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I N T E R N AT I O N A L T R U C K S The big idea behind design is to reflect the people and work behind the brand. The paradigms of truck marketing were strongly rooted in shiny shots of steel and chrome. No doubt the question was posed, “Why bother branding for the trade?” 171 years of history were on the verge of bankruptcy. Far more than a logo for a business card, the CEO’s vision was to revitalize International’s identity to inspire the culture and change behaviors. An iconic symbol of transportation and progress, executed with the strength and precision of craftsmanship, became the heart of the brand identity system. It influenced the corporate branding which became the connection point between one of the world’s leading innovators in trucks and school buses.

Primar y Logo Identity

Tr uck Badge Product Branding

Tr uck Badge and Dealer Signage Product and Outdoor Branding

Trade Show Booth Event Branding

Launch Poster Internal Collateral

Employee Brand Guidelines Kit Internal Launch Materials

Print Ads Advertising (Fallon)

R E S U LT S From last place to market leader. $3 billion in global revenue.

International Trucks  

Reflecting the people behind the brand through design.

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