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Opening Doors of Opportunity...

YOUR COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO BUYING A HOME You are about to embark on an exciting journey of finding your next home. Dudum Real Estate Group’s in-depth guide offers home buyers a detailed overview of the process of buying a home. Throughout the entire process, your Dudum Real Estate agent will support you every step of the way, and will even continue to serve you long after you move in. This package has been prepared for you to help explain the process and help you familiarize yourself with the various activities, documents, and procedures that you will encounter while purchasing your home. Purchasing a home is a very important decision and one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. In fact, most people only buy a few homes in their lifetime. We have the tools to make sure that you are well-equipped with up-to-date information to aid in your decision. We hope you find this home-buying guide a valuable resource on your journey. Dudum Real Estate Group has the experience, market knowledge, and resources to support you in achieving your dreams of home ownership and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

HOME BUYING BUYING A HOME IS A BIG DECISION The more prepared you are at the beginning, the less overwhelming and chaotic the buying process will be. From the initial planning to selecting the home that’s right for you, there are many steps throughout the buying process. At Dudum Real Estate Group, we are here to guide you through every step of the process. HERE ARE SOME INTERESTING POINTS FOR YOU TO REVIEW: A buyer’s agent represents the consumer who is purchasing the property in the real estate transaction, not the seller. The buyer’s agent works directly for the buyer and has their clients’ best interests in mind throughout the entire real estate transaction. As a consumer, how often do you buy real estate? Once, twice, three times in your lifetime? Purchasing real estate is a complex transaction with many details that must be handled appropriately. In the majority of home sales, the seller will have their own representation. Wouldn’t you want to have equal, complete, and fair representation in the real estate transaction on your end as well? Here are some highlights of where your Realtor® can help to best represent you in the home-buying process by: AN OVERVIEW OF THE PROCESS • Selecting the right lender to help navigate the loan process • Forming a “wish list” • Implementing a home search • Homework (studying the neighborhoods) • Making an offer & explaining the complexities of a contract • Discussing the importance and risks of your earnest money deposit

• • • • • • •

Negotiating throughout escrow process (purchase price, repairs, timelines, etc.) Inspections/Appraisals Contingency removals Moving preparation & relocation assistance, if needed Close of escrow Your Big Move! After close/getting settled follow up

GET TO KNOW DUDUM REAL ESTATE GROUP Collectively, our agents have decades of Real Estate experience and have successfully closed thousands of real estate transactions. The uniqueness of our agents uniting and working together to provide more to our clients has set a peerless standard of practice, not often seen in the real estate industry. In the spirit of reciprocity, we love to share our knowledge, skills, and talents with each other, all with the paramount goal of top quality service to the client.

“We never would have thought of

This dynamic group equips and educates ourselves regularly so that you can always anyonewebut Dudum Real Estate rely on the accuracy of the information give you. We are geographically situated throughout the communities in which Group to escort us through ourwe serve and utilize their networks, modern real estate tools and resources to guarantee that our journey buying home. Their information clients gain the quickest, most completeof and reliable aaccess to property throughout the East Bay. insight and patience meant so

much to us. We always felt we were in great hands.� ~THE AHITUV FAMILY


Opening Doors of Opportunity

Dudum Real Estate Group was founded in 2010 by Julie Dudum Del Santo and is one of the preeminent and finest independently-owned real estate brokerages in the East Bay. With offices in Lafayette and Walnut Creek, Dudum Real Estate Group is comprised of highly motivated, resourceful and successful real estate professionals who work collectively to give our clients the best possible real estate buying and selling experience. At the core of our business philosophy is a commitment to extraordinary service, cooperation, honesty, integrity and communication. Our dynamic group equips and educates ourselves regularly so that you can always rely on the accuracy of the information we give you. We are geographically situated throughout the communities in which we serve and we utilize many networks, modern real estate tools and resources to guarantee that our clients gain the quickest, most complete and reliable access to properties throughout the East Bay. Our team of experts, knowledgeably and competently, cover a wide territory from the Oakland/Berkeley area, continuing east along Highway 24, throughout Lamorinda, the communities along both sides of Highway 680 up to 580, as well as East County serviced by Highway 4.

BUYER REPRESENTATION Dudum Real Estate Group is widely recognized as one of the fastest growing and leading real estate companies in the greater East Bay.

A PROVEN APPROACH At Dudum Real Estate Group, we believe buying or selling a home requires a wide array of skills and expertise to ensure that our clients have a clear advantage in an often unexpected real estate market. We continuously look to build upon our expert knowledge so that we may effectively understand current opportunities and challenges in the industry. Our agents are focused on delivering unparalleled results and are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations with our professionalism, industry knowledge and innovation. When you work with Dudum Real Estate Group, you’ll have an experienced team from start to finish, who are all dedicated to delivering beyond stellar results.

THE POWER OF NEGOTIATING The art of negotiation is being able to walk away. The skill is not having to. Our goal is simply to help you buy the right property, at the best possible price.

YOUR INTERESTS COME FIRST Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will make in a lifetime and working with the right agent to make this happen is crucial. At Dudum Real Estate Group you will have a partner in the process who will work diligently and effortlessly with you to ensure that this goal is fulfilled and that your best interests are favored. In this process, keep in mind, negotiation is a complex matter and all transactions are unique. Your agent will work with you to get the home you want—at the best possible price.

FINDING THE RIGHT HOME: THE SEARCH BEGINS Your Dudum Real Estate agent will help begin your search by narrowing your preferences to determine what homes fall within your particular parameters (affordability, size and neighborhood). We will enlist all of the resources available to us including Multiple Listing Service (MLS), off-market properties, new construction, Realtors In Motion Marketing Meetings, agent-to-agent networking, open houses as well as HUD and bank-owned properties. Your agent will also offer you the opportunity to be included in daily listing alerts, notifying you of properties that meet your criteria, as they hit the market.

REAL ESTATE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Our website,, is another great resource for information. There you will find current homes for sale, open home calendars, market trends, statistics and community information. Our Dudum Mobile App will put the latest listings in the palm of your hand and even guide you to all of the available homes around you, no matter where you are in the East Bay.

We maintain a strong online presence through which has powerful searching tools, community reviews, marketing resources and listing alert capabilities. Our website and blog generate over 20,000 unique visitors annually.

Dudum Mobile App

Dudum Mobile Real Estate provides the most accurate and up to date property info at the touch of a screen! With Dudum Mobile Real Estate, you can access the property information you need, including price, features, photos and more! You can search listings, save properties, or share them with family and friends. Press the ‘Contact’ feature to email your Dudum Real Estate Group Agent, who can assist you with even more information!

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER • When would you like to move? • How long have you been looking? • What do you like most about your present home? • What do you like least about your present home? • What neighborhoods do you like? • Are schools a factor? If so, which ones? • What style of home would you like (e.g. traditional or contemporary)? • What property condition are you looking for (e.g. fixer-upper, new construction)? If interested in new construction, please ask your Dudum Real Estate Group agent about that specific process. • Is your home currently on the market? How long has it been on the market? What is the asking price? • Do you need to sell your home in order to buy? • Do you need to be near public transportation or highways? • Do you prefer to be in a location with close proximity to amenities? • Are you the sole buyer or do you have partners? • What features are you looking for: detached, condominium/loft, multiple units (flats), bedrooms (#), baths (#), square footage, separate dining room, eat-in kitchen, pool/no pool, etc.

PREVIEWING PROPERTIES FOR YOU Whenever possible, your agent will preview properties before showing them to you to ensure they meet your criteria. While your agent will arrange a time to view new listings, keep yourself available to act on short notice when desirable or well-priced properties become available. WEEKEND OPEN HOUSES You may wish to attend Saturday or Sunday open houses on your own. When doing so, please inform the agent holding the open house that you are working with a Dudum Real Estate Group agent and provide him or her with your agent’s name. BROKER TOURS/CARAVANS Each Tuesday, Thursday & Friday in the East Bay, new property listings are open to agents and brokers for viewing. Your agent will be attending those tours regularly and preview these homes with your specific wants and needs in mind. If there is a new listing that is appropriate for you, your agent will provide you with the address and arrange for a showing at your earliest convenience.

CREATE A WISH LIST, THEN PRIORITIZE Let your imagination run wild when creating your initial list of parameters. Then prioritize your list carefully. You may have to make some trade-offs between the various items on your wish list, but start as big and wide as your net will cast.



Each time you view a property, compare that property's characteristics to your search parameters. If a specific home falls short on your desires, consider whether you can alter the home to make it acceptable. Some features are impossible to change, such as location, but other features can be changed or modified by painting, remodeling, or possibly making structural alterations.

Consult your agent to guide you through the following:

FINANCIAL AND EMOTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS Once you have identified the property that meets your criteria and are prepared to make an offer, you will meet with your agent to discuss the best offer strategy. Is this property extremely desirable—one that could invite multiple offers? If the seller counters your offer and asks for a higher price, what is your top dollar? Does the property need improvement? How motivated is the seller? How motivated are you? What contingencies have you placed on the offer? Do you have to sell a property in order to purchase this one? Are you already preapproved for a loan? FINDING THE ONE When you see a property that meets most of your criteria and is a likely prospect for further consideration, ask additional questions.

Q. Are there any up front inspections/ disclosure packets/reports? The seller may have a recent pest control, general contractor’s inspection, disclosures or other reports available for review. Q. What is the condition of the plumbing, heating, electrical system and the roof? If these systems are old, the cost to repair or replace should be considered and possibly included in your offer terms. Q. Are there any signs of dampness or drainage issues? These conditions can be difficult and expensive to correct, but should always be asked and taken into consideration should there be any indication of such issues. Q. Were improvements made and were they done with permits? Many properties in the East Bay have had improvements or additions completed without the benefit of permits and may or may not comply with local building and zoning codes. We can sometimes obtain a full disclosure package from the listing agent, which should include details on property improvements. Some of these answers may require a visit to the local city or county offices, and are not always able to be obtained prior to making an offer.

HOME BUYING PROCESS: AN OVERVIEW The home buying process is filled with many details that can greatly impact your experience. Your Dudum Real Estate Group realtor will help by working with you and the appropriate vendors to properly guide you to a successful close. GETTING STARTED AND FINDING YOUR NEW HOME

• Tour properties that meet your home search criteria. • Monitor market activity with listing alert service. • Leverage network for upcoming listings available for preview. • Identify off-market, for-sale byowner, and expired listings matching requirements.

• Buyer to choose and pay for escrow. • Order Preliminary Title report (Title Company). • Deposit buyer’s funds into escrow account.



INSPECTIONS AND PROPERTY CONDITION • Conduct Buyer Inspections: Property, Pest, Chimney, Roof, Pool, etc. • Conduct second review of Seller Disclosures. • Review Homeowner’s Association documents, if applicable.

• If issues or concerns are discovered during buyer inspections, we may attempt to negotiate repairs, credits or renegotiate price.

HOME INSURANCE • Buyer selects home insurance company and coverage. • Submit insurance information to escrow.


• Submit purchase contract to lender for processing. • Schedule Appraisal (by lender). • Confirm contingency removal and loan condition dates.


• Review comparable sales and discuss appropriate offer strategies. • Review and sign all available disclosures and reports. • Prepare detailed offer package including bank statements, introductory letter, and loan pre-approval. • Present offer package and purchase contract in person, when possible. • Negotiate the best possible price for your new home!

• Underwriting file review. • Appraisal completed and reviewed by lender. • Final financing approval by lender.






 • Obtain loan pre-approval letter from lenders. • Determine budget and price range for home based on income, assets, and personal financial plan. • Meet with tax and financial professional to understand benefits and ramifications of prospective purchase.






• Understand your objectives, priorities, and time frames. • Discuss buying process overview. • Examine local market conditions. • Discuss lending qualification. • Define Agency relationship. • Define how we will work together.




CONTINGENCY REMOVAL • Upon complete client satisfaction with inspections, disclosures, loan documentation & all other contractual obligations, contingencies will be removed.



 • Setup utilities: electricity, water, garbage, phone, internet, alarm, etc. • Contact HOA office to schedule move-in, if applicable. • Schedule move.

• Review all closing and transaction costs. • Sign loan documents. • Provide cashier’s check or send wire for down payment and closing costs. • Lender sends balance of funding to title company one business day prior to close.

RECORD AND CLOSE ESCROW • Deed is recorded in person at County Recorder’s office by Title Company representative. • Obtain keys to your new home!

FIRST THINGS FIRST • Change all locks on all doors and update security system, if applicable. • Complete any planned repairs or improvements. • Get acquainted with your new neighborhood and community.

SETTLING IN • Attend HOA meetings and meet your neighbors. • Unpack, unwind and enjoy your new home!





• Confirm property condition and completed repairs, if any. Property condition should be consistent with condition on date of ratification. • Review walkthrough checklist





GETTING ORGANIZED • Update estate plan and trust. • Review all appliance and warranty materials. • Schedule future required maintenance (re-seal counters, change/clean filters, etc). • File home warranty plan. • Note upcoming property tax payments and supplemental property tax bill.

• Provide resources for after- sale home owner needs • Be a referral resource for friends and family seeking this same great first class service.

MAKING THE OFFER Your Dudum Real Estate agent will help you construct a winning offer, taking into account current market conditions, competition, and fair market value. SEVERAL FACTORS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED IN YOUR OFFER: Purchase price. Having viewed other comparable properties, you will have a good idea of the value of your prospective home. Your agent can provide you with information about similar properties (comparables) in the neighborhood that have sold recently. This information will help establish fair market value and guide you to the “right price.” Loan contingency. If you are obtaining a loan to finance the purchase of your home, your agent will structure a contract to allow reasonable time to obtain a loan from a lender of your choice and at terms which are acceptable to you. It often takes 2 to 3 weeks to obtain a loan commitment. Inspections. In the majority of transactions, offers are made contingent upon obtaining and approving inspection reports on the property by licensed professionals. This is to inform and protect the buyer about known and unknown conditions. We generally recommend that two major inspections be conducted at a minimum: pest control and general contractor/home, but some homes may warrant many others, such as a sewer lateral, roof, chimney, pool, soils, drainage, well, etc.

Personal property. It is important to clearly identify all personal property that will be included or excluded from the sale. PRESENTING AND NEGOTIATING YOUR OFFER Your Dudum Real Estate Group agent will represent you to the seller and seller’s agent in the best light possible to obtain an accepted offer. When presenting your offer, documents such as a loan pre-approval, financial statements or other proof of funds are necessary for a complete package. Often times a personal note or photo from you, the buyer, can really add a nice touch and set you apart from the competition. SUBMITTING YOUR DEPOSIT A good faith deposit must accompany your offer. This is usually a personal check, or bank wire to a title company of your choice. Your agent will make arrangements for you to deposit your check directly with the escrow company and into the designated escrow account. Buyers can also electronically transfer said funds into escrow upon acceptance of the offer.

ESCROW PROCESS Once your offer to purchase a home is accepted, the escrow process begins. The mortgage lender orders the appraisal, a copy of the preliminary title report, a copy of your purchase agreement, and other supporting documentation. As it comes in, the documentation is checked for any irregularities, and any additional items needed are requested. APPRAISAL The appraisal is completed by a third party individual that is hired by your lender to do a report that demonstates to you, as well as the lender, that your home is worth what you are paying for it. This fee will be included in your closing cost figures, provided by the lender. LOAN SUBMISSION Once all the necessary documentation is in, the loan processor puts the loan package together, your loan agent prepares a cover letter, and your completed file is submitted to a lender for approval. LOAN APPROVAL (UNDERWRITING) Loan approval, or “underwriting”, generally takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, and it may take slightly longer if mortgage insurance is required. “Mortgage insurance underwriting” occurs when the borrower has less than 20 percent of the loan amount to put towards a down payment, and the lender then

may require additional insurance for your loan. All parties are notified of the approval and any loan conditions that must be received before the loan can close. You may then remove your loan and appraisal contingencies after all of these conditions are met. LOAN DOCUMENTS ARE DRAWN Within one to three days after loan approval, the lender prepares your loan documents (including the note and deed of trust), which are sent to the title/escrow company. The escrow officer will call you to set up an appointment when the papers are ready for your final signature. At that time, the escrow officer will tell you how much money you will need to bring to close the escrow. CLOSING Once all buyers have signed the loan documents, they are returned to the lender, and the package is reviewed. If all the forms have been properly executed, the lender sends the loan funds by wire transfer. Upon receipt of the wire, and once all buyer funds required to close are at the title company, the deed is released to be recorded at the county. This is the point at which you actually own your new home. Congratulations!

THE LOAN PROCESS For buyers financing their home, planning is crucial. This is one of the very first steps in homebuying. Several factors should be considered to assure the loan process goes smoothly. APPLICATION PROCESS


You will sit down with a lender or mortgage broker, who will ask you to complete a mortgage application and provide copies of your income and asset verification. Various fees and the down payment will be discussed at this time and you will receive an estimate for your closing costs.

An offer is not considered strong if it lacks a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender or local mortgage broker. A letter of approval or proof of funds assures the seller that you will be able to obtain the proposed financing and will not tie up the property needlessly. Lenders will inquire about the following six critical factors: • Income • Savings/capital/investments • Credit history • Debt level/ratio • Employment history


• The value of the property you wish to purchase



Dudum Real Estate Group can recommend several reputable lending institutions from which you may obtain pre-approved financing.

2 W2S


YOUR LOAN IS A PHONE CALL AWAY... At Dudum Real Estate Group, we have a long and successful relationship with Rick Olson, of Commerce Mortgage. This is a direct benefit to you, the client! Over the years, loans have become increasingly difficult to process and approve. Having Rick in-house keeps him and his staff only a phone call away for all of our clients . Whether it be an appraisal concern or a last minute underwriting need, this service allows us to maintain a high level of control of each file. Rick does everything he can to assure borrowers receive the highest level of product knowledge and service that can be offered. Rick has been an integral part of the mortgage industry for over 25 years. Working with CHM has given him the tools he needs to help all of his clients achieve their dream of homeownership. His nationwide network of mortgage lenders and wide range of home financing options means he can provide his clients with access to the lowest rates possible. He looks forward to the opportunity to earn your business!

Direct: 925.627.2555 Fax: 925.476.0366 100 Pringle Avenue, Ste. 650 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

LIFE OF AN ESCROW Once your contract is accepted, the escrow process begins. Working closely with your agent, title company, and lender will ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Broker/Client Opens Escrow 

Order Preliminary Report from Title Company 


Receive and Review Preliminary Report

Order Statements of Identity on Buyers and Sellers and Clear General Index Matters 


Order Beneficiary Statements at Client's Request

Order Seller Loan Demands



Receive Demands and Review then Notify Client

Receive Beneficiary Statement, Review Terms of Transfer, Notify Client 

Forward Bills from Termite, Roofers, Appliance Inspection, and Home Warranty to an Escrow at Direction of Client 

Recieve Loan Documents from Lender



Prepare Buyer's and Seller's Instructions and Pertinent Documents

Call Brokers or Clients for Terms


Execute and Return Buyer's and Seller's Instructions and Documents with Funds


Review File to Determine That All Conditions Have Been Met, All Documents are Properly Executed and Notarized, and Good Funds are Received 


Request Loan Funds from Lender

Forward Documents to Recording Desk "On Hold" 

Do Policy Write-Up 

Receive Loan Funds 

Order Recording Audit Escrow


Prepare Closing Statements, Disburse Funds, Closing File

THE IMPORTANCE OF INSPECTIONS Once an offer is accepted and the transaction is officially in contract, the contingency period begins. A home inspection is an all-encompassing examination of the condition of a home and is an important step in this process. It is important to conduct a home inspection to avoid a costly mistake by purchasing a property in need of major repairs. Often times the home inspector will call for a further inspection with a specialist should something concerning arise. Once you think you have found your “dream home,� home inspectors can often give you the necessary insight to know if this is the right home for you.

THE INSPECTION PROCESS While property inspections provide no warranty, they will educate you as to the current condition of the property. Inspections are usually requested on the purchase agreement and if inspection results are unsatisfactory, you have the option to request repairs, renegotiate price, or withdraw your offer, prior to removing any contingencies. In addition to the professional inspections listed below, you should take a close look at the property yourself. For example, inspect cupboards, doors, windows, flooring, counter tops, bath and kitchen fixtures, built-in appliances, stairways and banisters. Even spend time in the neighborhood and get to know the community. Your personal diligence is just as important as your professional inspections. • Physical Inspection: Usually done by a General Home Inspector, a Physical Inspection is a thorough inspection of the house. The inspection results in an overall assessment of the present condition of the property. • Termite Report: The Pest Report will indicate any type of wood destroying organisms that may be present. This includes termites, wood fungus, dry rot, etc. The seller usually provides this report, but if not, the buyer is highly encouraged to obtain one of their own. • Roof

• Pool, if applicable

• Chimney

• Neighborhood factors (personal diligence)

• Sewer Lateral

• Noise (personal diligence)

• Structural/Engineering

• HOA Document Review

• Drainage

• City/County Permit History

Your Dudum Real Estate Group agent will work with you to determine which inspections should be conducted. It is also highly recommended that you attend the inspections in person. This is a great opportunity for you to learn firsthand about the condition of the home you are purchasing.


Seller Disclosure Statements Buyers investigation Inspection Contingency (any and all) Geological and Environmental California Tax Reports Appraisal Contingency Loan Contingency Preliminary Title Report HOA Documents (if applicable) Insurability of Property

Once all contingencies are removed, you are effectively obligated to purchase the property. The understanding is that you are purchasing the property in its current condition (subject to any agreed upon repairs by the seller) and are planning to move forward with the purchase. At that point, should you change your mind, your good faith deposit could be at risk. Any failure to perform could result in a loss of all or part of your earnest money deposit.

CONTINGENCY REMOVAL PROCESS Once an offer is accepted, placing contingencies in the contract gives the buyer an opportunity for due diligence or to take specific steps within a given time frame. It is essential to meet the specified timeframes and deadlines for each contingency and remove them in writing when due.

CLOSING COSTS: WHO PAYS WHAT? Closing costs are the various fees charged by the lender, the title company, real estate agents, and other service providers in order to complete a real estate transaction and are paid through escrow. Which party pays for specific closing costs can be negotiable between the buyer and seller. THE BUYER CUSTOMARILY PAYS:


• • • • •

• • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

Title insurance premiums Escrow fee Document preparation (if applicable) Notary fees Recording charges for all documents in buyers’ names Tax proration (from date of acquisition) All new loan charges (except those required by lender for seller to pay) Appraisal fee Interest on new loan from date of funding to 30 days prior to first payment date Assumption/change of records fees for takeover of existing loan Beneficiary statement fee for assumption of existing loan Prorated HOA dues, if applicable Inspection fees (roof, pool, property inspection, pest, geological, etc.) Home warranty (according to contract) City transfer tax (if applicable and according to the contract) Fire insurance premium for first year

• •

• • • • • • • • •

• •

Real estate commission Document preparation for deed County transfer tax City transfer tax (if applicable and according to the contract) Payoff of all loans against property Interest accrued on loans being paid off, reconveyance fees, and pre-payment penalties Home warranty (if specified in contract) Any judgment or tax liens against seller Property tax proration Prorated HOA dues, if applicable HOA fee for providing all updated homeowner’s documents, if applicable Bonds or assessments Delinquent taxes Notary and recording fees Third party Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement and California Tax Disclosure Report Pre-sale inspection fees Negotiated repairs or credits to buyer, if any

20 MINUTE FINAL WALK THROUGH So you’ve purchased a new home and it’s time to take the final walk through with your Realtor before the close of escrow. How many of you know what to look for during the final walk through? How many of you have had a Realtor guide you through the experience with knowledgeable expertise to assure that you’ve covered all the items necessary to help negate any surprises after you move in? Our Broker/Owner, Julie Del Santo, has simplified this process by implementing her proven “Final Walk Through Checklist.” She’s pared the process down so that it focuses in on the items crucial to buyers’ continued sense of well being, after the closing. Take a look at Julie’s list and keep it in mind for when we have your final walk through. 1. Verify Completion of Necessary/Requested Repairs: If the purchase contract called for any negotiated repairs to be performed, this is the time to confirm repairs and verify the work has been completed, ideally to the client’s satisfaction. 2. Get Educated on all of the “Need to Knows”: Have the sellers educate the buyers on all of the property’s systems such as HVAC thermostat, specialty plumbing, alarm systems, pool equipment, appliances (not tested by a home inspector), sprinkler system, surround sound AV equipment (if built in and staying with the property), etc. The sellers have been using these systems regularly and are the best ones to educate the buyer on their functionality, as well as any potential nuances. These are “systems” a home inspector typically does not check during their inspection. 3. Pamphlets, Paperwork, Manuals, & Warranties (keys & remotes too): The final walk through is a perfect opportunity to get all of the paperwork, manuals, and information on items in the home. This includes the appliances remaining at the property, heating and cooling system, windows, roof, etc. Be sure to ask for any transferable manufacturer warranty info, so that the buyer can fill out the information card and properly mail it in with any payment (if required), to ensure the warranty gets transferred into the new buyer’s name. Arrange a specific place where the sellers will leave this paperwork (possibly a kitchen drawer or closet shelf) and ask that they leave any additional house keys and garage door openers in this location upon vacating.

4. Forwarding Contact Information: Ask the sellers for permission to possibly give their forwarding contact information to the buyers. This is helpful should the buyer have any questions upon move in, or especially to help expedite the forwarding of any mail that arrives for sellers after the move. Sellers are generally more than happy to provide this information. If a seller is not comfortable with this, then the buyers can always forward any mail to their own agent, who can get it to the seller’s agent, to get to the sellers, as well. 5. Get in the know on your new neighbors: Ask the sellers about their neighbors in a way that shows you’re not looking for “dirt”, but more of a safety/peace of mind advanced knowledge. Simply ask the sellers “if they were going out of town tomorrow, which of their neighbors do they feel most comfortable leaving their house key with, or asking to water their plants and pick up their mail while they are gone?” The buyers will immediately get a good sense of who their neighbors are and who to reach out to, if needed, when they move in. 6. Confirm transfer of utilities: A discussion with buyers and sellers about cancelling and/ or setting up utility service is neccessary to ensure no loss in service or coverage. Your realtor can provide you with a list of utility providers and vendors in your community. When you focus in on the above list for your final walk through, you will find that your walk through not only yields more useful information, but it will give you a stronger sense of peace and excitement about the transition. Hope you will find this guide helpful and may it ease the transition of moving into your new home. Congratulations!


MOVE-IN CHECKLIST Moving can be a stressful time. We highly recommend that you prepare for your move as soon as possible. Provided is a checklist of recommended steps to ensure that your move-in goes as smoothly as possible.

BEFORE YOU MOVE Address Change Notification • Post office forwarding address • Subscriptions • Friends and relatives • Bank and other financial institutions Insurance • Notify insurance companies of new address for coverage: life, health, fire, and auto Change Over Services • Gas, electric, water, phone, cable TV, garbage, Internet, newspaper Gather Records (for move to a new city) • Ask doctor and dentist for referrals; transfer needed prescriptions, eyeglasses, x-rays • Obtain birth records, medical records, etc. • Obtain pet records, tags Moving Company • Make arrangements with moving company • Clean rugs or clothing before moving; have them moving-wrapped • Check insurance coverage, labor cost for packing and unpacking labor, arrival day, various shipping papers, method and time of expected payment • Plan for special care needs for children and pets on moving day

On Moving Day (to a new city) • Carry enough cash to cover cost of moving services and expenses until you establish bank accounts in your new city • Carry jewelry and documents on your person—or use registered mail to deliver safely • Plan for transporting pets • Let a close friend or relative know the route and schedule you will travel, including overnight stops; use him/her as message headquarters • Double check closets, drawers, and shelves for items left behind • Leave old keys for new owner (or tenant) with realtor, landlord, or neighbor. At Your New Address • Check if service is switched on for telephone, Internet, cable, gas, electricity, water, and garbage • Check pilot light on stove, hot water heater, and furnace • Check if appliances are working • Notify DMV of new address update for your driver’s license • Visit city offices and re-register to vote • Register car within five days after arrival in state or a penalty may have to be paid when obtaining new license plates • Apply for a driver’s license in your new state • Register children in school • Arrange for medical services: doctor, dentist, veterinarian, etc.


BRENTWOOD Chamber of Commerce 925.634.3344 City of Brentwood 925.516.5400 Fire Department 925.634.3400 Garbage (CBSW) 925.516.6090

We often receive phone calls from our clients wondering who is the best when it comes to all things home related. For that reason, we hope you enjoy our Preferred Vendor List. As an ongoing effort to be a resource and service to our clients long after the close of escrow, we provide this list as a convienence to you as you get settled in your new home.

Gas & Electric (PG&E) 800.743.5000

This guide is provided as a courtesy and is a continuous work in progress. It has been created from dependable referrals by clients and business leaders. It is the sole responsibility of the hiring party to research licensing, insurance, and any other personal concerns to each individual’s satisfaction, prior to any employment of a vendor’s services. Dudum Real Estate Group does not endorse nor guarantee the work any of the service providers listed.


Brentwood School District 925.513.6300 Phone, Internet, Cable (AT&T) 800.288.2020 Phone, Internet, Cable (Comcast) 800.934.6489 Police Department 925.634.6911 Brentwood Water 925.516.5415

Chamber of Commerce 925.837.4400 City of Danville 925.314.3388 Fire Department 925.838.6600 Garbage (CCCSWA) 925.685.4711 Gas & Electric (PG&E) 800.743.5000 Phone, Internet, Cable (AT&T) 800.288.2020 Phone, Internet, Cable (Comcast) 800.934.6489 Police Department 925.314.3700 Danville Schools (SRVUSD) 925.552.5500 Water (EBMUD) 866.403.2683

LAFAYETTE Chamber of Commerce 925.284.7404


City of Lafayette 925.284.1968

Alameda County Sheriff 510.667.7721

Fire Department 925.941.3300

Contra Costa Animal Control 925.335.8300

Garbage (CCCSWA) 925.906.1801

Animal Licensing & Care 925.335.8310

Gas & Electric (PG&E) 800.743.5000

Contra Costa County Sheriff 925.646.2441

Lafayette School District 925.927.3500

Department of Motor Vehicles 800.777.0133

Phone, Internet, Cable (AT&T) 800.288.2020

Poison Control 800.523.2222

Phone, Internet, Cable (Comcast) 800.934.6489 Police Department 925.284.5010 Water (EBMUD) 866.403.2683


Chamber of Commerce 925.934.2007 Vendor VENDOR City of Walnut Creek 925.943.5800


ALARM Bay AlarmSYSTEM S 800.610. 1000 House ADT Secu Cleaning Best Clea 866.251. rity | 925.586. ning, Patti Interior 5067 Burke 7766 ACCOUN DUCT Ramona TAN CLEANI Sandy ANJ Airdu Hodges T 925.305. NG 925.362. 925.914. ct Cleaners 8450 shodgesc9966 , Jeff Math 7324 E&G Clea pa@aol.c is GARAGE ELDERL om 925.381. ning, Elme APPLIAN CMS Gara DOORS r Lauren Y-CONSU 1510 Eppinger LTING High-Tec CE REP 925.634. ge Door 510-693s Inc AIR Maria h Appl 7267 Tony 0284 , LCSW Mart iances HVAC 925.451. inez 925.348. Chandler ELECTR 2713 Moore | HEATING 3480 510.657. Garage Door Mechanic & A/C Edam’s ICIAN 925.837. House 8700 s Better Cleaning 650.296.Electric, Ashr 3321 al Hom Hous 925.674. es Serv Contra uf Edam 7678 e Prep | Exterior PAPER/ ices , Howard Comerfor 925.946. 1414 925.299.Costa Door Shredwo FILE DISP Mario 2500 Bass s 925.283. d’s 0988 Magana OSING Navi Appl Kyle Taylorks 925. 0460 East Bay 595.1375 925.779. iance Bay Area 510.760. r Freschi Barroso Real Esta 0175 SOIL 925.798. Doors, Willie 2765 te Reno Shanahan | DRA 800.794.Air Systems 925.586. 3280 vations Doni Jim Mello INAGE ARCHITE , 925.250. than Pacific 925.212. Electric, 2653 3533 Rick Shreddin CTS Chris 925.484. 5327 Loving GRANITE 9798 Jon Joys & Com g Com 2403, Air Perfo Welcome | SLAB 925.944. Uni Tile pos Arch pany 925.519. 877.SHR ENGINEE rmance Build & John Was 1626 Marb itects, ing Main 9777 DDA Cons 510.782. HVAC hing ED.21 Freij R le James Inc. tenance 925.899. 925.288. 8828 truction Dennis Pearl Michael & Pow PERSON 510.339. 0174 1911 er 925.932.Alumbaugh 925.254.Brinkerhoff Direct 6655 AL CHE Scra Ston 5320 Walnut tch Window 5925 Augustine e Importers CourtneyCatering F Favro 925.299.Creek Shee Reliable Cleaning Engi Martinez Arc Hom 510.357. Lopez t Meta 925.457. Mathews 925.376. neering, 7000 Power Window Clea l 0711 Peter Favr 925.525. Construct 925.216. es, Marianne 7362 5633 Was ion, Dave 6660 HVAC 925.254. hing, Jaso ning & o 4935 Miller EMG Hom Repair, PLUMBI ENVIRO 7622 n Priet Environm Qual SOLAR o Design 925.680. e Supply NG NMENTA Vasco Block ent, Rich ity Indoor With PAN 925. John 6188 Plum Envir Lam L 510.206. Detail, 935.3456 ELS Galo orind 925.408. bing, Bob 925.682. onmenta | MOLD Wendi 925.787. vich 4855 925.283. a Solar, Mark l, Ron Artistic 2719, 7200 Zampino 3116 Block 925.672. 1563 INSULAT Fry James 925.274.Stone 8577 Supe Syne ION Wrig All Seas E&G Clea rior 1201 rgy INST Diablo 925.788. ht 510.860. Plumbing, 925.429. Environmenta Solar 925.935.ons InsulationALLATIO 925.381. ning, Elme 5520 Vincent 925.313. GROUT 7044 9600 l, Sal Vacc N r 7965, 1510 , 0600 510.853.Bob Fry aro ASBEST The Grou | Color, Stai Klekor AEI Cons 3048 INSURAN CONCRE Plumbing SUMMER Synergy OS REM 925.323. t Specialist ns, Clea 510.261. 925.283. ultants OVAL , Tomas n, Repair State Farm CE | Hom Concrete TE 3914 Wilderne CAMPS 510.259. 1425 6000 510.658. Insurance eowners Ken Russ | Stucco 1700 Scotts ss Skills InstitFOR KID The Grou & Patio Right Root Aurora , Ken Bullo 9616 S Valley 925.766. ell ute Toni Lane Envirome ATTORN CA 925.866. t Doctor ck 925.516. er, Rick 925.689. 7569 AAA, Pete 0853 831.431. Bowles EY | REA 4525 2174 ntal 6454 925.314. r Theodore Stone 925.935.& Verna, BradL ESTATE GUTTER Vision, POOL FAMILY 2612 925.639. 3300 Damon Bowles & SPA SURVEY All Rain S Aqua Brite Catherine THERAP 1900 Matthews | SER IT | COM DeBolt ORS Shannon 925.381.gutter Systems VICE Conner IST Pool 925. 925. Civil Engi | BUILDE 803.4000 & Spa Tom Vond PUTER Rock Solid 588.5501 7620 Ramos , Shaw 925.837. B. Jones n RS 925.837.3875 neering 925.788. erBrink 925.831. , Ted 2315 Seamless Aqua Pro Dr. Suza 7799 9698 Shell & Tom O’To 925.682. Gutters 925.673. Pools & Spa 925.946.nne Dudeck Blake Custom 1480 925.283.Martin 925.932. ole 7000 5385 Service Hedl 8111 925.457. und 925.946.Concrete, 0866 Crawford Cliff Swis Superior FENCIN 2244 0956 Shee TILE her BATHTU 510.881. tmetal 925.671. Pool & Spa A&J FencG KITCHEN Concret 7858, B REF Baptista Sierra 9220 925.484. 925.370. ing, Justin Refinishin INISHIN & Randy Systems e | Drivewa 925.828. Tile & Ston Lena 3003 925.943. GYM 0747 G Bonner BATHROOM Adam’s y & Pave e, Don | HEA 1220 925.360. 877.728. Paving 6292 g, Nicole or Club Spor REMODE LTH | Baptista rs Jeff 925.463.Plaster & Tile Borg Fenc 0612 3778 FITNESS L Rossi Kevco 925.938. t, Kevin Cabr 2883 925.426. ing Tile, Refinishin Douglah Full Forc 8700 al 925.779. Tim Ross 925.755. 9620 Riviera e Conc i 9135, 925.284. Designs, Leila Craig Garn 2772 g, Kevin Blac Pools rete & HANDYM 925.325. 925.736. FINANCI kwell 4560 Stone 510.352. er AN 2477 Artistic Paving BLINDS/ Quality 3800 Dudum AL PLA 5380 Home Tom Duch NNING 925.831.Stone, Van Creative WINDOW John Dens Service Paragon Jason Financial 3500 925.788. arme CONTRA Dudum Fawley Shades and COVERIN 925.642. more 925.314. Pools 925.284. 4292 & Dave Melli CTORS Cabinetry GS 9312 Tile By 925.820. 0834 9900 Keith Dudu nger Desi Broo m Scott Watt 925.820. 6868, Contracto 925.755. gn, Stev ks Benny 925.381. Action Morgan 4323, e Pena 3837 925.766. s Pool Repa 925.413. r, Inc. 9998 Accent 925.497. 925.836. Dan DeitrStanley 9972 6277 Juan Band irs, Greg 6455 TRENCH 925.513.Shutters & 3640 ick 510. Smith Blinds LOCKSM 925.743. a 891.0597 7130 LINES Rooter Jorge POOL 1126, Santos Bomac’s ITH LEAK 925.260. 925.676.Master (sep Interior 925-595Complete Raymond tic only) DET 4101 4312 925.935. Ken Mind 5344 925.381.Definitions, James 925.552. Leak DeteECTION Shams 5071 Rene Palm 925.787. rup 1604 & Asso TREE ction, KC Hom 6604 ciates 925.952.Deitrick 4036 Ron SERVICE Cousin’s e Repa Reasonab CABINET Keith Coat 5242 ir POOL 925.938. Keys K&W Build FENCIN 925.752. le Tree Serv Old Worl S 510.541. s AquaTech FLORIST 8852 G & SAF 8203 Matt Kunz ers ice, Tom 3256 925.915. d Mill & Cabi Pool Aaron, East Bay Bates ETY Dad’s 925.899. nets, Kevi 0822 925.698.Covers & Fenc Hickory’s John Hago Keys Florali 7270 n 9646 925.820. ing 925.497. Tree Serv Cal Cabi 925.736. pian Bay Area 925.934. 5747 ice 7106, Cal York 2523 925.377.nets, Mark 6877 925.680. Amy, 925. Backyard MOVING 925.938. Construct 5100, s 6791 WEL (Fen Happ 998. ion 925.876. cing) Megan LS 9984 y Hand 3774 Magic Kvilhaug | DRILLIN 5418 Golden 510.531. yma Movers Coverstar 925.962.Haney Desi G 925.943. Bali Cons 7283, n, Bob Muld gns 925.685. Drilling & Pum 925.998.Cabinetry, 1119 510.368. Montee, Pool Cove er 2123 M. Teles 6613 415.722. truction, Kevi 1159 p, Dan 5913 925.383. rs HARDWO Aguilera San Fran 5442 n Bale Anderson 5623 OD FLO WINDOW Cabinet strieri Contra PROFES Hoogasio cisco 925.946. Brothers RJ Hill Omni WindS & Stain Refacing|Pain Steve, Costa Hard ORS SION n Cons Mov Flow Laur 415. 9003 woo AL ing, Arma 925.672. ers en Zahn truct 925.899. 229.2732 ers ting ORGANI Gary Little ow Syst 925.787. www.laur 5111, d Floors er 1330 ion, Bryan Hill ems ZER Nor Cal 7647 ndo 925.777. 925.202. ton Dickinson (510) FLOOR 1803 0202, 510.760.Moving, John Maramon CHIMNE 925.596. Flooring, 1681 925.855. Fleury’s, COVERIN 4306, Mizera Mike 510.385. te, Mara Cons 1002 3812 510.297. Lafayette Hoffman Y | FIRE RAT/RO 925.676. Al & Kimb G tructions 4802 Waters maracons8251 erly 925.284. Glass 925.937. Construct PLACE 3rd Gene 1010 Got Rats DENT CON t@comca ion, Bob 9510 800.232.Moving 5381 925.931. ration Floo TROL TJ, 925. Dick’s 9977 rs, Mark DECKS 1820 Carpet Dublin 852.9155 Russo Dan Biles & Floo Glass Chimney, PAINTING Gazebos 925.838. 925.673. Dick’s Rat Patro 510.774. , dan@dicksrs Hardwoo 3010 Absolute 925.356. Galore Deck 0546 Sal Russo Dan Biles 5706 d Floo Garland l 6534 s & More 510.582. Painting, m Custom CLEANI 510.774. , dan@dicks rs , Erik Kirk 888.551.Buckner California 4500 DOG 5706 925.933.Glass Carpet NG 5513 Cust WAL Brian om Carp m KER | Cleaning 1642 Golden All Abou Roga TNT Carp HAULING ets, Inc. RETAIN 925.828. n Jeff KourState Painting 925.285.t Pets, LynnPET SITTING Window 925.458. ets, Tony Dumploa 7810 ext Sergio ING WAL e 7140 Medics/S 925.639. y 9230 ds on 214 L Ruan 925. 925. 429.4546 925.639. Pacific 330.8900 Us, Eric 7421 eal Repa DRYWAL Coast Giacobaz Complete 9400 ir Jim Mars Carpet L | SCR James Steve zi YARD Mitchell Maintena Airix Haul Barr APING Hatcher ROOFING 925.690. hall nce 925.726. 925.766. y | TEX Ecliptic | LANDSC 925.798.Kay 925.202. ing, Erik 2150 Custom TURE 7968 8007 APING 4708, 3921 925.899.Landscapes, 925.963. 925.754.Roofing, Pete Jason 9941 Steve Pacific 7090 HOME 4060 Flores Barr Scott Drywall 925.766. y 925.521. Miguel Fidelity WARRAN Chandler 8007 0487, Guzman TY Home 510.444. 925.812. 800.TO.C Warr 510.657. Ham 0487 3947 Ken Errin OVER anty 5176 925.672. gton Koenig Yorkshire 1009, 925.766. 925.743.Design, Pete 800.794. Roofing r 1701 9509 Fullerton Koen 7444 , 925.595. ig 00 Pain 6094 First Choi . #1 925.957.0146ting SCREEN Bl vd 94 59 6 Khang ce Landscap S Diablo pic Le ing Custom 925.757. 925.689. Ol ym k, CA 2979 1100 Screens 19 10 t Cree Exterior Screenm Wa lnu & Land Lunar 925.933. an, Doug scap Hans Jason Landscape Ligh e Lighting 6287, Scott 925.766.en ting 925.899. 8690 SEPTIC 9941 CLEANO Ernie’s Plumbing UT MISC. 925.939. R Custom 0564 NE OW 85 888.957.Exteriors A1 Plum www.cus 7800 KER/ 2909 tom-exte BROLBRE# 01 37.4000 6909 CA 925.9 .4001

D red feRrRE PrFeE r oR PRE VEeNnDdO V LLIiSsTt

Fire Department 925.941.3300 Garbage (CCCSWA) 925.906.1801 Gas & Electric (PG&E) 800.743.5000 Phone, Internet, Cable (AT&T) 800.288.2020 JULIE DEL SANTO




CALBRE# 01290985 C: 925.818.5500 O: 925.937.4000 F: 925.937.4001 EMAIL: JULIE@DUDUM.COM WWW.DUDUM.COM


O: 5.937 OM F: 92 UM.C M UD M.CO LIE@D : JU W.DUDU WW



C: 92

.d www


1910 Olympic Blvd. #100 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Police Department 925.943.5844 Walnut Creek School District 925.944.6850 Water (EBMUD) 866.403.2683


__ ______ __________ __ __ ______ __________ _ __ __ ______ __________ __ __ __ ______ __________ __ __ __ ______ __________ ___ _____ ______ ______ ______ __ __ ______ __________ ____ __ __ ______ __________ ____ __ __ ______ __________ _____ __ ______ ______ _____ ______ __



.c udum

Phone, Internet, Cable (Comcast) 800.934.6489

I ofte n wonde receive ring wh things o is hom enjoy our e relate is provid annual Pr in progreed as a cou referra ss. It has b ls sole res by clients an pon licensing, sibility of insurance concer , ns any em to each ind iv ployment myself, of a nor Du guaran dum Re tee any a of the ser I hope you find we are this gui never too bus d and refe y fo rrals!

Complete list available from your agent at closing


CALBRE /OWNER .818.550 # 0 O: 925 01290985 .937.400 F: 925 0 .937 JULIE@ DUDUM..4001 WWW.D COM UDUM.C OM

C: 925


WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY “Dudum Real Estate Group are great communicators, very responsive, considerate of our opinions and were very honest with us. Impressive work...thanks for a job well done”

~JOHN LUCAS & ANN NORBY “Dudum Real Estate Group exhibits great confidence in their knowledge about the current real estate market, they invested a lot of themselves into the sale of our home. They get results!”

~LARRY & ELLEN BROWN “Dudum Real Estate Group was very patient in explaining all the steps. They were a pleasure to work with and we appreciated their professionalism.”

~ED & ELIZABETH BOYD “Dudum Real Estate Group guided us through the purchase of our first home. They gave us great advice and were honest throughout the entire process.”

~ JUSTIN & JOANNE VERRIPS “We could never have thought of anyone but Dudum Real Estate Group to escort us through our journey of buying a home. Their insight and patience meant so much to us. We knew we were in good hands.”

~THE AHITUV FAMILY “Dudum Real Estate Group was very patient and very enthusiastic. I would recommend Dudum Real Estate Group to everyone I know. They know the Bay Area well!”

~KEITH JOHNSON & ALLISON MURPHY “Dudum Real Estate Group was always available and very dependable. I would definitely refer any of my friends and colleagues to Dudum.”

~NIKHIL GERA “Dudum Real Estate Group did a tremendous job of prepping our house for sale, handling negotiations, and worked hard to fit with our specific needs. We could not be more pleased and are recommending Dudum to everyone we know!”

~CRAIG & HEATHER BUCKSER “Dudum Real Estate Group did an excellent job of explaining every part of the sales process. They are the best brokerage we know and we have been referring them to everyone we know.”


THE POWER OF COMMITMENT Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than words. It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time, year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of, the power to change in the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism. Once one commits, providence happens, and things are able to fall into place. Here at Dudum Real Estate Group, we are committed to you!

OPENING DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY... It’s what we do. We look forward to opening doors for you!

DUDUM REAL ESTATE GROUP BRENTWOOD 160-B Guthrie Lane #3 Brentwood, CA 94513 DANVILLE 100 Railroad Ave. Suite A Danville, CA 94526 LAFAYETTE 999 Oak Hill Rd. #100 Lafayette, CA 94549 WALNUT CREEK 1910 Olympic Blvd. #100 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 CAL BRE#: 01882902

©2016. Dudum Real Estate Group has not independently verified the information contained herein and therefore, assumes no legal responsibility for its accuracy. Buyer should investigate any matters or items disclosed, identified or about which they have concerns to their own satisfaction. Rev. 120816

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