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Dear Readers, Faithful Supporters, and Prayer Warriors,



To date, 2013 has been filled with much excitement, joy, and unexpected blessings in the ministry. We, at Dugit, are trusting that God, in His faithfulness, will continue to guide and build up our ministry, and spread His glory throughout the Holy Land. May it come to pass even in our day that all Israel will be saved! This magazine is a first for our organization and it is our hope that it will give you further insight into the daily workings of Dugit as well as testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness. Here are a few highlights that I hope will encourage you and provoke you to pray as you read through this first edition of Dugit Magazine: Laying the Foundations of Faith - As you read through the pages which speak about Dugit Outreach Center, I encourage you to pray for those who have come to faith here in Tel Aviv, and for the salvation of the remnant of Israel. Building Up a People - As you read about Adonai Roi you will discover how God has multiplied the messianic movement in Israel and specifically in our congregation. Lives are being changed and disciples are being developed. Pray for the Body of Messiah in Israel to come into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Establishing a Future Vision - "Where there is no vision, the people perish..." (Proverbs 29:18) We are excited to tell you about the great outreach and future growth projects. We are also praying for the Lord to bless us with a Ministry Center and property, and hope that you will join us in establishing this building for the Lord. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Dugit Ministries. Please pass the word on to others of the awesome things that God is doing here in Tel Aviv, Israel. May God Director of Dugit bless you and your families a hundred-fold this season Messianic Outreach with love, joy, and peace from Him alone. Center and Senior To God Be the Glory,


Pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation

Watching over the city


This past year of 2013 has been one filled with joy, growth and excitement for the Mizrachi family: Avi has kept busy as the Executive Director for Dugit Messianic Outreach Center and Senior Pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation. Also serving on Avi, Chaya and numerous Devora -1989 committees and advisory boards; including Israel Chai TV, S.A.Y.F. and T.J.C.II, he proudly supports the growing Body of Messiah in Israel. Plus, he still finds time to be an Abba and husband. At the beginning of this year Chaya held her annual Women's Conference for Israeli Leaders and Pastor’s Wives in Tel Aviv; bringing some 100 women together for a time of unity, prayer and worship. She also ministered at a Bead Chaim (Pro Life) seminar for women suffering from post-abortion syndrome. Chaya still finds the congregation as part of the worship time to host guests for Shabbat meals program. and organize young adult gatherings at Sarah hopes to be accepted into the her home. This year Chaya and Avi prestigious Hebrew University to major in celebrated their 29th year of being the field of education. In the past few happily married. months Sarah has taken to playing the OrEL is "finally” finishing high school and harp, which has led to amazing opportuniis excited about serving in the IDF in the ties for her to perform monthly in a harp fall of 2014. She has already completed choir in Jerusalem. She has also become her pre-army training and exams. OrEl a member of one of the worship teams at plays the guitar and is currently leading Adonai Roi. Devora recently graduated one of the 3 worship teams at Adonai Roi. with honors with a degree in Political In this past year she has been inspired to Science and Asian Relations. She has write her own music and introduced it to

FAMILY 2013 now been accepted to continue her studies to receive a graduate degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In her "spare time" Devora is an active participant in Hebrew University’s Israeli Folk Dance Troupe. Over the past couple months the group was invited to perform all around Israel and won first place in Israeli Folk Dance competition. With all these activities going on Devora still found the time to plan a wedding and get married.



You enter inside a candle lit wedding hall, gaze upon tables lined with royal purple napery and white petal flowers. An ancient and majestic custom is about to unfold before your eyes; Dror and Devora are getting married. The evening opened with a lone voice lyrically singing the question of the psalmist, "Look to the mountains, from where comes my help?" This was joined by another voice, a string duet, and piano. The wedding ceremony had officially begun. The Rabbi officiating shared about the joys of marriage and the importance of true love, which only God can give.

The couple recited their vows, shared the Kiddush (cup of wine), and received the seven blessings declared over them. Mothers’ from each side of the family expressed their love and admonished the couple not to forget the past in which God had brought them together. The ceremony ended with the breaking of a glass wine cup symbolically reminding the couple that marriage vows are an unbreakable covenant before God.

DEVORA AND DROR GET MARRIED One cannot undo what God has brought to together just as one can never put together all the fragments of a broken wine glass. The rest of the evening was filled with a whirlwind of dancing, rejoicing, speeches, songs, and many blessings. Exclamations of, "Wow! Never have I seen such a wedding," were heard throughout the night. To God be all the Glory for the great success story leading up to this point in Dror and Devora's lives.



Mark 10:9



The glass door opens, and you take a step inside. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and ground beans fills the air. A young man with a big smile greets you. You sit on a comfy couch or around a table with friends, and you are handed a warm cup of coffee, completely free of charge. For a moment, you escape the hustle and bustle of the White City. After a few sips a friendly face approaches you and asks about your day. Without pressure or obligation, he joins you to listen, talk or pray with you. You can stay for as long or as short as you like. Whether you are a believer or not, someone is there to meet you where you are. This is Dugit: It all starts with a cup of coffee!

In 1993, at the urging of the Holy Spirit, Avi & Chaya established Dugit Messianic Outreach Center as a place to reach






of their Messiah over a free cup of coffee and also hosts groups from around the world to minister and do outreach on the streets of Tel Aviv. Many of the regulars who come to Dugit in the daytime usually have nowhere else to go. Often they are without a job or have drug or health-related issues. Here, they’ll find rest and a place free of pressure or judgment. Most importantly, they will find people filled with the love of Yeshua.


CITY IN DARKNESS Israeli’s with the Gospel and to disciple them to become strong believers; rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Dugit (meaning Small Fishing Boat in Hebrew) invites Israelis to hear the good news

VICTOR’STESTIMONY Victor* immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union 15 years ago with his mother and brother. From the moment he first came to Dugit he asked deep questions about faith and Judaism, as he had spent a few years of his childhood at a Yeshiva (school for future Rabbis). After ONES talking, Moti suggested that they meet on a regular basis to study the scriptures and search for 105:43 the answers to Victor’s questions. Twice a week,




Dan immigrated to Israel in 2009 and joined the Dugit team in 2010 as an Evangelist and later our Outreach Director. Before his time at Dugit, Dan travelled over two years as a musician and evangelist for Jews for Jesus’ ‘Liberated Wailing Wall;’ giving him a boldness in sharing the gospel with his Jewish brethren. Dan has a great respect for other cultures and often welcomes visitors from the nations in their own language. He also plays the bass guitar as part of our Adonai Roi worship team.

Moti and Victor sat together, discussing, debating, and exploring what the Bible says about the Messiah. After two weeks of intense study, the Lord moved Victor’s heart and he prayed to accept Yeshua as his Messiah and the Messiah of Israel. Following a meeting with Pastor Avi, Victor was immersed in the Mediterranean Sea. Hallelujah! With a big smile, and a heart full of joy, Victor praises the Lord wherever he goes. He is now a member of Adonai Roi congregation, and is very thankful to be in a growing fellowship. Today Victor continues to come to Dugit weekly in order to study and strengthen his faith. He often encourages other people and tells them about Yeshua. Recently, another regular at Dugit told Moti, “I want to be like Victor. He used to be sad and now he is happy, reads the Bible, and loves the Lord!” We pray and believe that Victor will bear great fruit for God! *Name changed for privacy



As the sun sets on the Mediterranean, Dugit’s lights dim, candles are lit and snacks are put on the table. The normal coffee shop outreach turns into Dugit LIVE. Inside, people are enjoying live music that speaks of God’s Love and Freedom. Vocals, violins, pianos, guitars, drums, and even the occasional ukulele join in the symphony of sound. Outside, volunteer artists paint words of Scripture and images of hope for everyone walking by to see. It's a joyous atmosphere with warm conversation flowing loudly over the din of a Tel Aviv evening.




Tel Aviv is undoubtedly a city in need. The city and its surrounding area is composed of nearly half the population of the State of Israel. The state of our city reflects the state of society at large. There is a dearth of workers reaching out to the lost, but the harvest is there. No other ministry has the presence on such a personal level as this small store-front operation.


DOV’STESTIMONY Dov*, a Jewish immigrant from Iran, is an older man. He has suffered in life from an onslaught of medical problems, and endures severe headaches. The first time we asked to pray for him in the name of Yeshua he said, “No!” But after one week, he warmed up to the idea and asked for prayer. Dov felt relief and beagan coming regularly for prayer. He recently accepted Yeshua as Messiah and was immersed by Avi in the Mediterranean Sea. Praise God! Let’s pray for Dov, this new brother in Messiah, that the Lord will heal him completely from any illness and build him into a mighty man of God! *Name Changed Privacy Purposes

Moti was born in Israel and raised in a traditional family. At the age of 16, he was introduced to the prophecies of the Messiah and gave his life to the Lord at a “Souled Out” gathering; now known as Katzir (harvest), a Messianic Youth Camp. An elder of a neighboring Messianic congregation, Moti works with the youth and does spiritual counseling. As a part-time staff member at Dugit Centre, Moti holds regular Bible studies and shares the love of the Father with all who wish to listen.

And yet we our outgrowing our small outreach center. At 500 square feet (48m²) we can only hold around 20-25 people comfortably. It is our desire to expand our outreach center, to have a rent-free location that can hold 75 people and another 75 in an adjoining fellowship hall. How glorious it would be to be able to draw in a crowd of 150 or more during a Dugit LIVE outreach event.



Evangelist salaries, rent, utilities, outreach equipment and materials, vehicular expenses, maintenance and administration.

TOTAL:$30,000 per month

Each Dugit LIVE music event costs an additional $500.

TOTAL:$1000.00 Per month





Matthew 5:16


On the quiet calm streets of a Shabbat

morning in Tel Aviv, the first notes of the piano can be heard. The worship team is practicing, seats are being set, the headphones are being charged, the coffee is brewing, and families from Tel Aviv are gathering together to glorify God and study His Word. All rise to sing The Shema, the ancient Jewish prayer from Deuteronomy 6 that declares our Lord’s Oneness and blesses his Glorious Kingdom forever. This is Adonai Roi Messianic Congregation where we are making disciples and building a community in Israel. n 1996, Adonai Roi (The Lord is my Shepherd), a Messianic Jewish Congregation, led by Avi and Chaya, began with a few people meeting together in a private

home. People were coming to faith at Dugit Centre and they needed to know what it meant to follow Yeshua. Now, 17 years later, the congregation has grown into a vibrant community of 150 members including men, women, and children. Our Saturday morning service provides a place for the local Body of Messiah to hear a short teaching from the week’s Torah portion, to raise their arms and voices in worship, and to listen to a message that the leaders have prepared to pierce hearts. It is a place for kids to learn of God’s Love, and a place for those in need to get prayer. Above all it is a community of young and old that is seeking to live their lives as disciples of Yeshua and to grow together in Him.

Since 2008, Adonai Roi has been a “homeless” congregation; a tabernacle of God that has moved from a local park to the basement of a youth hostel. It has moved 4 times in the last five years. While moving from place to place has had its difficulties, the Lord has been with us wherever we go! Please pray with us that the Lord may plant our congregation in the Land with a permanent home. As he gave individual allotments to the Tribes of Israel, may He give us our lot and provide us with a new home.





We are blessed to have a congregation





filled with young men and women, zealous for God, and it is our desire to see each one of them grounded in the Word of God and prospering in their calling. Apart from our weekly congregational meeting, we also have regular home groups that build our Body on a more personal level. Pastors Avi and Shmuel also get together regularly with a group of our young men to train them in the ways of the Lord. It is vital to have such times of Bible Study, Prayer, and Fellowship so that these “Children of God” may mature and fulfill what the Lord has commissioned them to do. Please continue to pray for our young and growing Body of Messiah at Adonai Roi Congregation, that each member will find their joy, strength, love, hope, and identity in the Lord!


Deanna immigrated to Israel 8 years ago with her husband from India. In 2009, she became the Administrative Assistant for Adonai Roi and serves every visitor to our offices with a smile and a warm drink. Deanna also serves the congregation as a Shabbat School teacher. She and her husband now have 3 lovely children.





Adonai Roi is a young, vibrant

congregation building a foundation for the future body of Messiah in the Land. The core of our congregation is under the age of 40, including young married couples, both with and without children, singles and youth. This young



pastoral and administrative salaries, rent, utilities, equipment and materials, maintenance and vehical expenses.

TOTAL:$29,000 Per month

group of believers is passionately committed to God, possessing a heart to establish a strong congregation and transform the society in which they live for Yeshua. Many of these young congregants are gifted musically; displaying their talent by frequently playing in the worship team on Shabbat, at a Dugit LIVE event, or during other outreach or prayer gatherings. Others are gifted in areas of


teaching and prayer, sharing the weekly Torah portion, teaching Shabbat school or organizing prayer meetings in the VIP Prayer Tower. This group has great potential to have an impact on Tel Aviv and the wider Israeli society, please keep us them your prayers!



ecently, Orit* came into Dugit Center with questions about Messianic Judaism. She is an immigrant from Romania who works as the manager of a hotel in Tel Aviv not far from Dugit. After having a nice conversation, Dan our Outreach Director invited her to come to a Shabbat service at Adonai Roi. She came early and was moved by the worship and amazed by the message, which spoke of Yeshua’s presence in the Tanakh.When the offer was made for the congregation to step forward and receive prayer, Orit came too, “wanting to know more.” She spoke with Avi, who shared with her the message of the


Right then Orit confessed Yeshua as her Lord and Messiah. Praise God! May many unbelievers continue to come to our services to be changed by the Lord and given eternal life.


Shmuel was raised in a Messianic Home in Israel and came to faith when he was 15. After serving as a medic in the IDF, he worked in security for El Al and the Israeli Consulate in New York. Shmuel began working for Dugit in 2003 and is currently the Associate Pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation. He continues to work in the office as an Executive Administrator. He and his wife Suzie help lead young believers in an organization called Neged Hazerem (Against the Flow) gathering the youth of multiple congregations together for weekly events. Together, they have 2 small children.



When we speak to people, both in Israel

and abroad, we are frequently asked one question: “Why Tel Aviv-Yafo?” The question itself is simple and straightforward, but the explanation of the importance of this city for the Kingdom of God is multilayered; rooted not only in its historic past, but also in its significance today and in the future for the State of Israel. The modern municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo is really two cities, one ancient and one modern that have been joined together. Yafo (Jaffa, Joppa) has been an established city for almost 4 millennia and served, for centuries, as the main port city on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is traditionally thought that Yefet (Japheth), one of Noah’s three sons, founded Yafo. Later, the famed cedars of Lebanon were shipped through the city on the way to Jerusalem in order to construct the doors of the Second Temple (Ezra 3:7). Throughout the Bible, Yafo served as a gateway for the messengers of God’s love and redemption. The Prophet Jonah was called by God to go from Yafo to the Assyrian people of Nineveh (in modern Iraq) and Simon Peter, after raising Tabitha (Dorcas) from the dead in Yafo, received a

vision to take the Gospel to the gentiles for the first time. In addition to its Biblical importance, its strategic location, as the gateway to Jerusalem and the East, made it a key city for conquerors and empires throughout history to control. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, and the French under Napoleon all recognized its economic and strategic significance. Yafo served as a military beachhead, the land that was captured first in a campaign to establish control over the rest of the territory. In contrast, Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 on the sand dunes north of Yafo. By the 1930’s the city had become another Mediterranean metropolis, titled “The White City” for its sandstone facades and Bauhaus architecture. In 1948, Israel declared its independence in Tel Aviv and supplied food and ammunition to Jerusalem during the War of Independence. Currently, it serves as Israel’s center for commerce and trade, high tech, and the military; but is also considered Israel’s cultural center, thanks to its avid nightlife, white beaches, sports, and café culture. With an inner city population of 410,000 and a greater area population

of 3.3 million, the city of Tel Aviv along with its VVsurrounding area contains more Jews per capita than any place on earth. And yet with its historic past and its abundance of modern life, most of Tel Aviv remains in darkness, spiritually dead. Though predominately Jewish, a significant number of its residents have little faith in God and have turned to the occult for guidance and spiritual food. In the book of Joshua, the area of Tel Aviv was allotted to the tribe of Dan. Sadly, it later gave up its inheritance to the Philistines, moved north, and turned to idolatry. This idolatrous spirit continues to pervade the modern city with its rings of drugs, prostitution, and mafia; large homosexual population and rampant materialism. While the number of Messianic Jews is increasing, only 0.2% of the Jewish population of Israel believes that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. We believe that Tel Aviv-Yafo is spiritual gateway for the Lord’s Kingdom. Just as God sent Jonah and Simon Peter with the good news of Yeshua from this city, we pray that it will return here and form a spiritual beachhead to take the rest of the country for God


Nate made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from the United States with his family nine years ago. He recently completed his service as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces and was hired at Dugit as Pastor Avi’s Personal Assistant. He is also a talented artist, violinist and singer, and is currently a member of the Adonai Roi Worship Team.


LORD LOVES the gates of ZIONmore than all the dwellings of IN



Tel Aviv-Yafo is one of these gates. May the Lord open up these ancient doors and transform our city to truly become His “White City;” the gateway to Jerusalem.




For many years it has been on our

hearts to construct and own a Messianic Center in the heart of Tel Aviv. We believe that the Lord has laid a strong foundation. We are preaching the Gospel, making disciples, feeding the needy, and praying for our people. It is time to take our inheritance and build a lighthouse that will be a beacon of light to the darkness of our city. If you’d like to hear more about our hearts and plans for a building we invite you to take a glimpse at “PAGES 13 & 14” at the end of this Dugit Magazine.


After coming to faith, Esther moved to Israel in 1976 and was one of the few Messianic Believers in the Land. Since then her life has been a walk of faith that is nothing short of miraculous. Over 50,000 copies of her book “I am My Beloved’s” have been printed and given away to people worldwide. In 2010, she moved to Tel Aviv where she has since volunteered her time to minister at Dugit several days per week. Through humor, love, and stories of her faith, God uses her to impact people’s lives.





Waiting with empty carts and unfilled bellies are both Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, old and young, families and singles that come to collect bags of food and often baskets of love at the Agape Distribution Center. We are there to provide the physical sustenance that they desire and to share with them the “Bread of Life.” Over a decade ago the Agape Distribution Center was founded to bless the needy Israelis.

The Agape Distribution Center is currently assisting 30-40 families per month with bags of food. As we pray about building a Messianic Center it is our desire and hope to see the Distribution Center be able to bless 200 or more families per month with food as well as clothing. It is vital to be a light to these people in need and share with them both food and faith.

Over 20% of the people of Israel live below the poverty line and often need a helping hand.The Social Services Office of Israel provides us with a list of families in need that we can contact and bless with bags of food on a short-term basis. How important it is to provide the physical needs of these men, women, and children. During the holidays we also purchase gift baskets to bless these families. These Baskets of Love are filled with toiletries, cleaning supplies, and additional items for the home such as blankets, pillows, and towels. Items such as toothpaste and laundry detergent may seem like necessities to many of us but they are often MEET SHOSH considered luxuries to the Shosh, a native born Israeli, was raised in an Orthodox Jewish working-poor and recently family near Tel Aviv. At the age of 22, in order to prove her jobless. We are blessed to believing friend wrong, she read the entire New Testament and welcome them with a warm was captivated by Yeshua’s love. After being immersed, she smile, dote on them, and give them these wonderful gifts. felt a moment of complete peace that she had never experiThey in-turn are filled with enced and knew it was the Truth. Since 2009, Shosh has gratitude and joy. worked with Dugit’s finances and helps to administrate the

Distribution Center. She is a member of a messianic congregation in Tel Aviv and has one son who will soon serve in the Israel Defense Forces.



n the past year, the Agape Distribution Center, in collaboration with a ministry in Canada, has been blessed to give away thousands of shekels in grocery certificates to the Believing Body in Israel. Widows, immigrants, families, and the elderly alike have been given these certificates, which contribute to a week or two of their grocery budget. A team from our congregation sits over a list of Believers from our area, and decides who has the

OPERATIONAL COSTS FOR AGAPE DISTRIBUTION CENTER administrative salaries, rent, utilities, equipment and materials, and maintenance

TOTAL: $5,000 Per month

greatest need. Often the family or couple is surprised and delighted to receive the gift. It has been great to see how we can help the Body in need and often how they use their certificates to bless others by inviting them to a meal at their home.




Recently, two women have come It is a great shame that, having to the Distribution Center that we endured the horrors of the are truly honored to serve. The Holocaust, they are now strug ladies, both born many years ago in WILL Ukraine, are Holocaust AND WILL survivors. One FOR was sent to a camp and engraved with gling to survivor in the Holy Land. a number on her forearm, the In spite of this hardship, when other was able to hide away and they visit the Distribution Center avoid discovery by the Nazis.




every month for food they always express their gratitude, often times with tears in their eyes. May these women, and all survivors INTO of the Holocaust, AND come to know of the Jeremiah 31:13b everlasting Love of the Father, who is here to welcome them with open arms through the Blood of the Lamb







Golden curtains surround you, a huge map of the world hangs behind you, and windows sit in front of you overlooking the bustling city of Tel Aviv. Glorious songs of worship and praise lift you up, the smell of candles burning from the menorah draws you into His Presence, and the Word of the Lord, always open, sits before you to declare like sharp sword. You lift your hands in the air as tears stream down your cheeks. You are crying out for the Peace of Jerusalem, the salvation of the Jewish people, and for the Army of God in Israel to unite and bring in the harvest for the Kingdom of God. The VIP Prayer Tower is our house of prayer overlooking downtown Tel Aviv. It is a place solely dedicated to meeting with the Lord in worship and intercession. We currently have 10 scheduled meetings per week, and invite believers throughout the Land, and visitors from abroad, to come and pray with

us. Each watch focuses on a different need, be it the salvation of Israel, the abolition of the prostituted women, or for the Body of Messiah worldwide. During Passover this year, Believers throughout Israel gathered in the VIP to pray for the deliverance and salvation of the Lord’s chosen people. Since then,

one of the Lord’s stones, strong by itself, but even more powerful when built together as a wall. The waves of our adversary are trying to hit Tel Aviv, but we can stand as a breaker for the waves to crash and retreat back to the sea.” “During other meetings the Lord has used His Word to teach us how to be a worshipping army like Jehoshaphat (II Chronicles 20). We gave praises to the Lord and trusted that the battle belonged to Him. He has also taught us what it means to be both a King and a Priest in His Kingdom (Genesis 14). We as a Body must be both loving and strong; ‘as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.’ (Matthew 10:16b)” Please pray with us as we seek the Lord to prepare His Bride and Bring in the Harvest.

WE STAND IN THE GAP FOR ISRAEL AND ITS PEOPLE Simon, who coordinates the Prayer Tower, felt called to begin a monthly prayer meeting that would unite the intercessors of our city to pray together for its transformation and revival. These monthly, United for Tel Aviv, meetings have been miraculous, as the Lord has knitted together the hearts of those present. “Even on that first evening,” Simon recalls, “The Lord was speaking to us about the importance of standing together as a united wall. One of our volunteers saw a picture of us each as




In the sweltering heat of the Tel Aviv

summer, you walk through an alley filled with trash, a man passed out on the ground, and the smell of urine filling the air. You turn into a room filled with women who have been abused, addicted, sold, and rejected. These women have removed their high heel shoes, put on comfy clothes, are eating together, and are seeking a time of refuge and respite from their tortured lives. They are loved and known by God, cast aside by the world, and trying to forget, if only for an hour, the horror that is their life as a prostitute and sex slave in the Holy Land. How can we make these women feel God’s love? How can we deliver them from their physical and spiritual depravity? How can we help God to heal their wounds? These are the questions that ThoroughlyCleanTLV (TLC) is asking; seeking the Lord’s help and guidance to make small but significant impacts in the lives of these women.

TLC is a prayer-fueled catalyst ministry, under the covering of Agape and Adonai Roi Congregation; which is dedicated to abolishing sex slavery and reclaiming lives of defiled women. Batia, a long time member of our congregation, oversees this critical ministry. After the recent showing of the film “Nefarious,” the dramatic documentary about the global problem of human trafficking and prostitution, a small team from SEND Ministries approached Batia to see how they could help. Two ladies from the team had their hearts stirred as they cried throughout the film. They felt called to reach out in whatever way they could. Not long after, the opportunity arose for the ladies to join TLC in an outreach to some of the ladies who have been caught up by prostitution. With guitar in hand, some cans of food, and nice clothes to give out, their hearts were open to what God wanted to do that day. Here is what Batia, the leader of TLC had to share about their outreach:

Batia immigrated to Israel over 15 years ago. Not long after accepting Yeshua in a church in New York, she came to Israel for work and moved here permanently. She has been a member of Adonai Roi congregation from its early days and even led its singles outreach ministry for a season. In 2010 the Lord moved her to begin a weekly prayer meeting for those trapped in the bondage of sex trafficking and prostitution. This led her to found TLC, a new branch of Dugit that prays and ministers to these women in need.


Simon immigrated to Israel in August 2005 and came to faith in the Messiah three months later at Adonai Roi Congregation. Degreed as an English educator, he has worked with our correspondence and communications since 2011. Trained in intercessory prayer, Simon coordinates the VIP Prayer Tower. He is married with two lovely children. “When we walked in, several women were resting on mats, two had been beaten up earlier by vicious gangs of Sudanese refugees, and one young woman dying of AIDS was trying on clothes and wearing a lovely new haircut…We were placed in the middle of the room and started worshiping and praying softly.... Women came and women left, but for those two hours…we filled the place with His praise and His Presence, awaiting for our King to lift the veils from the eyes and hearts of those that need Him the most...” After leaving this small room of refuge, the two ladies from the SEND team were taken back by the reality of what they saw. The same women they had been singing to and speaking with were now outside on the street buying drugs and soliciting johns. They realized the amount of time, people, unity, and commitment that the Body of Messiah would need in order to truly cleanse our nations and these women’s lives from this monstrosity.



rent, utilities, maintenance and administration

TOTAL: $3,000 Per month





In the middle of the vibrant but

The desire to build a Messianic Center in the heart of Tel Aviv spiritually dark Tel Aviv, is a ray of stems from both the practical Light. The Messianic Community is reality in which we live and our shinning through the darkness; vision for growing the Body of reaching peoples lives with the Messiah in Israel.In recent years, Good News of the Messiah’s love, the facilities that we rent for Dugit, grace, and sacrifice. As children of God, they are learning to walk TO THE AND in the ways of the Lord; becoming THE THAT MAY true disciples of Yeshua. Now AND THAT MAY BE SAYS such ministries and meetings are scattered Adonai Roi, Agape and the VIP throughout the city. Imagine if it Prayer Tower are all currently could all be under one roof; one housed at separate locations and base for outreach, Bible studies, have a limited amount of space. congregational meetings, soup Rent is high for all of these places kitchens, prayer, and more!!! and we currently only rent a For some time we have been meeting hall, several hours every prayerfully considering the Shabbat, to hold our congregationpurchase of a building along with al services. The lack of a central its property to establish a Messianmeeting hall where we can hold ic Center that will house Dugit and regular services, let alone its offices, Adonai Roi, Agape, the additional meetings, VIP Prayer Tower, and any other conferences future ministries that we initiate.




and events, has put unnecessary pressures on the congregation. In addition, our congregation has now had 5 homes in the past 5 years and may need to move again soon. We need a place that is permanent, free from the high cost of rent, where all of these ministries can come and AND serve the Lord together in a central locaTHE tion.Having all of our ministries in one location will not only enable us to be better stewards of our finances, but will provide a true center for the Messianic Community in the greater Tel Aviv area; a beacon of God’s love in the heart of Israel’s most secular metropolis.












We, at Dugit, would like to invite you to consider supporting even a portion of our new Messianic Center. Below is a breakdown of the areas within the facility, spatially and financially. The current estimate of a building with the size and location that we desire is $15,000,000. Thank you so much for your consideration and for helping us to build up the Kingdom of God in Tel Aviv, Israel!

BREAKDOWN OF MESSIANIC FACILITY AND COSTS Main Worship Hall (seats 250 people)

330 m²


Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre with Fellowship Hall

300 m²



300 m²


Classrooms and Library

370 m²


Distribution Center

200 m²


Counseling/Healing Center

150 m²


V.I.P. Prayer Tower

150 m²


Additional Facilities/Stairwells/Etc.

300 m²





As we continue in our work for the Lord, we ask that you take the time to please pray for Dugit Messianic Outreach Center, its connected ministries, the staff, and the people that it serves in Tel Aviv Israel:

Please pray for the Lord to continue to open the eyes and soften the hearts of the Jewish people. Pray that the seeds we plant may sprout forth and bear fruit.

Please pray for the Mizrachi Family, Dugit Staff, and all of the congregants at Adonai Roi. May we continue to walk under the Lord’s protective covering and grow in His Love as we witness to our people, Israel. Please pray for the Lord’s provision that we may continue to give more food and gifts to families in need. Please pray for more unity in the Body of Messiah in Israel that we may gather more often in prayer, worship, fellowship, and communion. Please pray that the Lord will establish a Messianic Center in Tel Aviv as a base for the Body of Messiah to meet, pray, help the needy, and share the Good News with Israelis.



Apart from pursuing the establishment of a Messianic Center in Tel Aviv, as well as the continual growth in our day-to-day outreach and discipleship activities, we, at Dugit and Adonai Roi would like to share with you some of our major goals for the coming year: We desire to develop our outreach efforts through video projects using social media and television

The Adonai Roi CD with additional songs will be mastered by the Spring and on shelves by the Autumn

“Yeshua 2014” - Pastor Shmuel hopes to reach the youth of Israel through a mega-outreach event next Summer that uses art and worship music at a local stadium

Simon, from the VIP Prayer Tower, hopes to begin a regular street prayer outreach along with his fellow intercessors from Tel Aviv

2013 is soon coming to an end. HELP US to begin 2014 with a head start. Your DONATIONS to DUGIT Messianic Outreach Center are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Sow into the salvation of Israel!




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