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Blue - Blue (CLBLBL)

JAGUAR LSR 451007 • A truly definitive design. The Jaguar LSR is the right choice for those who wish to wear perfect equipment,

obstruction in turbulent water.

• The curved cone-shaped lenses have been studied to offer the optimum in peripheral vision, drastically

Black - Smoke (CLBKSMK)

reducing the annoying sensation of distortion, typical of underwater activity.

• The racy design is very close to the face, helping to reduce all kinds of vibrations created by rapid movement in the water.

Magenta - Clear (CLMGCL)

Blue - Clear (CLBLCL)

Orange - Orange (CLOROR)


closely studied for highly demanding users, seeking the ultimate performance from their sports-kit.

• The mask shape establishes a natural connection between face and visual system (lenses). • Swimming mask is highly hydrodynamic, granting total safety even in rough waters. • The hydrodynamic design of the lenses compliments perfectly with the face, in order to avoid visual


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