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In answer to the above question can I turn my PS3 into a PC legally? It is a simple yes! What is great about this is the fact that Sony, the makers of the PlayStation 3 say that not only is it legal, but if you are careful the modification will not affect any warranty that is still valid on your machine. The big problem for you, the person wanting to make the conversion is how to do it. Sony are not exactly forthcoming with advice on how to make the conversion process simple or give you the answers on how to make the step up from console to dual console and PC. The process is probably for the more technology savvy, but in relative terms it is a pretty simple conversion with the right hardware and tools. How is it done? You are going to have to get Linux savvy, as you will not be able to apply any other operating system (OS) other than Linux on PS3. So here is how we can complete the procedure with as little fuss as possible, if you are not very tech knowledgeable and successfully introduce Linux on PS3 without any hindrance, then kudos to you! o First of get yourself backed up - all that data, files, photos, films and game saves will need to be housed in a safe place. You are probably going to want to replace the hard drive to a higher spec to get maximum benefits, although the 60 - 80 GB storage of the PS3 should be good enough for a standard mod. Don't worry too much about the PS OS as this is housed on a separate flash drive, but all other game data etc will be wiped which is why backups are important. To do this locate the 'System Settings' on your PS3 and backup your game data to a compatible external USB hard drive. Don't forget any other data such as films and photos etc will need to be manually backed up. o If you are going to upgrade to a bigger hard drive (which is advisable but not necessary) then a 2.5 inch laptop drive with 150 - 250 GB space will be great. Then locate the PS drive on the side of the console behind a removable panel. The PS3 drive is secured in place with one screw inside a cage, the drive simply pops out and you replace the old drive with the new one. Just switch you PS3 on and the drive will begin to format. o Installing Linux on PS3 - This is where you will need your wits about you. Remember Mac and Window OS will not work, so probably the best Linux based operating system to use would be the

open source 'Ubuntu' which also has a PS3 program mod called 'kboot'. Download an installation kit of both Ubuntu and kboot which are ISO so can be burned to a separate disk (either CD or DVD) which will be your bootable disk. o You will now need to create a separate partition on your PS3, go to system settings and 'Format Utility' then select 'Custom' and give 10 GB of space to the 'Other Operating System'. You next selection should be 'Quick Format' then perform a restart of the PS3. o Now that you have made the new partition you can install the Linux OS, just select 'Install Other OS' from 'Settings' on the PS3. Firstly kboot will install, which then allows the Ubuntu OS to install on to your PS3. o This is where it may get slightly trickier - to dual boot firstly you will need to go back to your PS3 menu, under 'Default System' you will need to locate/designate the 'Other OS' so that the PS3 can install the Ubuntu OS fully. Plug a USB Mouse into the USB port so you can use the OS. Your PS3 should restart or be restarted in order for the Linux OS to be booted fully. o To bring your PS3 back into 'Game Mode' simply restart the PS3 and at the prompt on boot simply type 'boot-os-game' and press enter. You can obviously use any Linux system you are comfortable with, although the process may be slightly different. Ubuntu has been selected because of its simplicity and ease of installation along with the kboot program mod - enjoy!

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==== ==== Click Here To See What Steps Needs to Be Done To Prevent Death To Your Gaming Console: ==== ====

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