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Volume 55 | Issue 1

Welcome to the DU Diamond! Dear Reader, Welcome to Volume 55, Issue 1 of the Delta Upsilon Diamond, a publication of the Georgia Tech Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity. This newsletter is the first of many, bringing you the latest news and stories from the brothers at the Georgia Tech Chapter (Delta Upsilon Fraternity’s Diamond Chapter). We invite you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the stories in this “Throwback” edition of the DU Diamond. Note: This issue is longer than the ones to come due to it being the first one of the year. Dikaia Upotheke, The Gentlemen of Delta Upsilon at Georgia Tech

President’s Report Dear Alumni, My name is Ethan Lai, the current chapter president of the Georgia Tech Delta Upsilon Fraternity. I pledged in the fall of 2008, and since then, loved every second that I’ve been in DU. It is truly an honor that I can give back to the chapter in my last year of school, serving as the chapter president.

I am proud to present the latest alumni newsletter for the Spring 2012 semester. I firstly have to thank our Alumni Relations officer, Tanveer Chandok, for working so hard on making this first newsletter possible and for the quality of its production. I wanted to quickly highlight some key goals I want to accomplish during my term as president as well as give you a quick update of how the chapter is doing. First and foremost is our push for increased alumni relations in all of the chapter’s functions; from organized tailgates, to a once a semester alumni event, to the best homecoming event ever thrown for you all. Secondly, we as a chapter want to grow externally, and we are making that push through pushing more involvement on campus outside of DU, as well as within our community in Atlanta. The chapter right now stands at around 50 members, which is towards the smaller side, but we see huge potential for growth in the coming years, as the younger members not only outnumber the older generation, but also are natural born leaders. I am very excited in the direction this chapter is going and the things we as a brotherhood are going to achieve. Thank you again for reading and it is my hope that these newsletters will keep you not only informed on what the chapter is doing, but will remind you of the good times that you had at Delta Upsilon. Sincerely, Ethan Lai Chapter President Fall 2008 Pledge Class

Introducing the Officers for 2012 All the Officers serving on the Executive Committee (EC) and Member Education Committee (MEC) were asked to introduce themselves and list their goals for the coming year. Here are their responses: Vice President of Member Education I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student. I am also a cadet in the US Army ROTC. I have previously served as Philanthropy Chairman and Athletic Development Chairman. As Vice President of Member Education I look forward to educating our newest associate members as well as organizing many of our chapter's activities over the next semester. Nicholas Fletcher Fall 2009 Pledge Class Vice President of Recruitment I am a third year Industrial Engineering major from Lawrenceville, GA with a beautiful girlfriend of 16 months named Maggie. I was initiated into Delta Upsilon in April 2010 and since have served as Athletic Chairman and Rush Chairman while participating in numerous chapter activities such as intramurals, St. Baldrick's, and the DU Leadership Institute. In my time at Tech, I have served twice as a FASET Orientation leader, I have served on an SGA committee, I have been a freshman seminar assistant, and I was recently selected to be a campus tour guide for the coming spring. I am a major sports fan, and outside of Georgia Tech sports I am a fan of the University of Louisville, the Atlanta Braves, and the Atlanta Falcons. I look forward to doing my best to improve our chapter while serving as our Vice President of Recruitment for the coming year! Joey Weaver Spring 2010 Pledge Class

Treasurer I am a 4th year Industrial Engineering major here at Georgia Tech. As Treasurer, I plan on making the fraternity as fiscally sound as possible. I intend on pushing initiatives to reduce the energy waste in the house and promote smarter use of funds. Robert Grant Spring 2009 Pledge Class House Manager I am a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering major from Wallingford, Connecticut. Outside of Delta Upsilon I am part of the aerospace engineering Honors program and Sigma Gamma Tau, the national aerospace engineering honors society. In my free time I enjoy backpacking, camping, kayaking, and skiing. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree I wish to pursue a Master's degree. Afterwards I would like to work in the space technology industry. In the past year there have been drastic changes to the house. During the summer we witnessed the replacement of our kitchen roof as well as the complete reconstruction of the staircase by our brotherhood during work week. Also this fall we were successfully able to fill the house for the first time in recent memory as well as see an overall increase in a communal brotherhood sense of responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the house. Since taking over this position in December, I have been constantly working to make sure this trend of constant improvement continues now and in the future. Although some minor budgetary setbacks have occurred due to some mechanical issues with the HVAC systems, plans are still in full swing to bring further improvements this semester such as new, chapter owned washers and dryers and a complete reseeding of the lawn. Going into the rest of the semester with a bright lookout we hope to see these changes as well as many more come to fruition. Sean Chait Fall 2010 Pledge Class

Member at Large

Philanthropy Chairman

I am a fourth year Electrical Engineer from Marietta, OH. I pledged in the fall of 2008, my first semester, and have previously held the offices of Rush Chair and Vice President of Recruitment. Since my first involvement with EC as Vice President of Recruitment, I have taken an interest in mediating and resolving conflicts in our fraternity. I feel that it is the duty of member at large to always work in the interest of the brotherhood and organization as a whole. This means looking beyond individual opinions and friendships toward what will improve the appearance and operations of our chapter. I am a strong believer in finding a documented and systematic solution to every problem. One of my strongest personal values is accountability; making sure that each brother upholds the trust and responsibility we all expect. I look forward to encouraging our chapter growth by ensuring we always make the most effective, informed decisions. Tom Pethel Fall 2008 Pledge Class

My goals for the semester are to win the St. Baldrick’s Foundation competition, setup consistent philanthropy events, and gain close ties to a charitable organization. I’m following in the footsteps of a successful chairman, Brother Ross Lucier, and hope to have as much an impact as he did. Over the next two semesters I hope to instill a mindset that the brotherhood of Delta Upsilon is devoted to giving back. Taylor Willoughby Fall 2011 Pledge Class

Risk Management and Loss Prevention Chairman I am a second year Chemical Engineering major. So far the semester has gone pretty well. We have had a few issues though. The first incident was at the end of last semester, where our front door was kicked in by two, drunken individuals who did not cause much harm, but entered our front door with ease even though it was locked. The second incident was at the beginning of this semester. It involved a few individuals also breaking into our house through our front door that was once again locked. It seems to be a recurring theme that our front door can easily be broken in to. We attempted to make the front door better during work week, but I feel as though a new front door is severely needed. Other than that, I am hoping for a great semester and I am continuing to ensure that our house remains safe and secure. Devin Johnson Spring 2011 Pledge Class

Cultural Development Chairman I am a sophomore at Georgia Tech majoring in Industrial Engineering. This is my second year as a brother of DU. Last year I held the position of Risk Management and Loss Prevention Officer. This year I took the opposite route and decided to become Cultural Development Officer. My job includes planning parties, bringing the brotherhood closer and working closely with Campus Relations to plan mixers and events with sororities. Sohan Chatterjee Fall 2010 Pledge Class Scholarship Chairman My name is Ray DeCuir, and I am a second year Computer Science major from Baton Rouge, LA. I'm interested in developing algorithms for high performance computers. After graduating I'd like a software engineering position on Wall Street, designing software for financial trading. As Scholarship Chair, it is in my goals to consistently keep the fraternity’s GPA above a 3.0 and enhance Word (a collection of past tests and quizzes). I am also trying to create a booklet of resumes of all recent Alumni. Ray DeCuir Fall 2010 Pledge Class

Athletic Development Chairman

Campus Relations Chairman

I am a 4th year Civil Engineer at Tech and I have been part of Delta Upsilon since the spring of 2009. I love DU to death and am a very active brother. Previously I was the Campus Relations chairman and the Vice President of Member Education. My goals as Athletic Development Chairman for this year are simple: win Greek Week and Homecoming and improve the general athletic well-being of my brothers. Bryan Cantwell Spring 2009 Pledge Class

I’ve been hard at work trying to win over the hearts of all the sorority girls on campus for my brothers this semester. Some fellow brothers and I have had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of Tech’s most beautiful women. Of course there was an inherent danger in these presentations. Luckily, my brothers and I looked so fly that they couldn’t refuse our offer. We almost didn’t make it out with our lives. I’m looking forward to enjoying a great year with my bros and the all of the ladies. I want to continue building up our Fraternity’s values. In all seriousness though, we have a dinner coming up with the beautiful ladies of Alpha Delta Pi and look forward to promoting our fraternity’s image on campus. Jacob Anderson Fall 2010 Pledge Class

Secretary I am Manav Bhatia, a current 3rd year Industrial Engineering major. I am the chapter secretary for the 2012 academic year. My job revolves around keeping organized records of all official fraternity meetings and keeping other brothers accountable for their actions and inaction. I assist other officers in organization of documents and act as an administrative position between the president and the active members. Last year, Danny Cook and Zach Slaney performed their duties with pride and motivation and I want to build on that momentum. Manav Bhatia Fall 2010 Pledge Class Rush Chairman I am a sophomore, Business administration and psychology major. I am from Tyrone, Georgia. In my free time I enjoy playing football, basketball, baseball, weightlifting, racquetball, reading, and watching documentaries. I enjoy cooking in my free time as well. My goal after graduating from Georgia Tech is to pursue a PhD in either school psychology or sport psychology and my dream job is to become a football coach. Zach Slaney Fall 2010 Pledge Class

Alumni and Parents Relations Chairman I am a 3rd year international student (from India) studying Aerospace Engineering while pursuing a minor in Economics and a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management. I hope to have a career in business relating to the Aerospace field in the realm of the Indian Defense Sector. As Alumni and Parents Relations Chairman, I want to change what we have been doing and work on new methods to gauge Alumni interest and work on programs that benefit the Alumni and the brothers. One of these plans is to bring back a regular newsletter that informs Alumni and Parents of the Chapters inner workings. Furthermore, we are starting a new program at the house called the “Alumni Time Capsule”. The purpose behind this is to seal documents and/or objects, donated by the semesters graduating class, for a period of 10 years and have that same graduating class, and the current pledge class at the time (after 10 years), open it. I also want to have regular Alumni involvement with the brothers. For all news on how you can get involved with brothers, please take a look at the “Upcoming Alumni Events” section. Tanveer Singh Chandok Spring 2010 Pledge Class

St. Baldrick’s Philanthropy Event

Trip to Mt. Washington

“St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives.” That is the mission statement of the Georgia Tech Chapter of Delta Upsilon’s current philanthropic event. St. Baldricks raised over 28 million dollars for childhood cancer and Delta Upsilon is proud to have played an integral part. The non-profit is successful because of multiple events hosted nationwide, where communities come together after raising money for the organization, and shave their heads to show sympathy and support towards those diagnosed with cancer.

On January 22nd, recent alumni Chris Haile and his little brother, current undergrad, Robert Grant summited Mount Washington in New Hampshire. During their trip to the "Everest of the East", they spent the weekend learning how to ice and alpine climb and camped out in the -15 degree weather. This is a picture of them posing at the summit after hiking several miles through snowy wilderness.

Brother Robert Grant (left) and recent Alumni (Chris Haile)

Brother Sohan Chatterjee at the event in 2011 Two years ago the fraternity took part in this campus wide fundraiser and raised under a thousand dollars, but last Spring, led by Brother Ross Lucier, the fraternity came together and raised the most money on campus breaking 19,000 dollars raised for the charity. As philanthropic development chair, I hope to achieve a similar goal in order to help the foundation and continue to demonstrate that Delta Upsilon is doing its best to have a positive impact on the community. We are relying on friends, family, and alumni to once again prove that we are dedicated to the promotion of cancer research and as long as St. Baldrick’s hosts an event in Atlanta we will be behind them 100%. For more information on the organization, please visit: to donate, please search for “Delta Upsilon” and visit our page. Submitted by Brother Taylor Willoughby

Upcoming Alumni Events St. Baldricks Fundraiser at Ribs N Blues When: 7pm – 9pm. Thursday, February 23rd Where: Ribs N Blues. 86 5th Street, NW Atlanta GA 30308 Please come out to support us at Ribs N Blues where a part of the sales that night will be going to the charity! We will also be hosting a 50/50 raffle at the event! You can buy tickets at the event and the raffle will take place at 8:30! Alumni and Brotherhood Golf Driving Range Retreat When: 2pm – 5pm. Saturday, April 21st Where: Fox Creek Golf Club. Smyrna, GA Come and join the brothers at the driving range to practice your game, meet brothers and reminiscence the good old days! Drinks afterwards!

Delta Upsilon Diamond News Volume 55 Issue 1  
Delta Upsilon Diamond News Volume 55 Issue 1  

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