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DUI Defense Attorney Los Angeles

Los Angeles Driving Under the Influence

In case if you are arrested in drunk driving case in Los Angeles, then it will be your first priority to know about the following points. • When you will be able to get back your license? • What will take place with your car? • Will your driving privileges will remain the same? • Will you send out in jail? • Will it affect your driving record?

Why Hire Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney?

• If you have previous record of Driving Under the Influence conviction, then DUI conviction can affect your professional career and badly. Multiple DUI convictions always result in tough penalties and punishments. In this situation you need to hire a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney to handle your all DUI offenses in professional and legal manner and avoid the chances of penalties and punishments.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney • Sometimes a Breath analyzer test can give wrong readings, and blood tests can be managed improperly. A breath device could show an increased Blood Alcohol Concentration even if the individual did drink a small quantity of alcohol.

Multiple DUI Defense Attorney • Do not take a chance with your career. Make sure that you've strong legal representation from our Los Angeles drunk driving lawyers if you're dealing with a second, third or fourth drunk driving charge and are looking to stay away from the from a court sentence.

DUI Attorney Los Angeles Case Results & Victories

• Felony DUI Charges Dismissed • DUI, Hit and Run, Charges Dismissed. • Over Speed Drunk Driving and Manslaughter • 2nd Dui conviction and DUI BAC .12 • DUI with higher BAC and Over Speed Driving • No License, BAC over .18 • DUI with Enhancement

DUI Attorney

Los Angeles DUI Penalties Penalties for 1st DUI Offense When you are found guilty of DUI for first time within 10 years, you will have to face the following DUI punishments: • Jail time: Up to two days in custody and six months in a local jail. • Fines: Between $390-$1,000, court costs which are often more than the fine and a punishment assessment which is significantly more than the fine. • Driver's license suspension: 4-6 months revocation that can be changed into a "restricted driver's license. • DUI Alcohol or drugs Classes: Court approved alcohol and/or drug rehabilitation classes for three to nine months (AB541 class). The Court will not give your driver's license until evidence of completion of alcohol classes is presented.

DUI Penalties

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Dui defense attorney los angeles  

Our DUI defense Attorney prepares an effective strategy to defend the client's DUI case aggressively in and around Los Angeles, CA. http://w...

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