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KEY CLUB May 2010 Newsletter

The Queens Beaver

Official Newsletter of New District Key Club Division 8


Hey Division 8! First and foremost, I just want to congratulate everyone in our Division for making this past year a successful one! Everyone did an outstanding job and I can only hope that we can be just as great this year. I am so proud of all of you! Thank you everyone for all your hard work! Let's keep it up and make this upcoming year as strong and even better! Second, I made a Divisional Website so that everyone in Division 8 can easily obtain information. I will constantly update the website so everyone can have information readily available at their fingertips. The website is Third, if there are any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me! You can email me at! I will always be here to help! Officers, please join our Google group! This is another way for me to connect with the officers by providing files and information. Fourth, my next Divisional Meeting will be held on June 3, 2010 at Forest Hills Library. I am aware of how this date may be conflicting with other priorities, but please understand that if I had the chance, I would definitely have

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In this issue! chosen a better date. So I apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause you all. Fifth, if you are interested in attending International Convention, please register ASAP! There are only a few days left to register and ICON is definitely an opportunity you do not want to miss. If you are planning on going, Mr. Lowenberg must have your $500 deposit by May 21, 2010. Please fill out the registration form on the New York District Website and email it to Mr. Berthel at no later than May 10 preferably. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! In caring, friendship, & service, Christina An LTG of Division 8 New York District Key Club

Lt. Gov Christina Greetings………1 Gov Nadyli’s Greetings …….……2 Keeping Track of Fundraisers……2 Benediction for Diana…………….3 IP Lt. Gov Diana’s Farewell………4 Report Forms…….…………….……6 International Convention……..…6 Contact Information……………...6

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Mark your calendars!!

UPCOMING EVENTS! AIDS Walk/Central Park/May 16, 2010

June Divisional Meeting/Forest Hills Public Library/June 3, 2010


Governor Nadyli Nuñez

Happy May! I am excited to work with you all as your District Governor in reaching higher altitudes of success. On my trip to Indianapolis earlier this month, I was granted the opportunity to meet District Governors from across the country, Canada and the Bahamas. It is a great reminder how this organization brings diverse high school students together. Even your division is full of distinct students with different cultures and personalities. Take the time to participate in a service project together. You will not only be serving the community but making new friends. Talk to your Lieutenant Governor about having projects with other clubs too. They are always eager to help enthusiastic members like you. This month is full of opportunities as it focuses on teacher appreciation, bicycle safety, kindness to animals, mental health and more. There is no excuse for not finding a service project to do together. Remember to also contact your Lieutenant Governor to tell him/her about any charities you are particularly passionate about and would like to see the district raise money for. Do this before May 15th, which is when our District Board Meeting will be held. If you do not know the contact information of your Lieutenant Governor, you are in luck! His/her information lies in the pages of this newsletter. Flip to the contact section and there you shall find what you seek. As the first division newsletter this year, I hope it serves as a source of information and enjoyable reading. If you would like to contact me about anything, even to simply to say ‘hello’, do not hesitate. My email is

KEEPING TRACK OF FUNDRAISERS District Treasurer Safanah T. Siddiqui We have entered a new year of Key Club—a new year of great experiences through service and fundraising. The numbers presented at the Leadership Training Conference were phenomenal. According to our totals, the New York district raised thousands of dollars for international projects, district projects, and more. However, I am sure we actually raised more money that was not recorded because of the lack of paperwork and proof. As we enter this new year, it is the job of club officers to make sure paperwork is submitted. Club treasurers, in particular, need to fill out Fundraising Report Forms. These forms may be accessed on the district website ( > Resources/Paperwork > Club Resources > Report Forms). Fundraising Report Forms are simple to fill out and have no specified due date. Whenever your club holds a fundraiser, fill out the form, click submit, then send me a proof through mail or e-mail. The proof could be a receipt, a photocopy of the check, or a letter of thanks from the organization that includes the amount of money donated. Upon completing the paperwork, feel free to share your fundraising project with us by sending us a description and pictures to If you have any questions about this procedure or about treasurers’ duties in general, don’t hesitate to contact me at Best of luck!


KEY CLUB New York District Division 8 Newsletter

BENEDICTION TO IMMEDIATE PAST LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR DIANA TIAN Diana, Wooo! What a year right? I know you probably had many sleepless nights, and probably burned out your pretty eye lashes. But it was worth it. You have done such an extraordinary job. I have never seen someone so dedicated, organized, prompt and admirable. I know we probably gave you hard times, but it only brought us closer. I know for a fact that you'll do great things in the future. Never change Diana, you are an amazing person. I believe you have the ability to do anything your heart desires. Remember don’t matter the distance, I'll always be here if you need anyone. Thank you for an amazing, unforgettable and successful year! Love you! -Facia Class IP Distinguished President from Bayside Key Club

Diana is a loving, caring, and hard working person. I have never seen anyone with such devotion and enthusiasm towards creating one of the best key club divisions in the NY state, or even the country (if we could have applied we would have definitely won). Not only will she be missed dearly for all her untimely divisional meetings, fun icebreakers, and overall optimistic personality, but she will also be missed because she has become so close to all of us in division 8. This is why we would like to make this tribute to, the one and only, Diana for we can only hope to have another LTG as good as her (except for Christina of course who will totally kick ass this year). From all of us at division 8, we thank you Diana for all your hard work and you will be missed for you have become a close friend to us all. -Tyler Bianco Vice President of Benjamin N. Cardozo Key Club


LEADERSHIP Dearest Princess Diana:

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s me....the countless times I go to you whenever I had trouble or had questions, you were there. Whenever you needed me, I was there too <or hope so>. After what we've been through as a division, after what we've been through as acquaintances, I believe we are more than just friends; we are individuals who are able to carry their own weight as well as those who are in need of our help. I think that after what you and I proved in this DCON, we truly deserve the title princess... You worked hard to get our division to be the top in the district. You will work hard to make Christina work as hard if not harder as you have done before her. You will move on into greatness, whether or not your plans call you back to China or to remain in the're destined for greatness. It was my pleasure and honor to work with you as a friend and as my boss throughout this service year. Congratulations to what you have accomplished. We love you! STANLEY & Bayside High School Key Club



Diana is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met. Even though I only attended about 5 of her divisional meetings, she has managed to make it a great experience for me. With all the hard work she has done, she has led Division 8 to great things during 2009-2010. She has created one of the best divisions in the New York District and I am so honored to be part of it. She has never failed to make me smile and I know that whenever I need help, she will be there for me, because she's a sweet girl who loves her friends. She has made Key Club her life and it has shown in the numerous awards that Division 8 has won at LTC this past month. I know that in the future, Diana will accomplish great things and will never fail. She has inspired me to think differently about Key Club. I wish her the best of luck in her future and everything she does because I know that she will achieve in anything she chooses to do.


-Ruby Lee President of Francis Lewis Key Club


IP LT. GOV DIANA TIAN’S FAREWELL ADDRESS Dear Division 8 Key Clubbers, Congratulations on another successful year of service! It has been such an honor and pleasure serving you as your Lieutenant Governor in this past year. Together, we've truly made a difference in our community and our world, and for that, I could not be more proud of you and all that you and I have accomplished together. Just take a glimpse at what we’ve done in this past thirteen months. We've donated over $7,000 for our International Projects—UNICEF, March of Dimes, and Children's Miracle Network, nearly $11,000 for our District Projects, performed over 2400 hours of service for the Governor's Project "Our World - Our Focus" and 200 hours of service for the International MEP Service Initiative “Live 2 Learn”, gained 2000 advocacy points, and so much more. Thank you for making all that possible. During the weekend of April 16th to 18th, over 90 Division 8 Key Clubbers, which is the most attendees from one division among the 27 divisions in New York District and in the Division 8 history, attended our 62nd Annual New York District Leadership Training Conference in Monticello, NY. In just a few days, New York District celebrated a whole year of service and Division 8 dominated many awards. Congratulations on following clubs and individuals!!! 



Congratulations to the 16 Key Clubs in Division 8 (ALL OF YOU) of winning the New York District Inter-Club Award for the 2009—2010 service year. (This is the heaviest award we win together in this entire Leadership Training Conference.) Congratulations to Bayside Key Club and Francis Lewis Key Club of being selected as the New York District Outstanding Clubs for the 2009—2010 service year. Congratulations to the 17 Key Clubbers in Division 8 of winning the Distinguished Key Clubbers Award!!! Congratulations to Bayside Key Club President Facia Class of winning the Distinguished Key Club President Award! Congratulations to Bayside Key Club Treasurer Stanley Kang of winning the Distinguished Key Club Treasurer Award! Congratulations to David Chen, Christine Yung, April Yau, Stacy Wu, Christina An, Tracey Louie and Abdul Qureshi of being selected as the Distinguished Key Club Officers Awards! Congratulations to Bayside Key Club of being selected the District Project Awards for both the Ronald McDonald House and St. Judes Children's Hospital! Congratulations to Benjamin N. Cardozo Key Club of being selected as the second place of the Platinum level for the Single Service Award! Congratulations to various clubs of getting the UNICEF recognition! Congratulations to Sana Hussain of winning the second place of the Oratorical Contest! Congratulations to Benjamin N. Cardozo Key Club of winning the second place for the Talent Show!


KEY CLUB New York District Division 8 Newsletter


On January 18th, 2009, I campaigned for the office of Division 8 Lieutenant Governor and I honestly pledge on my honor that is the smartest decision I could possibly make in my life. I have had an amazing 55 weeks serving as your lieutenant governor, and I could not think of a better way to end my Key Club career. Your generosity, dedication, enthusiasm, passion and service will always be an experience I shall never forget and I owe it all to you. We’ve all made many incredible friends and learned so much from each other. All of you have inspired me beyond recognition; you are my true everyday hero. I don't remember how many times I burned out over the past year, but when your action of always serving with a smile and always waking up each morning with the same enthusiasm and passion you have for service recurred in my mind, I started to work with full of energy again. Three years ago, I came from China and I could never image to become today's Diana. It is because of Key Clubbers, all of you, I would be able to come out from the closet. Key Club made my short three years American life so memorable. As the conclusion of my Lieutenant Governorship, I would like to thank Mr. Steven Jacoby, Bayside Key Club Faculty Advisor, of being an advisor who supported me at every point he could, a teacher who educated me about school and life and an adult who inspired me everyday. For my lovely mother and my very unique Jewish father, please accept this appreciation from your daughter. Mommy, I don't even remember how many times I performed what psychologists called "Displacement" over the past year. Whenever I burned out, you were always the victim of my bad emotion. Uncle, thank you for being a car service for me. Driving me everywhere at any time!!! I could not do this without both of you. I know you would be able to read this message. Please forgive all the bad things I have done. From this point of time, I am officially removed from the office of the Lieutenant Governor, although it is very sad to say. But I will always remember this experience and all of you. I am always a friend of you. If you have any questions about Key Club or college or anything with life, please don’t hesitate to let me know. If I can't solve the problems for you, I can at least be a person whom you can talk with. Key Clubbers, you will always the people whom I trust to share my life with. Christina officially become the ADMIN of this NYD Division 8 Key Club group as if 1:15 am of April 20th, 2010. Please join me in welcoming Lieutenant Governor Christina and the 16 Division 8 Key Club Presidents to usher in a fantastic new year. Best wish to Christina An of bringing another splendid year for Division 8. Best of luck on another smashing year! Yours ever in the Spirit of Service, One World, One Dream, One KCI Yingnan Diana Tian Immediately Past-Lieutenant Governor of Division 8 New York District Key Club International




REPORT FORMS - District Secretary Grace Na Hello fellow Key Club members! My name is Grace Na and I am your 2010-2011 District Secretary. One of my duties as your District Secretary is to organize and put together the directory. The directory is composed of information that clubs send me about their 2010-2011 club board. This information should be filled out through the Election Report Form which is posted on New York District website ( under the “Paperwork” section. It is crucial that I get this form because without it the directory cannot be complete. Make sure you mail an election report form to me, your Lieutenant Governor, and Mr. Lowenberg. All the addresses (except of your Lieutenant Governor) are provided in the form. Thank you to the clubs that have already sent theirs in. Another vital form that your club should be filling out is the Monthly Report Form; this can also be found on the district website. Clubs can either submit it online, where you then get a receipt via email, or clubs can mail it to me. I will be keeping track of what clubs hand in their Monthly Report Forms. If you are ever in doubt as to if I received them, let me know. I’m excited to work with each club this 2010-2011 year, and I hope to get acquainted with each and every one of you.

New York District Tour July 4 - Cedar Point July 5 - National Memphis July 6 - St. Jude’s Hospital & Graceland

INTERNATIONAL Lt. Governor Sharif CONVENTION Mahfouz If you attended the 62nd Annual Leadership Training Conference a few weeks ago, you know what an amazing experience it is to enjoy a weekend with other Key Clubbers. Key Club isn’t just limited to a District level though. There is a much larger Key Club encompassing us all – Key Club International. Key Club International holds its own convention – International Convention. It is even more amazing than the Leadership Training Conference, and you get to meet many people from all around the states and even a few other countries. This year, our International Convention is from July 3rd through July 11th. We will be taking a bus down to Memphis, Tennessee. On the way down, we are going to stop by some cool places, including St. Jude’s Hospital, National Memphis, Graceland – home to Elvis, and Cedar Point – which is the best amusement park in the entire nation. Whether you are an international officer, district officer, club officer, or even a member, ICON is and will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Please contact your current Lieutenant Governor for more information. Don’t miss out on a great life changing experience. a Kiwanis-family member


BOARD OR NAME LISTING Nadyli Nuñez District Governor 3333 Broadway Apt. D21H New York, NY 10021 (646)-369-8058

Grace Na District Secretary 8 Mountain View Terrace #12 Latham, New York 12110 (518)-944-6195

Safanah T. Siddiqui District Treasurer 118 Overlook Terrace Staten Island, NY 10305 (917)-922-3875

Christina An Lieutenant Governor of Division 8 58-42 196th Place Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 (347)-753-4122

Rebecca Ovadia Kiwanis Committee Representative (516)-698-2863

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