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Stolen Water by God By Chi Hyun Ryu A cartoon farmer with an angry expression. . N.d. 123RF. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2011. < photo_10735958_a-cartoon-farmer-with-an-angryexpression.html>.

Once upon a time, in the Joseon Dynasty, there was a farmer who was really selfish, greedy and never helped others, he never helped other farmers, even the other farmers whose crops were near to death. He only did something if he could earn money. One day, his farm gets drier and drier so all the plants were near to death. He was worried that if the crops died, he knew that he will lose a lot of money. He decided to steal a waterway from another farm. That night, he stole a waterway from the farm which was next to his farm. Because of that, the waterway's owner's crops all died.

Every farmer knew that he was really selfish and very greedy, so everyone hated him. But he didn't know that his friends hated him. He thought that everyone liked him because he had a lot of money. Behind him, everyone planned to tease him. Sometimes, the farmers came to a farmer's house and talked about what he did to earn money for him and planned something to revenge him in the future.

One day, all the farmers came to the biggest farm owner, named Kim. The farmer who had stolen the waterway by the greedy farmer said, 'I hate him. Let's just go to his house and hit him! I really want to revenge him.' But the biggest farm owner, Kim, said 'No, Let's make him to lose something he really loves, the money!' The farmers agreed. Kim said 'Let's just go and kill his crops. He will hate it because he thinks that money is the best thing.' However another farmer came out and said, 'I don't really think it is good idea. This idea will just loose a lot of money. I think we should change his mind. Not greedy and not selfish.' The farmers thought this was a better idea, and started to plan to tease him and make him not selfish and greedy.

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One night, the farmers went to the greedy farmer's farm and took out some water from his farm so that the crops would get drier and drier. They repeated this every night for a month. The greedy farmer didn't notice this, he just thought the water was being lost loosing because the weather was hot enough to make the crops dry like washed clothes on the clothesline under the sun. But later, he thought, 'the water was being lost too fast. How can this happen because of the weather? He thought it was a big problem and decided to go to another farmer's house and get some advices. He went to the biggest farm and met the farmer, and explained what his problem is. The biggest farm's owner said, 'I think it is because the God is angry with you angry. I had the same experience like you, and it was because of God. He got angry because people always think only of themselves! You should think others, and the God will be not upset. 'Of course it was lie that the farmers made up last night. It was just a plan to make the greedy farmer, become not greedy. However, the greedy farmer didn't believe it, and said, 'No, it cannot happen. God cannot know that I am greedy, and you know, I am not greedy person.' Then he left to his home. After he walked about 50 meters, Kim and the other farmers (who were hiding in Kim's house) came out and followed him because they was curious what he was going to do. When he arrived at his house he could notice something had changed. It was near to rain. He started to prepare for rain. He set up some facilities to protect the weak crops from the rain. Suddenly, he was curious. He thought, 'Was the Kim's advice real, or a lie? He never lies!' He wanted to check this so shouted to the sky. 'God! Are you angry because of I am selfish? Then are you taking my water because of it? If it's real, show it's real!' then suddenly, the lighting flashed. The farmer who was hiding and watching the greedy farmer was surprised, because they didn't plan it. It was just a accident. Kim whispered, 'Wow! What perfect timing. I cannot believe this it is an accident. I guess the God was really angry because of him! Maybe he heard our plan.' Kim and other farmers laughed. The greedy famer was also surprised. He didn't know that it was true. Now, he thought 'Oh my god. It was real! He was not lying!' and he ran into his house. Farmer. N.d. Uniquefarm. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2011. <>.

After the greedy farmer noticed this he worried about himself. He didn't know that he was thinking only himself. He decided to think about other people and not be selfish. He started to think about his past. He thought about, how he stole other's waterway and did bad things to other. Now, he realized why the God thought he was selfish. After this he realized his fault and tried to not be selfish. It was hard work to change the characteristic, but he tried a lot because he still wanted to save his farm. A few years later, he changed his characteristic, and become a new person, not greedy and not selfish. After few years, all the farmers in the village became great farmers and they earnt a lot of money, including the farmer who WAS greedy. He realized that it was better to work with others than working alone. For example, one day, a new farmer who had just moved to that village, went to the farmer who was greedy, but not now, and said, 'Excuse me, I need good farmers' help. Can you help me? I don't know many things about farming, and crops.' If the farmer was still greedy, he would said, 'What? Why should I help you? It's your business. Just do it yourself!' Although, he was not a greedy famer now, so he said 'Of course. What do you want to know?' and took the new famer to his farm and taught him some techniques of farming crops. Like this, the farmer and other famers helped each other when they needed help and needed something for their farm. It was the reason why every farm could produce crops that were really healthy, fresh as new milk that just came out a cow, and enough to eat for a year. view-over-contryside. 12 Oct. 2006. JPGE file. <>

The other farmers who changed the greedy farmer to a nice farmer were happy and the nice farmer was happy too. Also the village became the most important and great farm in Korea, and they could give crops to people who are starving.

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Stolen Water by God  

This is my folktale for my English class.