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The Apple iPhone needs no introduction; it is one of the most popular smart phones around today. However, Google has entered the game providing an OS to run on multiple manufactures phones, namely Android. The big question is: Which one is better? The iPhone was first released back in 2007, the iPhone 3G. Back then it was running the first generation of the iPhone OS which has now moved forward 4 generations and is now called iOS. This is perhaps one the of reasons why the iPhone has taken the world by storm; its ingenious and simplified design can be used by anyone with little to no previous technical knowledge. Everything is graphical; no programming or command line needed. While the iPhone does satisfy most people, the real tech savvy people who program and design software for the iPhone are limited in accessing the back end of the iPhone. This is due to the regulation put forth by Apple, and thus has resulted in people jail breaking their iPiPhonehone. That is, accessing file systems and lowlevel machine code that Apple do not allow. No surprise, this does void the warranty provided by Apple. Having no real competitor, Apple have been able to manipulate the market, but this is where Android comes in. Android is quite the opposite of the iPhone. It is an operating system based on Linux which is open source, meaning anyone can contribute the project. Google bought Andorid back in 2005, so it is a bit more mature than iOS. The other big difference is the OS is not exclusive to one phone, it can be run on any phone that has been designed to run Android. Not only is Android gaining credibility, but also market share: Q3 of 2010, Andorid had a market share of 25.5% across the globe. Thus, Android is clearly an alternative to the iPhone. So then which one is better? Well, it depends on your usage. The iPhone is more expensive to an Android equivalent, but the iPhone does have more user friendly interface. In summary, if your are not tech savvy, the iPhone might be the better choice to look at, on the contrary, if you are tech savy, a phone running Android might just be for you considering how customisable it is.

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