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Black - Smoke Mirrored (CLBKSMK)

tiger LSR + 451009 standard / 451010 mirrored Liquidskin EYEWEAR - PERFORMANCE

• The 2-silicone synergy grants perfect comfort and performance.


Improving the sealing effect of the gasket via the Ultra soft part, whilst the rigid silicone, strengthens the sections needed to be more resistant to stress’s. • The Exclusive RAS buckles are applied to the most rigid silicone, supporting the secure tension of the head strap and not cause deformation of the lens frame. • The RAS adjustable buckles of the headpiece are positioned closer to the head, to prevent increased resistance and vibration.

Black - Smoke (CLBKSMK)

Black - Clear (CLBKCL)

Blue - Blue Mirrored (CLBLBL)

Blue - Clear (CLBLCL)

Black - Red Mirrored ( CLBKRD)

Magenta - Clear Mirrored (CLMGCL)

Magenta - Clear (CLMGCL)

Orange - Clear (CLORCL)

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