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The exclusive Head RAS buckle system comes after long and extensive research to match the smallest size of strap tension system with the maximum comfort and easiness of use. The buckle is fixed on the mask to find a natural position as close as possible to the head and to damp the headpiece tension without affecting the main structure of the lenses.

Extreme design in terms of size and performance. The shape of Tiger holds a minimum volume of air inside it and its organic design seals perfectly the air around the eye.

Superior reliability As the most stable polymer available, silicones offer superior reliability, excellent service life.

Bi-silicone. The two-silicone synergy grants comfort and performance, improving the sealing capacity of the mask with the softer part and, where silicone is more rigid, strengthening those parts needing a more resistant structure because submitted to hard mechanical stress. The most rigid silicone receives the buckles on the mask, helping to give the appropriate tension to the headpiece in order not to deform the part that holds the lenses.

The adjustable buckles of the headpiece are placed on the mask to be closer to the head and to prevent opposition while swimming cutting off any possible vibrations.

Conical lenses

They are ergonomic, micrometric adjustable, and are to be released by means of two opposite buttons, very user-friendly and intuitive. The buttons are shielded by a silicone cover that, besides conferring an exclusive and original look, makes the operation more comfortable and protects during the contact with the skin.

Thanks to all the studies, this small ergonomic designed application provides High performance with the ultimate comfort.

• Exclusive curved cone-shaped lenses Shape and structure of two silicones perfectly integrate themselves into the eye-pits, aligned with face protrusions corresponding with eyelashes, giving a perfect hydrodynamic continuity to the face itself.

The soft silicone and the connection joint construction make the eyeglass easily adaptable to a wide range of users’ faces.

Swimming quickly you can appreciate the unique qualities of firmness and comfort of Tiger, that fulfill the most exigent athletes’ requirements.

• Typical lenses


The exclusive design of the curved cone-shaped lenses, following the natural visual cone of the eye, enables an extraordinarily wide field of vision, cutting down the annoying distortions which are typical of vision underwater.


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