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them everywhere. dKate: The quills are amazing. We also use a lot of recycled bone, horse hair and specific kinds of feathers. We have some great exotic bird contacts that collect the plumage from the birds when they naturally molt them, and then I clean them before use. We like using less common feathers—a lot of our custom pieces also incorporate vintage or found treasures… material-wise, Toree and I don’t really rule anything out. As long as its animal friendly. What sort of girl (or guy) do you design for? dToree: We are designing for a fashion forward girl/woman that wants to feel natural and sexy, and get in touch with the animal inside them;) dKate: We want every woman to feel like she can invoke the carnal, sensual essence of pure humanity, to unleash her inner Dionysus… hopefully our collection can serve as a vessel for this. What new exciting things do you have coming up for line in the next years? dToree: Right now we are doing personal orders and preparing for our official launch in Winter 2011. We are also doing a lot of press, over the past fews months we’ve been featured in Malibu Magazine, Flaunt, Rolling stones, and of course the amazing Dujour. Where do you see the future of your line? dToree: For Winter 2011, our theme is foxes. We will be using different Furs and new colors that represent this beautiful animal, and expanding our business in different territories such as New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles. dKate: And Paris. Please.

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