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LSR+ LIQUIDSKIN EYEWEAR Quality, Functional Eyewear requires the expertise of accomplished & creative designers who have a wealth of experience within Aquatic Sports and know the importance of style, quality, fit & comfort. Under the direction of the Italian Aquatic Design Team, a collection of Exclusive and Exceptional styles have been created to “out perform”, existing products on the market. Utilising the latest in High Tech materials and production methods, Head Liquidskin Eyewear’s styles offer the ultimate in Comfort and Fit. Quality materials and attention to detail provide Flexibility, Lightness and Durability added to Sleek Hydrodynamic profiles, Leak Proof gaskets. Head uses Anti-Fog treated Poly Carbonate lenses with the addition of UV protection. Visually the new colour coded design of the entire Head eyewear collection’s packaging presents an easy “Ideal Use” indicator making the selection easier for the Consumer.

HEAD swimming 2010  

swimming products catalog 2010