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S O C I E T Y F O R R AT I O N A L D R E S S Designs behind a signature style. A mere four collections into her career, a young fashion designer with a tremendous artistic vision was looking for a partner to bring the same, exceptional level of design to her branding as she did to her apparel. The opportunity was to refine the brand identity and create a brand language that reflected her approach to design, while providing a framework for future business growth in categories such as accessories, homewares, optics, and more. The design solution represents an understated sense of elegance and aligns with her belief in individual expression. The brand language is built around the fashion designer’s beauty ideals: simple material, fit and form, and keen attention to detail.

Identity Primary Logo

Graphic Elements Brand Language

Look Book Collateral

Custom Form Shopping Bags and Stationer y Suite Promotional Items and Collateral

Website Digital Media

Labels and Hang Tags Product Labeling

R E S U LT S 13% growth 34+% sales from U.S.

Society for Rational Dress  
Society for Rational Dress  

Designs behind a signature style.