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NEW FRENCH BAKERY Designing a standout poised for growth. Fresh, artisan bread should be readily available, everyday, in the comfort of one’s home. With that purpose, New French Bakery was born. In 2008, grocery bakery shelves were a sea of gold and brown packaging. New French Bakery’s founder was looking for an eyecatching package design to set his bread apart. He also needed help introducing the concept of bread that finishes baking at home—Take & Bake. With success came new offerings and a need to help shoppers find the kinds of bread and rolls to complete a perfect menu, and maybe pique their interest to try something different. The newly designed packaging system uses color cues and bold typography to help the brand stand out and clarify the breadth of choices available.

Primar y Logo Identity

Stationer y Suite Collateral

Display and Shipping Box Secondary Packaging

Take & Bake Launch Packaging

Take & Bake Launch Packaging

National Expansion Packaging

Point- of-Sale Merchandising

R E S U LT S New designs solidified club store sell-in.

New French Bakery  

Designing a standout poised for growth.