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Drunk Driving Punishments Drunk driving punishments can be quite severe. The punishments involve everything from jail time to fines and court costs. Let's examine the specifics of the various drunk driving punishments. First of all, drunk driving punishments vary from State to State. You should always check with your lawyer to learn the drunk driving punishments specific to your State. Jail time. On your first DUI, you're looking at perhaps a couple of days jail time. Usually, your lawyer can get this changed to some sort of work program so you won't actually have to spend time in jail. Fines. Fines and court costs vary, but you will be facing anywhere from about $1000 to $3000 for your first offense. This can be a substantial drunk driving punishment for most people. DUI school. You're going to have to go to some DUI classes. This is usually around 3-6 months for your first DUI. Suspended license. They'll also take your license away for about six months. You may be able to get a restricted license so that you can drive back and forth to work. Probation. It's going to be about three to five years probation for your first offense. There will be no drinking or driving allowed at all during this time - even if you are below the legal limit. The key is to protect yourself so that you never get a DUI and have to face drunk driving punishments in the first place. Or, if you've already received a DUI, learn how to not get another one and face more drunk driving punishment. Would you know what to do if you got pulled over? A businessman took some clients wine tasting, hoping to land a big account. While wine tasting, he spit the wine out. He got pulled over. The cop smelled booze, arrested him, and handcuffed him in front of his clients. When they tested him later, he blew.01 - almost stone sober! The guy lost the account and had to fight the DUI. Happens all of the time. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself, you’re toast. Click to get your FREE Special Report "10 Simple Steps To Avoid A DUI". I’m only giving it away for a few more days, after which I’m incorporating it into a book I’m publishing. My apologies if you’re ready this and it’s already no longer available.

Drunk Driving Punishment  

Would you know what to do if you got pulled over? Drunk Driving Punishment gives you DUI punishment info and specific steps to ensure you ne...

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