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Are you recently divorced and want to get back into the dating game, but are worried that the rules aren't the same as they used to be? Are you afraid that you might do something wrong and scare off a man that you are very interested in? The sad thing is that the rules always seem to be changing with every generation. But there are still some solid rules of dating etiquette for women that will go through the test of time. Let Him Do The Chasing One of the biggest dating etiquette rules for women is to let him do the chasing. There have been many potential relationships ruined because the woman scared the man off by going after him to fiercely. In short, men like to initiate the chase. It may go back to the cave man days, but this dating etiquette for women rule still applies today. Men also like the relationship to move at a pace that they like and are comfortable with. Don't be Desperate If you really want to get married, that is fine. In fact, most people who go on dates want to eventually find that one person. However, be sure not to project an air of desperation. Don't sit on the first date and in your mind be planning what you will name the children. This type of thought process will eventually be seen in your actions and you will scare off a guy in a heartbeat. Be sure to ask friends if your project an air of desperation and see how you can work on curbing this problem. Don't Look at it as a Free Meal A date is not a free meal. Following this dating etiquette rule means eating what you order. Chances are that your date is going to take you to a nice restaurant, but don't waste his money by ordering the most expensive meal and then pushing it around on your plate. When you go on a date, be considerate of his wallet and be reasonable at the same time. Don't Avoid Him When following dating etiquette for women, there are going to be some great dates and some not so great dates. After those dates that didn't go so well, the guy may still try and call to ask you out again. However, don't ignore these calls and hope that he will just go away. Instead, man up and answer the phone telling him you just think that it is not going to work out. Be pleasant, but firm and then say goodbye.

End a Date that is Going on Too Long When things are going well on a date, then you could stay there forever. However, if it is not going all that well, this is a rule of dating etiquette which can be hard to master. You will have to find a way to end the date without offending the other person. If he can't seem to end it, just be tactful and say that it is getting late, but you really must be going.

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