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Visual Guide to Joining the Library online Follow our visual guide to join the library online. You can follow this guide on-screen or print it out to make things easier.

To Start click here

Fill in your details. You can click the arrow for choices

Put in your door number and postcode. Click find and it will fill in the rest.

We can send item available and pre-overdue messages by text and or email

Ethnic origin, language, and disability are optional but filling them in helps us focus our services.

If you do not wish to provide ethnic origin you must select ‘not provided’

When an item is ready for collection we will let you know

We also send helpful pre-overdue reminders

Choose any 4 numbers

Choose a home branch. This is your local library or the one you use the most.

View the terms and conditions and the Data Protection statement. Once you agreed to them click continue and that’s it!

After you click continue you will be provided with instructions on what to do next.

Visual Guide to Joining online  
Visual Guide to Joining online  

Visual guide to joining the library online