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Assess &   Profess   OneDuke Career   Conference

The OneDuke  Career  Conference  is  an  annual  conference  comprised   of  the  various  Career  Centers  serving  undergraduate,  graduate,  and   professional  students  at  Duke  University.  The  Career  Centers  within   the  OneDuke  group  are  the  Sanford  School  of  Public  Policy,  the   Nicholas  School  for  the  Environment,  the  Duke  Law  School,  the  Fuqua   School  of  Business  and  Duke  University  Career  Center.  Each  year   there  are  a  variety  of  activities  that  the  centers  do  together  including   the  OneDuke  Just-­‐in-­‐Time  Career  Fair  in  April.  The  OneDuke   conference  provides  an  opportunity  for  all  career  center  staff  to  come   together  and  have  meaningful  conversations  regarding  the  current   trends,  innovations,  and  challenges  in  the  world  of  career  services.   The  day-­‐long  conference  this  year  will  be  held  May  23rd  at  the  Duke   Law  School  and  the  theme  will  be  "One  Passion,  One  Purpose,   OneDuke."    

Assessment Alliance Update On  April  11th,  the  Assessment  Alliance  met  to  discuss  the  following   topics:     -­‐ Updates  on  the  strategic  plan   -­‐ Upcoming  conference  opportunities  including:     o Hear  the  C.A.L.L  –  April  12th  at  North  Carolina  Central   University   o NCICU  –  May  22nd  at  Guildford  College   o One  Duke  Conference  –  May  23rd  at  Duke  University   o NASPA  Assessment  and  Persistence  Conference  –  June   2013  in  Denver,  Colorado   -­‐ Weave  Update   -­‐ Assessment  Competencies  Survey  Review   -­‐ Questions  Regarding  Campus  Labs     The  Assessment  Alliance  will  be  meeting  again  on  Thursday,  June  13th.   For  more  information  about  the  Assessment  Alliance,  please  contact    

April/May 2013   Office  of  Assessment  and   Professional  Development,   Student  Affairs   Duke  University  

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OneDuke  Career   Conference………………….…1   Assessment  Alliance   Update………………..…………1   Announcements………….....1   Poster  Fair……..………….…..2   Upcoming  PD  Opportunity   Announcement………….…..3   Service  Awards…………...…4   Office  Update…………………5   Contact  Us………………….….5     Have  something  you  would   like  to  share  in  the  next   edition  of  Assess  and   Profess?  Email  Austina   White  at  

Announcements The  Office  of  Assessment  and   Professional  Development  is   pleased  to  announce  that  it   had  two  proposals  accepted   for  the  N CICU  Conference   being  held  at  Guilford   Conference.     Duke  University  will  also  be   represented  at  the  N ASPA   Assessment  and  Persistence   Conference  b eing  held  in   Denver,  Colorado  this  June.   Three  presentations  have   been  accepted  from  the  Office   of  Assessment  and   Professional  Development.   Page  1  of  3    

Annual Assessment     rd


and Evaluation  Poster  Fair  

Call for Proposals Showcase Your   Assessment  and   Evaluation   Initiatives  

Discuss Best   Practices  for   Conducting   Assessment  

Network with   College   Professionals   Throughout  the   Triangle  

The Office  of  Assessment  &  Professional  Development   is  pleased  to  announce  the  3rd  Annual  Assessment  and   Evaluation  Poster  Fair.  This  poster  fair  will  allow  Duke   employees,  as  well  as  staff  members  from  neighboring   institutions,  to  showcase  the  assessment  projects  they  have   used  to  evaluate  the  quality  and  effectiveness  of  their   programs,  initiatives,  and  policies.       Participating  in  the  Annual  Assessment  and  Evaluation   Poster  Fair  is  an  excellent  way  to:     -­‐ Join  in  on  discussions  related  to  evaluation   -­‐ Learn  best  practices  for  conducting  assessments   -­‐ Share  how  you  contribute  to  the  University’s   culture  of  evidence-­‐based  practice   -­‐ Gain  feedback  and  ideas  on  assessment  and   evaluation  initiatives   -­‐ Network  with  other  college  professionals  from   neighboring  universities     To  submit  a  proposal  visit,  click  the  icon  to  the  right.       For  questions  or  additional  information  contact  Stephanie   Helms  Pickett  at  or  Cole   Taylor  at  

Poster Fair:  June  6,  2013   Proposals  Accepted:  April  3  –  May  10,  2013  

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunity Colleagues, we  are  excited  to  invite  you  to  a  professional  development  event:     CAREER  WELLBEING:  THE  NEW  MEASURE  OF  A  COLLEGE  DEGREE  

Join  Brandon  Busteed,  Executive  Director  of  Gallup  Education  as  he  presents,  "Career  Wellbeing:   The  New  Measure  of  A  College  Degree."     Brandon  Busteed  leads  the  development  of  Gallup's  education  work.  His  career  spans  a  wide   range  of  important  work  in  education  as  an  educational  entrepreneur,  speaker,  writer,  and   university  trustee.  Busteed's  work  involves  integrating  Gallup's  research  and  science  on  selection,   strengths,  engagement,  and  wellbeing  to  improve  student  success,  teacher  effectiveness,  and   educational  outcomes.  His  mission  is  to  create  a  national  movement  to  measure  the  educational   outcomes  that  matter  most,  connect  education  to  jobs  and  job  creation,  and  promote  a  paradigm   shift  from  knowledge  mastery  to  emotional  engagement  in  education.     Busteed  has  founded  two  companies  and  one  nonprofit  organization  as  a  social  entrepreneur.  He   is  the  founder  and  former  CEO  of  Outside  The  Classroom  ,  a  company  that  pioneered  adaptive   online  education  in  alcohol  abuse  prevention.  A  three-­‐year,  30-­‐school,  national  study  funded  by   the  National  Institutes  of  Health  showed  that  AlcoholEdu  -­‐  the  organization's  flagship  alcohol-­‐ abuse  prevention  program  -­‐  was  effective  in  reducing  binge  drinking,  drunk  driving,  and  sexual   assaults.  More  than  4  million  students  have  taken  this  program,  which  is  the  only  course  of  its   kind  proven  to  change  behavior.  The  company  was  acquired  by  EverFi  in  2011.     Busteed  is  a  nationally  known  speaker  and  author  on  education  policy  and  public  health.  He  has   written  frequently  for  The  Chronicle  of  Higher  Education,  Trusteeship  Magazine,  The  Huffington   Post,  and  other  publications.  Busteed's  work  has  been  featured  in  The  New  York  Times,  The  Wall   Street  Journal,  The  Washington  Post,  and  USA  Today  and  on  NPR  and  the  NBC  News  "TODAY"   show,  among  others.     Busteed  received  his  bachelor's  degree  in  public  policy  from  Duke  University.  He  is  a  trustee   emeritus  of  Duke  and  has  served  on  the  Board  of  Visitors  of  the  Sanford  School  of  Public  Policy.   He  is  a  member  of  Young  Presidents'  Organization  and  serves  on  the  National  Board  of  Directors   for  Alpha  Tau  Omega  Fraternity.  A  former  two-­‐sport  NCAA  Division  1  athlete  at  Duke,  Busteed   continues  to  hone  his  competitive  drive  as  an  avid  CrossFitter.  He  lives  in  McLean,  Virginia,  with   his  wife,  Deanna,  and  two  children,  Anabelle  and  Harrison.     Instructor:  Brandon  Busteed   Date:  May  23,  2013:  10:30  am  -­‐  12:00  pm   Location:  Von  Canon  Room   Register:  

Office Update Below is  a  highlight  of  some  of  the  projects  completed  by  the  staff  members  in  the  Assessment  and  Professional   Development  Office  during  the  month  of  April.  For  more  information  on  any  of  these  projects,  please  contact   Cole  Taylor  at  or  Stephanie  Helms  Pickett  at       Assessment  Methods  Pilot:  The  office  worked  with  Dining  Services  to  create  an  online  poll  featured  on  the   Dinning  w ebsite.  This  poll  allowed  students  to  share  feedback  on  the  food  carts  available  on  campus.  Through   this  assessment  several  methods  to  improve  future  online  polls  was  found  including  limiting  the  number  of   times  a  student  could  complete  the  poll  and  marketing  the  poll  through  social  media  sites  and  the  main  Student   Affairs  w ebpage.     Poster  Fair  Update:  Staff  members  in  the  office  will  be  available  to  assist  in  developing  posters  for  the  3 rd   Annual  Poster  Fair.       LDOC  Assessment:  The  office  w ill  be  assisting  in  the  administration  of  the  LDOC  survey  that  will  be  available   next  month.      


Office of  Assessment  and  Professional  Development   Of  Student  Affairs  Division   Duke  University   Stephanie  Helms-­‐Pickett,  Director   Email:   Phone:  (919)  684  -­‐  4582     Cole  Taylor,  Assistant  Director   Email:     Phone:  (919)  684  -­‐  4286         For  More  Updates  and  News,  Like  Our  Facebook  Page!  

Assess & Profess April/May 2013 Edition  
Assess & Profess April/May 2013 Edition  

The April/May 2013 Edition of Assess & Profess by the Office of Assessment and Professional Development at Duke University