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The PS3 red light usually indicates some sort of hardware failure. In order to fix PS3 red light, try the following: Check for any loose cables. If you find any push them back in. Unplug all cables except the power cord and plug them back in. Remove the hard drive and put it back in. (Instructions for this are in the user's manual) The PS3 red light can also be caused by overheating. If this is the cause, turn off your PS3 and leave it for about 20 minutes to cool off. Afterwards place the console in a cool, well ventilated area on a smooth, hard surface. You should never place the PS3 on a carpet since they trap heat and can lead to overheating! Try turning it on to see if you have a PS3 red light fix. If none of the above gives you a PS3 red light fix, then you are left with 2 options for a PS3 red light fix: Send your console to Sony or get a good repair guide and fix it yourself. Initially sending your PS3 to Sony may seem like a good idea, since they are the creators of the system so they should give the repair...but then you find out how much it costs. To get a PS3 fix you will be charge around $150 for repairs, unless your PS3 is under warranty. That's about half the cost of a new slim!. Also Sony will take 4-6 weeks to return your PS3 and will erase your hard drive data. That includes music, videos and game saves! However if your PS3 is still under warranty you should still send it to Sony since if you open your PS3 to repair it yourself you will void your warranty. For those whose PS3's warranty has expired, the cheapest and fastest way to get a good PS3 red light fix is to get a good PS3 repair guide and fix the PS3 yourself. Many good PS3 repair guides cost less than half the price of sending your console to Sony. If you want a PS3 repair guide, look for one that is has step by step instructions, pictures and videos so that you can understand what you have to do. Also check to see if it has some sort of support so if you encounter difficulties repairing your PS3, you can ask for help. Additionally check to see if they have a money back guarantee so that you have a chance to get your money back if it doesn't fix the PS3.

If forking over half the cost of a new PS3 and waiting 4-6 weeks to get your PS3 back from Sony isn't for you. Then you need to get a good PS3 repair guide to get a PS3 red light fix otherwise you risk damaging your PS3 further. Click here to see the top 4 PS3 repair guides!

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==== ==== Click Here To See What Steps Needs to Be Done To Prevent Death To Your Gaming Console: ==== ====

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