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Cokestand This year the school has decide to change somethings. One of them has been change the name of the cokestand. Know is called cafeteria. Beacause know they don't sell coke. Know they replace the coke for limonade. Also they replaced the coke with FuisTea. It was a idea it came from Mr. Lash. He want us to eat healthy food. Know they don't sell Yupis know they only sell platanitos and rosquitas. All the candies they sell they stop selling them. Know are few things. Not only the food and name had change. Alsop the way of pay. I think this way is more complicated. Know you don't buy with a bill. Your fathers pay before coming to school. You need to put the finger so the system who know who you are. Also how much money you have entered in the account. The only thing I look good about this is that the cokestand line will be quickly. But is a complete disaster. If you have the bill but is not in the account you died hungry. Also because know they know your name. They can find you on Facebook. In conclusion the school have change since last year. One of the thing that have more change is the cokestand.

I am interesting in a game that have been many years. It is the most selled game of soccer in South America. Pes have been always. I remember PES 2008. CristianA RonAldA was in the cover. In this news PES the graphics have change a lot. This new PES is called PES 2014. They will be all the south americans teams that go to the copa libertadores. The teams of Colombia were Santafe, Millonarios and Tolima. Santafe was the best of them. Millonarios make the ridiculous. Also Tolima but not the same way. Sanata fe finish as being in the 4 best teams of America. The not good thing of PES is that they don't have all the teams. Fifa will have all the teams. Also the Liga Postobon. The way you play on PES is different from the one you play in fifa. I like more the way of PES. In PES is difficult to make a goal. In Fifa is easy.

Do you like the new cokestand pay method?

Do you watch the World Cup Final 2010?

Do you like soccer?

Messi or Ronaldo?

Do you like this proyect?

Interview Name: jose Last name: Llinas What do like to do: tennis Xbox or Play: Play Macdonalds or BK: Macdonals Fifa or Pes: Fifa Real Madrid or Barca: Barca Cristiano or Messi: Messi Nike or Adidas: Adidas Apple or Samsung: Samsung



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