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I. Introduction About Me I’m Dune, a Psionicist who will be playing on Smuggler’s Paradise, a member of Avarice. In the past, I’ve always played a CC Psi, however I plan on speccing purely for PvP in the upcoming server. Why I Love the Psionicist Let me start off by saying that the Psionicist is one of the most unique and flexible classes in the game. There are no strict rules on what you can and can’t do, and no “universal build” that all Psi use. Therefore, you will see a lot of debate about what is good to have, with much fervent disagreement. The flexibility and freedom associated with the Psionicist is precisely what I love about it. If you like to get creative, then this is the class for you. My Specialization I’m going to be going over all things PvP. This isn’t going to be a guide on how to do the most DPS. It’s about utility, as a friend of mine puts it. It’s about what’s useful for the given situation, and that situation is going to be PvP.


I I . R ec e n t C h a ng es The Elven racial ability changed. It used to increase the critical strike chance of your next 2 spells by 100%, now it gives 3 stacks of Concentration. * If you are an Elf, the upside to having this racial is not having to invest as many talent points into Concentration, allowing you to spec further into other talents. The twin’s Master of Illusion rubies changed. They used to increase the twin’s health. Now, they now absorb 50% of all your incoming damage, no matter the source of that damage. * These are for group PvP. If you don’t get them, your twin will last longer vs. one player and provide a longer distraction. If you do get them, it will absorb damage for you from all sources, but it will die quite fast. It depends how you like to play.


III. Bu ild


I V. D e f e ns e The #1 thing I look at when making a PvP build are the defenses available. There’s always that tactic of “kill them before they kill you” and going all out DPS, but with all the classes that can do a ton of DPS at once, it’s good to have as much defense as you can. Ectobody - Absorbs a limited amount of damage for 13s. Intelligence influences how much damage is absorbed. Mental Twin - Your Meat shield vs. whoever you’re linked with. It’s twice as squishy as you are at rank3, and 3x as squishy at rank1. Aura of Fortitude - Increases your health and mana pool by 30%. Mental Cleansing - The Psi’s HoT (heal over time). It also dispels a poison, bleed, or disease from you. At rank3 you can use this every 30s. Fighting Foresight - 15% more Endurance Rejection - 15% more Armor


Egoism - 30% more healing with Mental Cleansing and 30% more Ectobody absorption. Unending Knowledge - 9% more Intelligence (influences Ectobody’s absorption) Mental Fortress - 15% more Willpower Enthusiasm - 9% Agility


V. P v P To o l s There are certain talents and rubies that stand out as great PvP tools. Hypnosis - At rank3, this spell can be cast in 2s. It freezes your enemy in time for around 10-20s, but is broken when they take damage. This basically puts your battle on pause for whatever you need - waiting on cool downs, casting Wall of Blades, etc. Careful using this in group PvP (target people on the side who aren’t taking damage). * Hypnosis works without line of sight and on invisible enemies. Loop of Time - This is the Psi’s “holy crap” button. You just got face rolled by someone in 10 seconds flat and are barely hanging in there? Loop of Time! It sends you back in time 10 seconds. Use wisely. Temporal Acceleration - Halves the cool downs and cast times of most of your spells for 15 seconds, but you’re unable to apply stacks of Concentrate during that time. It also increases movement speed by


50%. 2.50m cd at rank3, 1.20m cd with rubies. * For use with Wall of Blades and Erase Memory. Optimization - While Temporal Acceleration is active, your spells consume half as much mana. Specifically for Wall of Blades. It’s only 1 ruby, and it’s directly below where you start on the Pain Transfer grid, so it’s easily obtainable. Mind Fire - This increases the cool downs of the next 3 spells your enemy uses by up to 20s. Used at the right time, this can really muck up someone’s rotation, especially people that 123 spam their attacks. 1m cd. Sharp Incursion - This grants your Will Suppression a 2s immobilize (roots them in place) upon use. Great for interrupting charging Warriors and Paladins. Good for kiting. Fun for chasing down runners. Can be used with Reincarnation gap closers to adjust the distance between you and your enemy. Easy Reach - Halves the mana cost of Mental Link, Will Suppression, and Telekinetic Pull. Increases the range of them and Erase Memory/Mental Explosion by 10 yards. Specific ruby for specific


situations. Good for dueling Mages, or if you like blasting face from a distance and staying clear of the dog pile. Spectral Assassin - Good for distracting your enemy. Nice in a Wall of Blades build, also uses Physical DPS. Only rank1 needed, and at least 1 ruby is normally picked up on the way to Choke’s critical strike rubies, so it’s worth getting if you’re going for Choke. Lord of Fear - Increases Assassin’s DPS by 10% (30% with all 3). If you’re getting the critical strike rubies for Choke, you normally go through this ruby to get there.


VI. Crowd Control Stuns! What the Psionicist is known for. Nothing changes the tide of battle like constant stuns, roots, and knockdowns, oh my! Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pick up all CC rubies, PvP rubies and defensive rubies and still have enough left to spec into some form of DPS. I will list all the CC talents and rubies, because that’s what I like in a build, but it’s up to you which ones you want to stick with in the end. Telekinetic Pull - The Psi’s signature move. Creates a black hole at the chosen location, which pulls all units in that area to the center of the pull and knocks them down. Keep in mind that using this spell places an immunity to it on the affected targets (lasts 20s). It’s important to balance TKP’s rank and affiliated rubies in order to achieve a cd of no less than 20s, or else that low cd is wasted.


Mental Pulse - The Psi’s signature stun. It deals a small amount of damage, knocks back any enemy within its range and stuns them for 3 seconds (at rank3). If used directly after a stun or root of some kind, the enemy will be held in place instead of knocked back. Keep in mind Pulse has a very short range and is typically used as a defensive knock back, but it can be chained with Reincarnation gap closers to be used as an offensive stun. Experienced Manipulator - At rank3, decreases the cd of Mental Pulse and Telekinetic Pull by 30%. Pick up as many of these as you need, but keep the 20s Telekinetic Pull immunity in mind. (Ex: if you get all 3, don’t rank Pull up past rank 1, etc.) Mind Bender - Increases Conviction by 15%. This is good if you intend on going heavy on CC. Telekinesis - Increases the range of Telekinetic Pull by 30% and adds damage to the affected. Having the extra 30% range on Pull is amazing in group PvP, vs. classes that use pets, and other Psi. Plus, the extra bit of DPS adds up if you go for all the other AoE modifiers. Gravikinesis - Increases the range and duration of Mental Pulse by 30%. Great ruby for CC-oriented Psi.


VII. Burst DPS The DPS. Unless you rely on your group to DPS for you, all else is completely useless if you can’t dish out enough DPS to down your opponent in time before your mana runs out. Why do I specify burst DPS? Because in PvP it’s really the burst that matters. If you can catch them off guard, hit them with a lot at once with no hope of recovery, then that is where your win lies. At the same time, it can be very difficult to obtain a large amount of burst DPS while also picking up most of the aforementioned rubies. The key is to choose which spells you are going to be DPSing with, and spec directly into those spells. Single Target Burst Choke - This is without a doubt our highest hitting single target DPS move. Not only does it hit hard, but it hits hard over and over again. The trick is knowing when to use it. Erase Memory - Deals double damage if your target is below 30% health. This is incredibly deadly if used with Temporal Acceleration.


Thoughtful Spirit - Has nice burst DPS if you use all 5 stacks together. It has no cd, so you can spam these as fast as your fingers are capable of mashing that key. This is great to use in between other burst moves like Choke and Erase Memory. Psychic Shock/Psychic Trauma - This will account for a lot of your DPS mainly because you use it so often in order to proc Concentrate. These hits accumulate slowly over time but don’t actually do burst damage in comparison to those listed above, simply because of its cd. You can spec further into this attack to deal a decent amount of damage with it. It really depends on where you want to spend your extra rubies/talents. Personally, it’s just my Concentration-maker. Pain Transfer/Pain Shift - Pain Shift packs a punch, but is best used back to back with other hard hitting spells to really make a nice dent. Mental Explosion - Similar to Pain Shift. Hits hard, but its long cd and usage requirements (must be Will Suppressed, enemy must be


CC’d) make it only viable in specific rotations at specific times. The good thing is this spell comes completely free with Will Suppression, so there’s no loss in slugging someone with it if you happen to be able to. AoE Burst Wall of Blades - Our best AoE. It can be pre-casted, and specced to cut its mana cost and cast time by 30% (from 5s to 3.5s) Using this under Temporal Acceleration (if you picked up the Optimization ruby) decreases its cast time and mana cost by a further 50% for a 1.75 cast time. Astral Breath - Second best AoE, as it has a cd of 1.30m. This is basically an AoE Choke, but deals less damage per thread. A bit of setup is required to use this attack in PvP. Best used with high Conviction/CC build. Astral Curse - This is an added damage bonus. Whenever you hit something with Telekinetic Pull or Mental Pulse, it gets 10s of Astral


Curse. This curse bursts and causes damage when the next astral spell hits it. Telekinesis - The tiny bit of damage that gets tacked on with Telekinetic Pull. Mental Pulse - The tiny bit of damage from Mental Pulse. * AoE rotation: Telekinetic Pull, Wall of Blades, Mental Pulse, Ectobody, Astral Breath. Once you decide which spells you want to DPS with, make sure to pick up all the critical strike rubies for those specific spells. These include: Anger Management - Increases critical strike chance by 100% for Choke, Erase Memory, Mental Explosion and Mental Pulse. Calculating Mind - Increases critical strike chance by 100% for Pain Transfer/Pain Shift. Clarity of Thought - Increases critical strike chance by 100% for Psychic Shock/Psychic Trauma, Pyrokinesis/Psychokinesis and Wall of Blades.


V I I I . C o nc l u s i o n After much frustration and internal debate, this was the build I decided on for starting on the subscription server because it has a nice balance of single target DPS, defense, CC, and PvP spells without slacking too much in one area. I prefer to run AoE builds, but because I am planning this for starting fresh on a new server and having baby gear, I went for the less mana-hungry method, which is single target. Before just copy/pasting the build and being off with it, keep in mind everything that was said about all the talents and rubies listed and make sure you choose the ones that fit you. I am really only including a build because it’s a requirement for this contest. I believe, with this class, that everyone should create their own build, considering the options. Hopefully this was insightful for new and old Psionicists alike. If anything, I hope you were able to see certain spells and rubies in a different light, and perhaps even thought of your own unique combinations while reading this. If anything seems confusing or you feels should be elaborated on, please let me know. I’d be more than willing to make the appropriate changes.

Psionic Wrath: Guide for Psionicists  
Psionic Wrath: Guide for Psionicists  

A guide/build for Psionicists in Allods Online 4.0.03. (Submission for the Pimp My Build Contest)