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Welcome To DUKANEE Online Shopping Portal Of Dubai & UAE

About Us Dukanee, a leading portal for online shopping in Dubai, brings a new collection of stylish fashion accessories for women. understands the relevance of accessories for women and thus introduces stylish accessories from some of the top brands in the world. This includes La Chateau, Aldo Accessories and many more. to give you a chilling, party look this festive season. The brand was Nine West and it tasted considerable success. Soon one brand turned into many successful brands, and the Apparel Group became the new residence of fashion retailing housing the best brands of the world.

Satchels for women in Dubai From Dukanee Online store

Women Handheld Bags in UAE

AED : 240.00

AED: 240.00

AED : 180.00

AED : 375.00

AED: 449.00

AED : 449.00

AED : 160.00

AED: 345.00

AED : 499.00

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Shop Branded Satchels And Handheld Bags For Women Online in UAE offers A New Series Of Satchels and Handheld bags for women.Handheld bags And satchels from various brands such as Dune, Natural...

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