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T H E L O P P E T F O U N D AT I O N Designing a culture of outdoor activity to last a lifetime. Accessibility to activity for all. Appreciation for the outdoors. A passion for living—healthy. These are all critical to building future leaders and strong communities. The Loppet Foundation, an organization that drives community partnerships and hosts year-round events, needed an identity to inspire and encourage outdoor enthusiasm, especially among inner-city youth. Beyond a logo, the designed brand language celebrates multiple seasons and myriad activities. It enables the organization to entice people to engage with their community by participating and to stay active by playing outside, all year long. With each new season, custom apparel and promotional materials are designed to promote the foundation’s many events and serve as collectibles for all involved.

Primar y Logo and Icon Identity

Racing Team Identities Branding System

Event and Club Identities Branding System

Camp Identities Branding System

Cycling Jerseys Branded Apparel

Website Digital Media

10th A nniversar y Nordic Ski Racing Suit Branded Apparel

2007 Limited Edition Poster Event Marketing

2010 Limited Edition Poster Event Marketing

2011 Limited Edition Poster Event Marketing

2012 Limited Edition Poster Event Marketing

201 3 Limited Edition Poster Event Marketing

R E S U LT S Event participation up 300% Donation amounts up 400%

The Loppet Foundation