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The ability to walk away from a woman is so important. I would argue that it is one of the most important factors in picking up a woman or getting a date from a person that you just met. It goes back to having a life purpose other than her. What that means is that while you like women and believe that they are important to you, you and your life are far more important. Now, a lot of guys who are not good with women may say that that's too conceited or that being that way is "just not me," or "I don't want to be a jerk." Well, that very attitude is what is repelling women from you. If you think that a woman has more worth than you-because that's what you are really saying if you can't walk away from her-think about it; then, why should she invest the time with you. In other words, if you don't have faith in yourself, why should she? A woman wants to be with a man that can pick any woman, but that he picks her over all the other choices. If you had any woman you wanted all the time, all of a sudden, would you value just one woman? No! If a new woman was sitting there naked on a bed-if you didn't like her or thought that it wouldn't be good for you "hook up" you would walk away. Or you just started a conversation with a woman and she was into you but then you found that she believed in something you are against and you just walk away. It's that kind of "walking away" that I am talking about. That's what I've been saying throughout this blog. You and your life should be the most important thing: you are better than her. (Well, you're not, but you have to have that attitude.) I know that sounds bad, but I am telling you that if you don't, if you make her more important that you, she will walk away. That's why "nice guys" ALWAYS finish last. So, you have to get this attitude. Some people call it an "attitude of plenty," versus an "attitude of scarcity." When you have this attitude, you are able to walk away from the woman at ANY time. That starts right when you meet the woman, dating her, having a relationship with her, marrying

her-this plays out throughout your life. You have to love yourself more than the girl. If you don't, she will never respect you; you will lose her. You have to mean it or it won't work. I remember in college there was this girl that was older than me. She was 21 and I was 18. We went to a drive-in and I totally blew it with her. I won't get into the details because it's too painful, but I made her everything. If I would have had the attitude of "what can you do for me because I like me better than you," (and being playful, funny, and so on) I would have gotten her. Instead, I got the "let's be friends" thing. Khaaaaaaannnnnnnn! Look. I will tell you the secret to make woman fall in love with you: Have them do things for you! Start off with a little compliance and over time increase them: "Hey, could you hand me that napkin please." "Hey, you should cook me dinner." "Hey, since you know the owner, could you get me in for free? "Hey, I'll come over tonight, but could you pick up a 12-pack for me please." "Hey, could you pick me up at the airport. I don't have a ride." Do it small, but make it bigger and bigger. This is huge. Who else but a guy that values his life more would give these escalating commands to a woman he is seeing. You would think that the woman tells the guy to get lost. Nope. The opposite. See women are by nature nurturers. It's in their nature to want to do things for you. Get it. Most wimpy guys would never ask for things. And hey, if the woman doesn't comply, just walk away. --Viktor Kurgan

For more information on Date Women and to receive a special report called, "How To Flirt With Women And Have Them Love You For It!" and more information, go to Viktor Kurgan is a dating expert specializing in pick up and relationships. He has worked with the now infamous The Mystery Method as an approach coach. He is currently working for Sinns of Attraction. His specialty is online dating and dating for men after 40.

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