins, 75 mins, 100 mins) | £6 (two shows for £10, all three for £12) 3 nights, 3 shows, 3 unpopular people. High Vis Something Rotten (30th) - a re-telling of Hamlet from the viewpoint of Uncle Claudius, & The Trials of Harvey Matusow (31st) - the true story of a McCarthyite supergrass.

Hove Grown

THE MEEBLES GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD The Meebles Circus 1 - 2 Apr | 12:00 (1hr) | £7 (£5), £16 family ticket

Join the Meebles on their musical magical adventures in their circus van racing against time to save the children from the clutches of Von Zalatan and his virtual obedience factory. Suitable for ages 3-8.

Hove Grown

10 MISTAKES EVERY GIRL MAKES IN HER TWENTIES Rachel Shorer 1 Apr | 17:00 (1hr) | £5

Who doesn’t f**k up in their twenties? Rachel certainly did. Through poetry, chat, and some photos she probably should have detagged, she explores getting the hang of adulting in the age of social media.

APRIL Hove Grown


Brodi Snook 1 - 2 Apr | 18:45 (50 min) | £5 (or Pay What You Want at the end) A work-in-progress stand up comedy show from Brighton's favourite Australian import, the 'deliciously dry' Brodi Snook. 'Laser sharp writing and precision delivery. Brodi's too good to be allowed to continue!' - Sami Shah (QI)

Hove Grown


CAM Productions 1 - 2 Apr | 20:00 (50 min) | £8 (£6) Ever wanted to tell someone how you really feel? their takeaway: they share more than intended... an evening that changes them and their friendships forever.

Hove Grown

MR D’S TALES OF MYTHS AND LEGENDS The Other Realm Theatre Company 1 Apr | 21:15 (1hr) | £6 (£5)

Mr D will take you on a trip back in time when monsters, magic, and mystery were an everyday occurrence. You're invited to join us and use our 'arcane objects' to help bring these stories to life!

Hove Grown

CREATE YOUR OWN SOLO SHOW Nelly Lewis Ltd 2 Apr | 14:15 (4hr) | £50

Express yourself, share your talent, create a source of income and propel your artistic career! Create your own solo show!! This workshop will be a great kick start for your solo show, you will gain Suitable for complete beginners and those with experience in dance, movement, somatic disciplines or performing arts. For more information, contact

APRIL Hove Grown


Blanket Fort 2 Apr | 21:15 (30 min) | £5 (£3) Blanket Fort takes a single audience suggestion and uses it to make up a completely new show right in front of your actual eyes. It's pretty impressive. And silly and playful too. If you're someone who likes joy and exuberance and things like that, you'll be way into it. Highly Recommended Show - Fringe Review

GOAT ISLAND COMEDY GOAT Island 14 Apr | 20:00 (2hr) | £5

A monthly showcase of alternative standup comedy - cherry picked inventive, creative acts and a dose of character comedy thrown in for good measure. There's also the opportunity to win the coveted GOAT Trophy in the monthly audience challenge - featuring ridiculous games where winning is improbable at best.

KINGDOM OF THE SEA Sian Jones 21 Apr | 19.30 (75 min) | £5

What does it cost to get what you want, and is it a price worth paying? Storyteller Siân Jones and musician Annie Sheppard have adapted The Kingdom of the Sea from a literary folk tale written in 1916 by Ivana Berlić-Mažuranić, who took inspiration from the Slavic mythology of pre-Christian Croatia. The Dawn Maiden can give you your heart’s desire, just be careful what you wish for.


Sarah Tullamore 22 Apr | 20:00 (70 min) | £10 (£8) She's jived in Japan, indulged in Italy, feasted in France… and suddenly down to put your tights on, it's obviously time to take stock. So what's the next move ? In this funny and moving account of her globetrotting life so far, Sarah Tullamore is packing her bags, waving au revoir and singing new songs all about it. Clear away the clutter…


Gamie Lee Curtis Every Tuesday | 19:00 (4hr) | Free (£1 suggested donation) Our weekly Games Night at The Iron Duke! Come one, come all! Come alone and make new friends, or bring some existing friends. We’ll provide some games to play, but feel free to bring your own too. Drop-in anytime from 7pm onwards.


Iron Clad Improv Every Sunday | 19:00 (2hr) | £7 It doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner, or have more experience, our drop-in sessions are perfect for you, looking at all manner of things from short-form games to long-form world building and storytelling. Loyalty cards available.

Sweet Dukebox

Browse shows and buy tickets online and join in the conversation on social media #SweetBrighton @SweetVenues @DukeboxTheatre

Sweet Dukebox Feb-Apr 2017 brochure  

Sweet Dukebox Feb-Apr 2017 brochure

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