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How To NOT Get Charged With A DUI Being charged with a DUI is very serious business. Your best bet is to do everything possible to avoid getting charged with a DUI. Here are a few concepts to consider. You Have A Right To Stay Quiet Many people believe that your right to remain silent only pertains to a situation after being charged with a DUI. Actually, you have this right before you are charged with a DUI as well. The idea is that your words will be used against you. The police will try to get you to incriminate yourself. It's part of their job. They gather evidence by which to convict people. They will use whatever means they can to gather such evidence. When an officer starts asking you questions. Politely decline. Yes, he may get annoyed, but he'll get over it. You Have A Right To Legal Counsel Before or after you are charged with a DUI, you have a right to legal counsel. It's perfectly acceptable, and in fact highly recommended, to tell the officer that you would like to speak with your lawyer prior to answering any questions. Simply tell the officer that your lawyer recommended that you always speak with him first before talking to anyone. The cops will badger you, get in your face, and do everything they can to get you to talk. It's very difficult not to speak. But you must. Force yourself and have the discipline. Before you get charged with a DUI, learn your rights and hopefully you can avoid ever being charged with a DUI. Would you know what to do if you got pulled over? A businessman took some clients wine tasting, hoping to land a big account. While wine tasting, he spit the wine out. He got pulled over. The cop smelled booze, arrested him, and handcuffed him in front of his clients. When they tested him later, he blew.01 - almost stone sober! The guy lost the account and had to fight the DUI. Happens all of the time. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself, you’re toast. Click to get your FREE Special Report "10 Simple Steps To Avoid A DUI". I’m only giving it away for a few more days, after which I’m incorporating it into a book I’m publishing. My apologies if you’re ready this and it’s already no longer available.

How To NOT Get Charged With A DUI  

Would you know what to do if you got pulled over? How To NOT Get Charged With A DUI gives you specific steps to ensure you never get a DUI....

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