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Dedicated to the voyagers of this world who chart the seas beyond the great ether curtain. And to my loving wife, Lana, who has shared so much of my daring voyage; And my grandmother, Emma King, who outfitted my boat, here, and in spirit.


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Chapter 1.

W hy be a Medium? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chapter 2.

The Spirit World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chapter 3.

Meditation and Mediumship . . . . . . . . . . .


Chapter 4.

The Medium



Chapter 5.

The Seance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chapter 6.

Prophecy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chapter 7.


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Chapter 8.

Auras . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chapter 9.

Reincarnation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .






Chapter 10. Pieces of the Puzzle . . .. . ... .

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Did you ever wonder where a candle flame goes when you blow it out? Is it dead? Is it gone forever or may it exist in some otherform? -Guy Murchie


Forget the movies, plays, and novels that depict a furtive group of odd ducks huddled around a table in a darkened room, while a vicious thunderstorm crescendoes above an isolated manor house. In these dramatic interpretations the seance medium, usually rotund and pale, looks up from her trance with frightened globular eyes, shrieks a pronounce­ ment, then faints dead away-so to speak. In reality, mediums or "sensitives" are earnest men and women from all walks of life, just like you and me. Simply stated, mediums are people who act as intermediaries be­ tween this world and the "other side." They happen to be more psychically attuned. At birth we all are given the gift of seeing beyond this humble Earth plane into the other dimensions, but as we grow older we cast this natural ability aside, and with dis­ use these rudimentary powers become flabby and out of shape. Mediums did not lose this ability. Mediums, gener­ ally speaking, are a sincere group of individuals confident in their knowledge, patience, desire, and intense belief, earnest that they can make a difference by communicating with spirit entities in the unseen world. Science generally tends to scoff at the practitioners of the paranormal arts because scientists have not sincerely in­ vestigated these phenomena with unbiased research meth­ ods. However, ask the many thousands of people who have



seen spirits, had personal contact with discarnate entities, and those who have had near-death experiences (NDEs), and you will understand that even the scientific and medi­ cal communities with "logical" technology cannot deliver all of the answers. As for the theologians that assail mediums for their spirit contact-calling them unnatural practitioners of the blcick arts or necromancers-always remember the multi­ tude of prophets and miracles that occurred in those faiths. These are magnificent people in most religious texts who did the very things that mediums are admonished for. Much of the material contained in this volume, coupled with sincere conviction, realistic expectation, and an altruis­ tic attitude can take you on an exciting journey that will not only help you personally, but will help many others. This practical guide contains the basic fundamentals of realistic mediumship with pointers on how to launch your own voyage of self-discovery. It is not meant to be a schol­ arly dissertation. The focus is on pure and practical day-to­ day application intended to enrich lives. When you are ready to believe that there are more dimensions than we could ever imagine, you will begin to work with your natu­ ral mediumistic abilities.


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Death is an entrance to experience rather than an exit from it. -Charles Lindbergh

HY WOULD ANYONE WANT to make contact with Wthe spirit world in the first place? What possible ben­

efit could come from communication with the deceased? These two simple questions are at the heart of mediumship. Frequently, a biblical admonishment against spirit contact is quoted: For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not any thing... . their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun. . . . [T]here is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave (Ecclesiastes, 9:5, 6, 10).1

But the grave is not the end! Some faiths believe that at death the soul is released. Forget the traditional notion of a withered shell waiting the moment of resurrection. The soul-our very essence-departs the body at death. Now comes the first test in your quest for THE answer. Where does that energy, that certain, unique life force, go? Ask the hundreds of thousands of people across our planet 1 All biblical quotes are from The Holy Bible, authorized King James Version (Lon­ don: Oxford University Press, n.d.).

2 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

who have had a near-death experience. The medical com­ munity's cold, simplistic solution is that a secretion of brain chemicals floods the brain with delusions as the brain is de­ nied oxygen, saying that the people who were pronounced clinically dead, then later revived, were never really dead in the first place, their stories being merely remnants of dreams. Again, why would we want to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side-if there is such a place? The medium's self-assured answers would be: 1. To comfort the bereaved; to lessen pain and guilt;

2. To pray for, and assist, the departed soul in its tran­ sition; 3. Knowledge; 4. To negate fear of death and establish peace of mind for the living; 5. To open communication and dialogue with the spirit world; 6. To reveal to the living that there are possible pay­ backs or rewards for mortal actions; 7. The development of prophesy; 8. For healing. And then you might ask why the departed would want to enter into communication with the living. 1. "I'm okay" messages to loved ones;

2. "Relax, you're going to be all right when it's your time to join us"; 3. To give help and assistance; 4. Interest and curiosity in the living; 5. To settle unfinished business left behind.

Why Be AMedium?



Most people at one time or another think about their per­ sonal mortality, and then, out of fear, indifference, or igno­ rance, push the greatest of all adventures to the side. The medium does not. It's not a morbid preoccupation with death that drives the medium, it is a never-ending thirst for knowledge and a profound willingness to help others. True mediumship can be a discipline that can be as exciting and new as an explorer's first discovery. This incredible psychic gift is not satanic, sinful, or a waste of time or energy, but, instead, is an enlightened, progressive path that leads one to find the answers that have bewildered and frightened human beings since they were first able to reason. W hy shiver in the darkness of night when you could be warming yourself in glorious sunshine? Several years ago I conducted my own personal straw poll, attempting to ascertain why people became mediums and psychics. I attended workshops and countless lectures, read shelves of books, researched related articles, all the while trying to determine if there was a common thread as to why they decided to take the plunge into the field. Listed below are the responses that came up with the most frequency. Could some of these fit your interests in mediumship? 1. Felt they were psychically gifted; 2. Have had unexplained "experiences"; 3. Curious; 4. Afraid of death, and this was the way of combating this fear; 5. Want to believe; 6. Search for meaning; 7. Want to make contact with the departed; 8. Desire to help others; 9. Adventurous; 10. Belief in the eternal progress of the soul.

4 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

These were the most common responses, however I ran into other motives: 1. Excitement;

2. Escape from daily, mundane routine; 3. Research; 4. Exposure and debunking of psychics and mediums; 5. Desire to be the center of attention.

And sorry to say, there were some that simply had a screw loose. It is also interesting to note that the majority of medi­ ums I've met and read about have been women, coming from a traditional Protestant background, with many hav­ ing a college education, and most holding mainstream employment.

PersonalNotes The birth of my interest in mediumship occurred when I was a teenager. When I was 14, I had a series of unusual dreams, now mainly forgotten, but a few so vivid that I can recall detail for detail. In these dreams, I met people I had never known. One dapper gentleman, dressed in a hounds­ tooth suit and white spats, appeared regularly in my dreams, usually delivering lectures on the importance of homework and imparting advice on how to get along with family members. One day really stands out. My maternal grandmother was showing me a very old family picture album I hadn't seen before. In it were faded pictures of some people that I had actually seen in my dreams, but one pic­ ture in particular struck me: it was the dapper gentleman who had hounded me about my homework and family re­ lationships. It was my grandfather who had passed over in 1932!

Why Be A Medium? • 5

My grandmother was amazed that I knew so much about our deceased relatives, and in particular her husband, my grandfather. If she had only known that I was also privy to several very delicate family secrets, I'm sure she would have been quite upset, however I was moved to keep them to myself because it would have been very difficult to ex­ plain my inside sources. I must also state that I was at no time unnerved by these experiences. I know I should have been but, for some reason, I simply put them aside to be dealt with at a later time. As I grew into my late teens I believe the dreams ceased; at least I cannot recall them-or there was nothing startling to recall. My next brush with the paranormal oc­ curred when I had gone to the funeral service of my grand­ mother's best friend. I had been busily twitching in the pew, hoping the morbid service would quickly end because I had to get home to change for a hot date that Saturday afternoon. I then saw her, my grandmother's friend. She was standing to the back of her open coffin, looking down at her physical remains. She was fashionably dressed in a light blue dress with white gloves, white purse, and a white pic­ ture hat, all in an early 1950s style. She looked freshly­ young with a wide beaming smile spread across her pretty face, and she had the posture of a much younger woman. She was sort of transparent and yet solid. I looked around the overflowing room to see if others had seen her, and they apparently had.not, and I knew at that exact moment our concept of death was wrong. Halfway through the tedious stream of eulogies, she liter­ ally evaporated in a "puff" of whitish-colored fog. For some reason these encounters hadn't jarred me in the least, probably because I was a high school student with a lot of life to live-proms, dates, teen stuff, and the usual hormonal surges that young men go through. Then the big jolt happened! A numbing encounter with the spirit world occurred when I was a sailor in the U.S.

6 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Navy. Our ship had moored alongside a decommissioned World War II ship in the San Diego docks. This ship, with numerous other warships, had been mothballed (preserved) for years in the eventuality of need for some future war. Our mission was to strip the ship of anything that could be sal­ vaged prior to its being reduced into scrap metal for sale to Japan. For three days, particularly when I was on night watch, my hair would almost stand on end. The large dark hulk of the deserted ship next to ours was downright spooky. W hen it became my unit's turn to open and search the bridge area of the ship, specifically the Quartermaster's storage locker, I hung safely to the back of two shipmates who opened the hatch (door). Everything was stored neatly on shelves: sextants, foul weather gear, signal flags, charts, binoculars, flare guns, and other equipment. On the bulkhead (wall) was a perfectly preserved picture of movie actress Rita Hayworth, dressed in a revealing nightgown . My nerve endings now tingled with this violation of the past. Later that night, I was on deck watch, assigned to the bridge of the deserted ship. W hile making my first series of rounds, I heard the faint sounds of music coming from the Quartermaster's storage locker. After forcing myself to open the hatch, I made contact. I can still vividly recall the shock I felt that night so many years ago. Two sailors dressed in regulation denim workshirts and pants were laughing while they stood over a third sailor who was kneeling on the deck with playing cards spread out before him. The music coming from the old radio re­ ceiver was vintage 40s dance band music, and it filled the locker storeroom. I stood, it seemed for years, trying to catch my breath, then screwed up enough courage to demand what they were doing in the storeroom. The three sailors immediately stopped laughing, looked directly into my eyes, I don't remember how long, then "faded" in micro-seconds. I had

Why Be A Medium?


enough composure not to panic, and I barely remembered switching off the radio, placing the playing cards back in their box-but not before I stuffed the Queen of Hearts into my chest pocket, which I kept for years as a reminder of that evening. I am still curious as to why the cards didn't dem�­ terialize with the sailors. I later learned that this ship had been in several combat missions in the South Pacific during World War II, and had suffered considerable crew casualties. My motive in recounting these very personal experi­ ences is to show the framework on which I built my initial interests in mediumship. These encounters led me to a door I had never seen before. It would take me several years to place my hand on the doorknob and open that door will­ ingly, but eventually I did open the door, never once regret­ ting the rooms I entered. The most important question to ask yourself must be: is mediumship for me? You must search your own personality for the answer, and if you make the commitment to proceed, you must, without reservation, BELIEVE! The process is long, requiring much study, practice, and a very strong abil­ ity to meditate for long periods of time. But I guarantee that when you reach the level of having enough knowledge and practice, you will totally reframe your ideas of this life.


Oh, never a doubt but somewhere I shall wake. -Rupert Brooke


UMAN BEINGS ARE HOST to two bodies, the physi­ cal and the etheric. The basic miracle of the human

body boils down to an electro-biochemical mechanism composed of quickly vibrating atoms, which on sight and touch appear to be firmly solid in nature. However, with ill­ ness, homicide, trauma, and old age, the solid physical body's complicated atomic structure ceases to vibrate and the body disintegrates, the atoms moving elsewhere on our planet. The etheric soul, or spirit double, then detaches from the physical body and commences its next phase of evolu­ tion-the journey to the various astral planes, taking its mind and essence with it. (See figure 1, page 10.) Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, it is obviously more in­ volved than that. Let's go back to the beginning-birth. At birth, every person has a physical and etheric, or spirit, body. The spirit body is an exact duplicate of the physical body except it can never be injured or disintegrate. It is a perfect body, regardless of the human body's condition. It is attached by a cord to the physical body, head-to-head; spir­ itualists call it the "Silver Cord." The spirit body covers the physical body completely, atoms vibrating at such a high rate that it cannot be detected by the physical body's five senses-touch, taste, smell, sight, or hearing.

10 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Pure and Complete Oneness with the Universe-






Total and Final Assimilation in Universe




Understanding ol all


COSMIC KNOWLEDGE (Mental) Some "divine" planes very similar

contact and intervention with Earth


Where all of Mankind synthesizes



WISDOM (Mental) -----------------


Knowledge, training, preparation for eternal evaluation, the last


plane o f human and Earth familiarity



The planes Orientation and "Shake-down" plane; adjustment to


deceased condition commences



where mediums have the best contact success

The pay-off plane for evil and dissolute-place of hauntings


and the tragedies of human character (Pandora's Box)



Plane I


Plane I and II almost merge

Physical reality EARTH

Figure 1. Astral Planes of Eternity.


�c:: Cll

The Spirit World • 11

This spirit body is anatomically perfect, and is never deaf or blind, ill or deformed, and when it detaches on the final journey, it grows more beautiful and perfect, sur­ rounded in a dazzling white light that appears to match the sun's late afternoon brilliance. This double is only older if the spirit wants it to be. As a side note, if the person, while alive, was a disso­ lute individual who led a particularly decadent life, the etheric appearance will be dim and washed in a cloudy light, appearing withered, wrinkled, and lacking in energy. This frightening appearance can sometimes be observed if it appears on our Earth plane during hauntings in the form of a ghost, apparition, doppelganger, poltergeist, or wraith. The mind, not the physical brain, is part of the spirit body, along with all the memory that was acquired while the person was alive. The soul's intelligence will be greatly enhanced on the astral planes, but also remember that spir­ its were once human beings, and hence they took what na­ tive talents they had with them; in other words, a less than brilliant individual over here will be less than brilliant over there-at least for a while. We will always take our complete mental and moral package with us. Spirits, if they wish, can evidence the same sensations that we do.Eating, drinking, sleeping, sex, and bodily func­ tions are, however, strictly of our own primitive plane, but interest and participation in sports, hobbies, art, music, reading, dancing, recreation, etc., can continue. It has been noted over and over again during spirit contact that they have said we are the dead ones and they are the living ones. *



There are infinite numbers of spirits on the astral planes; think of all the people who have ever lived just on this planet alone, and you will begin to understand how populated these planes really are. However, in your life­ time, and if you become a medium, you will contact only a handful of these spirits.

12 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Most of us, as mediums, will have more than one per­ sonal spirit encounter. The attraction of more spirit entities will increase as we expand our mediumistic reach. All hu­ mans have at least one spirit watching over them from birth-a spirit guide or guardian angel. When personal or medical problems become distressful, a team, or "band," of these spirits is attracted. Sometimes we are personally con­ nected to them-remote ancestors, deceased relatives, friends, or, many times, simply spirit beings who wish to help us. It is a great honor for them, and for us, to be attracted to each other. By giving assistance they will progress spiritu­ ally on their plane, and if we "listen" to their guidance, we can be assisted in solving our problems.

The Spirit Team The active, advanced medium can usually be assisted by an entire team of spirits. Frequently this entourage includes a protector or control, who is an advanced guide, who can place a perimeter of protection around the medium and other individuals who have made contact. These attracted controls were once of similar or like body chemistry, and serve to protect us against unwanted entities. They are the translators, or go-betweens, for this plane and other planes; they frequently relay messages back and forth, acting as the intermediary between the medium and other spirits during the seance. Many times these controls work with the medium dur­ ing his or her entire lifetime, and a close bonding takes place. Although these spirits have no gender, they can ap­ pear to us as male or female. On this team will be a doctor, who is the leader of the band of spirits, and who is also the master teacher, one who is extremely advanced in knowledge and ability. This spirit draws upon the talent of his or her plane and assigns

The Spirit World • 13

spirits for each mission. This "doctor" also works on the health and well-being of the living during healing sessions. This advanced leader also helps in spiritual growth and de­ velopment. A chemist is also active on this team. The chemist in­ sures the proper mixture of energy and chemicals for health and auras, particularly during healing. Other spirit team members might appear if prophecy, music, writing, or the general arts are called on, very similar to the muses of an­ cient Greece and Rome. The guides that help us overcome adversities in our daily living and difficult health phases are the joy guides. These cherub-like spirits are children who raise the vibra­ tions of happiness and humor when we are down and out. They also help us keep an even keel during particularly up­ setting periods of stress. All of these positive spirit entities can be seen or heard by us when we are in meditational trances or deep sleep. Sometimes they make their presence known to us by whis­ pering in our ears, stroking our hair, or by giving us pre­ monitions or intuitive thoughts. Other signs of their presence are a sudden "cobweb" feeling across the face, a floral fragrance, or a sudden gust or draft of warm air. These can be either friendly assurances or warnings of danger. You might also see a sudden shadow out of the corner of your eye, or feel an immediate urge to leave a room or place. Sleep is where most of us receive direct messages from spirit contact, and whether we remember or not, our brain records these contacts. If possible, always try to immedi­ ately record these messages or thoughts when you awaken. Young and old, spirits, like all of us, can come in many different shapes and sizes. They can appear to be male or fe­ male, and they represent all races of mankind. There are even spirit animals from the entire spectrum of the animal kingdom, particularly those animals that are closest to us in friendship-dogs, cats, horses, and even birds.

14 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Spirits are surrounded by bright white auras, the more advanced ones being surrounded by violet- and golden-col­ ored light. They can shimmer and twinkle like hundreds of pin-points of light. Most of the time they are clothed and sometimes appear in floor-length, hooded robes of unusual opalescent-colored fabrics. Frequently they are suspended a few feet above the floor or ground, and can drift far above our heads. One thing they all seem to have in common is a beautiful smile and the ability to glide without any noticeable movement. Their eyes appear to be bottomless and piercing. Their voices are generally soft and have a well-modulated speech pattern. It has been observed on numerous occasions that their voices do not seem to match the movement of their lips, and some cannot be heard at all. In any case, they appear to be one-dimensional, and are usually transparent, mostly assuming the color of their aura. They "appear" for less than a half hour at a time. It has been assumed that their vibrational appearance requires such an incredible amount of energy to reach our sight and hearing that they quickly become drained of their spirit force.An ex­ perienced medium becomes very used to these higher souls' physical limitations and knows when the communication is drawing to an end.

Side Notes on Spirits and Spirit Guides To underscore some short, interesting facts on the spirit world, and for us to keep in mind, is that their world, our future world, is very different from ours. So are their per­ sonalities. Briefly, it is noted that: •

A spirit guide is a protector.

Not everyone has one at all times.

Few of us are fortunate enough to even know their name(s).

The Spirit World • 15 •

Spirits choose to visit whom they want to and when they want to. We go by linear time, they don't. Spirits can be in a confused mental state, some are even angry and hostile, while others are obsessed with their "abandonment."

Unwanted SpiritEntities Now, some discussion must be entered about the lower­ level entities. Just as there are many higher-level spiritual entities, there are many questionable entities that surround us. These pathetic spirits are ones who did not lead the most moral existence while they were on our Earth plane. They were involved with the perversions of the very soul: mur­ der, greed, theft, drugs, alcohol, suicide, hate, lust, and other deviations. We must never judge them, but one thing is for sure-we leave them alone! They represent the worst possi­ ble aspects of human nature, and they are in a pay-back sta­ tus, with little possible chance for advancing their souls to the higher planes. They must be avoided with all possible means; some at­ tempt to enter our world under the guise of higher spirits. They promise the unsuspecting everything, and once they catch their victims off guard, they attempt to establish pri­ macy. They possess and haunt, and once they establish a foothold, they literally sap away energy from the living. They can be recognized by their unearthly and un­ pleasant smells; tantrums, weeping, and moaning is com­ mon, and their dark brown to black-colored aura is very noticeable. They also can come to us via dreams. Protection must always be invoked to keep their entry­ way closed. The experienced medium will always insure that proper protection and guidance is the first step to ANY spirit contact.

16 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

The Soul Catchers Suspend your thoughts and ideas of scientific logic and technological skepticism for a few brief moments. Scientifi­ cally speaking-at least for the present-the spirit world and the very notion of soul and soul survival cannot be log­ ically proven to those who have never had paranormal ex­ periences. To most members of the medical and scientific community, the very idea of a spirit world and its implica­ tions approach the irrational and the absurd. To accept the concept of soul and a spirit world, you must develop faith. We seem to have cosmic faith in mar­ riage, family, country, money, employment, electronic tech­ nology, and yes, even that our car will start the moment we plunge the key into the ignition. Yet the belief in t�aven or hell is briefly nodded at in our temples of worship. A begin­ ning medium's interest in the afterlife requires much faith, more than deriving a thrill from ghost movies, paranormal television plays, and esoteric novels. An open mind to the possibilities of an afterlife requires a more solid assurance than that the sun will rise in the morning and set at night. I will concede that the acceptance of life after death ap­ pears to depart from the "normal" fringes of reason, and does demand a broad leap of faith; however, I and, I trust, many others, have a base of personal encounters to support our beliefs. For thousands of years, all civilizations-advanced and the most primitive-have offered the philosophical premise that humankind will transition to some sort of heaven, par­ adise, garden, nirvana, void, and even a spirit world. Countless prophets and religious leaders throughout time have told their devoted about the last and great "Final Mir­ acle" of a sanctuary of peace that awaits the faithful. Also, for thousands of years across our globe, and in all cultures, countless ghosts and spirit forces have been ob­ served and consulted by groups and individuals. Perhaps some of these spirit sightings were brought on by mass hys-

The Spirit World • 17

teria, hallucinations, wishful thinking, even by nature's awesome phenomena, but the bottom line is that many paranormal experiences have not been logically explained away. Hundreds of thousands of human beings, past and present, in all religions, races, and cultures, have undergone Near-Death Experiences (NOEs) through such traumas as wars, diseases, attempted suicides, medical operations, car accidents, and so forth, tending to support and uphold the theory of a spirit world. NDE accounts have contributed to a vast and growing body of information that fills countless bookshelves and television talk shows. Are these experi­ ences merely self-delusional? Many in the medical community state these NDE sur­ vivors were never really dead in the first place, or they would not now be alive. Supposedly they were suffering from hallucinations brought on by hypoxia, the state of hav­ ing oxygen deprivation to the brain. People who have had NOEs say they see a light at the end of a tunnel. It has been said that the experience of movement through a lighted tun­ nel was a throwback to the subconscious memory of the birth canal. Is there irrefutable scientific and medical proof that NDE's are not real? No, not really. Some individuals in­ volved in paranormal research seem to be convinced that medical and psychological research will eventually bring to light bona fide facts that might endorse the supposition that much more exists than what we know as our present sphere of reality. My two experiences with NOEs occurred as a young child, leaving me with many unanswered questions, ques­ tions that I still have no answers for, but I can still vividly re­ call what I saw and experienced. The spirit world is filled with saints, angels, ancestors, sinners, demons, deities, and all of the souls that once walked among us. It must be a matter of faith that you ac­ cept the reality of an astral world on your journey of medi-

18 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

umship. If you've had direct encounters, then you know your own reality. Until you have a brush with these eternal souls, keep an open mind. If you are seeking validation of the spirit planes and its beings, you will have to look inward for the answers. Could a psychic or a medium help unravel the great mystery for you? Perhaps, but never expect others-no matter how gifted-to reveal everything for you. You must conduct your own search. As an aid for your search, I sincerely believe that every­ one, the living and the dead, are connected telepathically. Death does not end this telepathic exchange. Through trance, dreams, or meditation, you are able to make this tele­ pathic connection. Isn't it an exciting proposition to know: 1. We can turn to higher beings for advice and knowl­ edge;

2. We can have interactive conversations with those be­ ings;

3. We have a partner(s) in developing our spirituality; 4. We all have someone, perhaps many someones, to look after us .. . and care; 5. We can have inner peace and harmony knowing that our transition will continue when it is Lime to move on; 6. We can help others in their quest for meaning; 7. We can be catalysts for spreading unselfish love. I magine a place like the spirit world where race, gender, age, disabilities, politics, wars, possessions and status are to­ tally meaningless. Remember to always question the reality that is sold to us! Is our world the illusion and their world the reality?

The Spirit World • 19

Personal Notes Several years ago, while in a deep meditative trance, I was allowed a peek into the spirit world. Prior to this momen­ tous event I was beginning to have real doubts concerning my psychic and mediumistic abilities. I was frustrated and discouraged because I wanted personal "physical" proof of the spirit world. Then I saw. I was like a camcorder moving first to the left, then to the right, my eyes focusing like a zoom lens, tak­ ing in every detail. I saw vast expanses of meadows, lakes, forests, rolling foothills, and jagged snow-covered peaks, similar to the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. Everything was painted in prismatic colors that changed with the blinking of the eyes-outrageous and "unearthly" colors that numbed every sense I had. What stunning beauty! No words, pictures, or descriptive narrative will ever do justice in describing this Summerland of exquisite beauty. The fragrances of freshly mowed hayfields intermingled with the pristine smells of fresh water, forests, and moun­ tains. I was overwhelmed with the majesty of this panorama.

I could see no spirit souls, or animals, nor could I feel any movement of mountain wind. Everything was still, yet I heard breezes singing through the gigantic evergreen trees. I knew somehow, that all I had to do was to think of de­ parted relatives and friends, and that they would appear, but I was too entranced with the beauty of the moment. The second visit was again stunning. This time I found myself sitting in a meadow at the base of a mountain glacier, doing meditation within meditation. I later ascertained that

I had been on this spirit plane for thirty-five minutes! Noth­ ing I write will ever do justice to what I saw or experienced. The intense peace I felt will live in my memory, although I have never been able to recapture those two incredible mo­ ments. I will never doubt the existence of the spirit world again, fully realizing that the spirit world is more than an il­ lusion stuck in the world of shadows.

CHAPTER3 MEDITATION AND MEDIUMSHIP Think the thought, See the image, Develop a feeling, Respond with the body, Produce the results. -James




CANNOT forced on a "slam-bang" demand basis. The fine tuning of these raw skills, very

similar to the training, talent, and education needed by a sci­ entist, musician, or artist, is obtained through knowledge, belief, and practice. The first step in the development of spir­ itual unfoldment is achieved by meditation. The objective of meditation is to quiet the mind and relax the body. When you meditate on a daily basis, prefer­ ably twice a day, you will find that you are able to deal with the difficulties of the day more easily, and you are also able to sleep well. For our purposes, you will be able to attune your mind to the rhythm and flow of this world; eventually (no set time frame) you will be able to look beyond the con­ fusion of this world into the spirit world. It must be noted that to approach a good meditational state, coffee, tea and a heavy meal will decrease your energy level; alcohol and drugs will completely block any attempt at a safe and valid meditation level.

Stepl After dressing in loose, comfortable clothing, choose a pri­ vate and quiet place. Try to always meditate in the same place if possible, but a motel room if you travel, the forest, mountains, and oceans will also do, just as long as you are

22 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

free from distractions, noise, and have a comfortable place to sit. Never meditate in total darkness. Meditate while sit­ ting up because lying down will cause you to fall asleep. The ideal position is to sit in a comfortable chair with your feet firmly placed on the floor, your back straight, hands with the palms turned upward in your lap or on your knees. Avoid meditation with crossed legs or arms, or in the yoga position because blood and energy do not flow as freely for our purposes, and because this position can become rather uncomfortable after a period of time. Early morning and night seem to be the best time, but be consistent with the same times if possible; your spirit guides then know when the best times are to contact you, and when you are more receptive and available. When you first start, your meditation should be once a day, four days a week, and for no more than fifteen minutes. When you become more confident, you can increase your time to thirty minutes every day, and somewhere down the road, two times per day if you desire true medium proficiency. Step2 After you are in a comfortable position and in a noise-free environment, surround yourself with protection. Medita­ tion and the sheer force of your mind will begin to open doors to the spirit world. Always remember there are good spirits and bad spirits, hence you don't want to open the door to just anyone. Recite, mentally or verbally-and with conviction-an oath of protection (your personal mantra) three times, with a feeling of total faith and love, while mentally visualizing a sparkling cloud of white light or fog slowly surrounding you. If it does not come to you on your first attempts, keep at it. A suggested prayer, oath or invocation might be, said at least three times with conviction:

Meditation and Mediumship • 23

I ask for the strength and guidance of the White Light. Please surround me (us) with your pro­ tection. Then ask your spirit leader or spirit guides to visit you. Know what you want to ask and what help you need to solve a problem.Avoid delivering an ultimatum and a laun­ dry list of requests. At all times be respectful; never, ever, demand or set an exact time or date for occurrence, remem­ bering that there is no time on the other side. If you have problems clearing your mind, enough to in­ terfere with spirit contact or focus, move your thoughts to something you can readily visualize, like a flower, a river, tree, the sky, perhaps a blank white movie screen that you can fill with remembered pleasant times, a landscape, or a scene containing your loved ones.

Step3 Practice your breathing. Take a deep breath and hold it as long as it is comfortable, then slowly exhale.Repeat as long as it takes to relax.Perhaps ten or fifteen deep breaths and exhales will be needed. Do this until you tingle. While you are doing these breathing exercises, you can tell each part of your body to relax. Focus again on relaxation, and remember that the mind will never fully shut off thoughts and a tendency to wander. Daily practice will eventually discipline the mind to hold somewhat steady. Don't force an attempt to control your mind. At the conclusion of your meditation, thank the spirits that visited you, whether you remember their visit or not. Thank them with a personal statement of conviction, such as: I thank you for all the things you have given me (us) in the past, the present, and in the future. Thank you.

24 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

In Review: Choose a quiet, private room; Choose a comfortable chair and clothing; Choose the same time; Do proper breathing; Take an oath of protection; Give thanks. In Addition: Always be expectant; Have complete belief and faith; Keep a pad of paper and a pen to take notes; Be careful what you ask for-you might get it; Be humble; Practice visualization techniques-of flowers, land­ scapes, people, etc.; Never be afraid of "them." Now analyze some of the sensations that might have oc­ curred during your meditations:

1. Suspension of feeling in the body and/or mind; 2. A feeling of detachment from your body and your physical environment;

3. Floating or a wandering sensation from body; 4. Tiny, blinking lights;

5. An aura surrounding your body; 6. Touches or strokes on your face or head;

7. A warm draft of air;

Meditation and Mediumship • 25

8. A sweet fragrance in the air;

9. Tingling sensations; 10. A deep feeling of inner peace; 11. Intense ringing or buzzing in ears; 12. Sudden loss of energy; 13. A rush of thoughts; 14. Noises and/or music; 15. A gauzy mist; 16. A vision; 17. An apparition. Think about what occurred. Make notes in a personal note­ book or diary; date them with times, later reviewing them for a connection or pattern that repeats over time. It takes time to reach the perfect meditational state, but with a great amount of unhurried and regular practice­ laced with a feeling of expectation-you will be amazed at how easy it will be to make contact. Spiritual meditation can be your own personal seance and can be used for your groups. It is always a good practice to drink water before and after meditations and the seance. Also keep hard candy on hand for a temporary boost in energy. Now, review this chapter several times before you begin. Also note that meditation can be used for weight loss, alleviation of smoking, drinking, stress, and is an excellent method leading to problem solving. Whether or not you feel you have made contact with the spirit world, be sure to ask for the help you needed in the first place. It appears to be a law in the spirit world not to give as­ sistance unless it is asked for. Many times requests for help bring solutions that are thrown into motion with a simple re­ quest. Make sure that what you ask for is what you really want.

26 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Meditation, when done on a regular basis, can be very beneficial to the medium for it will assist in achieving bal­ ance in everyday life, giving confidence and serenity. It can deliver energy, strength, and stamina; it heightens psychic abilities and sensitivity while expanding awareness. It brings confidence, and helps establish the possibility of prophecy.

Breaking through a Mindset Meditation is the key to unlocking the door of mediumship, for without meditation there is no mediumship. W hen you enter a meditational state, you are approaching trance. The more intense the meditational state, the deeper the trance. Indeed, there are two stages of trance. A light trance is ac­ complished through proper breathing methods and focused concentration. A total and deep trance occurs when the mind is completely blank, when mind chatter has been over-ridden, expectancy is at a high peak, and you have be­ come oblivious to yourself and your surroundings. Then you have altered your state of consciousness. If you con­ tinue the flow of uninterrupted trance, spirit contact and vi­ sions can occur. In order to achieve a higher state of consciousness, an experienced and working knowledge of relaxation and breathing techniques are necessary. Coupled with these techniques, the "apprentice" must learn the disciplines of patience, focused concentration and practice. Never force the experience. Years ago I took a lengthy series of workshops on relax­ ation and breathing methods that included visualization techniques. I anticipated that I could immediately slide into an altered state of consciousness whenever I desired. Wrong! I had assumed that background experiences and de­ sire would plop me immediately into the desired trance. Wrong again! There are no shortcuts.

Meditation and Mediumship • 27

I then sat for thirty minute periods, properly executing breathing techniques. I was relaxed and expectant, but noth­ ing happened. Eventually, out of frustration, I forced myself to extend this period of meditation to an hour every day­ still nothing. For three-and-a-half weeks the profound to­ tally escaped me-no visions, no inner stirrings from the psyche, zilch. So I quit. Two weeks later I again took up long distance running. One late summer morning I returned home exhausted, and sopping wet with sweat. I sat down in a chair next to a pic­ ture window that overlooked a vast wheat field which hyp­ notically rippled like the waves of an ocean. I stared for countless minutes, glad to be alive and young. My mind was completely blank, and my body tingled with relaxation. Without any warning I slipped into trance, which I later learned lasted for more than an hour! What I "saw" was astounding. I had visited with friends in the States (I was living in Canada). I saw my granduncle in a montage-like series of moving pictures (in color) in a World War I trench. He had died, I knew, in a trench in France in 1918. While leaving trance I noticed that my body was sur­ rounded by hundreds of violet-colored blinking lights. I was, to state the obvious, in a state of rapture-my first time! Rapture is the only word that describes the feelings I had. Two days passed before I realized what had happened. I later telephoned several of the friends I had "visited" dur­ ing this trance, and learned that the things I had observed were right on the mark. My friends did not have knowledge of my visitation, but all said that, for some reason, they had been thinking of me. The World War I experience with my granduncle re­ mained a curious question mark until I reached my 30s; suf­ fice it to say that I had relatives whom I had never met, who had perished in the Great War long before I was born. Notice that I had been in a totally relaxed state, with lit­ tle on my mind except the hypnotic motion and beauty of

28 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

the wheat field; I also had not forced myself to conjure up an experience. Years later I continue with a daily meditational routine. I am able to meditate while working, before I fall asleep, over lunch, while hiking and walking, even while reading. I also know it makes no difference if the eyes are open or closed. Meditation is an excellent way to protect yourself from daily stress and a method to release the inner self, and creative energy. Meditation works well in the business world for visu­ alization of such things as business plans, writing, speaking, and even in projecting business trends. When used for para­ normal purposes, meditational activities must always be ap­ proached with sincerity, belief, practice, and with great doses of patience. Spirit contact is never an easy thing to accomplish in the first place, but with a high level of expectancy, com­ bined with confidence in your meditational abilities, the chances of succeeding are weighted in your favor.

1 . Meditation is listening. 2. Meditation cultivates inner vision and psychic abili­ ties. 3. Meditation will allow you to attain the desired higher state of consciousness. 4. Meditation develops self-discipline in mind and physical body. 5. Meditation will assist with concentration, focus, re­ laxation, and peace of mind. 6. Meditation is the main passageway to the door on the other side. A complete meditational state can assist you in receiving aural messages (clairaudience) or visions (clairvoyance). These messages will only occur if you have well-honed abili­ ties of focus and concentration. At any time, if your mind wanders, ride it out before you become frustrated and quit.

Meditation and Mediumship • 29

The Cumulative Effect ofBreathing Basics Now we will review the basic techniques of relaxation through breathing. A daily time period must be set aside to relax. Our modern world demands that we be in a continual state of motion and stress. To survive long enough to collect a retirement pension check and remain in a physically healthy and emotional state, relaxation periods must be of a premium consideration. Physical exercise, proper diet, and a positive mental outlook are added pluses. For emphasis, tak­ ing a daily "time-out" period for fifteen to twenty minutes (an hour is better) will revitalize and charge your well-being. One relaxation exercise that seems to loosen the body up is a muscle relaxation technique which we will call the MRT (Muscle Relaxation Technique). In a noise-free, private environment, loosen or shed your clothing. Soft, non-abrasive orchestral music provides a white-noise block to the outside world. Lie down on a soft carpet or rug, and stretch for a few moments until you feel you are almost popping your joints out of their sockets. While you are stretching, breathe deeply through your mouth several times while holding your breath in at your comfort level (20 seconds or more), then at discomfort, slowly exhale through the mouth. When you feel the beginnings of relaxation, slowly tense all of your muscles starting from the tips of your toes, working slowly up to the neck. Feel each muscle group flex, then loosen. Now shift your breathing method. Breathe air in through your nose, hold, then exhale slowly through your slightly parted lips. Tense each muscle group slowly while you are breath­ ing-focus on how easy it is to breathe-inhale, exhale, tense, then loosen; work up from your toes, all the way to your neck. Don't think about anything except your breath­ ing and how wonderful you feel after you untense your muscles. Repeat this several times, until you feel really loose.

30 • Beginner's Guide to Mediurnship

When you feel relaxed, don't move; just think about how good you feel. Maybe you'll want to stretch your body a few more times-do it. This MRT exercise, even if it takes you several time periods to perfect, is good for one thing if nothing else: it will remove you from the stress and anxiety of the outside world for a few minutes. •

Stretch on floor.

Heavy breathing in and out.

Flex muscle groups (MRT).

Focus on breathing: a) Movement of air through the nose, down your throat, into your lungs; b) Focus on your chest as you ingest air and blow it gently out through your lips; c) Catch your rhythm; d) Careful about hyperventilation; e) Air in, air out, inhale, exhale;

f) Rhythm, rhythm; •

Your mind may start to drift-let it.

Separate yourself from your surroundings.

Perhaps you are tingling-great!

Know, that through breathing, you are gathering in energy which will open the channel for visualization and contact with the infinite. Through breathing, try for the state of "being" that almost makes you feel that your body ceases. PRACTICE and PATIENCE!

Meditation and Mediurnship • 31

Visualization Visualization is the final key step in the meditational pro­ cess, especially for mediumship. Some modern Spiritualists would say that it is the critical step to reaching the door to the other side. Since this is a beginner 's guide, I must confess that I will only be able to touch on the subject lightly. There are many excellent books, workshops, and seminars on visual­ ization techniques that instruct far better than I can. Every person must find the path that works best. The two methods that I have used over the years are combined for simplicity: 1. Zen (many different schools) in which the "student" contemplates through total meditation. Think quiet in environment, body, and mind, which actually means NO thoughts. Altered consciousness, breath­ ing techniques, and always looking inward-the mind knows all. Assisted with candles, incense, chanting, and mantras. Enlightenment can follow. A very rigid technique for a purpose, but the technique can lead to visions and prophecy. You can't talk about it; it must be experienced. It can lead to out-of­ the-body experiences; ecstasy and rapture-tingling and vibrating can occur. The best method to attain this state is by sitting in a chair or on the floor. Look up Zazen (Zen). 2. Alpha is a state of being between the subconscious and conscious. It is different from Beta brainwaves, which are active and fast (processing), and Delta and Theta brainwaves, which are slow and intermingle with Alpha waves. Alpha brainwaves are involved with sleep, dreams, and creativity. These waves can be monitored by EEG (electroencephalograph) ma­ chines.

32 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Through the Alpha meditational state, achieved through the basic Zen method of breathing, stretching, mind clearing, and rapture state, you will possibly achieve visions and spirit contact. Here's how: after you are thoroughly stretched, re­ laxed, and breathing correctly, sit in a comfortable chair that encourages a straight spine and discourages sleep. Say the oath of protection-remember? Then use one of five methods until you find one that most fits your needs: 1. Use a countdown of numbers, one to a hundred, and so on, until you are "ready." You can say these num­ bers out loud softly, or mentally, but you must visu­ alize them; you can't let them go until you see them in your mind. It's best to close your eyes to block out distractions of your surroundings. The contact, pic­ tures, or thoughts are up to your mind at this point. OR 2. Close your eyes and visualize, really visualize, a rain­ bow-one color at a time. Then join the colors to­ gether. Think "ROY G. BIV"-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. See them-don't let loose of each color until you do. See the structure of your rainbow in an arch. If your mind wanders, force it back. OR 3. Visualize a large imaginary room in your house, a very private room that is also a movie screening room. Arrange the theater seats, a stage, curtain, sound system, decorate and paint this room. You sit down in your private theater, raise the curtain, dim the lights, and stare at the blank movie screen. Re­ member, you have to really work on this private

Meditation and Mediumship • 33

screening room. By this method you should see and hear activities on this screen that your mind wants you to work on.

OR 4. You are walking down a long, white marble corridor. It seems endless, but eventually you reach a down staircase that leads to a large brass gate. You can faintly hear the sounds of a splashing fountain and birdsong. Before you reach that gate you must start walking down those marble stairs-one at a time. You start counting as you descend the staircase, hear­ ing the sounds of your shoes on the marble steps­ twenty-four of them. Eventually you reach the shining brass gate, reach into your pocket for a large golden key. You stare at the key for a time observing how old it must be. T hen you slowly unlock the elab­ orate gate and walk through it. The scene that awaits you is stunning in its beauty. Everywhere you see in­ credible blooming flowers , vines, and shrubs. Fantas­ tically sculpted bushes in the shapes of butterflies, birds and animals seem to stretch for miles. The birds have never been seen by human beings. Peacocks sit on a white marble fountain and seem to sing in ca­ dence with its splashing. The overpowering fra­ grance of flowers lifts your spirits even higher. You slowly stroll to a marble bench in front of the foun­ tain and sit. The sun warms your shoulders and back while you wait for visitors to sit next to you. W hen you are through with the visitors , you slowly leave the garden through the gate-locking it, then up the stairs, counting every stair, then through the corridor, and you are back.

OR 5. You sit in your favorite room , in a chair that is just comfortable enough not to aid you in falling asleep.

34 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

You have dim lighting from one or several candles (white). Perhaps you have the music system on (volume low) with "new age" electronic music or environmental sounds. Incense with a light fra­ grance is okay. Your eyes can be open or closed. Let your mind take over. Take your time-time is mean­ ingless. Say the oath of protection several times or until you see a fog of White Light covering you. Don't proceed any farther until you can conjure up this White Light. After you are done, ask your mind to make contact for you; or, ask your spirit guide to come to you. Perhaps you have a picture of the per­ son you want to contact. Stare at it until it is in your mind. Can you still see the picture with your eyes closed? Maybe you want a message; then frame it in your mind. A mantra? Then do it. Are you floating? Wait for the message or visions or both. Keep work­ ing on this one until you can do it with ease. This exercise is a good one to do in bed prior to falling asleep, but make sure you have paper and pen close to the bed. (And that you put the candles out!) I have used all these visualization techniques. They work best when there is a lengthy period of time set aside. I don't feel rushed to push for an "experience." There are many more techniques that you can use, and if you stay with med­ itation you will eventually customize your own package. I strongly recommend all the methods I've mentioned-espe­ cially for seance mediumship. They are uncomplicated and seem to roll when you least expect it. They also work well when you are in a park, garden, near the seashore, camping, or hiking in the mountains; in other words, the outdoors seems to add a special enhancement to meditation. Being blessed with imagination and purpose, and no small portion of belief, I've been able to glimpse the other world, visit with the departed, and foster the ability to make marriage, social, safety, and financial decisions. You can,

Meditation and Mediumship


too. Meditation can assist you with healing, telepathy, and prophecy. Always remember to start your meditation session (after relaxation techniques) with the oath of protection­ see and feel the White Light around you. When you have concluded your session, give a warm thank you. Visualiza­ tion is a process that involves mind over matter-a devel­ opment of images and pictures hidden in your mind. Develop them with love!

Burning Candlesfor Meditation One hands-on method for training and preparing the mind for meditation is using candles. Place one white candle on a table in front of you, approximately eighteen inches from your face, with the top of the candle being about eye level. Practice deep breathing several times, or until you al­ most feel limp. Always remember to breathe in through your nose and exhale slowly through your lips. This is the best method for breathing when you are seated. Remember to sit in a chair that forces an upright posture or a straight spine. When you feel sufficiently relaxed, light the white can­ dle with a common wood kitchen match, saying out loud once: Spirits above Spirits below Spirits to the North Spirits to the South Spirits to the East Spirits to the West Please protect me and let me see.

Look directly into the candle flame. If your eyes wander from the flame force them back. If you see the flame part,

36 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

dance, or turn colors, the better. Let your mind, force your mind, to go as blank as a movie screen. Try this exercise at least three times a week for twenty­ minute periods, longer when you feel more comfortable. Fa­ tigue in the eyes may occur, your eyes might water, but attempt to overcome the initial discomfort. When and if you feel your mind becoming blank, you're at the entry point of meditation; if you feel yourself floating upward, you are reaching the deeper state of medi­ tation that approaches trance. Hopefully this simple method will assist you in seeing images, collecting your thoughts, ideas, tapping into new feelings, and relaxation. You must practice and develop pa­ tience-which this method allows-at your own speed.

PersonalNotes One of the more exciting discoveries I made in the paranor­ mal arts occurred during Alpha training. Our first class proj­ ect was to work on (heal) a Labrador Retriever belonging to one of the workshop participants. The dog had several med­ ical problems that seemed interconnected, but the veterinar­ ian, after a series of workups, was unable to ascertain what the problem was. Fifteen members of the Alpha class went into Alpha meditation, going to "level" (the movie screening room). After a half hour of screening the dog, we believed the prob­ lem was that several chicken bones had lodged in the ani­ mal's digestive tract. The Labrador was again x-rayed by the veterinarian and he found that there were bones lodged in the digestive tract. The bones had been obscured by the intestinal organs. In a special project, several of us were given to partners who were not identified to us. They were supposed to use mind control on us using special exercises that were not even revealed to the instructor.

Meditation and Mediumship • 37

For about five days I woke up physically exhausted and out of sorts. During the final class, when the projects were presented, I learned that my partner, Mr. D., had taken me to his mentally constructed handball court when I had been sleeping. My right palm had been very sore for over a week-this occurring before he informed the class about his exercise. What was even more startling was that I remem­ bered fragments of dreams about playing handball. He also told the class that he had whipped me badly. What has been an exceptionally exciting benefit of meditation has been my ability to construct my own tele­ pathic, focused energy dispersal because of this early Alpha training. In an Alpha state, using the movie screen method, I am able to send White Light protection and healing to friends and loved ones. Through this intense meditational method, I concentrate on the person to be protected. It also seems to work on their homes and apartments, no matter the geo­ graphic distance. From this highly concentrated and intense telepathic focus of energy, I send love in the form of roses, hearts, and even stardust, to lift people's spirits. I've received comments out of the blue, such as, "Thank you for thinking of me," without once soliciting comments! One of the questionable uses of this energy force­ keeping in mind that I was young, shallow, and on the make-was to go to bars and mentally send intense tele­ pathic messages in the form of small, blue balloons to young women. These balloons would be suspended over the heads of these ladies, filled with my thoughts. Honestly, it worked far more times than not. To handle people I had conflicts with, I would ''bring" them to the screening room and zap them with the beauty and perfection of a rainbow. I continue to be startled with the results obtained from this method. I once received an impossible promotion, and was, on several occasions, able to neutralize hostile individuals.


Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Visualization techniques and subsequent energy dis­ persal possibilities seem to be limitless. The worst thing that can. happen is the possibility of getting what you want: I wanted desperately to meet and date an incredi­ bly beautiful young woman. Nothing I attempted worked, so out of desperation, I used candle med­ itation and visualization. For several nights I sat before a candle, meditating with all the energy I could summon. It worked a few days later. We met in a long line at a department store 65 miles away from our town. We talked, eventually making a dinner and movie date for the following Saturday. The date was a preview of a nightmare. After sev­ eral following dates and nights together, I found we had absolutely nothing in common. Our rela­ tionship became a living Hades. Finally, after I be­ came alarmed over being stalked, I was able to break it off. I tell this story not in conceit, but as a reminder to be careful in what you ask for. The mind can be a terrific energy force once unleashed, delivering what might not be good for you. Mind over matter-especially when the energy force is un­ leashed-can be awesome. For proof of this, ask any indi­ vidual who is involved in the martial arts, and how he or she uses Chi or Ki for energy centering or dispersal. This en­ ergy force of the mind and body, when gathered through meditation (PK or Psychokinesis), can put forces in motion.


The thought that the world will go on without you, that you will become nothing, is very hard to take in. -Thomas Nagel

Bbe noted that the medium's craft is sometimes confused EFORE WE ENTER the realm of the medium, it should

with the general psychic and the channeler. The differences are actually quite striking and will become very apparent to you as you proceed through this book, and especially when you commence your "trial runs." Mediums obtain and relay information by physical or mental means (clairaudient/ clairvoyant) from the deceased, primarily through trance during the seance. They can be proficient in healing, prophecy, and psychic arts. Psychics have the ability to receive and transmit infor足 mation through ESP and Telepathy; many are able to see into the past, present, and future. They are often adept at Psychometry (handling objects). Channelers receive information from discarnate entities, extraterrestrials, and occasionally from the higher self. Infor足 mation is usually in the nature of a religious, spiritual, and prophetic vein. This is a very old craft that goes to the origins of mankind, and is frequently confused with mediumship. A medium (or sensitive) is a person who communicates with the spirits of the dead. The medium serves as the vehi足 cle in this two way communication mode by two major cat足 egories of mediumship shown in Table 1, page 40. Mental mediumship is centered at the base of the brain, the seat of the cerebrospinal nervous system. The visiting spirit entity manipulates the mental faculties and causes the

40 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Table 1 . Mental and Physical Mediumship. MENTAL


Clairvoyance: Vivid mental pic­ tures.

Ectoplasm: Diffuses from orifices of the medium's body-mucous membranes; intense trance.

Clairaudience: sages.



Prophecy: Information received from spirits usually concerning future events; can be personal or great events. Scrying: Clairvoyant receives vi­ sions from gazing in crystal ball or water. Healing: When positive spirit en­ ergy is sent through the medium to heal and cure.

Telekinesis: Objects through mind power.


Psychokinesis: Objects move and float because of mind control. Spirit Raps: Spirits bump, bang, and rap furniture, walls. Apports: Spirits bring objects from their plane-flowers, living animals and objects relevant to seance. Levitation: Persons, furniture, and objects float or rise.

Psychometry: Information ob­ tained from handling objects, mainly through clairvoyance and telepathy.

Materialization: Spirit produced; appears to be solid by sight and touch; can be spirits or objects.

Trance: Deep hypnotic condition in which medium is controlled by spirit guide-but not possession.

Voices: Direct or indirect voices, comes from medium, apparition or "thin air."

Automatic Writing and Draw­ ing: When a spirit operator ma­ nipulates the muscle reflexes of the medium.

Spirit Lights: Singular or hun­ dreds of twinkling lights-all shapes and colors. Breezes and Drafts: Cold, warm or scented, from spirits. Musical Instruments, Singing: From spirits Table Tipping: Spirit(s) move or rock table back and forth. Ouija Board: from spirit(s).

Messages come

Odors: Flowers, medicines, per­ fumes, or stench. Spirit Photography: Spirit im­ ages appear on film. Telephone, Radio, Television or Tape Recorder Voices: Spirit voices.

The Medium • 41

phenomena. The medium's ability to receive and act as the vehicle for spirit communication depends on the medium's physical, emotional, and receptive state. The deeper the meditational trance, the greater the intensity. Physical mediumship is dependent on three things: fo­ cused trance via the base of the brain; the solar plexus area where the core (gut-level) of intensity cycles with the brain; and third, from the vibrational energy received from the sitters and observers. Physical mediumship is "state-of-the­ art" mediumship, and all experts at this level usually have surpassed the abilities of straight mental mediums. Perhaps you are now wondering what kind of medium you would be interested in becoming. It is possible, with much practice in meditation, that you will find your answer. Much of the development in your spiritual unfoldment will depend on the chemistry and constitution of your physical and spiritual bodies, the ability to tap deeply into your reservoir of being, the sincerity and belief in what you are doing, and the supreme ability to raise your vibrational level to slip into trance, will determine if you can do it. The results will produce the excitement of seeing, hear­ ing, feeling, and actual communication with the departed. Imagine the wealth of knowledge you will discover when you are able to visit with spirit entities-the past, present and future seen, and all of these gifts presented to you be­ cause you had the courage and desire to depart from the confusion of our times. The gifts of prophecy, healing, and Out of Body Experi­ ences (OBE) will further enrich your daily life. The reward of assisting grieving people to communicate with loved ones, perhaps even seeing and visiting with them, can be personally fulfilling. All novice mediums will eventually discover whether their bent is for the mental or physical aspects. Most medi­ ums have gone through both phases. Some are equally good at both, but it appears that each phase has its advantages and disadvantages. Perseverance, patience, spiritual make-up,

42 • Beginner's Guide to Mediurnship

vibrational ability and attitude, determines the effort needed to channel into spirit communication. Neither mental nor physical mediumship is superior to the other, it simply is a matter of discovering what you are best at, then keeping at it. As previously mentioned, the Natural Law which gave you your gifts at birth will determine your abilities, based on physical and spiritual characteristics. You will have to discover what suits you best. Just remember, the main rule of either phase of mediumship is concerned with service to others, then go from there.

Don't Force the Gift It is very difficult, sometimes impossible to come up with exact and precise messages on a daily basis. This is when the temptation to stretch and force spirit communication to sat­ isfy, enters the realm of deception. Don't force yourself! Spirit communication will flow when it's supposed to come, especially when all conditions are at an optimum level. Things will unfold the way they were meant to unfold. Using our gifts is meaningless unless we use them to bene­ fit others. As mediums we are to serve, and through this ser­ vice, we grow spiritually. From spiritual contact mediums gain knowledge, dis­ covery, altruism, prophecy, healing ability, mind control, patience, humility, humanity, cheerfulness, and spiritual awareness. Mediums do not judge others, but give love and understanding. The boomerang effect from misused medi­ umship will cause ego trips, greed, glory, power over others, and this can bring tragedy. Be careful-anything and everything can be done with the power of the mind! Contact with the other world will not necessarily make you rich or powerful, brilliant, change you from a sinner into a saint, or make you into a great prophet or soothsayer, but it can give you peace, hope, and joy.

The Medium • 43

Healthy Habits Although meditation can perform wonders for the body and mind, the energy drain to the medium can be heavy, and eventually exacts a serious toll if health is not guarded and conserved. Every time an out of body experience, a spirit en­ counter, deep trance, guiding a seance, or healing occurs, the vibrational level of the medium is used-and drained. Sometimes the very life force is exerted to its limits. To lessen the flow of energy and to restore this energy loss, healthy habits for the medium must be followed­ emotional and physical. Listed below are things that can re­ store, conserve, and build the medium's health. 1 . Drink plenty of water daily. 2. Eat as little red meat as possible. 3. Eat several servings of raw vegetables and fresh fruit daily. 4. Read labels on all packaged and canned foods for fat content. 5. Limit or drop junk and fast foods from your diet. 6. Exercise daily by taking 45 minute walks, cycling, swimming, or whatever else is comfortable to you; if you are young, try to raise a sweat. 7. Take drives to the mountains, lakes, or oceans; take time to find a secluded spot and contemplate the joys of your life. 8. Read, write, see "happy" movies and plays; visit museums to see where mankind has been. 9. Visit with friends; make friends in clubs; volunteer.

10. Get or keep involved in family life.

44 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

11. Try to accomplish something new and innovative at your place of work.

12. Affirm the joy of life every day! 13. Purify the mind daily by thinking good and loving thoughts.

Mediumship is a natural cosmic gift given at birth and is not looked favorably upon in our western culture, because tech­ nology in science and medical research has not or will not accept an "unseen" environment. The medium continues to be the Avant Garde individual waiting for the practical to catch up with the logical.

The Roots ofMediumship No chapter on mediumship could be complete without mentioning the historical foundations of Spiritualism. Although seers, soothsayers, oracles, witch doctors, and shamans seem to have originated at the very beginnings of humankind, mediums (intermediaries between the de­ ceased and the living) actually commenced in America with the birth of Spiritualism in 1848 (although Andrew Jackson Davis commenced trance lectures in 1845). The young Fox sisters (Maggie and Katie) of Hydesville, New York, heard thumping noises in their home's crude basement. Somehow they found out they could communi­ cate with the basement rapper if they clapped their hands. Soon a yes, no, and alphabet code were exchanged by a series of raps and claps between the Fox girls and the sup­ posed spirit of a murdered peddler. Later, the remains of teeth, several bone fragments, and patches of human hair were dug up in the basement. This caused a press uproar with much publicity being generated throughout the United States. Their fame quickly spread to the European continent, which led to numerous stage tours. These tours not only made the Fox family famous, but also spurred considerable

The Medium • 45

interest in spirit contact. One thing led to the next, and soon table tipping, seances, mediums, ideas of a spirit world, a redefinition of heaven and hell, and a rebirth of interest in an ancient device of spirit contact that is now called the Ouija board occurred. The Spiritualist movement was soon combined with bits and pieces of Christianity and quickly spread through­ out Europe (England in particular), South America (Brazil specifically), and the United States. It survives today as a re­ ligion and as a philosophical concept. Spiritualism has a rich history of magnificent mediums, psychics, prophets, and fraud. The great American escape artist, Harry Houdini, took special delight in exposing plat­ form mediums (stage "performers") for several years. In spite of staged, fraudulent demonstrations and some medi­ ums of questionable honesty, Spiritualism continued to flourish. Indeed, especially during World War I's horrific carnage, seance mediums and Spiritualist churches were consulted more than the older, firmly-established religious institutions. Many startling spirit contacts were made with deceased soldiers and sailors, revelations to this day that have been hard to discredit. Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle became spokesmen of Spiritualism because of contacts with the other side. Obviously these short paragraphs on Spiritualism and its mediums cannot do justice to the personalities and many strange events that make up the rich fabric of this movement. It would take several volumes and is best dis­ covered by your own research in bookstores and libraries; I am sure you will be astounded by the number of books on the subject.

Paranormal Rebirth I feel my paranormal "rebirth" began in my early 20s in col­ lege. Young people are interested in many things outside of the classroom. Always searching, I found that student

46 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

activism and the paranormal fit my inner needs, with the paranormal eventually winning out. I already have mentioned my teenage and navy para­ normal experiences, so I was fair game when I met a graduate psychology student who was forming a seance study circle. Our energy and interest was infectious enough to attract other students, and soon we had enough study circle mem­ bers to establish four other groups. The intensity of the stu­ dents was surprising, taking into consideration that young people are not usually interested in death or the departed. My first structured seance occurred four weeks after our first study circle was formed, with the graduate student being the medium. It might be said at this point that the graduate student came from generations of psychics and mediums in the New Orleans area. What an eye opener! Candles flickered, the room was first furnace-hot then uncomfortably cold. A fragrance of Russian olive blossoms filled the room (it was winter). My face felt strange, just like a cool, moist cloth had been placed over it. The medium received one message (clairaudient) that night, and one of the sitters was instructed to phone home immediately. We found out that her parents had been in a serious automobile accident. At our second sitting, the medium informed me that Rudolph Valentino, a long-departed silent screen star, would be with me as a "temporary" guide until I had "set­ tled down." I later researched who he had been while on this Earth plane, and for several years I felt, and sometimes heard, that he was with me. He has been the only spirit celebrity I have met-so far. My college study circle was years ago. Since then I've helped to form study circles and have been a medium lead­ ing seances, both small and large groups. It has been an ex­ citing and rewarding experience to help others, and I have met people from all walks of life and circumstances. At times I've received messages that seemed to be nothing, and at other times were so detailed and personal that I couldn't handle the full contents. Expect the dry spells and the fan-

The Medium • 47

tastic periods of reception, the visions, and perhaps even the unusual, such as white, fuzzy mists in the shapes of people, some even speaking to you or the sitters. The draining feeling when your energy is sapped, the headaches, the joy of discovery, the things you hear, see and feel, the information that you must not reveal, all can take a toll, but it's still worthwhile, especially when your ideas continue to be reinforced that death is not the end. I've learned through practice and refinement that mediumship goes beyond metaphysical dabbling and complicated ritu­ als-it all flows from your heart. How much you care for people will affect your ability.

Personal Notes The following experiences in various seances will give you an idea of what can happen. I cite these personal examples to show you that anything can, and will occur, if you are not cautious and deliberate in your readings. Of course, these cases are very abbreviated, and much more happened dur­ ing these seances; but, with the information given, how would you have handled them?

Being Cautious: In a seance Ms. G. wanted her departed sis­ ter to assist her in snaring a young man, Mr. J., whom she had been dating for three years, into marriage. I was in­ formed by a spirit that Mr. J. would be dead in two months from a bicycle accident. I told Ms. G. that the spirit guide was unable to contact her sister, and that it was not possible for the spirit world to intervene in such affairs. Ms. G. :was very unhappy with me. Ms. G. called me two months later, informing me that Mr. J. had perished when a truck hit him while he had been bicycling in the mountains. "You knew that, didn't you?" I didn't know what to say. This is a good example of holding back; it is always best not to tell the sitter the unpleasant, especially when it is so

48 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

horrific in nature. As a warning, let your conscience be your guide. It is very doubtful that you will change dates, times, and circumstances by informing the endangered party; there will always be controversy over what I've said in this statement, however, I personally have seen enough to strongly believe that you cannot alter fate; maybe you can impose a temporary adjustment, but the same path will lead back to the main trail.

A stupid move: In another situation, I went with another medium and three sitters to a cemetery for the purpose of contacting one of the sitters' recently deceased relatives. The vibrations in the cemetery were terrible, and all of us were uncomfortable. A bitter cold wind came out of nowhere and, pardon me, the smell of death permeated the wind. I began to hear a chorus of voices in my head, and looking at R., the other medium, I knew he was hearing them also. On signal, we rose from the steps of the crypt and led the way out of the cemetery. For days I suffered from headaches and the voices. R. also had the same complaints. The moral of this little escapade is knowing where and when to hold a seance. The burial place of the deceased is not your turf, and you should keep in mind that you can disturb souls that have not yet been released from our earthly plane.

Financial tips: Mr. B. wanted stocks and financial tips from his deceased financial-wizard father. I was so deep in trance that I was totally unaware of my communication. When I left trance I could see that Mr. B. was excited with the infor­ mation he had received from his father; anyway, he left a large check for my services and almost skipped out of the room! Later I found out that he made considerable invest­ ments opposite of what his father had told him. It seems that he had never trusted his father's tips.

The Medium


Spirit spite? It does happen. I gave Mr. B.'s check to a nearby charity in order to remain neutral in this family feud.

The Key Points ofMediumship Without question, mediumship is a gift that all of us can obtain, especially if our skills become keen and well­ developed. However, there are also certain points that should be emphasized, which will assist the new student in becoming proficient. Below, I've added two columns of positives and negatives that will serve you well-key foundations to successful mediumship. POSITIVES



Avoid religious and political

Practice; Faith in your skills; Meditate regularly;

discussions; Avoid skeptics, rude, loud and vulgar people;

Know what you are doing;

Shun excessive media expo­ sure;

Develop commitment;

Avoid obsession;

Relish the abundance of life,

Never use your gift to exert

spirituality, humor, joy, and

power over others;


Keep opinions to self;

Keep a happy heart, loving

Never divulge personal read-

yourself and all others;


Keep healthy;

Avoid the dramatic;

Reach out to others in their

Shun excessive materialism and greed;

time of need; Be prepared to go where few

Never force readings and

are permitted.

personal interpretations.


THE SEANCE Our inner nature can be stifled, but not destroyed. Not only does it remain, but whenever we open ourselves up to it, it unfolds and becomes stronger. -James Fadiman


sEANCE" IS DEFINED by the American Heritage Dic-

tionary as follows: Seance, noun. 1 . A meeting of per­ sons to receive spiritualistic messages. 2. A meeting, session, or sitting. French, a sitting. A "pure" seance is a controlled sitting of several, open, like-minded individuals led by the message receiver, or medium. A seance should not be confused with channeling ses­ sions, and the medium should not be confused with a chan­ neler. In a seance, the medium acts as a vehicle for the interchange of spirit messages and is sometimes physically used by the spirit entity through the medium's vocal cords and muscles of the mouth. On occasion, the medium, if in a deep trance, is able to temporarily produce apparitions from the other side; the medium is also able to visit spirit planes while in trance, being able to see and talk to their spirit control and other spirits. The mental medium is concerned with the seance, while the physical medium produces (or conjures up) phys­ ical phenomena, such as levitation, ectoplasm, apports; however, a highly skilled and experienced medium is able to do both phases of mediumship. For our purposes, we will assume the primary respon­ sibilities and arts of the mental medium: the seance, prophecy, and healing. To reiterate, we will be only con­ cerned with basic and pure mental mediumship.

52 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

The seance is used as active proof to point out one main feature of our being: we are immortal; we do, indeed, survive death. When the medium makes contact with the spirit world, the greatest of all questions that have nagged our species since we emerged from that great primordial soup is answered: we do have eternal souls. When we become proficient in the craft of mediumship, we will be able to make spirit contact, whether it be through the singular seance of meditation or the group seance. The first step to proficiency in group seance is the study circle or development circle. This is a small group, usually made up of three to four people, which includes a medium or leader, who meet at least once per week, usually on a Sat­ urday night when the busy world-of-work is behind. The study group is comprised of open-minded, eager individuals who have a mutual interest in spirit contact. They study together, exchange thoughts, swap books and experiences. These people are also approaching a high plane in meditation. In this group, usually one person emerges as the leader or novice medium. After this intimate study circle meets for a period of time (never impose time frames), a comfort level is reached for the formal seance.

The Formal Seance At first it will appear that there are too many steps and rules, but to ensure that a correct and worthwhile seance is accomplished, a certain framework must be followed. With practice and regularity the rules and steps will become a smooth routine. Rule 1: Never have more than eight participants and ob­

servers at a sitting; six sitters is the most manageable number. Rule 2: Avoid skeptics, because they usually believe in nothing; their negative energy and self-appointed role as

The Seance • 53

investigator, and know-it-all attitude, can block spirit influ­ ence and communication. Rule 3: Leave spirits alone if they resist contact; don't bother them-they will let you know. Rule 4: Stay away from the deceased if you are only curious and rather afraid-you may get more than you bargained for. The seance is not a parlor game to be used for casual entertainment. Rule 5: Make sure that you and the participants have a pur­

pose for the contact. Be prepared with questions and the acceptance of answers. Be constructive. Rule 6: Spirits can quickly form close attachments to a medium or sitter; never be afraid. If they should touch, caress, or talk to you, remain calm. Never touch the appari­ tion unless you are given an okay-you will know when it is okay. Rule 7: Never touch or shake the medium or another sitter

while he or she is in trance or receiving! Rule 8: Avoid forcing the vague, nonsense, and fabrica­ tions. Do not "reach," "stretch" or make personal observa­ tions; people want to believe and it is easy to lead them on-don't! A message that is detailed and personal is far more convincing than generalities and ambiguities. Ask the spirit to be more specific. Rule 9: Sometimes sittings are hit-and-miss affairs; keep at

it. Other times we are so confused by a Pandora's box of spirit information we feel burdened with excessive detail. Sort it out at the critique at the end of the sitting. Rule 10: Never, ever commence a seance without using the oath of protection; believe the oath and feel the sincerity of the oath. Rule 11: Be careful of the doors you open.

54 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Preparation Physical preparation for a correct, well-run seance is a must. There are considerations for a comfortable and user friendly environment. A cohesive circle of participants, all knowing what their roles are, should be established. Perhaps this seems to be overly concerned with minute details? Not re­ ally. A well-coordinated plan eliminates confusion and al­ lows an acute focus on a rewarding session. •

Suggestion: The seance should be held on Saturday nights at 8:00 for no more than an hour and a half. Agree before hand who will be the medium; select the most advanced. Discuss the questions and the spirits to be contacted. Select a quiet, private room with a table large enough to seat all of the anticipated participants. Disconnect all telephones in the house or building within hearing; turn off radios, stereos and television sets. Put a note on the closed door: "Do Not Disturb. " This note is also for late-arriving sitters. Dim or turn lights off; one or two lit candles placed on side tables will furnish sufficient light. Place a bowl of freshly cut flowers in the center of the table; these flowers are for spirits who wish to give them to sitters. Ready a plugged-in tape recorder with a new, hour­ long tape and several back-up tapes. Designate one of the sitters as custodian. Put out a pitcher of cold water (no ice-makes noises when poured) and sufficient glasses.

The Seance • 55 •

Have a dish of hard candy (without wrappers) accessible for instant energy. Place a preprinted card(s) for the medium to read in case of nerves: "I ask for the strength and guidance of the White Light. Please surround us with your protection." and (ending): "I thank you for all things you have given us in the past, the present, and in the future. Thank you." and for those spirits who refuse to leave: "Your life is over. Thank you for joining us, but please go with our love, and leave us to our life. Go with love."

The Stepsfor Summoning Spirits Now, we have arrived at the actual sitting. If we have pur­ pose, preparation, skill, and desire, we can approach the phenomena we seek. The following steps have been used by many for untold years. These steps, if followed, should work after several attempts; keep in mind that purpose, coupled with skill and strong meditation abilities (for trance), holds the key to successful spirit contact.

1. Everyone sits around the table and remains quiet while focusing on relaxation and thoughts for the evening. At this point, nobody leaves the table until the sitting is concluded.

2. In unison, the sitters concentrate on breathing exercises on cue from the medium. The custodian turns on the tape recorder.

56 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

3. When the medium looks at each person, feeling confi­ dent everyone is ready, she/he asks the group to place hands palms down, flat on the table, small fingers touching their neighbor's fingers. Some mediums like participants to hold hands for a complete energy circle until the oath of protection (prayer) is given.

4. The medium verbally recites the oath three times (every­ one's eyes are closed at this point), while attempting to raise the vibrational level for trance.

5. When and if the medium is in trance, the medium will ask for his or her personal control (spirit leader or guide) to attend; perhaps at this point the medium is in trance. The signs of trance should affect the sitters: tingling sensation, ringing in ears, a draft in the room, stroking of face and/ or hair, whispering in ears, "cobwebs" on face, perhaps a vi­ sion is occurring.

6. The medium will say (in calm tones, not a whisper): •

"Dearly departed, do you have a message for us?"

"Please come through to us. "

"We are ready for you."

"May I /we ask questions?"

"Is there someone here you wish to speak to?"

Sometimes it will take several repeats of a question. When it appears that a mental image or vision has occurred, the medium might begin talking. If the medium says communi­ cation has been entered into, she/he might allow questions; ask questions in a humble manner-and identify yourself. Don't be alarmed if the medium has a different voice and mannerisms. If someone at the table commences to talk in what appears to be gibberish, let them continue, they may be receiving a message. Do not be impatient for an immediate contact. It will either flow or it won't flow. Always attempt to raise your vibra-

The Seance


tional level, which feels like you are approaching anxiety, shaking, some even say it's like rapture. 7. When the medium feels the sitting should be concluded, she/he will end with the oath of conclusion.

8. What the medium felt, saw, or heard will be discussed, and then the group will discuss what the participants expe­ rienced.

9. The importance of the tape recorder is now apparent. After rewinding, it is played to see if anything was missed, and in case spirit voices or noises were heard.

10. The medium might have private messages for certain individuals and can discuss them at a later time or after the others have left. Remember two very important things: the spirits of the de­ parted are everywhere in the parallel dimensions (astral planes) and the only reality spirits have in our dimension is what we give them. By the intensity of our vibrational level for reception, and our intense faith, we can draw them to us.

Revisiting the Commitment A seance medium should not dress in a bizarre fashion or use weird and intense mannerisms. The dramatic effect is not needed. Skills, knowledge, and abilities will always win out. Be sincere and be yourself. I once knew a seance medium, a darn good one, who not only dressed in long, flowing black robes, but also had her seance room and the hall leading to this room decorated in Victorian themes. Aristolochia leaves and Flemish wall tapestries covered every wall. Dark William Morris needle­ point rugs, heavy Gothic Revival furniture framed by velvet green pull drapes, every inch of surface space was covered with silver candelabra, rose bowls filled with freshly cut

58 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

flowers-the effect of the room was overpowering and very Hollywood. Oh, but her seances! The only word to use was stunning. She did not need the stage props-and you don't either. Sim­ plify. Dress comfortably and have the participants dress in everyday clothing. Hold your sittings in a quiet and clean room with comfortable chairs that force an upright posture. The room should always be the same one used for vi­ brational forces, and must be free of any disturbances, such as telephones and outside noises. The room should be quiet and private. It must contain a clutter-free table that the sit­ ters can sit around with comfort, especially when or if they join hands for the energy circle. I like to smudge (burn a sage bunch, then smother) a room before sitters arrive, or I use the faint incense of ju­ niper or cypress. Several candles or soft lighting is okay to use. I know mediums who insist that red light bulbs are also conducive to a good session. For comic relief, I once went to a seance where the room was dark as a cave. Several of the sitters gasped at the sight of a faint, green light that moved up and down at the table. It was my wrist-watch with a luminous dial. I had been stretching my arms up and down. When we were through with the seance, the sitters excitedly discussed the meaning of the spirit light and it took me several minutes to realize that it was my watch! Things like this can happen in total darkness. My very first semi-seance occurred when I was a senior in high school. My best friend had been rejected several times from entering an actor 's studio in California, and out of desperation, decided to elicit help from his idol, the de­ ceased James Dean. By chance (?), my friend had discovered two old vol­ umes on the paranormal in his grandmother 's effects. For days he had read the books cover-to-cover several times. He gathered four of us together and explained the ground rules of a seance.

The Seance • 59

We met on a Saturday night at his house when his par­ ents and younger brothers had gone to a hockey game. We quietly sat around the dinning room table, excited with the possibilities. He had rehearsed and gone over every detail for conducting this seance. His fervor had infected all of us. It was a magical night. It seemed that all of us had visions, but our friend was particularly jubilant. About three weeks before graduation he showed me the acceptance letter to the coveted actor 's studio. He in­ formed me that James Dean had appeared in several of his dreams in which he had given hints on how to properly write the entrance essay, and that he would intercede as much as he could. As a footnote, my friend didn't like his training at the California actor 's studio, and went through the seance pro­ cess with another group, aiming for a New York actor 's stu­ dio. He was accepted. After expending a fair amount of time, money, and hardship, he decided on not becoming an actor, even turning down a contract at a Hollywood studio. He went into business. The bottom line of this story is that our high school seance was handled without extensive ritual and was partic­ ipated in by young people with high expectations. One of the young ladies present at that seance even saw the man she was to meet and marry while in college. She also saw the three boys they would have-even to the color of their eyes.

Refresher on How a Basic Seance Works Through the medium's mind, the medium asks for the spirit guide or a spirit intermediary for assistance in contacting a certain spirit of the departed. The guide then goes to the plane or area where the spirit is, and asks if the spirit would be so disposed or interested in meeting with the medium. If the spirit is, he or she comes through, or messages are relayed back and forth by the guide or an intermediary to

60 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

the medium. The spirit soul owes us nothing and can be very busy. There may be little desire for further contact with our plane because the spirit is in his or her own reality now. It can be very selfish of us to persist in contact and we must watch out that we do not become a problem. When spirit contact does happen, we must make sure to remember that the spirit's focus is now different. Any hang-ups with us and our world are fading. Concepts of our timeframes and even of the relationships he or she once had with us are also vanishing. This is not because the spirit doesn't care, it's because the transition to the astral plane keeps all his or her attention. So, when you do make contact with your party, it is usually because he or she has been dead for less than ten of our years. You can make contact with those in spirit who know your departed and this is usually where you will obtain or relay information. When we say the protection oath, we are asking our guide(s) not to let in undesirable spirit entities, but only the requested entities.

Basic Advice At times the expectations of the experienced medium are thwarted by unanticipated factors. In order to head off mis­ cues and disappointment, keep in mind that you must stay "grounded." In other words, know what you are doing. Below, you will find salient advice.

1 . There is nothing worse than seeing things and not being able to tell the sitters or client everything that you see or hear. Use personal judgment and control yourself. 2. Never seek approval or endorsement from your sitters or clients; you should withhold the dramatic and unpleasant­ why destroy somebody's illusions or place fear in them?

The Seance • 61

3. You are not a channeler, fortune teller, or psychic (although you can do so). The role of the medium and the seance is to act as a link or intermediary between this world and the spirit world, and to communicate directly with those in spirit.

4. Our world is composed of interlocked molecules that make our perception of this world seem solid and real . . . but is it all real? Keep an open mind to the possibilities.

5. No judging or speculation-just the facts. 6. You will not become all-knowing, all-seeing, because much is shielded from us; also we don't always ask the right questions. 7. You can become a powerful person through the skills of mediumship-resist the urge!

8. You cannot turn your abilities on and off like a wall switch; the conditions of the seance must be right-vibra­ tions, feelings, health and make-up of the sitters. Go easy on yourself and others-don't force contact and answers.

9. Remember that time and events will always win out any­ way, hence you have little control (except advance warn­ ing).

10. The key to a well-grounded trance is to be alert, listen carefully, and relay information correctly, or as much as you can remember.

11. Always pray for the departed-verbally and mentally, and with LOVE.

12. Are apparitions caused by the mind and/ or group hys­ teria? Could clairvoyant or clairaudient experiences be caused by some sitters or clients who have an exceptionally developed ESP /Telepathic /PK ability?

13. Occasionally, telepathic thoughts come in from the sit-

62 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

ters, perhaps an inordinate flow of mind chatter-work hard at blocking it out.

14. Never tell others what occurred in private sessions. 15. Study circles and development circles are a great way to learn and to work with like-minded individuals. Business or interest cards can be posted at new age bookstores or on Spiritualist church bulletin boards, perhaps even as ads in new age journals, magazines, bookstore bulletins. Remem­ ber that solitaire seance activity is also extremely beneficial as a learning and "contact" device, but study circles are ben­ eficial for comparing notes.

16. It is very doubtful, highly doubtful, that anything hor­ rific will ever come out of any seance; fear is only as power­ ful as the energy we give it. 17. Review all of the previous chapters, including this one, before you proceed with the next chapter.

Personal Notes With time and experience, the medium is able to perform readings, conduct sittings, and be an active participant at other 's sittings. The assured medium is familiar with his or her skills, knowledge, and abilities, particularly so that de­ tachment can occur, otherwise the medium can become too involved. Can you imagine my feelings in these readings?

Departed wishes: Mr. G. and four other sitters wanted to con­ tact their recently departed fraternity brother. The vibrations from the young men were negative, and one young man was thinking ahead to an amorous encounter; his mind chatter was difficult to block out. I could sense that Mr. G. was very earnest in his desire to contact his best friend, so I continued. I was able to make contact, and found out it was his wish that his fraternity brothers visit with his parents, and he

The Seance • 63

wanted the young men to say prayers at his grave. Then he could be properly released. Mr. G. later told me that the en­ tire fraternity had followed the deceased's wishes, and he, Mr. G., had ceased to have his best friend visit him in dreams and at the fraternity house-which I hadn't known about.

Unusual visit: Mrs. F., her husband, and two daughters wanted to contact Mrs. F.'s deceased mother. I knew the mother, and during the seance I had pangs of fleeting de­ pression over the loss of this very special lady. It was very hard to control the emotions I felt during the sitting. She was doing fine and was very happy on the other side. What was so remarkable about the sitting was, after the seance, Mrs. F. informed me that she was in trance with me and had visited with her mother. I think I had remembered this also-the three of us. A few days later while over a cup of tea, Mrs. F. informed me that years ago she and her mother had been mediums in England, and had thought with dis­ use that she no longer had the ability. Years later whenever I think about Mrs. F., I know she visits with me.

Bad venture: We had a study circle of six students. On our third session, it became my time to lead the group. The pur­ pose was to bring a spirit guide in to instruct us about the layout of the Astral Planes. I heard dogs barking and heavy breathing in my mind (ears?). It grew very cold in the room and I distinctly heard a masculine voice say, "Leave me alone! I don't like this at all!" I left trance immediately. All of the students said that for a few seconds, I had tiny, blinking yellow lights around me. I have no idea to this day what the voices, lights, or dog barkings meant, but I do know that we had forgotten to say the oath of protection!

Unexpected visit: In a study circle seance there were eight stu­ dents. The medium, Mrs. H., was an extremely organized and gifted teacher. She always conducted exciting sessions and allowed the students to do experimental seance medi-

64 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

umship. That night she skipped over me. When the group ended that night she asked me to stay. Over a cup of tea, I waited for the shoe to fall. She told me that a young, dark­ headed man, who had stood next to me during class, wanted me to pray for him. Mrs. H. felt that he had taken his life. For several days I wondered who he was, then one day I found out. I was in a grocery store when I ran into an old friend's mother, whom I hadn't seen in years. Tears came into her sorrowful eyes as she told me about her son, L., who had committed suicide two years ago in California after his marriage had broken up. Mrs. H. and our study cir­ cle prayed for L.'s soul in every one of our classes. Two weeks later Mrs. H. informed us that his soul had made the transition; he wanted her to especially thank me for my prayers-it seemed to have made the difference. Could it be that collective prayers are needed for a spirit­ soul's release? Is it important that prayers are sent by some­ body who knows them?

CHAPTER 6 PROPHECY Ifthe mind is not limited in its progress forward in time, it can hardly be limited in its backward reach into the distant past. -Alson J. Smith

ROPHECY, OR PRECOGNITION, is the direct ability to see into the very near or distant future. The events can be minor, great, or sweeping. Prophecy is directly tied in with Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) and, at times, the well­ focused medium can actually see and hear the events, simi­ lar to watching a movie. These "visions" occur in dreams and during trance. Some paranormal scientists call prophecy PSI Cogni­ tion, which is obtaining knowledge by thought transference, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and ESP. Highly proficient mediums are able to clearly see and simultaneously hear distant events, which can be used in psychic archeology and even police work. What clearly separates a psychic from a medium in using prophecy is that the medium obtains the information directly from a spirit guide or other spirit entities. A highly skilled medium can use four methods for prophecy: Meditational trance, Scrying (which is looking into a crystal ball or bowl of water), a mirror, and candles. There are several other methods which will not be dis­ cussed in this short manual because they are not strictly mediumistic: tea leaves, playing cards, palm and tarot card readings. Psychometry will be included in a later chapter. How are predictions made? Time exists only as a mea­ surement on our plane, relative only to us, and all events


66 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

that have ever occurred, or will occur, exist in the parallel di­ mensions that surround us. The skilled medium is able to peer into these dimensions. Mediums have spirit assistants to enable them to observe. Mediums sometimes liken the craft of prophecy to a withdrawal from a cosmic "bank" where the information is written on the Cosmic Scoreboard, or stored in Cosmic Debris, waiting for the right person to audit the books. In any case, this precognitive ability-whether it is termed prophecy, or just plain ESP-happens. Even para­ normal researchers admit that it exists, but the full implica­ tions and results of on-going studies are still embroiled in conjecture. In a nutshell, prophecy is the foretelling of events. The two sources of prophecy are by the Mediumistic Method and the Intuitive Method. When the spirit entity channels a message directly to a medium who is in trance or in a meditational state, we call it the Mediumistic Method. When the medium receives "hunches," or certain feelings sent by spirit vibrations, we call it the Intuitive Method. How does the spirit "see" for us? Spirits are located in a different vibrational level (dimension) where time and space have no relevance. They are able to observe events before, during, and after they happen. When contact is made by the medium, and the spirit is willing and able, then prophecy can occur. Because time and space do not exist for them, it is difficult for mediums to be precise and exact in the translation of information to us.

Mediumistic Methods Scrying, as previously mentioned, occurs when the medium or psychic looks into a crystal ball (a good one is expensive) or a bowl of water (a dark bowl is best). When you want to scry, it is a good idea to have a format to work with. The

Prophecy • 67

questions to be asked, either for self or a client, can be men­ tal or verbally spoken. The following list will help you.

1 . The room should be private, quiet, and softly lit. 2. Sit in a comfortable chair(s). 3. Relax the body with deep breathing exercises.

4. Clear the mind. 5. Mentally ask for protection; see and feel the White Light fill the room.

6. Take time to reach a comfort level. 7. Mentally ask your spirit guide to visit you. 8. Let the spirit guide know what you respectfully request-the questions.

9. See and feel the vision.

10. Use your common sense and reason on what you are feeling, seeing, and in some cases, what you are hearing.

11 . Don't force the answers-let it flow!

12. Verbalize to the client either the stream or flow of what is transpiring. Never break up the continuity of information by asking the client if you are on the mark. The tape recorder is the best way to capture your verbal information.

13. Do not interpret information for the client. 14. When you are through, make sure that you thank the spirits. The mirror method is done the same way, except that it is done only for yourself. Hence, you can take as long as you want. Some mediums have special mirrors that are used

68 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

only for scrying. Mirrors should be large, easy to move and tuck away from prying eyes. This mirror, after a while, becomes your very personal tool for seeking, and like a crystal ball, can become clouded with another 's vibrations. Candles also have their own special power. One thick and tall candle (white for some reason), the burning wick about eye level, and in the absolute privacy and quiet of your room, seems to attract the attention of your guardian spirits. Candles, when used with a bowl of water or a mir­ ror, seem to greatly enhance visions. Always remember that the mind, especially the sub­ conscious, will desperately attempt to piece the information that you're receiving into a convenient package. You must fight your mind's natural instinct to present logical conclu­ sions, and listen to the spirit messenger. Life is not a series of logical and sequential answers. If you wanted the so-called logical, then you could listen to the radio, watch television, read books and newspapers, and listen to speculation from the "experts." Prophecy and prediction is the art of obtaining infor­ mation from sources that see beyond our world and into the past, present, and future-a third opinion, if you will. Accurate predictions depend on the knowledge and expertise of the spirit(s); the medium's interpretation of the message; and the wording of the interpretation. The medium's spirituality and materialism level can block re­ ceiving "higher order" messages. What if the prophecy doesn't come true? Are you sure? Did you fully understand the message? To find out more, rethink what you asked. Was the message complete? Did you understand the time frames? Were you too material? Too self-seeking? Perhaps new events and causes diverted the original prediction. Did you change the outcome by changing the course of events? Always remember that spirits cannot tell everything because your actions could change the course of events. Did you get the exact wording? Always keep written



notes and records on predictions. Later, review them to see if the event did happen. Sometimes it happens later. The finest messages of prediction come from higher spirit entities; they are not very concerned with our worldly, material problems. They are more interested in the big pic­ ture coming through. The easy messages to obtain are the Intuitive messages, which are achieved from instant "hunches" or spirit vibra­ tions. Many times they are overlooked because they are so readily received. Think back in your own life to those times when you should have followed a certain feeling while you were looking for answers to the big picture.

Recap ofthe Not-So-Elusive Future Prophecy, whether you call it revelation, vision, premoni­ tion, hunches, intuition, prediction, or even psychic guess­ ing, can happen for those who have the ability and desire. What is often masked under the guise of prophecy is often just fortune telling. Playing cards, dominoes, palm reading, tea leaves, bones and rune stones, tarot cards, the reading of livers, gizzards, entrails, bumps on the head, and I Ching are all used for fortune telling, and should not be confused with what we are learning. Prophecy, visions, or revelations, involve looking into the future for the "big picture." If the method of prophecy oc­ curs by way of the spirit world, or through the gazing (scry­ ing) aids of crystal balls, mirrors, candles, or bowls of water, then perhaps prophecy can be more effectively realized. It also should be understood that prophetic visions can be (and are) distorted by the spirit world because our minds tend to block out the unpleasant, fearful, and harmful reve­ lations; distortion thus occurs. By our very nature, humans are time obsessed. Our time concept is linear-relative and appears nowhere else in

70 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

the universe. Indeed, Albert Einstein's theory of a space­ time continuum (fourth dimension) and the Theory of Rela­ tivity have scored the artificial placement of our Earth time coordinates, which have always been hailed as a scientific absolute. Time (which does not exist outside of our conception) coupled with our mind's interpretation of visions can throw prophecies off course. We also have a tendency to reach for the dramatic and catastrophic. Prophecy is not meant to focus on doomsday events. Indeed, the past and present doomsday prophets have focused on massive computer viruses, earthquakes, total ozone destruction, massive sunspots, comets, floods, and the eternal visitation of the Four Horsemen of the Apoca­ lypse (famine, plague, wars and conquests). New age prophecies have answered that healing, the brotherhood of man, complete knowledge of the "truths," spiritual con­ sciousness, and the end of chaos will be revealed soon. All well and good. It is possible for both viewpoints to occur. We know that everything and anything is possible, but that it is not necessary to be controversial or dramatic. Many future events are predictable because of random­ ness-predictability factors, statistical factors, and the law of averages. These visions and prophecies are available to many, but are recognized only by the few, perhaps because the preview of things to come by precognition is confused with predictions. My methods of obtaining prophetic visions are crystal ball gazing, or working with candles, a bowl of water, or a mirror. The best, no-props method is by trance-meditation. I've also neglected to mention another path to prophecy that is the most common method throughout time-dreams. Sleep is the nocturnal blessing that unlocks the subcon­ scious. However, most of us, upon awakening, forget to im­ mediately write down or tape record what we've heard or seen. Later we try to piece together what we've experienced, or what we think we've recalled, and therein lies a problem.

Prophecy • 71

We've joined together the wrong pieces, forgetting the se­ quence; our logical mind then assembles what it thinks was the right progression. With determination you will find that not only does the subconscious unlock events of the past, it will inform you of future events. Many times our spirit guides and spirit team members have, or will, come through in your dreams. Before falling to sleep ask (after White Light protection, of course) for answers or solutions to your problems. You might even experiment and ask for "big picture" events, such as: how will a certain election tum out in 1999, the stock market health of a particular stock, investments in general, the state of the environment in 2015, etc. Keep ask­ ing. Please remember to write down what you received immediately upon awakening. Another interesting point is how the prophecy or pre­ diction continues to change. You'll notice the change from the first message to the second, fifth, ninth, and so on. But, you will notice how the original message expands or be­ comes enriched. In other words, you received some infor­ mation the first time, and with each series of dreams or trances, you are capturing more information-particularly if there is a persistent spirit! Oh, and another thing. If you are going to make your prophecies, visions, messages, or predictions public, you should use caution. Remember those awful predictions that plaster every supermarket tabloid at the beginning of each new year? You know the ones: Jean La'Doux says the Congress of the United States will leave Earth in June when Elvis returns with his Martian spacecraft. Don't get caught in a no-win situation. Know your information well; let it roll forth after several meditational sessions or series of dreams. There are four things to avoid in prophecy-the bizarre: "A three-headed Elvis will return to Denver in October of this year"-very explanatory, don't you think? The restric­ tive: "Seattle will be sucked into the Pacific Ocean on May 18th of this year at 4:00 P.M."-if it doesn't? The SO WHAT?

72 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

"President Nicolerby will be shot to death on February 22 of this year" --:-after it happened and you had locked it up in your safety deposit box. The obscure: "Red will tum to red, blue will tum to green, and the Lion will end all"-now what are you talking about? The biblical prophets, saints, and angels, and other prophets, such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Emanuel Swedenborg, Madam Blavatsky, Sir Fran­ cis Bacon, Jules Verne, Jean Dixon, and Ruth Montgomery, among many others, had prophecies and visions. Some of these people were very ordinary, others were not, and many were just strange. Many world religions and philosophies are based on prophecy and visions. Who's to say what the best visions are? Some very famous people throughout his­ tory have had prophecies that have been erratic, untenable, obscure, and wrong. However, some of these revelations have hit the hull's eye. There is always the variable of dis­ tortion and interpolation to be taken into consideration.

Personal Notes The gift of prophecy appears to surface when we lose our obsession with time. Perhaps the past and the future are the present. Tomorrow might be today. Albert Einstein pro­ pounded the theory of a space-time continuum which gave us thoughts of a fourth-dimension, perhaps releasing us from the constraints of the three-dimensional Earth-time that the universe ignores. In any case, with an open mind for exploration mixed with strong doses of meditation, it is easy to slip from the bonds of the present, and to peer into the future or past. A viewing can occur in our dreams or during waking time in a meditational trance. I have revealed only a small portion of my visions here, to show you that prophecy can be a very interesting proposition.

Prophecy • 73

Mirror: I saw three comets (or falling stars) with incredibly bright, fire-orange tails hitting the western United States (California, Washington, and Nevada); no time frame re­ membered or asked for. Forest and brush fires were unbe­ lievable, spreading out of control into Idaho and Utah. Water and cht:mical fire-quenching methods had absolutely no effect. I would even say that the comets and subsequent fires were very supernatural in origin. I said no time frame, but it could be in 2002.

Candle: The western United States ran out of water because of a very severe drought; no snow or water runoff. The drought is now and is progressing slowly. We are not notic­ ing it because of the occasional heavy snowfall in the major mountain ranges and the rains along the coast. Sea water desalinization plants in southern California don't produce enough water fast enough, and water riots are daily prob­ lems in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego-Tijuana, and San Francisco. Must be well into the future if desalin­ ization plants produce a major source of drinking water.

Candle: Over several sessions covering a period of eleven years, saw large armies of men and tanks, air squadrons armed with nuclear weapons, assaulting similar forces in Jordan and Israel. I believe it was a "Holy War" that caught the nations of the world off-guard because Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and several Muslim na­ tions in Asia fell so quickly to zealots. The zealots will not get what they want because these countries will be thor­ oughly devastated. I believe that these forces of change in the Muslim world have been in process for eleven years and will be a terrible force to be met with for at least thirty years.

Scrying by water: Chinese (mainland) navy, troops, and air­ craft were invading a heavily populated island. The resis­ tance to the large hoards of troops is very stiff. The United States does not get involved for economic reasons. No time

74 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

frame given or remembered. Honey bees are destroyed across the world, particularly in Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States, by chemicals and neglect; plus, it seems honey is no longer a major food. Crops were unable to be pollinated. Aircraft pollination methods do not work and worldwide hunger was out of control. Even though I do not remember any limeframe, I believe the destruction of the honeybee commenced several years ago.

Meditational trance: Several things came up in trance: •

The collapse of a major bridge in New York City; consid­

erable damage and moderate loss of life. 1998. •

The Washington Monument is blown up by a terrorist

group. Martial law in Washington; the President and Congress are immediately evacuated when other bombs are discovered at other monuments. Congress and the President become the butt of jokes across America for their cowardice. Turn of this century. •

Unemployment, hunger, homelessness becomes more

common than uncommon in America. Corporations leave the country in stunning numbers because they become the targets of "extortion gangs. " Political institutions and the well-to-do become the focus of these gangs. It appears that police, national guard, and the military are powerless. It is not a very pleasant vision and seems to grow rapidly. Now and into the first two decades of the next century.

Dreams: Many nights over the years, angels-thousands of angels, dressed in white and blue robes. Many with wings. Very multi-dimensional dreams: the background stretches to eternity, the incredible banks of thousand-foot-high clouds from which thousands of angels flew or walked down the clouds. Oh, and the magnificence of the singing! They come toward me, around me, under me and over me! Their beauty is absolutely beyond description-they come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and surprisingly are male and fe-

Prophecy • 75

male. I know through the years that there is a reason why I am allowed to see them, and I know that I am very unwor­ thy to be around them. I also know that they give me advice, visions, and hints of living. If I am not allowed to remember these visitations, then what is the purpose of the visits? In spite of my admonishments about avoiding apocalyptic horrors, I've told you snatches of what I was allowed to see. Sorry, I concealed the lovely and very personal visions, but they were simply too personal for public reflection. When you have your visions and prophecies you will know what I mean. In closing the chapter on prophecy, don't go for the shock or horrible; instead, always go for the gentle and af­ firmative. Ask the questions of yourself: "Are you taught or chosen?" "Are you a prophet or a messenger?" Do not look at revelation or vision as a burden; instead see it as a won­ derful gift received.

CHAPTER 7 HEALING Cessante causa cessat et effectus. When the cause is removed, the effect disappears. -Old Proverb

EDIUMISTIC HEALING IS AS OLD as history. It is a very complicated skill, because there are so many dis足 eases and dysfunctions that can attack a human body. It is


also a very exalted art among mediums and psychic healers. The art of healing requires practice, humility, love of humankind, a desire to help others, a correct chemical and vibrational level, a lot of spirit intervention, belief, and pa足 tience. So, you see, it is not for every apprentice medium. Mediumistic healing also recognizes when physicians and surgeons are needed. What the medium gives during psychic healing is intense vibrations of energy, similar to an electrical generator. Mediums also use clairaudience (hearing the spirit explanation), clairvoyance (seeing the problem through the spirit's eyes), and trance (when the spirit actually works through the medium's body) during healing sessions. The medium is the direct channel (or vehicle) that al足 lows the spirit energy force to flow through his or her hands into the patient. The medium uses mind control to access the patient's frame of mind. It is said the true medium is able to be directed by the spirit team to perform psychic or etheric surgery. Healing is exhausting and must be repeated through several sessions, especially if the healer, through his or her mind, enters the body of the patient. This phase of mediumship is the most frequently at足 tacked by skeptics and disbelievers. This is also the point,

78 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

along with the seance, that tests the determination, belief, and skill of the real medium. Healing happens when medi­ ums become the closest to their spirit teams. There are three, pro-active types of healing: 1. Magnetic healing: When the vital life force (energy ) is transferred by being with the sick person. It is draining, because the weak or sick person absorbs the healer 's energy field. 2. Mental healing: When the medium causes his or her mind to send vibrational thought waves to the patient. The sick are literally bombarded with images of their recovery and good health, that their pain is gone, and they are getting well-hour by hour. Medium-healers will also verbalize these thoughts.

3. Spirit healing: Occurs when the healer enters trance and becomes the vehicle for spirit healing. Great amounts of spirit energy enter the medium's body while the hands vibrate and shake; the hands of the medium are suspended inches above the person, never touching, while the aura is being repaired and the vi­ brational level is increased. Spirit healing can be done as contact healing (Number 3), absent healing (done from considerable distance), and by spirit surgery. None of these can, in any way, be considered "faith healings" or "miracles," which are practiced by some organized religions. Spirit healing is just that-spirits heal­ ing the ill. As stated before, healing can be the ultimate skill of the medium and must be practiced with care and precision. The mind is an incredible bundle of energy and vibrations, and if the patient is ill and not really in need of radical surgery or medical treatment, then spiritual healing can help. Healing can also head off illness, and assist the recovering patient. The skilled medium is able to diagnose illness through spirit intercession.



Observing the healers at a Spiritualist church that I oc­ casionally attend, I never cease to be amazed at the glowing expressions I see written across the faces of the people who are being served. The intense concentration by the healers who do the lay­ ing on of hands is focused as an attempt to transfer their en­ ergy force for healing is made. Listening closely to some of them, I am able to hear the softly spoken words of prayers, affirmations, and key words such as, "Light and Love." My thoughts on healing are: 1. Attend several healings if you can (including heal­

ing circles).

2. Read books on spiritual techniques-there are many. 3. Ask your spirit guide or spirit team for assistance and healing knowledge. 4. Don't forget that when you give healing energy away, only give it to people who have requested it.

5. The best way to test your powers is to heal sick pets or plants-you have to start somewhere. 6. Yes, it is possible to heal yourself. Twice a day, visu­ alize yourself getting better. Let the spirits find your problem while they assist in your personal healing. 7. Never neglect seeing medical doctors.

8. Make sure that your meditational state, oath of pro­ tection, and the visualization of the White Light are accomplished with each session. 9. Meditation is listening, while prayer is talking. In healing, prayer always comes first (the request), and out of meditation come the answers. This is espe­ cially true in healing. Mental healing is going beyond Earth-bound limits, and, like the seance, requires complete dynamic energy and belief.

80 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Key Points ofHealing Healing has never been one of my strongest suits, perhaps because I became inordinately frustrated when I was unable to see immediate results. The healer, a very good healer, is an incredibly gifted individual who I feel is gifted at birth, or through some extraordinary occurrence. Recently I attempted mental healing with two mind bombardments of White Light several times a day, for three weeks, on a very dear relative. I don't believe my mind bom­ bardment or the doctor's surgery worked, because she will again go under the knife. Perhaps both of our methods less­ ened the pain and the danger that lies ahead; time will tell. I did not broach the subject of a healing group or a Spiritualist healer, not because she would have turned my offer down, but because she has little faith in any area of the medical arts. The point is, if the patient doesn't believe in any form of healing, Spiritualist or medical, then there is no reason to champion either method. It is never a good idea to profess one method over the other. Spiritual healing and prayer have been used for many years, and it now seems that the medical profession is very interested in the startling results that have occurred with patient recovery when prayer en­ ters the picture.

Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet" This amazing man practiced psychic healing for over forty years, mostly from considerable geographic distances. He would lie down and go into an instant tranc�. Keep in mind that this man never studied medicine; in fact, he had a very limited education, yet he was able to diagnose illnesses in over 30,000 people, and assisted their healing through ad­ vice and homeopathic methods. He also believed strongly

Healing • 81

in auras, and was able to offer cures and remedies from reading these auras. Medical skeptics were unable to disprove the validity of his diagnoses and cures; in fact, government investiga­ tors were even amazed at his accuracy. At no time did he or his supporters. ever solicit fees for his miraculous services, and, strangely, he had many supporters in the medical community. If I may be so bold as to paraphrase the thoughts of the master healer, Edgar Cayce, and the healers I've talked to, the nexus of spiritual healing seems to occur when the pa­ tient has a positive attitude and sincere faith that the healing will work, and the patient has also affirmed the desire to be healed to the healer. The patient and healer should be physically relaxed and comfortable with each other, sharing a mutual trust. When the process of healing is commenced, the mind of the healer should be quiet (free from mind chatter), which al­ lows the Universal Life Force to transfer the energy surge through both hands and thoughts. Importantly, the healer or medium can slip into an in­ stant meditational trance, thereby enabling the flow of heal­ ing energy to take place. While this process is occurring, the patient and healer are verbally saying (or thinking) positive prayers and affirmations. The healer or medium should be thoroughly skilled in reading auras, not only before the laying on of hands com­ mences, but also during and after the healing process. Aura reading for illness is like reading a thermometer, taking blood pressure, looking at X-Rays, EKGs, BEGs, or MRis. For reinforcement, it seems that prayer acts as the most important conduit in healing which connects and directs en­ ergy and "life force" for the healer to disperse to the patient. While some of the comments appear to be repetitive, they need to be!

82 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Healing Overview Throughout this chapter, you can readily see that healing, whether it be mediumistic, spiritual, or psychic healing, is a profound gift and skill. It should be obvious to you, especially with all the re­ cent medical and media coverage, that the human heart and spiritual mind is at last awakening to alternative possibili­ ties-that the reality people have been served no longer is sufficient to treat total well-being. Below you will find high­ lights that outline the key points of spiritual healing.

1. Psychic healing is a gift that requires a lot of loving expertise.

2. The power of prayer must never be underesti­ mated.

3. Negative thinking and poor attitude might cause illness.

4. Healers don't heal, but act as the conduit for the re­ lease of kinetic energy and life-giving force.

5. Touching or movement of the hands act as the focal point of energy transfer.

6. The sensations felt by the patient include sensa­ tions of shock (electrical), tingling, or heat, perhaps bursts of colors. 7. The lifestyle of the patient might lead to illnesses.

8. An imbalance of energy and vital life force is as­ sumed to cause disease and illness.

9. The really gifted healer seems to be born with heal­ ing powers.

10. Psychokinesis (PK), prayer, and mind projection is the focus of most of this energy force.



11. The state of the patient's subconscious is an ingre­ dient for cure.

12. Prayer groups and circles seem to intensify energy dispersal. 13. No promises of cure should ever be given by the healer.

14. Always work with physicians if requested. 15. Can "miracles" happen in the healing process? Why not?

16. BELIEVE that prayers ing!


on the "juice" for heal­


Truth is all around you; what matters is where you put yourfocus. -Roger von Oech

URAS HAVE BEEN NOTED by civilizations through­ out history, particularly the ancient Greeks, Romans, numerous Asian cultures, and were used by the early Chris­


tians. It is a mirror of the inner energy force of all beings, and can be seen, sometimes even felt, by the aware. We all have the ability to see auras, but we tend to ignore them. This electromagnetic halo reveals physical and emotional health, sometimes changing color with moods. The aura is oval in shape, completely surrounds a per­ son, and is best detected around the head and shoulders. Some psychics claim they can hear the aura under certain optimum conditions. Sensitive people can observe certain mental and physical vibrations from the aura, and these vi­ brations are why we take an instant like or dislike to certain people, knowingly or unknowingly-a sort of friendly melding or clashing of auras. Interestingly enough, children and animals-particu­ larly dogs, cats, and horses-seem to feel an aura's influ­ ence immediately, thereby having instant feelings toward strangers. It is supposed that all living organisms on our planet emit a vibrational life force, and each seems to have its own unique aura. Some "New Agers" are convinced that natural crystals radiate vibrations that can be used for healing and prophecy; at first glance this seems rather unusual, until

86 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

you realize that the crystal ball is an outstanding source of prophecy for the medium.

Kirlian photography, invented in the former Soviet Union in the early 1940s by Semyon Kirlian, is a controver­ sial technique using special photography that takes images of the body's psychic energy and the etheric body-part of the auric layer. Most critics of the Kirlian technique claim that the special infrared film only shows the body's dis­ charge of electricity. The Kirlian method continues to be experimental, and has been shown to be moderately successful in cancer diag­ nosis, sports medicine, and can be used in conjunction with other health diagnostic systems. For our purpose, it does seem to photograph the body's aura, and we will let the technologists debate what they believe they are seeing. Some parapsychologists feel that Kirlian photography will eventually be used to photograph the departed's soul, or life force, at the moment it leaves the body. The complete aura, or energy aura, as seen by the inex­ perienced eye, appears to be a fuzzy, milky-white haze, but to the experienced clairvoyant or medium, the colors appear to be distinct. They are able to read thoughts, health, and a person's character instantly from these colors. The energy aura is colorless until the colors (our sight perception) of emotion, health, and the general physical state are absorbed by the exterior aura. If you could see the aura closely, you would notice that the total aura is rather thick nearest to the body, and looks like waving and moving porcupine quills-straight out when healthy, floppy and tangled in poor health. One unusual quality of the electromagnetic aura is the scent from the energy particles that are rubbed or broken loose from the aura. Have you ever been in an empty room and felt the last occupant's vibrations, sometimes even de­ tected a human scent? Have your eyes suddenly started wa­ tering, or have you been racked with sneezing fits? This effect, or fall out, is because of these cast off auric particles. It is believed that some dogs and cats, especially a blood-

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hound, are able to track one person out of hundreds because of these particles. This "scent" also helps lost animals find their way to their human owners, sometimes across hun­ dred of miles. This colorless energy-generated aura, visible to the at­ tuned observer, can also look like hundreds of small, twin­ kling (energy) lights. When these particles of energy blend with the body's life force, the results are converted into colors: happiness, health, love, hate, intellect, etc. To the in­ experienced eye they will appear milky or gauzy white, to the medium they will appear as pastel or raw colors. See Table 2, below. Table 2. Auric Colors COLOR Purple, Violet, Indigo Blue

CHARACTERISTICS Rare; a very religious or spiritual color; a "holy" and seeking individual. Spiritual; a selfless healer-particularly with the mind and nervous system; can be an artistic person.


Physical, a powerful and vital individual; courageous, strong-willed; this color is also a caution color; can have a darker side that includes hate, revenge, greed, vanity, lust and cruelty.


A helpful and healing person.


Indicates health and vitality; mentally alert; considerate.


Intellect dovetails with concentration and inspiration; person can be optimistic, spiritual, and friendly.


Color indicates lack of strong emotions; introverted and conventional personality; down to earth; can be selfish.


Narrow-minded; cruel or moody color.


To be avoided; totally negative; perhaps vicious; shows hatred; possible trouble-maker.


White is the perfect color, containing the soul's perfeet balance. The white color is really a shimmering silver; radiates love.

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Always remember that there are colors that bleed into other colors, making it difficult to discern what the "pri­ mary" color really is. Expertise in sorting out colors comes with a great amount of experience, and the reading should not be rushed. This is especially true in healing. Your own experience in healing will help you determine what colors translate into a specific illness.

Seeing Your Own Aura Sit, kneel, or stand before a freshly cleaned mirror in a dimly lighted room. Relax your mind while taking several deep breaths. Squint your eyes several times while taking deep breaths, and when you feel completely relaxed, unfocus your eyes while slightly staring at your head and shoulders. Gradually you should see a thin, shimmering light sur­ rounding your head and shoulders. The more you concen­ trate, the larger the aura should expand. Did you notice what color it was? If you didn't see it the first few times, keep at it! If you see a color right away, then you are well on your way. If it appears to be a faint, gauzy white, then you are just about right. Keep practicing! For experimental purposes, practice looking at auras. It can develop into a fascinating game-the subway, a bus, a restaurant, a party, and at work. Church services can be the most interesting observation area, in that during prayer and meditation the aura appears to be bigger and brighter. Aura observation gives us proof that all living organ­ isms emanate lheir own distinctly electromagnetic vibra­ tions, further showing us that there are more things on this Earth-plane than we ever dreamed of. Aura readings are important because the aura assists the medium in healing; it helps the medium read the char­ acter of an individual; the medium is able to sort out "fact from fiction," and good from evil; it gives you direct proof on how far you have come as a medium; it allows you to

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know when you should send positive energy to combat negative energy.

PersonalNotes The ability to see and read auras doesn't happen until you're ready; restated, you must be open-minded in order to see. Aura reading goes along with being a psychically or spiritually attuned person. Ever feel vibrations-friendly or hostile-emanating from a person or a group of people? Have you ever felt that a person you've never met before is good or bad? Well, these vibrations are an energy field sent out from those persons. Notice I said energy. Now think what you could see if you saw that energy force, or field, converted into color. My meaning is that you have to be open-minded, psychically attuned, and that you can sense emotion in oth­ ers. All of these meld into your being able to see and read auras. What is even better, is the ability to instantly enter into a light meditative trance while walking, running, talking, or whatever you're doing. Aura readings can be accomplished in the right lighting (not too bright lighting), with the right mind (feeling good), by being expectant, and with heaps of practice. Also, keep your readings to yourself, as you are not reading to astound and mystify. Generally, look on aura reading as a personally fun and satisfying experience, per­ haps to be used in a social, business, or healing setting. My personal vignettes serve as examples as to what can be seen when you least expect it. My first very memorable aura sighting occurred in a heavily wooded park. That morning the park had been overcast with fog, and the sweet smell of an early autumn permeated the air. I had been out running with my dog, and had paused in the park while catching my breath when I saw a fellow runner barreling toward me at a furious pace.


Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

He glowed, I mean really glowed! A blue-white light sur­ rounded him. Since I had left my glasses at home, my first thought was that I was having blurred vision. The young runner came within five feet of me and I felt that the radi­ ance of light almost touched me-it shot out so far from his body. My dog, who usually barked at anything that came close to us, remained silent, sitting down while watching the passing runner. With that experience, I never again questioned the possibilities of auras. A few years later, while attending a counseling confer­ ence, the main speaker, Mr. J., a success-motivational advo­ cate, and a very dynamic selfmade man, swung into a story about his life. He had lost his wife in a messy divorce, had his business taken away by the IRS, and had lost every ounce of self-esteem he had. He was at the lowest point of his life. Mr. J. purchased an inexpensive gun which he in­ tended to do himself in with. At the moment the gun was pointed at his head, he heard a voice that commanded him to put the gun away. He also said that a cascade of rainbow­ colored light came down from the ceiling and totally wrapped him in an envelope of energy. While he was talk­ ing about this experience he commenced to light up like a Christmas tree-the only way I can describe how he looked. He glowed in alternating colors of red, yellow, orange, and white lights that covered him so completely that I actually rubbed my eyes to see if my tear ducts were overactive. I'll never forget his message or the incredible aura that sur­ rounded him for at least 45 minutes! One early summer morning I saw my own aura for the first time. Everything in that period of time had gone well. I felt good about my family, circumstances and myself. I was on a high about life. I began showering in the dark that morning, afraid to turn on a light and disturb my soundly­ sleeping wife in the nearby bedroom. Softly humming, and feeling pleasantly relaxed in the steamy shower, I watched as a faint glow spread from my feet and upward along my body. Soon I was completely encased in a shimmering white

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light. I looked at my hands, arms, torso, and legs in amaze­ ment. I turned off the shower thinking that some sort of chemical reaction had occurred. I continued to radiate light, about six inches of pure, white light bouncing from my body. I lingered in the shower until the hot water was ex­ hausted, thinking how wonderful life really is. I've been able to see auras many times now, all colors and moods, on people, in groups, and sometimes on ani­ mals. I've never questioned the life source that permeates all living things. Seeing auras requires relaxation, the right en­ vironmental conditions, good positive thoughts, and in­ tense focus.

CHAPTER 9 REINCA RNATION For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease (Job 14:7). If a man die, shall he live again (Job 14:14)? In my Father's house are many mansions (John 14:2).



and the seance, are very controversial in our skeptical society. It has been said that a majority of the world's popu­

lation believes in some form of reincarnation-or would like to believe. Indeed, the majority of the religions of the world, past and present, have some theology or philosophy de­ voted to the thoughts and ideas of a system of rebirth after the physical body perishes. Our first records of reincarnation come from the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations which influenced the emerging societies surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Far Eastern cultures, African, Australian, and Western Hemi­ spheric societies and tribes also have their own versions of reincarnation; but perhaps the most influential reincarna­ tion concepts sprang from that great melting pot of theolo­ gies, India, which gave the Western world the bones of contention to gnaw on. Probably the most influential individual who brought Hindu and Buddhist concepts to our awareness was the very controversial 19th-century mystic, the ever-engaging Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, who is often called H. P. B. among other things. Mme. H. P. B. led a frantic, devil-may-care, Bohemian lifestyle and was principal, with a few other unusual char­ acters, in blending a mixture of Hindu-Buddhist-Spiritualist

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philosophies into a very influential movement called Theos­ ophy, which survives to this present day. What we are concerned with in this chapter, though, is reincarnation's bare bones, with some loose interpretation from Theosophy added for the Western viewpoint. For some reason, which I can't readily explain fully, there seem to be some threads of connection between rein­ carnation and mediumship. Many Spiritualist churches and organizations do not accept the role of reincarnation in the spirit world. In my contacts with those in spirit, I have re­ ceived two common, noncommittal responses; no matter how I've reframed the questions, I have been informed that they have no idea of what reincarnation is, or that they are not aware of how it could work in the "Grand Scheme," which I understand to mean, no probability. Yet, other medi­ ums and psychics have informed me that their sources say it could be very possible. Vague? One Spiritualist explanation of reincarnation is that the departed spirits take possession of living individuals who are very "sensitive" and psychically attuned, thus the spirit occupies the body of a living person which really amounts to a possession and this obviously is not a good thing! Edgar Cayce denied mediumship and did not take pro­ tective precautions on his numerous "wanderings," almost dying several times. Could it be that he met several entities or spirit controls that did not have the highest of intentions? The speculation is this: the more a person is ignorant of spirit matters and ways of correct approaches, the easier it is for less desirable spirits to take advantage of the living. Reincarnation, which Edgar Cayce supported very strongly, could be possession. Also, personal reincarnation informa­ tion might get confused with thought waves that come from the other side and are received by the living, which is still a form of possession. Emanuel Swedenborg, the magnificent 18th-century "Swedish Aristotle," was a highly respected scientist and a very learned man of his day, who just also happened to be a


• 95

highly proficient medium. He stated, according to his spirit guides, that when a person died he or she went to the spirit world, "lived" forever, and never again took a physical body on this earth. Andrew Jackson Davis, the early 19th-century founder of Spiritualist philosophy, stated that reincarnation was a fabulous mansion built on a pile of sand. Reincarnation purports that human beings return to Earth many or several times, to work out errors, and possi­ bly to collect credits. Spiritualism teaches us that human be­ ings work out earthly mistakes (if any) or errors in the spirit world and its astral planes. Incontrovertible, empirical data on either view is not available. It is always best to use logic and reason to investigate, weigh, and examine all facts-pro and con. When you feel you must accept karmic guilt, you also take on the burden that you can do little about earthly situ­ ations-the next rebirth will or might fix it. "It's my karma. " The purpose o f this life is to enjoy and grow spiritually, respect others, and to confront your problems and defeats head on, here and now, not later. Karma can be used as a crutch. It is also possible that if you fully accept the theory of reincarnation now, eventually when you depart this Earth plane, you just might get stuck in the spirit world and its planes, always waiting for a reincarnation that might never come, thus ignoring the work that has to be done for the progress of the soul. The spirit world and its inhabitants surround us at all times. It is very possible that these spirits, and in particular your guardian spirit or mentor, might have particularly strong thoughts, strong enough to bring fragments of their own Earth memories that might possibly influence our thoughts so that we think we are having reincarnation memories. The medium is very susceptible to these influ­ ences, for it is difficult to differentiate between his or her own thoughts and the spirit's thoughts.

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When I think of reincarnation and the extremes of karma, I am frequently reminded of a story I once heard; I don't remember where it came from, but this is the gist of how far we carry the notion of karma: Two Tibetan monks were walking along a lake one day when they suddenly came across a drowning man in the lake. "Help me!" cried the drowning man to the monks. The two monks paused mo­ mentarily on their walk; then one monk said to the other, "Is it his karma or ours?" They then contin­ ued on their walk while the man drowned. Reincarnation, particularly from the Hindu and Bud­ dhist viewpoint, can be a very convoluted theology, philos­ ophy, and way of life. The Western mind has borrowed the bits-and-pieces that it can understand, assimilate, or use, but most of us still have a rather difficult time understand­ ing the basic concepts of Eastern thought concerning rein­ carnation, especially when it comes to the doctrine of karma, which is often a misused and misunderstood term. However, we Westerners, eclectic as we are, overlook our own great karmic term that might possibly eliminate a shadow of the misunderstood aspects of karma. The Golden Rule states: "Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you." Could this simple rule relate to basic karmic thought, that what you do here (in this life), will determine your destiny in the next existence? Perhaps karma can be looked at this way: 1 . All human beings shape their own destiny, and hence, are responsible for their own actions.

2. No supernatural force governs our own actions. 3. We create our own free will and are responsible for our decisions.


• 97

4. Do earthly ethics, morals, and values have a real purpose? 5. We should do good deeds without thought of any rewards.

6. If we unknowingly do good deeds, will this be con­ sidered good karma?

7. Is there really any negative or positive karma?

8. Can any of us make a difference in this life? Are we supposed to make any difference in this life?

9. We must respect the dignity of all life forms and the environment. 10. Do we have passion, creativity, and intelligence for a reason? 11. Go with the flow, remembering that our lives are to­ tally irrelevant. 12. The attributes of personality that we pick up here are carried over there, for better or worse, and that defines our next step. See, I told you it was rough going. Don't even think of adding Zen at this point! Can you see the tie to the funda­ mentals of mediumship? These highly condensed "stan­ dards" could quite possibly grant us positive karma which could aid our soul's progression. Karma is neither good nor bad, it just is. I've added a very short section on basic terminology that includes threads of esoteric, spiritualist, Buddhist, and Hindu philosophy. This basic vocabulary is here to whet your appetite. As you progress through the studies lightly touched on in this book, and this very chapter, you will discover words and phrases that, when you understand them, show that much of the world's philosophy and

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religious aspirations seem to have a commonality. My eso­ teric/ mediumistic beliefs led me on several pathways, and I learned from all of them.

Basic Terminology Akashic Record (or Chronicles): The master records the cos­ mos holds for all of us, of everything that has or will ever happen to every person, place, or thing in the universe. It is believed to be the universal truth. These chronicles hold the total record of every action, thought, emotion, light, move­ ment, sound, and vibration. People who are psychically sen­ sitive, like an Edgar Cayce-who frequently visited this library-are able to receive infinite information. These rec­ ords also hold every person's past, present, and future in­ carnations.

Anatta (a Buddhist word): Occurs when the body dies and the lesser (petty or worldly) self ceases, but the higher self survives (Anatta) and eventually reaches perfection through a series of rebirths. When a human loses all hatreds, worldly desires, and life's "delusions," he or she approaches NIR­ VANA (heaven or perfection), and becomes one with the universe.

Chakras: are the "whirlpools of light." When you think of chakras, think of active energy and concentration. We have seven chakras in our bodies, located with the Gonads, Spleen, Adrenals (Solar Plexus), Thymus (heart), Thyroid (throat), Pi­ tuitary, and Pineal (crown of head); they become exception­ ally active during meditation. Many believe these sites are where the auras come from. Yoga teaches us that chakras are where our dynamic, universal life force comes from.

Cryptomnesia (hidden memory): is an overload of memory. It is believed that the brain remembers every detail or action seen, felt, heard, smelled-consciously or unconsciously

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since birth. Some believe this memory even goes back to the womb. Can be repressed or hidden away until a certain stimulus releases fragments of these memories. There is a school of thought that believes schizophrenia comes from this release.

Deja Vu: The "illusion" of having experienced something be­ fore, perhaps something that is really being experienced for the first time. Reincamationists believe deja vu experiences are past-life fragments of memories that pop into the mind under certain conditions in the environment, or with peo­ ple, or things. "I've been there before." "I've done that be­ fore." "I knew that." "I've met you before . . . " All of these thoughts are part of the deja vu experience.

Dharma: Defines the higher cosmos as holding all truth, righteousness, virtue, perfect ideals, and one path to confor­ mity for duty and nature, which is the basic principle of uni­ versal law and individual existence. Suffering does exist, mental or physical, deserved, and caused by a build-up of negative karma, such as hatred, jealousy, greed, anger, mur­ der, lust, etc. This is essentially the "no escape from your ac­ tions" school, and better luck at your next birth. These thoughts are in direct conflict with Spiritualism, which be­ lieves you have only one time to get it right, as you are here on Earth but once.

Incarnation: The universal god spark, energy, breath of life force, that happens at the moment of conception. Karma: A system of debits and credits earned or lost, know­ ingly or unknowingly; the law of cause and effect; the force generated by any person's actions or deeds which will determine his or her destiny in the next existence (or trans­ migration).

Mindfulness: is a state of consciousness. This consciousness is focused only on the present moment. We observe dispas-

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sionately and are concerned only with present experiences and observation. The past does not exist, the future is not here yet. It helps us to be receptive to our personal in­ sights-who we are. It is an excellent Zen (meditational) ex­ ercise for clearing the mind, and can be practiced for minutes at a time or for several hours. It is best to practice in a quiet environment, usually in a comfortable sitting position.

Past Life Regression: The process of exploring past lives. Trained therapists, perhaps hypnotists, take interested peo­ ple to past lives, usually to discover the previous reincarna­ tions which make up the present person.

Past Life Therapy: Used by hypnotists, psychologists, or trained therapists who have a patient regress to past lives in order to discover why the patient has phobias or anxieties, and perhaps to eliminate those phobias.

Rebirth: Occurs when the spirit soul journeys to the spirit plane, reorganizes its essence and understands what it learned while on Earth-debits and credits-then picks the time and place for reentry to the Earth plane (or other places in the universe) for further lessons. In Spiritualism, rebirth occurs when the spirit soul is reborn in the spirit world per­ manently for progression in eternity. No movement to the Earth plane will ever occur again unless the spirit never re­ ally made the detachment from Earth (Earthbound), such as a haunting.

Reincarnation: The theory or belief that upon physical death the soul incarnates again on the Earth plane in another physical body-in either human or non-human form. This can occur many or a few times, depending on what the soul feels it needs to make its eternal progress.

Reincarnation • 101

Samsara: The wheel of rebirth; the indefinitely repeated cy­ cles of birth, misery, and death, all caused by negative karma, which some call the extremes of karma.

Transmigration: Our partly- or highly-evolved souls move into lower non-human forms like insects, turtles, horses, dogs, plants, fish, and even rocks. Most Western reincarna­ tionists consider this theory an insult.

Zen (Chinese and Japanese Buddhism): Mainly a Japanese form of meditation and contemplation. Philosophically loaded, yet simple with no logic, theology, or intellect re­ quired. It is a form of wisdom that sees the oneness of ev­ erything, and is built on the premise of the simplicity of thoughts and ideas. Meditation is the key to oneness and is achieved by looking inside yourself. All enlightenment comes from meditation. There are many schools of Zen phi­ losophy, including the ZaZen school (sit and meditate). The Zen methods of meditation are excellent disciplines for a modern medium. Evidence for reincarnation is being researched with care. Astonishing facts and information have come from many thousands of regressions and past-life therapy sessions, too many it seems, to simply discard as nonsense, hoaxes, or cryptomnesia. Facts, events, places, languages, knowledge of obscure or dead languages, exotic foods, clothes, talents-some quite remarkable-tend to bolster the growing argument for reincarnation. Many famous and talented individuals, such as Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, and General George Pat­ ton had thoughts and experiences for the reincarnation the­ ory. They also believed strongly in the probabilities. The Hebrew Gilgul (in the Kabbalah), the Christian Gnostics, and the Ism'ilis, Sufism and the esoteric teachings of Islam, also touch on the possibility of reincarnation.

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Personal Regressions The following extracts were taken from several regression sessions that occurred over a period of years. They are di­ gested considerably because time and memory has a ten­ dency to want elaboration, which I feel would lead to inaccuracies. These regressions were done in the spirit of in­ quiry and fun by psychologists, social workers, and medi­ ums. I must confess that as a person who is not firmly committed to reincarnation, these personal regressions have continued to linger in my memory as truths. In the main, I find these revelations to be very negative and too real, espe­ cially the World War I experiences.

A Strange Repetition: I was a junior British officer in the mid­ dle 18th century, assigned to the East India Company's oc­ cupational forces under the command of General Baron George Clive. We were unloading a group of Royal Marines into small boats for landing off a large Indian seaport city­ I'm pretty sure it was Madras. I had bent over to fleck some dirt off my white hose and a boom struck me in the back of the head. I recall falling into the warm water and drowning horribly as water flooded my lungs. What is so unusual about this regression is that it was first done in the middle 1960s, and later appeared detail-for­ detail in another regression in the early 1970s, and with more depressing detail. As a Warrior: I am a Zulu warrior (in South Africa?). Many thousands of us were banging our long bladed spears against our large cowhide shields. We then charged down this enormous hill to a circled wagon train, which was filled with white men, women, and children (Boer farmers?). As I was about to run through this young red-haired man, he shot me in the face and I died immediately. Athenian Soldier: We (not more than twenty of us) were very

Reincarnation • 103

hungry and dirty. A large contingent of Spartan soldiers had us backed up against a canyon wall, and it was obvious to us that there would be no escape, and that we would be slaughtered by these ruthless Spartans. I remember one man yelling, "We die for Athens! " We charged the Spartans. A spear ripped my throat open, and the pain was beyond de­ scription. Before I died, I remembered how cold I was and how light-headed I felt. I couldn't hear anything as I died.

A Roman Centurion: I had been sent away from Rome be­ cause of incest with my younger sister, a Vestal Virgin neo­ phyte. The only reason I wasn't executed was because our father was a senator. My name was Maximus Surpurbis (I think), and because of my father 's position, was given the rank of centurion. Our garrison was located next to Caledo­ nia (Scotland), near the wall of Antoninus, to keep the Picts (barbarians) out of Britannia. It was always cold and wet, and the Britons hated us as much as the Picts. We were very nervous because the Picts' numbers were growing and we were waiting for overdue supplies and reinforcements from the fort of Eboracum (?). One very rainy night, they caught us off guard and overran us. For two days the barbarians tortured and slaughtered the Britons, saving us, the Roman soldiers, for last. I remember praying to my ancestors and Jove to make my men's death easy, and I can recall how cold I was because the barbarians had stripped us naked and had us in cages in the rain. They tortured us in a terrible manner, and I will spare you the gruesome details of what they did, but the nature in which I died was horrible. I found this re­ gression to be all too vivid and realistic. A Scribe: I was a temple scribe and bookkeeper in the small, dirty town of On (?), located near the Delta of ancient Egypt. The Assyrian soldiers occupied our two lands (Upper and Lower Egypt) and seemed to be everywhere. In spite of their extreme cruelty and foreign ways, they allowed us to continue our daily business and the worship of our gods.

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The reason I bring this up is because I want to emphasize the fear I felt during this regression. I can recall my fear of these heavily bearded men and the poverty they gave us­ they took everything, including the meager gifts that were given to the god Atun, the temple I worked in. I was young and very thin-with a pot belly, and a shaved head. I was also very easy to agitate and I liked beer too much. I lived in a three-room, mud-like house down a narrow street in a poor section of town. My housemate was also a scribe at the temple. We both had a terrible hacking cough and I some­ how knew that we had contracted the "Foreign (Assyrian) Disease" that was sweeping the Delta. My biggest worry was that when I died, the priests at the temple of Atun wouldn't preserve and bury me in their burial area. After all, I felt, I had given excellent service to Atun and the priests.

The Great War: This regression is brief because it was much too vivid and haunting. I was a teenage British soldier from the slums of Liverpool. I can recall the shelling of our trench in Ypres in 1915. The putrid smell of death, lice, mud, and fear is everywhere. Our trench was overrun by the Huns (Germans) and six of us were taken captive. They frisked us down for cigarettes and anything else we had. That after­ noon, after two of their officers quarreled bitterly, they lined us up and shot us in the back. It was fast and didn't hurt. A Holy Man: I was a young, painfully-thin Indian priest or holy man, roaming far and wide across northern India. I was dressed in a long purple robe with golden threads. I drank a lot and I think I was a drunk. People would sit at my feet while I lectured about the goddess Kali. I didn't be­ lieve in what I was lecturing, and throughout my wander­ ings I kept hearing voices telling me to travel to the south of India where a young prince was awaiting my visit, then "It would commence. " I never did understand fully what this regression meant and I was never able to bring it to a con­ clusion.

Reincarnation • 105

I use my own personal regressions here in order to point out that they were all done under hypnosis, and by qualified people. All but one concluded in a tragic fashion, but two were free from a military theme. I don't know quite what to say about regression. I offer only the most basic accounts be­ cause I wish to avoid my own interpretations. I disregard my regression experiences because I simply do not know what to say. What can you say? I do know one thing however, I get butterflies whenever they pop to the front of my memory.

We begin in the body and end in the vision. -George A. Sheehan, M.D.1

Questions to Ask ofReincarnationists It appears that the belief in reincarnation is enormously popular and widespread. Indeed, numerous surveys seem to appear frequently in the Sunday supplements of most North American newspapers, findings indicating that a growing number of people believe in many aspects of rein­ carnation. The issues of reincarnation are rather deep and philosophical, appearing to fluctuate from person to person, but boiling down to this main issue: "I'm much too unique to simply count on one life." There are certain intrinsic is­ sues that could raise heated controversy in the debate over reincarnation. 1. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness; could hyp­ nosis induce fantasy and "creativity"? 2. Some reincarnationists believe that abortion is soul slaughter because it blocks souls from having the chance of reincarnation. Is this correct? 1George

A. Sheehan, Running and Being: The Total Experience (New York: Warner,

1978), p. 254.

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3. Does deliberate childlessness and the use of birth control devices sin against the Natural Laws of Reincarnation? 4. How are we to really know if our reincarnation is worth­

while, to clean up our act if we don't know what we are cleaning up? 5. If the Akashic Records have our past and destiny already

written down, why bother to change? 6. The planet Earth has vastly more people alive today than it has ever had; where did all of these reincarnated beings come from? Where were they before?

7. Why does the Karmic Law and Dharma presuppose that we are basically bad and need to work off bad debts?


PIECES OF THE PuzzLE Was that life? I want to say death, Well then! Once more! -Friedrich Nietzsche



A has changed our view of the third dimensional, "solid" =

world. We now know that energy and matter are not sepa­ rate things. Matter is one form of energy that cannot be destroyed-just changed. Time does not run in a straight line merely for our convenience. Time and space are connected in a fourth dimension continuum-that "other world." There are no coincidences or pure accidents, the cosmic universe is run by a natural set of laws. Each and every person is responsible for his or her actions and deeds while on this Earth plane. The good is an eternal reward, the bad is a terrible payback. Simply put: the brain is not the same as the mind. The brain weighs less than 31h pounds and is composed of chemicals, cells, and tis­ sue. The brain is physical and "moves" the body. The mind weighs nothing, and it leaves the body at death. The mind is spiritual, while the brain is physical. The thought force trav­ els like radio waves. Picture your mind as an electrical transmitter-sending thoughts. Can you imagine what you can do with concentration and will? Be careful; your mind, once focused with power, can do fantastic things!

108 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

Meditation is Close to Self-Hypnosis Psychometry can be rather interesting and revealing. Psy­ chometry is a technique for reading objects by holding or touching them. To practice psychometry, do the following: Empty your mind; Close your eyes; Touch or hold the object; Let your thoughts or feelings flow; Vocalize or write thoughts down; See if the puzzle ties together into a general "picture"; Practice with objects that are used or worn by persons; Practice over and over. This is an excellent skill and test of mediumship!

Helpful Tips If you want to help yourself, you can use the following prayer: PRAYER FOR PROPHECY AND VISION As the eternal cosmos knows me, so may I know the vast cosmos; through my spirit guide, please open the door to the eternal truths and mysteries. Please show me the way. To purge a haunting (purification), you can use the follow­ ing recipe: 3 cups of tap water 1 cup of white vinegar

Pieces of the Puzzle


1 cup of salt (or sea salt)

Bring to boil in pan. Carry steaming pan through each room-bottom floor to top. Windows and doors must be open before you begin. Repeat in each room: "I ask that any spirit who is here, leave in love. This is our life. Leave this house in the holy White Light and do not return. Go in peace." Avoid using the Ouija board unless you are experienced and protected; you never know what door you accidentally open.

Prayersfor Spiritual Healing Prayers, affirmations, and oaths are needed by the medium for focusing, spirit contact, protection, cleansing, commu­ nication with the cosmos, and for centering. They can be thought or spoken, but in all instances, they must be ac­ complished. I have shared my prayers with you because I know, I believe, I am told, that they set things in motion. If you ever intend to be a medium, a healer, or psychic, you must com­ mit yourself to prayer and the fervent belief in the power of prayer. FOR SELF I ask the great unseen force and my spirit team to remove all illness and pain from my body and mind; restore me to perfect health. I ask this in the deepest of sincerity and with love. Please help me to do my part.

110 •

Beginner's Guide to Mediumship


I ask the great unseen healing force to cure and heal those present and absent; to restore them to perfect health in body and mind. I ask this in love and trust. Repeat verbally or mentally until you feel the force enter your mind, body, and hands. One sign of achieving this state will be to feel the lightness in your body and a glowing light around you.

Personal Code of Conduct Mediumship just might provide you and others with mean­ ing, put purpose in your life, answer questions, and estab­ lish an upbeat direction-and hope. You may find it helpful to observe the following suggestions for personal conduct. Be humble and thankful for the gift; affirm daily, with sincere gratitude, your love of life and your love for fellow beings-and for the ones who have departed. Never boast or exaggerate about your powers. Spirits must never be asked to do things against their will. The misuse of powers for sexual exploitation, excessive monetary gain, and power over others is pure evil. Avoid using the powers for the sake of dramatic inter­ pretations and staged events. Client and sitter confidentiality must be observed at all times. Fees, gifts, and offerings must never influence readings. Advertising services in newspapers, magazines, televi-

Pieces of the Puzzle

• 111

sion, and radio is inappropriate; word of mouth and business cards are more acceptable. You can also use quietly-stated brochures. Be a "champion" of mediumship.

Hauntings, Ghosts, and Spirits The phenomena of hauntings by ghosts, spirits, or appari­ tions have occurred for thousands of years in all cultures. Sightings appear in religious literature, such as the Bible, Koran, esoteric-philosophical tracts, in the writings of schol­ ars, paranormal researchers, novelists, and even sensational tabloids. People swear they have seen, touched, been touched by, spoken to, smelled, been assaulted, guided, and frightened by otherworld visitors. In spite of thousands of close encounters, there is no tangible, scientific, or technological proof of these occur­ rences. People who have experienced ghostly contact in an intimate or casual manner are sure of what they have seen, touched, or heard. Spirit or ghost manifestation seems to occur mainly by attachment-attachment to the living and close attachment to homes, buildings, battlefields, and where the spirit or ghost once lived or died. The energized entity has not yet broken from this Earth plane. Some do not know how to break their Earthbound ties, others are not aware they are deceased, and still others feel they have not yet set their earthly affairs in order. In a nut­ shell, Earthbound spirits are confused and frustrated. They are caught between two worlds. Most haunting spirits are not evil, and most take on "life" and grow in proportion to the fear we infuse them with. Some are filled with vengeance, anger, and hate, but most are "lost" souls. For a fine-line definition: ghosts are deceased, discar­ nate spirits who wander among us, searching for their own reality; some can't let go, some won't let go, others don't

112 • Beginner's Guide to Mediurnship

know how to let go, and many others are burdened by their past deeds. These spirit-apparitions can be seen by several people or a single person. The psychically attuned or aware person seems to be the best receiver in most encounters. Ghosts can appear as solid, fuzzy, semi-transparent, or silvery-white entities. Some speak or sing, float or walk, all depending on their focused energy force. Are apparitions caused by mind projections especially when the observer has a keenly developed sense of ESP /telekinesis? Does our fear or imagination give them their strength? It appears that apparitions can be classified in three categories: 1. Passive: shadows, weak, sad, and transparent.

2. Mischievous: verbal, noisy, solid appearing; "Look at me!" 3. Malevolent: loud, aggressive, belligerent, frighten­ ing, perhaps even violent overtones. Most of these discarnate entities appear in the dark of night, usually around one to four o'clock in the morning, but broad daylight sightings also have been noted. They appear in dreams, and, of course, during seance. In other words, they appear whenever they wish to appear. Apparitions can appear in dreams or during sleep, es­ pecially in hypnagogic sleep: the early falling to sleep phase; or in hypnopompic sleep: awakening from sleep. The above two phases of sleep are called Dream Hallucinations. I've heard cases of spirit souls appearing several years later after the first visit-anniversaries of their death, family problems of the living, or if there was a strong attachment between the living and the departed. Good, bad, or indifferent, they are with us. We probably have had more contact with discarnate entities than we'll ever know. How comforting it is to know that all of us are protected by our spirit guides or guardian angels, especially when we meet a spirit with less than honorable intentions!

Pieces of the Puzzle

• 113

Personal Notes You cannot avoid spirit or ghost contact if you are a medium. If you have fear of otherworld contact, then im­ mediately drop the idea of being a medium. Not once have I ever had numbing fear, but I would be prevaricating if I informed you that I never had gooseflesh or tingles on sev­ eral occasions. However, malevolent energy forces are not the majority of spirit contacts. These personal revelations of ghostly encounters are undocumented, and are not meant for the skeptics who will find their own answers when confronted, or when it is time to shake loose their own mortality. Some years ago I lived in an old apartment house that had been rumored to have been haunted with numerous ghosts. I made friends with an older, wild couple that spent most of their retired time in bars reminiscing about their youth, especially during the World War II era. I can't remember a time when they were not four-sheets-to-the-wind, but they were a lot of fun and seemed to be full of life. They were killed in an automobile accident and their apartment, which was located directly across from mine, was sometimes loud with music. After several complaints, the apartment house manager went inside the empty apartment and saw noth­ ing. The music continued on and off for several days, then abruptly ceased. One night I came home very late and found Mr. and Mrs. B opening their door. They waved at me, then closed the door. I saw them and others going in and out of their apartment. No music, just spirits. After two weeks they left with the other spirits. I never once felt threatened or was afraid; I was mainly curious about the greater meaning of the encounter. When my father was stationed in a small town in the Mid­ west, near his Air Force base, we rented the bottom half of Mrs. G.'s house. We quickly became close to the elderly

114 •

Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

widow, and she told us about how tragically her husband had passed away-and how he wouldn't leave the house. I saw Mr. G. several times, wandering through the house, and my dog wouldn't come into the house after our first sight­ ing. We quickly moved after my mother saw him in the kitchen. I can still recall his shimmering, silvery color. One summer I stayed two weeks with the parents of a good friend. They lived in a late-Victorian farmhouse located in the middle of acres and acres of wheat land. Their no-rush life style was anachronistic to the frantic beat of the outside world, and I quickly adapted to good conversation and walks along the river bank with their big German Shepherd dog. They had given me this incredibly beautiful attic bed­ room to stay in, with a view that you felt could take in hun­ dreds of miles. The first few days were uneventful and very slow paced. I slept deeply for a change, and my mind ceased its barrage of chatter. I was sleeping lightly, watching the moonlight play tricks on the angles of the attic room, when I saw him. A lightly glowing older man dressed in baggy jeans and a blue-checkered shirt. He was going through the top drawer of the high chest of drawers close to the foot of the bed. He turned around and looked down at me. He smiled, then walked through the bedroom door. I turned on the light and waited for daylight. Over breakfast, I finally told Mrs. E. what had happened that night, and in a very nonplused reply she informed me that my visitor was Mr. E.'s father, who had passed away decades ago. It seems he comes around now and then and appears to be looking for something. I slept with the light on for the rest of my visit, and years later I can still summon the memories of that exciting visitation. My wife and I were newlyweds and had moved into a fan­ tastic apartment house. This apartment contained large rooms and had a fireplace, as well as a large balcony with lots of visiting squirrels. The large swimming pool was the

Pieces of the Puzzle • 115

reason I pushed for us to move into our first residence. Being a pretty deep sleeper, I nonetheless found myself sleeping on the alert-something was bothering me. Finally, one night I saw a young, dark-haired man standing at the foot of our bed. He glowed, and his eyes glowed like eat's eyes in a car's headlights. I said nothing. While shaving in the bathroom, I swore I saw this same young man's reflec­ tion to the back of me in the mirror. I did not panic with these two incidents, but when another mirror and foot-of­ the-bed materialization occurred again, I grew restless. I later found out from talking to the apartment manager 's wife that a man had hanged himself in our apartment. She also said that our apartment had a high turnover-the high­ est turnover in the building. My wife and I compared notes, and she admitted that she had also seen him. Before any­ thing else could have happened, and not because of our ghost, we bought a home in the suburbs. These personal notes on encounters with visual apparitions are less common than the encounters which are heard and felt. I could write many more pages concerning unseen enti­ ties that I have had contact with, however, I would like to make a point. I feel spirits are with us, surrounding us every waking and sleeping moment we have. Don't panic with this state­ ment, because we, and the spirit world, are both insulated (in the main) from each other by a dimension barrier.

A Series of Happenings: The most unusual experience I had encountered occurred in a house that my family lived in for several years. It was a beautiful suburban house. However, it was filled at times with swirling cold spots (it was well­ insulated) and creaking floors. When we were on the main floor, footsteps could be heard on the second floor, moving from one end of the house to the other end. Several times clothes appeared to be rearranged in the bedroom closets. Our first dog at the house, very young, reared to his feet,

116 • Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

stared at something, then died of a heart attack. My mother­ in-law stayed with us for a few months, then moved out, stating that something had stared at her. Things disap­ peared without being found. A friend was having dinner with us one night when he suddenly scooted his chair back from the dining table and exclaimed that something had kissed him wetly on his cheek. My son and daughter found out from their friends that ambulances and police cars had been at the house at least twice, years ago. My family, myself included, felt a growing nervousness about the happenings in the house, so much that I had a friend cleanse the house. The house remained quiet for a few months, then the creaking floors started again. The house was never threatening or frightening, but at times could make one very "restless. " There were times when we all felt that something was watching us. I never conducted spirit contact, feeling that it was best not to stir things up. I heard soft voices that I ignored. I smelled sweet perfume fragrances that came out of nowhere. Once I pulled a Ouija board out of the closet and was about to use it when I was overcome with severe chills and spasms of nausea. I have never been a proponent of the Ouija board anyway, and that incident, among other incidents, proved to me why. We continued living in the house but, I must admit, we were always cautiously looking over our shoulders. Since I brought up the severe chills and spasms of nausea­ also the sweet fragrance of perfume-! will tell three other personal stories that have a bearing with the unseen.

Psychometry: During one practice session in experimental psychometry I was given an antique, or at least a very old, elaborately engraved brass door hinge. The woman I was doing the reading for stared into my eyes without once blinking. The object was at first ice-cold, then quickly be­ came almost hot. I began to feel dizzy, then close to being sick. A sweet fragrance of lilac perfume entered my nostrils,

Pieces of the Puzzle • 117

and I almost dropped the door hinge. She continued to stare at me, wondering what my problem was, so I, being "expe­ rienced" (actually rather raw), held the object tighter. I saw a woman dressed in a creamy-colored, high-necked, tum­ of-the-century dress. Her black hair was tightly pulled-up into a Gibson Girl hairdo, and she was a beauty. She was playing a piano with a large hurricane lamp casting enough flickering shadows across her face to focus on her beauty. To her back was a double French door and I could see bolts of lightning. I knew she was waiting for some word on some­ thing. Suddenly a man was outside the French doors. She rose and let him in. He had obviously been in the rain, be­ cause he took off his wet cowboy hat and his buff-colored duster, which was soaked. He informed her about some ter­ rible news because she looked at first like she was going to faint, then she burst into tears. She hurriedly left the room, leaving the cowboy alone. When I told the woman I was reading what I saw, she burst into tears, asking for the door hinge back. I never heard what the meaning of what I saw was about, but I still can remember the nausea and the smell of the lilac fragrance.

A Warning: I was speeding along a major thoroughfare, fran­ tic about being late for work. As I was approaching a major turning lane, I suddenly felt sick and dizzy. A fragrance of peaches suddenly hung in the air and I was wracked with chills. I heard a voice tell me, "Change lanes." Thinking it was from the radio, I remained in the busy turning lane. The voice again said, "Get out of this lane! " This time I changed to the next lane. While waiting for the light to change, I heard the squeal of tires, then the sounds of a car crash. I looked back into the rearview mirror and saw that three cars had smashed into each other in the lane where I had been!

The Remains: While we were visiting a friend of mine in a nearby ranching community, he took us on a sightseeing drive to the local points of interest. We drove several miles

118 •

Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

outside of the small community, and he stopped near a large pile of brick rubble. I immediately felt pangs of anxiety, but overcame my misgivings and walked with the rest of the group to the rubble remains. As he told us the story of the brick ranchhouse, I was engulfed with chills (a very hot day), nausea, and dizziness. The fragrance of burning wood hit me like a two-by-four. It seems that while the men on the ranch were gone, a band of Indian hostiles attacked the main house, slaughtering a woman and her children-1'11 spare you the details. The brick house, unusual for the late 1890s, stood in spite of the fire. The worst thing that day was hearing the voices of the victims, which I shall never forget. I've told these stories not for shock value, but to inform you that we can, if we'll just listen, realize that nothing is really in the past, that we are given warning clues, and that we all have the gift for discovery. I think I personally know why I receive announcements of fragrances, chills, nausea, and that certain "feeling." I'll let you discover your own clues; look inward!


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Larry DreHer is a graduate of the University of Denver, has done graduate work at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, and is a veteran of the United States Navy. He taught school for several years in Canada and the United States be­ fore working for the Colorado state government. DreHer has conducted private seance sessions and led seance study circle groups for many years. He strongly believes that it's time to look beyond our technological world and the material­ istic emphasis of our day-to-day lives to explore the possibilities of another dimension-that of spirit. He lives in Colorado.

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For centuries, people have been fascinated by the power and secrets of mediums. And today, many are interested in making contact with the sp...

Beginner's guide to mediumship how to contact loved ones who have crossed over larry dreller  

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the power and secrets of mediums. And today, many are interested in making contact with the sp...